Legacy of the Ancients session 07

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The party arives in Limberly. Edris trades spells at the guildhouse of the Free Mages. Anyaveh visits the "new" temple of the Maker and speaks to Shul about opening the Spires. As the group travels towards Roan, they encounter an inn that has been recently burned by bandits. When they finally reach the town, they are greeted by Dorel, a paladin of the Phoenix who has decided to try and defend the town. They speak to him about ths situation, and the Spires. The mages interview the barmaid about some local traditions surrounding the monument. Siranah speaks to [Arben]], a Woodsman of the Frey-ohani, about the disappearance of her lover. Dorel tells Shul that he thinks the Dark Ancients may be gathering forces since the war has weakened both the churches of the Phoenix and the Warrior, and invites him to join a group called the True Defenders.