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Session date: August 9, 2020
Fair Cycle date:


<AshnabisNarrator> You have finished your survey of the Auggi as requested by Utus and the land office. The report is likely to be terse. Just the two inhabitants, the priests Witis and Bitsaar inhabiting the abandoned town of Suduk and the ancient temple of the Voice there.
<AshnabisNarrator> No place to grow fos save at the far northern edge, where the Auggi joins to the mainland, and where you subdued the great plant beast. Perhaps some defensive value at the high seacliffs. Some birds, and their leavings, but little game and sparse vegetation.
<AshnabisNarrator> And this is nearly the rainy season - or at least, what passes for it. Even now, late in Udim, there is nothing here to suggest fertility. That, at least, gives you hope that perhaps the Fort will leave this place to its ancient affairs.
<AshnabisNarrator> After your battle with the spidery thing of vines and sorrow, you bandage up those who are injured and return toward Suduk. There, you are greeted by the priest Bitsaar.

They meet Bitsaar again and he asks them for help with moving an ancestor's remains to Charadip

* Bitsaar is visibly worried as he sees you approach.
<Bitsaar> Oh, you have injuries!
* Veznara nods
<Katenzhi> You should see the other guy.
<Veznara> We were attacked by some sort of monster - it looked like a spider, but was plantlike too.
<Bitsaar> What happened?
<Llillilli> We killed it
<Bitsaar> Ah, a widow creeper. They are rare here, now. Once they were more numerous. As I understand it, once the priests used to use them to dessicate Ancestors, a task for which they are amply well suited.
<Jimba> They trained them?
<Bitsaar> Not exactly. They coexisted with them, and used their abilities.
<Jimba> Ah.
* Jimba looks slightly disappointed.
<Bitsaar> Once drained of fluids, the body is perfectly well-preserved.
<Bitsaar> But, ah ... you should be fine with a little time and rest.
<Veznara> So they would leave the bodies somewhere the widow creepers would find them, and collect them after the things fed?
<Bitsaar> Yes, exactly.
* Daifan looks a teensy bit relieved that Jimba is't gonna try and catch one to bring o the ship ;p
<Katenzhi> Makes sense. Macabre... but probably effective.
* Bitsaar nods.
<Bitsaar> Come, you can attend to your friend and then we have some matters to discuss.
* Veznara nods
* Veznara ushers Jimba in the direction Bitsaar has indicated
* Llillilli goes with Jimba,
* Jimba nods and walks wearily in that direction.
<AshnabisNarrator> He takes you to a sort of makeshift area next to the temple where Daifan can look at Jimba's wounds. Voice Witis comes out of the temple to see what is going on.
* Witis frowns a bit to see you, but does look concerned at the level of Jimba's injuries.
<Witis> Do you need aid?
<Jimba> I wouldn't say no.
<Jimba> Those things aren't messing around.
* Witis can get some of their meagre water supplies for you, and some clean bandages.
<Veznara> Thank you, Voice Witis. We're sorry to put you to this trouble.
<Jimba> Yes, thank you.
* Daifan will just quietly tend to Jimba
<Witis> Perhaps this will have taught your people that the Auggi does not welcome strangers easily.
<Jimba> No offense, but we kind of gathered that much already.
<Jimba> *We* have no designs on the place.
<Daifan> (let em know if I need to make any roll or ...if it matters. I know I can't rdo much about the con damage, that just needs rest)
<AshnabisNarrator> (sure, you can make a Heal check)
* Daifan will use the supplies from th preists supplemented with material from thier healer's kit
<Veznara> I'm sure our report will be exactly that.
<Katenzhi> If it was up to us we'd leave you two alone up here as long as you want.
<Daifan> !roll 1d20+18
* Lan-werk rolls for Daifan: [ 1d20+18 ] getting [ 16 ] which, after the modifier [ 18 ] totals [ 34 ].
<AshnabisNarrator> You manage to patch up Jimba nicely - although many of his injuries are bruising or internal. He'll be fine, with time.
* Jimba is gonna be boating very gingerly for a while.
<Daifan> You just need to take it easy. Let Kat do the hard work for once ;)
* Bitsaar brings you all some simple food.
* Katenzhi pokes Jimba in the ribs experimentally.
<Katenzhi> Did that hurt?
<Jimba> I'll believe it when I see it. ;)
* Daifan smacks her hand away
<Jimba> Ancestors!
<Jimba> What's wrong with you?
<Daifan> don't make it worse
<Katenzhi> Just checking.
* Veznara will slip away and talk to Bitsaar when a good opportunity presents itself
<Jimba> Jerk.
<Jimba> :p
<Katenzhi> Wimp ;)
<Jimba> Want to go find another one of those things? You can see how it feels.
<Jimba> And then I can train it, and name it "Better Katenzhi."
* Daifan smirks at that
<Katenzhi> You know you love me.
<Daifan> yes, but be gentle with him... these are quite serious.
* Llillilli snorts
<Daifan> we're lucky he's tough :p
* Jimba looks from Kat to Daifan like "See?"
<Daifan> unlucky he's an idiot. fate is cruel :p
<Jimba> I'm a lover not a fighter.
<Daifan> You need more practice then ;)
<Katenzhi> Ok. Ew. Gross.
<Daifan> I do know some people who could help you out ;)
* Jimba laughs.
* Jimba winces.
* Llillilli grimaces
<Jimba> Oh, shouldn't have done that.
<Bitsaar> So ... I have been speaking to Voice Witis and we have a proposition for you.
* Bitsaar says, looking over at the senior priest.
<Jimba> Leave me to my convalescence.
<Jimba> Oh?
<Veznara> (I think he's talking just to me?)
<Jimba> (Oh, that's Bitsaar)
<Veznara> Yes?
<Daifan> (yeah is this to all of us or just Veznara?)
<Jimba> (Sorry)
<AshnabisNarrator> (no, he's there with all of you)
<Jimba> (Oh, okay)
<Veznara> (Oh, *I*'m sorry, then! :P )
<Bitsaar> One of the Ancestors in our care, Yepei Hutsladi, is in need of transport from here to Charadip. For some years now, her descendants have requested that she be moved to a locale closer to them, but it has been difficult.
<Daifan> (Opportunity has not presented itself yet I guess :x)
<Bitsaar> And, in any case, we do not normally honor such requests lightly, but in this case, we do know that the family is going to be making a considerable donation.
<Bitsaar> We would be willing to pay you to transport her, with me as her escort, to Charadip, and then to return me here.
<Jimba> Oh.
<Veznara> (Can I make a K:History or K:Local roll to recognize the name?)
* Jimba looks at Kat and Llillilli, then at Veznara.
* Llillilli shrugs.
<Jimba> I mean, that seems fine to me?
<AshnabisNarrator> (K: local I suppose works)
<Llillilli> Sure.
<Katenzhi> How much are we talking?
<Bitsaar> How much would you require?
<Veznara> !roll 1d20+7
* Lan-werk rolls for Veznara: [ 1d20+7 ] getting [ 1 ] which, after the modifier [ 7 ] totals [ 8 ].
* Daifan rolls for Veznara: [ 1d20+7 ] getting [ 8 ] which, after the modifier [ 7 ] totals [ 15 ].
<Jimba> !roll 1d20+14
* Lan-werk rolls for Jimba: [ 1d20+14 ] getting [ 15 ] which, after the modifier [ 14 ] totals [ 29 ].
<Veznara> (Since this is Ashnabis, I think we should take the Daifan roll. :P )
<AshnabisNarrator> Veznara, you've never heard of Yepei or the Hutsladi.
<Katenzhi> (What would be a reasonable price?)
<AshnabisNarrator> Jimba, you know the lineage well. A well-known Aummesh lineage, now based in Charadip, with many members who are mystics trained at the Academy.
<AshnabisNarrator> (idk, we could say ... 50?)
<Jimba> When were you wanting to make the trip?
<Bitsaar> Perhaps we could leave tomorrow? You could stay the evening in Charadip, would be able to be back in Kaskind the day after tomorrow, that way.
<Jimba> That wouldn't inordinately impact our assignment, I guess.
<Junan> I think it will be fine
<Llillilli> Yeah.
<Katenzhi> I don't see why not.
* Daifan keeps out of this, maybe with a slight frown
* Bitsaar smiles.
<Veznara> (Can I sense motive here? Does he have an ulterior motive, perhaps?)
<Llillilli> (oh yeah good idea)
* Jimba will give Daifan an interrogative look.
<Jimba> (Sense Motive? What's that?)
<Junan> (spend more time with you Vez, duh)
<AshnabisNarrator> (sure, you can make a SM if you want)
<Veznara> !roll 1d20+14
* Lan-werk rolls for Veznara: [ 1d20+14 ] getting [ 2 ] which, after the modifier [ 14 ] totals [ 16 ].
<Llillilli> !roll 1d20+7
* Lan-werk rolls for Llillilli: [ 1d20+7 ] getting [ 2 ] which, after the modifier [ 7 ] totals [ 9 ].
<AshnabisNarrator> (seems fine to you, guys)
<AshnabisNarrator> (what could go wrong?)
* Daifan will try that one too actually
<Daifan> !roll 1d20+17
* Lan-werk rolls for Daifan: [ 1d20+17 ] getting [ 4 ] which, after the modifier [ 17 ] totals [ 21 ].
<Daifan> (lol)
<AshnabisNarrator> (I mean, at least you have that beefy modifier)
* Junan will get in on it too!
<Junan> !roll 1d20+16
* Lan-werk rolls for Junan: [ 1d20+16 ] getting [ 8 ] which, after the modifier [ 16 ] totals [ 24 ].
<Daifan> ...HOw long would we be staying in Charadip?
* Daifan asks quietly when Jimba looks their way
<Daifan> just to make the transfer, then?
<AshnabisNarrator> Junan, you do think Bitsaar is eager to take this trip. Other than that, hard to say specifically why.
<Bitsaar> So, you will do it, then?
* Bitsaar asks, smiling anxiously.
<Junan> we can afford the day.
* Junan will try and give Daifan a look of "we can talk about this in private"
<Bitsaar> All right, you will need your rest, and Voice Witis will need me to go prepare for the ritual tomorrow morning.
* Daifan nods
<Daifan> (in general agreement)
<Jimba> Sure.
<Daifan> you especially Jimba - take it easy.
<Jimba> Don't have to tell me twice.

The group rest and talk about the trip

<AshnabisNarrator> All right, you conduct your negotiations and work them up to 75 horns for the trip, plus expenses. Bitsaar and Witis go off to prepare for tomorrow's ritual, leaving you to attend to Jimba.
<Daifan> Good.
* Junan will get his lute out and pick a few relaxing tunes
<Jimba> Any chance I could get down to the Menagerie for the night, Kat?
* Daifan can chill
<Daifan> (how far is the boat?)
<Katenzhi> Sure, need me to carry you?
<Jimba> I can walk. :p
* Katenzhi will offer her shoulder for you to lean on. ;)
<Jimba> I just want to make sure the animals are all right.
<Katenzhi> C'mon, I could use the walk
<Junan> Jimba, dont be silly
* Daifan sighs
<Junan> Me and Daifan can go check
<Daifan> yes.
* Daifan smiles
<Jimba> You sure?
<Daifan> of course.
<Jimba> Thanks. I really appreciate it.
* Katenzhi looks a little confused at first, and then seems to get it and nods.
* Junan will chat to Daifan on the way
* Jimba settles back down.
<Junan> You're not too pleased with this side trip. There are some people I need to talk to in Charadip, so its very fortuitous for me.
<Daifan> its fine. I'm not a fan of the place, but it is just one night
<Junan> What can I do to help? We could diguise you, make a different role for you play, if you're that worried.
<Daifan> and probably ot at the academy
<Daifan> and we can't d that if Bitsaar is with us
<Daifan> its too risky for everyone
<Daifan> I'll survive
* Daifan smiles
<Daifan> But thank you for asking.
<Junan> Im gonna be trying to do some Envoy business. If you stick with me you should be left alone.
* Daifan nods
<Daifan> Well, I don't mind that :3
* Daifan will take his hand, since we're away from the priests
<Junan> we could hurry down and have more time to ourselves and just checking on the animals
* Junan suggests
<Daifan> Wasn't that the plan? ^_^
<Daifan> no one will mind if we are a bit slow coming back
<Junan> so true
* Junan smiles
<AshnabisNarrator> The animals are very happy to see you, though you get the sense that they are a bit anxious about where Jimba is.
* Daifan will try and reassure them as best they can
<AshnabisNarrator> All is well on the Menagerie and you are able to take your time getting back.
<Daifan> (^-^)
* Junan has some skill in handling animals so will get them settled
<AshnabisNarrator> You sleep well enough - you have your own packs and supplies and the abandoned town is surprisingly welcoming - perhaps not surprising, due to centuries of care for beloved Ancestors here.

The ceremony to move the ancestor is performed by Voice Witis, and the group departs

* Bitsaar comes over to your camp.
<Bitsaar> Ahh ... Voice Witis would like to know if you would join us for the ritual.
<Veznara> Oh... certainly. It would be an honour.
* Llillilli looks less honored and more skeptical
<Llillilli> What ritual is this?
<Jimba> All of us?
<Bitsaar> It is the Farewell to Bones. The ritual when an Ancestor is moved from one temple to another.
<Bitsaar> Any of you who would feel comfortable to attend.
* Daifan just staight up assumes they are not included in the invitation
<Veznara> (Religion check? :D )
<AshnabisNarrator> (sure)
<Veznara> !roll 1d20+16
* Lan-werk rolls for Veznara: [ 1d20+16 ] getting [ 18 ] which, after the modifier [ 16 ] totals [ 34 ].
<Daifan> (Does he seem to be including or ignoring me?)
* Daifan does give me a dubious look when he says that
<AshnabisNarrator> Veznara, the Farewell to Bones is indeed a ritual as Bitsaar described. It goes by different names in different countries and times.
<AshnabisNarrator> (seems to be ignoring you)
<Katenzhi> Sure, I would love to see it. :)
<Daifan> (That's what I figured)
<Jimba> I don't want to be impolite, but I think I'll take the extra rest for now, if you don't mind.
* Bitsaar nods.
<Bitsaar> Of course.
<Bitsaar> And perhaps your friend will attend to you?
* Bitsaar says, definitely not looking at Daifan.
<Jimba> I'm sure I'll be well taken care of.
<Katenzhi> know what, on second thought, I should stay and take care of him too.
<Bitsaar> Very well.
* Bitsaar leads those of you who are coming over to the Voice temple.
* Llillilli stays with Jimba
<AshnabisNarrator> (all right, so it's Junan and Veznara going to the ritual?)
<Daifan> Its fine
* Daifan says to Kat
<Daifan> You can go it you want to.
<Katenzhi> Nah, it's ok.
<Katenzhi> I'll help look after this lunk. ;)
<Junan> I'll be back soon
* Junan will go
<Daifan> He's mostly very good at lying around
* Veznara will go as well
* Daifan nods
<AshnabisNarrator> Bitsaar leads you over to the temple, where you are joined by Voice Witis.
<AshnabisNarrator> The inside of the Voice temple is like none you have ever been in. The part you've entered is not the oldest part, but still must be two centuries old, judging just by the clutter. It is large, and surely must have served as a great hall for services, once upon an age.
<AshnabisNarrator> Stacked everywhere are heavy sacks, stone slabs, and sticks carved with old text and strange images. The room should be well-lit but the windows are largely blocked by boxes, so that sunlight sneaks through in spikes here and there throughout the great hall.
<AshnabisNarrator> But more striking than any of that are the dozens, perhaps hundreds, of ossuaries stacked everywhere, leaving only thin paths to negotiate. None of them appears to be recent. It is dizzying to be in the presence of so many Ancestors in one room.
<AshnabisNarrator> There are several doorways, some of them partially blocked, leading to several other chambers including older parts of the temple. It would clearly be an effort to visit them.
<AshnabisNarrator> Witis and Bitsaar go over to an Ancestor for whom they have cleared a path amid the clutter. The ossuary is simple, made of thin stone but well-carved. A canvas and wood bier has been laid beside it, to facilitate its journey.
<AshnabisNarrator> The two priests intone a hymn that is largely unfamiliar to you. Its tongue is Aummesh, but old, very old - surely from the days just after the Empire when Aummesh was not yet its own tongue. Its style is old, and chanting in careful polyphony the pair lifts the ossuary and moves it toward the exit.
<AshnabisNarrator> Farewell, lonely bones
<AshnabisNarrator> With thanks for thy wisdom
<AshnabisNarrator> Go forth, wayward bones
<AshnabisNarrator> Join thy new companions
<AshnabisNarrator> Forget not the living
<AshnabisNarrator> Thy seed in this world
<AshnabisNarrator> Forget not this place
<AshnabisNarrator> Thine erstwhile shelter
<AshnabisNarrator> Be well, blessed bones
<AshnabisNarrator> Until new rest thou findest.
* Witis then speaks, in a more modern cadence:
<Witis> Yepei of the Hutsladi, your time in this place has ended. Go now, Ancestral Mother, with the blessing of those here assembled.
* Bitsaar bows his head respectfully.
* Veznara does the same
<Bitsaar> Very well - we are ready to depart whenever you and your companions are.
<Veznara> Let us be on our way, then.
<AshnabisNarrator> You escort your Ancestral companion across the short walk to the cliffs, and then down from there to the beach where you rejoin the Menagerie. You embark and head around the Auggi, on the trip to Charadip.

Bitsaar and Veznara talk while they travel

<AshnabisNarrator> It is less than a day's travel. During the trip, Jimba, you have more of an opportunity to rest, leaving the easy navigation along the coast to your family.
<AshnabisNarrator> You can also take some time to speak to Bitsaar if you like.
* Veznara will certainly do that!
<Veznara> Voice Bitsaar, can you tell us more about this Ancestor?
* Junan will play some traveling tunes for the journey
<Bitsaar> What would you want to know? She is one of the newer among our charges in the Temple - one of the ones whose living relatives still visit regularly.
<Bitsaar> She was an matron of her lineage, the sister of the Hutsladi lineage elder near the end of her life.
<Veznara> I'm afraid I'm not familiar with them.
<Bitsaar> One of the older families in this area, now mostly living in Charadip.
<Veznara> Is her brother still the lineage elder? Or has he too joined the Ancestors?
<Bitsaar> Oh, no, this was all long ago, a hundred years or more.
<Veznara> At the same time as the Omban occupation, by any chance?
<Bitsaar> No, after that.
* Veznara will try to have a private conversation with him at some point if possible
<Bitsaar> The Imperial invasion was around the time the Temple was founded, if we understand the place correctly - three hundred years or so.
<AshnabisNarrator> (it's not really possible to have a totally private conversation on the Menagerie when there are so many people aboard)
<Veznara> (Was Charadip viable back then, or can I reasonably conclude that she must have lived somewhere else?)
<AshnabisNarrator> (you don't know)
<Veznara> I suppose her family hadn't moved completely to Charadip, then? Surely she would be there already if that had been the case.
<Bitsaar> Oh yes, she lived in Suduk her entire life, I believe.
<Bitsaar> Only once the waters ran dry did most of the inhabitants move away.
<Veznara> So she might know a great deal of the history...
<Bitsaar> What history? Of the town? I suppose so.
<Veznara> Well... or of other stories relevant to the area.
<Bitsaar> I suppose - though no more likely than any of the other Ancestors.
<Veznara> Have you been to the Temple in Charadip before?
<Bitsaar> A few times. I don't get to leave the Auggi much these days, since my appointment here.
* Bitsaar says, perhaps a little regretfully.
<Veznara> No, I suppose not. And I suppose you have few visitors, other than the relatives of Ancestors there.
<Veznara> Do you often have visitors from other Temples?
<Bitsaar> No. Not often.
<Veznara> (Sense Motive? :D Like, is he perhaps specifically not telling me about a recent visit? )
<AshnabisNarrator> (you can try)
<Veznara> !roll 1d20+14)
* Lan-werk rolls for Veznara: [ Error. The syntax is !roll xdx+x. ].
<Veznara> !roll 1d20+14
* Lan-werk rolls for Veznara: [ 1d20+14 ] getting [ 2 ] which, after the modifier [ 14 ] totals [ 16 ].
<AshnabisNarrator> (*shrug*)
<Veznara> Well, I look forward to seeing the Temple there. Temple*s*, if we have the time.
<Bitsaar> Yes, the Temple.
<Veznara> Who is the chief Voice there?
<Bitsaar> Voice Nimasas, at least, in the town. I'm sure the Academy has its own temple but I don't know who is in charge there.
<Veznara> Is it a large Temple?
<Bitsaar> Not so large, no. Not compared to those in Kaskind or Timiil, certainly.
<Bitsaar> Charadip is a much larger place now than before colonization.
<Veznara> (I can continue making small talk with him for a while, no need to drag it out. I'm not planning on asking him to talk to Yepei of the Hutsladi if he doesn't seem open to it, which I assume he isn't - and it would be kind of rude to ask anyway, right?)
<AshnabisNarrator> (it would be definitely a little rude and a little weird)
<Bitsaar> Still, compared to the Auggi, it is a very active and lively place.
<Bitsaar> It will be nice to be there, if only for a day or two.
<Veznara> Yes. I'm glad you suggested this trip!
<Bitsaar> As am I - thank you for agreeing to it!
* Bitsaar smiles warmly.
* Veznara smiles back, and continues making pleasant conversation

They arrive in Charadip and after disguising Daifan, take rooms at an inn

<AshnabisNarrator> The trip to Charadip is relatively uneventful. You've been this way many times before, though not since the truce with Kaskind, of course.
<AshnabisNarrator> Unlike last time, though, when you turned north at the Yerta River and docked along the fine marble towers and bluestone steps of the Academy at Zhardif, today you are docking at the old town, the Aummesh settlement of Charadip, whose port is along the coast. Your business here has nothing to do with the mystics.
<AshnabisNarrator> Charadip is a quaint Aummesh town, perhaps a little smaller than Timiil, but less than a quarter the size of Kaskind, with the exception of the Academy itself appended to its riverbank border to the east.
<AshnabisNarrator> Charadip does have a feeling of prosperity about it, though - inevitably, you suppose, for a town supported by the massive fos trade out of here, which sails west by sea, or north by river, out of here and to the Omban successor states, of course most notably Basai. The place is lively, not quite as busy as Kaskind, of course, but full of energy.
<AshnabisNarrator> There are many folk from the Voice temple available to help Bitsaar take Yepei to her new resting place. Bitsaar will be occupied with the transfer for the remainder of the day, and recommends the Quail's Cup for your lodging this evening.
<AshnabisNarrator> The Quail's Cup is a pleasant enough sort of place, mostly catering to locals and seafarers, and located near the docks on the seaward side of town. Other than a couple of folks in Basaian fashion, fur cuffs and the like, this could be anyplace in Timiil or any Aummesh town.
* Jimba is content to stay on the Menagerie, but will go along if folks are going to the Quail's Cup.
<Jimba> (By stay, I mean sleep on. He'll be going into town and all.)
<Llillilli> (same)
* Katenzhi will take the chance to get some good drink and a real bed at the inn.
<Daifan> (I'm not sure I coudl get decent lodgings off the ship but I'll check it out if I can, and hang with Junan)
<AshnabisGM> You're not obliged to get a room there, but you might want to go for some food and drink at least, and those who want to sleep on the boat can do so :)
* Veznara will probably seek out the Temple of the Hand if there's time, and introduce herself to Tazar Gazri.
<Veznara> (At some point, no need to do it right now. :P )
<AshnabisNarrator> Daifan, if you would like to be served here, though, you will need to change costume.
* Daifan can do that if Bitsaar is otherise occupied
<AshnabisGM> Yup, he is.
<Daifan> (Then time for my magcal...not-a-girl transformation ;p)
* Junan will help :)
* Daifan is sure he is very helpful :V

Jaigadu meets Junan and invites him and Daifan to join him for dinner, where they discuss Brother Bones and Atsusei

<AshnabisGM> Junan, after helping Daifan get changed, you have secured a room at the Quail's Cup, which is the type of place where the patrons appreciate a good drink and a catchy song. You expect that you can make some money here tonight if you're lucky.
<AshnabisGM> However, your plans are interrupted before you can have a chance to speak to the bartender and inquire whether your musical performance would be welcomed, as a familiar figure strolls into the establishment.
* Witis is now known as Jaigadu
<Jaigadu> Junan, it's good to see you! I heard an envoy had arrived in town and I had a feeling it might be you.
* Jaigadu says with a cheerful grin as he comes to embrace you.
* Junan embraces him back
<Junan> I'm glad you tracked me down, saves me trying to find you
* Jaigadu chuckles
<Jaigadu> Listen, let's go have dinner somewhere a little quieter - I know a fine place, the Applewine Arbor, we can catch up over a few drinks and a meal. Of course your... companion? can join us if you wish.
* Jaigadu says with a polite nod to Daifan
* Daifan will lounge nearby with some wine and watch the envoys do their thing for now :x
* Daifan smiles
<Junan> I'll leave that up to them, but I have no concern if they join us.
<Daifan> Sounds intriguing
<Jaigadu> Very well. I'm always interested to meet Junan's charming friends :)
<Daifan> Likewise - I have heard about you, of course ^-^
* Junan will accompany Jaigadu to the Applewine Arbor
* Jaigadu leads you from the old part of the town, where the Aummesh lived long before the Academy was established, into the newer section, with its flagstone streets instead of muddy paths, its elegant buildings and high towers that make a stark contrast with the humble wooden structures below.
<AshnabisGM> The Applewine Arbor is so named as its guests are seated outside, under a blooming canopy of flowers that scent the evening air with a delicate perfume.
<AshnabisGM> You are seated at an oval table, and the server immediately brings over a selection of small delicacies: crisp breads and cheese and paté, tiny hard-boiled tern eggs and thin slivers of grilled fish, along with clusters of tart red currants and sweet honey-coated almonds.
<AshnabisGM> As well, a bottle of the beverage for which the establishment is named is served, and a glass poured for each of you.
<Jaigadu> So, what brings you to Charadip?
* Jaigadu asks Junan once everyone is settled.
<Junan> Just happen to be helping a priest transport an Ancient from the Auggi
<Jaigadu> Interesting.
<Junan> It was good luck too, since I wanted a chance to talk to you.
<Jaigadu> Well, that's good fortune then.
<Jaigadu> What were you hoping to talk about?
<Junan> but before all that, how are you doing? Have things been well here?
<Jaigadu> Ah, well enough. I've been here for more than a month, since before the battle at Ruur. I think my efforts at easing the relations between the different factions have borne some fruit, although there is still much to be done.
<Jaigadu> The border's shifting will cause new tensions, undoubtedly.
<Junan> most likely true
<Jaigadu> One unexpected one concerns an old hermit living out in the swamp.
* Daifan busiest their hands with polite snacking ti reign in their fortune casting instincts with all this talk of luck ;)
<Daifan> ahh...
* Jaigadu glances over at Daifan
<Daifan> Brother Bones?
<Jaigadu> Yes, that's him. Do you know of him?
* Daifan looks to Junan, then shrugs
<Daifan> a little
<Junan> Oh we ran into him once the last time we were here
<Jaigadu> How interesting - I don't think there are many who can say they've met him personally. He is more of a rumour, a legend.
<Jaigadu> I know a thing or two about him, although I'm not certain any can claim to fully understand his mysteries.
<Daifan> the land office people were sent to try and deal with him too
* Jaigadu nods, looking intrigued
<Daifan> mmhmmm.
<Daifan> What have you heard?
<Jaigadu> I understand that he was trained as a mystic in Daligash many years ago, in the city of Lunduso. This would have been, oh, about sixty years ago.
* Daifan nods
<Jaigadu> He was corpseborn, but managed to conceal this fact and gain admission to the Academy there. He must have been quite skilled at disguise.
* Jaigadu says with a smile.
<Jaigadu> The name he used at that time, as I have heard, was Tevez.
<Daifan> Maybe he had help.
<Daifan> but yes that all fits
<Junan> he sounds quite impressive
<Jaigadu> It may be so. Certainly he had many friends and allies within the Academy at Lunduso.
<Jaigadu> For many years, he rose in power and rank within the Academy, being quite gifted as a spellcaster as well as having a head for politics and the business of magic. No one suspected his true background, or at least no one in authority there.
<Daifan> But then how did he come to Charadip?
<Jaigadu> However, it could not last. Eventually the truth was revealed, and to avoid the mystics' anger, he fled here. At that time - this would have been perhaps thirty or so years ago - the land was not yet populated as it is now. Fos had not yet been discovered, and the great rush of colonists that followed was still many years away.
<Jaigadu> He presumably thought that at this distance, in such isolation, he would be safe from their pursuit. But he was wrong.
* Daifan nods
<Jaigadu> The mystics from the Academy in Lunduso sent an assassin after him. He knew too many of their secrets and I imagine they felt betrayed, humiliated by his deception over so many years.
<Jaigadu> This assassin pursued him even as far as the Sestapor swamp, not far from here, where he was killed. The stories are very clear on that - he was certainly dead, not merely injured or knocked unconscious.
<Jaigadu> Nevertheless, he lives. No one knows who resurrected him, or why. No reputable Voice priest would have done such a thing, and yet, here he stands.
* Daifan nods
<Jaigadu> Even today, people in this area remain afraid of him. The Aummesh frighten their children with stories about how if they don't behave, Brother Bones will come and eat them for his dinner.
<Jaigadu> But the mystics, in particular, have more reason to fear him than most. Even though these mystics here are largely from Basai, and were not those responsible for his death, it is widely believed that he holds a grudge against all of them.
<Jaigadu> Certainly it's true that the Principal before the current one, Fogriz Ashutu, did not respect the hermit's wishes to be left alone. Instead, he tried to remove him by force. It is said that Brother Bones put a curse on him, that he should never take any nourishment from food for the remainder of his days.
<Jaigadu> Fogriz wasted away over the course of several months, growing thinner and thinner until finally he died. His magic couldn't save him from Brother Bones' curse.
<Jaigadu> Since that time, the mystics have elected to leave him alone, considering it the safer course of action. But with the borders expanding, perhaps this will no longer be the case.
<Daifan> They should leave him be.
<Jaigadu> What makes you say that? Other than perhaps the obvious, that he is a powerful man who wishes to be left alone.
<Daifan> mostly that... But I don't think they want to address the question of his ressurection.
<Jaigadu> Yes, that's likely true.
<Jaigadu> It raises many questions, certainly.
<Daifan> not ones he will be any help in answering.
<Jaigadu> The theological issues are perhaps less of a concern for the mystics as the potential for him to retaliate against them if they interfere with him.
<Daifan> Mmmhmm.
<Daifan> he certainly would do that
<Jaigadu> If you have had contact with him, perhaps you would be willing to act as a go-between, in the event that communication with him is needed? I don't believe he would welcome just any visitors, but if you have previously spoken with him, perhaps he would talk to you.
<Daifan> Mmm... maybe.
<Daifan> When I sopoke to him before I told him that.... we could, maybe, formalize a claim for him, so that he could be left alone in his territory
* Jaigadu nods
<Jaigadu> That might be a way to avoid potential problems before they arise, indeed.
<Daifan> I told him I would try and get people to leave him alone
<Daifan> I don't think he woudl be happy to see me again if that isn't the case.
<Daifan> but he might speak with me again.
<Jaigadu> Quite understandable.
<Junan> especially if a way of being left alone is presented
* Daifan nods
<Daifan> I would be willing to do that - to bring him solutions.
<Jaigadu> If his territory is clearly delineated and formally claimed, it will make it more difficult for either side to interfere with it.
<Junan> I'm not sure how long were in town, but I think its worth the effort to stay longer and follow up
* Daifan nods
<Daifan> We coudl make our own way back, if we needed to.
<Junan> very true
<Daifan> Llillilli would probably say if I asked her to
<Junan> I wouldnt complain about the presence her companionship would bring while traveling
* Daifan smirks
<Junan> I did want to ask you if you had seen or heard from Atsusei recently
<Jaigadu> Atsusei? I haven't seen him in a while, no. I assumed he was off on some longer errand.
<Jaigadu> Why do you ask?
<Junan> He was supposed to have returned to Charadip a few weeks ago and his aunt is quite worried for him
<Jaigadu> Ah... that is a concern. I hope no harm has come to him.
<Jaigadu> I can make inquiries here, as to whether anyone knows of his whereabouts?
<Junan> She is quite concerned something bad has indeed happened to him.
* Jaigadu nods
<Junan> She is a mystic, Widiil, and has a habit of frequently communicating with him via magic
<Jaigadu> I was planning on returning to Kaskind soon - perhaps once I'm there I can aid in searching for him.
* Daifan doens't know much about this intrigue and will sip apple wine and snack elegantly on fancy treats while listening
<Junan> She believes that his work with Zefa had resulted in some strong moral conflicts with Atsusei.
<Jaigadu> What sort of moral conflicts?
* Daifan makes a bit of a face at the menion of Zefa
<Junan> I can only speak on what Widiil told me, but she said he was sorely disturbed by his work.
<Junan> but unfortunately did not provide any details.
<Jaigadu> Hmm. That is concerning, certainly.
<Daifan> That whole place is cursed. They may have removed the haunting, but misfortune still breeds there.
<Junan> When I inquired about Atsusei at the Silver Waves, he had supposedly left a week before my enquirey
<Junan> taking a message back to the Academy
<Jaigadu> So he should have arrived back here some time ago.
<Junan> my point in touching base with you, since I doubt many move around here without your knowing
<Jaigadu> I would know if he had returned here, certainly. When he did not, I imagined Zefa or someone else had sent him on some task that required a longer journey.
<Jaigadu> To learn that he was supposed to return here, but has not, is worrying.
<Daifan> Possibly she sent himon a *very long* journey >.>
<Junan> I'm not saying that he has been killed. Zefa's apprentice's father is a Ruby mystic, and could preventing magical observations.
<Daifan> why?
<Junan> Its a big risk killing an Envoy. One would have to be very sure you would not get caught doing so.
<Daifan> would she have known or suspected he was in contact with his aunt?
<Daifan> It seems that if that were not the case, no one would be asking any questions
<Junan> that depends on how well he kept that information to himself
<Junan> that she communicated with him
<Daifan> I mean... if it were not for that contact
<Junan> true
<Daifan> If I were having...moral questions, I would not likely reveal that I had such contacts.
<Jaigadu> Your friend is quite insightful, Junan. You should keep them close.
<Daifan> he knows.
<Junan> and I do
* Daifan smirks
* Junan continues
<Junan> With Zefa's little game with Kikhash, and this whole disappearance, I'm tempted just to go and convince Kikhash to send Sentinels to collect her.
* Jaigadu frowns slightly.
<Jaigadu> I understand your concerns, certainly. But do you have firm evidence you can produce that would support your case?
<Daifan> what kind of evidence woudl be needed?
<Junan> Evidence enough that it looks like a potentially dangerous game is being played. Having the General toss her stuff and see what comes out.
* Daifan asks, curious
* Junan shrugs
<Junan> I know its not the Envoy way of working things out, but those who play with words and money sometimes need to know that blades are a real risk if you piss off the wrong people.
<Jaigadu> Well... for the disappearance, I imagine there would need to be evidence that a crime took place. To find either Atsusei, or his body. As it is, it might be assumed that he left of his own accord, or met with some accident in his travels, neither of which would be against the law.
<Jaigadu> But if you truly believe this is the best course of action, I'll do what I can to aid you, Junan. I don't think you would take such a step lightly.
<Daifan> do you think Kikhash would do it?
<Junan> There is so much smoke of wrong-doings that sometimes I feel like I can feel the heat of the flames, even if I cant see the fire.
* Daifan nods
<Daifan> It would put him in conflict with his wife's people...
<Junan> I think Kikhash wants to be pushed to do it.
<Daifan> but possibly that's why they have gotten away with it all so far.
* Daifan nods
<Junan> Its an arrow that once you let loose, there is no going back.
<Daifan> Mmhmm
<Junan> which brings me also back to the Mystics and these tensions
<Jaigadu> The nambimoshe needs to rest on secure foundations. If there's the perception that it was founded on deceit or foul play, that undermines all my efforts.
<Junan> then I'm thinking we should fire that arrow sooner than later.
<Jaigadu> I was plannig to be back in Kaskind in about two weeks' time. Can you wait until then? I would prefer to be on site for such a development.
<Junan> and maybe with regards to the Mystics, they need to consider the cost that a single arrow could do to them.
<Junan> years of training and study lost if they cannot be returned.
<Junan> I wonder if they've thought long and hard enough on that.
<Jaigadu> I think there are those here who see that wisdom - and others who do not.
<Jaigadu> The mystics, as any group, are not all of a single mind.
<Junan> I am very glad they are like that. And I know I will do what I can to ensure that Kaskind does not become the thing they unite behind.
<Jaigadu> In that, we share a common goal, to be sure.
* Daifan nods

Katenzhi's friend Tseta meets up with them and they discuss Yeggun's fate

<AshnabisNarrator> Meanwhile, back at the Quail's Cup ... it appears that Junan and Daifan have settled in for the evening wherever they're headed, or at least, not coming back anytime soon. Figures.
<AshnabisNarrator> That leaves the three of you to your own devices at the Quail's Cup. You've just finished your dinner and are enjoying the local music here when Katenzhi, you see a familiar face enter the bar. It is Tseta Tsamorg.
* Tseta is a hale woman in her mid-twenties wearing a long green-grey dashi cinched at the waist with a leather belt, and high black boots. She smiles as she spies you across the room.
<Tseta> Kat! I wondered if I'd find you in here! Saw the Menagerie in port when I arrived, wondered whether I'd lost the wind in my sails in my dotage.
* Tseta heads over to your table.
* Llillilli eyes her warily
<Katenzhi> Tseta!
* Katenzhi stands and hugs her as she comes over.
<Tseta> Jimba, Llillilli, good to see you both.
<Katenzhi> How've you been? The waters treating you well?
* Jimba smiles.
<Llillilli> Hi.
<Jimba> What brings you to Charadip, Tseta?
<Tseta> The Great Gar, same as always. She brings me everywhere!
* Tseta laughs.
* Jimba chuckles, then winces lightly.
<Tseta> But seriously, though - business, at long last.
* Katenzhi orders Tseta a round.
<Jimba> At long last?
<Tseta> I mean ... you know ... I guess it's safe for folks from the Fort to drink here again? Good thing. That business with Shotser was a pain in my business for months. Glad to be done with it.
<Jimba> You and me, both. He's lost it, you ask me.
<Tseta> Could be, could be.
<Tseta> It was very tricky here for a while. It's all about struggles over in the blue quarter.
<Katenzhi> Strange times. Things are rough all over right now.
<Katenzhi> White waters in every direction.
* Tseta waves over in the direction of the Academy and where the Ombesh folk live in town.
<Tseta> The Academy is not just for bookworms any more, so it seems.
<Jimba> What do you mean?
<Tseta> The mystics, playing at war.
* Llillilli makes a face.
<Katenzhi> Stubborn bastards. They know as much about real fighting as they do about real magic, I'd wager.
* Jimba smirks.
<Tseta> I don't know all the details but there's a new person over there, some sort of advisor, showed up a few months back, maybe in Kerei sometime?
<Jimba> What do you know about them?
<Tseta> Name is Ebekh. Sent from the Academy, not this one, the big one, back in Basai or whatever. Sent, I guess, to advise on political and military matters, let the Principal do her thing and he does his.
<Katenzhi> Huh.
<Jimba> Political and military matters, huh?
<Jimba> That doesn't sound ominous at all.
<Llillilli> Why does a school need to worry about military matters
<Tseta> But very quiet. Like, I'm sure someone in Kaskind knows about him, but officially, the Principal is still in charge of the colony. For now.
<Katenzhi> How did you find out then?
<Tseta> It's not just a school though, right, is it? I mean, that's what they play at. But it's an Academy - and like the big Academy back home, it deals in much more.
<Tseta> Well, I'm not totally out of the loop. This coast is my home, mind you.
<Llillilli> I wouldn't know.
<Tseta> The way I see it, that's why folks here decided to reach out to Kaskind: Ebekh came in, didn't like the way things were being run, didn't want to be in league with pirates.
<Katenzhi> So they're shaking things up?
<Tseta> Well, they already have. Hence, the Battle of Pashas.
<Jimba> I mean, might as well say he doesn't want to be in league with...well, Ashnabis. ;)
<Tseta> People who come in here, mess with old ways, forget that we Aummesh have our own politics. You mess with that, you bear the consequences.
* Jimba nods.
<Katenzhi> Ugh... politics. Seems like we keep getting drawn into them lately.
<Jimba> We can't seem to convince the Fort of that.
<Jimba> Try as we might.
<Katenzhi> Yeah
<Llillilli> Yeah I'm pretty tired of it.
<Tseta> So I'm not saying that Yeggun hasn't , uh, lost it, like you say, Jimba. But it's not so simple.
* Jimba sighs.
<Jimba> I know.
<Katenzhi> It never is
<Tseta> There's more than a few here still who think that Yeggun was done over hard. To go against him like that - not the way it's done. I can see their point. You don't want to be in business with a man, that's one thing. But to torch his fleet ... that's cruel.
<Jimba> In general, I can see that point. But we were at Pashas.
<Jimba> We saw what he and his people did to them.
<Jimba> He got off light.
* Llillilli nods grimly.
<Llillilli> They attacked the People's hatching pools.
<Tseta> I'm not saying what he did at Pashas was right. Just that ... what he did, he did for reasons, and that without the Academy pushing him, that would never have happened.
* Jimba nods.
<Llillilli> A man makes his own decisions.
<Jimba> So you think this new guy is going to try to curb that?
<Llillilli> ANd reaps the rewards.
<Jimba> (to Llillilli) A pair of pfethes in the back, if I miss my guess.
<Tseta> Well, I don't know - Omban folks don't always make sense to me, and Omban mystics even moreso. But this Ebekh seems to want to make peace and play nice with Kaskind, expand borders, you know, to be a real colony, not just a school with fos farms.
<Katenzhi> Huh...
<Jimba> Well, he keeps to that, I'd be happy.
<Jimba> So long as he treats the Aummesh well, too, and leaves the Hith to themselves.
<Tseta> My guess is that the whole deal with Kaskind, that was his way of getting out from this deal with Yeggun and the Cormorants, and a show of good faith to Kaskind. Not that they're best friends, now, mind.
* Jimba nods.
* Tseta finishes her drink and orders another round for you folks.
<Tseta> Anyway, it's still all a bit tense here. Shotser's folk, there were some in town when the battle hit. Some of them got out, others didn't. Across the whole Cormorant Fleet, maybe one in five ships afloat, only one in ten undamaged.
<Katenzhi> Too many people with too many schemes. This whole place is a nest of gators.
<Jimba> Well, it was that before the people got here, Kat. ;)
<Katenzhi> Heh
<Tseta> And here in Charadip, it's as if there was never an agreement with them. Just pretending like we're all back to happy normal times.
<Jimba> But, yeah. I'd be curious to see how much of a fleet Shotser can hold on to.
<Jimba> Hmm.
<Jimba> That seems...foolish.
<Tseta> Well like I say, they don't understand. Shotser, that's not just one man, that's a lineage, and it has *ties*.
* Jimba nods.
<Tseta> Folk are tied up with one another through marriage and property and hundreds of years of history. You don't just fuck with that and expect there to be no consequences.
<Jimba> Shouldn't have to understand the Aummesh to get that. That's true pretty much anywhere.
<Tseta> Yeah, and I'm sure this Ebekh knows it in principle, but it's tough - mystics don't take family seriously the way we do. They are their own breed.
* Jaigadu is now known as Bitsaar
<Katenzhi> Has anyone heard anything from Yeggun?
* Tseta smiles.
<Tseta> He's made his way to where they won't find him for a long time, if ever.
<Katenzhi> Also not at all ominous.
<Tseta> You ever hear of Sednidze?
<Llillilli> (have I?)
<AshnabisNarrator> (you can make a K: geography, if you have it)
<AshnabisNarrator> (it's not really K:local)
<Jimba> !roll 1d20+8
* Lan-werk rolls for Jimba: [ 1d20+8 ] getting [ 10 ] which, after the modifier [ 8 ] totals [ 18 ].
<Llillilli> !roll 1d20+10
* Lan-werk rolls for Llillilli: [ 1d20+10 ] getting [ 13 ] which, after the modifier [ 10 ] totals [ 23 ].
<Katenzhi> Can't say I have.
<AshnabisNarrator> (sec)
<AshnabisNarrator> Llillilli, you've heard of it - it's an island far to the west and north, known to the Hith as Wheshush. It's covered entirely in mists, and is believed/known to be a very dangerous place.
<Llillilli> Whehush.
<Llillilli> He went there?
* Llillilli is a touch incredulous.
<Katenzhi> Why, what is it?
<Llillilli> A very dangerous place, it is said.
* Tseta nods.
<Tseta> That's the truth.
<Tseta> An island, far west and north of here, out in Tzameddi waters, almost out of Niineha Bay entirely. Covered in mists at all times. No one with any sense would ever go there, except in dire circumstances.
<Tseta> They say there's haunts aplenty there, and I don't doubt it, with the shipwrecks there've been over the centuries. And maybe worse.
<Llillilli> Mmm.
<Katenzhi> Then I'm guessing we probably won't be seeing him again?
<Llillilli> We can hope.
* Tseta shrugs.
<Tseta> You ask me, there's more than a few folk around here who will live to regret that he made it away from the Battle of Pashas. I'm sure glad I was far away from that action.
<Tseta> He doesn't seem the type to simply go away and never come back.
<Jimba> I don't know. I wouldn't mind seeing him again. For a couple minutes, and then never again.
* Tseta laughs, then stifles it.
<Tseta> Don't be stupid.
<Katenzhi> He can't help it.
* Llillilli snorts.
* Katenzhi winks at Jimba
<Jimba> I really can't.
<Tseta> How did you get hurt?
<Katenzhi> A spider plant tried to suck his juices.
<Jimba> Spider plant thing. What did they say they were called again?
<Tseta> Oooh, a widow creeper. Exciting!
<Katenzhi> You ever think we live kind of a strange life?
<Jimba> Yes.
<Jimba> That's why I moved to Kaskind. :)
<Tseta> So you are still working for the land registry?
* Llillilli nods.
<Katenzhi> Yup. And starting a fos business. Beats cleaning decks in Ratsla.
<Jimba> We own a warehouse now, too.
<Katenzhi> We're diversifying.
<Jimba> Expanding the family enterprise, bit by bit.
<Katenzhi> Oh... Llillilli got married!
<Jimba> Dang it, I was just about to say that.
<Tseta> Oh, I heard about that!
* Jimba smiles.
<Tseta> Thelef Aanilaus ... a lot of local ladies looking to get a piece of that, back in the day ... uhh, no offense.
* Llillilli shrugs.
<Katenzhi> Also I'm... betrothed... I guess.
<Tseta> Oh, now that is news! Who's the lucky fellow?
<Katenzhi> Gefraz Argolda.
<Katenzhi> It's an old family from Choradan. It was... my parents idea.
<Katenzhi> You know how they can be.
<Tseta> I've heard of them - merchants. A good catch!
* Katenzhi nods.
<Katenzhi> Good for business, at least.
<Tseta> Well, I expect to be invited, regardless.
<Katenzhi> Oh of course! If I can find you! It's really good to see you again.
* Tseta smiles.
<Tseta> You too. Whenever the Gar is in port in Kaskind, I'll drop by.
<Katenzhi> Absolutely!

Bitsaar propositions Veznara, who turns him down (kindly)

* Veznara goes to see Bitsaar after he has discharged his duties
<Veznara> Voice Bitsaar! I trust everything went well?
<Bitsaar> Yes, there were no difficulties. The family were glad to receive their ancestor.
* Veznara nods
<Veznara> I'm sure. It seems fitting.
<Bitsaar> In truth, it would be a good solution for many of the ancestors we look after. It is difficult for their families to visit them, those who have living descendants still.
<Veznara> Are many of those descendants here in Charadip, now?
<Veznara> Or possibly Kaskind or Timiil?
<Bitsaar> There are descendants in many places, yes. They have not all remained as close.
<Bitsaar> But without their willingness to pay for transportation, or their interest in making appropriate arrangements, it is our duty to keep tending to the ancestors where they rest now.
* Veznara nods
<Veznara> Do people come to consult them often?
<Bitsaar> Perhaps a few each month, but not very many.
<Veznara> How many came last month, for example?
* Bitsaar thinks back.
<Bitsaar> Three, two from the same family.
<Veznara> (Sense Motive to determine whether he's holding something back?)
<Bitsaar> I admit... this was not what I expected, in joining the priesthood. I hoped that I would be helping people who had lost relatives with their grief, counseling them, aiding their recovery and their healing.
<Veznara> And how is it different from what you expected?
<Bitsaar> Well, no new ancestors are brought to our temple. No one comes there who has lost their spouse or their child... the ancestors they come to visit, when they even do come at all, are two or three generations removed, or even older.
<Veznara> There are visitors from other Temples, though? I noticed that Voice Tegus left Kaskind for a short time a while ago... perhaps to come to you?
<Bitsaar> Yes, he did visit recently. It's not quite the same, as having people whose relatives you are responsible for tending.
<Veznara> No, I suppose not.
<Veznara> I don't suppose you discussed possible reassignment with him? It sounds like service in another Temple would be more in line with what you want to do.
<Bitsaar> No, I didn't... I was chosen for this assignment because I'm strong, I can do the work of lifting and carrying things that Voice Witis is no longer able to do. It would mean someone would need to replace me there, and I don't know who would be open to such a post.
<Veznara> (Does he sound like he feels trapped? Or at least like he wouldn't mind a change?)
<AshnabisGM> (he certainly sounds like he would like a change, but feels an obligation to stay)
<Veznara> Well, I'm sure someone else will feel the calling some time. Re-assignment is always possible... that's how I ended up here, after all.
<Bitsaar> You must have travelled very far - did you want to come here, or was it something that was asked of you?
<Veznara> It was asked of me. It is far away from home, and family; but I've tried to make the best of it.
<Bitsaar> It must be difficult.
* Veznara shrugs and smiles
<Veznara> Well, it was a change, certainly. But it hasn't been so terrible. I've certainly met some good people.
<Bitsaar> I can't imagine being so far away from family. At least here, even if I'm alone much of the time, I have the chance to see them occasionally.
<Bitsaar> You must be very lonely as well...
* Bitsaar leans a bit closer to you, looking hopeful.
<Veznara> It's been difficult. But I do have at least one cousin in Kaskind; and my sisters in the Temple have been most welcoming.
<Veznara> And I am devoted to the service of the Ancestors, of course.
* Veznara says, happily but firmly.
* Bitsaar nods
<Bitsaar> Well, if you did happen to hope for some company other than that of your sisters, there are options....
* Bitsaar doesn't move in further but is clearly open to those options
* Veznara blushes, and looks down
<Bitsaar> I thought maybe you were interested. Was I wrong?
<Bitsaar> I won't bother you further if you say you aren't interested.
<Veznara> I... you are very attractive, Bitsaar. But.. I just enjoyed your company. I wasn't thinking of... anything else.
<Bitsaar> Ah. I understand. My apologies for misinterpreting your interest.
<Bitsaar> I'll meet you back at the boat in the morning for the return trip. Good evening, Hand Veznara.
<Veznara> No, *I*'m sorry. I've led a sheltered life in many ways... I didn't realize.
* Bitsaar smiles
<Bitsaar> It's all right. Maybe another time, if we happen to meet again, we can talk further. I was enjoying your company too.
* Bitsaar heads off, then.
* Veznara nods, and smiles slightly - but not too much? This is hard!

They regroup and discuss what they've learned

* Daifan can come bact to the Quail's Cup
* Veznara also returns to the Quail's Cup, half disturbed and half unaccountably pleased.
* Daifan is still in disguise, but will come sit with the rest of the menagerie folks
<Daifan> Having a good evening?
* Llillilli shrugs indifferently
* Daifan seems pretty chill even thogh they seem to have ditched Junan (or the other way, who knows ;)
* Katenzhi grins seeing Veznara looking pleased.
<Daifan> Junan ran into Envoy Jaigadu
<Daifan> so they are still carousing
<Daifan> I thought I would give them sometime alone ;)
<Katenzhi> (Is Tseta still around or has she left?)
<AshnabisNarrator> (let's say she's gone now)
<Katenzhi> (k k)
<Katenzhi> That should keep him busy for a while, then. We ran into an old friend of mine.
<Daifan> mmhmmm
<Daifan> Something did come up while we were talking with him though
<Katenzhi> Oh?
<Daifan> The academy is still tryng to get someone to help with with Brother Bones
<Daifan> I said I could try and talk to him again.... aslong as they are trying to find a way to have him left alone
<Katenzhi> Are you gonna go see him, then?
<Veznara> I got the impression that the Academy didn't want to leave him alone, though. They want him gone, don't they?
<Llillilli> I'm sure that will go well for them
* Llillilli says flatly.
* Jimba nods.
<Veznara> I certainly don't want any harm to come to him. But it seems he can handle himself when it comes to the Academy.
<Katenzhi> Even he has to have limits. The academy may be useless at most things, but there's a lot of them and only one of him.
<Daifan> well, I said I could stay and see, for a day or so.
<Llillilli> By yourself?
<Daifan> Jaigadu wants there to be peace in the area. I think he thought our original plan had merit - to have his claim formally recognized
* Daifan shrugs
<Daifan> I'm the only one he has talked to
<Daifan> I was goign to see if you would come though, at least for the trip home...
* Daifan asks Llillilli
* Llillilli shrugs.
<Llillilli> Alright.
<Daifan> thank you.
* Jimba smiles.
<Veznara> You want to make a stop there, then? All of us?
<Daifan> I dn't think that's necessary
<Daifan> BItsaar still needs to get back to his terrible barren rock
<Veznara> Ah.... yes. I suppose so.
<Katenzhi> How are you going to get there?
<Daifan> its overland to his territory
<Veznara> Do you have an actual offer to him from the Academy?
* Daifan shrugs
<Daifan> No. I'm not sure that's what Jaigadu is interested in. If there's nothig useful to say we can just go back home