Legacy of the Ancients session 08

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The party proceeds to investigate the Spire outside of Roan. They discover that it is not actually sealed - there is an illusion cast on it, though it is still closed. After much debate, they agree (kinda) to open it. Edris performs the ritual, and she, Anyaveh, Elorim and Ro proceed inside to investigate. They find evidence that a Free Mage has been inside within the past few years. They use the Spire's mechanism to reveal a corridor leading down into an inner sanctum, and encounter a guardian gargoyle. They call for back up. The Frey-Ohani find the inside of the spire chilling and unnatural. Once the guardian is defeated, Edris and Ro investigate the sanctum and find doors marked with the sigils of various Ancients. They manage to open some of the portals and investigate the insides. Dorel arrives and opens the Phoenix door, liberating an adamantium weapon. Lacking the power to open all the doors that day, they decide to close and seal the Spire and return the next day.