Homoventures Chapter 4, Part 18

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Homoventures session logs
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Justen and Xan arrive in Nys and visit one of the public baths to cleanse themselves of the grime and dust from exploring the Tomb of Orelius. They talk about their immediate plans regarding the site and their relationships with the gods... And Justen proposes. Xan accepts, and they agree to aim for a small private ceremony, and that they should ask Sirris to officiate.


Session date:
Diablotin date: Spring 2275

* Justen will teleport you both back to Nys the following day, then
* Xan looks around and sighs
<Xan> bath first?
<Xan> then maybe... lunch?
<Xan> and then business? :|
<Justen> Yeah... I think that sounds like an excellent plan
<Xan> okay
* Xan takes your hand
* Justen smiles at that
<Justen> same place as before, or want to try a different bath?
<Xan> it was a nice place
<Xan> do you know anywhere better? ;p
<Justen> nope
<Xan> lets just go back, unless you think they are gonna give us the side eye after last time :p
<Justen> if they do, we'll slip them like... twenty imps, and see if they complain then ;)
<Xan> twenty imps, eh?
<Justen> you're worth it, baby ^-^
* Xan smiles at that
<Xan> well then
* Justen will lead the way to the bathhouse
* Xan is glad to have clean clothes to change into afterwards
* Justen does not, in fact, need to bribe them ;)
* Xan pokes him top give them a nice tip anyway
* Justen will do so, certainly
* Xan seems a little more comfortable with the process this time around
* Justen is eager to get in the water and remove a week's worth of grime and sweat
<Xan> ahhhh
<Xan> that feels so much better
<Justen> yeah
<Justen> archaeology is so ... dirty.
* Justen says with a bit of a grimce
<Xan> the things your sister never told you ;p
<Justen> heh
<Xan> usually there aren't dust-storm causing djin and mephits
<Justen> I guess she always managed a bath before coming home.
<Justen> and also that, yes.
* Justen sighs contentedly
<Justen> it's almost enough to make me drift off...
<Justen> but that would probably be a bad plan
<Xan> mmm, it is a little deep
<Xan> too bad we can't stay though
<Xan> a real bed would be nice
<Justen> yeah
<Justen> want me to help wash your hair?
* Justen offers
<Xan> yes
* Xan accepts witnout a second thought
<Xan> let me comb it first though
<Justen> sure
* Xan will start to do so
<Xan> it is going to be weird to go back to the site and just do, like....normal excavation after that
<Justen> yeah...
<Justen> how long do you think you'll want to stay?
<Xan> I don't know
<Xan> there's still lots of interesting stuff to learn
<Xan> all the mundane stuff Jess thinks I don't care about ;p
* Justen nods
<Justen> I don't mind staying with you as long as you feel like it... I mean, I guess if it gets to be fall, I'll have to reevaluate, but until then...
<Xan> but, like... I don't know
<Xan> (I was never getting paid to do this, was I? Just volunteering?)
<Justen> (yeah, just volunteering - you did get your travel expenses paid, but that's it so far anyway)
<Xan> We do gotta pay the bills.
* Justen nods
<Xan> Is it terrible that I thought about asking whethet Sleyght might formally hire me to replace Gyrus?
<Justen> ... it's not terrible. it might be a bit too soon, but... I don't think it's a bad idea.
<Xan> yeah
<Xan> I meant the timing mostly >.>
<Xan> but I don't know
<Justen> maybe after we get back, you can talk to him about it like... tomorrow or something
<Xan> maybe ita a bad idea anyway
<Justen> why?
<Xan> maybe we shouod try and convince Sotiris to come instead
<Justen> we can ask him
<Xan> yeah
<Justen> but I don't know if he'll be any more able to than he was before :/
<Xan> I want to ask him about Gyrus, but I'm not really sure how
<Xan> I mean
<Xan> he is the one who told us it was a political clusterfuck waiting to happen - I'm wondering if we didn't just read enough between the lines
<Xan> and well - I don't know who to talk to at the university
<Xan> or what they'll do
<Xan> and.... should we just *go* to her office...?
* Xan sighs
<Justen> yeah... I'm not sure what's best. but I think talking to Sotiris first is a good plan. he probably knows who we'd need to talk to.
<Xan> yeah
<Xan> (i would like to have clarified with Sleyght whether we are sticking with the 'there eas a trap. she dide' story for everynew or just for the wprkers or what >.>)
<Justen> (I think he preferred sticking to that in general. but Sotiris might be a different matter, if you think it's important to get any additional info out of him)
<Xan> (okay)
<Justen> and who knows, maybe he can let us into her office. I don't know how it works
<Xan> I guess we'll see!
<Xan> I mean
<Xan> lets be fair - I can probably get us in anyway
* Justen nods
<Justen> yeah, but I meant legitimately
* Justen teases lightly
* Xan tilts his head back
<Xan> I can do it semi-legitimately ^-^
<Justen> heh
<Justen> ready for that hair washing now?
<Xan> yes
* Xan will arrange himself comfortably in front of you
* Justen draws you over to nestle between his legs while he starts working
<Xan> how are you doing with the rest of it?
* Xan asks, now that you've had a chance to sleep on it
<Justen> well...
<Justen> I've thought about it and I guess I feel like, it could have been a lot worse.
* Xan nods
<Justen> he wasn't exactly what I was expecting, but that's probably a good thing.
<Xan> did you want to talk to anyone about it?
<Justen> to Mercy, mostly
* Xan nods
<Xan> man
<Xan> i wonder if she'll feel more... relieved or left out
<Justen> like, in a way it's kind of creepy that they keep track of us? but ... do they do that with everyone, or just us, or what?
<Xan> yeah :|
<Justen> and he did mention her... which I think is good.
<Justen> and... I don't know. it's a lot to take in.
<Justen> but he said that my decisions were important.
<Xan> yeah
<Xan> they are
<Xan> your choices are yours
<Xan> and they matter
<Justen> it was good to hear that
* Xan looks back at you
<Xan> I'm your best decisin though ^-^
<Justen> heh
<Justen> so far ^-^
* Justen kisses you on the forehead
* Xan snuggles back against you
<Xan> but really
<Justen> mmm
<Justen> yes?
<Xan> I don't know.... there's just a lot to think about.
<Xan> about who we are
<Xan> I woke up thikning about it all this morning
<Justen> oh?
<Xan> it's not really that coherent
<Xan> but like
<Xan> we do have this relationship with... Gods
<Justen> yeah...
* Xan shakes his head because he hasn't eeally sorted it out at all
<Xan> Life is just.... normal-for-me so much of the time
<Justen> and then the weird stuff?
<Xan> even if that includes a lot of things that.... are really not normal
<Xan> yes
<Xan> And then sort of.... highlights that the rest of it isn't really that normal, either
<Justen> we were never normal...
<Xan> no
<Justen> even if our families tried to make it seem that way... or, were also just as weird ;)
<Xan> Most people who know me will never know what I really look like
<Xan> I don't want them to
* Justen nods
<Xan> I don't want to deal with it and...
<Xan> I want it to be... special
<Justen> that's okay.
<Justen> there's nothing wrong with that
<Justen> does Em tell you different?
<Xan> sort of
<Xan> She has never said that I should do things her way or anything
<Xan> we have talked about it though
<Xan> I guess she feels like - no matter how she appears to people, only the people she has a real connection with will ever...
<Xan> see the real her.
* Justen nods
<Justen> her way is dangerous. Maybe it's right for her, but that doesn't mean you have to do it too.
<Justen> I like having you specially just for me <3
<Xan> I know
<Xan> she just has a way of talking about it that makes me feel..... superficial?
<Justen> :/
<Justen> you make a difference in your way, she does in hers
<Xan> I guess
<Justen> without you going to Am, she couldn't be all... Serpenty in public
* Justen says, waving a hand
<Xan> Maybe
<Xan> I think.... she would have anyway
<Justen> yeah... but if she was doing it alone, who knows where she'd be now.
<Xan> yeah :|
* Justen turns you around to look at you more seriously
<Xan> sorry
<Justen> you're not superficial. Wanting to have privacy isn't a bad thing.
<Xan> I don't mean to make this all about me :p
<Justen> I like talking about you ;p
* Justen gives you a long, tender kiss
* Xan melts a little <3
<Xan> mmph
<Xan> I think we're supposed to get through a few more rooms before we get to this point
<Justen> yeah, fair
<Justen> now that we've got off the worst of the grime we could go to a cleaner tub anyway ;)
<Xan> right
<Xan> now to make a totally not awkward switch >.>
<Justen> heh
<Xan> these towels are... very small >.>
<Justen> maybe you're just very large ^-^
* Justen feels you up a bit, teasing
<Xan> Mmph
<Xan> I didn't think that was in question
* Justen chuckles
<Justen> next time we'll ask for two towels for you ;)
<Xan> not gonna help me now
<Justen> let's just hurry then :)
* Justen leads you on to the next room
* Xan scurries awkwardly, but probaly the nerves/embarassment help ;p
<Justen> now... where were we?
<Xan> mmm
<Xan> I was being totally in love with you
<Xan> I think lips were involved
<Xan> maybe some other key parts
<Xan> ...this isn't the cold water room is it? >.>
<Justen> heh
<Justen> no, I think cause we were so disgusting looking, we had to do the rinse room before the hot one.
<Justen> so we don't make their nice hot bath all gross
<Xan> okay
<Xan> and then this is the one where we can...relax? ^-^
<Justen> mmhmm
* Justen puts his hands on your hips to draw you closer again
* Xan reciprocates, and will draw you into a long langorous kiss this time
* Justen smiles
<Justen> I'm feeling pretty relaxed already
<Xan> good ^-^
<Xan> ...Justen?
<Justen> uhhuh
* Xan pulls your hair back out of yor face
* Justen hangs on to you tightly, as if he never wants to let go
* Xan limpets, kissing your face, your neck, your shoulder...
<Justen> I love you
* Xan nods against you
<Justen> d'you wanna get married?
<Xan> hmm?
* Justen asks sort of shyly/casually
<Justen> like what Karala said.
<Xan> what would that mean, though?
<Justen> I don't know
<Justen> maybe nothing different than what we already have.. already are.
<Xan> what would it mean to you?
<Justen> I... I know I've told you, how much you mean to me, how I want to be with you always - whatever that means for us.
* Xan nods, laying his cheek against your shoulder
<Justen> but maybe saying it sort of... officially, I don't know... means something too.
<Xan> officially to who, though?
<Justen> to whoever's listening
<Xan> would you want karala to do it?
<Justen> well, I don't know... no one else has offered, I guess. I like her, and I think she knows more about ... what's up, than a lot of people do.
<Justen> but maybe if we asked Sirris, he would...
<Xan> He would
<Xan> We could invite more people then, if we wanted...
* Justen nods
<Justen> at least family... I think it might be nice for them?
<Xan> YOur mom will cry
<Justen> yeah... so will your dad ;)
<Xan> un huh
<Xan> I love you
<Justen> I love you too
<Xan> yes I'll marry you
* Justen beams
<Xan> But you;re gonna take *my* name, right?
* Justen laughs
* Xan tickles your side
<Justen> hey, I got a professional career to consider here ;)
<Xan> Oh fine
<Xan> It guess it will just have to be..... another one of those things
<Justen> we can flip a coin for what name the kids will have ;)
* Justen teases
<Xan> that only special people get to know
<Xan> hah
<Xan> Solange is already an Olivier though
<Justen> so I owe you one? ;)
<Xan> Let's not worry about that until there is something to worry about :p
<Xan> if ever.
* Justen nods
* Justen kisses you again
* Xan tastes faintly bloody
<Justen> mmm
<Xan> unn huh
* Justen strokes your hair
<Justen> now this can be my best decision :)
<Xan> Its still me
<Justen> well then it can be yours too - we can share ;)
<Xan> okay
* Xan clings
<Xan> I bet the entire bathhouse knows what we weer up to
<Justen> yeah
<Justen> they're probably used to it
<Justen> I'll give 'em another few silver on the way out ;)
<Xan> not twenty imps? ;p
<Justen> mmm, I need to save up if I have a spouse to support ;)
* Xan smiles