Homoventures Chapter 2, Part 2

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Homoventures session logs
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Tazenir hooks up with a Shadar-kai girl named Sabren.


Session date:
Diablotin date:
  • Tazenir rolls his eyes, as he was about to go check and see how his guests were doing, only to find his brother fucking half the crowd.
  • Tazenir heads over to the bar and looks for someone else to amuse himself with
  • SK_Girl is sitting there, listening to the musicians and sort of half-watching the show. She's gorgeous, long silver hair, pouty lips.

[Tazenir] . o O (hot! yes, that one)

  • Tazenir heads over your way then
  • Tazenir slips up to the bar next to her and orders a drink.

[Tazenir] want something?

  • SK_Girl glances in your direction, mildly curious.

[SK_Girl] Sure.

  • Tazenir lets the bartender know to get you whatever you want
  • SK_Girl orders another of whatever she was already having.
  • Tazenir jerks his head back toward the main room

[Tazenir] not your kind of entertainment?

  • SK_Girl shrugs.

[SK_Girl] It's okay to watch... I don't really feel like sucking cock that's been in ten other people's mouths before mine, though.

  • Tazenir chuckles at that

[Tazenir] he doesn't like girls anyway

[SK_Girl] Oh?

[Tazenir] Fuck, no.

[SK_Girl] Plenty of girls in that line-up... he might be disappointed, then. Or they might.

  • SK_Girl sips her drink.

[Tazenir] It'll get his boyfriend off, so I guess that makes him happy

[SK_Girl] Fuck-slaves.

  • SK_Girl says, rolling her eyes a bit.

[Tazenir] yeah - not my thing either

[Tazenir] What about you - what gets you off?

  • SK_Girl looks sidelong at you and smiles.

[SK_Girl] I like some rough.

[SK_Girl] But I get to hit back.

[Tazenir] I can do that.

[Tazenir] how much is some?

[SK_Girl] Yeah, you look like you can.

[SK_Girl] Nothing broken. Bruises, fine, cuts, fine if you're into that, bites, scratches...

[Tazenir] sounds good to me - wanna grab a room?

[SK_Girl] Nothing that's gonna take a long time to heal, basically.

[SK_Girl] I gotta be in good shape

  • SK_Girl eyes you again, and nods.

[SK_Girl] Sure, I'm up for that.

[Tazenir] great

[Tazenir] what do you do?

  • Tazenir picks up his drink to head to one of the back rooms then
  • SK_Girl takes hers too, going along with you.

[SK_Girl] Well, for stuff that pays, I model clothes for a dressmaker.

[Tazenir] and for fun?

  • Tazenir asks, taking an appreciative look at her body

[SK_Girl] For stuff that doesn't, I model for artists. Artists mostly don't have any money, but they do know how to have fun.

[Tazenir] heh, I bet

[Tazenir] body artists?

[SK_Girl] Whatever artists.

  • SK_Girl says with a shrug.

[SK_Girl] And for myself... well... you can find that out later, maybe

[SK_Girl] What's your name?

[Tazenir] Taz

[Tazenir] you?

[SK_Girl] Sabren

  • SK_Girl is now known as Sabren
  • Tazenir stores that in his short term memory so he can remember what to call out when he's fucking her :p

[Tazenir] you got any other rules?

[Sabren] Nope. You?

[Tazenir] nope!

[Sabren] Great.

  • Sabren says with a grin.

[Tazenir] yeah, should be fun

[Sabren] This one's free.

  • Sabren nods to an available room.
  • Tazenir grins back, and will pull her inside then
  • Tazenir will kick the door closed behind them