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Session date: August 23, 2020 & September 6, 2020
Fair Cycle date:


<AshnabisGM> The second harvest is late this year. It is now Zhuno, and the farmers are only now starting to reap a small winter fos crop. No doubt, the lack of rain has played a role in that.
<AshnabisGM> Winter in the Sestapor is hardly what it is in the Imperial countries, of course - not really much colder, only a bit wetter as the rainy season approaches. At least, you hope it will.
<AshnabisGM> You have returned from your extended trip to the Auggi and then to Charadip, with new knowledge and new questions to pursue. But first, you meet as a group to discuss what to include in your report, what to share with your employers at the Fort.

The group discuss what to include in their report about the Auggi

<AshnabisGM> You arrive at the land registry early in the morning and Utus has reserved a room for your discussions.
* Llillilli sits
* Daifan will settle in to their corner
* Llillilli drums her fingertips on the table
<Junan> so I see no reason not to discuss all the events at tha Auggi
* Llillilli shrugs.
<Llillilli> There isn't much.
* Daifan nods
<Llillilli> Which will make it an easy report.
<Llillilli> Good.
<Daifan> Mmhmm. Its as barren as descrbed, and what land might be of use is infested with monsters
<Llillilli> Human juice-sucking monsters.
<Veznara> And the side trip to Charadip?
<Llillilli> They didn't pay us for that
<Veznara> Still, the Fort will doubtless be interested in knowing that the Academy is still concerned about Brother Bones.
<Daifan> its not their business
<Llillilli> Who cares what the fort is interested in.
<Llillilli> I don't work for them.
<Veznara> Isn't it? The activities of Charadip are very much the Fort's business, I would think.
<Daifan> And Envoy Jaidagu is the best one to manage that
<Llillilli> We aren't fucking spies for Kaskind
<Daifan> do you want to meddle in his business?
<Llillilli> We're *land surveyors.*
* Katenzhi watches and listens to all of this from the corner.
* Jimba nods in agreement with Llillilli.
<Jimba> If they want us to do more than that, they need to pay us more. And also specifically ask.
<Jimba> We're not sentinels.
* Katenzhi looks at Jimba.
<Katenzhi> Do we tell them about Yeggun?
* Jimba sighs.
* Llillilli grunts.
<Junan> what about Yeggun?
<Jimba> Probably? I feel like that's a little different. That's for *everyone's* safety.
<Llillilli> He went to hide on some island.
<Katenzhi> We heard some scuttlebut about where he might be.
<Junan> oh where?
<Llillilli> A cursed place.
<Llillilli> Isle of mists.
<Katenzhi> Someplace called Sednidze
<Junan> Tazi sailors visit there
<Katenzhi> We heard it was pretty dangerous
<Llillilli> Haunted.
<Katenzhi> And, to be completely frank, the fort might be pretty grateful to us if it turns out to be true. Like... financially grateful. Or at least I can hope.
<Junan> I was working on funding an expedition there sometime in the future
<Llillilli> I don't care about that. But Yeggun is a menace
<Veznara> !roll 1d20+19
* Lan-werk rolls for Veznara: [ 1d20+19 ] getting [ 4 ] which, after the modifier [ 19 ] totals [ 23 ].
<Katenzhi> So win win, yeah?
<AshnabisGM> Veznara, you've never heard of Sednidze.
<Jimba> (To Junan) Why?
<Junan> for a friend on mine... personal interest... might look to bring you when its closer to ready, but i cant discuss it until then, since its not my information to reveal.
<Junan> sorry for sounding so cryptic
* Llillilli shrugs irritably.
<Jimba> No, I get it.
<Jimba> Sometimes things aren't yours to tell.
<Daifan> it Yeggun related?
<Daifan> or just island related?
<Junan> nothing to do with Yeggun... or maybe?
* Junan thinks
<Daifan> well, it might be now
<Junan> I trust you all so... my friend found some hidden treasure in a cave
<Junan> on that island
<Jimba> Oh, interesting.
<Junan> but considering if Yeggun ran to hide there, maybe he's been using it as a stash for longer than we know
* Jimba nods.
<Veznara> Yes. It sounds like you may have to deal with him either way.
<Jimba> Well, worth looking into, when you're ready.
<Veznara> So what do you want to say in the report?
<Daifan> mmhmm
* Jimba looks at Junan.
<Junan> I would say we heard a rumor he was there
<Jimba> Works for me, and is also the truth. :)
<Jimba> I mean, I trust said rumor, but still.
<Jimba> They don't need to know that, necessarily.
<Katenzhi> Yeah, I trust it too, but who knows if he's moved on or something.
* Veznara nods
<Veznara> I still think we should mention Brother Bones, though. It's a natural follow-up to our previous mission to Charadip.
* Llillilli scowls.
<Llillilli> We shouldn't even have gone there the first time.
<Jimba> Why do you think it needs to be included?
<Junan> If anything, Brother Bones should be discusssed privately, outside of the report.
<Veznara> That would be fine. I just think it's relevant.
<Veznara> I don't think any of us trust our "allies".
<Jimba> ...Slightly less than I trust the Fort.
<AshnabisNarrator> (Okay, we should probably move on - it sounds like the gist is to include a mention that you heard a rumour about Yeggun's hideout, but not mention Brother Bones formally?)
<Veznara> (That's fine.)
<Daifan> (yeah)
<Jimba> (kk)
<Llillilli> (yup)
<AshnabisNarrator> (okay!)

Katenzhi and Bivizmi check on Oignestros and their fos crop

<AshnabisNarrator> Katenzhi, while I'm sure you found a few moments to let Bivizmi know your betrothal had been successfully arranged, you haven't had too much opportunity to talk with her at length since your return.
<AshnabisNarrator> Today, however, you have arranged to go out and check on how your fos crop is coming along, and that will allow the two of you to share a few uninterrupted hours.
<Katenzhi> :3
<AshnabisNarrator> The weather is clear and still, the sky blue and almost cloudless, as you meet up with her and set off on the road that will lead you to your land claim.
<Katenzhi> Hey! How are you doing?
<Bivizmi> I'm all right. How about you?
* Katenzhi shrugs.
<Katenzhi> Doing ok.
<Katenzhi> Been busier than I'd like.
* Bivizmi nods
<Katenzhi> But at least I'm back now.
* Katenzhi leans over and kisses her on the forehead.
<Bivizmi> You were gone a bit longer than expected on that last trip. Was everything okay?
* Bivizmi smiles at that
<Katenzhi> Yeah, I think so. Although Jimba almost got dehydrated by a plant. But He's better now.
<Bivizmi> Ooh, good to hear it. That sounds unpleasant!
<Katenzhi> Yeah, I imagine it was.
<Katenzhi> How have things been here?
<Bivizmi> I've been keeping busy too, mostly with helping to process people's harvests as they come in. It's the busy season for that type of work, although not as busy as usual I guess...
* Katenzhi nods.
<Katenzhi> I've been thinking about that. If our crop is still doing as well as it was, our prices are gonna be through the roof.
* Bivizmi nods hopefully
<Bivizmi> So... things went okay with meeting Gefraz's family, then?
* Katenzhi nods.
<Katenzhi> As well as could be expected. Everything is set to happen... It still feels kind of unreal, honestly.
<Bivizmi> Do you have a date planned yet?
<Katenzhi> (We didn't, did we?)
<AshnabisNarrator> (I don't think a formal one yet, no, but in general there's no reason to assume a long engagement would be needed. It's probably reasonable to expect it would happen within say 3-4 months, tops? Enough time for the family to put together a nice party and so on. It would be back in Choradan, at their home, so they might need to allow for some travel time for guests, etc.)
<Katenzhi> (Cool)
<Katenzhi> No, not a formal one, but I imagine my family will push for it to happen as soon as possible and I don't see any reason his family would object. Probably a few months.
* Bivizmi nods
<Katenzhi> Are you... sure you're still ok with this?
<Katenzhi> I don't want to hold you back.
<Katenzhi> Ancestors know you probably deserve better.
<Bivizmi> It's a lot to deal with. I don't want to cause any problems for you either, when you're trying to get started out together.
* Katenzhi laughs dryly.
<Katenzhi> I'm sure that will work out fine. I mean... we'll be more like roommates from the sound of things. Which is fine by me.
<Bivizmi> And he's planning to build a bigger house, right? So you can make sure that there's enough space for you to have a few rooms of your own if you want that.
* Katenzhi nods.
<Katenzhi> I could probably even have my own place if I want. We'll be able to afford it. As long as we keep up appearances.
* Bivizmi nods
<Katenzhi> I just... it all feels so fake, you know?
<Bivizmi> a lot of marriages are built on less solid grounds than sharing a common interest in business and wanting to keep one another's secrets, I guess.
<Katenzhi> I'm hoping that at the very least we can be friends. That's something you know?
* Bivizmi nods
<Bivizmi> That's not unreasonable to want.
<Bivizmi> I've been thinking about my own future too.
* Katenzhi shrugs again.
<Katenzhi> Oh?
<Bivizmi> Well... part of me thinks maybe it would be better to get married sooner rather than later, so at least it's settled, you know? That I wouldn't have to worry about everything settling down and being stable and then upending it all again in three or four or five years when my family decides I need to marry.
* Katenzhi nods.
<Bivizmi> If things are going to be changing around anyway, maybe it's best to do all of that at once and have it over with. Then we could focus on business... and, you know, other things :)
<Katenzhi> Do you... still want to be with me?
<Bivizmi> Of course I do.
* Bivizmi takes your hand.
* Katenzhi smiles.
<Katenzhi> Then I'm happy with whatever you do.
<Bivizmi> I'd try to do something like what you have - a marriage with someone who wouldn't object to our relationship. If I could find someone like that, anyway.
* Katenzhi nods.
<Katenzhi> Any ideas? I mean we already floated the idea of Jimba.
<Bivizmi> I don't know how interested he was in that suggestion, but maybe? Otherwise, I was only half joking when I said I should look at the guy you didn't pick, the Sentinel :) if you thought he was all right, then maybe you would be able to be friends with him still.
* Katenzhi laughs.
<Katenzhi> He seems like a good guy. And he'd be away a lot.
<Katenzhi> Want me to introduce you?
<Bivizmi> Sure, it can't hurt anyway. Even if we don't decide it would be a good match, it's worth a try.
* Katenzhi nods.
<Katenzhi> I can do that.
<Katenzhi> I'll see if he'd be up for another round of beer and clams.
<Katenzhi> That... sounded less dirty in my head.
* Bivizmi chuckles at that
<Bivizmi> So, on another note... marketing the new fos. I was thinking, we need a good name for it, so people will realize it's something different, something unique.
<Katenzhi> hmmm
<Katenzhi> That's a good idea.
<Katenzhi> We'll have to think about that.
* Bivizmi nods
<Bivizmi> Even if we have a harvest ready soon, it will still take a little while to get it ready, so we have a bit of time to think about it :)
<Katenzhi> We'd want something that captures what it does. Something related to divination maybe?
<Bivizmi> Yes, I think that would be good. We want to let people know what to expect from it.
<Bivizmi> Especially since as far as I can tell, it doesn't work as well for any other type of magic.
<Bivizmi> So it's a narrower market, but the people who are interested in it may be willing to pay a higher price because it's more specific to their needs.
<Katenzhi> That's the hope.
<Bivizmi> Maybe we should think about sending samples to some prominent magic users, too. If you have suggestions, I'm happy to take them :)
<Bivizmi> You know better than I do who might have some influence or whose endorsement might carry more weight.
<Katenzhi> As much as I hate to suggest it... maybe we should send some to the academy. It could be a big market.
* Bivizmi nods
<Bivizmi> It's not a bad idea. It's certainly the biggest concentration of potential buyers in the area.
<Katenzhi> Yeah, and the ones with the most capital to spend.
<Katenzhi> But as for local users, I'm sure I can make a list.
<Bivizmi> Great :)
<Bivizmi> Depending how much we're able to harvest, that might be plenty. I don't know if we'll have enough left over this year to worry about shipping any back home. But in the future, who knows?
<Katenzhi> For now, let's make sure our crop even survived ;)
<Katenzhi> But yeah, this is only the beginning, hopefully
<Katenzhi> Next year we'll be able to literally plough the profits back into buying more land and planting more.
* Bivizmi nods
<Katenzhi> Although I expect after this year we may have to deal with competitors
<Bivizmi> It might never be as big a crop as we'd like, because it seems to need specific growing conditions, but we can always farm regular fos in other areas too :)
<Katenzhi> Yeah, diversifying is alway sgood :)
<AshnabisNarrator> Okay, we can say you arrive at your claim then :)
<AshnabisNarrator> As you enter the area of your land claim, you are once again able to clearly see a difference between this land and the terrain surrounding it. While the land you've been walking through has been more dry and dusty, your claim is lush and green.
<Bivizmi> This seems promising...
* Bivizmi says, looking around
<Katenzhi> Let's hope so.
* Katenzhi will examine some of the plants on the way in.
<AshnabisNarrator> Hanging from the branch of a tree as you take the path towards Oignestros' hut, you see several long orange strands of dried persimmons, interspersed with herbs and flowers.
* Bivizmi doesn't pay those too much attention, but keeps walking
<Katenzhi> Hmmm
* Bivizmi glances back
<Bivizmi> Something wrong?
<Katenzhi> Not sure.
<Katenzhi> Could be nothing.
<Katenzhi> Let's see how the big guy is doing.
* Bivizmi nods
<Katenzhi> Oi! Oignestros!
* Oignestros is sitting peaceably outside his turf hut, sorting through a basket of mushrooms
* Katenzhi shouts with a grin when we're near the hut.
* Oignestros waves to you as he sees you approach
* Katenzhi waves
* Bivizmi waves back as well
<Oignestros> Welcome to house belonging Oignestros! You see plants grow strong?
<Katenzhi> Very strong! I'm impressed!
* Bivizmi 's little plant buddy will hop down to go see him, and he pats it on the head with one giant hand.
<Katenzhi> :3
<Oignestros> Almost time for a-harvest, yes!
<Bivizmi> Is there anything you need to help with the harvest?
<Katenzhi> Very near. Will you need help?
<Oignestros> Ho, Oignestros can do a mighty harvest all himself, but you, you will need wheel-carriers to bring crops home.
<Bivizmi> Like a cart or something?
<Katenzhi> More like a wagon if the crop is this good.
<Oignestros> Yes, you are little, ha! Your backs are not big and broad to carry so much.
<Katenzhi> No problem. We should be able to rent a wagon easy enough.
<Oignestros> In ten moons, come you back, bring wheel-carrier.
* Katenzhi nods.
<Katenzhi> Oignestros... just out of curiosity, what's with the persimmons?
* Katenzhi gestures back over her shoulder
<Oignestros> Ah, the little folk, they leave as a gift for Oignestros. Gift so Oignestros helps plants, brings rains. Take if you like, Oignestros cares not for the fruits when they all a-dry and shriveled.
<Katenzhi> Someone left them there?
<Oignestros> Yes, yes. The people of here, they leave them.
<Katenzhi> The locals?
<Oignestros> Their plants suffer, so they give gifts. I help plants, they give more gifts!
* Oignestros says with a shrug.
<Oignestros> Oignestros needs not of such things, but it is "thought that counts".
<Katenzhi> Huh... maybe they think you're a forest spirit ;)
<Oignestros> Ho ho, yes, maybe so!
* Oignestros says cheerfully
<Katenzhi> Well, if you are, I'm glad you work for us.
* Oignestros smiles
<Oignestros> Now, you want mushrooms? Good ones, big and healthy.
* Katenzhi will happily accept a mushroom. :3 And offer some wine in return.
* Oignestros is happy to receive the wine. he seems more enthused about that than the persimmons, anyway, as far as offerings go :)
* Katenzhi will have a pleasant lunch and make plans to return in ten days then!
* Bivizmi will take one of the strings of persimmons on the way out, just out of curiosity.
* Katenzhi will also

Daifan catches up with Balinteze

<AshnabisNarrator> okay, we can move on to Daifan next
<AshnabisNarrator> Daifan, you and Balinteze have a lot to catch up with - you haven't had a chance to talk in a while.
<AshnabisNarrator> You can find an evening after your return from Charadip to meet up with them at their room at the fort.
* Bivizmi is now known as Balinteze
* Daifan settles in wih a bottle of wine
* Balinteze has managed to get a couple bowls of stew from somewhere
* Balinteze puts the stew down before pulling you into a hug that they hold for a little longer than usual.
<Daifan> oooh fancy ;)
<Balinteze> I missed you.
* Daifan will hug them back though, as long as they want
<Daifan> I wasn't gone that long...
* Balinteze smiles at that
<Balinteze> How was your trip?
<Daifan> The Auggi is a dull, barren, and dangerous as everyone says.
* Daifan says with a shrug
<Daifan> but we passed through Charadip on the way back, can that was more interesting
<Balinteze> oh?
<Daifan> I wound up having dinner with Junan and Envoy Jaigadu
<Balinteze> Sounds like an interesting evening.
<Daifan> MMhmm
<Daifan> dinner was very nice, but there may have been a little scheming
<Daifan> Jaigadu is... very astute, Of course he is
<Daifan> but I he knew exactly who I was
<Balinteze> I think it comes with the territory, yeah.
<Balinteze> Envoys are ... usually very perceptive about such things.
* Daifan nods
<Daifan> it was a little disconcerting at first but he was very polite - I don't think he actually cared at all that I was there with Junan
<Daifan> He asked me for my help dealing with this... territory thing, with Charadip and Brother Bones
<Balinteze> oh? dealing with it how?
<Daifan> I mentioned that when we first saw him, we'd thought of giving him an official land claim
<Daifan> I think he is considering that.
<Daifan> but he wants me to talk to Brother Bones again
<Balinteze> Hm, interesting.
<Daifan> He knew his full history, of course, better than we were able to find out before
<Balinteze> What's his story?
<Daifan> so he knew he was a mystic, and all of that, He'd been tetem when the colony was beg founded there, but he was discovered, adn they tried to have him murdered
* Balinteze nods, looking intrigued
<Daifan> he's from Lunduso originally, and went to the academy there
<Balinteze> That's a bit of a dramatic response, but I suppose if he had been among the mystics, who knows what secrets he might have learned.
* Daifan cosiders
<Daifan> I guess that is where he was found out, and he came here to get away
<Daifan> and it worked for a while
<Daifan> and yes, that is what Jaigadu said - he learned too many f their secrets, and of course they felt humiliated to have been deceived by one of us
<Daifan> they're the ones - the Academy at Lunduso - who sent assassins after him
* Balinteze nods
<Daifan> Jaigadu knew he was a revenant, but thinks someone must have raised him. I don't know about that.
<Balinteze> Someone here? Well obviously, I guess, if this is where he was killed...
* Daifan nods
<Daifan> 'm getting my story mixed up - this was *before* the colony at Charadip, I think?
* Balinteze nods
<Daifan> So he was here and the they came and built the academy there. NO wonder they are so nervous
<Balinteze> I guess they probably thought they got rid of him, and were surprised to find out they hadn't.
<Daifan> Mmhmm.
<Balinteze> Although if he's so old, probably most of the people who even knew him are dead by now? But maybe some are still around...
<Daifan> I think the locals know his story. He said it was the local budal who gave him his name...
* Balinteze nods
<Daifan> I expect they didn't knwo what to make of his return and treated him badly.... but sometimes just the process ccan change people too. Or else he was always a cranky man.
<Balinteze> Maybe it's worth asking some ... especially anyone elderly, who might have been here when he arrived.
* Daifan nods
<Daifan> If I go back, I can do that
<Daifan> And I might well - I did agree to help, and try and talk to him again. So we will see.
* Balinteze nods
<Daifan> I think it could be very interesting, for this point of conention with Charadip to be about.... recognizing a budal's land claims
<Balinteze> It would be controversial, to say the least. But maybe they are looking for an excuse to avoid his lands.
* Daifan nods
<Balinteze> Any kind of legal reason that they could give that would give a sort of ... cover to let them conveniently go out of their way around him.
<Daifan> Mmhmm. Exactly
<Balinteze> If they let him have a land claim, it might set a precedent. That would be interesting.
* Daifan smiles
<Daifan> well, we can already have landclaims here, but Charadip... well.
* Balinteze nods
<Daifan> we will see.
<Balinteze> Yes - they definitely have a harsher view on budal there, so it would be interesting.
* Daifan 'Mmmhmm';s a bit more grimly at that ;)
<Daifan> he other thing that came up at dinner was more... envoy business
<Balinteze> oh?
<Daifan> talking about Zefa Teltai
<Daifan> who has possibly disappeared a young Aumesh Envoy
* Balinteze nods
<Daifan> he is missing.... he was supposed to be going to Charadip, but of course he was not there...
<Balinteze> I assume they've already tried locating him with magic?
<Daifan> Atsusei? He was supposed to be working for her, but was communicating with a relative of his who knows magic, and had been having doubts. So yes, that had definitely been tried
* Balinteze nods
<Daifan> She is the one who realized he was missing, because he stopped answering him
<Daifan> Probably Zefa never knew he was communicating to the outside at all
<Balinteze> Well... it certainly wouldn't be past her to get rid of someone who had become inconvenient in some way :/
<Daifan> indeed
<Daifan> They are planning to do something about it, when Jaigadu gets back here
<Daifan> I don't knoe though. There are a lots of suspicious cuircumstances but I don't know about evidence
<Balinteze> Do you know when that will be? Kikhash will presumably be interested.
<Daifan> a few weeks. I am sure they are planning to involve him ;)
* Balinteze nods
<Daifan> but... how have *you>* been? :3
<Balinteze> On another note... I did hear a bit of information from back home, that might have relevance to the situation with Galdai.
<Daifan> oh. What?
<Balinteze> Well, when she was back there recently, there were some suitors for her granddaughter. She refused them, and now several of their families are complaining to the Emperor.
<Daifan> oh I had heard about that from Wolf
* Balinteze nods
<Daifan> all of the excuses she gaver were very stupid ones
<Daifan> I am a bit worried about what plans she might have for that girl
<Balinteze> That's what I heard. I think ... well, if we thought it was useful, I could lean on some of my contacts there to press for the Emperor to intervene.
<Balinteze> After all, if he decides the girl should marry, it isn't as though Galdai can outrank him.
<Daifan> I think....that might be good
<Daifan> to get her out of here, at least
* Balinteze nods
<Balinteze> You think that might disrupt her plans, whatever they are?
<Daifan> I think it could help
<Daifan> oh.
<Daifan> did you hear that she is interviewing people here?
<Balinteze> No - interviewing them for what?
<Daifan> We're not sure.
<Daifan> Couples
<Balinteze> Hm.
<Balinteze> For jobs?
* Balinteze looks rather skeptical
<Daifan> I think she is lookign for somone she can pay off to get Fuska's baby
* Balinteze frowns
<Balinteze> To have them adopt the child and then... give it to her, or something?
<Daifan> Mmhmm.
<Daifan> or let her.... use it, maybe
<Balinteze> That can't be good.
<Daifan> Junan and I had a plan to pose as one of these couples >.>
* Balinteze nods
<Daifan> so maybe we can find out what it is about
<Daifan> she is having her steward in town screen them
<Balinteze> That's a good idea. maybe you can find out more if you know what kind of questions they're asking them. But would she recognize you?
<Balinteze> oh, all right - her steward.
* Daifan smiles
* Balinteze seems a bit relieved at that.
<Daifan> yes
<Daifan> So that part shoudl be safe enough
<Balinteze> Let me know if there's anything I can do to help.
<Balinteze> I can do your makeup if you want - or his ;)
<Daifan> she has seen me before though, wehn I accompanied Hand Veznara
* Daifan smiles
<Daifan> maybe, yes. He's an envoy so he is mmm...pretty good at disguises ;)
<Daifan> but it coudl still be fun ^-^
* Balinteze smiles
<Balinteze> So you're having fun with him? He's treating you well?
<Daifan> he is.
<Balinteze> That's good.
<Daifan> He says he loves me..... I think I beieve him?
<Daifan> but it can be fun for now, and that's okay
* Daifan snuggles up to Balinteze
* Balinteze puts an arm around you.
<Daifan> I feel like.... you have heped me.... feel like such a freer person.
<Balinteze> well... I'm glad, then. I worry sometimes that I just make your life more complicated.
* Daifan chuckles
<Daifan> I make my own life complicated
<Daifan> But I'm happy.
<Daifan> would you like me to show you how happy? ^_^
<Balinteze> absolutely :)
* Balinteze leans over and gives you a kiss
* Daifan will kiss them back, and move on to other demonstrations ^-^

Junan dines with Ghendalt and informs him about his suspicions around Zefa

<AshnabisGM> Junan, your unexpected meeting with Jaigadu in Charadip has provided you with much insight - but his words of caution echo in your head all the way home on the trip back to Kaskind. You know just how dangerous an accusation against another envoy could be.
<AshnabisGM> You don't know, to a certainty, what has happened to Atsusei, and you don't know for a certainty that Zefa had anything to do with it. You will surely heed his warning not to do anything too overt until he comes to Kaskind soon.
* NPC1 is now known as Bivizmi
<AshnabisGM> Even so, there are many things to plan and discuss, questions to ask and have answered. You decide that Ghendalt, at least, is in a position of sufficient power, and is a man of sufficient discretion, to warrant sharing some of what you know.
<AshnabisGM> You have made a dinner appointment with the Rumordi himself for this evening, just the two of you, at the Senator's manor in town.
* NPC3 is now known as Ghendalt
* Ghendalt greets you in his parlor.
* Ghendalt is wearing a long green silk vest over a white button-down robe with bronze buttons. His fair hair is slicked back and he is wearing a thin beard with just a few flecks of grey.
* Junan arrives well cleaned and dressed, a nice change from days traveling by boat
<Ghendalt> Junan, my boy! It's been too long.
<Junan> It has. Hopefully your wine rack has been replenished
* Junan smiles
* Ghendalt laughs
<Ghendalt> We'll make sure you're well taken care of.
<Junan> well that is some good news at least
<Ghendalt> How have you been?
<Junan> busier than I want to be?
<Junan> I guess thats the best way to put it.
<Ghendalt> Well, come, here, have a glass, and tell me all about it.
<Junan> I've become ensnarled in too many local intrigues
<Junan> where to start?
<Junan> Oh have you heard that Yeggun is rumored to be hidding at Sednidze
<Junan> ?
<Ghendalt> I ... had not. That is interesting.
<Junan> which makes me wonder if Lutsi didnt find some ancient treasure trove, but a more recent pirate trove.
* Ghendalt nods.
<Ghendalt> That could be. Although, pirates bury their treasure on forgotten islands less often than is believed.
<Ghendalt> Mostly they spend their booty on whores.
<Junan> magical treasure was too risky to pawn right away?
* Junan shrugs
<Ghendalt> Could be. Does this change your assessment of whether you want to plan a trip there?
<Junan> just means if I take a trip there, I'll make sure I am very well armed.
<Ghendalt> You were involved in the attack on his fleet - so you've already beaten him once. Sort of.
<Junan> I'm not looking for a new nemesis, I already have one thank you.
<Ghendalt> Nemesis, you say?
<Junan> I'm being overly dramatic, but Zefa of the Teltai has become a recurring frustration.
<Ghendalt> Ah. There has been more on that front, then, I take it?
<Junan> you could say that.
<Ghendalt> Anything I can help with?
<Junan> You heard about the trick she pulled to keep Kikhash with regards to meeting with Charadip right?
<Junan> out of the meeting, that is
<Ghendalt> Yes, I recall. And as I am aware, you acquitted yourself admirably in that meeting. She probably helped you more than harmed you.
<Junan> just because I exceeded her expectations, doesnt mean she did it as a favour to me.
* Ghendalt laughs.
<Ghendalt> Oh, I don't suppose it was her intention.
<Junan> and now an envoy she was working with, who was concerned about what she was up to, is missing.
<Junan> She is scheming something, something I doubt is for anyones good but her own.
<Ghendalt> All right ... well, is this envoy business, or is this something else?
<Junan> I feel its more than just some internal envoy power struggle... have you heard any rumblings about her? Unusual moves being taken?
<Ghendalt> If it's not about envoy matters, then perhaps something with the Ruby faction? That wouldn't surprise me, if she's working with those folks.
<Junan> her apprentice is a Rorifti
<Ghendalt> Now that is interesting.
<Junan> and another one Kezosia works the bar
<Junan> at the Silver Waves
<Ghendalt> Hmmm.
<Junan> could it just be an internal Ruby thing? I'm building this up in my mind too much?
<Ghendalt> If the Ruby are interfering with politics between Kaskind and Zhardif ... that's not just an internal matter.
* Junan nods
<Ghendalt> The envoy who was missing - are they Ruby too?
<Junan> No, Aummesh.
<Junan> a local.
<Ghendalt> And the first time you ran into Zefa, that was about the farmer who was killed, yes?
<Junan> yeah
<Ghendalt> This isn't just a Ruby matter.
<Ghendalt> I would very much like to know if my old colleague and rival Orfiz Fand knows what is going on with all this.
<Junan> getting the land claim for the kelta and the Silver Waves
<Junan> they're storing Fand goods at the Silver Waves.
* Ghendalt stares at you for a moment, then takes a long drink.
<Ghendalt> Well.
<Ghendalt> That explains a lot. Although the killings and disappearances - that's not Orfiz's style.
<Ghendalt> The Fand is just the sort to start a war to sell fos to both sides, though.
* Junan drinks deep
<Ghendalt> I'm going to need to take this to the General.
<Junan> Good
<Junan> cause I am just a fingers length of trying to convince Kikhash to grab a bunch of Sentinels and bring Zefa in.
<Junan> Jaigadu recommended I wait for him... that he would be back in Kaskind soon.
<Ghendalt> Wait for him until ... what?
<Junan> he said he would be back in a couple of weeks
<Ghendalt> All right.
<Ghendalt> There's nothing for you to do anyway - not directly.
<Ghendalt> I'm sure that Jaigadu is worried about the kelta, and the Envoys of the colony, seeming to be embroiled in something unseemly.
<Ghendalt> Whatever happens, it shouldn't come from you or from Kikhash.
<Junan> he does not want his namibimoshe undermined by perceptions of deciet or foul play.
<Ghendalt> Understood.
<Junan> If you need me to explain anything to the General, or get arrange for those with more direct information on the missing envoy to come forward to her, I'd be glad to help.
* Ghendalt nods.
<Junan> but right now, if you need me to drink more of your fine wine, and feast on excellent food, I am your man.
<Ghendalt> I understand the risks. I didn't get to where I am today by taking unnecessary ones.
<Ghendalt> But yes, let's eat!

Veznara talks with Yena about her trip to the Auggi, and then the two of them talk to Elukir

<AshnabisGM> Veznara, your trip to the Auggi with your colleagues has left you with many questions. Are there hidden Stoneguards from the Imperial period at the temple there? Your new friend Bitsaar believes so. Are they the ones you are seeking? You can't say for sure.
<AshnabisGM> But it is clear that the place comes by its reputation fairly, and your curiosity has not been sated - if anything, it has been enhanced by your visit. But how, then, to proceed?
<AshnabisGM> Today, you are attending to your duties at the temple after a day of work, going over some reports and accounts of the work done by bubun on the additions to the Fort this summer. Dezmali has gone home, leaving your friend Yena Aanilaus in charge. Perhaps she has some insights?
* Yena is wearing a new white gown with a blue and green angular panel down the front.
* Yena always seems a bit nervous when Dezmali puts her in charge, and keeps looking in on everyone just a little too often.
* Veznara smiles warmly at her
<Yena> Still going all right in here?
<Veznara> Yes, fine! How are you?
<Yena> Oh ... good!
<Veznara> Would you like to double-check the accounts? I think they're fine, but it never hurts to have a second pair of eyes.
<Yena> Ah, sure, I mean, you always do them so well, but I'll come look.
<Yena> And your handwriting is so neat. I wish I had such a fine hand.
<Veznara> Thank you. I do my best!
* Veznara makes room for her to sit down and go over them, then!
<AshnabisGM> The accounts are all in good order, unsurprisingly. The temple has made a lot of income this year on construction projects, which gives you more freedom to perform charitable works - all the more needed in times when the harvests are slim.
<Yena> So, how was your trip to the Auggi?
* Yena says, as she looks over things.
<Veznara> Well... a bit odd. And dangerous! We had an encounter with a... what was it Bitsaar called it? A widow creeper.
<Veznara> And I met Voice Bitsaar and Voice Witis at the temple there.
* Yena nods.
<Yena> Were they as weird as everyone says?
<Veznara> Well, Voice Witis was... not welcoming! Though he did help freely when we came back with injuries.
<Veznara> And Voice Bitsaar was... pleasant enough.
* Veznara says primly, perhaps blushing a little!
<Yena> I don't know him, really ... but I hear he is very good-looking.
<Veznara> He was... not NOT good-looking...
<Veznara> Um, anyway.
<Veznara> I didn't realize the Temple there housed so many Ancestors!
<Yena> Yes ... it's very old. Once the community there was very large. But now, the Auggi is just a lonely place.
<Veznara> Was it a religious center? I understand that there was once a legion of Stoneguards somewhere in the area, back in Imperial times.
<Yena> I don't know about all that. For our order, I don't know if it was ever important. For the Voice, maybe moreso?
<Yena> There aren't many Stoneguards - anywhere. Not for a long time.
<Veznara> No. I've wondered about that.
<Veznara> I hear that this legion, the one I just mentioned, was eradicated during the wars.
<Veznara> If the temple at Auggi was bigger then, would they have been taken there?
<Yena> Hmm, they might have been. Have you talked to the Voice about it?
<Veznara> I did ask. No conclusive answers, though. I don't think they were particularly keen to discuss it. :/
<Yena> Hmm, who were you talking to?
<Veznara> Voice Tegus, here. He intermediated when I was consulting an Ancestor here, and the topic came up then.
* Yena frowns.
<Yena> Tegus is a good man.
<Yena> If you really want to know about things here, though, Tegus is an outsider. We should go back to my cousin Elukir, if you really want answers about the history of this place.
<Veznara> Oh! Certainly, if you think he wouldn't mind...
<Yena> I mean - he was helpful last time, wasn't he?
* Veznara smiles
<Veznara> Yes, absolutely!
* Veznara 's smile falters somewhat
<Yena> What's wrong?
<Veznara> I hope this time the story will be better, that's all.
<Veznara> I was just remembering what we learned last time.
* Yena shrugs.
<Yena> But that was something completely different.
<Yena> This is about some long-dead stoneguards.
<Veznara> True. Well, I'd be happy to visit Elukir again in any case! When should we go?
<Yena> Well, your numbers check out so we're done here. We could go now, if you wanted.
<Veznara> Let's!
<AshnabisGM> You gather your things and take the short walk west along the Colony Road to the temple of the Voice in Timiil, where you can get in to see Voice Elukir - no doubt aided by the fact that Yena is his cousin.
* Elukir is just finishing accompanying a family from a visit with one of their recently-dead Ancestors. The mood is sombre, and he acknowledges you from across the room before handing off the family to one of the acolytes.
* Elukir comes over.
<Elukir> Beloved cousin! And Hand Veznara, it is good to see you again.
<Veznara> Voice Elukir, it is good to see you again as well!
<Veznara> Do you have time to talk with us? I was recently at the Temple at Auggi as part of an assignment for the Land Registry, and it raised my curiosity about its history.
<Elukir> Ah - the Auggi. Yes, of course. I have a little time to speak.
<Elukir> What would you like to know?
<Veznara> Well, I was struck at the number of Ancestors being housed in what is now such a remote and relatively uninhabited area; and I also have been hearing recently more about how Stoneguards used to have a greater presence here, back in Imperial times. I was wondering whether the two could be connected.
<Elukir> Well, once upon a time, when Suduk was a town and not a ruin, of course it was a much larger place. But you are right, it is a very old place and there are still many esteemed ancestors there.
<Elukir> There certainly are Ancestors there that go back to the first Imperial missions, and the military campaigns.
<Veznara> Including Stoneguards?
<Elukir> Naturally.
<Veznara> I had heard that there was once a legion of Stoneguards posted in this general area.
<Elukir> That wouldn't surprise me.
<Veznara> The story is that they were all slain in retaliation for their own massacre of a nearby village, some three centuries ago. Do you know of any such events?
* Elukir considers.
<Elukir> I don't - but I also wouldn't deny that it could be so. Those were chaotic times.
<Elukir> Where did you hear about this?
<Veznara> From someone who was in the area at the time. Have you heard of Odazhi Lentus ?
* Elukir laughs.
<Elukir> Yes, of course.
* Elukir says, still chuckling
<Elukir> My apologies - it is as if you asked me 'Have you heard that the sun shines'?
<Elukir> Here in Timiil, Lentus is almost all anyone talks about these days. I suppose in Kaskind it is not such a weighty business.
<Veznara> My apologies too - I didn't realize his story was so well known!
<Elukir> The Lentu lineage is asserting its descent from him as their ancestor - him, and his kinsman Buhin, still in the temple in Kaskind.
<Elukir> That is a sore point.
<Veznara> Oh?
<Elukir> I have always had good relations with Tegus. He's a good man. But what gives him the right to hold Buhin? The Lentu lineage, among others, is furious.
<Veznara> Oh, I'm sorry. I suppose he should be moved, if that is the lineage's wish.
<Elukir> At any rate - this has something to do with Lentus and Buhin, then?
<Veznara> Well, as Yena may have told you, I'm something of an amateur historian...
* Elukir nods.
<Elukir> Yes, I recall.
<Veznara> So the chance to talk to someone who was actually alive three centuries ago... well, naturally I did!
<Elukir> And Buhin - he was one of the stoneguards in this legion you mentioned? Wait ... have you spoken to Buhin?
<Veznara> And this was one of the stories he told me.
<Elukir> Hmmm.
<Veznara> Lentus, I mean.
<Elukir> I can - not now, certainly, but in some time - consult some of the older Ancestors here at this temple, to see if they know more. But we do not have ancient Stoneguards here.
<Veznara> That is part of why I wonder if there might be any at Auggi.
<Elukir> I do not often visit there, but of course, Voice Witis and I know each other well. If I asked him, I am sure he would tell me.
<Elukir> But, I suppose I would ask you to seek in your heart, and ask why it is that you want to know this.
<Elukir> If it is simply out of curiosity about the past - the Ancestors do not exist to satisfy idle interests.
<Veznara> No, of course not.
<Elukir> So, is there some reason why you need to know this?
<Veznara> Well, there is the truth about the alleged massacre.
<Veznara> If these Stoneguards did commit it, I would like to know.
<Veznara> But if they did not... I think it is important for that to be known, too.
<Elukir> Hmmm.
<Elukir> These Ancestors are long dead. Their kin are long dead.
<Veznara> So perhaps it is best left to them?
<Elukir> Well - you would need to decide why, other than your own curiosity, you would want to know. Who would care about such a thing, other than you? And if there is no reason to care, then yes, leave it to them.
* Veznara nods
<Veznara> I will have to think about it. Examine my own motives.
* Elukir nods.
<Elukir> Precisely so. It is not that I think you come with ill intent. Just - that I do not know why this is a matter worthy of investigation.
<Veznara> I have no wish to stir up trouble for the sake of it; nor to put you to any trouble unnecessarily, Voice Elukir.
<Veznara> I have to admit, it is *possible
* that I sometimes get carried away...
<Veznara> In any case, thank you for speaking with me!
* Elukir smiles.
<Elukir> Thank you for your visit.
* Balinteze is now known as Thelef
* Veznara smiles and says her goodbyes...

Llillilli and Thelef visit Shulilae, Helithae, and the hifis, and discuss child-rearing plans

<AshnabisNarrator> Llillilli, once you've returned from Charadip and had a chance to be reunited with Thelef, the two of you make plans to go and visit Shulilae and Helithae, in order to see how the baby is doing.
<Llillilli> (yay!)
<Thelef> I haven't had any success so far in finding the child's parents... I've made inquiries around Sulise but with the damage that was done in Pashas, it seems likely that they were among the dead.
* Thelef lets you know as you approach their home.
* Llillilli nods.
<Llillilli> I sort of expected.
<Thelef> Of course, there is still the option to bring the child to Sulise, to be raised there. There are some who think that would be the best course of action. But I thought it would be wise to speak with Shulilae and Helithae before we made any major decisions like that...
* Llillilli bristles at that.
<Llillilli> Yes.
* Thelef takes your hand.
* Llillilli squeezes it reflexively.
<Thelef> I don't want to hand over the child either. I want to be able to help raise them and see them grow, but we should also think about what's best for them...
* Yena is now known as Shulilae
<Llillilli> Sulise abandoned them. Shulilae and Helithae will be great parents.
* Elukir is now known as Helithae
<Llillilli> Are great parents.
* Thelef smiles at that
<Thelef> Well, we will talk to them and see what their wishes are, and how we can help.
* Llillilli nods.
* Helithae is outside their cottage, playing a long, thin stringed instrument to theirself.
* Llillilli stops to listen until they notice us.
<Thelef> That's very lovely.
<Helithae> Oh ... thank you. It's very old, the song.
<Helithae> You've come to see the hifis? Or Shulilae?
<Thelef> Both, if we can :)
* Helithae smiles.
<Llillilli> Yes. :)
<Helithae> Shulilae should be back any moment. I thought you were them. They're out gathering supplies for after the hatching.
<Llillilli> It will be soon?
<Helithae> Very soon - any day now.
<Llillilli> Is there anything we can do to help?
<Helithae> Well - there will be a constant need for food. And someone will always need to be at home. There are always things to be done ... and we would be gladdened to have your help.
<Thelef> If there's hunting or fishing to be done, I can certainly help with that.
<Llillilli> And I am glad to stay with the hifis. :3
<Thelef> I admit I haven't spent a lot of time with hifis - are there some types of foods that are best for them?
<Llillilli> Or anything else.
<Helithae> Well, as you know, their whoelloe, their growth, everything around them affects who they will become. Their personality, their colour, their passions and interests.
<Helithae> There is no one 'best' - these choices are ones that we will make on their behalf.
<Llillilli> IS that why you're practicing?
* Llillilli nods towards the instrument
<Helithae> Well, yes - and simply because one does need some time to oneself.
<Thelef> That's understandable. I suppose it's a lot of work...
<Helithae> To have things to imprint on the child, to touch it with some aspect of the life energy of the world. These choices seem impossible - but one must choose nonetheless.
* Llillilli nods.
<Llillilli> A lot of... responsibility.
<Llillilli> I never knew my own parents.
* Shulilae wanders down the Colony Road from the east, a bucket full of ferns in either hand.
<Llillilli> I wonder how different I would be if I had.
* Llillilli waves to Shulilae.
<Shulilae> Hello, my friend Lllillilli. And esteemed Thelef, it is an honour.
<Thelef> Good afternoon, Shulilae. Can I help with those?
<Shulilae> Thank you, lethillae.
* Thelef will assist with carrying the buckets the last little way.
* Shulilae hands Thelef a bucket, and you can head together inside.
<Shulilae> You will want to see the hifis, then, no doubt.
<Llillilli> We came to see all of you. But yes. :)
* Helithae goes and gets the hifis out of the little hatching pool they've built.
<Thelef> Yes. We hoped to talk about what you wanted to do with them... with regards to the future, that is. I know that your own hatchlings will be arriving soon, and that will mean more work for you both.
<Shulilae> That is so. We had not anticipated this - but so much in this world is the result of chance.
<Shulilae> What have you learned of its parents?
* Llillilli glances at Thelef.
<Llillilli> Unfortunately... it seems most likely they are among the dead.
* Llillilli says with a downcast look.
<Thelef> It's always possible we could learn differently, but so far... I've heard no such sign.
<Helithae> How sad.
<Helithae> Thelef, you asked what we want to do with them ... but we would want to know, just as much, or moreso, what you wish.
<Thelef> The child would be welcome in Sulise if they could not be raised here. I want what's best for the child, but ... I also think we would like to have a hand in raising it, if we can do so, here.
* Thelef glances at Llillilli
<Llillilli> Yes.
<Llillilli> I feel a connection... a responsibility to them.
<Shulilae> Hmm, well. Well.
<Thelef> Is there a way that we could do this - without it harming the child's growth and development? I know the way the people raise children is different than how humans do, but we would like to learn and help if we can.
* Llillilli nods eagerly.
* Shulilae looks over at Helithae.
<Helithae> Well, ahh ... yes, that could be done?
* Helithae says, sounding a bit uncertain.
<Helithae> What if we were to build a real hifishae? For this hifis, and ours?
* Llillilli 's eyes light up.
<Llillilli> Oh what a wonderful idea!
<Thelef> Then they would grow up together?
* Helithae nods.
* Llillilli claps her hands together in uncharactersitic glee
<Helithae> Hifis should not be raised alone. It has been on my mind.
<Helithae> Since we do not know how many we will be having, how many will hatch and thrive ... If we have a single, it would need companionship.
* Llillilli nods.
<Thelef> And we would all.. be like parents to them? or aunts and uncles, in a way?
<Shulilae> Well, in a way. We would of course be parents to ours. And you would be thaethi ... err, ahh, in your language perhaps 'foster' would be the word?
* Thelef nods
<Llillilli> What needs to be done to build the hifishae?
<Shulilae> Well ... it would need to be much larger than our little pool. We would need some more land ... and stone, and lithus. It would take some time, and I suppose, some money.
<Shulilae> We certainly could not produce enough lithus on our own.
<Llillilli> Hmm...
<Thelef> We would be glad to help with that, although we can't make lithus - but we can help with the other aspects, I trust.
* Llillilli frowns a little, uncertain how to help with that last part.
<Llillilli> Yes. I have not been keeping track of my income from the land registry but I have... an amount?
<Thelef> I can trade for lithus in Sulise if that would help.
<Shulilae> You would need to speak to Whuthe about this, also.
* Thelef nods
<Thelef> Of course.
<Shulilae> It is one thing for us to raise our young, alone. But a hifishae - that is a serious matter.
<Shulilae> There will be some who will not be happy with this idea.
<Thelef> Well, there is precedent for it, yes? Such as at Pashas.
<Llillilli> Yes. WHere this little one would have matured had they not been abandoned.
* Thelef nods
<Shulilae> Pfaeshes is part of Sulise. It has long been home to the People and their young. It would be different ... at least a little different.
<Thelef> I can talk to Whuthe - but how quickly do we need to act? The young ones will be arriving soon. Can they stay here until we secure a better location?
<Helithae> Well ... as long as we have only one, or perhaps two at most, we'll be fine for some time, just with our home pool.
<Helithae> A brood of two or three, then - should not be too much while they are very small.
<Thelef> All right.
<Thelef> to be this little one's thaethi... it sounds good to me :)
<Shulilae> Perhaps in time, others will choose to raise their young here.
<Llillilli> It sounds amazing.
* Llillilli says warmly.
<Helithae> Here ... hold the baby.
* Llillilli takes the hifis carefully from them.
<Llillilli> Hello little one :)
<Llillilli> (I am assuming we've been speaking hith all this time)
<AshnabisNarrator> (yeah)
<Llillilli> You're going to have some new playmates soon...
<Helithae> You will have many responsibilities ... but we will be gladdened to share them with you.
<Llillilli> So will we. :)

Jimba attends the opening of the new Lentu lineage house and speaks with Liraula and Bohin

<AshnabisNarrator> Jimba, over the past several weeks, there has been a lot of activity on the Lentu ancestral territories in Timiil. With harvests being less plentiful, there are lots of hands available for work, and Bohin has been putting his kin and local bubun to work in constructing a new lineage house.
<AshnabisNarrator> The new edifice, a two-story longhouse with a first layer of interlaced red and brown mud-bricks, a second floor of cypress, and a long, low slate roof, is an impressive endeavor. It dwarfs the old house, which lies almost up against it, on the west side of Timiil abutting the Kaskos, almost at the end of the Colony Road.
<Thelef> You're sure that the money is Liraula's, for the most part, but it says something about the way that Bohin, as lineage elder, sees his clan's fortune's. The work is still ongoing, but they have invited you over for dinner this evening to see the new place and to discuss important matters. You have your own share of things to talk to them about, in any case.
* Jimba will be sure to arrive on time with some good wine, and dressed nicely.
<Bohin> Jimba, it is good to see you! Thank you for coming over to see the place.
<Liraula> Yes, welcome, Jimba :)
* Jimba smiles widely.
<Jimba> Thank you for having me.
* Liraula wears a sky blue dashi trimmed with little copper decorations that clink slightly as she walks.
<Jimba> I brought you this.
* Jimba will have over the wine.
<Liraula> Oh, very nice!
<Jimba> You're looking lovely this evening, captain. Bohin, handsome as ever. ;)
* Bohin laughs.
<Bohin> Liar.
* Jimba grins.
<Jimba> Well, then, the lineage house certainly deserves the compliment, at least.
<Liraula> Well, come on in, see what my handsome husband is spending a fortune on :)
* Jimba follows them.
<Bohin> Well, it was about time. It had been nearly a century.
<Bohin> Since I had the good sense to marry a self-made woman, the money's never been in short supply, although of course the past couple of years have been exceptionally good to us.
* Liraula smiles smugly.
<Bohin> I guess it just never felt worthwhile to spend a bunch of money on a new lineage house.
<Jimba> But now?
<Bohin> Liraula thinks I'm just cheap.
* Jimba chuckles.
<Jimba> Frugal, certainly. ;)
<Bohin> See, that's what I said.
<Bohin> But Liraula reminded me about the sailcloth.
<Jimba> Sailcloth?
<Bohin> Do you know how much black sailcloth costs?
* Liraula rolls her eyes
<Bohin> Something like, what, two, three times undyed cloth.
<Liraula> You just don't appreciate the value of making a dramatic entrance.
<Bohin> Well ... a hundred horns a month is a lot of drama.
<Liraula> The value of reputation - of casting fear into the hearts of your enemies...
* Jimba watches the exchange with amusement.
<Bohin> Anyway, it seemed like we should remind folks who the Lentus really are - now that we know who we really are.
<Jimba> Do you have anything else planned?
<Bohin> I plan to get those bastards at the temple in Kaskind to give me back my kinsman.
<Bohin> One way or another.
<Bohin> I appreciate everything you've done Jimba, for Lentus and for Buhin ... and me. But they've got him locked up tight over there, won't recognize me as his kinsman, won't let me in to talk to him, certainly won't release him to the temple here in Timiil.
<Bohin> Bastards.
<Bohin> No offense.
<Jimba> Wait, what now?
<Jimba> That seems...extreme of them.
<Bohin> Voice Tegus, at the Ombesh temple, he's got Buhin, right? And he says he's got every right to keep him there, as an Imperial stoneguard from ancient days.
<Bohin> Anyway ... it's a sensitive situation.
<Jimba> Sure, but still.
<Bohin> Yeah, bunch of imperial fuckers telling me who my own kin are.
<Liraula> Do you think there's any strings you can pull that might help? I know it's church business, but maybe your priest lady friend might have some ideas?
* Bohin nods.
<Jimba> I can certainly try, but it's not like I have leverage.
<Jimba> I'll do my best.
* Bohin smiles.
<Bohin> I know you will.
<Jimba> I'm sorry I can't really promise anything.
* Liraula nods
<Liraula> We understand, of course.
<Jimba> Oh, Liraula, I had something I thought I'd mention to you.
<Liraula> oh? what was it?
<Jimba> Not to wildly change the subject.
<Jimba> But I got a lead on where Yeggun Shotser might be holed up.
<Jimba> You know Sednidze?
* Liraula thinks for a moment.
<Liraula> I know of it. It's an island, all covered in fog all the time? Supposed to be a bad place.
* Jimba nods.
<Jimba> That's what Llillilli said. The hith know it, and don't like it.
<Liraula> So Yeggun's gone there?
* Jimba nods.
<Jimba> That's what I hear, at least.
<Liraula> He must be desperate if that's the case. It's dangerous.
* Bohin nods.
<Liraula> Not just from the fog, although that certainly contributes to the navigation risks.
<Jimba> It's supposed to be haunted and such, right?
<Liraula> Well, there's all sorts of stories about it. I've heard that there are fierce sea serpents in the water there too, that make their lair in the island's caves. And yes, that there are ill spirits in the air.
<Jimba> Sea serpents, huh?
<Liraula> So the story goes. I haven't seen them myself, but then, I haven't been around there too much.
<Bohin> I don't give a lot of credence to the tales Tzameddi fishers tell each other on drunken evenings ... but I wouldn't go anywhere near Sednidze. That is an accursed place.
* Liraula nods to her husband.
<Liraula> I figure - there wouldn't be so many stories if there wasn't *some
* reason to avoid the place.
* Jimba nods.
<Jimba> Still, I can't imagine him being out there is good for anybody.
<Liraula> And none of the stories have good endings - usually it's "and only one lone survivor was cast away to tell the story, and he went mad and died"
<Bohin> If he is there ... he must truly be desperate.
<Liraula> So if Yeggun is there, either he's desperate enough to risk his and his crew's life, or there is some reason that makes it worthwhile for him.
* Jimba nods again.
<Jimba> It's that second one that has me worried.
<Liraula> Well, if he reappears with a ship drawn by sea serpents breathing fog, we'll find out what it was, I suppose...
* Jimba laughs.
<Jimba> Fine, fine, I'll worry about it on my own time, but if it turns out to be that, I would like it acknowledged I was right to worry. ;)
<Liraula> Oh, I fully acknowledge that right. And I'll keep my ears open for any rumours about what might be going on there.
<Liraula> I agree it's a concern, if he's holed up somewhere - even if all it does is give him time to lick his wounds and repair his ships.
* Jimba nods.
<Liraula> I also wanted to ask - about my fool of a nephew. He's said his piece to the fort, and now we need to figure out what to do with him.
<Liraula> He doesn't want to leave this girl behind, alas. That would have made things simpler - send him away on a trading ship that would take him out of these waters for a good long while.
<Liraula> Did you have any thoughts on what's to be done with Aptan? I would take him with me, but the risk of him running into some... former co-workers... is too great.
<Jimba> Like I said, he could work for me and Kat. Beyond that...I could check with the Fort, maybe? The land office or something.
* Liraula nods
<Liraula> Well, I'll put the question to him, I guess. He might have his own opinions, I suppose.
<Jimba> Because all his decisions have been great so far. ;)
<Liraula> But if you'd be willing to have him, that would surely put my mind at ease as far as knowing someone was keeping an eye on him.
* Liraula chuckles
<Liraula> I can only hope it's been a learning experience.
<Jimba> I have two dogs, a big toad, and a hippo. What's a pair of teenagers?
<Liraula> I'm sure they're more work than the toad but less than the dogs :)
* Jimba smiles.
<Liraula> But for now, come have some dinner, enjoy the new hall, make yourself comfortable!
<Jimba> Sounds good. :)
<Bohin> Yes, come, let us celebrate new beginnings!
* Jimba will happily do so.


Daifan has breakfast with Moss and they talk about unionizing the Land Registry

<AshnabisNarrator> anyway - so I know Daifan wants to talk to Moss and/or roommates (we probably have time to do both, tbh) and Llillilli something about the baby - we were thinking you could talk to Thelef about plans etc. Veznara, did you want to talk to Yena about boys? or did you have any other thoughts?
<Veznara> Well, I was thinking about whether Zusir might have information about the Stoneguard stuff. But maybe that wouldn't lead anywhere.
<AshnabisNarrator> again, we probably have time to do both if you want.
<Veznara> Okay!
<AshnabisNarrator> since we don't have Terry or Tuck today, we have plenty of time.
<Veznara> Yena before Zusir, then? Not that one affects the other (*cough*).
<Daifan> cool
<Daifan> and heh sure ;)
<Llillilli> sounds good
<AshnabisNarrator> cool
<AshnabisNarrator> ok, let's start with Daifan - do you want to talk to Moss first, then roomies, or vice versa?
<Daifan> hmmm.... moss I think :)
<AshnabisNarrator> ok
* NPC1 is now known as Sulidein
<AshnabisNarrator> do you want to talk while walking home from work, or at his place (or elsewhere?)
* Daifan will *try
* to wake up early enough after staying over to surprise him by getting stuff started for breakfast....
* Sulidein probably does stir a bit but is happy enough to let you get up and pretend to be surprised ;)
<Sulidein> The spices are in a jar over by the window...
* Daifan smiles over at him
* Sulidein says after surreptitiously watching you try to find something for a few minutes
<Daifan> Oh is that how it is
* Daifan says teasingly, then oes to fetch what they were looking for
* Sulidein smiles and gets up, stretching.
* Sulidein 's morning hair is quite impressive.
<Sulidein> did you sleep all right?
<Daifan> Mmmhmm
* Daifan smiles back
<Daifan> You seemed pretty comfortable.
<Sulidein> Well, since the rain started, it's a bit cooler in here at night. that helps.
* Daifan nods
<Daifan> much more comfortable for two :3
<Sulidein> Definitely.
<Sulidein> I'm always glad to have you stay over, though, even if it's hot out ;)
<Daifan> mmhmm, a little sweat isn't so bad either ;)
<Sulidein> heh
* Sulidein comes over to help out with finishing breakfast preparations.
* Daifan is mostly done by now but is happy to halve him help with the last of it
* Daifan will lean against him while we eat
<Sulidein> I don't want to ruin a nice breakfast, but I wondered... how are you feeling lately about work?
* Sulidein asks after a little bit.
<Daifan> ...I was just going to ask you the same thing :o
<Daifan> But, I don't know.
<Sulidein> Hm.... that good, huh?
<Daifan> It seems like we are being asked to do a lot more than just land survey
* Sulidein nods
<Daifan> is it the same for your team?
<Sulidein> We definitely get asked to look into things that aren't quite within the job as I understood it. I think we're useful to them because ... well. if they sent a group of Sentinels in to do the kind of things we're doing, they'd start a riot. We can go places and talk to people more easily because we aren't officially part of the Fort's forces.
<Sulidein> But we might as well be.
* Daifan nods
<Sulidein> Some of my team are unhappy with it.
<Daifan> Yes, some of mine as well
<Sulidein> I guess I just wondered if it was the same for you...
<Daifan> I have been thiking about it.
<Daifan> It's different for us - not so easy just to get another job
<Sulidein> Yeah. If they quit, they can go find something else.
<Daifan> and some o it I don't mind so much - if we can help people, but that's never hat it is about
<Daifan> Llillilli was talking about making her own company, for surveying and guiding...
<Sulidein> Hm..
<Daifan> I don't knwo if she was really serious or not
<Daifan> If she did I know she would hire us.... but then who wodl hire her?
<Sulidein> When I said that if we're going to do this work they should at least pay us better, nobody seemed to think that was likely to happen. But maybe if we all went together to talk to Utus... I don't know. He's not a bad person - he hired me, and you, when he didn't have to, for one thing. Maybe he would have a solution.
* Daifan nods
<Daifan> Maybe.... I don't think the money is the issue for everyone on my team, though
<Sulidein> If people are thinking of quitting, he ought to have the chance at least to fix things, is how I figure it. If he can't, or isn't willing, then fine.
<Daifan> But it woudl be good to maybe be more clear about what it is we are doing for them
* Daifan nods
<Daifan> I can talk to them and see what they think?
<Daifan> but it isn't all up to Utus, either.
<Sulidein> sure. If enough of us feel the same, then they can't really ignore us - I mean, they can, but it would mean losing the better part of both of their teams, having to start over with new people...
<Daifan> most of these directives we have been given are not really coming from him
* Daifan nods
<Daifan> but I think he understands how some people are feeling. At least on my tam - some of us are qute willing to show when we are unhappy ;)
<Sulidein> heh. Well, same here. I'm sure he has an idea, but he might not know how widespread or serious it is.
<Daifan> mmhmm
<Daifan> Okay then.
<Daifan> it is something we have talked about among ourselves, but I don't think we knew that it was not just us.
<Daifan> Do you think it would help to get the teams to meet together?
<Sulidein> It might.
* Daifan nods
<Daifan> Okay, I will suggest that then
<Sulidein> If we can compare what's been going on with each of us, and maybe bring a united front to him instead of just a few grumbles here and there.
* Sulidein puts his arm around you.
* Daifan leans against him
<Daifan> I like this plan.
<Sulidein> I should have asked sooner, I'm sorry if you've been dealing with this and thought you were on your own.
<Daifan> well - I've had my team. So not alone. But I did wonder... I should have asked sooner too.
* Daifan smiles at him
<Daifan> I should know there is stength in numbers ;)
<Sulidein> I know, but sometimes... at least, in my group... being Corpseborn does matter some. As far as how seriously they'll listen, for instance. I just wanted you to know, I'm here and we're at least in a similar position. We can hopefully work things out together.
* Daifan nods
<Daifan> I thikn so
<Daifan> My team is better, though, about that. They will listen to me.
<Daifan> But I still think you are righ.
* Sulidein smiles
<Daifan> but for now, let's eat, hmm?
<Sulidein> Definitely. This looks great :) I won't even have to add more spices, it's perfect.
* Daifan smiles more happily, and we can break our fast together ^-^

Veznara gets advice about boys from Yena

* Veznara goes to find Yena at the temple.
<Yena> Oh, hi!
<Veznara> Hi!
* Veznara is maybe uncharacteristically awkward
<Veznara> Yena, do you have a minute or two? I wanted to ask for your advice.
<Yena> Sure ... about the Auggi and stuff?
<Veznara> Ah, well, sort of.
<Veznara> But what about the Auggi?
<Yena> I mean ... that was what we were talking about last time, right? I thought you might have more questions about that.
<Yena> I don't know how helpful I can be, but I can try!
<Veznara> Oh. Well, it isn't about the Auggi, really. It's about our lives. Specifically... men.
<Yena> Oh ... okay!
* Yena considers for a moment.
<Yena> In general, or specific?
<Veznara> Men in general. I mean, well...
<Veznara> When I was growing up, I was betrothed to someone at a relatively early age.
<Veznara> I just knew that was going to be my life: I'd marry this one man, and have his children.
<Veznara> When I joined the Hand, that changed, of course But I didn't really think about what it meant for me as far as men are concerned.
* Yena nods.
<Veznara> I suppose I thought I was just giving them up altogether.
* Yena giggles.
<Yena> Now why would you do that, silly?
<Veznara> Well, yes. It has, ah, *recently come to my attention* that while marriage is off the table...
<Yena> Ooohhh...
<Yena> You met someone?
<Veznara> I was *propositioned* by someone.
<Veznara> I gently turned him down... but it got me to thinking.
* Yena nods attentively.
<Veznara> What if I *do* want to explore that part of life?
<Veznara> I mean... it is allowed, right?
<Yena> You should totally do it!
<Veznara> But... what about avoiding the, ah, natural consequences? That part is *not* allowed.
* Yena giggles.
<Yena> Well, you just need a good herbalist.
<Yena> There are lots of options.
<Veznara> Like who? What?
* AshnabisNarrator changes topic to 'giiiiiirl we gotta get you a ticket on the train to BONETOWN�'
<Yena> For herbalists? Or for men? Or ladies, I don't care.
<Veznara> Herbalists and options!
<Yena> Well, as for herbalists, there are all kinds of them here. One of the benefits of the fos boom, almost everyone thinks they are an herbalist. But lots of people know what they're doing for real.
<Yena> Don't you have a friend who's an herbalist?
<Yena> Katenzhi, right? Llillilli's cousin?
<Veznara> Oh... well, I suppose so. I think of her more as a spell caster - I've never discussed this with her.
<Yena> I mean, all right, but there are lots of others around. That's the least of your worries.
<Yena> I trust the locals more than the Ombesh, for something like this, actually - you want someone who knows the territory.
<Veznara> Could you help me out with that?
<Veznara> I mean, not that I'm necessarily *going* to. But... just in case...
* Yena nods.
<Yena> Of course!
<Veznara> Thank you!
<Yena> But this suggests there is a certain someone, perhaps?
<Veznara> No, not really. It's just that getting hit on made me realize that it's a possibility for me.
<Veznara> Though that may make me look at some people differently...
<Yena> Ooh, who was it? Was it Jimba?
<Veznara> But that's the other thing, isn't it? No real long-term relationships are allowed?
<Yena> Well obviously you shouldn't be traipsing around as if you are basically married. That's the whole point. But my boyfriends don't mind.
<Veznara> So how does *that* work, exactly?
* Yena quirks her head.
<Yena> ... uhh ...
<Yena> I don't know what you mean.
<Veznara> Do you have several boyfriends at the same time?
<Veznara> I know how the *mechanics* of it work, thank you! :O
<Yena> Ahh ... well I used to have a lot more, I guess, sort of. But now, you know, I'm a bit older, there are just two.
<Veznara> Do they know about each other?
<Yena> One of them, Kigar, is at sea a lot, I don't see him much.
<Yena> Oh, sure ... and I mean, it's not like I expect them to be, you know, exclusive to me.
<Yena> The other one ... it's a little more secret, I guess - he comes from a very good family, locally.
<Veznara> Ah.
<Yena> But look, this isn't about me, Veznara. I know you're more ... quiet, or well, I don't know what the right word is ... 'prudish'? Is that a bad word in Ombesh?
<Veznara> Depends on who you're talking to, perhaps?
<Yena> My point is that you don't have to have a life of secret boyfriends and pirate boyfriends and all that. You just need to be happy
<Veznara> Hmmm. I just... well, I just had never thought about it much before.
<Yena> So who is the lucky gentleman?
<Veznara> I don't know yet. But maybe now I can keep an eye out for him. ;)
<Yena> All right ... well, you should let me know if something happens.
<Veznara> Well, thank you for the advice. I'm so glad I have you to ask about these things! :)
* Yena smiles.
<Yena> Anytime!

Thelef and Llillilli go out to dinner and talk about their relationship

* Thelef takes you out for a nice dinner somewhere in town one evening, after you spent the afternoon at the hith-pool visiting the baby.
<Llillilli> I can't wait to help build the hifishae!
<Thelef> Yes!
<Thelef> (roll me a SM)
<Llillilli> (balls, sec)
<Thelef> (no worries)
<Llillilli> !roll 1d20+7
* Lan-werk rolls for Llillilli: [ 1d20+7 ] getting [ 12 ] which, after the modifier [ 7 ] totals [ 19 ].
<Thelef> (you definitely get the sense that something is Up)
<Llillilli> ... Are you not excited?
<Thelef> No, I am! It's just ... it's a lot.
* Thelef sips his wine.
* Llillilli frowns.
<Thelef> Can I ... ahhh ... I have something to say.
<Llillilli> Alright...
<Thelef> When we started this whole thing ... I mean, it wasn't even that long ago, it was *this year* ... it was like .... a convenience, or a fiction, or whatever.
* Llillilli listens warily
<Thelef> I love you, Llillilli. For real. I don't know how it happened, but there it is.
<Thelef> This is our life, together. And I'm happy.
<Llillilli> So am I...
<Thelef> And then, you know, being apart from you, during the war, or whatever it was, I know it wasn't that long, but I missed you.
<Thelef> Every hour.
* Llillilli nods...
<Thelef> And I want to ... well, being with the baby, the past few weeks ... I know this is a big change.
<Thelef> Not a bad one, just ... big.
<Llillilli> Yes.
<Thelef> And you know, at first I was worried that my family wouldn't like you, but ... I don't know how, but Kiklatsa really warmed to you. I mean ... I think she actually likes you.
<Llillilli> Well... that's good.
<Llillilli> My family like you as well.
* Thelef smiles.
<Thelef> Well ... Jimba and Kat are easy to please. And they're great people.
<Thelef> So yeah, I was at the lineage house the other day, doing some ceremonial duties, and I was trying to think of how to raise the issue of the baby. And, like ... that it's a hith baby, and all the stuff with the hifishae, and all that. And that's tricky, cause ... well, it's not usual. And because ... well, it would raise other questions.
<Llillilli> Hm.
<Llillilli> Like what
<Thelef> Like ... whether we would want to have a baby?
<Llillilli> Oh.
* Thelef smiles gently.
<Thelef> I mean ... I don't ... shit.
<Thelef> I'm sorry.
<Thelef> It's not ... I know ... shit.
<Llillilli> I'm not ready for that. I have too many things to do.
<Thelef> Yeah ...
<Thelef> I mean ... even with this baby ... that's not ours ... we have so much work to do. You're right.
* Llillilli frowns.
<Llillilli> Is that what you want? To have babies?
<Thelef> It's not ... I don't know. I mean, eight months ago I didn't know I wanted to get married. Two months ago I didn't know I wanted to adopt a hith baby. I just ... I want you to know that I am serious. Like ... about our marriage ... being a real marriage.
<Thelef> And I guess I thought - we should at least talk about it, given that we are ... adopting?
<Llillilli> Oh. Well, that's fine.
<Thelef> I mean ... you know you will get the questions from my family. Even though - no, *especially
* because they like you.
<Thelef> If they didn't like you they would hope you would just go away.
<Llillilli> Thelef I am... I also .. love you.
* Thelef beams.
* Llillilli smiles a bit shyly.
<Llillilli> Babies though... I don't know.
* Llillilli looks worried.
<Llillilli> I don't want to do that. Not now anyway.
<Llillilli> Lose my... physical independance.
<Thelef> I understand. I don't want you to have to give up anything. That wasn't our deal.
<Llillilli> If this is a real marriage I don't want it to be about a 'deal'.
* Llillilli frowns. :(
* Thelef nods.
<Thelef> I know. I mean. We started with like, a deal, and now we have ... a team. You and me.
<Llillilli> Yes. A team. I like that.
* Llillilli smiles.
<Thelef> I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you or anything.
<Llillilli> I'm not
<Thelef> I just ... holding the baby today, I thought maybe ... we should talk, at least. Just so we know where things are.
<Thelef> So I'm not guessing.
* Llillilli nods.
<Llillilli> Well.
<Llillilli> Maybe we can talk about it again. Some time. In the future.
* Thelef smiles.
<Thelef> Sure.
<Thelef> But we do have something else to talk about.
<Thelef> We need to pick the baby's tail-name.
<AshnabisGM> (the tail-name is the name that hith babies are given at birth, as opposed to the footname, which they take at the sese grade)
<Llillilli> Oh, yes.
<Llillilli> Do you have any ideas?
<Thelef> I mean, maybe? I thought maybe you would. Anyway, we should talk.
<Llillilli> I might >.>
* Thelef smiles.
<Thelef> Thank you, love.

Veznara talks to Zusir, who confides in her about the secrets of the Stoneguards

* Veznara goes to call on Zeba Mopister and her nephew, Zusir. Mainly to see Zusir.
* Zusir greets you in the parlor in the manor house.
<Veznara> Hello, Zusir! How are you?
<Zusir> I'm ... well, I guess. Bored, mainly.
<Zusir> Glad to see you - it's been a while.
<Veznara> I'm glad to be back! I have the opposite problem... I seem to be too busy.
<Zusir> Oh - the land registry is keeping you busy?
<Veznara> Well, that, and the Temple. But mostly the registry missions, I think. Did you hear about how we discovered Lentus Odazhi and Buhin Odazhi on one of our missions?
<Zusir> Sure, of course. I mean ... that is big news, I think everyone has heard about that. I think people back home have heard about that.
<Veznara> By now, I suppose so.
<Veznara> It's amazing, really - the chance to talk with someone who was actually alive back in Imperial times!
* Zusir nods.
<Veznara> Actually, there's something they brought up that you may know something about.
<Zusir> Okay.
<Veznara> It's a bit sensitive, I'm afraid... it has to do with a group of Stoneguards who were in this area at the time.
* Zusir freezes.
<Zusir> O ... kay.
<Veznara> I'm sorry... I don't want to bring up unpleasant topics for you. But I don't know where else to turn.
<Zusir> That's fine.
<Veznara> Have you ever heard of them? A legion of Stoneguards who were on duty in this area at the time. They allegedly committed a massacre in a local village, and were massacred themselves in retaliation. Or that's the official story.
* Zusir freezes again.
<Zusir> Who said that?
<Veznara> !roll 1d20+14
* Lan-werk rolls for Veznara: [ 1d20+14 ] getting [ 10 ] which, after the modifier [ 14 ] totals [ 24 ].
<Zusir> (he is absolutely terrified and freaking out)
<Veznara> I.. Zusir, please, what's wrong?
<Zusir> Lentus told you this?
<Veznara> He told me that he was given news that this had happened.
* Zusir nods slowly.
* Veznara gently takes his hand
<Veznara> Please, Zusir... why does this disturb you so?
* Zusir starts to tremble and begins to weep.
<Veznara> Zusir?
* Veznara continues to pat his hand and waits for him to calm down.
<Zusir> I didn't think there would be any way.
<Veznara> Please, Zusir. What is this all about?
<Zusir> It's why I'm here. Because I found out.
<Veznara> What did you find out, exactly?
<Zusir> About the stoneguards they killed ... during the Osnabi campaign.
<Veznara> Who killed them?
<Zusir> The Voice ... here, in the Sestapor, the Voice who were with the armies.
<Veznara> Why?
<Zusir> Because of something they found, or found out. They were killed to ensure their silence.
<Veznara> Do you have any idea of what that something was?
* Zusir pauses.
<Zusir> Something about a lost child.
<Veznara> So they had found this child? Or discovered something about it?
* Zusir nods.
<Veznara> But you don't know exactly what.
<Zusir> No -but I know that whatever it is, they're still willing to destroy lives over it.
<Zusir> They said ...
* Zusir descends into sobs again.
* Veznara squeezes his hand again
<Veznara> What did they say?
<Zusir> When I was ... removed from my position ... they said that I ... that I ...
* Zusir chokes up again.
<Zusir> ... that I *desecrated* the ancestor.
<Zusir> Why would they say that?
<Veznara> I don't know. I can't believe you would do that.
<Veznara> What happened?
<Zusir> I should have known better, I guess. But when I found out about the stoneguards, it was from one of the stoneguard Ancestors at the temple.
<Zusir> That is one of our privileges, in our Order - to speak to any Stoneguard ancestor.
<Zusir> And I guess I just couldn't keep my damn mouth shut.
<Zusir> I spoke too freely about what I had learned, which, I suppose, they had not wanted to be learned.
<Veznara> So the Stoneguard you spoke to said that it was really the Voice behind what happened?
* Zusir nods.
<Veznara> But wasn't a member of the Voice acting as the conduit for these questions and answers?
<Zusir> Yes. I don't think they knew what the consequences would be.
<Zusir> I mean, it's ancient history. Who cares, right?
<Zusir> But obviously, someone cared.
* Veznara nods
<Veznara> So they just... accused you of this and had you sent here?
<Zusir> I mean ... not quite? They accused me of this and stripped me of my position at the Temple, had me expelled from the Order.
<Veznara> That's terrible, and wrong. I'm so sorry, Zusir.
<Zusir> And then I came here because my auntie was here and I had a place to go ... and I guess because I wanted to learn more about what happened. But I'm a coward, Veznara, I've learned that about myself.
<Veznara> I don't believe that. Why would you be a coward?
<Zusir> Because I didn't fight back. And now I just hide out here, live this comfortable life, and ... that's it.
<Veznara> What would have happened if you *had
* fought back?
<Zusir> I don't know.
<Veznara> Didn't the others of your Order do anything to stop this?
<Zusir> Some of them were better than others. Some of them tried - a bit. But ... no, nothing
<Zusir> Nothing that mattered, anyway.
<Veznara> I don't see how you had much of a choice, then.
<Veznara> And I suppose Ikhavor here doesn't know anything about it - only what you were falsely accused of.
* Zusir nods.
<Veznara> That is... very unfair. :/
<Zusir> I don't know Ikhavor very well, but ... the story of my disgrace is the one that is told.
<Zusir> Whether she believes it or not, I don't know.
<Veznara> Well, I believe *you*. Never doubt that.
<Veznara> Thank you for telling me, Zusir.
<Zusir> Thank you. Thank you. It is just ... a lot, to have this piece of my life, this thing, confirmed.
* Veznara nods
<Veznara> I'm glad. It sounds like it's been a terrible burden.
<Veznara> And you've alerted me to the danger. I'll be very careful about who I bring this up with in the future.
<Veznara> So thank you, Zusir.

Daifan talks with Chimi and Idovo about town growth and defense

* Chimi and Idovo have just finished putting the baby to bed, and are enjoying some relaxing time on the porch with some late-night snacks and drinks.
* Daifan strolls up with a bottle of wine from town
<Daifan> mind if I join the party?
<Idovo> Not at all :)
<Idovo> did you have a party of your own?
<Daifan> maybe!
<Daifan> But I thought I should come home and make sure you were missing me sufficiently ;)
* Daifan will plonk themself down on the porch
<Chimi> Definitely.
<Daifan> how are things here?
<Idovo> We weren't too worried, but we did think maybe you'd run into some trouble on your trip. so glad to see it was just debauchery keeping you away ;)
* Daifan grins
<Daifan> a little trouble, but nothing we couldn't handle
<Daifan> though it was closer for Jimba than I'd like
<Idovo> oh?
<Daifan> oh you know - go see what is out on the swampy end of this barren rock Surprise! it's monsters.
<Daifan> it tried to suck all the water out of him
<Chimi> But he's okay?
* Daifan nods
<Daifan> Probably fine by now
<Chimi> That's good.
<Chimi> Shira missed you, I think. She was crying a lot tonight, until she fell asleep.
<Daifan> aww.... Well I will give her plenty of cuddles when she wakes up :3
* Chimi smiles
<Chimi> Although who knows, maybe she was crying because we wouldn't let her play with the cooking pot while it was on the fire.
<Daifan> well she's gotta learn sometime!
<Idovo> That's what I said, but SOMEONE felt differently ;)
* Daifan chuckles
<Chimi> Forgive me for not wanting her to fall into the fire :p
<Daifan> cuddles will probably help regardless
<Daifan> and for the adults - wine?
* Daifan asks, already cracking the bottle
<Chimi> That would be great, yes.
* Daifan will pass her the bottle
<Chimi> Thanks.
<Daifan> any other news I've missed?
<Daifan> and by news I mean gossip ;)
<Idovo> Well, some of the newcomers have started working on houses - I can't imagine living in a barn is very comfortable. So I guess they're planing to stay.
<Daifan> oh good!
<Daifan> it will be better for everyone for them to have places of their own
<Idovo> Besides, with the harvest starting, the space is going to be needed for... actually storing fos and whatever else.
<Daifan> mmhmm
<Daifan> lucky us - lots of space in the warehouses in town this year
* Daifan makes the fortune sign
<Idovo> Some people have been saying it could be a huge windfall, if the people in town are having a harder time with their crops. But others are saying, well, don't put it past them to just come and take what they want, especially if they're running low on necessities.
<Chimi> If we seem to have a lot and they have a little, they'll find a way to reverse that :p
<Daifan> well
<Daifan> we can be careful about what we seem to have.... but you're right.
* Daifan considers
<Daifan> hmm
<Daifan> I am considering doing a big favour for an envoy.... and really if it works it would be a fvour for a lot of people...
<Idovo> oh?
<Daifan> Envoy Jaigadu - he's one of the top envoys who works here - has asked me to help with finding a resolution between Brother Bones and Charadip in some way.
<Daifan> because Brother Bones has talked to me before, he hopes he will do so again, so I can try and... I don't know. Make hi an offer, or negotiate
* Idovo nods
<Daifan> so maybe that is a favour I can hold in my pocket in case things do become tense here
<Idovo> That can't hurt, anyway. Having people in power owe you a favour might be useful.
<Daifan> because I thikn there could be a risk - if peopel do see what we have and they do not, maybe they will blame us
* Daifan nods
<Chimi> We have it pretty good here - I wouldn't want that to change.
* Daifan nods
<Daifan> me either
<Daifan> This place is... so special
* Daifan says, taking the wine back and takng a deep drink or the better
<Daifan> Coming here has been the best thing for me.
* Idovo smiles at that
<Daifan> I don't want to lose that
<Idovo> Neither do we.
<Idovo> I know Dekhesh is ready to fight for this place if we have to, but honestly, I'm not any good for that.
* Idovo holds up the stump of his wrist.
* Daifan nods
<Idovo> But there's a lot I would do to protect it, if it came down to that.
<Daifan> there are lots of ways to fight
<Daifan> I think they would regret if they turned against us
<Chimi> Okay, enough planning a war or whatever... we don't need to invite trouble before it shows up by talking about it.
<Daifan> mmm, okay, lets just get drunk ;p
<Idovo> I'll drink to that.
* Idovo will take the bottle and do so.
* Daifan will pass him the bottle