Thirteen 2 session 19

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Svald dreams of speaking to a great owlbear spirit. Lucas has a visit with Hippolyte Beulieu whose sigh has returned enough to cause trouble. Hildie and Skalla go to Alhusan Al'aswad and meet with Djamila Maamoun about helping supply the fort. Kaarina and Hjalmar visit Pierre at the coffee house and ask him for help distributing pamphlets in Lequêot.


Session date: 2022-07-31
In Game date: Following up on the previous session

Svald speaks to an owlbear in their dream

<Kennesaw> Okay, I'm gonna start today with Svald, so let me nudge folks over to ooc otherwise
<Kennesaw> Svald, you find yourself in an unfamiliar bit of dense forest, at night, with no memory of how you got there.
<Svald> (does it look like a new world forest or old?)
* Svald tries to get their bearings
<Kennesaw> (New)
<Svald> (any animals or people around?)
<Kennesaw> You don't sense anything near you, animal or otherwise, but, in the distance, you hear an echoing hoot-roar.
<Svald> ...
* Svald will turn into a coyote for easier movement through the underbrush.
<Svald> (does that go normally?)
<Kennesaw> You reach for the part of yourself that touches the spirit realm to change your body, but it echoes as emptily as the still night air.
<Kennesaw> (You can have a Fate point for that, though)
* Svald is unsettled.
* Svald frowns but will try to cautiously move towards the sound.
<Kennesaw> The terrain remains unfamiliar, but you can make your way towards the bellows easily enough.
<Kennesaw> (Roll me...Empathy, I think?)
<Svald> (lol. does animal affinity apply)
<Kennesaw> (Sure)
<Svald> !roll 4d3-1
* @Lan-werk rolls for Svald: [ 4d3-1 ] getting [ 3 1 3 1 ] for a total of [ 8 ] which, after the modifier [ -1 ] totals [ 7 ].
<Kennesaw> The sounds are louder as you approach, but you get the sense they are more...mournful, rather than angry.
* Svald continues to draw nearer.
<Kennesaw> The ground tilts towards a promontory, and you can see the silhouette of an enormous owlbear at the top of the rise, outlined against the moon and stars.
* Svald looks up at it in awe...
<Svald> (how far is it from me now?)
<Kennesaw> (How close do you want to get?)
<Svald> (uh... idk... 50'?)
* Svald will slowly move up to that distance, eying the creature warily.
<Kennesaw> You can definitely get that close. It doesn't seem to notice you so far; it's lookng out over the edge.
* Svald deliberately rustles some of the leaves at their feet
<Kennesaw> The beast turns sharply to glare at you. It gives another roar, but it seems wary rather than incensed.
* Svald stays very still
<Svald> Did you bring me here?
* Owlbear (webchat@ has joined #thirteen
* Owlbear wuffles.
<Owlbear> You brought me.
<Owlbear> Or we brought each other.
<Owlbear> It is unclear.
<Svald> Oh...
<Svald> What.. what does this mean?
* Owlbear seems to speak without voice, beyond it.
<Owlbear> We are bound.
<Owlbear> As the other.
<Owlbear> But she did not understand.
<Svald> What didn't she understand?
<Owlbear> What we are.
<Owlbear> What we are meant to be.
<Svald> And ... what is that?
* Svald asks with some trepidation
* Owlbear wuffles again.
<Owlbear> Come closer.
* Svald will approach.
<Kennesaw> Upon closer inspection, the owlbear appears old and scarred, resilient and unyielding, like a seaswept mountainside.
* Owlbear regards Svald with fathomless eyes.
* Owlbear turns towards the edge of the rise after a long pause.
<Kennesaw> In the distance, in the moonlight, you can make out Sisawinak, the moonlight on the bay.
<Owlbear> What do you see?
<Svald> THe land, and the water...
<Owlbear> This is good. What else?
<Svald> THe moon, the sky, the stars...
<Owlbear> And the people. Newcomers, who do not see the land, the water, the moon, the sky and stars.
<Owlbear> Those who came before, grandmothers and their children who forget they are family.
<Owlbear> *All
* are family, if they remember.
* Svald nods.
<Owlbear> We remind them.
<Owlbear> We guard, and heal, and guide.
<Svald> What are we guarding?
* Owlbear turns to stare at Svald once more.
<Owlbear> What do you see?
<Kennesaw> Once again, you are drawn into the owlbears eyes, until all you see is blackness, and you come to back in your own bed.
* Svald sits up, their head spinning...

Lucas has a meeing with Hippolyte Beaulie who recognizes him.

<Kennesaw> Lucas, after your appointment with Prelate Beaufort, you'll meet with Mme. Beaulieu to accompany her back to her estate to check on her husband.
* Owlbear is now known as Alienor
* Alienor picks you up in her carriage, looking troubled.
<Lucas> Is something wrong?
<Alienor> Hmm?
<Alienor> Nothing to concern you, Lucas.
<Alienor> Or, rather, nothing about which anything can be done.
<Alienor> It's something to concern us all.
<Lucas> I apologize if I spoke out of place. How is your husband doing?
<Alienor> Not at all. I just came from a meeting of the estates, and it's this business at the fort.
<Alienor> With the orcs and all.
* Alienor brightens a bit.
<Alienor> Hippolyte is doing quite well, thank you, and thanks to you.
<Alienor> It's not what it was, but his vision is returning.
<Lucas> That's wonderful to hear!
<Alienor> He can read for himself, now, which he is very happy about.
<Alienor> You're quite the miracle worker.
<Lucas> I only work with what the spirits provide.
* Lucas says modestly
<Alienor> Well, they've provided more with you than anyone else I was able to find.
<Alienor> I've got a nice bonus waiting for you when we get to the estate, and Hippolyte will be very happy to thank you himself.
<Alienor> I worry there will be more call for your talents sooner rather than later.
<Lucas> I appreciate it, thank you.
<Lucas> I worry you may be right on that, though.
<Alienor> If you'd prefer some distance from the situation, I'm sure we could find you a place.
<Lucas> I appreciate the offer. As you said, my services might be needed nearer to the situation, but if it comes to that point, I will gratefully accept.
* Alienor nods.
<Alienor> I have little faith this new emira will be able to resolve this peacefully, and when it comes to choosing sides...
* Alienor sighs.
<Alienor> Honor and duty can sometimes be rivals.
* Lucas nods
<Lucas> I'm sure you will do what you think is right.
* Alienor smiles sadly.
<Alienor> Doesn't everyone?
<Kennesaw> You arrive at the Beaulieu estate after not too long a ride. Alienor goes off to her office, and a servant will show you to the sitting room, where Hippolyte is sitting by the fire with a book.
<Lucas> Well, some listen more strongly to their duty than their honor, or perhaps more to their own safety or wealth than either of the two...
* Alienor nods sadly.
<Alienor> (And then insert movement sentence :P )
<Alienor> (transition sentence? Whatev, the thing)
* Alienor is now known as Hippolyte
<Lucas> Good afternoon. I see you are continuing to improve!
* Hippolyte looks up and smiles brightly.
<Hippolyte> Indeed I am!
<Hippolyte> It's good to see you, Lucas. Please, come have a seat.
* Lucas will come and sit with him
<Hippolyte> I suppose it's good to see, period, but you understand.
<Lucas> How are you feeling? Any problems that are still troubling you?
<Hippolyte> The poultices make me a bit tired, but it's a small price to pay.
<Hippolyte> My distance vision is still cloudy, out past, oh, ten meters or so.
<Lucas> (do I think that this treatment is something we can start to taper off, or is it something he'll need to continue doing indefinitely?)
<Hippolyte> But, hey...
* Hippolyte lifts up his book.
<Hippolyte> I am doing *much
* better than before.
* Lucas nods
<Kennesaw> (He should be able to stop eventually, but there's likely still months of treatment to go if he wants his full eyesight back, and there might need to be supplemental treatments in the future.)
<Lucas> So it seems! I'm very glad to see the improvement you've made.
<Hippolyte> And you? How was your trip?
<Lucas> It was much more eventful than I expected. There was much to do.
<Hippolyte> Oh?
<Lucas> I had only expected to be along in order to treat any minor injuries that would be expected to arise from any longer trip - perhaps twisted ankles or blisters, that sort of thing. But unfortunately there was more need for my services than that.
<Lucas> One friend was very badly injured by an attack and other in the group unfortunately perished.
<Hippolyte> I
<Hippolyte> I'm very sorry to hear that.
<Lucas> They were not people I knew well, but nevertheless, it was unfortunate.
<Hippolyte> Any death is a tragedy.
* Lucas nods
* Hippolyte frowns and looks lost in thought for a moment.
* Hippolyte shakes his head slightly after a pause.
<Lucas> There is much unease and disturbance in the world right now - it gives me concern.
* Hippolyte nods.
<Hippolyte> Alienor worries it means war again.
<Lucas> I hope it won't come to that, but she surely knows more of the situation than I do.
* Hippolyte nods again, slowly, staring at Lucas.
* Lucas feels uncomfortable being stared at and will busy himself with getting some supplies from his bag.
<Hippolyte> ...I know you.
<Lucas> Well, certainly I should hope so - I have been treating you for some time.
<Hippolyte> From before.
* Lucas says with a nervous smile
<Hippolyte> You were at Fjora's Hill.
<Lucas> (I am guessing a) that's a battle and b) he's right?)
<Kennesaw> (Your side probably called it something different, but, yes)
<Hippolyte> With the Snakes.
<Lucas> I'm not sure I know that name. A battle?
<Hippolyte> Aonahchu.
<Hippolyte> There was a village there. We were evacuating.
<Lucas> (what is his tone like? does he seem angry, concerned, confused...?)
<Hippolyte> (All of those?)
<Lucas> (OK)
* Lucas takes a breath, trying to control the rush of emotions
<Lucas> Yes. I was there.
* Lucas says at last.
* Hippolyte doesn't say anything for a moment, his face dark.
<Hippolyte> Why?
<Lucas> why was I there? or why am I here now?
<Hippolyte> Either. Both. can you be this person and that one?
<Hippolyte> There were children in that village!
<Hippolyte> It wasn't even one of ours. It was our Lèxkweyok allies.
<Hippolyte> Why would you heal me?
<Lucas> I was a child too.
<Hippolyte> What are you even doing here?
<Lucas> If you wish for me to leave, I will. But ... I am here because I realized that what I had done was wrong, and because I didn't know how else to try and begin to make amends for what I had done.
<Lucas> It's not an excuse, but I was ... fourteen? fifteen? And I had been told by my elders and by my guides that I was doing what was right - to protect my people, to help them. I believed it, then.
<Lucas> Only later I understood that ... I had been misled.
<Lucas> I am sorry for that.
* Hippolyte looks away bitterly.
<Hippolyte> I don't care.
<Hippolyte> Just...go.
* Lucas gathers his things
<Lucas> I knew that you would see me one day and that you might know who I had been. I just hoped that perhaps... you would see who I am trying to become, too.
<Lucas> Farewell, M. Beaulieu.
* Lucas will depart.
* Hippolyte ignores Lucas as he leaves.

Skala and Hildie go to meet with a family contact in Alhusan Al'aswad

<Narrator> Hildie and Skalla, the vote in the Thing lands on "Take no offensive actions, send off to see what the Queen wants us to do" for now, about what you expected.
<Narrator> Skalla, you were planning on getting together some supplies for the Guard, yes?
<Skalla> yes
* Pierre ( has joined #thirteen
<Skalla> (well, find out what they need, but I can make some basic assumptions ;)
<Narrator> Did you want to talk about this with Hildie? ;)
<Skalla> (yeah - I'm not really sure what kind of contacts we have with them, anyway, or how to make any arrangements for this so we might need to sort that out first)
* Skalla will find her cousin after tshe's been able to change into something ore comfortable than whatever she is supposed to wear for official nonsense
<Skalla> Hildie...
* Hildie will be out on the grounds.
<Hildie> Mmm?
* Hildie turns to her cousin when approached.
<Skalla> I wan to get a better sense of how thigs are unfolding over around Alhusan Al'aswad
<Skalla> will you come with me?
<Hildie> You're going over yourself?
<Hildie> If you're going, then I'm going.
* Skalla just gives her a look
<Skalla> okay.
<Hildie> What?
<Skalla> I just can't believe that was a question!
<Hildie> I should probably know better by now.
<Skalla> right?
<Hildie> But I live in eternal hope that you will come to your senses some day.
<Skalla> My sense are just fine
<Skalla> (senses)
* Hildie grins.
<Hildie> Your senses, maybe, but not your sense.
<Skalla> well, on that note - I want to see what they need for supplies, and how we might be able to arrange to get it to them
<Hildie> What contacts do you have there?
<Narrator> (Roll Contacts :) )
<Hildie> (Actually, can I roll as well? )
<Narrator> (Sure)
<Skalla> (can I use my family connections and use resources instead of contacts?)
<Hildie> !roll 4d3-7
* @Lan-werk rolls for Hildie: [ 4d3-7 ] getting [ 1 2 3 1 ] for a total of [ 7 ] which, after the modifier [ -7 ] totals [ 0 ].
<Narrator> (Yes)
<Skalla> !roll 4d3-4
* @Lan-werk rolls for Skalla: [ 4d3-4 ] getting [ 1 2 2 1 ] for a total of [ 6 ] which, after the modifier [ -4 ] totals [ 2 ].
<Narrator> (Either of you want to invoke an Aspect or anything?)
<Skalla> (I don't thikn any of mine are suitable)
<Hildie> (Not worth it for me, probably)
<Narrator> (Okay.)
<Narrator> Skalla, you know Djamila Maamoun, a middleman (middlewoman?) your family has used for dealing with the fort before.
<Skalla> I know who we've worked with before - I'll start there
* Hippolyte is now known as Djamila
<Hildie> Are we at least going to try to keep it low key?
* Djamila is an orcish merchant who often contracts to supply the fort. She deals in all manner of goods towards that end, from firearms and powder to food and clothing. She has a home near the docks facing the bay.
<Skalla> yes
<Skalla> I don't knwo why you would think othrwise :p
* Hildie sighs.
<Hildie> Because I know you.
<Skalla> mmhmm.
<Hildie> I will admit, I would love to know what's going on over there right now.
<Skalla> good, then go get changed, and lets go
<Hildie> Yes, Ma'am.
<Narrator> (How do y'all want to approach this, then?)
* Hildie will do so.
<Skalla> (try and keep a low profile and mostly out of sight, and head towards her house, watch for a bit, then try and knock?)
* Hildie will where her least suspicious outfit. Which is probably very suspicious.
<Narrator> (Okay, roll me Stealth)
<Hildie> (hahahahaha)
<Hildie> !roll 4d3-8
* @Lan-werk rolls for Hildie: [ 4d3-8 ] getting [ 2 2 3 2 ] for a total of [ 9 ] which, after the modifier [ -8 ] totals [ 1 ].
<Skalla> !roll 4d3-8
* @Lan-werk rolls for Skalla: [ 4d3-8 ] getting [ 2 3 1 1 ] for a total of [ 7 ] which, after the modifier [ -8 ] totals [ -1 ].
<Skalla> (whelp)
<Narrator> You make your way to Djamila's house and, as far as you know, you don't draw any particular attention.
* Skalla will watch for a bit to see if there is any unusual ctivity - or if anyone else is watching her plqce, I suppose
<Narrator> (Roll Notice)
<Hildie> ditto
<Hildie> !roll 4d3-6
* @Lan-werk rolls for Hildie: [ 4d3-6 ] getting [ 2 3 1 3 ] for a total of [ 9 ] which, after the modifier [ -6 ] totals [ 3 ].
<Skalla> !roll 4d3-5
* @Lan-werk rolls for Skalla: [ 4d3-5 ] getting [ 1 3 1 1 ] for a total of [ 6 ] which, after the modifier [ -5 ] totals [ 1 ].
<Narrator> There are a couple of guards out front, which are not usually there, but otherwise things seem relatively normal.
<Hildie> Seems pretty quiet.
<Skalla> (hired guards?)
<Skalla> (or more liek soldiers?)
<Narrator> (Hired goons. Local toughs, basically.)
* Skalla nods to Hildie, and will head over then
* Hildie follows one step behind her.
* Djamila is now known as Guard
<Guard> Do you have business here, ma'am?
* Guard will step slightly to block your path.
<Skalla> I do - but not expected
* Guard nods.
<Guard> What's your name?
<Skalla> Skalla Beritsdottir
* Pierre ( has joined #thirteen
* Guard nods to the other guard, who steps inside.
* Pierre ( has joined #thirteen
<Guard> Sorry, Ms. Beritsdottir, just being careful.
<Guard> Everyone is on edge right now.
<Skalla> understood
<Narrator> The other guard returns and opens the door for you.
* Guard is now known as Djamila
* Skalla nods to him, and will head in, presumably wth Hildie
* Djamila will be waiting for you in her receiving room, in the center of her house.
* Djamila stands when you enter.
* Hildie follows
* Djamila is an older orc, in her mid-60s, but that makes her not old at all by dwarven standards.
<Djamila> Skalla, come in, come in, sit, sit. It has been too long. Your mother is well?
<Skalla> Very well, thank you
* Pierre ( has joined #thirteen
<Skalla> This is my cousin Hildegarde
* Hildie will nod a greeting.
<Skalla> thank you for seeing us
<Djamila> Then she is as family to me as well. Sit, Hildegarde, and be welcome.
<Djamila> Tea for you both?
* Skalla will sit
<Hildie> Thank you. Please.
<Skalla> if its no trouble
<Djamila> Of course.
* Djamila claps for a servant and directs them to bring tea for you all.
<Djamila> To what do I owe the honor and pleasure of your presence, my dear?
<Skalla> It's good to see you are well - but I was away when the...revolt? Is that what poeple are calling it here? happened, and then the Thing was insession as soon as I arrived back - I want to get a better sensethan form ruors abotu what is happening here
<Djamila> We are calling it nothing, just now. Just the "current trouble" or what have you, until it is resolved.
* Skalla nods
<Skalla> do you think it will?
<Djamila> It must, in one way or another. How that will happen, only the goddess can say.
* Skalla nods
<Djamila> One must prepare as she can and hope to weather the storm.
<Skalla> how prepared are they at the fort?
* Djamila makes an noncommital motion with her head.
<Djamila> Better than they could be, not as well as they like.
<Djamila> If they could secure Jazirat Tawila, they would be happier.
<Djamila> Whether we would be...remains to be seen.
<Hildie> You don't think it will end well?
<Djamila> Do slave revolts ever end well?
* Djamila holds up a hand.
<Djamila> I am neither condemning nor condoning it. It is a neutral statement.
* Skalla nods, after that
<Skalla> I can't say I have much experience wth it
<Djamila> It will end poorly for someone regardless. For who and how many, that is the question.
<Djamila> I have little enough, but my homeland began as one, more or less. We've since forgotten the lessons thereof.
<Skalla> oh?
<Djamila> Ilhatan belonged to the Oghuzan barely more than two centuries ago. Their slave soldiers rose up against them, we did the same. They put down their rebellion, but ours succeeded. Then the next one, then the next. Then our sultana's grandmother, goddess keep her, created the Black Guard and defeated her rivals, and we are a queendom at last.
<Djamila> All built by a slave army, after a slave revolt.
<Djamila> Then we built this colony with that army, and are surprised when they want their own land and lives again.
* Djamila shrugs.
<Djamila> So I pay my guards and I sell my goods and I hope to be out of the firing line.
<Skalla> It does seem a little obvious, at that.
<Skalla> Well, Officially the Thing oted to wait, and write to the queen for direction, so at the moment, there is no regulation against trading here
<Djamila> That is good to hear. There is much demand.
* Djamila grins.
<Hildie> What is in short supply?
<Skalla> I'm sure, and we would be happy to hep meet it, while we can, and to help plan for the future as well...
* Skalla nods to Hildie
<Djamila> For now, there is food aplenty, with the harvest just done. What they want is powder, shot, rifles, this sort of thing. Cloth and furs as well, to stockpile.
* Skalla nods
<Skalla> well, our family, of course, can provide some of those things
<Djamila> Berit approves of this?
<Djamila> Or she simply does not disapprove?
* Djamila looks at Skalla slyly.
* Skalla shrugs
<Skalla> We discussed it at the family conference
* Hildie stifles an ironic chuckle.
* Skalla ignores her :V
* Djamila smiles.
<Skalla> We remember who our allies are
<Djamila> This is good.
<Djamila> Then I will happily take what you might have to sell, and sell it on.
<Skalla> great
<Djamila> Though we might need to be more, hmm, discreet in our dealings than usual.
<Djamila> Should the Guard prevail, it will not matter, but, if I am seen arming them and they do not...
* Skalla nods
<Djamila> I will send wagons to you, rather than receiving them, eh?
<Skalla> very well
<Skalla> I think thay should work out
<Djamila> Good. Now, have some real tea, not that swill your people blaspheme by naming it so. Though your aunt makes a decent coffee, I must admit.
<Hildie> Do you think they can win? Honestly?
<Djamila> Though not to her, of course.
<Djamila> Hmm?
<Djamila> I think they are fighting for their lives.
<Djamila> For their families.
* Skalla nods
<Skalla> The same way we would- or might
* Hildie gives Skalla a look at that.
* Djamila nods towards Skalla.
<Djamila> Just so.

Karina and Hjalmar ask Pierre for help

<Narrator> Pierre, you've been returned to work more or less immediately upon your return. Charlotta's remains hopping throughout the evening, into the next day during the Thing's session, and on into the night. Given it's reputation and clientele, folks are getting pretty rowdy, though just with loud declarations of political "insights" rather than any violence.
* Pierre does his best to keep an ear out for any important news.
<Narrator> Well, you will have heard about the Thing's decision not to get officially involved in the troubles on the eastern side of the island, which is what most folks are talking about.
<Narrator> Kaarina would have been in for lunch, but she would have rushed out after scarfing it down; too much work to do.
* Pierre *is sad*
<Narrator> She returns late in the evening, though, with Hjalmar in tow.
* Pierre is cleaning off tables
<Pierre> (Are the clientele gone, or mostly gone, at this point?
* Hjalmar (webchat@ has joined #thirteen
<Narrator> (Say mostly gone)
* Djamila is now known as Kaarina
* Pierre smiles at Kaarina and nods to Hjalmar
* Kaarina returns the smile happily and takes a seat.
* Hjalmar nods back and sits with Kaarina, carrying a leather satchel.
<Pierre> Hello!
<Kaarina> Good evening, Pierre. Sorry I didn't get much chance to talk to you earlier. Busy day for us all, it seems.
<Pierre> That's perfectly all right, Kaarina! I'm just happy to see you now.
<Pierre> Can I bring anyone anything?
<Kaarina> My usual, please.
<Hjalmar> Uh, the same, I think. Maybe two cups.
<Kaarina> And you might want one for yourself.
<Pierre> Oh... sure! Just a minute...
* Pierre goes and brings back the orders for each of them, including himself.
<Kaarina> So, this place was really bustling today.
<Pierre> Yes. It was, ah, a center of activity.
<Pierre> We seem to have acquired a reputation as the place to be.
<Kaarina> For a certain inclination of people.
<Pierre> Well... yes.
<Pierre> More so than before, even.
<Hjalmar> What's your take on that, Pierre?
<Pierre> What do you mean? What I've observed here?
<Hjalmar> I mean, you hear what people are saying. What do you think about it?
<Pierre> I... don't know. Here, of course, many people think that the Thing made the wrong decision, and that we should be intervening to help the Black Guard. And when their friends argue that it could lead to war, they say that it won't happen, the Sultana will not fight another country over a mere colony. Or that she will, but it's worth it and we would
<Pierre> win.
<Pierre> Others are in favour of helping them secretly, thinking that it won't be traced back.
<Pierre> I sympathize with the Black Guard; but I'm not sure what can be done about it.
<Hjalmar> Would you consider something if it presented itself?
<Pierre> I'm not sure. I take it you have something to propose?
* Hjalmar puts his satchel on the table and takes out a couple of sheets of paper, passing them to Pierre.
* Pierre has a look at them
<Narrator> It's a trio of Kaldrgaldr pamphlets, one each in Stordammer, Gaulois, and Ilhatani.
<Pierre> (Urging people to rise up in support of the Black Guard?)
<Hjalmar> I have a friend who would like to get these out to people, tonight.
<Narrator> (Yeah)
<Hjalmar> And I can't do that alone.
<Hjalmar> You're Gaulois. If you went to Lequêot to post them, you'd draw much less attention than I would.
<Pierre> So you want me to go there and start putting them up in the public places?
* Hjalmar nods.
<Pierre> Sneak in, put them up, then sneak away?
<Hjalmar> I don't know that it's sneaking, exactly, but low profile is probably better, yes.
<Pierre> (How revolutionary are these tracts, exactly? What are they calling on people to do?)
<Narrator> (Not exactly overthrow the government or anything, but *ignore
* the government and help our "true allies", sure)
<Kaarina> I already told Mme. Sateri I would be gone tomorrow...
* Pierre looks to her
<Pierre> I was going to ask... so you're going to do it, then.
* Kaarina nods.
* Pierre shifts uncomfortably
<Kaarina> I think Hjalmar...'s friend is right.
<Kaarina> And it's not like putting up fliers is illegal just yet.
<Pierre> Hmmm. I suppose not. Though I seem to remember trouble over some fliers not too long ago.
* Pierre sighs
<Kaarina> That was the shop, and they're already printed.
<Pierre> Well... I suppose I can do it.
* Kaarina smiles brightly and leans over to kiss Pierre on the cheek.
<Hjalmar> Thank you, Pierre. I really appreciate it.
* Pierre nods
<Hjalmar> You can take my horse, and I can walk home.
* Hjalmar pulls out the stack of papers for you and Kaarina.
<Hjalmar> I'll just have to meet my Khalijani friend next.
* Hjalmar lays down money for the coffees and a *very
* generous tip.
<Hjalmar> You're doing a good thing.
<Pierre> I just hope I don't get caught at it.
<Hjalmar> You shouldn't have any trouble even if you are, but, if you do have any, my family will take care of it, I promise. Be safe, you two.
* Hjalmar will stand up and head out.
<Kaarina> (after he leaves) I can do this myself if you don't want to.
<Pierre> No, Kaarina, I said I would! And he's right; I'll be able to get around Lequêot without much notice.
<Pierre> (I take it I know the place a little?)
<Narrator> (It's possibly you've been there, some. It's the Gaulois settlement on the southeastern coast of the island)
<Pierre> (I remember! And not too heavily guarded, I hope...)
* Pierre will finish cleaning up the cafe, and head out afterward once it looks like the coast is clear.
* Kaarina will wait for you to finish and ride along with you.
<Narrator> (And I think we'll end there for today, and pick up there next time :) )
<Pierre> (Sound great! This can't possibly go wrong. :-D )
<Narrator> Hee
* Pierre invokes "Young and Naive" against himself.
<Narrator> Only one Fate point per dumb decision, no matter how many Aspects apply ;)
<Pierre> As long as I get to keep it for next session!