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Governor Thorasdottir ask Welemque to go on a fact finding mission for her. She asks Lucas to come with her, and talk about his recent visit with Hippolyte and concerns for Svald. Kaarina recruits Pierre to post some seditious pamphlets in Lequêot. Svald dreams the kill someone as an owlbear - whoops not a dream, but they saved someone so its probably okay. Svalla tries to help and sends Hildie to get Lucas and Welumque after she catches her eavesdropping.


Session date: 2022-08-22
In Game date: following on form previous session

Session Start: Sun Aug 14 10:37:09 2022 Session Ident: #thirteen

Governor Therasdottir recruits Welemque to do a fact finding mission for her

<Narrator> Early in the evening on the same day as the Thing vote, Wangowa will inform Welumque she has a visitor, a Stordammer captain.
<Welumque> (again with the strange visitors ...)
<Welumque> Very well, send them in.
* Stordammer_Captain (webchat@ has joined #thirteen
<Narrator> Wangowa does so.
* Stordammer_Captain appears to be of middle-age, uniformed and proper.
* Welumque looks them up and down.
<Welumque> Good evening, stranger. I am Welumque. You are welcomed to my hearth.
<Stordammer_Captain> Mamsel Welumque, thank you for seeing me. I've come bearing an invitation from Governor Thorasdottir. She hoped you would be willing to meet with her this evening, and apologizes for the short notice.
<Welumque> ... well, that is unexpected.
<Welumque> What does the governor want with me, if you know?
<Stordammer_Captain> I'm not at liberty to say, ma'am, but I can say it's important and time-sensitive.
<Welumque> Very well. An old lady needs a few minutes to gather her things, though. So you will have to wait here.
* Stordammer_Captain nods.
* Welumque goes and makes sure everyone in the house knows where she is going and why.
* Wangowa (webchat@ has joined #thirteen
* Wangowa shoots a concerned look at the captain and follows you out of the room.
<Wangowa> What do you think this about?
<Welumque> Wangowa, I am going to go to meet the governor. Now I don't want to hear anything from you about the wisdom of this.
* Wangowa frowns.
<Welumque> I am sure it has something to do with the vote at the Thing. How could it be otherwise?
* Wangowa nods.
<Wangowa> I don't see what that has to do with you, directly, but I suppose they'll inform you when you arrive.
<Wangowa> careful.
<Welumque> I will.
* Welumque gathers up any absolute necessities and some money, and then heads back in.
<Welumque> Well, now, ahhh ... you know I don't believe you introduced yourself properly. How strange...
<Stordammer_Captain> Apologies, ma'am. Captain Dahl, at your service.
* Stordammer_Captain is now known as Captain_Dahl
<Welumque> Captain Dahl. Yes, well. My pleasure. Can you tell me how long the Governor expects to need me? Just so my people here know, of course.
<Captain_Dahl> An hour or so, perhaps?
<Welumque> All right then.
<Welumque> (do I get any sense that the captain is being deceptive or acting strangely?)
<Narrator> (You can roll Empathy if you like)
<Welumque> !roll 4d3-6
* Lan-werk rolls for Welumque: [ 4d3-6 ] getting [ 3 2 1 3 ] for a total of [ 9 ] which, after the modifier [ -6 ] totals [ 3 ].
<Narrator> (No more strange than the visit itself.)
<Welumque> Very well, lead on.
* Captain_Dahl will do so, escorting you through town to the governor's house, a large, relatively new structure on the common.
* Captain_Dahl takes you inside, knocking on a door and opening it for you. It proves to be a study, and the governor (who you've probably seen around town on occasion) is sitting at a desk, a fire crackling in the fireplace nearby.
* Wangowa is now known as Governor_Thorasdottir
* Governor_Thorasdottir stands as you enter.
<Welumque> (what do I know about the governor? how long has she been serving in this role, and does she have a reputation?)
<Governor_Thorasdottir> Mamsel Welumque, thank you for coming.
<Welumque> Governor, it is my pleasure to be of service.
<Narrator> (She's served about four years in the role, having arrived in the colony for the last two years of the Serpent War. She was a military woman for years, though she's ostensibly a civilian now. She's reasonably well-liked, though conservative in her manner and politics.)
<Governor_Thorasdottir> I'm glad to hear you say that. Please, take a seat. Can I offer you something to drink?
<Welumque> Tea, if you have it.
* Governor_Thorasdottir will put a kettle on the fire herself.
<Governor_Thorasdottir> I'm assuming word has already spread about the vote?
<Welumque> I've heard things. But tell me in your own words what you suppose it all means.
* Governor_Thorasdottir regards Welumque for a moment.
<Governor_Thorasdottir> It means trouble. While I personally happen to think this new emira of theirs is an idiot, this is a mutiny, and, if I felt confident it wouldn't cause more problems, I'd go help put it down immediately, however sympathetic I might otherwise be.
* Welumque nods.
<Governor_Thorasdottir> But, the truth of the matter is it will always be more complicated than that, and we have enough malcontents among our own people that unilateral action like that is going to be counter-productive.
<Governor_Thorasdottir> So I'm hedging my bets and buying time by sending for word from court.
<Governor_Thorasdottir> In the mean time, I'm more constrained than I would like, and operating with less information than I care to.
<Governor_Thorasdottir> Which is where you come into the picture.
<Welumque> Will your leaders back home see this chaos as an opportunity to take from the emira and Khalijan?
* Governor_Thorasdottir shakes her head.
<Governor_Thorasdottir> I don't think so. Ilhatan is an ally, and has been a good one. They're dealing with enough problems back home as it is, so I think it more likely we'll ultimately try to help as best we can.
<Welumque> You could, I think, with some ease find some disaffected soldiers or administrators of theirs to take in - though that would carry its own risk. But they would know much that I would not.
<Governor_Thorasdottir> That's not the information I need. I can manage Sisawinak well enough. I need to know what's going on in Talat Kabira. I was hoping a trading expedition might be sponsored to there.
<Governor_Thorasdottir> You're a neutral party, less likely to have trouble, more likely to be able to get less filtered information.
<Welumque> Perhaps. What would be traded, and to whom?
<Governor_Thorasdottir> Whatever you feel would be profitable. It matters little, but I'm sure we can arrange it.
<Welumque> And you would be sending some of yours with this mission? Or I would be free to constitute it as I wish?
<Governor_Thorasdottir> You would have our support, but I wouldn't necessarily need to have an agent of my own accompany you. This is reconnaissance, not espionage.
<Welumque> And what exactly is it that you want to know?
<Governor_Thorasdottir> What they're planning. Are they sending troops? Are they even in control of the rest of their colony? We know precious little right now.
<Governor_Thorasdottir> That is a situation that cannot stand.
* Welumque nods.
<Welumque> And for this service to your colony, what are my people to receive?
<Governor_Thorasdottir> I've heard you're a shrewd negotiator. What do you want?
<Welumque> What we want, no doubt, is our freedom and our land. But I have long since learned not to ask for what cannot be granted.
<Governor_Thorasdottir> You feel you lack these things?
<Welumque> That is a discussion for another day.
<Governor_Thorasdottir> As you wish.
<Welumque> For now, the Lexkweyok will take payment in cash.
<Governor_Thorasdottir> That can easily be arranged.
<Welumque> You should know, in advance, that some of the emira's people are already fleeing Sisawinak. Some have sought my aid already in doing so.
<Governor_Thorasdottir> To what end, if I can ask?
<Welumque> I do not know whether there is an organized resistance, or whether it is simply fleeing a situation that they can no longer stand. I suspect the latter will eventually lead to the former.
<Governor_Thorasdottir> I'm only sorry they didn't feel comfortable coming to me for assistance. Their superior's mistakes are not their own, and I think asylum well within my remit.
<Welumque> As you say, you are allies of Ilhatan still. That may not have felt safe.
* Governor_Thorasdottir nods.
<Governor_Thorasdottir> As you say.
<Governor_Thorasdottir> In any event, you seem amenable the mission at hand.
<Welumque> I will make some arrangements. It will take a little time, of course, but I will be in touch about our specific needs.
<Welumque> (I'm assuming that travel from Sisawinak to Talat Kabira is pretty easy, relatively? There must be a major road once you get off the island?)
<Narrator> (Yeah, or by boat, either way is workable)
<Welumque> Is there anything else at the moment, Governor?
<Governor_Thorasdottir> Soonest is best, and just let me know what you need. We'll provide everything.
<Welumque> Very well, then.
* Captain_Dahl is now known as Kaarina

Welumque talks to Lucas about life and asks coming on the governor's totally-not-spying expedition

<Lucas> (how did you want to start? you come see me, or I come see you?)
<Welumque> (probably you come see me, I imagine you visit / help out fairly often)
<Lucas> (ok)
* Lucas is more subdued and quiet than usual as he helps you out today
<Welumque> Lucas?
<Lucas> hmm?
<Welumque> Everything all right?
<Lucas> Oh... I was just lost in thought. I'm sorry.
<Lucas> Was there something you needed?
<Welumque> No sorries around here, mem.
<Welumque> You went through a lot on that last trip. I know it must still be heavy on your heart.
* Lucas nods
<Lucas> I'm worried about Svald.
<Welumque> Oh?
<Lucas> and many other things...
<Welumque> Come, then, sit.
* Lucas will come sit as requested
<Welumque> What, then?
* Lucas looks concerned
<Lucas> With Svald... even if their injuries heal well, there is still the issue of the owlbear spirit. That may be beyond my ability to help with.
<Welumque> There are healers among the Lexkweyok who I could consult ... but frankly, I trust you as well as any of them, on matters such as this.
<Lucas> Then if it is beyond my skill...
<Welumque> Then time may be the best healer.
<Lucas> Svald deserves better than that. If I can, I need to help.
* Welumque nods.
<Welumque> If you can. But you also need to care for yourself.
* Lucas looks down, nodding
<Welumque> You're of no use to Svald if you're stuck in your own past.
<Lucas> :/
<Lucas> A soldier I had been treating for his eyes regained his sight, and recognized me. I had thought... maybe it would be all right, but he was angry.
<Lucas> he knew who I was, and couldn't accept that I wanted to make amends.
<Welumque> His forgiveness is not yours to ask of him, though.
<Welumque> So many have hurt so much, during the war.
<Lucas> but maybe nothing I do is ever going to be enough.
<Welumque> For him? Perhaps not.
<Welumque> But you're not doing it for him. Is it enough for you?
<Lucas> I don't know
<Welumque> Then you keep working. That's all we can do.
<Welumque> Would you like to take a trip to Talat Kabira?
<Lucas> Why? What is there?
<Welumque> Khalijani, mostly.
* Welumque smiles.
<Welumque> But I've been hired to run a trade mission up to there.
<Welumque> And to learn a bit more about the situation with the colonials.
<Lucas> oh...well, of course I would help you.
<Lucas> I hope there will be less need of my services, this time.
<Welumque> Well, yes, let's hope so.
<Welumque> Do you think Svald would come along, if you think they might benefit?
<Lucas> I think Svald would like to see more different parts of the world - it inspires their art. but ... I also think it would be good, if I don't leave them alone for too long.
* Welumque nods.
<Welumque> Would you prefer to travel overland or by ship? We could do it either way, and it's all paid.
<Lucas> Ship would be faster I suppose?
<Lucas> but if something goes wrong, it's harder to ... contain it, since there would be sailors and others on the ship >.>
<Welumque> Yes, surely.
<Welumque> Exactly.
* Lucas considers
<Lucas> Would there be any other advantages to going by land? perhaps to see more of the people along the way, to gain information?
<Welumque> Perhaps.
<Welumque> I'm not opposed to it, even if it is rather longer.
<Lucas> then I think for myself, going by land would be preferable. but others may have a different view.
* Welumque nods.
<Welumque> Anyone else you think we could take along?
<Lucas> Ah... well, there is a friend of mine who seemed interested in going. his name is Chemames, he works at the docks. I don't know if he'd be able to go, but he's a good worker, if you needed someone who can lift things.
<Welumque> Sure, if you like.
<Welumque> I was going to talk to Skalla as well.
* Lucas nods
<Lucas> She might have her own reasons to want to go there, too.
<Lucas> She was good to travel with the last time.
<Welumque> Exactly.
<Welumque> And as for you ... I will just have to work hard to keep you distracted.
<Welumque> Give you other things to think about.
* Lucas nods
<Lucas> I will try, at least.

Welumque also tries to recruit Skalla

* Welumque goes to visit Skalla one afternoon, leaving Wangowa in charge back home
* Skalla can see her in one of the sitting rooms
<Welumque> Skalla, thank you for making the time to see me.
<Skalla> Always good to see you, Welumque. WOuld you like some tea or anythig to eat?
<Welumque> Yes, tea would be lovely, thank you dear.
* Skalla can have some brought
<Skalla> Are you settling back in okay after the trip, and given everythng else that's happened while we were away?
<Welumque> Yes, well enough. The direct effects of all the present nonsense on Lexkweyok people are, so far, minimal.
<Welumque> I know better than to trust that that will stay that way, of course.
* Skalla nods
<Skalla> of course
<Welumque> I'll get to the point. I have been asked by Governor Thorasdottir to travel to Talat Kabira on a trade mission.
<Skalla> by the Governor? What is she after?
<Welumque> She is interested in sending neutral, or purportedly neutral, trade expeditions north, to gain information on the state of affairs there.
<Welumque> I think, on the theory that she is not getting what she wants to know from official channels.
<Skalla> hmmm.
<Skalla> Why did she ask you?
<Skalla> for that perceived neutrality?
<Welumque> Yes, because there would be only so many who speak the language and have travelled up there, yet are neutral enough to be trusted, I suppose.
<Welumque> She is not asking me to do anything specific - no secret raids on fortresses or anything of the sort.
<Welumque> Merely go, trade, talk and listen.
<Skalla> I don't know that we have a lot of connections up that way, but it could be a good opportunity...
<Skalla> when are you planning this?
<Welumque> As soon as the logistics can be arranged. The governor would be providing the goods and the means of transport.
<Welumque> I have not yet decided whether to travel overland or by ship. Ship is clearly faster and more direct - but also provides less opportunity for learning.
* Skalla noda
<Skalla> What's she providing?
<Skalla> and then - what do you need me for? ;) A clearer veneer of legitimacy?
<Welumque> I suppose I wanted to offer you a place on the chance that it would prove useful or informative to you
<Skalla> thank you, that's generous. It could, but I need to look into a few things first. I'll let you know as soon as Ic an
<Welumque> Of course. It's not so urgent that I need an answer right away
* Skalla nods
<Skalla> great!
<Welumque> Let me know, and let me know if you need anything.
<Skalla> I will, thank you.
<Skalla> Who else is coming?
<Welumque> Lucas, certainly. Svald is a possibility. Other than that - any suggestions?
<Welumque> Oh, and a friend of Lucas, perhaps.
<Skalla> I'll have to thkn about that as well. I'm sur if I go, Hildie will come.
<Welumque> Hildie would be welcome, of course.
<Skalla> YOu speak the language, right?
<Skalla> someone else who is fluent would be useful
<Welumque> I do, yes. Not perfectly, of course, but well enough.

Kaarina recruits Pierre to post some seditious pamplets in Lequêot

* Kaarina will head outside the coffee shop with Pierre for their nighttime ride.
<Pierre> Before I set out, Kaarina, are there other pamphlets or posters I could take with me?
<Pierre> In case somebody official sees me posting, I'll have something less incriminating to show them.
<Pierre> Preferably in Gaullois... but I suppose that isn't strictly necessary.
<Kaarina> Oh, hmm. Probably? We could head over to the shop real quick.
* Pierre nods
* Kaarina will lead Pierre and her horse down the street towards the Sateri printing shop.
<Kaarina> That's a good idea. I wouldn't have thought of having decoy fliers.
<Pierre> It's just a precaution... I hope I won't have to use it. But it'll be good to have, just in case.
<Kaarina> Maybe you have a talent for this sort of thing.
* Kaarina smiles mischeviously.
* Pierre laughs uneasily
<Pierre> No, no. This is just a one-time thing.
* Kaarina ties her horse up for the moment and opens the shop.
<Kaarina> I'm sure we've got something suitable around here. Misprints or something.
* Pierre will come inside to help her look
<Kaarina> Pierre, if you're having second thoughts, I can do it by myself. I did say so...
<Pierre> No! I just want to be prepared.
<Pierre> It makes me nervous getting involved in politics, I admit. But I'm not going to leave you to do this alone.
<Kaarina> Don't think of it as politics. It's just...clandestine paper delivery.
* Kaarina leans over to give Pierre a peck on the cheek.
* Pierre blushes, and smiles
<Kaarina> Here we go, these should be fine. They're just church bulletins from last week, but some letters didn't print. That's innocuous enough.
* Pierre takes some.
<Kaarina> Shall we?
* Pierre nods.
<Pierre> Let's go!
<Narrator> (How fast do you want to take the ride? It's a chilly night, but not too terrible, and the moon is near full, so there's a decent amount of light. It's several miles to the south side of the island to Lequêot.)
<Pierre> (Romantic! How long does it take to get there? )
<Pierre> (We want them to still be up in the morning, right?)
<Pierre> (I will read the contents of the bulletins before we set out, btw)
<Narrator> (They're pretty fiery rhetoric, calling upon the islanders to rise up alongside the Black Guard. "The time is now," "Freedom calls," that sort of thing")
<Narrator> (It'll take an hour or two at a walking pace, but you can conceivably go more quickly.)
<Pierre> (I mean the church bulletins - I just want to know what events they mention. And, like, which church. )
<Pierre> (Around what time of evening/night would we arrive at a normal pace?)
<Narrator> (Oh, the church bulletins are for one of the ones in Fastning Irena. They mention events for the current week.)
<Narrator> (At a normal pace, you'd arrive around, say, 3 in the morning.)
<Pierre> (Perhaps we can go at a somewhat quicker pace than that, then.)
<Pierre> (We want to get in, put these up, get out, and return before dawn, I think.)
<Narrator> (Okie doke)
<Pierre> (Have I been to Lequêot before? I imagine so.)
<Narrator> (Roll me Athletics)
<Narrator> (Yeah, I would imagine so)
<Narrator> (It's the Gaulois settlement on the island)
<Pierre> !roll 4d3-6
* Lan-werk rolls for Pierre: [ 4d3-6 ] getting [ 3 2 3 2 ] for a total of [ 10 ] which, after the modifier [ -6 ] totals [ 4 ].
<Narrator> You can manage the ride at a brisk pace without injuring your animals or yourselves.
<Narrator> Lequêot is about the size of Fastning Irena, if a bit more spread out. It has a more agricultural feel than the ship-building dwarven settlement, though there are docks and the like here as well.
<Kaarina> Well, where should we start? The square, I guess?
* Pierre looks around to see whether other people are still up and about
<Pierre> I was thinking we should try other, less obvious places first. After we do the square, won't we want to leave quickly?
<Narrator> There are some few, late night tavern-goers and the like.
* Kaarina nods.
<Kaarina> That makes sense.
<Pierre> (But no soldiers or anything, I take it - this is a rural community, yes?)
<Pierre> (Relatively?)
<Kaarina> The 'cathedral'? People posting notices there won't be too conspicuous.
<Narrator> (Relatively, yeah. Roll me Notice, though)
<Pierre> !roll 4d3-7
* Lan-werk rolls for Pierre: [ 4d3-7 ] getting [ 2 2 3 3 ] for a total of [ 10 ] which, after the modifier [ -7 ] totals [ 3 ].
<Narrator> You do notice a couple of people in pairs or trios wandering around armed, though they don't look like soldiers.
<Narrator> Then again, Lequêot doesn't have any official troops stationed in it.
<Pierre> (Do I know who they would be - a local militia or something? Or just armed citizens? Do they look like young troublemakers?)
* Pierre points them out to Kaarina
<Narrator> (Militia would make sense. They're kind of a mix; some young eager types and some older trapper and hunter-looking folks.)
<Kaarina> Let's give them a wide berth.
<Pierre> I think we should try to avoid those folks, yes.
<Pierre> (We'll try to do that, then.)
<Kaarina> They seem more on edge here than in Fastning Irena. I wonder why.
<Pierre> We could ask them, I suppose. But then, we don't really want to attract attention.
* Kaarina nods.
<Pierre> (Do they seem particularly on guard? I guess so...)
<Narrator> (Yeah, they're fairly alert, though not like brandishing their weapons or anything.)
<Pierre> (Anyway, my thought was that we could find a few less obvious places like alleys to start, then quickly do public areas like the cathedral and town square, then get out of there.)
<Narrator> (That's workable. Roll me Stealth.)
<Pierre> !roll 4d3-6
* Lan-werk rolls for Pierre: [ 4d3-6 ] getting [ 2 1 3 2 ] for a total of [ 8 ] which, after the modifier [ -6 ] totals [ 2 ].
<Pierre> (Let me see if I can add anything to that...)
<Pierre> (How about +2 for "O Brave New World", because I'm always paying attention to my new surroundings?)
<Narrator> (Hmm...I'll allow it. :) )
<Pierre> (Yay! :-D )
<Narrator> The two of you have a couple of close calls, but it's not like anyone is specifically looking for you, so you manage to avoid any intense scrutiny as you post fliers around the less conspicuous areas.
* Pierre breathes out
<Pierre> Well, so far, so good.
<Narrator> It's roughly 2 or 3 in the morning by the time you've managed all that, leaving basically the town square to do before you're done.
<Pierre> In the more public areas, maybe we should start with the decoys and see whether they come to ask us about them.
<Kaarina> See? This hasn't been so bad. It's a nice night, and the company is good. ;)
* Kaarina nods.
<Kaarina> Makes sense.
<Pierre> If they do, it'll look innocuous... and if they don't, we can put up the real ones.
<Pierre> Okay, let's hope this works...
<Narrator> (Church or town hall first?)
<Pierre> (Would it make sense to put church bullletins from elsewhere outside this church? Is it the same religion?)
<Narrator> (Heh, no, not at all. Well, same religion, different denomination, but at this point people would not take it well if you put up essentially Protestant fliers outside a Catholic church. Good catch. :) )
<Pierre> (Then let's not do that. Would they be okay in the town square, then?)
<Narrator> (More acceptable, yeah)
<Pierre> (We'll try there first, then, and see whether a militia interrupts us.)
* Governor_Thorasdottir is now known as Militia_Guard
* Militia_Guard does approach as you're putting the fliers up.
<Militia_Guard> Late start or early?
<Pierre> Bonjour, Monsieur! Late, I suppose.
<Militia_Guard> Anything interesting?
* Pierre hands him a copy
<Pierre> Non, or at least not to me.
<Pierre> Is anything interesting happening here, Monsieur? There seem to be a number of people about.
* Militia_Guard looks over the flier and harrumphs.
* Pierre shrugs
<Militia_Guard> Hmm? Oh, they're paying us to be on alert, what with what's going on up at the fort. Don't want anyone getting ideas.
<Militia_Guard> What the hell is a chch?
* Militia_Guard hands the flier back.
<Pierre> What?
* Pierre looks down at it.
<Pierre> Oh, merde.
<Pierre> Ah, well. You can tell from the context, right?
<Pierre> Anyway... you say they're hiriing, Monsieur?
<Militia_Guard> Sure, I guess. Though I don't understand why you're putting it up here. Not a ton of Unitists in Lequêot.
* Pierre shrugs
<Kaarina> We just do what we're paid to do.
* Pierre nods
* Militia_Guard shrugs as well.
<Militia_Guard> Well, carry on, I guess.
* Militia_Guard nods and will go back to patrolling.
<Pierre> Thank you, Monsieur. Bonne soiree.
* Pierre will put up a few more churchy pamphlets
<Kaarina> (quietly) See? That wasn't so bad.
<w> I think we can put a few real ones here now. I don't think we should try the Cathedral, now.
<Kaarina> (q) Smart to bring the other pamphlets.
* Kaarina considers.
* Kaarina sighs.
<Kaarina> You're probably right. Best not to chance it.
* Pierre nods
<w> It would be more difficult to explain there.
<Narrator> The two of you can finish up with the fliers and be on your way shortly. It'll be maybe an hour or a bit less before dawn when you get back to Fastning Irena.
* Pierre yawns
<Kaarina> Tired?
<Pierre> Oh... now that the adrenaline is gone, I'm suddenly tired.
<Pierre> ?me smiles
* Pierre smiles
<Pierre> That was... exciting.
<Kaarina> I'm still a little keyed up, but sleep is probably a good idea.
<Pierre> Do you think that guard will make the connection?
<Kaarina> I guess we'll see?
<Pierre> Maybe I should grow a beard as a disguise. What do you think?
<Kaarina> Oh, like a rugged frontiersman.
* Kaarina smiles.
<Pierre> Would you approve, then?
<Kaarina> I guess you'll have to try it and see. ;)
* Pierre grins at her happily

Svald has a 'dream' about 'murder' and being an 'owlbear'

<Narrator> Svald, you have another strange dream, though this one is less coherent. You remember being out in the night, running in a form not your own. A cry for help, screams, the taste of iron, then...
<Narrator> You awaken just before dawn, in a copse of trees unfamiliar to you. You have no clothes, and there is blood on your hands.
<Svald> ...
<Svald> (can I tell if it is human or animal :X)
<Narrator> (Hmm. Roll...Notice?)
<Svald> !roll 4d3-5
* Lan-werk rolls for Svald: [ 4d3-5 ] getting [ 2 3 2 1 ] for a total of [ 8 ] which, after the modifier [ -5 ] totals [ 3 ].
<Narrator> (You're worrying certain it's human.)
<Svald> ...
* Svald starts shaking.
* Svald sits down on the forest floor hugging their knees to their chest, in shock...
<Narrator> You hear a noise nearby, something moving or shifting in the undergrowth.
* Svald whips their head around toward the source of the noise.
<Svald> (does it sound like an animal?)
<Narrator> You can make out a humanoid shape huddled under a nearby tree.
<Svald> ... Who's there?
<Narrator> The figure starts and backs against the tree. You can see it is a young orc woman, maybe fifteen or so. Her shirt is torn, and there is blood on it. She stares at you in fright.
* Kaarina is now known as orc_woman
* orc_woman says something rapidly in a language you don't understand.
<Svald> I'm sorry I... I don't understand...
* Svald tears up, their voice shaking
* orc_woman says more, pointing at you, and where you were laying. It seems like she's asking a question.
<Narrator> You can see there's a purpling bruise on her face, that definitely wasn't done by an owlbear, but she doesn't look at all injured in a way that would explain the blood.
* Svald looks around, confused and upset.
* Svald will try asking in Nuriki, and then Birkalan, if the woman can understand them.
<Narrator> As mentioned, you appear to be in a copse of trees. There are fields nearby, and you can make out smoke from chimneys in Fastning Irena in the distance to the north.
* orc_woman listens intently, then shakes her head and gives an apologetic look as she answers in whatever language she's speaking.
* Svald has an anguished, helpless look.
* orc_woman holds her wrist for a moment, looking angry, then points at you, then mimes a swipe of claws, then running with her fingers, and finally points to where you are now, then back to you.
<Svald> Someone... hurt you?
* Svald hits their palm with a fist and then points at the woman, questioningly
* orc_woman takes off her cloak and holds it out to you.
* orc_woman nods.
<Svald> ... Th... thank you.
* Svald takes it shakily and drapes it around their shoulders.
* Svald points to themself and says "Svald."
* orc_woman holds her own shirt closed after you take the cloak.
* orc_woman points to herself and says, "Yalwa."
* orc_woman is now known as Yalwa
<Svald> Yalwa.
* Svald repeats.
<Svald> I wish I could understand you. ;_;
* Yalwa makes an expression that could be apologetic, or maybe just confused?
<Svald> Do you live in the town...?
* Svald points toward the smoke rising.
* Yalwa says something and looks around.
* Yalwa points further south.
<Svald> (what's further south?)
<Narrator> (More of the island. Farms and such.)
<Svald> (would she likely be a slave -_-)
<Narrator> (She is green-skinned, which would indicate a slave, yes.)
<Narrator> (For Khalijan, grey-skinned orcs are usually free citizens, and green-skinned ones are overwhelmingly enslaved.)
<Svald> Do you ... want to go back?
* Svald points where she pointed, then mimes walking with their fingers, looking questioning again.
* Yalwa shakes her head decively and says something you can pretty easily understand to mean "Hell no."
* Svald nods.
<Svald> Well... do you want to come with me?
* Svald points at her, then back to themself, then to the town.
* Yalwa nods.
<Svald> Alright... Maybe Skalla will be able to talk to you, she knows a lot of languages...
* Svald puts on a game face and motions her to come with them, holding the cloak carefully around themself.
<Narrator> Once you get your bearings, you can find your way back to the Stormsvallvåg estate easily enough.
<Narrator> It's probably a chilly walk, but you're pretty used to the cold.
* Svald hopes it is early enough in the day that they can slink in to their studio without too much attention.
<Narrator> (Roll me Stealth)
<Svald> !roll 4d3-6
* Lan-werk rolls for Svald: [ 4d3-6 ] getting [ 3 1 3 2 ] for a total of [ 9 ] which, after the modifier [ -6 ] totals [ 3 ].
<Narrator> The two of you manage to make it to your studio without incident.
* Svald breathes a sigh of relief...
* Svald will try to get the blood off themselves with some brush cleaning cloths, and throw on a smock or something.
<Svald> Alright, just... just wait here, and I will find someone to help.
* Yalwa can get the gist of that and wait for you.
* Svald makes a sort of staying motion, points outside, then clasps their hands over their chest, hoping that conveys someone being close to them?
* Svald dashes off to find Skalla then.

Svald comes to Skalla for help

<Skalla> (If its very eary she's probably still in her rooms)
<Skalla> (room, rather)
* Svald busts into Skalla's room, wild eyed and dishevelled.
<Svald> Skalla, Skalla... where are you??
<Skalla> I'm here...
<Svald> I need.. .help
* Skalla says, emergng from behind a screen in basically her underwear
<Skalla> okay. What's happened?
* Pierre ( has joined #thirteen
<Svald> I woke up in the woods... There's a woman, in my studio, I can't understand her.
* Svald is shaking, trying to hold themself together
<Skalla> here.
<Svald> Something happened... I think someone tried to hurt her but I... I don't know
<Narrator> (How close is Hildie's room to Skalla's?)
<Svald> Don't know what I did
* Skalla will get them a shot of hard liquor and throw on some clothes
* Svald tries to drink it but coughs and gags
<Hildie> (I guess that would be up to Skalla?)
<Skalla> (probably cose but like. Not right nxt door or anything)
<Svald> Th.. that's awful!
<Svald> (she might have heard me running through the halls and busting into Skalla's room, depending on how deep a sleeper she is. lol)
<Skalla> the drink? It's supposed to help your nerves but... no matter
<Hildie> (She's ex-military. She sleeps with both eyes open.)
<Skalla> Do you know anything about this woman? Was she hurt? Or you?
* Hildie will poke her head out of her door down the hall.
<Svald> She was hurt but... not like.. not by..
<Svald> Someone else did that.
<Svald> I don't think I am...
<Hildie> Skalla? Everything ok?
* Svald startles, spiling what's left of the drink
* Svald 's eyes go wide like a frightened animal's.
<Skalla> Everythign is fine
* Skalla says firmly
* Svald clamps their mouth shut but is clearly Not FIne
* Hildie steps out into the hall in her nightgown with her sword drawn and looks around briefly.
<Hildie> ...ok.
* Hildie heads back to her room.
<Skalla> ugh.
<Skalla> OKay, come on
* Svald nods and takes you back to the studio.
<Narrator> (You can hear them leaving, Hildie, and you are Too Nosy For Your Own Good... ;) )
<Hildie> (I am!!!)
* Yalwa is waiting nervously in the studio.
* Hildie will peek out again after they leave and follow them out to the studio.
* Skalla looks at her
* Skalla will see if she speaks any of the languages she knows
<Svald> This is my friend, Skalla.
* Svald points to Skalla, then clasps their chest again
<Yalwa> (Ilhatani) Thank the goddess, yes, I speak Ilhatani!
* Skalla nods [I] Mine isn't strong, but I can understand, mostly. What happen?
<Yalwa> [I] Mine is not big either, but I speak some.
* Svald sits down on a stool, somewhat relieved.
<Yalwa> [i] The overseer, he come to my home in the night. He wanted to...
* Yalwa looks uncomfortable.
<Yalwa> [i] I fight him.
* Skalla nods
* Yalwa points to her face, and her torn shirt.
* Skalla explains this to Svald
<Yalwa> [i] I screamed, no one comes. Then a roar, and he is...gone.
<Skalla> [I] gone? not there?
<Yalwa> [i] Dead.
<Yalwa> [i] I don't know what to do, they will kill me if they find me, I think. So I follow...creature? This morning, they are there.
<Yalwa> [i] They save me?
<Skalla> [I] that was strong of you.
<Narrator> (Hildie, were you following?)
<Hildie> (Yup, listening at the door
<Hildie> )
<Narrator> (Okay, cool. You can hear what's going on, and I think you also speak some Ilhatani, from fighting alongside them?)
<Hildie> (If not, I'll hear when Skalla explains it to Svald)
<Yalwa> [i] Please, I cannot go back.
<Skalla> [i] you won't.
* Skalla looks at Svald to see how they are rocessing all this
<Skalla> (processing)
<Svald> (have you translated it yet?)
<Skalla> (The first part)
<Skalla> She says.... you saved her.
* Svald looks... a little less freaked out. Thinking.
* Svald nods slowly.
<Svald> I... see... that's good, then... right?
<Skalla> Well. Yes. I think so.
<Skalla> But. The overseer....
* Svald murmurs. "The spirit told me... we are supposed to guard, to protect..."
* Skalla nods
<Skalla> Would you like me to get.... Lucas?
<Skalla> I thought, perhaps, Welmque also.
<Skalla> But also maybe just... some food for you both?
* Svald hesitates a moment, then nods.
* Hildie will withdraw back down the hall a bit.
<Svald> (there's no hall, my studio is basically a shed outside)
<Skalla> okay.
<Hildie> (Oh, then around the corner)
<Skalla> [I] I'm going to get food, drink. You're safe here.
<Yalwa> [i] Thank you.
* Yalwa seems to sag in relief.
* Skalla will head back to the house then to raid the pantry
<Skalla> !roll 4d3-5
* Lan-werk rolls for Skalla: [ 4d3-5 ] getting [ 2 3 2 2 ] for a total of [ 9 ] which, after the modifier [ -5 ] totals [ 4 ].
<Skalla> (notice ;p)
<Narrator> (Hildie, roll Stealth ;) )
<Hildie> (oof)
<Hildie> (sec)
<Hildie> !roll 4d3-8
* Lan-werk rolls for Hildie: [ 4d3-8 ] getting [ 2 3 1 1 ] for a total of [ 7 ] which, after the modifier [ -8 ] totals [ -1 ].
<Hildie> (lol)
<Narrator> (I think those results speak for themselves)
<Hildie> Uhhh.... morning.
<Skalla> Were you.... following us?
<Hildie> I heard voices! I just wanted to make sure everything was ok...
<Skalla> and?
<Hildie> Aaaaaand... yes, I followed you.
<Skalla> were you listening?
<Hildie> I... may have heard a few things... like about a creature. And an overseer. And Svald saving someone.
* Skalla huffs in annoyance
<Hildie> I won't say anything! I promise!
<Skalla> Great. Well You can you get Welumque, then. And Lucas
<Hildie> I just wanted to help
<Hildie> Sure, I can do that. Will they be ok here?
* Hildie gestures to the studio
<Skalla> yes.
* Hildie nods.
<Hildie> I... I'm sorry. I owe Svald. A lot. If she's in trouble... I'll do whatever I can.
<Skalla> okay.
<Skalla> Then - go get Welumque and Lucas.
* Hildie nods.
<Hildie> Right.
* Hildie will head back to her room and change quickly then go get her horse.
<Narrator> (That'll take a while, but presumably they can be got)
* Welumque will come over as quickly as she can.
* Skalla will in the mean hile provide soe food and non-alcohol and try and get them both calmer
* Skalla will also tell Svld that Hildie went to get them, and that she just wants to help
* Militia_Guard is now known as Snake
* Svald looks pretty unsure of that
<Yalwa> [i] Thank you.
<Yalwa> [i] I'm sorry to be a trouble.
<Skalla> [I] you're not. We'll sort it out. Someone is coming who I think can help.
<Yalwa> [i] Can you tell them thank you for me? I want to make them know.
* Yalwa points to Svald.
<Lucas> !roll 4d3-4
* Lan-werk rolls for Lucas: [ 4d3-4 ] getting [ 1 2 2 3 ] for a total of [ 8 ] which, after the modifier [ -4 ] totals [ 4 ].
<Narrator> (And we can head back to here, with folks in tow)
<Skalla> (Sorry missed that bit, but pf course Skalla will relay that :x)

Lucas's snake-fren is disturbed by something in the night

* Snake will awaken Lucas in the early morning, before dawn, nudging him.
<Lucas> hmm?
* Lucas looks around to see if there's anything that might have upset it
<Snake> Can you feel that?
<Lucas> (can I?)
<Snake> There's something...awake, outside.
<Snake> (Roll Notice)
<Lucas> (does it have to do with noticing spirits?)
<Narrator> (yes)
<Lucas> (ok, then I use my shiny new Spirit Sense :)
<Lucas> (gotta roll in the other channel though)
<Lucas> (4)
<Narrator> There's definitely a presence in the air, distant but noticeable. It's vaguely familiar, and seems wild and powerful, but restrained.
<Lucas> Something is there...
* Lucas will get up and go look outside
<Lucas> (taking snek with me of course)
<Narrator> There's nothing unusual outside, but there is a strange energy in the night.
<Snake> There's another one.
<Lucas> another what?
<Snake> Like me.
<Lucas> Hmm.
<Lucas> Can you tell where?
<Snake> I don't know. Not too close, not too far.
<Snake> On the island, but not of it. But not not.
<Snake> It's...difficult.
* Lucas closes his eyes and tries to get a clearer sense of the spirit's presence
<Narrator> It's off to the south somewhere. Beyond that, you're not sure.
<Lucas> (to the south is mostly just farms and things?)
<Narrator> (yeah)
<Lucas> Do you think it needs my help?
* Lucas asks the snake
<Snake> I *is* helping.
* Lucas nods
<Narrator> (Which is a decent segue to the morning and Hildie coming to get you, assuming Lucas heads back to bed, unless he has other things to do beforehand)
<Lucas> (no, just back to bed seems reasonable)
<Lucas> We'll let it do what it needs to do, and keep alert.
* Lucas says to the snake, before taking it back inside to try and get a bit more sleep.
<Narrator> Hildie will come and get you and Welumque in the mid-morning, then.