Homoventures Chapter 4, Part 17

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Homoventures session logs
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The party decide to release the Djinn. Gyrus uses the name of the Djinn of Air, Nizar, to take control of it, and is struck down by the other three. Justen prays to Kavreshar to come and render justice - he given them all the choice to be remade or to remain as they are, but free of their old oaths. No one is smited, and the boys talk about the experience afterwards.


Session date: October 28 2014
Diablotin date: Spring 2275

<Xandhil> (all set :)
<DiablotinNarrator> when we left off last time you had just finished fighting the ghouls and their general
<DiablotinNarrator> Thanks to your Slow spell, that was a fairly successful fight :)
<Xandhil> :D
* NPC1 is now known as Gyrus
<Xandhil> Is everyone alright?
* NPC2 is now known as Karala
* Karala is the most injured, but she can heal herself
<Karala> I'll be all right
* Karala assures you
<Xandhil> okay.
* Xandhil will trust her assessment
<Gyrus> Good, so we can get on with the task we were in the middle of.
<Karala> Well, unless anyone else would like to rest, or requires healing?
<Justen> I'm okay. I guess it's more the spellcasters who might need a rest before-hand, just in case?
<Xandhil> I'm alright
<Karala> I still have several healing spells remaining, so I'm willing to proceed
* Karala says, having finished healing herself
* Gyrus is obviously eager to proceed as well
<DiablotinNarrator> (sure)
* Xandhil eyes her
<Xandhil> So, I got a little distracted there - but the text written on the walls in the well is a prophecy
<Xandhil> Sort of.
* Gyrus turns to look at you, intrigued
<Gyrus> Oh?
<Xandhil> It says...
* Xandhil checks his notes to make sure he gets it right
<Xandhil> "Herein Lies the Black Djinn, the Traitor Who Shall Not Be Named, the Breath of Corruption, May His Name Be Forgotten From All Worlds In Creation, Until Such Time As Ophion Puts Right The Stars And Justice May Be Done Upon Him"
<Gyrus> o_O
<Xandhil> the thing is - all those 'until such times;' have been met
<Gyrus> So now this entity's name can be known again?
<Xandhil> I guess
<Xandhil> and who knows what else
<Xandhil> Justice may be done unto him?
<Xandhil> that's the part that worries me
<Karala> I hope we're not the Justice.
<Xandhil> yeah....
<Xandhil> me too.
* Xandhil tries not to obbbviously give Justen a sympathetic look/handsqueeze
* Justen just looks grim/resigned
<Gyrus> So the bottle is the air djinni's prison? possibly?
<Xandhil> possibly, yes
<Xandhil> I don't really know that much about them
<Gyrus> Legends tell that they can be contained in small items - such as these.
* Xandhil nods
* Gyrus gestures to the assorted junk ;)
<Gyrus> And of course, knowing their true names is essential to controlling them
<Xandhil> Anyway - I just thought I shodl let you know, because the black breath of corruption realy does't sound all that pleasant to me :p
* Xandhil nods
<Gyrus> It seems backwards - why would you eliminate the name of an entity that can be controlled by its name?
<Karala> Maybe because no one should be controlling this... thing.
<Xandhil> yeah, so that no one would be tempted tp let it out and try and control it, maybe?
<Xandhil> If it's name is unknowable, you're only asking for trouble
<Xandhil> . o O (Were, anyway -_-)
<Xandhil> I guess, even if nothing happens *now*, we need to be really careful with it
* Gyrus nods
<Xandhil> because like I said... Theoretically that's all changed
<Xandhil> so.
* Gyrus nods
<Gyrus> It's still better for us to deal with this than to wait and have... whatever it is... possibly strike while the workers are in here, or later, when there would be no one to stop it.
<Xandhil> yes
* Xandhil agrees
<Xandhil> absolutely
<DiablotinNarrator> Sleyght will agree, if a bit warily
<Gyrus> Very well
* Gyrus and Sleyght will proceed with the plan of placing each of the items - the lamp, the box, the bowl, and the bottle - into their respective locations
* Xandhil keeps an eye on the casket :3
<DiablotinNarrator> As the last item is slotted into place, Sleyght steps back cautiously, while Gyrus remains closer, watching avidly to see what might happen
<DiablotinNarrator> For a moment it seems like the answer is 'nothing'...
<DiablotinNarrator> But then suddenly, with a rush of heat and a blast of wind, each of the items opens!
<DiablotinNarrator> The room is filled with a cloud of sand and dust that feels as if it's scouring your skin
* Xandhil coughs
<DiablotinNarrator> This also makes it difficult to see what is happening, but through the haze you can make out figures - taller than humans, perhaps as much as ten or twelve feet in height
* Xandhil tries ;_;
* Justen makes sure he's standing between you and the djinn, if that is what these entities are
* Xandhil will use his Tongues >.>
<Xandhil> ...hello?
* Xandhil tries out his Ancient Psyran >.>
<DiablotinNarrator> There is a shrieking that doesn't seem to be simply the wind, and the entities are turning to look at one another, basically ignoring the smaller mortals in the room (for now)
* Gyrus was closest to the entities when they appeared, but now she takes a step back
<DiablotinNarrator> You can't quite tell if they are about to fight one another, or what is happening, but the atmosphere is definitely tense and almost electric
<Gyrus> NIZAR!
* Gyrus shouts, her voice carrying above the din
<Xandhil> oh Fuck
* Xandhil whirls on her
<Xandhil> (well, towards at this point)
<DiablotinNarrator> The wind and sand grow calmer, letting you see that the black djinn is frozen, staring at her with blazing eyes, while the others seem... startled/puzzled, perhaps
<Xandhil> What arew you doing.
* Gyrus holds up an 'I know what I'm doing' hand
* Xandhil 's eyebrows go up because that is noooot a good enough answer
<Xandhil> You have like 6 seconds to explain
<Gyrus> Cease this storm
* Gyrus orders the creature, and the last remaining sand and wind die away to nothing
<Gyrus> We can't have you wrecking this tomb, it's an invaluable part of our heritage.
* Gyrus says sternly
* Xandhil casts charm monster on her
<Gyrus> !roll 1d20+8
* @BalthCat rolls for Gyrus: [ 1d20+8 ] getting [ 13 ] which, after the modifier [ 8 ] totals [ 21 ].
<DiablotinNarrator> The three other djinn have some brief moment of ... you can't say it's 'communication', exactly, as they don't speak aloud, but some kind of knowing passes between them. Then in unison the three of them strike at Gyrus.
<Xandhil> ...
<Gyrus> No!
* Gyrus screams before she's obliterated by fire, water, and earth
<Xandhil> :|
* Justen steps forward like he's going to try and stop this
* Xandhil catches his arm
<Xandhil> I know, but you can't
<Justen> I can't, but there's someone who can. If he's listening.
<Xandhil> Why?
* Justen looks at you to see if you think this is a terrible, terrible idea
* Xandhil does not think it is a great idea
<DiablotinNarrator> The wind and sandstorm are starting up again, and the black djinn is now moving towards the doorway
<Xandhil> ...
<Xandhil> Nizar - go back to your prison
* Gyrus is now known as Nizar
* Nizar wheels on you, furious, and seems to diminish and be swept back into his bottle until he is gone
<Xandhil> ...and stay there
<Justen> We can't just leave it like this though...
<Xandhil> no.
* Xandhil is eyeing the other three genies
<DiablotinNarrator> The creature of fire steps... er, floats... closer to you and bows
* Nizar is now known as Fire_djinn
* Xandhil bows back
<Fire_djinn> We regret that it has to transpire this way. but no one can safely command such power without being corrupted by it.
<Xandhil> uhhh...
<Xandhil> I don't want to command any of this power @_@
<Justen> Wait - if you're saying what I think you're saying, then I'm not going to let this happen
<Xandhil> it isn't our fault you chose.... poor conditions >:|
<Fire_djinn> All of you now know his name - we cannot permit you to take this knowledge with you.
<Xandhil> Look
<Xandhil> She knew his name - she knew it before she came here
<Justen> what are you going to do about it - kill us all outright?
<Xandhil> there is literally no way you can stop other people from figuring it out at this point
<Xandhil> All the conditions that were laid have come to pass
<Xandhil> Killing us won't solve the problem
<Xandhil> his name is out there
<Justen> And there are some who would be pretty pissed off if you kill us.
<Xandhil> that too
<Xandhil> ...
* Xandhil tries to remember the names on the post
* Fire_djinn seems to be considering your words
<Fire_djinn> Permit me to confer with my colleagues for a moment
<Xandhil> Epher, Tenek, Seri
* Xandhil tests theory >.>
* Fire_djinn turns back to you at that
<Xandhil> is that right?
<Fire_djinn> I think you will regret this, little star-child.
<Xandhil> probably -_-
<Justen> Xan...
<Xandhil> okay, what is the best case scenario at this point?
<Justen> (who are you asking? Justen or the djinn?)
<Xandhil> (anyone really :V)
<Justen> We get out of here alive?
* Justen says hopefully
<Xandhil> that's what I'm aiming for
<Xandhil> but I don't want to screw anyone else over if they're not planning on ravgaing the countryside :p
* Fire_djinn seems to be again having some kind of silent/telepathic (?) communication with his fellows
<Justen> I'm not sure what they are planning... or were.
<Xandhil> I meant the other one -_- - but yeah
<Xandhil> What do you want?
* Xandhil asks them
* Fire_djinn turns to you again
<Fire_djinn> We wish our freedom - but we are bound by oaths made long ago.
<Xandhil> what are those oaths?
<Fire_djinn> We vowed to protect this place, and to keep Nizar from escaping it, as penance for our failings to our master.
<Fire_djinn> You can speak our names, but you cannot compel us to break our oaths.
<Justen> What could release you from them?
<Fire_djinn> If Nizar were to face justice, and if this place were to remain safe and sacred.
* Justen glances to you
* Xandhil looks to Justen
<Xandhil> It's your decision.
<Justen> what sort of justice? do you mean you need someone to kill him?
<Fire_djinn> no - a higher power must decide what punishment he deserves for his crimes. You cannot make this choice, nor can we.
<Justen> Actually, I kind of can... maybe...
<Xandhil> he can be made to face justice
<Xandhil> kavreshar is free
* Justen nods
* Fire_djinn seems surprised
<Xandhil> I told you the release conditions were met.
<Xandhil> Serpent was restored 30 years ago
<Fire_djinn> We... did not anticipate this.
<Xandhil> very few people did.
* Fire_djinn confers again for a moment
<Fire_djinn> If Justice can be done, we will accept the outcome.
* Fire_djinn says after a moment
<Justen> .. okay.
<Justen> I can try, anyway.
* Karala puts a hand on Justen's shoulder
<Xandhil> Okay.
You don't have to do this - whatever it is you're considering. You have choices.
* Karala can tell he's afraid/worried about whatever is going to happen
<Justen> I know. I'm choosing this.
* Justen says with stronger resolve, and takes your hand.
* Xandhil has been through that part with him already, and just nods in agreement, and squeezes his hand
<Xandhil> I love you.
<Justen> I love you too, Xan. Whatever happens.
<Xandhil> (Anxikaril and Sleyght shift awkwardkly in silence, hoping not to get struck down by genies >.>)
<DiablotinNarrator> (heh, yes)
<DiablotinNarrator> (lurking near the doorway in case they get a chance to run away >.>)
<w> Father... I haven't asked you for much, but I'm asking now. Please bring justice to these servants, they've been waiting a long time.
* Justen isn't quite sure if there's more he should say or do, but falls quiet for a moment, looking around uncertainly
* Xandhil keeps hold of his hand
<DiablotinNarrator> There is a faint whoosh of air, and a man is standing in the chamber with you - or rather, a winged man with burning red hair.
* Karala is now known as Kavreshar
* Xandhil keeps hold of Justen
* Justen is trembling a little, but stands tall, looking at his father for the first time
<Xandhil> (is he wearing any clothes? Importat question :V)
<DiablotinNarrator> (he has some kind of gauzy kind of wrap at his waist, that's all)
<Kavreshar> You called for justice, and it has come.
* Justen nods
<Justen> Not for myself... for them.
* Justen gestures to the djinn, who are in a stunned state of amazement
<Kavreshar> I see that.
<Kavreshar> It has been a very long time indeed, for these lost ones.
<Fire_djinn> my lord... we had nowhere else to go
<Xandhil> . o O (They *are
* angels!)
<Xandhil> . o O (were)
* Xandhil has So Many Questions but is not going to interrupt because Kavreshar -_-
<Kavreshar> I think you had other choices before you, Epher. But let that be - that is not the offense for which you seek justice now.
<Fire_djinn> No, my lord. We made certain oaths, perhaps rashly, and we seek now to be released from them.
<Kavreshar> Death can release you from them.
<Fire_djinn> Yes... but we hoped there was another path.
<Kavreshar> Of course you did.
* Xandhil mentally rolls his eyes but isn't sure if it is at the Djinn or K
<Kavreshar> As long as your names are known, you can always be bound again, even if I were to release you now.
* Kavreshar points out
<Fire_djinn> It is so.
* Fire_djinn admits, bowing his head
<Xandhil> . o O (maybe you shouldn't have written them on a post :p)
<Kavreshar> And as for your vow to contain Nizar, as long as he remains imprisoned, you can never be free of him.
<Kavreshar> Bound by your own chains of honour.
<Fire_djinn> He cannot be allowed to be free, though - not like this. He will only destroy and corrupt what he touches.
<Xandhil> (jooc does it feel weird to be around Kavreshar?)
<DiablotinNarrator> (it feels weird in the room in general - warm, electricity in the air, etc. I would say that with Kavreshar there, there's an added feeling of tension, like things are hanging in a balance that could easily topple)
<Xandhil> (okay)
<Kavreshar> Perhaps he will. But he is this way because of decisions all of you made - choosing these forms, choosing to bind yourselves to a mortal.
<Fire_djinn> It was no true choice, my lord.
<Kavreshar> I see.
<Kavreshar> He ought to be permitted to speak for himself.
* Xandhil is not sure he is needed for this or not?
* Kavreshar could probably overrule you, but he turns to you
<Xandhil> Nizar, come out and be judged with the others.
* Fire_djinn is now known as Nizar
* Nizar seeps out of his bottle in a tiny cloud of dust and annoyance
<Xandhil> . o O (Emkathon... you gave my father mercy for his choices)
<Kavreshar> Well. Is this what has become of you?
* Nizar remains sullenly silent
<Kavreshar> So full of resentment and bitterness.
<Nizar> To be commanded by mortals! Is this what has become of *us*?
* Nizar snarls, and seems to be including Kavreshar in that 'us'
* Kavreshar just sort of smiles
<Xandhil> . o O (My father was young, maybe that played into her choice.... your choice... But even so)
<Kavreshar> I am not commanded to be here - I was requested.
<very quiet, mostly to Justen>We shouldn't have called for him alone.
<Kavreshar> You too could have chosen another path.
* Justen just squeezes your hand
<w> it'll be okay...
* Xandhil seems less convinced
<Kavreshar> But I understand that to embrace death is not an easy choice.
<Kavreshar> And perhaps, in taking this path, you made the best choice you could.
<Kavreshar> I am glad to see each of you, even now.
<Kavreshar> So now, I will offer you another choice.
<Kavreshar> Return with me to the Court of Stars, to be reformed there. Or remain as you are, here, with the limitations and also the freedoms that come with your new forms.
<Xandhil> . o O (Okay tha's not so bad)
<Kavreshar> You may each decide for yourselves, and there is no need for you all to make the same choice.
<Nizar> Bring me back to the Court
* Nizar says at once, mind made up
* Nizar is now known as Epher
* Epher takes a longer moment to consider
<Epher> If Nizar is to be taken home, then our vow to keep him here would be ended.
<Kavreshar> Yes.
<Kavreshar> You would have to decide for yourselves whether your obligation to keep it safe has been fulfilled, or can ever be.
* Epher nods
* Epher is now known as Water_djinn
<DiablotinNarrator> The female figure clothed in flowing blue comes forward, along with the woman whose skin is like stone
<Water_djinn> Father, I would also choose to return to the Court.
* Water_djinn is now known as Earth_djinn
<Earth_djinn> And I as well. Whatever our reformation must include, at least it will be something different.
* Earth_djinn is now known as Epher
* Epher remains the only one who hasn't decided yet
<Epher> My lord... with respect, I choose to remain as I am. It is who I am now, and I would not wish to change it.
<Kavreshar> Very well.
<Kavreshar> I therefore return to you your former name. Guard it well.
<Xandhil> . o O (Epherem?)
* Epher (or whatever his name his now) seems startled by this, but manages to bow respectfully
* Xandhil wonders >.>
<Xandhil> . o O (How about don't write it on any posts because you think people can't swim)
<Epher> Thank you, my lord.
<Kavreshar> Then this court is adjourned - another one is about to begin.
<Xandhil> ...
* Kavreshar makes a slight gesture with his hand, and the three who asked to go with him are swept away and vanish.
<Xandhil> (with him?)
* Kavreshar is still there, for the moment
<Xandhil> (okay)
* Epher disappears a few moments later, just blinking out of sight
* Kavreshar comes over to where you and Justen have been standing
<Justen> Did I make the right choice?
* Justen asks quietly
<Xandhil> >.>
<Kavreshar> You made your own choice, and you'll stand by the results - that's what matters.
* Xandhil Squeezes his hand
<Kavreshar> Although I have to say... 'not asking for much'? We saved a plane for you two ;)
<Justen> Oh, uh... we didn't know if that worked >.>
<Xandhil> You did?
* Xandhil says sounding sort of relieved/surprised
* Kavreshar nods
<Xandhil> um. Thank you.
<Kavreshar> It will be sustained now without a dreamer. What course they take is their own.
<Justen> Yes, thank you.
* Justen echoes
<Kavreshar> For what it's worth, I'm proud of what you've become, Justen.
<Justen> Oh... thank you. I didn't know you were, uh, paying attention.
<Kavreshar> And let your sister know that I am proud of her as well - as different as your paths are, I think you are both striving for your own kind of justice.
<Justen> I guess we are.
<Justen> I'll be sure to tell her
* Kavreshar glances over at you, Xan
<Xandhil> ...
<Kavreshar> Thank you for keeping him safe, and bringing him back to himself when he was lost.
<Xandhil> ...
* Xandhil nods
* Xandhil can't think of the riiiiight response here.
<Kavreshar> I know he has done as much for you, but nevertheless - I'm glad you have one another.
<Xandhil> me too.
* Xandhil holds Justen's hand a little more tightly
* Kavreshar nods
<Kavreshar> There is much still to be done. I have to go.
<Kavreshar> Farewell.
<Xandhil> Thank you for your..... time.
<Justen> goodbye - and thank you.
* Kavreshar nods, and disappears
* Epher is now known as Sleyght
<Sleyght> ... what just happened?
* Xandhil sags a little and exhales, releasing tension he didn't quite realize he was holding.
* Justen too, leaning on you
<Xandhil> Where do you want me to start?
* Xandhil says, looking at him
<Sleyght> wherever will make it make sense
* Sleyght suggests
<Xandhil> hah
<Xandhil> Apparently Professor Gyrus knew a lot more about this place and its legends than she let on
<Sleyght> I gathered that... :/ She was so eager to come here, but I never thought she had malicious intent.
<Xandhil> She probaby didn't see it that way
<Xandhil> I dont' know what she thought the other Djinn would do though :p
<Xandhil> anyway
<Xandhil> I guess that the other names were the ones we found on the column at the lake
<Xandhil> Why you would write your name on a post when it can be used to control you I am not entirely sure
<Xandhil> but I seemed to be correct
<Xandhil> anyway
<Xandhil> Justen prayed to Kavreshar
<Xandhil> I am guesing that the Djinn - at least these ones - used to be his servants, before the War in heaven
<Xandhil> I knew that others had been scattered and gone in to hiding to escape the Seven
<Xandhil> so he came and judged them
<Xandhil> that's really everything that is important
<Xandhil> . o O (For you to know)
<Sleyght> that's... a lot to absorb, but thank you
<Xandhil> there's a lot of missing pieces, too
* Sleyght nods
<Sleyght> If we think that this place is cleared now, we should go back and let the workers know... assuming any of them have stayed, that is.
<Xandhil> I think it should be safe
<Xandhil> I wish the other Djinn had stuck around
<Xandhil> he could have told us a lot more, I think
<Xandhil> I can understand why he wouldn't want to though :p
<Sleyght> yes...
<Xandhil> What do you want to say about Gyrus?
* Sleyght sighs
<Xandhil> generically that she was lost while we were trying to clear the tomb?
<Xandhil> that there was a trap
<Xandhil> and she didn't survive?
<Xandhil> I mean
<Sleyght> Maybe it's best to say that she fell to the undead... I don't know if explaining the rest of it will be helpful.
<Xandhil> those are true
* Xandhil nods
<Sleyght> Or a trap, yes...
<Xandhil> I'd say a trap - it seems more accurate considering what she was apparenlty trying to do :p
<Sleyght> very well, I agree
<DiablotinNarrator> You can withdraw from the tomb, then, bringing Gyrus's body with you, to let the workers know the situation.
<DiablotinNarrator> Enough of them have stayed around that Sleyght thinks work ought to be able to begin again in the morning.
<Xandhil> okay
* Justen seems inclined to return to your campsite and just... be away from people for a bit.
<Xandhil> would you like us to go back to Nys and inform the university?
<Sleyght> Maybe in the morning. It's late anyway... there might not be many people around to inform at this hour.
<Xandhil> okay
* Xandhil will go snuggle Justen in our camp here then
* Justen is happy to have snuggles with you, but is fairly quiet
* Xandhil can respect that and is content with quiet snuggles until he wants to talk
<Xandhil> I love you
<Justen> I love you too
<Xandhil> You did well. Good.
* Xandhil reassures him
<Justen> thanks...
<Xandhil> both
* Xandhil clings
* Justen snuggles back
<Justen> What's going to happen to them? are they being 'reformed'? or 're-formed'?
<Xandhil> either way, it was their decision
* Justen nods
<Xandhil> I think they'll be made into something new
<Xandhil> maybe sort of like my dad was
* Justen nods
<Justen> I just hope they'll be all right. Even the evil one. Is that weird?
<Xandhil> but it seems like.... they get to remain in service?
<Xandhil> no
<Xandhil> I think...
<Xandhil> I didn't worry about it until him?
<Xandhil> I don't know
<Xandhil> maybe because of dad.
<Xandhil> Like... we know a little bit about what happened
<Xandhil> I can understand why he'd be bitter and angry and made at people
<Justen> yeah...
<Xandhil> My dad was given a chance after the choices he made
<Xandhil> and the life he'd lived
<Xandhil> it woudln't ahve been fair to deny them they same chance
<Xandhil> he was given a choice too....
<Justen> for whatever ... defects, I guess, your father had, at least he wasn't answerable to someone else for them.
<Xandhil> what do you mean?
<Justen> well... I guess I don't know how it worked. But like... these ones, if they can literally be controlled by other people, who knows what they were made to do.
* Xandhil nods
<Justen> they might not have had any free will at all... at least for some of their time. I don't know.
<Justen> maybe your dad didn't either, really. He's talked to me about it a bit... just a bit.
<Justen> it's like when they changed, it was something... burned into their natures.
* Xandhil nods
<Justen> I can't imagine.
<Xandhil> no
* Xandhil agrees, snuggling you tighter, thinking about what your father reminded him of earlier
<Justen> .. I don't know if he was what I expected or not
<Xandhil> I know he wasn't as bad as you'd feared
* Justen nods
<Xandhil> but I don't really know what you expected
<Justen> He let them choose
<Xandhil> I'm glad about Andusk though
<Xandhil> he did
<Justen> me too
<Xandhil> I hope they'll be okay
* Justen nods
<Justen> It could have been worse
<Justen> even for the fire one, the one who chose to stay... he let him have freedom.
<Xandhil> yes
<Xandhil> he gave him back his name - is that what you meant?
<Justen> yeah. and I guess also let him see that he wasn't bound by his oaths anymore.
<Justen> so that he could leave
<Xandhil> *nod
<Xandhil> I wonder where he'll go
<Justen> anywhere he wants, I guess...
<Xandhil> well, yes :p
<Xandhil> I wonder if he feel any attachment to Psyra or if he'll be glad to be free from it
<Xandhil> the world is pretty different from when they were trapped here
* Justen nods
<Justen> I guess he'll probably have a lot to learn
* Xandhil nods
* Justen sighs
* Xandhil will rub your back
<Justen> that's nice
<Xandhil> mm
* Justen relaxes a little at your touch
<Xandhil> you're still all tense
<Justen> yeah
<Justen> you can keep doing that though... it feels good
<Xandhil> okay :)
<Xandhil> you know how much I hate getting my hands all over you
<Justen> heh
* Xandhil reaches under your shirt to make this all the more effective ^-^
<Justen> would it be awful if I took my clothes off? I feel grimy after being in there so long, and plus stupid genie sandstorms get in everything
<Xandhil> never
<Xandhil> I can help
<Justen> okay
* Justen lets you help strip off his clothes, then, and shake out the sand ;)
<Xandhil> mmm
<Justen> that feels better already
<Xandhil> should I take off mine too then?
<Xandhil> I mean it only seems fair
<Justen> I think that would be an excellent plan
<Justen> I assume you got sand in your underwear too ;)
<Xandhil> yes :p
* Xandhil will strip put of his clothes
<Xandhil> but my chain shirt is extra shiny
<Justen> heh
* Justen helps brush you off
<Justen> maybe if we have to go to Nys tomorrow, we can sneak in a trip to that bath again.
<Xandhil> I was thinking that
<Xandhil> and that restaurant
<Justen> mmhmm
<Xandhil> do you want me to rub your....whatever?
<Justen> yeah, my whatever needs some extra attention I think ;)
* Xandhil offers because he really doens't know what you may or may not be in the mood for
<Xandhil> doesn't it always ;p
* Justen takes your hand and brings it down to his stomach, below the navel
<Justen> ...if you want
* Xandhil plays with your hair
<Xandhil> do *you* want?
<Xandhil> (lower hair that is)
<Justen> I want to feel close to you. as close as we can.
<Xandhil> okay
<Xandhil> I always want that