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Lucas and Welumque arrive to assist Svald and Yalwa. Skalla is called away to deal with a visitor, who turns out to be Jerk, asking her is she will come on a hunt for the monster that attacked and killed a man on the farms. She goes and meets with Thekla, whom she seems to have convinced to help her cover things up a bit. Meanwhile, Svald and Lucas discuss what the former's new roles and responsibilities may be in a spiritual sense. They decide they will do a ritual to help Svald communicate more directly with the spirit. Meanwhile, Hjalmar turns up to check in with Pierre and thank him for his help.


Session date: 2022-09-04
In Game date: following directly on from the previous session

Session Start: Sun Sep 04 12:23:50 2022 Session Ident: #thirteen
<Skalla> (Yes - I guess we can send Hildie to do... somethign else. run interference, get us breakfast, idk ;p)

Lucas and Welumque arrive on the scene

* Lucas will go immediately to check on Svald when we arrive
<Lucas> Are you all right? What happened?
* Svald has composed themself somewhat but is still pretty disheveled.
* Skalla can provide coffee and snacks
<Svald> Yes... more or less
<Svald> (w) It happened... like I thought it would
* Lucas looks worried
<Lucas> Can you tell me what happened, or do you not remember it?
* Svald shakes their head.
<Svald> (w) I woke up in the forest, with the taste of blood...
<Svald> (w) I am pretty certain I killed somebody... but she says that I saved her.
<Lucas> Saved her from someone else?
* Svald nods.
<Lucas> Are you hurt at all?
* Lucas looks Svald up and down for any obvious injuries
<Svald> No.
<Welumque> Can you say, or guess, where is the one who you killed? Will they be found?
<Svald> She is injured though...
<Svald> I don't know. She would. I can't speak her language though.
<Svald> Skalla can, but only a little.
<Welumque> What language is it?
* Lucas looks over the other person to see what type of injuries she might have
* Svald looks to Skalla.
* Yalwa has a nasty bruise on her face, and a few more on her arms.
<Skalla> We were getting on wth Ilhatani
* Welumque comes over to Yalwa.
<Welumque> (I) You are Ilhatani? ... or is your tongue another?
<Skalla> Neither of us are very fluent
* Yalwa shakes her head.
<Yalwa> (I) I speak some Ilhatani, but my home tongue is Yoseba.
<Welumque> (I'm assuming I don't speak that? I've never even heard of that. Where is that spoken?)
<Kennesaw> (Roll Lore)
<Welumque> (I can use my stunt that lets me substitute Contacts for Lore when looking for info relating to cultural knowledge, I presume?)
<Kennesaw> (Yeah, that would make sense)
<Welumque> !roll 4d3-4
* Lan-werk rolls for Welumque: [ 4d3-4 ] getting [ 2 2 3 3 ] for a total of [ 10 ] which, after the modifier [ -4 ] totals [ 6 ].
<Kennesaw> Yoseba is a Phoebean language. Some of the Ilhatani enslaved workers speak it. It's from more southern Phoebea, so there aren't a ton of speakers of it on Sisawinak, but you know a few. You probably know enough to recognize it, but you're not really conversant or anything.
* Welumque will stick to Ilhatani then.
<Welumque> You're far from home. You are enslaved? And the one who Svald killed was ... a master? a guard? a hunter?
<Yalwa> Overseer.
<Yalwa> One of the ones who watches us in the fields.
<Welumque> So, he will be missed.
<Skalla> it'll be noticed >.>
<Welumque> Where are you trying to go?
<Lucas> (I will try to give some care to her injuries if I can, while they're talking)
<Yalwa> I don't know where to go.
<Yalwa> I just followed the creature that saved me, and found them in the morning.
* Yalwa points to Svald.
<Kennesaw> (Roll...Lore as well, i guess?)
<Welumque> (is this also cultural knowledge or customs? or not)
<Kennesaw> (I'm not sure what you mean?)
<Skalla> (I think that was for lucas)
<Skalla> (to roll lore)
<Welumque> (oh, sorry, my bad)
<Kennesaw> (Yeah, it was for Lucas)
<Welumque> (ignore me)
<Lucas> !roll 4d3-6
* Lan-werk rolls for Lucas: [ 4d3-6 ] getting [ 2 1 3 2 ] for a total of [ 8 ] which, after the modifier [ -6 ] totals [ 2 ].
<Welumque> We can get you somewhere safe, somewhere where they will not think to look for you. Among my people, perhaps.
<Lucas> (I was assuming this is a healing check)
<Kennesaw> (It is, yeah)
<Yalwa> I do not want anyone else in danger.
<Kennesaw> Lucas, you can treat her wounds easily. Despite the trauma of her evening, the wounds themselves are relatively minor as such things go, at least.
<Svald> (do I feel like I've been up all night, btw?)
<Kennesaw> (You feel a bit fried from adrenaline and obviously freaked out, but otherwise feel fine.)
<Welumque> The danger is past.
<Lucas> (once she seems to be ok, I'll leave Welumque and Skalla to talk to her, so she isn't too overwhelmed, and also so I can go back and check on Svald some more >.>)
<Welumque> The wilderness is a dangerous place, every Ilhatani knows that. So they will imagine that you ran away and were eaten, or fell in a river, or got lost and starved.
* Yalwa looks unsure, but nods.
<Welumque> I cannot promise you an easy life, and I cannot promise you a life with your friends and family. But I can promise you freedom.
<Yalwa> I did not think to ever see my family again.
<Welumque> My name is Welumque. Among my people, the Lexkweyok, I am a sort of elder. I live here on Sisawinak but I travel far.
<Welumque> And I have many friends.
<Yalwa> And your people would hide me?
<Welumque> I have friends who you could live with, yes.
<Welumque> You would be hiding only in the sense that you would be where they would never think to look for you.
* Yalwa nods again.
<Kennesaw> There is a knock on the studio door.
* Svald startles slightly.
<Svald> (what time is it now, roughly?)
* Lucas puts a hand over Svald's to try and reassure them
* Skalla will stand up to get the door
* Svald smiles at Lucas
<Skalla> Yes?
<Kennesaw> (Around like 8 in the morning)
<Skalla> (I thought i was later by the time we colected fols)
<Kennesaw> A servant is at the door. "Mistress Skalla, there is a visitor asking for you. Mr. Skepskaptan."
<Kennesaw> (After nine, then, I guess? Still not super late.)
<Skalla> (Do I know that name?)
<Skalla> He can wait in the sitting room unil I'm ready.
<Kennesaw> (The Skepskaptans are one of your neighbors, you've known them your whole life. Which one this is in particular, you'd have to ask/go see. ((Jerk Skepskaptan is the older guy Hildie went riding with a while back.)))
<Skalla> (Right)
<Skalla> (Then heb shoudl know betet than to come asking for me before ten ;)
<Kennesaw> The servant nods and goes to do that.
<Skalla> thanks.
* Skalla tursn back to the rest of the room
<Skalla> Are you all alright here for now?
<Svald> I... think so...?
<Skalla> okay. I'll go see that this is about
* Skalla hopes somehing unrelated :p
* Skalla will get properly dressed before goig to see what the neighbor wants
<Kennesaw> (Heather, let's do this in #thirteen02, and people can continue talking in here if they like)

Lucas checks in with Svald

<Lucas> Is there anything I can get you?
* Lucas asks Svald
<Svald> I don't really know... I don't think so
* Kennesaw is now known as Narrator
* Svald just seems kind of stunned
<Lucas> How are you feeling?
<Svald> I feel... Strung tightly, like a bowstring... plucked, vibrating.
* Lucas nods
<Svald> I don't really know what to think.
<Lucas> It seems like, despite what happened, it turned out well, all things considered...
* Svald nods.
<Lucas> You didn't come to harm, and you helped this woman.
<Svald> I hope that will be the case next time.
* Lucas nods
<Lucas> I still think there may be ways we can explore to help you... come to a greater control over the spirit.
<Svald> It seems like that would be a good idea.
* Svald smiles tiredly.
<Lucas> The other woman, she had a token from her own people's faith, but maybe there are ways within your traditions that would be better for you.
<Svald> It didn't seem to work very well for her.
<Svald> But perhaps.
<Svald> She was also ... trying to fight it I believe. She didn't understand, what she was supposed to do.
* Lucas nods
<Lucas> With a strong spirit... trying to fight it can be difficult. It may be that instead of struggling against it, there are ways to work together with it, that will be less troublesome and more helpful.
<Svald> That is what I think, too.
<Svald> It told me we are supposed to be guardians.
<Svald> I think that it wants me to use this... link, this power, to help the land, and the people.
<Lucas> I worry, though, that if it takes control of you like this often, it might also be a danger for you.
<Svald> It's possible, I guess.
* Lucas tries to think how to explain what he means
* Svald sighs.
<Lucas> Not only from other people who don't understand, but the spirit itself... they are not as used to physical form, and it may put more strain on you than is healthy.
<Svald> How do you mean? I do not know as much about spirits but it... seemed to know what it wanted.
<Lucas> well - it's making use of your physical body, and that has its limits. Especially when you're recently recovered from serious injury.
<Lucas> I just don't want you to get hurt...
<Svald> Well, me neither.
* Svald laughs a little.
<Svald> What do you think I should do?
<Lucas> do you think you can... communicate with the spirit at all?
<Narrator> There's another knock at the door.
<Svald> If I... oh
<Narrator> The servant from before will be waiting outside to hand off the note to (presumably) Svald.
* Svald reads it quickly.
<Svald> Th-thanks
* Svald passes it to Lucas
<Svald> That didn't take long...
* Svald says when the servant has gone
<Lucas> what does it say?
<Svald> They found him...
<Svald> Skalla's been called to hunt whatever creature did it.
* Svald takes a deep breath and lets it out.
<Svald> She says she will try to keep everyone safe.
* Lucas nods
<Lucas> It's better that she be there, then - she might be able to steer them in the right direction. That is, to think that the creature killed both of them.
* Svald nods as well.
<Svald> We can trust her to do what is best.
* Welumque nods.
* Yalwa will give you all an inquiring look.
<Yalwa> (to Welumque) What has happened?
<Lucas> You were saying, about whether you could communicate with it at all?
* Lucas says to Svald
<Svald> If there are more dreams...
<Svald> Maybe there is a way to make that happen?
* Lucas nods
<Lucas> There should be. I know how I would do it for myself, at least... I can try to find a way to help you as well.
<Svald> I would like that.
* Svald smiles
* Lucas smiles back
* Yalwa looks back and forth at each of you, looks awkward, and pointedly turns to stare at some of Svald's paintings.
* Svald gives Yalwa an awkward apologetic look
<Svald> (and waits for Welumque to be back from lunch XD)
<Welumque> (to Yalwa) Skalla, and others, are going hunting ... for the beast. Skalla will throw them off the trail.
* Yalwa nods.
<Yalwa> What do we do now?
<Welumque> I would like to wait to hear what Skalla says when she returns. To know what our situation is.
* Welumque turns to Svald and Lucas.
<Welumque> I am telling Yalwa that we are waiting for Skalla's return.
* Svald nods.
* Lucas nods
<Lucas> It might be some hours, maybe she can get some rest until then.
<Welumque> I agree.
<Welumque> Yalwa, while we wait, you should rest. Someone will be here the whole time.
<Yalwa> That...would be nice. Thank you.
<Narrator> (Do y'all want to do anything while you wait to see how things go for Skalla?)
<Welumque> Svald, you should also rest, once Lucas is done with you.
<Welumque> (How hard would it be for me to get Yalwa off and to my people today, if necessary?)
<Lucas> (well, I want to figure out a way to help Svald communicate with the owlbear spirit. if I know of one but it needs some kind of special supplies, like certain herbs or whatever, then I could get those. if I don't know of one, then I'd like to try and figure one out.)
<Svald> (I will... rest :v)
<Narrator> (That's probably a Contacts roll to start with, Welumque.)
<Narrator> (Roll Lore, Lucas)
<Welumque> !roll 4d3-4
* Lan-werk rolls for Welumque: [ 4d3-4 ] getting [ 3 1 3 1 ] for a total of [ 8 ] which, after the modifier [ -4 ] totals [ 4 ].
<Lucas> !roll 4d3-4
* Lan-werk rolls for Lucas: [ 4d3-4 ] getting [ 3 1 2 2 ] for a total of [ 8 ] which, after the modifier [ -4 ] totals [ 4 ].
<Narrator> Welumque, Olpekat's folk have a lot of presence on the docks. They can probably get her to the mainland today without too much trouble.
<Narrator> Lucas, you think you could pretty easily do a ritual to help Svald communicate with the spirit. You'd just need to go grab some of your stuff from your room at the boarding house.
<Lucas> I'm going to need some things from my room - I'll get those and come back as soon as I can.
* Lucas tells Svald.
<Lucas> Get some rest in the meanwhile :)
* Svald nods.
<Svald> I'll try!
<Narrator> Lucas, you can go retrieve the stuff you need without much trouble.

Skalla is invited on a hunt by Jerk Skepskaptan, where she runs into Thekla

* Jerk will be waiting in the sitting room, rising to stand when Skalla comes in.
* Kennesaw is now known as Narrator
<Skalla> Morning
<Skalla> Sorry for the wait
<Jerk> Mamsel Skalla, good morning. Hope I'm not imposing too much.
<Jerk> Perfectly understandable.
<Skalla> not at all - what can I do for you?
<Jerk> There was an animal attack last night on the Jordbrukare farm. Killed one, maybe two people.
<Jerk> Folk are getting together a hunting party to try to track down whatever it was before someone else gets hurt. You know how it is if something is desperate enough to attack people.
<Jerk> I thought the Stormsvallvag would like to send someone along, and naturally I thought of you.
<Jerk> Though anyone else is welcome as well, of course.
<Skalla> you know I enjoy a good hunt
<Skalla> where are they gathering?
<Jerk> At the Jordbrukares', the sooner the better, I would think.
<Skalla> alright. Ill get ready.
* Jerk nods.
<Jerk> I'll be waiting outside.
* Skalla nods
* Skalla will get more hunting ready, and also scribble a note to have a servant take over to Svald's studio
<Narrator> (What did you want to write to them?)
<Skalla> (just that I have been called to a hunt to try and find the 'creature that killed the overseer at the Jordbrukare farm' but that I will try and keep everyone safe)
<Jerk> You think it's another gryphon, maybe?
* Jerk will ask when you come outside.
<Skalla> Hard to say. It could be.
<Skalla> has anything else been attacked?
<Skalla> missing livestock, anythig like that?
<Jerk> Nothing like that's been reported. It's definitely worrying.
<Jerk> I wouldn't have even thought there was something on Sisawinak big enough to do something like this. They said the claw marks were huge.
<Skalla> what has been reported?
<Skalla> hmm.
<Skalla> Well, these are troubled times.
<Jerk> They found the body of one of their overseers near the worker cabins, really torn up. There was a lot of blood, and one of the workers is missing as well. They're thinking it dragged her off to eat.
* Skalla nods
<Skalla> wonder what he was doing there overnight :p
* Jerk frowns at that.
<Jerk> Well, this couldn't have happened to a nicer guy, from what I hear.
<Skalla> oh?
* Jerk shakes his head.
<Jerk> Regardless, whatever did this is still dangerous.
<Jerk> We can't let it stay loose on the island.
* Skalla nods
<Skalla> I'm sure we can take care of it
<Narrator> It's not too long a ride over to the Jordbrukares' farm, where you'll find a small crowd of familiar faces, various other old-family folks, gathered outside and clearly getting ready for a hunt. You spot Thekla among them, who smiles grimly and nods in greeting.
* Skalla nods back
<Narrator> Ingegerd Jordbrukare will get folks organized and ready to head out after waiting for a few more arrivals. Did you want to talk to anyone before that?
<Skalla> (Mostly I want to know who in this group is a good tracker >.>)
<Narrator> (Roll Contacts)
* Skalla rolls [ Error. The syntax is !roll xdx+x. ]
<Skalla> !roll 4d3-7
<Skalla> (I assume this is not own of those times where I ca sub resources, aldo I eed to bring work me in here, yeesh)
<Skalla> (3)
<Narrator> (You can sub resources for this one. It's a question of knowing the old-money families, so I think it applies)
<Skalla> (In that case it shouod be a 6)
<Narrator> You know Thekla is a good tracker, much like yourself. The rest are fair to middling.
<Skalla> (That's what I thought - I will talk to her)
* Thekla (webchat216.45.76.50) has joined #thirteen02
<Skalla> Morning Theka - good to see you, though it's not quite the same atmosphere as the grypon hunt
* Thekla nods.
<Thekla> Little bit, yeah.
<Thekla> Folks are already on edge, so this has got them extra spooked.
* Skalla nods.
<Skalla> I was telling Jerk - troubled times
<Skalla> what do you make of it?
* Pierre ( Quit (Quit:
<Thekla> I'm not sure. I had a quick look at the place where it happened, and the body. Whatever it is, it's big. Not just a wolf or something.
* Pierre ( has joined #thirteen02
<Skalla> I just got here, so I haven't seen it yet
<Skalla> where was it? Could you show me?
<Thekla> Might as well get a start. Sure.
* Thekla stands up and will lead you over to the spot. The body's been moved, but, true to what you heard, there are plenty of blood stains.
<Skalla> :|
* Skalla will try an approach this as though she really was looking to track this thing
<Skalla> Doesn't seem like anyone has much of an idea what it could be
* Thekla looks around.
<Thekla> This might be a bear track...
* Skalla will come look
<Narrator> It does look very much like a bear track.
<Skalla> big bear
<Skalla> strange behaviour for a bear, though
* Thekla nods.
<Skalla> (it si just notice for tracking stuff)
<Thekla> And I wouldn't have thought there were any on the island.
<Narrator> (I think it would be more Investigate)
<Skalla> (Yes right that makese sense - does this count as a'wilderness/survival context?)
<Narrator> (Yes, definitely)
<Skalla> !roll 4d4-4
<Skalla> (pfft)
<Skalla> (3 - partly looking to see what i can'read' of the action here, both with Svowlbear and also with whatever was happening with the overseer and Yalwa before that)
<Narrator> It looks like Yalwa came to the door, there was a scuffle there, Svowlbear approached, attacked from behind, and then everything is too jumbled to really tell more.
* Skalla will point it out to her
<Skalla> Maybe it was attracted by the confrontation
* Jerk is now known as Hjalmar
<Thekla> Hmm. Maybe,,,but that also seems like strange behavior. This whole thing is just odd.
<Skalla> yes
<Thekla> Looks like the tracks head back south.
* Thekla points.
<Skalla> right
* Skalla will let her take the lead on tracking
* Thekla starts following the tracks south.
<Thekla> Huh. Strange.
<Thekla> I'm not seeing any drag marks.
<Skalla> This whole thing is strange...
<Skalla> so - I'm not surprised to hear it
* Skalla stops and shakes her head
<Skalla> Some of this is coming from some things I saw while I was away but - what if it isn't an animal at all
<Thekla> What do you mean?
<Skalla> its not just humans that are troubled right now - there was a lot of.. strange spirit things that we saw.
<Skalla> This doesn't act like a normal animal. if it is a spirit, we probably can't hurt it. And - it probably has its own reasons for acting
<Thekla> You think we should go get Mother Rask or Father Wang?
<Skalla> mmph. Maybe. What I think is that we should...consider a one off attack against a man who was up at night assaulting female slaves is like... kinda bad I guess but also - not natural, and not a pattern.
* Thekla looks up from the tracks.
<Thekla> you know something about what happened?
<Skalla> >.>
<Skalla> Enough to say - this isn't the right way to go about this
<Thekla> Meaning?
<Skalla> meaning just what I said. This is't something you can just hunt. I've aready spoken to people that *I
* trust, who understand these kinds of things better than I do, to try and make sure it doesn't happen again
* Thekla narrows her eyes.
<Thekla> Skalla, I trust you, but...someone died. Possibly two someone's. People are going to want answers. However little I'm going to miss this particular victim, he's still dead.
<Skalla> I know.
<Skalla> But I also know that you and I are the only ones from that pack who are good enough to even get this far.
<Skalla> theres enough going on that *when
* there's not a repeat attack, they'll forget
<Skalla> and meanwhil, a little more caution right now won't hurt anyone
<Thekla> You want me to let them fail to find anything.
<Skalla> Yes.
<Skalla> please.
<Narrator> (Roll me Rapport)
<Skalla> (I will spend a fate point to invoke my 'I Look Out For My People' aspect for a +2)
<Thekla> (Sounds good)
<Skalla> (4)
* Thekla stares at you for a long moment, then nods.
<Thekla> Okay. But I *will
* want to know more at some point.
<Skalla> Absolutely.
* Thekla will head back to the group, then.

Hjalmar comes to check in with Pierre

* Pierre goes in to work, having run to make it in time after an unusually late morning start...
<Narrator> Pierre, there is indeed a lot of discussion of Kaldrgaldr's newest tract, though you're also hearing something about an animal attack last night.
* Pierre is groggy, but will try to glean what he can about both events...
<Narrator> (Roll Notice)
<Pierre> !roll 4d3-7
* Lan-werk rolls for Pierre: [ 4d3-7 ] getting [ 3 1 3 3 ] for a total of [ 10 ] which, after the modifier [ -7 ] totals [ 3 ].
<Narrator> This being Charlotta's, sentiment is definitely on Kaldrgaldr's side, so there's a lot of discussion about the coming revolution, and rampant speculation about Kaldrgaldr's identity. A fair number of people seem to think it's Charlotta herself. From what you can tell, the animal attack happened sometime late yesterday evening or early this morning, at a farm near the city. One or possibly two people were killed, it seems.
<Pierre> (Not in the direction of Lequêot, I hope!)
<Narrator> (Oh, actually, yes, though near Fastning Irena, not Lequêot)
<Pierre> (Yikes!)
* Hjalmar walks in, looking a bit tired himself. He waves to Pierre and goes to find a seat.
* Pierre nods, and eventually makes his way over to Hjalmar.
<Pierre> Hello!
<Hjalmar> Good morning! Funny to see you're up as well. What's the good word?
<Pierre> Apparently a number of posters went up all over the place last night! People are speculating as to the identity of the author, but...
* Pierre shrugs
<Pierre> Who can say who it is?
<Pierre> I hear there was some sort of animal attack last night, as well?
<Hjalmar> I heard something about that. One of the Jordbrukares' overseers was killed, and one of their...workers is missing.
<Hjalmar> I had a moment of panic when I heard about the attack that something had happened to you and Kaarina.
* Pierre shakes his head
<Pierre> No, we were fine, thank you. It is disconcerting to think it was so nearby, though.
<Pierre> Perhaps if the governor was having militias patrol the area for animals instead of the town squares, it could have been prevented...
<Hjalmar> Militias? Was there trouble in Lequêot?
<Pierre> No, but there could have been. Apparently the government had hired militias to keep an eye on things. A man came over to check what we were doing.
<Pierre> Fortunately I was able to show him the church notices we were putting up were completely harmless.
<Pierre> All the same, I think it's a good idea if I don't go there again any time soon...
<Hjalmar> Church notices?
<Pierre> Yes, I brought some along. Just in case.
<Pierre> It turned out to be a good idea.
<Pierre> Were there no militias in other places?
<Hjalmar> Well, I mean, there's the regular soldiers in town here, and the fort's people to the east. I just hadn't thought Lequêot would have armed people in the streets.
<Hjalmar> You're both fine, though, right?
<Pierre> Oh, yes. As long as they don't come looking for us... that one man did get a look at us, and may put two and two together.
<Pierre> But then, perhaps he won't want to mention it, in case his superiors get angry that he didn't stop us.
<Pierre> Either way, I'd prefer to avoid Lequêot for a bit.
<Hjalmar> That's okay. I think I can handle deliveries myself in the future. This was just pretty time-sensitive.
<Hjalmar> Gotta strike while the iron is hot and all.
* Pierre nods
<Pierre> Well, people are certainly talking about it today.
<Hjalmar> How's the reaction?
<Pierre> Well, the crowd here is more supportive of Karl Kaldrgaldr's opinions than not. But of course, that's what I'd expect *here*. I have no idea how it's going over in the rest of the town - I came straight here this morning.
* Hjalmar nods.
<Hjalmar> Well, good to hear he's got support here. Gotta build from somewhere.
<Hjalmar> I really appreciate your help.
<Pierre> You're welcome.