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Session date: September 20, 2020
Fair Cycle date:


<AshnabisNarrator> In the villages of the Aummesh, the reckoners sometimes tell a tale - The Price of Breath:
<AshnabisNarrator> When your fathers were still arrogant and your grandfathers still swift of foot, the knave Nimpaal was a foolish boy whose breath stank of raumak. He took himself into the swamp, deeper than any of our lineage lands, beyond even where the hunters seek the hippo and the crane.
<AshnabisNarrator> There, Nimpaal came upon Brother Bones. With every breath, the fiend drew life from the land; his voice was as hail on hard ground. "Go from here, young fellow," said the fiend. "My breath may be gone but my life is my own."
<AshnabisNarrator> But Nimpaal heeded not the warning, and stepped one pace closer. "Speak not of life and breath. This is our land, not governed by the merely dead."
<AshnabisNarrator> "My voice shall be the ash upon your pyre. Begone, lest you bear the cost," said Brother Bones, rattling forward with a gasp and a whisper.
<AshnabisNarrator> But again the knave heeded not the warning, and stepped one pace closer. "Your words are as nothing to me," he spat in disgust.
<AshnabisNarrator> "Then thus is my curse: your words shall be your last."
<AshnabisNarrator> Brother Bones struck the ground thrice with his staff, and drew a deep breath. The knave grew pale, as the air drew from his lungs. The knave fell.
<AshnabisNarrator> When his kinsmen found him, Nimpaal's body was left at the edge of his grandfather's lands as a warning, pebble-white, chest sunken.
<AshnabisNarrator> And though his family reclaimed his spirit unto his corpse, still his breath came back never. And so it is with all who cross Brother Bones - they become the children of whispers.
<AshnabisNarrator> Every life has its value; every breath has its price.

Bivizmi reveals to Katenzhi that she has been having strange visions

<AshnabisGM> Katenzhi, you and Bivizmi have been working hard to get your fos harvested. Oignestros was correct that in ten days would be the best time to begin gathering the plants, and the crop has been considerable.
<AshnabisGM> You've been back and forth to the site of the farm several times with a rented wagon to bring all of it to Bivizmi's workshop for processing.
<AshnabisGM> It will still be a little while before you can hope to bring it to market, as the processing takes time, but nevertheless it feels good having something tangible to show for your efforts, as you look over the grimy piles of uprooted plants.
* NPC2 is now known as Bivizmi
* Bivizmi has also been working long hours to help with the processing, on top of the work she is of course doing for her family's business as well. However, she found time last night to go have dinner with Sarduvos Ghorokron, to see if they might be able to make a match or not.
<Bivizmi> He seems nice. He took me to the Garden Gate - it's a new restaurant, they have a lot of little fancy dishes, mostly vegetables...
* Bivizmi says as you are helping to hang freshly-washed fos plants in her family's drying barn one afternoon after your regular work is done.
* Katenzhi smiles.
<Katenzhi> What did you talk about?
<Bivizmi> Oh... about work, about the town, where we like to go, things we like to do...
<Bivizmi> We talked for a long time. I can definitely see why you thought he'd be easy to get along with - he's friendly, easy-going, seems like he has a pretty good head on his shoulders.
* Katenzhi wipes the dirty water off her hands and nods.
<Bivizmi> You came up.
<Katenzhi> Oh? Should I ask how?
* Bivizmi smiles
<Bivizmi> Well, he knows we're business partners... I'm sure he could figure out that you were the one who might have mentioned him to me.
<Bivizmi> And he said early on that he wanted to go to a restaurant because he felt like maybe the last time he took a girl out, he didn't make so good an impression ;)
* Katenzhi laughs
* Bivizmi teases
<Katenzhi> Actually, that was part of what I found most charming.
<Katenzhi> Beer and shellfish are my kind of date.
<Katenzhi> But I'm glad you got a more expensive meal out of him ;)
<Bivizmi> Heh, I'll let him know. We agreed we'd meet up again next week or so, once this part of the processing is done.
<Katenzhi> Does he know about... us?
<Bivizmi> Ah... that part didn't come up. I thought maybe if we get more serious, then I'll bring it up, but it didn't seem like a first date kind of subject.
* Katenzhi nods.
<Katenzhi> I just wondered if he'd worked it out. He seemed bright.
<Bivizmi> do you think I should, though? next time we meet?
* Katenzhi shrugs. "I don't know. How much did you say about your situation?"
<Bivizmi> Well, I think he gave me the same speech he gave you, about how a Sentinel's wife has to be prepared to be alone a lot, how his job might require him to be away, and so on.
<Katenzhi> Yup. Sounds familiar
<Bivizmi> I told him that didn't bother me. I have my work to keep me busy, and I might have said something about my family and friends being nearby as well, to help out.
<Katenzhi> Well, he probably already knows you have a ton of family around.
<Bivizmi> Oh yes.. that definitely came up.
<Katenzhi> I mean, you'll probably have to talk about it sometime before any kind of agreement is on the table.
<Katenzhi> But I don't know.
<Bivizmi> I had to tell him all of my sisters and everyone else would want to meet...
* Bivizmi seems to falter in the middle of her sentence, her eyes unfocused and staring wildly at nothing you can see.
<Bivizmi> The temple... it's burning
<Katenzhi> Biv?
<Katenzhi> What... are you ok?
<Bivizmi> we have to get out, quick, it's on fire!
<Katenzhi> What temple?
* Bivizmi looks around like she's trying to find the door, but can't seem to see it, even though it's right there
* Katenzhi gently puts an arm around her
<Katenzhi> hey, hey...
<Katenzhi> it's ok...
<Katenzhi> Bivizmi, listen, It's Kat... You're ok!
* Bivizmi shakes her head as you put your arm around her, gradually seeming to come back to herself.
<Bivizmi> oh... sorry...
<Katenzhi> Hey, it's ok...
<Bivizmi> can we just step outside for a minute and get some air?
* Katenzhi nods and helps her out the door.
<Katenzhi> Sit down over here... do you want some water?
<Bivizmi> I'm okay. Just need to catch my breath.
* Bivizmi is pale and clearly shaken as she sits down.
<Katenzhi> What happened?
<Katenzhi> You were talking about a temple burning...
<Bivizmi> I ... it's nothing, just a weird... daydream, I guess.
<Katenzhi> Is it... has that happened before?
<Bivizmi> Um...
<Bivizmi> Yeah, I've been having a lot of them. They always pass pretty quickly, so I didn't want to worry you about it.
<Katenzhi> Ancestors...
<Katenzhi> Has it been since you... came back?
<Bivizmi> I knew there would be a price to coming back... they told me that, the Voice priests. There's always a cost...
* Katenzhi nods.
* Katenzhi puts her arms around her and pulls her into a hug.
<Katenzhi> It's ok...
* Bivizmi leans against you
<Bivizmi> At first it was just bad dreams.
<Bivizmi> I could deal with that, even if I didn't like it, you know? They were just dreams.
<Bivizmi> But then it started happening when I was awake too... I don't know if that's... normal or not. If it's all part of the same thing, or something different. Maybe I'm going crazy.
<Katenzhi> Have you talked to the voice about it?
<Bivizmi> No... you're the first person I've told.
<Katenzhi> You're not going crazy.
* Katenzhi glances up to the barn full of pale oracle.
<Katenzhi> I wonder...
<Katenzhi> Maybe it's that plant. You've been around so much of it lately.
<Bivizmi> oh... I didn't think of that. I guess... maybe, it could have an effect?
<Katenzhi> Maybe. Why don't I finish hanging the bit that's left. After that maybe try not going near the stuff for a few days. See if it helps.
* Bivizmi nods
<Bivizmi> It has to dry for a little while anyway, so I won't go in the barn until next week. I'll see if it makes a difference.
* Katenzhi nods.
<Katenzhi> When did it start being more than dreams?
* Bivizmi tries to think back.
<Bivizmi> I guess maybe... a couple of months ago? But it's been getting more frequent lately. Maybe you're right and it does have something to do with how much of the plants I've been exposed to.
<Katenzhi> Well... we'll see. But no matter what, we'll figure something out. You're not going crazy.
* Bivizmi nods as she leans against you, her skin chill to the touch.
<Katenzhi> I love you...
<Bivizmi> I love you too.
* Bivizmi gives you a quick kiss since no one is around to see right now.
* Katenzhi kisses her back.

Veznara speaks to Ikhavor about secrets in the church

<AshnabisNarrator> Veznara, your recent meeting with Zusir Mopister has further confirmed what Lentus reported to you about the actions of the Voice during the Osnabi campaign, over three centuries ago in this very region.
<AshnabisNarrator> Whatever may have happened so long ago, it is clear that some in the Voice still care very much about what is believed, and what is known. Your meeting with Zusir has made you deeply aware of the extent to which some might go. Yet you must proceed - because to do otherwise would abandon the quest for truth.
<AshnabisNarrator> You are just leaving the temple one evening when you see Ikhavor Kairusmo approaching you from down the Colony Road, in haste.
* NPC1 is now known as Ikhavor
* Ikhavor is wearing a blue-green dashi with grey trousers and high leather boots, and a heavy cloak around her shoulders.
<Ikhavor> Veznara!
<Veznara> Hello, Ikhavor.
<Ikhavor> I'm glad I caught you. Are you just leaving?
<Veznara> I am, yes.
<Ikhavor> I wanted to talk to you.
<Veznara> Of course. Should we go back inside? Or find somewhere else?
<Ikhavor> Either is fine.
* Veznara will conduct here somewhere they can talk privately
<Veznara> (her)
<Ikhavor> You went to the Auggi. Right after we spoke on the matter, some weeks ago?
<Veznara> Yes - the Land Registry sent us there. It was quite a coincidence; I didn't ask for the assignment, we were just sent on it.
<Veznara> I met Voice Bitsaar and Voice Witis.
<Ikhavor> What was your impression of them?
<Veznara> Voice Witis was not happy to see outsiders there; but he did help us when we returned from our mission with one member wounded.
<Veznara> Voice Bitsaar was, ah, friendlier. He confirmed that Voice Tegus had been to the Temple.
* Ikhavor nods.
<Ikhavor> I suppose that would have been ridiculous to deny.
<Veznara> Well, it came up indirectly...
<Veznara> I didn't find out exactly what Voice Tegus was doing, though of course I think we have a good idea
<Veznara> But do you have any news?
<Ikhavor> I don't ... not really. I was hoping to learn more from you.
* Veznara sighs
<Veznara> I think... I fear... that there is something there.
<Veznara> How has Voice Tegus been since he returned?
<Ikhavor> It's hard to say. Quiet. I don't think it's wise to ask him about this directly.
<Veznara> I agree. I've heard others say that he's a good man... do you think so too?
<Ikhavor> I think so. Someone of his rank inevitably has a complex life, but ... yes, I trust that he has a firm moral center.
* Veznara nods
<Ikhavor> It is always going to be the case, with a Voice of such stature, that they will know things, of both past and present, that they are loath to say.
<Veznara> Yes. I can well imagine. And in this case, I think he may be torn.
<Ikhavor> Torn between what?
<Veznara> Between telling the truth, and doing what he believes to be best for the Corps. :/
* Ikhavor considers that, and then nods.
<Ikhavor> Or that he does not consider you or I particularly to be entrusted with the truth?
<Veznara> Well, I don't take it personally. But yes, I don't think he's eager to tell either of us what he knows.
<Ikhavor> But you believe Lentus ... and Buhin.
* Veznara nods
<Veznara> I do.
<Veznara> But what about you?
<Ikhavor> I don't know. I want to trust you, at least.
<Ikhavor> Beyond that: can I really trust the Voice to ever want such matters to be revealed, no matter how long ago they took place?
<Veznara> How would your order react, do you think?
<Ikhavor> I don't know. We are few, and we are always dependent on the Voice. Upset, certainly, if it were known to be true.
<Ikhavor> But then - it would depend on what the truth really is. If this has something to do with ... with Rushultagri, as you said - well, that is a sensitive matter.
<Ikhavor> Even as a folk tale. Folktales have great power. And sometimes they contain seeds of truth.
<Veznara> How would it affect things?
<Ikhavor> It is a kind of heresy, one long dormant, or really, never really active.
<Ikhavor> But the Corps is already nervous about Ashnabis in general - what this province represents, both for past and future.
<Veznara> How so?
<Ikhavor> Imagine new sects emerging around this belief. Or hordes of pilgrims moving here.
* Veznara nods
<Veznara> A split, yes, that would be dangerous.
<Ikhavor> The Corps is made of creaking bones, seven centuries of tradition. You must have seen this yourself. They have no interest in this sort of thing being shared. And I worry about how they would react against those who would share it - regardless of its truth. But it seems to have enough truth to it that I don't think we can stop.
<Ikhavor> I can't, at any rate.
<Ikhavor> And ... I hope you can't also.
* Veznara sighs
<Veznara> No, I can't.
<Veznara> And I'm afraid that puts us both in great danger.
<Ikhavor> Well ... what allies can we muster?
<Veznara> I'm afraid the Voice *was
* behind what happened. And that even today, they're willing to go to great lengths to cover it up.
<Veznara> !roll 1d20+14
* Lan-werk rolls for Veznara: [ 1d20+14 ] getting [ 8 ] which, after the modifier [ 14 ] totals [ 22 ].
<Ikhavor> (you don't think it was leading)
<Veznara> I don't think we can count on anyone in the Corps itself. I haven't been *ordered
* to back off from this subject, but I nearly was.
<Ikhavor> Agreed. The Hand may not be directly involved but I can see that they would not want to be disruptive.
<Veznara> You did mention a possible trip to Auggi before... I understand that Stoneguards have a right to speak with Stoneguard Ancestors?
<Ikhavor> Yes, we have that right. But are there such ancestors?
<Veznara> (I don't think I actually confirmed that, did I?)
<Ikhavor> (nope)
<Veznara> (Ah, but Bitsaar did say there were some very old Stoneguards there! log 37:
<Bitsaar> There are some remains of stoneguards here, very old ones. But I am not permitted to consult with them - only Voice Witis tends to their remains.)
<Veznara> I believe there are. When I asked Voice Bitsaar, he said that there are some very old ones there - but only Voice Witis tends to them.
<Veznara> And then he got uncomfortable when I pressed for more information, and said he didn't think he was supposed to be talking to me about this.
<Ikhavor> Hmm. Well. We could try. But not knowing who they are or anything about them ... it is likely to attract attention.
<Ikhavor> At the very least, it would alert Voice Witis to our interest, which he may not yet know.
<Veznara> Yes, I'm afraid so. Especially if Voice Tegus did indeed come to consult them on his own trip.
<Ikhavor> So do you still want to do it?
<Veznara> Could we count on Voice Witis to give honest answers, if this is something the Voice wants to cover up?
<Ikhavor> Presumably not.
<Ikhavor> The Voice are not required to share all the information they know - in fact, it would be highly disruptive if they were.
<Veznara> There is also Voice Bitsaar... he, ah, may have a soft spot for me.
<Veznara> But I don't know if it's enough to ask for something like *this*.
* Ikhavor nods.
<Veznara> Are there others at the Temple who might help?
<Ikhavor> I would not ask you to do something you were not comfortable with.
<Ikhavor> At the Temple, no. I am the only Stoneguard of any real standing - I am training an apprentic, Erufifa, and she would help, but ... she is just a young girl, really.
<Veznara> Voice Gili seems to care about honouring the Ancestors properly... he came to ask me about another mission, earlier. But would he want to uncover the truth, or stamp out the potential heresy?
<Ikhavor> He wants to be head of the Temple someday. He may not be exceptionally fond of Tegus, but ... I don't know. That seems risky.
<Veznara> Well, we can think on it. Perhaps Bitsaar is the most likely source of help.
<Veznara> In the meantime... be careful.
<Ikhavor> I will. You too.
* Veznara nods
<Veznara> May the Ancestors watch over us both.

Jimba and Aptan discuss his future plans

<AshnabisGM> Jimba, while it seems that from Liraula's point of view Aptan's future is decided, perhaps it's worth asking the young man himself what he thinks. After all, he might have an opinion?
* Bivizmi is now known as Aptan
<Jimba> (I *guess*. If we must.)
<Jimba> ( ;) )
* Aptan has been spending a lot of his time hanging out in your warehouse drinking with Ulutse, although he will occasionally make himself useful when prompted.
* Jimba will go talk to him one of the time's he's visiting the warehouse.
* Aptan is sitting out front one night, without Ulutse there, giving you a chance to talk to him alone.
* Jimba will take a seat next to him.
* Aptan does have a drink and seems like he's probably already had a few before you got there.
<Aptan> oh hey Jimba... you want some of this?
<Jimba> Where's your other half tonight?
* Aptan offers you his bottle.
<Jimba> Sure.
* Jimba smiles and will take the offered drink.
* Aptan frowns a bit.
<Aptan> We had an argument... she's sleeping it off now, I hope.
<Jimba> What about?
<Aptan> I'm not sure I even know. She just gets angry sometimes.
<Aptan> Girls, right?
* Jimba chuckles.
<Jimba> Not sure I'm the right guy to talk to about that.
<Aptan> Oh, fair. You're more into guys?
* Jimba nods.
<Jimba> Mostly focused on business right now, though.
* Aptan nods
<Aptan> Maybe that's better, anyway.
<Aptan> I don't know what's going to happen with me and Ulutse. I feel like we're kind of in the same boat - it's not like she can go back home, and neither can I - but does that mean I'm supposed to spend the rest of my life with her?
<Aptan> I mean, I feel responsible for her, but do I love her? I don't know.
<Jimba> Do you like her?
<Aptan> I like her fine, yeah. But I don't know if that's good enough?
<Aptan> Like, we went through a lot together.
* Aptan says with a shrug.
<Aptan> And I understand what it's like to be picked out for some special purpose when you're young, and then tossed aside when you aren't useful anymore, I guess.
* Aptan takes a drink
<Jimba> You mean working with Yeggun?
* Aptan nods
<Aptan> My auntie sent me to Yeggun's fleet when I was fifteen. Did I get a say in it then? Fuck no.
<Aptan> I only half understood what I was supposed to be doing there. The part where I would spy on what they're doing and report back to her, I got that. The part where Yeggun likes young, pretty boys and that will give me a chance to get close to him... she was a little less clear on those details.
* Jimba frowns.
<Jimba> I'm...not sure I realized that part of it.
* Aptan shrugs
<Jimba> I'm sorry.
<Aptan> Well, I was getting too old for him anyway - I wouldn't have been able to keep his attention much longer, even if the battle hadn't happened. It was going to end one way or another.
<Jimba> Sure, but that couldn't have been a pleasant experience.
<Jimba> Can I ask you something?
<Aptan> sure.
<Jimba> Absent other considerations, what would you like to do now?
<Aptan> I don't know what I want... well, that's not true. I want to go back to the Black Stork and be able to sail there again, but I guess that isn't an option. So if that's not possible, then I don't know what I should do.
<Jimba> Well, I have an offer, but I would understand if it's not what you want. We could use more hands on the Menagerie. I thought I'd offer you and Ulutse a job.
<Jimba> It's not the Black Stork, but it's sailing.
* Aptan looks over at you, a bit surprised
<Jimba> And I plan to expand at some point.
<Aptan> That's.. really nice of you. I know we've been imposing on your hospitality for a while now. It would be good to have a way to pay you back for that.
<Aptan> I can't answer for Ulutse, obviously, but... I'm willing to give it a try.
<Jimba> You helped the people of Pfaeshes. This is me paying you back.
<Jimba> Though I guess you do owe me room and board. ;)
* Aptan chuckles at that.
<Aptan> maybe I could get a room somewhere that isn't a warehouse.
* Jimba nods.
<Jimba> Maybe I should look at investing in an inn...
<Aptan> It's a very nice warehouse, but, you know.
* Jimba chuckles.
<Jimba> Well, we can talk about pay and such, make sure you can afford something at least marginally better.
<Aptan> Thanks, Jimba. I appreciate it.
* Jimba claps him on the shoulder and stands.
<Jimba> You're welcome. Talk to Ulutse, and I will, too. See if she's interested.
<Jimba> Might as well put you two to work. :)
<Aptan> I will.
<Jimba> I'll leave you to your drinking, then. You'll get along well with Kat.
* Jimba smiles, nods, and will head out.
* Aptan laughs at that, and will do so.

Llillilli and Daifan pay a visit to Brother Bones

<AshnabisNarrator> Daifan and Llillilli, you've been walking for the better part of a day, north and west, through the swamp, to the end of the Colony Road and then overland to where, you hope, you might find Brother Bones where you encountered him last.
<AshnabisNarrator> Although you had hoped that Junan would be able to come with you, he is out of town looking for that envoy who had gone missing. You were never sure Brother Bones would talk to a hedal at all - he may not even talk to Llillilli, for all you know.
<AshnabisNarrator> The weather is cool - the skies are grey, and there has been some light rain, but it's still dry enough that the travel is not too challenging. Lllillilli's skills guide you quickly towards your destination.
<AshnabisNarrator> (you can have a moment if needed to talk strategy, etc.)
<Llillilli> He may only talk to you. If that's the case I can just wait for you.
<Llillilli> I'm mostly here to keep you safe anyway.
* Daifan noda
<Daifan> I think - he wants poeple to be afraid of him but also doesn't want to deal with anyone who is
<Daifan> but I can tell him... you are not exactly hedal, and you are Hithkindred, so... we will see if he will speak with you also
<Daifan> (Have we run into thatv thing again where we keep geting turned around?)
<Llillilli> THere is no one like me :)
<AshnabisNarrator> (not yet)
<AshnabisNarrator> (you're not quite there yet)
* Daifan smiles
<Daifan> That is true, Sunshine, there is not ;)
* Llillilli grins back.
<Daifan> I am not exactly sure what to do if he won;t speak to me again, though
<Daifan> but we will see
<AshnabisNarrator> Whereas last time you approached from the west (from the Charadip side) you're now approaching from the southeast. As you near the area where the ruined barrack-house lies, you see a glimpse of something grey-white on the ground ahead, foregrounded against the dark greens and browns of the Sestapor.
<Llillilli> Hm.
* Daifan nods and will cautiously approac to see what it is
* Llillilli will as well.
* Llillilli draws her pfethes just in case.
<Llillilli> (sneak sneak?)
<AshnabisNarrator> (sure, you can roll stealth)
<Llillilli> !roll 1d20+17
* Lan-werk rolls for Llillilli: [ 1d20+17 ] getting [ 3 ] which, after the modifier [ 17 ] totals [ 20 ].
<Llillilli> (lol but ok)
* Daifan is being cautious but not trying to hide for now
<Daifan> ...Brother Bones?
<AshnabisNarrator> You approach and see an area of flat stones laid out in a rough rectangle. Looking a little more closely, though, you see that the stones are fragments of bone, laid out in a grim mosaic. You struggle to comprehend what purpose this place must serve.
<Daifan> ...
<AshnabisNarrator> A deep, disembodied voice speaks suddenly in both Ombesh, and then Aummesh: GO AWAY!
<Daifan> (Can I roll a K:arcana, though?)
<AshnabisNarrator> (sure)
<Llillilli> ...Ah.
* Daifan rolls [ 2d20+6 ] getting [ 1 15 ] for a total of [ 16 ] which, after the modifier [ 6 ] totals [ 22 ]
<Daifan> (wait)
* Daifan rolls [ 1d20+6 ] getting [ 10 ] which, after the modifier [ 6 ] totals [ 16 ]
<AshnabisNarrator> You do think there are spells that could do this, Daifan.
<Daifan> that's... some kind of magic I think, not him, directly
<Daifan> (But I'd meant for the stones)
* Llillilli nods.
<AshnabisNarrator> (as for the stones: you're not sure)
* Llillilli will avoid disturbing them.
<Daifan> Brother Bones - it is Daifan. We have some to see if, perhaps.... we can help you to be left alone in other ways.
* Llillilli puts her weapons away, as well.
<AshnabisNarrator> You wait, and then you think you hear a rustling noise coming closer.
* Ikhavor is now known as Brother_Bones
* Brother_Bones emerges from the swamp at last, a heavyset man with a thick white beard, wearing the same blue and yellow patchwork dashi as last time.
<Daifan> Hello... we apologize for disturbing you again.
<Brother_Bones> I see that you are not very good at listening, Smiles. And I see that this time you have brought a friend.
* Brother_Bones says, in his rasping voice.
<Llillilli> Hello.
* Llillilli bows her head briefly.
<Brother_Bones> And who are you?
<Daifan> This is Llillilli - she came as a guide
<Daifan> But she is also a friend
* Llillilli nods.
<Llillilli> Yes, that's so.
<Brother_Bones> You mean, she is your friend. I admit to no friendships.
<Daifan> Of course.
<Llillilli> Well, I am not your enemy.
* Llillilli says with a little shrug.
* Brother_Bones extends a wrinkled hand in your direction.
* Llillilli will take it.
* Brother_Bones 's hand is chill to the touch, but his grip is firm and he does not seem threatening.
<Llillilli> It is an honor.
<Brother_Bones> Is it? Interesting.
<Daifan> Mmm... I'm sure Llillilli wishes she coudl terrify people into leaving her alone as well, most of the time
* Llillilli grins a little.
* Brother_Bones laughs, his laugh as coarse as his voice.
<Brother_Bones> Fear is an excellent motivator.
<Daifan> mmhmm.
<Daifan> But it is not the only tool
<Brother_Bones> What motivates your return, Smiles?
* Daifan considers how they want to answer him
<Daifan> Lots of things. I think it would be best for you to be able to be left alone, so I want to help make that happen if I can.
<Brother_Bones> So not leaving me alone serves the purpose of leaving me alone? Curious.
<Llillilli> Consider it an investment
<Daifan> There is an envoy who is trying to keep peace between the two colonies - Charadip wants him to figure out what to do about you
<Brother_Bones> Very well. You may enter.
<Daifan> Thank you
<Llillilli> Thanks.
* Llillilli echoes.
* Brother_Bones leads you to his barracks-house, a low, partly ruined building, well-repaired with wood and clay. It looks like it might have once held as many as twenty individuals.
<Brother_Bones> Llillilli, you are a friend of the People, then?
* Brother_Bones says as you walk.
<Llillilli> Yes, that's right.
<Brother_Bones> And before that, what were you?
<Llillilli> Just me.
<Brother_Bones> Hmm.
<Brother_Bones> Here we are, my home these last decades.
<Brother_Bones> I do not have many visitors.
* Daifan nods
<Brother_Bones> Come in, join my other guests!
* Daifan looks around, curious and cautious
* Llillilli takes it in
<AshnabisNarrator> You enter the house and see that fully half of it is strewn with a mixture of what look like human bones. Perhaps ten, fifteen, or even more bodies' worth - not arranged in any fashion whatsoever, or none that you can discern, at least.
<Daifan> (are they real?)
<AshnabisNarrator> (seem to be)
* Daifan pokes one with their toe.
<Daifan> How inconsiderate not to clean up after themselves....
<Llillilli> Hm.
<Brother_Bones> Ah, allow me.
* Brother_Bones waves his hand and sweeps a path clear, the bones mixing together in an even more jumbled heap.
<AshnabisNarrator> If you followed the Corps, you would shudder, as one Ancestor and another become even more hopelessly entangled. Even so, it is not a normal place.
<Daifan> I hope we can make a better impression
<Brother_Bones> Oh, these? Just the previous tenants, really.
<Llillilli> Ah.
<Brother_Bones> Any unwelcome visitors, I leave out for their kin. I'm not a monster, am I now?
* Brother_Bones smiles.
<Daifan> I don't think so
<Daifan> Envoy Jaigadu told me more of your story
<Brother_Bones> Oh? And what did this envoy say?
<Daifan> That you were tembu when you were at the academy in Lunduso, and that you came here before the colonis were founded, or even before the fos boom
<Daifan> that they sent qan assassin after you, even all the way to he swamp
* Llillilli listens as she hasn't heard all of this before.
<Brother_Bones> I do not know this Jaigadu, but they seem to know something of me.
<Brother_Bones> I was not aware my early days were still a subject of such interest.
<Daifan> he is... a very powerful Envoy. Very astute.
<Brother_Bones> How did you come to be speaking with him?
<Daifan> he is also Daligashi... I am not sure from where.
<Daifan> he is mentor to a close friend
<Brother_Bones> I see.
<Brother_Bones> And you are coming to, what, confirm these tales?
<Daifan> he probably learned as much about me before we'd even ordered our drinks at the inn
<Daifan> No.
<Daifan> He asked what I thought was the best way to deal with you, and if I would help, so I said yes
<Brother_Bones> Am I to be dealt with now?
<Llillilli> In a manner of speaking
* Daifan shrugs
<Daifan> that depends on you, really
<Brother_Bones> How so?
<Daifan> I though that we could regsister a land claim for you that encompass your territory. and then Charadip would have to defer to that claim as well as your ability to enforce your own borders.
<Brother_Bones> I have lived here for nearly forty years and I hope to have many more.
<Brother_Bones> You think that I am afraid of those who would displace me? What could they possibly take from me that has not already been taken at least once before?
<Llillilli> No... but they would leave you alone.
* Brother_Bones sighs, or what you imagine passes for his sigh.
* Daifan nods
<Brother_Bones> I do not think so.
<Daifan> no?
<Brother_Bones> Perhaps - perhaps - you are right that placing a claim on this land would mean that no one would try to take it from me.
<Brother_Bones> Perhaps - perhaps - I would not have to take yet another life to protect myself.
<Daifan> but?
<Brother_Bones> You think I want to kill? I do not have any interest in the violence of man. It brings me no joy - only peace.
<Daifan> HWat does bring you joy?
<Brother_Bones> Only ... only ...
* Brother_Bones pauses.
<Brother_Bones> Nothing.
<Brother_Bones> My purpose is not yet at an end. Whatever threads that have led me to this place now bind me fast. That is all.
<Llillilli> :/
<Daifan> (SEC)
<Daifan> (back)
<Daifan> :/
<Daifan> That is a shame.
<Brother_Bones> But to make a claim on land, that runs a grave risk.
<Daifan> how so?
<Brother_Bones> As I told you last time, I am no champion for those who would recoil at my touch. I serve no master. My life is my own.
* Daifan nods
<Brother_Bones> To make a claim may stave off some vague colonial official, but only at the cost of everyone else knowing who I am ... and that I am, despite it all, a sort of human. Perhaps even a person.
<Daifan> Envoy Jaigadu already knows this
<Brother_Bones> And then, what next? Every young budal who wants to learn magic, every lovestruck youth who wants a potion, comes traipsing to my doorstep.
<Brother_Bones> Fear is mightier than a stone wall.
<Daifan> Budal have other paths to follow to learn magic
* Llillilli glances at Daifan at the mention of magic
<Daifan> We have folfi now, in Toadtown
* Llillilli is going to assume that means what she thinks it does, and nods.
<Daifan> And I would not imagine that knowing your truth would make you seem at all approachable to any would be lover
<Llillilli> Instead of a legend to be investigated and tested, a real living threat.
<Daifan> Mmhmm.
<Brother_Bones> Tell me of these folfi.
<Daifan> They came from Taizi - they were brought here by a Taizi princess who wanted to use them for terrible experiments after she learned of their magic. They escaped, and live among us now... Spoons met an old folofi i her homeland who taught her how the budal can connect to ach other and the source to work our magic in community - in our power.
<Brother_Bones> Hmm, that is interesting. You mean Galdai?
<Daifan> yes.
* Daifan says, and scowls
<Brother_Bones> You don't like her.
<Daifan> I do not.
<Llillilli> She's monstrous.
<Daifan> she *is
* a monster
* Daifan nods to Llillilli
* Llillilli nods.
<Brother_Bones> Many say that I am a monster? Do you despise me?
<Daifan> no.
<Llillilli> We have seen the truth of her.
<Llillilli> And the others have experienced it.
<Daifan> Mmhmm.
<Brother_Bones> I do not like her. At least, what I have known of her, from times past.
<Brother_Bones> I do ... admire her.
<Daifan> she is very powerfl
<Brother_Bones> Indeed. But to become truly powerful, she had to abandon what she was, to assert her autonomy, to come into her own.
<Brother_Bones> That is worthy of our respect if not our love.
<Daifan> I don't know what you think she abandoned
* Llillilli snorts
<Brother_Bones> I grant that she is not living in a house of bones. But she has chosen a lonely life, to better assert her power. I can see the appeal.
<Llillilli> Lonely if you don't count all those she tried to enslave.
<Daifan> If you mean that she is a bitchy old bag than no one likes, maybe, but I hardly see how that makes her more powerful. She is hardly alone.
<Daifan> Mmhmm, or her granddaughter that she forces to keep her company
<Daifan> or all her other servants
<Daifan> the other family that kowtow to her
<Llillilli> Everyone from the Fort who kisses her wrinkled behind
<Daifan> mmhmm
<Brother_Bones> They fear her, as they should. And as they should fear me.
<Daifan> and yet they know her as a person
<Brother_Bones> As I say, she is unlikeable, perhaps even despicable.
<Brother_Bones> Yet to inhabit the guise of a monster proudly, as she does ... that takes a certain kind of courage.
<Daifan> that's not inherent to power
<Daifan> she hides her true monstrousness
* Brother_Bones smiles.
<Brother_Bones> It is as you say.
<Brother_Bones> As for me ... I fear very little. I certainly do not fear the scorn and hatred of others. But perhaps you have helped me to see that I do, nonetheless, fear still.
<Brother_Bones> Perhaps I need to think on the courage of my dotage, what is needed, here at the end of my journeys.
* Daifan nods
<Brother_Bones> There is a ... a form of cowardice, in choosing not to change.
<Daifan> mmhmm
<Daifan> if you wish to think on it - I know you can contact me.
<Brother_Bones> Tell me, then, Smiles: If you knew that my choosing to make my claim would lead to my death - would you still ask it of me?
<Daifan> That depends. Everyone dies. I think that not making a claim is as likely to end that way currently, costly though it may be to Charadip. If I did know that, I would tell you, and either way, it would be your choice, not mine.
<Brother_Bones> These many decades, I have been waiting, nestled in my corpse-burrow, hibernating, awaiting the coming of spring. Yet one imagines the bear must, upon awakening, think twice before rousing.
* Daifan shrugs
<Brother_Bones> I have known since the beginning that I have a purpose here. I will need to confer with my ... muse. But I will give it some thought.
<Daifan> I just know they wake up hungry
<Daifan> Is there anything we can do for you while we are here?
<Brother_Bones> Well then perhaps it is time for me to feast once again.
* Brother_Bones considers.
* Brother_Bones reaches into his pocket.
<Brother_Bones> Here, take this. Breathe upon it, then speak to it, and I will hear you.
* Daifan nods and will ake the thing that is totally not gonna be creepy
* Brother_Bones hands you a figurine of bone, perhaps four inches long. It is of a young woman with a circlet of flowers around her head.
<Daifan> thank you
<Brother_Bones> Begone, then. You can't stay for dinner.
* Daifan nods, and will head back out with Llillilli
* Llillilli smiles a bit and heads out with Daifan.


Dekhesh and Daifan celebrate a good harvest and the new arrivals

* Daifan will bring somethign to go with it.... maybe some kind of bread from town
<Dekhesh> That looks good
* Dekhesh says with a smile.
<Daifan> Well, I got it from the honey place, so it should be.
* Daifan smiles
<Daifan> let's fid out :)
* Dekhesh will pour you some wine and pass a cup to you.
* Daifan will setle in with said wing and pass him some of the honey loaf
<Dekhesh> How are things going with you and your harem? :)
<Daifan> pretty well, I think?
<Dekhesh> It must keep you busy.
<Daifan> I am rarely bored ;)
* Dekhesh chuckles.
<Dekhesh> And having a baby at home too.. never a quiet moment for you!
<Daifan> no... I admit sometimes it is ncde to have other places to sleep. Just don' tell Chimi and Idovo ;)
<Daifan> or Shira :x
<Dekhesh> I'll keep your secret.
* Dekhesh says seriously.
* Daifan grins and will try the wine
<Daifan> how are things with you?
<Dekhesh> Not bad. I wish I had a bit more time to see Jimba - he's been busy lately, but then so have I, so I can't blame him.
<Daifan> so there is still somethig there, hmm?
<Dekhesh> Well... maybe? I was hoping there was.
<Daifan> but yes, he's been busy too. he keeps havig all these wedding to go to for one thing
* Dekhesh laughs at that.
<Dekhesh> Hopefully it doesn't mean his family move on to pester him next.
<Daifan> hopefully they will be satisfed for now.
<Dekhesh> There are definitely advantages to not having that kind of a family ;)
<Daifan> Mmhmmm!
<Daifan> I like our way better
* Dekhesh nods
<Dekhesh> This wine is not bad... but the bread is excellent.
<Daifan> what partners I like, what family I like, and what buisness I like
<Daifan> mmm... the wine is a bit fresh still ;)
* Dekhesh nods
<Dekhesh> So's the bread, but that's a more desirable feature in that case :)
* Daifan grins
<Daifan> so have you been hearing what people are saying, about the harvest here?
<Dekhesh> What have they been saying?
<Daifan> that because the harvest in town has been bad, there will be some kind of trouble
<Daifan> what kind of trouble depends who you are talking to
<Dekhesh> Ah... maybe, it's possible. I suppose it depends on whether they can get other supplies, or how much they know we have...
* Daifan nods
<Daifan> anytime things are bad for them, they can just blame it on curses...
<Daifan> they still need us, though.
<Dekhesh> The rain is pretty obvious. They can't really ignore that we've had it and they haven't.
* Daifan nods
<Dekhesh> Maybe we should charge them to bring rain there :p
* Daifan grins
<Daifan> next year, maybe
<Daifan> But they have their own magic users... They could have thought of it.
<Daifan> even if they couldn't work together the same way
<Daifan> but they *woudln't* because they all in it for themselves
<Dekhesh> Yeah... I wonder why they didn't. I mean, it's powerful magic I guess, maybe they tried and it didn't work right or something.
<Daifan> Maybe. But they don't have a real community.
<Daifan> maybe one person here and there codl afford it and do it
<Daifan> but to all come together? I don't know. Maybe if they were made to.
<Dekhesh> There might be those who wouldn't want to benefit others, yeah - their competition. If they're going to have a bad harvest, everyone should have a bad harvest. or something like that.
<Daifan> mmhmm.
<Dekhesh> Or, maybe their theories about someone working magic against them are right.
<Dekhesh> If it was the mystics, or the hith, or someone else, maybe they were countered each time they tried to summon rain.
<Daifan> hmmm, maybe
<Dekhesh> perhaps we aren't important enough to bother thwarting :)
* Daifan grins
<Daifan> probably not
<Daifan> but they
<Daifan> d be able to tell, wouldn't they? If something was interfering with their magic?
<Dekhesh> Maybe? I don't know, I'm not a magic expert.
<Daifan> me either, thouh I'm learning a little
<Dekhesh> How's that going?
<Daifan> well, I think?
<Dekhesh> I imagine they can be a bit difficult to work with... or at least, that's my impression.
<Daifan> I'd been helping with the rain, and trying a little more on my own... but it is so much stronger with the others, it's really amazing...
* Daifan shrugs
<Daifan> Spoons can be a cranky bitch, but I think she's earned it.
<Dekhesh> They've all been through a lot - I can't say I blame them if they're a bit cranky.
<Daifan> She does care about her people, the trick is just getting her to see the rest f us that way ;)
* Dekhesh nods
<Dekhesh> I think they make our community stronger by being here, and not just with their magic. So I'm glad they seem to have mostly decided to stay.
<Daifan> yes, I agree
<Daifan> I thikn the adjustment is going well, though? Especially since the rain...
<Dekhesh> Yes, I think that helped a lot. Showing they are willing to contribute to the town was important for some people to realize.
* Daifan nods
<Dekhesh> And if there does turn out to be trouble, then we'll have them on our side.
* Daifan nods
<Daifan> hopefully it won't come to that. but meanwhile...
* Daifan raises their glass of wine
* Dekhesh will raise his as well
<Daifan> lets just have a good time ^-^
<Dekhesh> I'll drink to that.

Junan and Daifan disguise themselves to apply to Galdai's steward as prospective parents

<AshnabisNarrator> All right, you have heard that Ghegis Zuslimno, Galdai's steward at her town home, is conducting interviews with couples in Kaskind, so you have made an appointment and head over there one day
<AshnabisNarrator> You are welcomed into the spacious and luxurious home where you are escorted by a young page who takes you to meet with Ghegis
* AshnabisNarrator is now known as Ghegis
* Ghegis is a thin, short man of middling years, dressed simply in a green robe cinched with a leather belt. He has a well-trimmed salt-and-pepper beard.
* Daifan will be a little 'awed' at the fancy house
* Ghegis is accompanied by a small entity, humanoid, perhaps two feet in height, made of roots and sticks. It is holding a quill and thin notebook.
* Junan is displaying obvious nervousness
<Ghegis> Good afternoon. I am Ghegis of the Zuslimno. Please, have a seat. You are ... Zola and Bavlo?
<Daifan> Thank you, sir. Yes, thats us.
<Junan> Aye, that is us
<Ghegis> This is my assistant, Azazu. They will be taking notes of our meeting.
<Ghegis> Would you care for any refreshment?
<Junan> Yes, sure, whatever you have... we don't want to be a bother
<Ghegis> Absolutely no bother whatsoever - Azazu, some fig juice for our guests, please.
* Ghegis says to his small assistant, who hustles off before returning a couple minutes later.
<Daifan> oh, thank you!
<Ghegis> So ... tell me about yourselves.
<Junan> Ah well... we've been in Kaskind a few months now... I have a studio... well, I guess its more of a shack, to be honest, where I work on my art... Zola is the love of my life, and my inspiration.
* Junan smiles warmly at Daifan, clearly emotional talking about her
* Daifan smiles back and will squeeze his hand
* Ghegis nods.
<Ghegis> What sort of art?
<Junan> I paint!
* Daifan nods
<Junan> there is so much new to see here!
<Daifan> I might be biased of course, but he's very good
* Daifan says earnestly
<Ghegis> Come here to become the next Lond Munguna, perhaps?
<Junan> I should have brought a sample... I appologize... I could bring one over to you.
<Ghegis> No, no, that's fine, of course.
<Ghegis> And Zola, what is your occupation?
<Junan> I prefer more focused pieces... but I have a nice landscape of the water, with ships even!
<Daifan> And... we'd been hoing for a less tragic rise to prominence :/
<Daifan> (hoping)
<Ghegis> What do you mean?
<Daifan> Isn't Lond Munguna the one who hung himself after his wife died and came back...unsound?
<Daifan> so sad...
<Daifan> I hope we can find a happier way forward together.
<Ghegis> I see.
<Daifan> But you asked what I do - honestly I've had a had time finding permanent work, I guess because it has been so dry
<Ghegis> Yes, it's been a hard year for newcomers.
* Daifan nods
<Junan> Zola helps me, takes care of the house, and such... it would be busier work... if we had better luck
<Ghegis> Where are you from originally?
* Junan takes on a visible distraught look
* Daifan gives Bavlo an encouraging look
<Daifan> Oh, I'm from just a little ways outside Lunduso...
<Junan> I grew up there, that's where we met
* Junan beams, his sorrow momentarily forgot
<Ghegis> So you have come here to seek your fortune as an artist. Very bold.
<Junan> I'm supposed to be a fos farmer... at least thats what my family thinks, but a true artist follows thier passions... and I will be successful
<Daifan> its a whole new world out here - and everyone needs art, don't they?
<Junan> Zola is so right!
* Ghegis nods.
<Ghegis> So tell me how and why you came to make our appointment today.
* Junan squeezed Daifans hand
* Daifan squeezes back
<Daifan> Well. Things have been... difficult, since we arrived :/
* Junan nods
* Junan shows obvious concern
* Junan will try and sense thoughts while Daifan continues...
<Ghegis> (ok make your check)
<Daifan> Not... everything has gone according to our plans...
<Junan> !roll 1d20+11
* Lan-werk rolls for Junan: [ 1d20+11 ] getting [ 19 ] which, after the modifier [ 11 ] totals [ 30 ].
<Junan> (thats with moment of prescience)
<Ghegis> (is that including your -10 penalty, which is to do the sense thoughts effect?)
<Junan> (yes)
* Daifan looks like 'she' is trying to put on a brave face
<Ghegis> (his thoughts are: he is thinking of Lady Galdai and her desire to find a particularly desperate couple)
<Ghegis> (poor, desperate, and ethically dubious, are what he seems to be looking for)
<Junan> (well ive already lied to my family...)
<Junan> It's going to be ok Zola
* Daifan nods
* Junan has a face that he's not sure but is trying hard to be reassuring
<Daifan> Well. Money has been very tight, of course.
<Junan> It takes time for my work... you have to understand
<Daifan> We had hoped to start our family but... that is... not going to to happen for us.
* Ghegis nods empathetically.
* Daifan says with difficulty
<Daifan> and now... We just need anything we can get to keep us on our feet.
<Junan> We were going to be so happy...
* Daifan fights back he tears
<Junan> She's my inspiration... I need her happy... if not
* Junan puts his arms around Daifan and hugs her close
<Ghegis> I understand.
<Ghegis> Truly, I do.
<Ghegis> I may be able to help.
<Ghegis> My employer is a woman of esteem, a philanthropist and someone who cares for others - sometimes too much.
* Daifan clings to Bavlo and looks up as if afraid to have too much home
<Junan> Don't offer us false hope... I wont stand for it!
<Ghegis> One of her most beloved servants is a corpseborn woman who is with child. And she wants nothing more than to ensure that the child goes to a good home.
<Ghegis> It's so hard to be sure of people, here in Kaskind, where everyone is a stranger, and so few people have roots, or intend to stay.
<Ghegis> Lady Galdai is an Imperial Princess of Taizi, and I am confident that she would like to meet the two of you.
<Ghegis> Your story ... so compelling, so heartwrenching. I am certain that she will be affected deeply.
<Junan> A princess, meet us? That doesnt seem real.
<Daifan> :o
<Junan> I will bring her my best work
<Ghegis> That is very kind - but unnecessary.
<Ghegis> What we need from you is discretion.
* Daifan listens
<Daifan> Of course.
<Junan> We can do that
* Junan looks into Zola's eyes
<Ghegis> You understand that what we are doing here - is not quite the way that the Hand normally ensures that corpseborn children go to families.
<Junan> we can definetely do that
<Ghegis> And we know what a great burden taking on a child is - any child.
* Ghegis lays a small purse on the table.
<Ghegis> For your immediate expenses.
* Daifan sniffs
* Junan will take it with somewhat greedy eyes
<Ghegis> And of course, if you were to be the successful couple - we would ensure much more than that.
* Junan peers inside
<Daifan> sir you are too kind
<Ghegis> (there's like, 30 silver coins)
<Daifan> There are others? What do we need to do to succeed?
<Junan> Yes you and the princess is too kind
* Daifan says with determination
<Ghegis> Ultimately the decision will be for the Princess to make.
<Ghegis> She is known for getting her way.
<Junan> I don't think he means pushing people off the warf like that girl that was talking to me.
<Daifan> >.>
<Ghegis> Do you have any more questions at the moment?
<Junan> of course
<Junan> no... no... thank you... and thank you for considering us
* Daifan nods
* Junan makes the purse disappear very quickly
<Daifan> yes, thank you!
<Daifan> We won't take up any more of your time.
<Junan> yes yes
<Ghegis> Very well, I'll make the arrangements for the meeting very soon. How can I reach you?
* Daifan looks to Bavlo
<Daifan> Send a message to your studio?
<Ghegis> I can do that.
* Daifan smiles
<Daifan> Thank you again so much!

Katenzhi tells Llillilli and Jimba about Bivizmi's vision

* Katenzhi will seek out Jiba and Llillilli later that day after making sure Bivizmi is ok and finishing with the harvest.
* @Llillilli is... doing some kind of pfethe cleaning/maintenance on deck, let's say
* Jimba is sitting on the deck with her, playing with the dogs.
<Katenzhi> Hey, Llillilli.
<Katenzhi> Heya Jimba.
* @Llillilli looks up, smiles and nods
<Katenzhi> So... something kinda weird just happened.
* Jimba pauses as he's about to throw a stick for the dogs.
<Jimba> Oh?
<Katenzhi> Like survey team type of weird.
<Katenzhi> Yeah.
* Jimba frowns.
<Jimba> What's up?
* @Llillilli also frowns
<@Llillilli> Like what?
<Katenzhi> So... I was with Bivizmi this morning hanging out our harvest to dry and... she had some kind of vision. Something about a burning temple. I remember you saying something similar happened on the mission you guys went on without me.
<Katenzhi> I think it may be because of all the pale oracle we've been around.
<Katenzhi> Some kind of contact high.
* @Llillilli frowns more deeply.
<@Llillilli> A what?
* Katenzhi shakes her head.
<Katenzhi> Not important.
<@Llillilli> Hm...
<Katenzhi> The point is... it seemed too specific to be a coincidence
<@Llillilli> What did she say it was, exactly?
<@Llillilli> The vision.
<Katenzhi> She didn't. She just said "The temple is burning". She seemed to think she was inside it.
<Katenzhi> She was real shook up. I didn't want to make it worse by pushing.
<@Llillilli> That is... very similar to what I experienced, yes
* Jimba shoots Llillilli a concerned look.
<Jimba> Yeah...
<Jimba> Bivizmi hasn't been out to the temple or anything, right?
<Katenzhi> Not that I know of.
<Katenzhi> I don't know what it means, I just thought you guys should know.
<Katenzhi> I would... appreciate it if you don't tell anyone. Or at least leave her name out of it if you do.
<Jimba> It's certainly strange. Is she all right?
<Katenzhi> I... I don't know. She seemed ok afterwards but... she said it isn't the first time.
* Katenzhi sighs and reaches for her wineskin.
* Katenzhi takes a deep swig.
<@Llillilli> I don't like this.
<Katenzhi> Join the club.
<@Llillilli> The roots that they were cultivating in that village... they also had an... unorthodox temple didn't they
<@Llillilli> and the persimmons...
<Katenzhi> Fucking Persimmons.
<Katenzhi> There were persimmons hanging in the trees near our crops when we went up there. I don't know if I told you that.
<Jimba> Huh...
<@Llillilli> You did not.
<Jimba> Okay, that, *could
* be coincidence, but it seems unlikely.
<@Llillilli> I don't like that at all.
* Jimba nods.
<@Llillilli> Nobody saw who put them there?
<Katenzhi> Oignestros said the people of the village there left them for him.
<@Llillilli> Who?
<Katenzhi> The "Little People" he called them. Thoguh, to him I guess everyone is a little person.
<Katenzhi> Here... I took a string of them...
* Katenzhi will go to rummage in her chest in her berth for them.
* Katenzhi will return with a string of dried persimmons.
<@Llillilli> .. Why would you keep them?
<Katenzhi> I thought they might be useful?
<Katenzhi> These things keep showing up everywhere lately
<@Llillilli> I don't know... they seem unwholesome.
<Jimba> Maybe you could have Bivizmi or another herbalist examine them?
<@Llillilli> I think they are... a symbol
<@Llillilli> but I don't know of what.
<Katenzhi> Examine them for what?
<@Llillilli> And I don't know who *would
* know...
<Jimba> Any weird properties?
<Katenzhi> Maybe...
<Jimba> I don't know. I don't really mess with magic.
* Katenzhi sighs.
<Katenzhi> I hate this mystery shit. Give me something I can throw a good solid spell at.
* Jimba nods.
<Jimba> I prefer problems I can talk or fight my way out of.
<Katenzhi> Should we tell the others?
<Jimba> I don't know.
<@Llillilli> They might have other insights...
<Katenzhi> I feel like an idiot freaking out over a fucking fruit.
<Jimba> I don't know that they'd have any more insight, but I also don't think it's particularly sensitive information.
<@Llillilli> Particularly... *sighs* Veznara
* Jimba smirks.
* Katenzhi laughs.
<@Llillilli> You don't have to bring Bivizmi into it.
<Jimba> Well, always happy to get her input.
<@Llillilli> SHe is always very happy to give it
<Katenzhi> I'd prefer not to...
* @Llillilli grimaces
<Katenzhi> She's had it rough enough already
* @Llillilli nods.
<@Llillilli> It shouldn't be necessary
<@Llillilli> The connection between the fos and the fruit is strong enough
<@Llillilli> And the villagers bringing them there...
* Jimba nods.
<Katenzhi> Alright. I guess we can tell them. I mean, it probably can't hurt.
* @Llillilli nods as well.
* Katenzhi takes another drink.
<Katenzhi> Fucking persimmons.
<Jimba> Fucking persimmons.