Legacy of the Ancients session 24

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After a fireside chat, the worn out investigators examine the secret room they discovered the day before. During his exploration, Ro approaches and accidentally activates the portal, which draws those in the room into a trace, drawing them to the arch. After a confusing attempt to free each other from the effects, the party successfully examine the crystals operating the door, and Edris determines that it must lead to another plane. They slog back through the harrow and meet Iason, a day late, who returns them to Menthras where Anyaveh is able to figure out some of the secrets of the mysterious crystal-tipped wand weapons and allow the healers to save Kreed and Carline.


  • Session 24
  • Session 24 Solo 1 - Anya asks Elorim about the fey-ohani name, Tanisol that they found in the temple, and he asks her to leave it to him to investigate rather than bringing it up with her church right away.