Legacy of the Ancients session 22

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Session A

Anyaveh walks home with Corwin, and tells him that she won't sleep with him :p Siranah and Harmon bring Elorim's body back to the Oak Conclave, and he offers to petition his church to bring the Frey back to life - Siranah pleads for him to do the same for Kel. Edris learns that her aunt and Kreed Orlain are both very ill after their battle with Ansen Dorian. Anya is rewarded by her church for her involvement with praise, full admission into the priesthood, and some magical armor. Siranah's father tried to convince her to leave Menthras with him and avoid humans. Something goes wrong at Kel's resurrection, and the priest of the Earth Mother determines that his soul is still somehow trapped by the Dark Ancients.