Homoventures Chapter 3, Part 15

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Homoventures session logs
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Xan, Justen, Kalman, Cesar, Ruchard, Mother Alma and her associates go to the 'dream core' beneath the palace, where they confront Raina, Willem, Char, Channel, and a wide assortment of rats. Ruchard gains control of the plane and sets about stabilizing it.


Session date:
Diablotin date:

[DiablotinNarrator] So after your, ahem, prayer session, you and Justen return to meet up with the others.

  • Kalman and Ruchard are waiting, and Cesar arrives back around the same time you do, also armored and carrying a greataxe.

[Xandhil] okay... [Xandhil] are we...waiting for your sister here?

  • Xandhil asks Cesar
  • Cesar shakes his head.

[Cesar] She'll meet us there... with a few allies, if all goes well. [Xandhil] alright [Xandhil] then... are we more or less ready? [Kalman] I believe so. [Xandhil] *nod* [Kalman] I should be able to get us within the confines of the palace without difficulty. [Xandhil] okay [Kalman] From there, we head to this ... place, this dream-core.

  • Kalman glances to Ruchard, who nods.

[Kalman] Where we can expect to find some opposition. Possibly ... considerable opposition.

  • Xandhil sighs

[Xandhil] and once we deal with *that*... 03* Cesar is now known as Ruchard [Xandhil] Ruchard stabilizes the dream while we try and figure out a better longterm solution [Xandhil] right? [Ruchard] Yes. I will attempt to take control of the dream and stabilize it to the best of my ability. I'll do that even while any confrontation is going on, if possible. If we can locate the... shard, the piece of void, during that time, then so much the better. [Xandhil] right 03* Ruchard is now known as Cesar [Cesar] So we protect Ruchard at all costs, basically?

  • Kalman nods

[Justen] Right.

  • Xandhil nods also

[Xandhil] :|

  • Justen squeezes your hand

[Justen] Okay... well, no point in waiting, right? [Xandhil] yreha [Kalman] Quite. I've had a carriage brought to the door, we can leave whenever we are ready. [Xandhil] kinda the opposite

  • Xandhil makes an 'after you' gesture to kalman then
  • Kalman will lead the way to the door, with Cesar close beside him

[DiablotinNarrator] The carriage ride is relatively uneventful - people are mostly quiet, lost in their own thoughts. [Xandhil] (also, squished close together ;) [DiablotinNarrator] (that too ;) [DiablotinNarrator] (also with axes and swords and so forth ].]) [DiablotinNarrator] As you approach the gates to the palace, you are stopped by guards. Kalman speaks to them, and also, you notice, makes a slight movement of his hand.

  • Xandhil hold Justen's hand, since we're squished anyway ^-^

[Xandhil] (magic or secret handshake?) [Kalman] We have an appointment with Councillor Thumire. [DiablotinNarrator] (magic) [DiablotinNarrator] The guard goes from looking somewhat dubious at your assortment of weaponry to nodding in understanding.

  • Xandhil smiles slyly, once we are past

[Xandhil] nice [DiablotinNarrator] You are waved through.

  • Kalman shrugs, smiling back.

[Kalman] My aunt will probably forgive me for using her name for these purposes. Assuming we succeed. [Kalman] If we don't, well, it won't matter much if she's angry. [Xandhil] I guess not [DiablotinNarrator] The carriage takes you as far as it can, on a somewhat roundabout path, winding up at a deserted courtyard. [DiablotinNarrator] The whole palace complex seems strangely empty to you, being accustomed to what it's like in Diablotin.

  • Kalman directs the carriage to wait, on the off-chance it's needed as a getaway vehicle.

[Xandhil] . o O (weird) [Kalman] All right... we'll have to walk from here.

  • Kalman descends from the carriage along with Cesar

[Xandhil] right

  • Ruchard is looking around avidly, as if he is searching for something

[Xandhil] and beware of rats [Justen] Kill them if we see any? [Xandhil] what are we looking for [Xandhil] yes [Ruchard] Well, I don't know exactly what it will look like. But I can tell which direction we need to go in. [Xandhil] okay

  • Ruchard indicates a large spiralling tower.

[Ruchard] In there.

  • Xandhil nods

[Kalman] Very well.

  • Kalman will lead the way to the arched doorway that enters that particular tower

[DiablotinNarrator] A few servants (slaves?) pass you by, but barely seem to pay attention to you.

  • Xandhil watches them closely nonetheless, just in case they could be in disguse ].]

[DiablotinNarrator] You make your way into the tower. There's a spiralling staircase leading up and down from here.

  • Ruchard points down without hesitation.

[Xandhil] (is it lit?) [DiablotinNarrator] The walls are made from some faintly glowing material, so there is enough light to see by. [Xandhil] (cool)

  • Xandhil will head down then?

[Xandhil] (but probably not first ].])

  • Cesar will lead the way, in case of trouble

[DiablotinNarrator] You take the spiral downwards, further and further... You pass by several landings with doors leading off, but Ruchard keeps indicating your goal is further down. [DiablotinNarrator] This area seems like it's been unused for a long time - dusty, cobwebs, etc.

  • Xandhil will look closely just in case

[Xandhil] . o O (and they probably aren't coming from this way anyway...) [DiablotinNarrator] You continue to descend the staircase. When you finally reach the bottom, all other light except the eerie glow of the walls is gone.

  • Xandhil is glad to have enhanced vision from one or both of his parents ]..

[DiablotinNarrator] There are passages leading off in several directions, and Ruchard looks a bit more confused now. [Ruchard] [q] It's harder to tell here... it seems like it's all around. [@MotherAlma] I have found them. [Xandhil] [q] could we be here? [Xandhil] ...

  • @MotherAlma is standing a few feet to Xandhil's right.
  • Xandhil blinks
  • Justen jumps
  • @MotherAlma gestures down the appropriate passage.

[@MotherAlma] You are all prepared? [Xandhil] [q] who, or what, all is there?

  • @MotherAlma relays what she has learned :V

[DiablotinNarrator] (Char and Channel and some rats) [DiablotinNarrator] (some are rodents of unusual size...) [Xandhil] (just rats? ].]) [Xandhil] (heh) [@MotherAlma] I have not seen a sign of Father Willem or Mother Raina yet.

  • Xandhil wonders how we can fight Char

[Xandhil] good [@MotherAlma] I suppose so. [@MotherAlma] Danyel, Adela.

  • Xandhil frowns because it is really only good if they don't show up at all ].]
  • @MotherAlma calls out to them and from the darkness down the passage behind her the two emerge, Adela in her armour and looking not nearly as creepy as her father, in his half plate embedded in bones.
  • @MotherAlma turns back to you and Justen.

[@MotherAlma] Now for the matter of protectives. [Xandhil] . o O (ahhh Creepy Danyel D:) [@MotherAlma] (sec)

  • @MotherAlma explains in a non-tired OT schedule-shifted way that she can just give you each some Lv1 & 2 spells

[@MotherAlma] (2 Lv 1 and 1 Lv 2 ... srsly go nuts) [Xandhil] (any spell ever?) [@MotherAlma] (Any cleric spell you want.) [Xandhil] (oh cool) [@MotherAlma] (Yours to cast at my CL!) [@MotherAlma] (But you have to pick now :P) [@MotherAlma] (Well, before we start)

  • @MotherAlma will prepare to cast Mass Eagle's Splendour for one.

[@MotherAlma] :V [Xandhil] (/me will take cure moderate as the lvl 2, and then protection from evil and remove fear) [DiablotinNarrator] (you'll look so pretty when you go into battle) [Xandhil] (I'm already so pretty! they won't be able to handle it!) [@MotherAlma] (Justen can also have some if he's not afraid of the deadies :V) [DiablotinNarrator] (Justen can take the same, so i don't have to worry about thinking about what to pick ;) [@MotherAlma] (Also I can't actually heal them unless we take half an hour to do a little ritual ]_])

  • Xandhil will just tell him what to take ;)

[DiablotinNarrator] (unless Xan tells him to take something else) [@MotherAlma] (oh wait nm) [@MotherAlma] (I forgot that I have Ghost Grasp) [@MotherAlma] (I was reading earlier that ghosts can't touch attack and I was all...well that makes healing a pain in the nards) [Xandhil] (honestly, I wasn't counting on MA doing any healing @_@) [@MotherAlma] (Well she may be busy trying to possess the shit out of Char) [Xandhil] (fair ].])

  • @MotherAlma alsp readies Bull's Strength

[@MotherAlma] (mass) [DiablotinNarrator] (sweet, Justen will be the strongest evar) [@MotherAlma] (We should totally have a hero's Feast RIGHT NOW) [@MotherAlma] (HEEE) [DiablotinNarrator] (maybe later ].]) [DiablotinNarrator] (okay, all set?) [@MotherAlma] (Sure :V)

  • Xandhil will cast displacement on Ruchard, just in case ;p
  • Xandhil is sure other people have better things.... but he has it and it is right there, so hey :V
  • Xandhil will also turn invis
  • Kalman casts some stuff also - protectivey stuff

[DiablotinNarrator] All right [Xandhil] (yes :) [DiablotinNarrator] You head down the corridor Mother Alma indicated. It continues to slope downwards, and curves to the left. [@MotherAlma] (Danyel also sets Alma as his guardian thingy) [DiablotinNarrator] As you continue in this direction, Xan, you start to feel an odd sensation. Like a faint buzzing/humming that makes the hair on your arms stand up, or a high-pitched noise just at the edge of your hearing. And you can smell something too, like a sort of weird burny smell, or like lightning. [Xandhil] ...

  • Xandhil looks around to see if anyone else seems to notice
  • Justen definitely seems to notice

[DiablotinNarrator] The others (well maybe apart from Mother Alma and Danyel?) seem a bit unsettled, but that could just be the general creepy atmosphere of this place, and the prospect of a fight. [DiablotinNarrator] (I don't know how you'd tell if MA was unsettled ;)

  • @MotherAlma floats along.

[Justen] [w] what is that?

  • Justen asks you

[Xandhil] [w] I don't know... [@MotherAlma] What is *what*? [@MotherAlma] (Listen of 21) [Xandhil] [w] Something feels strange... it smells like burning [DiablotinNarrator] (Alma, in scouting this place before, you know there are certain defenses that it has. they probably won't affect you, but could affect the living in odd ways) [Xandhil] [w] Like ozone [@MotherAlma] Hmm. [@MotherAlma] Is it harmful? [Xandhil] [w] I don't think so - not yet anyway [Ruchard] It could be if you get very close... if it's the shard, anyway.

  • Xandhil has been nodding, but is invis, so only Alma can see ].]
  • Xandhil remembered the water in Am that only Justen could touch though...

[Xandhil] [w]do you feel anything? [DiablotinNarrator] (are you asking Justen?) [Xandhil] (Ruchard, but it isn't like tht could tell I suppose ;) [Ruchard] I feel that we are very close to our goal... it's very powerful here. [Xandhil] okay - keep going then? [Ruchard] yes

  • @MotherAlma casts Magic Circle against Evil on Xandhil ]_]

[@MotherAlma] (And Justen) [DiablotinNarrator] The corridor (really more of a tunnel at this point) looks to open up ahead, and you can see as you draw nearer to that entrance that there is some sort of faint purplish glow beyond. [DiablotinNarrator] (and we'll move over to roll20 I think at this point)

Nary R. (GM): There are the things/people/piles of rats you see
Xandhil Orecalo: (do I see any peeps once I'm there)
Nary R. (GM): yeah - can you see the folks I have revealed? on the other side of the purple hole in the universe?
Mister Cat: a cute rat, what I assume is char, and channel, and then two swarms?
Nary R. (GM): correct
Xandhil Orecalo: (ahhh swarms ;_;)
Mister Cat: can't really possess a swarm :|
Nary R. (GM): can flamestrike a swarm real good though ;)
Xandhil Orecalo will hold action to cast BKK on whatever comes close first
Xandhil Orecalo: (ready an action even, not hold)
Nary R. (GM): On Seth's turn, he will call out to you. "Do not seek to stop us - it is the only way." Then he'll move.
Nary R. (GM): You can make a spot check if you like, as you see him move.
Nary R. (GM): Xan - you can see he is carefully skirting the edge of the purple glow, not stepping into it at all.
Xandhil Orecalo: (Is the feeling stronger in here, btw?)
Mister Cat: So is what we see the shard eating away at the realm?
Nary R. (GM): mmmmaybe ^-^
Mister Cat: Mother Alma DID skimp on her Arcana lessons >_>
Nary R. (GM): Ruchard's turn, he's gonna run up too
Nary R. (GM): staying behind the fighters, though
Nary R. (GM): big rat is going to ... run away
Xandhil Orecalo: stop her!
Nary R. (GM): (or at least, try to)
Nary R. (GM): lemme see if there's anything Kalman could do to try and stop it
Nary R. (GM): since he was holding his action
Xandhil Orecalo doesn't want to take any chances that 'run away' means 'go get Father W'
Nary R. (GM): he's going to cast Confusion, centered above Channel
Nary R. (GM): this will hit everyone but Char
Nary R. (GM): one swarm makes it, one fails
Nary R. (GM): okay then!
Nary R. (GM): so now I have to roll to see if some people go cray cray ;)
Nary R. (GM): well, on their turns I guess
Nary R. (GM): Channel's running away
Mister Cat: Channel be craycray
Nary R. (GM): the non-confused swarm is going to swarm over in your guys' direction
Mister Cat: Alma watches intently to what happens to any that go into the purple :3
Xandhil Orecalo: :(
Nary R. (GM): fortunately it doesn't move very fast
Mister Cat: They keep tripping over each other
Nary R. (GM): speed of 3
Nary R. (GM): even double moving it can't reach you yet
Nary R. (GM): Alma's turn
Mister Cat casts Dimension Door
Nary R. (GM): okay - Mother Alma vanishes
Mister Cat: Well she reappears beside Channel
Nary R. (GM): fair :)
Mister Cat: I was worried about being alone by the swarm but then I remembered I can fly and rats probably cannot
Nary R. (GM): is Alma done, then?
Mister Cat: Yes.
Nary R. (GM): confuse-o-swarm is also running away
Nary R. (GM): Danyel's turn
Mister Cat: Danyel spends a turn attempt and a burst of Divine Cleansing gives everyone within 60' (Except Char because he's a dick) +2 Fort for ten thousand rounds (8)
Nary R. (GM): heh
Nary R. (GM): 10,000 or 8, whichever comes first?
Nary R. (GM): did you want him to move at all?
Mister Cat: Yes he goes in front of hothead
Nary R. (GM): 'kk
Nary R. (GM): Adela's turn
Nary R. (GM): she'll move up and hang out there, also by hothead
Nary R. (GM): hothead and flighty ;)
Nary R. (GM): it's their new team name :D
Mister Cat: hee
Mister Cat: She uses Divine Shield
Xandhil Orecalo: I was offended until I remembered I have wings -_-
Mister Cat: adding her CHA to her shield bonus for 3 rd
Nary R. (GM): okay
Mister Cat: Which makes her AC 25 @_@
Nary R. (GM): lol (at "I was offended until...")
Nary R. (GM): ("...I remembered my boyfriend literally burns things with his rage")
Mister Cat: With these swarms it's probably a good thing you people who aren't immune to disease get +fort
Xandhil Orecalo: well i did remember that one >.>
Nary R. (GM): hee
Mister Cat: Adela dear, mind their bites :V
Nary R. (GM): speaking of which... it's his turn
Nary R. (GM): going up to there, activating his fire
Xandhil Orecalo: D:
Nary R. (GM): and also flail on the swarm
Nary R. (GM): although that won't do much
Nary R. (GM): but the fire seems unpopular among the rodent community
Xandhil Orecalo: hee
Nary R. (GM): Cesar is moving into the swarm because fuckit
Nary R. (GM): and he can get an attack on Char
Mister Cat: Both Almas are in my head frowning
Mister Cat: holy shit
Nary R. (GM): he heeet.
Nary R. (GM): look, dude has had nothing much to do over the past 20 years but fuck pretty boys and practice fighting.
Mister Cat: And I kinda slacked on his fighty things
Nary R. (GM): and Kalman bought him a nice axe ;)
Xandhil Orecalo: (they're too far for all mah spellz.... bkk on swarm it is!)
Nary R. (GM): swarms, not so good with the will
Xandhil Orecalo: (the ratties turn on each other!)
Xandhil Orecalo: that was not super effective
Xandhil Orecalo: but it *was* hilarious
Nary R. (GM): well, they don't do a lot of damage and I think they can't give themselves a disease >.>
Nary R. (GM): Char's turn... attacking Cesar, obv.
Mister Cat: Alma forgot to call Char a fool and scoff
Mister Cat: oops
Mister Cat: pretend I did :P
Mister Cat: "Fool! *dimension door*"
Xandhil Orecalo: D:
Mister Cat: jesus
Nary R. (GM): 2 short swords, 5 attacks
Nary R. (GM): I need to roll again for the crit
Nary R. (GM): not a crit, fortunately for Cesar
Xandhil Orecalo: whew
Nary R. (GM): ow. he's still okay, but that was not fun.
Nary R. (GM): let's see what Channel does this round...
Nary R. (GM): attack the nearest creature! oh, dear.
Mister Cat: haha that'll go well
Mister Cat: maybe she has a magic weapon
Nary R. (GM): um... magic missile on Alma -_-
Mister Cat: Well that is actually about the only thing that's fully effective
Mister Cat: If I expected to see Pheria here I'd have cast Shield :P
Nary R. (GM): she's the closest target
Nary R. (GM): also AAAHH HOLY SHIT, really.
Nary R. (GM): just that I think even if she wasn't crazy, it might be a natural reaction
Nary R. (GM): ratty
Nary R. (GM): ooh it gets to act normally this round
Nary R. (GM): it runs into a hole and disappears
Mister Cat: bugger
Nary R. (GM): Ruchard is going to... run into the purple thing @_@
Xandhil Orecalo: yay ...I hope
Mister Cat: Well after his stint as emperor he hardly established himself for his stick-to-it-ness
Nary R. (GM): it compliments his purple boots nicely
Xandhil Orecalo: hee
Nary R. (GM): Kalman moves up to there and casts Repel Vermin :D
Nary R. (GM): granted, he's not close enough to repel them yet, but it'll keep repelling for.... a long time. 10 min/level.
Nary R. (GM): Alma's turn
Mister Cat: I attempt to possess Channel
Nary R. (GM): okay
Mister Cat: aaarg bugger it
* Mother Alma lets out a shriek of frustration
Nary R. (GM): non-crazy swarm is attacking Cesar
Xandhil Orecalo: Char is probably immune to sleep
Mister Cat: I gambled on the value of possessing her over stopping that rat :(
Xandhil Orecalo: I wonder if he is immune to hold
Xandhil Orecalo: I think you gambled wriong regardless
Mister Cat: Now she's immune for 24 hours *sniffle*
Mister Cat: Well if they need her, and I'm *in* her... :P
Nary R. (GM): he makes his save vs. being nauseated at least
Nary R. (GM): and also vs. disease
Nary R. (GM): that swarm keeps fleeing, also running into various cracks and crevices etc.
Nary R. (GM): Danyel's turn
Mister Cat: He does Lay on Hands to heal Cesar
Nary R. (GM): okay - for how much?
Mister Cat: 30
Nary R. (GM): yum
Nary R. (GM): thanks, creepy not-exactly-brother-in-law ;)
Xandhil Orecalo: hee
Mister Cat: :D
Nary R. (GM): Adela's turn
Mister Cat: she'll just go stab some
Nary R. (GM): You all get a chance to hear the whispering crazy laughter as Raina appears...
Xandhil Orecalo: what does raina do @_@
Nary R. (GM): Raina creates a whirlwind.
Mister Cat: And suddenly: rats everywhere
Nary R. (GM): hee
Nary R. (GM): Okay, Justen's go
Nary R. (GM): he'll burn the rats some more
Nary R. (GM): aaand lemme see if he can do anything else useful
Nary R. (GM): He's going to activate Fire Shield on himself
Nary R. (GM): so basically he looks like he is wreathed in flames
Nary R. (GM): now it's Cesar's turn
Xandhil Orecalo: . o O (hot)
Nary R. (GM): full attack on Char, obv.
Nary R. (GM): oh Cesar
Nary R. (GM): that was a crappy, crappy round for you
Xandhil Orecalo: he was distracted by flaming Justen >.>
Nary R. (GM): hee
Nary R. (GM): maybe so ;)
Nary R. (GM): but yes - with the +2 bonus he will hit on his first attack
Mister Cat: yay :3
Mister Cat: Suck it statuefucker
Xandhil Orecalo: can I theoretucally dispell that whilwhind?
Xandhil Orecalo: Like it is a spell effect or a summoined creature?
Nary R. (GM): spell
Nary R. (GM): Cesar also has to make his fort save against barfing on the rats
Xandhil Orecalo: hah
Nary R. (GM): he makes it ;)
Nary R. (GM): Xan's turn
Xandhil Orecalo: I am gonna try and dispell the whilwhind :3
Xandhil Orecalo: I don't have a greaaaaaat shot at it
Mister Cat: How'd she get the air domain, is she stealing from Owl? >:|
Mister Cat: oh druid
Xandhil Orecalo: yeah I was gonna say
Mister Cat: maybe that
Xandhil Orecalo: druid
Mister Cat: She's no MOTHER then >:|
Nary R. (GM): she had a kid ;)
Nary R. (GM): that's more that you did, BITCH
Xandhil Orecalo: hah
Mister Cat: I have many children
Mister Cat: None of which are rats
Nary R. (GM): none of which were squeezed out your ghostly cooch
Mister Cat: Making my motherhood all the purer
Nary R. (GM): heh
Nary R. (GM): anyway - you can roll to dispel... you're right that your chance is not awesome >.>
Nary R. (GM): but it's worth a shot
Xandhil Orecalo: I'll try it for one round :p
Xandhil Orecalo: yeah ha ha ha no
Nary R. (GM): nay :/
Mister Cat: E for Effort
Xandhil Orecalo: hah
Nary R. (GM): okay, Char's ridiculous number of attacks will be vs. Cesar again
Xandhil Orecalo: how is cesar looking?
Nary R. (GM): around half
Mister Cat: Danyel healed him 30 last round so he should be ok
Xandhil Orecalo: 'kk
Nary R. (GM): he's hurt, but okay for the moment
Nary R. (GM): Channel's still confused, so I have to roll for her
Nary R. (GM): babble incoherently it is!
Mister Cat: :D
Nary R. (GM): Ruchard is... doing whatever Ruchard is doing @_@
Nary R. (GM): Kalman
Mister Cat: Cesar needs more HP
Nary R. (GM): he's gonna heal up Cesar (love you honey ;)
Xandhil Orecalo: heee
Mister Cat: Alma mutters an incantation and vanishes.
Mister Cat: Degenerates!
Nary R. (GM): heh
Xandhil Orecalo: degenerate and proud!
Nary R. (GM): swaaarm of raaats
Nary R. (GM): babbles incoherently, which I'll say translates into creepy chittering in the walls
Mister Cat: Did Danyel take damage?
Nary R. (GM): 1 point :p
Mister Cat: ;P dropping him to 139
Nary R. (GM): yup
Mister Cat: :P
Xandhil Orecalo: nice
Nary R. (GM): and now it's his turn
Nary R. (GM): he needs to save against being nauseated, unless he is immune to that too ;)
Nary R. (GM): well he's okay anyway
Nary R. (GM): he's attacking Char?
Mister Cat: Full attack on Charchar
Nary R. (GM): those all hit
Mister Cat: hot
Mister Cat: and he takes 55 points of damage
Mister Cat: he's stunned 2 rounds
Nary R. (GM): A stunned creature drops everything held, can’t take actions, takes a -2 penalty to AC, and loses his Dexterity bonus to AC (if any).
Xandhil Orecalo: it make him drop his weapons
Mister Cat: heh
Nary R. (GM): everything held, eh.
Xandhil Orecalo: that's pretty sweet
Xandhil Orecalo: yeah
Xandhil Orecalo: and the shard
Xandhil Orecalo: now is when Xan *really* wishes he had mage hand :p
Nary R. (GM): As Char drops his swords, something else falls... well, actually it doesn't fall so much as... hovers
Xandhil Orecalo: . o O (crap!)
Nary R. (GM): It's black and hard to look at and it sort of bounces/jitters around in the square it occupies. It's small, maybe only a few inches across
Nary R. (GM): It exerts a sort of ... tugging force on those near it
Nary R. (GM): Adela's turn
Xandhil Orecalo: eek
Xandhil Orecalo: do I feel it at all?
Xandhil Orecalo: or hear/whatever
Nary R. (GM): Yes, you can feel it, Xan
Nary R. (GM): everyone within 15' can feel the pull of this thing
Nary R. (GM): so that's... all you all.
Xandhil Orecalo: yeah
Xandhil Orecalo: I ment like whatever it was Justen and I felt before
Nary R. (GM): oh.. that hasn't gone away - you think that's more from the big purple vortexy thing in the middle of the room
Xandhil Orecalo: okay, I wasn't sure
Nary R. (GM): It's like the anti-Odyton... be glad you haven't gone blind ;)
Mister Cat: Adela willl.... Lay on Hands Cesar
Nary R. (GM): Mr. (or ms?) big-ass rat is coming in to attack you, Xan
Xandhil Orecalo: :(
Mister Cat: Where'd he come from?
Xandhil Orecalo: Willem's butt :p
Nary R. (GM): he's the one who ran away earlier
Nary R. (GM): or... a very similar one? it's hard to tell :p
Mister Cat: P. sure Alma can't do squat against void shards
Mister Cat: Just FYI :P
Nary R. (GM): Raina will move the whirlwind...
Mister Cat: It's raining raaats, Hallelujah
Nary R. (GM): riiight into the pile of rats, yes
Nary R. (GM): rats are caught up
Xandhil Orecalo: :D
Mister Cat: Adela too :(
Nary R. (GM): Adela's caught in the whirlwind
Mister Cat: Well, once Alma returns she can heal at range so technically Adela can just keep being torn apart in the whirlwind
Mister Cat: :P
Nary R. (GM): Cesar avoids the initial damage, so he's okay!
Mister Cat: yay! now help your niece
Nary R. (GM): it's only if they fail the first save they then have to make the second
Mister Cat: not actually niece I guess
Mister Cat: pseudoniece
Nary R. (GM): Raina's also going to move
Xandhil Orecalo: bah I'd hoped the rats were dead >.>
Nary R. (GM): that wasn't rats
Xandhil Orecalo: what wqas that for?
Nary R. (GM): that was an opposed Str. check vs the shard
Nary R. (GM): Justen made it ;)
Xandhil Orecalo: oh, huh
Mister Cat: >_>
Nary R. (GM): so he's going to back the fuck up and come help you with that rat
Xandhil Orecalo: good? :D
Nary R. (GM): he can get there, that's better
Xandhil Orecalo: mah hero
Xandhil Orecalo: I can probably handle it >.>
Xandhil Orecalo: other than the disease :p
Nary R. (GM): he doesn't want you turning into a wererat... even if you would be adorably furry ;)
Xandhil Orecalo: heee
Xandhil Orecalo: fair enough
Nary R. (GM): Cesar's turn... hhm.
Nary R. (GM): he really needs to avoid that shard right now I think.. and get out of the whirlwind himself so it doesn't just get him next turn
Nary R. (GM): he's pulled into the shard... well, into Char.
Mister Cat: o_O
Xandhil Orecalo: :( it can't get Kalman *and* Cesar ;_;
Nary R. (GM): that's ... not awesome
Mister Cat: Alma comes back
Mister Cat: "DEGENERATES!!!!@#!@#"
Nary R. (GM): Okay.. on Cesar's turn he's going to .. pick up Kalman and move him the hell out of there?
Xandhil Orecalo: Xan will try and stabinate this rat
Xandhil Orecalo: and crit :D
Nary R. (GM): yup, it ded
Mister Cat: *Final Fantasy Victory Music*
Nary R. (GM): as it dies, it turns into a shadar-kai woman
Nary R. (GM): well.. falls unconscious, at least.
Nary R. (GM): we'll see if she's actually dead @_@
Xandhil Orecalo: I'm shocked ;p
Xandhil Orecalo: do I recognize her from before?
Nary R. (GM): yes
Xandhil Orecalo: keen
Nary R. (GM): Char's turn...
Nary R. (GM): Char allows the shard to take him - he simply closes his eyes and seems to be .. swallowed into it. He whispers something before he disappears that sounds like "it is done".
Mister Cat: I was hoping he had some shard holding gloves :|
Nary R. (GM): Channel can try to stab Kalman :p
Nary R. (GM): let's see what her crappy little dagger does :p
Xandhil Orecalo: hee
Xandhil Orecalo: Kalman doens't liek the little ones ;p
Nary R. (GM): is that a dick joke? ;)
Xandhil Orecalo: yes :V
Nary R. (GM): Ruchard... does whatever he's doing for another round. I think this is the 3rd he's been in there
Nary R. (GM): I should keep count, maybe
Nary R. (GM): Kalman's going to cast a spell on Channel
Nary R. (GM): aand she's held
Mister Cat: in his loving arms? :3
Nary R. (GM): unlikely :p
Nary R. (GM): she's a girl :p
Nary R. (GM): it's alma's turn
Mister Cat: Alma re-appears, her friend positioned just below where Raina was originally.
Mister Cat: Alma would aim to be on the side of it towards where everyone was.
Xandhil Orecalo: @_@ wtf?
Nary R. (GM): that is probably not exactly what it really looks like.. like that, but ... more undeadified :p
Mister Cat: Yeah, don't worry
Mister Cat: It's an UNDEAD Bebelith
Xandhil Orecalo: okay @_@
Xandhil Orecalo: I would advise getting away from the Shard @_@
Mister Cat: Can Danyel charge Raina?
Mister Cat: He'd rather help Adela but I'm not sure he can
Nary R. (GM): Iiii don't think so. He would have to go through the bebilith's square, no?
Nary R. (GM): like, he can't get a straight unobstructed line on her
Mister Cat: yeah
Mister Cat: Yeah, he's not abandoning his daughter :|
Mister Cat: He tries to help ineffectively :P
Nary R. (GM): aww
Nary R. (GM): unless he moves 1 further away he's still subject to shard-pull >.>
Nary R. (GM): but if he wants to stay there, then that's okay
Mister Cat: He does
Xandhil Orecalo: honestly, she seems safer where she is >.>
Mister Cat: haha
Nary R. (GM): the whirlwind doesn't do as much damage as the shard, at least
Mister Cat: Yeah, I think she's immune to the shard where she is right now, by the same token that prevents him from helping
Xandhil Orecalo: *cough*Unless Raina moves the whirwind into the shard >.>
Mister Cat: Even then I think she'd have to eject her
Nary R. (GM): Adela just gets whirled for another 1d8
Nary R. (GM): Raina will scream "get away or I'll drop her in"
Nary R. (GM): that is mostly directed at Alma and Danyel, presumably :p
Nary R. (GM): Shard... who's close enough to pull? Danyel
Nary R. (GM): Alma, technically..
Nary R. (GM): so once again Danyel's just like "pft whatever, piece of void"
Mister Cat: alma also fails
Nary R. (GM): she gets pulled into that square, then, and she can make a Fort save for half damage from the thing
Nary R. (GM): Cesar... uh ...he'll assume that horrible thing is on our side, since you brought it
Mister Cat: :D
Nary R. (GM): again, not too much he can do - esp. if he's waiting to see what you say about Raina's threat :p
Nary R. (GM): he'll take the opportunity to chug a potion :p
Nary R. (GM): Xan's turn
Xandhil Orecalo: I could....attack channel :p
Mister Cat: Alma has a plan :3
Nary R. (GM): grab Channel with your undead demon monstrosity? (From
Mister Cat): Alma has Divine Ward on Danyel and Adela, so she can technically consider them "touched" by a Teleport spell, and teleport right beside Raina.
Nary R. (GM): two can play at the "not my daughter you bitch" game?
Mister Cat: No, it's better than that :3
Xandhil Orecalo will cast deep slumber on Channel I guess - may as well make her totally helpless :p
Nary R. (GM): okay
Xandhil Orecalo: bah
Xandhil Orecalo will still at least say "We can still kill Channel"
Mister Cat: oh hahaha
Mister Cat: Alma's immune to the shard >_>
Mister Cat: She has Freedom of movement, derp :B
Xandhil Orecalo will also shift to winged Xan in case he needs to fly and rescue someone >.>
Mister Cat: oh hey a friend [as Father Willem appears]
Xandhil Orecalo: ahhhhh
Nary R. (GM): Channel attempts a save against the hold at least...
Nary R. (GM): Alma, since you're in its square atm, you can sense the shard vibrating more agitatedly
Nary R. (GM): kalman will sit here cursing the fact that all his spells have will saves :p
Mister Cat: Alma gives it the finger now that she remembers she has FOM
Nary R. (GM): he'll cast Haste on Cesar
Nary R. (GM): M. Alma's turn
Mister Cat: so I cast FOM on Adela
Mister Cat: that should allow her out of the Whirlwind?
Nary R. (GM): then yes, that should let her move out of it, I would say.
Mister Cat: She'll probably take some falling damage :P
Nary R. (GM): Danyel will move up to there, waiting to attack (or for willem to come to him :p)
Nary R. (GM): unless you would rather he do something else ;) but i assume 'kill willem' is top priority?
Mister Cat: Is he holding his action?
Mister Cat: If not he'll divine shield
Nary R. (GM): okay
Mister Cat: adela runs away
Mister Cat: heals herself :P
Nary R. (GM): she'll take 6 falling
Mister Cat: +5 hp from lay on hands
Nary R. (GM): Justen can be nice and turn off his fire so she can stand there
Nary R. (GM): he can turn it on and off as a free action, so there's no reason not to
Xandhil Orecalo: then i can cast spells on him :3
Nary R. (GM): Raina casts Sunburst, centered in the middle of the room - that'll hit everyone in an 80ft radius
Nary R. (GM): Everybody gets a Reflex save, DC 24
Xandhil Orecalo: ;_;
Xandhil Orecalo: I... am not going to make this save @_@
Mister Cat: That's problematic
Nary R. (GM): mind you Willem has to save too :p
Mister Cat: Ahaha Alma is so boned
Nary R. (GM): but he made it
Xandhil Orecalo: I'm amused the only SK in the room did so well though :V
Nary R. (GM): he hid behind Channel ;)
Nary R. (GM): holding her up like a human shield
Nary R. (GM): okay so for those who failed it and who are *not* undead...
Nary R. (GM): you are blinded, and you take 12 damage
Xandhil Orecalo: oh wow, that's really not so bad >.>
Nary R. (GM): yeah it's mostly the FUCK YOUUU UNDEAD spell
Mister Cat: >_> and the undead?
Nary R. (GM): 58
Mister Cat: that's maybe not so bad
Nary R. (GM): unless they are especially vulnerable to light
Nary R. (GM): I didn't bother to roll for the rats in the whirlwind ;p
Mister Cat: hahaha
Nary R. (GM): oh look they failed
Nary R. (GM): and now it's Justen's turn. being blind, he is a bit hampered
Nary R. (GM): he's going to stick close to where he knows Xan is
Nary R. (GM): Shard has nobody to pull
Nary R. (GM): Cesar, also blinded...
Xandhil Orecalo: the blindness is dispellable?
Xandhil Orecalo: Well probably not by Xan anyway :p
Xandhil Orecalo: I cast Invisibility sphere >.>
Xandhil Orecalo will also whisper that he is making us invisible
Xandhil Orecalo: then I will grope for Justen's hand or arm and go stand over here >.>
Xandhil Orecalo: that will still cover Adela
Nary R. (GM): Willem's going to attempt to rebuke your undead buddy here I think
Mister Cat: Not surprising, really.
Mister Cat: it sits there staring
Nary R. (GM): Those of you who are paying any attention to the shard may notice that it moved closer to the area where the vortex is
Nary R. (GM): things are stirring over there... it's hard to see what's going on in it though
Nary R. (GM): electrical swirling/crackling sort of sounds
Nary R. (GM): well it's especially hard to see for those of you who are blind, durr.
Nary R. (GM): but you can hear the sounds/feel the energy increasing
Nary R. (GM): Kalman... unfortunately has no spells that can remove this :/ it would take a cleric or paladin ;p
Xandhil Orecalo: oh no...
Xandhil Orecalo: I have a plan
Xandhil Orecalo: it may be a terrible plan
Xandhil Orecalo: it might not work
Xandhil Orecalo: but hmm
Xandhil Orecalo: I have a bag of holding >.>
Mister Cat: You can put us all in it
Xandhil Orecalo: this would be a much better plan if I could see :p
Xandhil Orecalo imagine pickgin it up like with a dog poop bag :V
Mister Cat: Yeah, if it's anything like a portable hole then that's a terrible idea >_>
Xandhil Orecalo: >.>
Mister Cat: Does no one here have a force effect?
Xandhil Orecalo: yeah I know
Xandhil Orecalo: not even a little
Nary R. (GM): Kalman's going to cast... a thing
Nary R. (GM): Alma's turn
Mister Cat: Alma generates an Aura of Desecration as a free action and then casts Harm on herself
Mister Cat: 20' radius desecration
Mister Cat: and I'm all fixt
Nary R. (GM): Raina's going to cast Wall of Fire
Nary R. (GM): radiating in the downwards direction
Nary R. (GM): so it does double damage to undead...
Nary R. (GM): I dunno if M.Alma is immune to fire though ;)
Mister Cat: I hate her
Nary R. (GM): there's no save on that
Nary R. (GM): although SR yes, if MA has any of that
Mister Cat: no, but miss chance
Mister Cat: hotttt
Nary R. (GM): Justen's going to encourage us to start to move towards where the others are at least...
Nary R. (GM): Justen wants to go up in the direction of Kalman and Cesar if possible
Nary R. (GM): Cesar is moving up to there, and holding his axe to Channel's throat :p he can do that even if he's blind, she ain't moving
Nary R. (GM): Xan?
Xandhil Orecalo: xan will heal himself
Nary R. (GM): okay
Xandhil Orecalo: I will cast cure mod, wooh!
Nary R. (GM): Willem's attacking Danyel
Nary R. (GM): oh, that was sad
Nary R. (GM): Willem is not in a happy place right now
Mister Cat: Yeah that's a no :P
Nary R. (GM): that is actually enough for Channel to break her hold finally... 'course it doesn't help since Cesar has an axe in her face
Mister Cat: his AC is 27 :V
Nary R. (GM): On Ruchard's turn, even you blind folks can tell something is happening
Nary R. (GM): good thing you can't get even blinder, I suppose...
Nary R. (GM): The whirlwind disappears, for a start
Xandhil Orecalo: whew >.>
Nary R. (GM): little rat corpses falling like squishy hail
Mister Cat: heee
Xandhil Orecalo: ewwwwww
Nary R. (GM): I'll just say any that were still alive, the fall is probably enough to kill them
Mister Cat: splut
Xandhil Orecalo: not sad to miss that
Xandhil Orecalo: though it probably sounds creepy enough
Nary R. (GM): Everything goes quiet and still. probably for a moment you wonder if you're deaf too :p
Nary R. (GM): But instead, you hear Ruchard's voice
Nary R. (GM): "I have it now."
Nary R. (GM): "Now, let's sort this out..."
Nary R. (GM): There's a feeling of everything... breathing easier, expanding
Nary R. (GM): Those of you who can see can tell Willem and Raina are gone
Mister Cat shrieks in frustration
Mister Cat: (Alma that is)
Xandhil Orecalo: aww, can he unblind us :p
Nary R. (GM): yes he can, although it might not be top of his to-do list @_@
Xandhil Orecalo: fair >.>
Nary R. (GM): but he can do it in a moment here :)
Nary R. (GM): right after he shores up the walls of the plane and stops it from collapsing
Nary R. (GM): and maybe makes some farms again :p
Xandhil Orecalo: hee
Mister Cat: And saves some people from being murdered >:|
Nary R. (GM): yeah...
Mister Cat: It's called DIVINE JUSTICE RUCHARD
Nary R. (GM): well, contains them so they can't fuck up what he's doing, more to the point
Nary R. (GM): he left Channel there >.>
Nary R. (GM): Alma flounces in a huff at being denied her kill? ;)
Mister Cat: * Alma does seem to perhaps not be taking her victory fully in stride
Nary R. (GM): you guys did good!
Nary R. (GM): so Char's rings, for the record, are Ring of the four winds (+2 deflection AC, feather fall at will) and a Ring of Climbing. I don't know if those are even much use to you teleporty folks, although extra AC is nice.