Homoventures Chapter 2, Part 1

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Homoventures session logs
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Xandhìl and Justen head to the Shadow Plane to do some research.


Session date: Aug 09 2012
Diablotin date:

[DiablotinNarrator] do you need to talk to Justen before you leave at all, or otherwise we can just start with you leaving

[elanya] I dunno :o

[elanya] unless he has questions for me though, I thik we're good

  • elanya is now known as Xandhil

[DiablotinNarrator] I suppose he can ask things on the way as necessary :)

  • Justen is pretty easy going. 'Sure we can go to the Shadow Plane if you want, sounds fun.'
  • Xandhil will leave rhyll in charge of finding info on the serpent cult

[DiablotinNarrator] You pack your travelling supplies and set out, then. I guess this is probably a few months later?

[Xandhil] (yes)

[DiablotinNarrator] Maybe Mercy is about 5-6 months pregnant and getting cranky ;)

[Xandhil] eventually

[Xandhil] people will pay me to do this.

[Justen] People too lazy to do it for themselves?

  • Justen teases.

[Xandhil] or too chicken, yeah

[Justen] Sounds like a good plan.

[Xandhil] people who *just* want to sit in a library and research

[Xandhil] but who need to know things that aren't in books

[Xandhil] people were talking after we came back from Am already

[Justen] Yeah.

[Justen] Not just our parents...

[Xandhil] Yeah!

[Xandhil] lecture at the Antiquarian society and everything

  • Xandhil smirks

[Xandhil] they are probably pretty desperate for new blood at this point

  • Justen laughs.

[DiablotinNarrator] The portal to the Shadow Plane is set up with a ... border crossing, kind of. You have to pay a fee to pass through, and there are guards who make sure access is controlled.

  • Xandhil mutters because none of his brothers have to bother with it

[DiablotinNarrator] The guards do stuff like check to make sure you're at least moderately prepared for what you're going to face over there. But by now they're probably used to you, Xan ;)

[DiablotinNarrator] They just wave you through, after you pay the toll.

[DiablotinNarrator] They probably also want to know when you'll be back, so they can keep records of how many people go over there and never come back ].]

  • Xandhil will tell them sometime before [mercy's due date]

[DiablotinNarrator] heh

  • Justen has probably never been there before @_@
  • Xandhil has surely told him everything about it

[Xandhil] You know, it was years before Father could convince Mom to come here

[Justen] Really?

[Justen] Because of the whole 'cursed' thing?

[Xandhil] to this part, yeah

  • Xandhil nods

[Xandhil] this area is pretty creepy, even for the shadow plane

[DiablotinNarrator] You pass through the portal and make your way to the Plane of Shadow. You find yourself in the ruined city - which is somewhat less ruined these days even than it was when you were a kid, Xan. It's still creepy, and still not well-inhabited, but there are a few hardy souls who have set up there.

  • Justen gives a little shiver.

[Xandhil] Dez used to come here all the time by himself, though

[Xandhil] because... Dez.

[Xandhil] he probably still does :p

[Justen] Have I mentioned your brother's weird?

[Xandhil] once or twice

[Xandhil] (did we figure out how old they are?)

[Justen] Really, how did you get to be the normal one in the family?

[DiablotinNarrator] (what is Xan, 24?)

[Xandhil] (i don't remember @_@)

[DiablotinNarrator] heh

[DiablotinNarrator] let me just look back...

[Xandhil] (I was going to say - don't you have a chart? ^-^)

[DiablotinNarrator] it was 2272 at the start of your last adventure

[DiablotinNarrator] 6th month. So by now it is probably... well, if it took you about 3 months last time, then 3 months to knock up Mercy, then another 4-5 months or so, it's mid-2273 by now.

[DiablotinNarrator] so Xan is 22

  • Xandhil Shrugs to Justen, anyway

[Xandhil] I'm the one who can look the most normal, is how.

[DiablotinNarrator] (which would make Taz probably 23, and Rhyl 17)

[Xandhil] you don't think I should have asked him along too? ^-^

[Justen] I don't know if he would like being with, you know, other people, for that length of time.

[Xandhil] yeah, that was my assumption

[Xandhil] he certainly didn't seem put out

[Justen] well that's good

[Justen] I wouldn't want him to be put out ].]

[Xandhil] :p

[Justen] So, teach me something in shadar-kai.

[Xandhil] You're just afraid you'd wake up and catch him watching you sleep

[Xandhil] sure :D

[Justen] Maybe by the time we get there I'll know how to say a few things.

[Xandhil] key phrases like 'you're hot, wanna bang?'

[Xandhil] ;p

[Xandhil] [sk] Yes

[Xandhil] means yes ;p

[Xandhil] for the record

[Justen] [sk] Yes.

  • Justen repeats back.
  • Xandhil smiles

[Justen] Teach me "Suck my cock" next ^-^

[Xandhil] okay

[Xandhil] but they'll I'll have to teach you 'please don't kill me; :V

  • Justen laughs uncertainly.

[Justen] ... serious?

[Xandhil] heh, you never know

[Xandhil] it might be useful

[Xandhil] so

[Xandhil] cock, in the vernacular is....

  • Xandhil will give a little language lesson
  • Justen seems most inclined to learn the sex terms, but he'll pick up some other useful phrases as well.

[Xandhil] there will be a test on these later ]:D

[Justen] [sk] Thank you, sir.

  • Justen basically always uses the most respectful terms, just in case @_@

[Justen] (no point confusing the poor boy with different modes of address, just teach him to be completely subby ;)

  • Xandhil is okay with that ^-^

[Justen] So 'suck my cock' is [sk] Please, master, lower yourself to putting your mouth on my cock [/sk]? That seems long.

[Xandhil] heh

[Xandhil] well

[Xandhil] you don't wanna piss someone else off too much

[Xandhil] we're outsiders :p

[Justen] well, true.

[Justen] ...will they know?

  • Xandhil looks at you

[Justen] I mean, should we disguise ourselves?

[Xandhil] yes.

[Xandhil] to both

[Justen] Even just for going to see your brothers?

[Xandhil] There is no way you can hide the fact that you are an outsider

[Xandhil] especially if you don't speak the language

[Xandhil] as for 'disguises'

[Xandhil] people here aren't used to colour

  • Justen nods.

[Xandhil] some of them will be super fascinated

[Xandhil] but some people find it really jarring

[Xandhil] and that can be rude

[Xandhil] so it depends on the context

[Justen] Ok.

[Xandhil] in a pleasure house, be yourself

[Xandhil] people will love it

[Justen] heh.

[Xandhil] in like... the academy, if we go there with Rhyl, that's different

[Justen] what goes on in a pleasure house? ;)

[Xandhil] pleasures ;p

[Xandhil] depends on the place

[Justen] I like pleasures ^-^

[Xandhil] some of them are basically big...

[Xandhil] well whorehouses isn't right

[Xandhil] because not everyone there is a whore

[Xandhil] just people looking to get laid

[Xandhil] but there are also people you can pay for sex, or other things

  • Justen grins

[Xandhil] piercings, whatever

[Justen] Ok, explain about the piercings.

[Xandhil] but there are also like... concerts, dances, poetry readings...

  • Justen nods, listening.

[Xandhil] piercings... and other stuff like scars and tattoos too

[Xandhil] you can get them done there, if you want

[Xandhil] for aesthetics, or for sex, or just to look cool

[Justen] it just doesn't seem to me like the process of getting them would be that.. pleasurable. but I guess some people like it...

[Xandhil] its also a thing people do to remember their lovers

[Xandhil] Man

[Xandhil] People here are...

[Xandhil] well

[Xandhil] People are extremists in lots of ways

[Justen] Everything is so... bland here, or something. Maybe they need to spice it up somehow or they'll go nuts.

[Xandhil] kind of

[Xandhil] but like...

[Xandhil] they don't go nuts

[Xandhil] they just stop... being people

[Justen] hm :/

[Xandhil] they sort of disappear

[Xandhil] and are just swallowed up by the plane

[Justen] creepy.

[Xandhil] yeah

[Justen] And so this is where you came for vacations when you were a kid? Somehow that explains a lot ;)

[Xandhil] heh

[Xandhil] the library is amazing

[Justen] Where your mom used to work?

[Xandhil] yeah

[Justen] cool.

  • Justen jumps as a faded-colour figure appears out of nowhere, screaming, and runs across your path, then disappears again.

[Justen] Fuck!

[Xandhil] heh

[Xandhil] yeah

[Xandhil] I think I've seen that one before

[Justen] does that happen everywhere? Or mostly just around here? :p

[Xandhil] more around here, yeah

[Xandhil] but the whole plane has echoes

[Xandhil] that's what they're called

[Xandhil] they're less common in the cities

  • Justen nods, still a bit shaken.
  • Xandhil squeezes his hand

[Justen] I know you said it would happen, I just didn't really know what it would be like.

[Xandhil] yeah...

[Xandhil] They used to give me nightmares ever time we came here

[Xandhil] until I was like.... 10

[Justen] I guess if that's all they see of colour, I can see why it would freak some people out.

[Xandhil] yeah...

[Xandhil] not all the echoes are in colour

[Xandhil] more around here, I think because there was more mixing

[Xandhil] ...

  • Justen nods.

[Xandhil] you wanna hear something *really* creepy?

[Justen] sure...

[Xandhil] reallly reaaaaally creepy?

  • Xandhil warns

[Justen] I said sure @_@

[Xandhil] :D

[Xandhil] okay

[Xandhil] so, the Shadar Kai believe that when they die, they just get reabsorbed into the plane

[Xandhil] my father thinks that the echoes are what happens when someone who isn't from the plane dies here

[Xandhil] like

[Xandhil] little bits of their souls

[Xandhil] are just stuck here

[Xandhil] all broken up

[Justen] @_@

[Xandhil] half turned into shadow

[Xandhil] ...

[Justen] ok, that is pretty creepy.

[Xandhil] mom doesn't like that theory but she won't say that he's wrong

[Xandhil] just that she doesn't like it

[Justen] well, neither do I :p

[Xandhil] well, not that the well of souls here is fixed

[Xandhil] maybe that won't happen anymore

[Justen] Can they ever... tell who the people are?

[Xandhil] I don't think any of them have ever been identified

[Xandhil] I think Alma tried to talk to some of them, but she diodn't have any luck

[Xandhil] because they're not really ghosts

[Xandhil] but there are some that are recurring

[Xandhil] again, especially around here

  • Justen nods

[Xandhil] like the lady who jumps out of the window

  • Xandhil shudders

[Xandhil] I don't know why I always found her so much more creepy

[Justen] well, I am totally fine with getting further away from here, then @_@

  • Xandhil nods

[Xandhil] well, the city here isn't really *big* anyway

[Justen] I guess if they are humans, they would mostly be from a really long time ago...

[Xandhil] yeah

[Justen] unless some people got through that portal by accident I guess

  • Justen shivers again.

[Xandhil] well

[Xandhil] ...

[Xandhil] I can't remember when it was actually blocked off

[Xandhil] it wasn't *that* long ago - maybe 400 years?

  • Justen nods

[DiablotinNarrator] You and Justen will proceed onwards, then.

[DiablotinNarrator] With no cues of night and day to guide you, you basically just walk until you're tired, then stop for a while, then keep going.

[DiablotinNarrator] You are a bit better at gauging time here, you know the little signs to look for that people here use to tell time - there is a kind of moss that has a faint glow, for instance, that fades and brightens in regular cycles.

  • Xandhil will tell him

[Justen] So is that like... a day?

[Xandhil] well..

[Xandhil] no

[Xandhil] its about a 14 hour cycle

[Justen] Hm, ok.

[Justen] Can that stuff grow at home? That would be kind of cool :)

[Justen] Probably your mom has already tried planting it, hasn't she ;)

[Xandhil] yeah

[Xandhil] it doens't like the sun

[Justen] ah.

[Xandhil] you can grow it indoors but you need to import soil

[Justen] I guess it wouldn't.

  • Justen nods.

[Xandhil] and last time she did we got this really gross fungus

[Justen] ew.

  • Xandhil makes a face

[Xandhil] yeah

[Xandhil] she sold it to the botanical society people for like 400 gold though

[Xandhil] so score

  • Justen laughs.

[Justen] nice.

[Justen] we should keep an eye out for stuff we can sell too ;)

[Justen] I mean, on our way back maybe - I don't wanna carry around some fungus or whatever for the whole trip.

[Xandhil] yeah

[Xandhil] no

[Xandhil] I'm not putting fungus in my bag of holding

[DiablotinNarrator] This is some ways into your trip... you're passing through a rocky area with rough terrain, (currently) dry riverbeds, some scrubby bushes.

[Xandhil] I'd be afraid it could grow in there @_@

[Justen] Hah, don't let San hear you call it 'yours'.

[Xandhil] shhhhhhh ;)

[Justen] Don't worry, I think you're safe here ^-^

[Xandhil] you never know ;p

[DiablotinNarrator] Xan, you notice something up ahead - something that casts light, moving around in amidst some tall rock pillars

  • Xandhil hushes and grabs the hilt of his sword
  • Justen notices your reaction and reaches for his weapon too
  • Xandhil gives Justen a look
  • Xandhil then looks back to the light

[DiablotinNarrator] It's sort of ...drifting, you would say, but not entirely aimlessly. Moving back and forth, back and forth...

  • Xandhil watches it for a bit, then looks at him and shrugs
  • Justen shrugs back.

[DiablotinNarrator] It begins coming closer

  • Xandhil hold up a hand to keep him quiet and will see if he can sneak closer to get a better look

[DiablotinNarrator] ok, you can roll a move silently/hide

  • Xandhil sneaks closer :3
  • Xandhil gets temporarily paralyzed and the thing tries to steal his face!

[DiablotinNarrator] The ball of light explodes, almost blinding you with its brightness, and the creature's mask turns to dust.

[Xandhil] (After justen smashes it)

  • Justen smashed it with your help :)

[DiablotinNarrator] In amongst the pillars of stone, you find other porcelain-looking masks of ... other people's faces. They have been set up on neat piles of rock, as if on display. They are eerily beautiful, but creepy as hell.

[Xandhil] ...

[Xandhil] people's faces @_@

[Justen] Ugh.

[Xandhil] ..

[Xandhil] (any other loot?)

[Justen] (heh)

[Xandhil] I can't decide if we should break them, take them, or leave them

[DiablotinNarrator] There are some odds and ends, yes - some coins, weapons, things travellers would carry.

[DiablotinNarrator] kind of away from this area, though, in sort of a junkpile.

  • Xandhil will take the coins
  • Xandhil is curious where all they are from - also, money

[DiablotinNarrator] mostly SP coins, a few from Aveyrone, a few odds and ends you're not sure of

  • Xandhil will show Justen

[Xandhil] someday, we're gonna go.... wherever this is from :D

[Justen] ... okay :)

  • Justen kisses you, touching your face to make sure it's still there @_@
  • Xandhil 's face is still more or less attached, I hope @_@

[Xandhil] ..

[Xandhil] my face *is* okay, right?

[DiablotinNarrator] (oh, and I lied, accidentally - your Cha is only coming back with a Restoration spell. but... guess who the only people with that on this plane probably are? ;)

[Justen] It's fine.

  • Justen reassures you.

[Xandhil] (;_;)

[Xandhil] (how convincing is he? @_@)

  • Justen means it [3

[Justen] You look beautiful, just like always.

[Xandhil] (isn't restoration what's needed to cure the shadow curse?)

[Xandhil] okay

[Justen] (hm, maybe. I forget.)

  • Xandhil kisses him again

[Justen] (lemme look)

[Justen] (yes)

[Justen] (but it's a priest spell so idk how they usually work that ;)

[Justen] (maybe they have some scrolls/magic items they use)

[Xandhil] (maybe they don't, and that's the problem @_@)

[Xandhil] (yeah)

[DiablotinNarrator] What do you decide to do with the masks?

[DiablotinNarrator] take, smash, or leave?

  • Xandhil will break one and see what happens

[DiablotinNarrator] It just crumbles into small fragments/dust.

  • Xandhil will take one

[Justen] They're creepy, but maybe we should take one in case someone can tell us more about what that thing was, or maybe they want to buy it.

[Xandhil] yeah

[Xandhil] that's what I was thinking

[Xandhil] just one?

[Justen] well... I guess in the bag of holding it wouldn't be too annoying to carry them.

[Xandhil] yeah

[Justen] So all of them, then?

[Xandhil] sure

  • Justen helps gather them up. There are 12 in total, minus the one you broke.

[DiablotinNarrator] You can proceed on with your trip, then...

[DiablotinNarrator] You are able to help avoid a predatory plant because you remember one like it attacked you and Taz on your travels here.

[Xandhil] (woot!)

[DiablotinNarrator] Finally, you crest a hill and are able to see Llorfir ahead of you, on the edge of the sea.

  • Justen is excited to be here at last.
  • Xandhil squeezes his hand
  • Justen grins.

[Xandhil] now, what did I teach you?

[Justen] [sk] I'm only here to pleasure you, master.

[Justen] Is that right?

[Xandhil] mmm, well I liked the sound of it ^-^

[Xandhil] what did you mean to say?

[Justen] Isn't that like... Nice to meet you?

[Xandhil] nnnnness

  • Xandhil will tell him what it means ^-^

[Justen] oh.

  • Justen blushes a bit, but smiles.

[Xandhil] all the etiquette here is really hard

[Xandhil] Listen to Rhyl

  • Justen nods.

[Xandhil] *not* Taz :p

[Justen] I hope I don't screw it up :/

[Xandhil] it'll be fine

[Xandhil] youre foreign ^-^

[Xandhil] do you want to go colour or no colour?

[Justen] well...

[Justen] Let's stay colour for now, I kind of want to see the reactions. Is that wrong of me? ;)

[Xandhil] heh

[Xandhil] nah

[Justen] ok :)

  • Xandhil does hide his wings though @_@

[DiablotinNarrator] You proceed into the city. As expected (and as you're surely used to) you attract a lot of stares, but they are mostly just curious, not totally freaked out or anything. It was more extreme when you were a kid, and people would come up to actually touch you, or shout things at you on the street.

  • Xandhil will take Justen's hand to go in to the city
  • Justen holds on tight, looking around at the strange buildings, the people, the clothing...

[Xandhil] at least no one here care if you're gay

[Justen] Well, good :D

[DiablotinNarrator] You know the way to your mother's clan's district, where both your brothers live - Taz in his own quarters, Rhyl in the academy.

[Xandhil] I thiiiink we're all supposed to meet at taz's place

[Justen] Ok.

  • Justen was distracted momentarily by a woman with her tits hanging out... it happens ;)

[Xandhil] Rhyl is more nervous about people coming to the academy in case he gets in trouble for something we do :p

  • Xandhil elbows him

[Xandhil] :p

[Justen] hm

[Justen] Do you think there would be a market for importing clothes? ;)

[Xandhil] hah

[Xandhil] you wish :p

[Justen] heh

[Xandhil] you'd have to sell some of the boy fashions too

[Xandhil] and goooood luck with that

[Justen] oh, well, fine.

[Justen] maybe we could sell them our cloth, though. I bet they'd go nuts for dyed fabrics.

[Xandhil] probably yeah

[Justen] probably someone already thought of this.

[Xandhil] but I think there are like... government regulations and stuff right now

[Xandhil] yeah

  • Justen nods.

[Xandhil] the ruling council here is pretty wary of allowing that much cultural influence

[Justen] Fair, I guess...

[Justen] their world is already kind of messed up because of us :/

[Xandhil] yeah

[Xandhil] ].]

[DiablotinNarrator] You find your way to Taz's living quarters without difficulty.

  • Xandhil will knock, or whatever you do here @_@
  • Tazenir will come to the door a few min later

[Tazenir] Fuck - you made it!

[Xandhil] I told you :p

  • Xandhil will enter as taz steps back
  • Justen follows, looking around.

[Justen] Hey Taz. Nice place you have here...

[Tazenir] I like it

  • Tazenir shrugs

[Tazenir] So you didn't get eaten?

[Tazenir] fight anything cool?

[Justen] This creepy mask-thing...

[Xandhil] There was this thing... yeah

[Xandhil] it tried to steal my face @_@

[Justen] it had all like.. light coming out around its mask, and it floated, and it .. yeah, tried to eat Xan. I guess because he's prettier than me :p

[Tazenir] hah

[Tazenir] yeah, real pretty :p

  • Tazenir peers close at Xan's face, and shrugs
  • Xandhil tries not to feel selfconscious
  • Tazenir grins, and laughs

[Tazenir] you're so fucking vain

  • Justen puts an arm around Xan, protective.

[Tazenir] and you don't help :p

[Tazenir] You guys want a drink or anything?

[Tazenir] We could go out, too

[Xandhil] maybe not right now @_@

[Xandhil] to going out

[Justen] In a bit, that would be great.

[Xandhil] yeah...

[Tazenir] right

[Tazenir] well, I can send someone to let Rhyl know you're here

[Xandhil] cool

  • Xandhil will flop on a low couch or similar and start taking off his breastplate
  • Justen will also get out of his armor and into something more comfortable.

[Justen] You said something about a drink?

  • Tazenir will have word sent to rhyll meanwhile
  • Justen hints
  • Tazenir will get him ...something?
  • Justen shrugs, he'll drink anything ;)

[Tazenir] Yeah they don't really have beer or anything here

[Tazenir] best not to ask what anything is made of

[Justen] I'll keep that in mind. It tastes ok, at least.

  • Rhyl arrives not too long after, all excited to see you.

[Rhyl] Xan!

  • Rhyl gives you a hug.
  • Rhyl has a new piercing since you last saw him, in his tongue.
  • Xandhil hugs back

[Xandhil] are you taller again?

[Xandhil] Man :/

[Rhyl] I dunno, maybe.

[Xandhil] Ahh well

[Xandhil] I'm still taller than Taz ^-^

[Tazenir] You're still a dick :p

[Tazenir] Speaking of dick - nice tongue, Rhyl

[Rhyl] ].]

[Tazenir] Who gave you that?

[Rhyl] Um.. Jevan.

  • Rhyl is kind of blushing.

[Xandhil] whosat?

[Rhyl] My... he's like my assistant. They sort of pair up the senior students with someone younger to help them along...

[Xandhil] man

[Xandhil] I should have gone to school here :V

[Justen] Help like.. with school stuff?

[Tazenir] you're doing it backwards, dumbass

[Rhyl] School stuff, or whatever... ].]

[Tazenir] he's supposed to suck *your* cock :p

[Rhyl] Hey, I can do it how I want, I'm the one in charge.

  • Rhyl retorts.

[Tazenir] yeah, sure you are :p

[Xandhil] don't be such a dick, Taz

[Justen] man, I'm starting to think i should have gone to school here too.

[Justen] it sounds way more interesting than I remember.

[Xandhil] heh

[Xandhil] it has its ups and downs

[Xandhil] You probably got beaten less when you fucked up :p

[Rhyl] Anyway, um. I found out some stuff about the Serpent cult, like you asked...

  • Rhyl tries to change the subject @_@

[Xandhil] awesome :D

[Xandhil] what did you find?

  • Xandhil takes a ...drink

[Rhyl] Well, they mostly keep to themselves, I guess understandably. They have some little...compounds, I guess, out in the wilderness. The nearest one to here is somewhere called Hlintarn. I looked it up on a map, so I know where it is.

[Xandhil] cool

[Rhyl] But, this is the interesting part!

[Xandhil] ooh?

[Rhyl] More recently, they've been sending people into the city, like to preach and I guess try to show off their power to people, convert them, whatever.

[Xandhil] huh

[Xandhil] how's that been going for them? O_O

  • Rhyl shrugs.

[Rhyl] Not too bad I guess? The Irrdin'errin doesn't like it, so they try to kick them out when they find them, but some people seem to be listening.

  • Xandhil leans over to Justen

[Xandhil] [w] That's the council I was telling you about

  • Justen nods, listening.

[Xandhil] huh

[Rhyl] I mean... they don't have priests here, so if they really have that kind of magic... it would be pretty powerful here.

[Xandhil] well, I guess finding them could be easier than we'd thought?

[Rhyl] If they can really do healing and stuff like that.

[Xandhil] well...

[Xandhil] I don't see why they wouldn't be able to, now

[Rhyl] Yeah...

[Rhyl] I wasn't sure whether it would be an awful idea, but I though we could go and pretend like we want to convert, and get in that way, maybe.

  • Xandhil looks to Justen

[Justen] I guess? I mean maybe you could tell them I'm.. mute or something, I don't know, because otherwise I will blow your cover for sure the first time I open my mouth.

[Justen] Although then I guess they might try to cure me :p

[Tazenir] yeah...

[Tazenir] I don't have the patience for that kind of bullshitting

[Rhyl] Well, what do you think, Xan?

[Xandhil] hmmmm

[Xandhil] well I could probably pull it off, anyway

[Xandhil] but the rest of you are all shitty liars

[Rhyl] well... maybe not lie to them, i guess... maybe if we just say we want to learn more about their faith?

[Xandhil] yeah

[Rhyl] I mean, that's true, right?

[Xandhil] that's what I was going to say

[Xandhil] we don't have to lie

[Xandhil] I mean we really do want to know what they have to say about the Serpent

[Rhyl] Exactly.

[Rhyl] We could just go try to hear them preach sometime, and then go from there?

[Xandhil] yeah :)

[Xandhil] That'll give us a good idea how to start, I think

  • Rhyl looks happy that his suggestion was good and he helped :)

[Tazenir] Sounds thrilling :p

[Justen] Ah, it won't be so bad.

[Justen] If they never see outsiders in this compound or whatever, maybe they're all sex-starved.

  • Justen jokes.

[Tazenir] heh heh

  • Tazenir grins

[Tazenir] as long as they're not all ugly and inbread

[Justen] that would be a plus, yeah.

[Xandhil] you guys are so classy -_-

[Justen] :D

[Justen] Come on, you said something about going out? I'm feeling rested up enough to hit the town, how about you, Xan?

[Xandhil] Ahh.. sure!

[Xandhil] :)

[Tazenir] heh heh

[Tazenir] I bet I know where you wanna go

  • Tazenir says to Justen with a sly look

[Tazenir] come on

[Justen] ... oh? where's that?

[Tazenir] somewhere fun ]:D

[Justen] Well.. yeah!

  • Xandhil rolls his eyes

[Xandhil] pleasure house?

[Tazenir] Fuck yeah!

[Tazenir] I know a good one, come on.

[Tazenir] You in, kid?

[Rhyl] um... I guess maybe I should go back and do some studying..........

  • Tazenir asks Rhyl
  • Rhyl looks like he doesn't really want to though ].]

[Justen] Oh, come on, it'll be fun :)

[Tazenir] fuck that shit, that's what you havd that little cock for

[Tazenir] he studies, you play

[Tazenir] come on

[Rhyl] well... okay.

[Tazenir] you can give him a make-up blowjob later

  • Rhyl blushes.

[Tazenir] right

  • Tazenir stands up, and will lead the way to fun! :D
  • Rhyl follows along, a bit apprehensive, but also excited to get to go with the big kids ;)

[DiablotinNarrator] The pleasure house Taz chooses is a bit out of the way, up near the top of the cliffs, with a view over the ocean. Its name translates as 'The Farthest Shore'. Upon entering, you can hear music playing, and smell food and drink and incense and spices. Also, and most notably, there is a man strung up on a rack just inside the door, gagged. A woman with a small crop stands beside him, and greets you as you enter.

[Doorkeeper] [sk] Tazenir! You brought friends.

[Tazenir] [sk]Mostly family

  • Tazenir jerks a thumb at Justen

[Tazenir] [sk] he's fresh meat though - never been here before, has no idea what he's in for - have fun ]:D

  • Justen is looking around, wide-eyed.
  • Xandhil clutches Justen

[Doorkeeper] [sk] Oh yes....I can see that.

  • Xandhil glares at Taz
  • Tazenir turns his grin at Xan

[Tazenir] Good luck with that, bro ^-^

[Tazenir] (in sk)

  • Xandhil sighs and hugs Justen

[Xandhil] go have fun, remember what I taught you :p

[Tazenir] heh

[Doorkeeper] [sk] For your information, Desh here misbehaved, and he's available to anyone tonight, accordingly.

  • Doorkeeper says, indicating the strapped-up man.

[Tazenir] [sk] not my thing

  • Tazenir shrugs

[Xandhil] ...[sk] what did he do?

[Doorkeeper] [sk] Oh, he knows what he did.

  • Doorkeeper says sternly.
  • Xandhil eyes the man
  • Xandhil will use his detect thoughts :V

[Doorkeeper] heh

  • Xandhil will explain to Justen as well

[Xandhil] (that he's there to be used however by whoever, for unspecified misbehaviour)

[Doorkeeper] (mostly along the lines of 'I'm so bad, I disappointed her, I have to make it up to her, I hope I get fucked sooooo much tonight, this is going to be amazing' ;)

  • Xandhil gives the man a letcherous smile

[Xandhil] ...and he totally wants it ^-^

  • Xandhil finishes his explanation

[Justen] heh

[Justen] if you wanna, you go ahead :)

[Xandhil] no rush - we just got here :)

[Justen] okay

  • Rhyl has found a seat on some cushions and is settling in.

[Xandhil] do you wanna wander on your own a bit?

[Justen] nah, I'll stay with you for now.

  • Tazenir will chat up some lady friends

[Justen] If we find someone.. someones, whatever... we want to play with, we can do that, or we can just watch, or whatever you like :)

  • Xandhil leans up to kiss him
  • Justen kisses back.

[Xandhil] I'm still kind of tired from travelling - but we'll see

  • Justen nods.

[Rhyl] Was it a pretty good trip?

  • Rhyl asks, raising his voice to be heard over the music.
  • Xandhil plonks down beside himj on some cushions

[Xandhil] yeah

[Xandhil] we avoided a [creepy plant]

[Xandhil] but there was this mask thing

[Xandhil] that tried to steal my facew

[Xandhil] @_@

[Xandhil] After Justen killed it, we found a bunch of masks of other people's faces it had stolen

[Rhyl] Agh, scary.

[Rhyl] Glad you were okay!

[Xandhil] yeah

[Xandhil] I wanna know what it was though

[Xandhil] remind me...later... and i can show you the masks

[Rhyl] We can try to look it up at the library, maybe.

[Xandhil] :D

[Xandhil] I love that place

[Rhyl] Me too :)

[Rhyl] It would be sooooo coool to work there someday.

[Xandhil] heh

[Xandhil] maybe mom can put in a good word

[Xandhil] tell you who you need to fuck

[Xandhil] ;p

[Rhyl] heh.

[Rhyl] well, for a job...

  • Rhyl shrugs.

[Rhyl] especially an awesome one like that.

[Xandhil] heh

[Xandhil] man

[Xandhil] I'm glad you're settling in well, I guess?

  • Rhyl smiles shyly.

[Rhyl] It was kind of rough at first, but I'm more used to it now.

[Xandhil] good

[Xandhil] I knew you could do it though

[Xandhil] You're an Orecalo

[Rhyl] well... yeah.

[Xandhil] :D

[Rhyl] I mean, they don't think of me that way, but I know it anyway, and that's what matters.

  • Xandhil leans over to justen

[Xandhil] You may not have noticed, but we're all pretty stubborn ^-^

[Justen] Hah.

[Justen] it hadn't escaped my notice.

[Xandhil] hee ^_^

  • Justen kisses your cheek.

[Rhyl] So, you guys... um, moved in together?

[Xandhil] yes :D

[Rhyl] I'm glad :)

[Xandhil] oh shit!

[Xandhil] D:

[Xandhil] crap

[Rhyl] what? :o

[Xandhil] Did we... i... tell taz even?

[Xandhil] about mercy?

[Xandhil] ....

[Justen] Oh. uh, no, I guess not :o

[Xandhil] I think I didn't ].]

[Xandhil] because

[Xandhil] he will... not understand

[Justen] yeah, well... he's gonna find out, might as well be now.

[Rhyl] Find out what?

[Rhyl] Is Mercy okay?

[Xandhil] yes!

[Xandhil] She's..

[Xandhil] well she is pretty cranky right nw

  • Rhyl looks puzzled.

[Xandhil] She's going to have a baby

[Rhyl] oh! :o

[Xandhil] ..

[Xandhil] my baby ].]

[Rhyl] ....

[Rhyl] but... she's a girl.

  • Rhyl points out helpfully.

[Xandhil] yeah...

[Xandhil] I noticed :p

[Rhyl] did you... um, are you... getting married or anything?

[Xandhil] ah ha ha

[Xandhil] no.

  • Xandhil sighs

[Xandhil] no

[Rhyl] okay.

[Xandhil] she wanted a baby for herself

[Xandhil] She asked me if I would help

[Xandhil] i mean

[Xandhil] I'm going to help her.... but not like..

[Xandhil] well i don't know

[Xandhil] we'll see

[Xandhil] but we're not involved

[Justen] We're all going to help her out if she needs it.

[Xandhil] its her baby, but I want to help too, I guess

[Xandhil] yeah

[Rhyl] Oh well... that's great, then :)

[Xandhil] yeah

[Rhyl] Congratulations?

  • Xandhil steals a glance at Taz, who is making out with some chick

[Xandhil] thanks :)

[Rhyl] ... how did Mom and Dad and San feel about it?

[Xandhil] Dad is thrilled

[Xandhil] Mom is cool with it

[Xandhil] San is... well, I gave hiom lots of time

  • Rhyl nods.

[Xandhil] and I think he understands

[Xandhil] what she wants

[Rhyl] okay. good.

[Xandhil] and that i'm not ...

[Xandhil] well, you know ].]

[Rhyl] ...yeah.

[Xandhil] its not the same

[Rhyl] no.

[Xandhil] he knows that

  • Rhyl nods.

[Xandhil] so, anyway, that is what we need to be back for

[Rhyl] That's so cool... I'm gonna be an uncle. well, again... you know what I mean :)

  • Rhyl also eyes Taz.

[Xandhil] yeah

[Xandhil] on purpose ;p

[Rhyl] hah.

[Xandhil] you'll have to come home at some point :p

[Rhyl] Oh yeah.

[Xandhil] to meet the kid

[Rhyl] For sure when I finish school, I'll come home, probably stay for a few months.

[Xandhil] yeah :/

[Xandhil] man, I miss hyou guys

[Rhyl] We miss you too.

[Rhyl] Taz does, even if he won't say it.

[Xandhil] if he did, I'd be convinced he'd been replaced by some extra-planar brain-eating parasite thing ;p

[Rhyl] heheh

  • Justen seems to have caught the eye of a young lady, who is coming over to talk to him.

[Xandhil] I know he misses me by how much he tries to piss me off :p

  • Doorkeeper is now known as Young_lady

[Young_lady] [sk] You must be new here ^-^

[Xandhil] heh

[Xandhil] she says you must be new here

[Justen] [sk] hello.

[Justen] Are you gonna translate my flirting? ;)

[Xandhil] [sk] He doesn't kow many words in your language, but I'm sure he can communicate fine ^-^

  • Young_lady giggles.

[Xandhil] I think you can manage okay without me -_-

[Xandhil] if she were a pretty boy... maybe ^-^

  • Justen smiles.

[Justen] You don't mind?

[Xandhil] go have fun

  • Xandhil kisses him

[Xandhil] don't let her mark you :p

[Justen] uh... okay @_@

[Young_lady] [sk] I'm Tindiir... what's your name?

  • Justen knows that one at least.

[Justen] Justen.

  • Justen says, putting an arm around her as they wander off to get to know each other better.
  • Rhyl glances at you.

[Rhyl] .. you don't mind?

  • Rhyl echoes Justen, but a bit more pointedly.
  • Xandhil smiles

[Xandhil] no.

[Rhyl] okay.

  • Rhyl takes you at your word.

[Xandhil] if I did, he wouldn't go

[Rhyl] ... things have changed, huh?

[Xandhil] but he loves me

[Xandhil] yes

  • Rhyl smiles at that.

[Xandhil] yeah... they have

[Rhyl] Good.

[Xandhil] We went to Am

  • Rhyl nods.

[Xandhil] and we spent a lot of time, more or less alone

[Xandhil] and we worked a lot of things out

[Rhyl] cool.

[Xandhil] so...

[Xandhil] Guys now?

[Rhyl] uh...

[Xandhil] that's new

[Xandhil] :D

[Rhyl] yeah, I guess. I mean, it was sort of weird at first, but I decided it was good.

[Xandhil] decided?

  • Rhyl nods.

[Rhyl] Yeah, I just thought about it a lot, and I decided I was fine with it.

[Xandhil] well, that's cool

[Rhyl] It makes things a lot easier here, too ].]

[Xandhil] heh

[Xandhil] dad will be so happy ;p

[Rhyl] heh

[Xandhil] probably mom too

[Rhyl] I.. talked to him about it, a bit, the last time I was home.

[Xandhil] oh?

[Xandhil] heh

[Xandhil] well, who better, I guess :)

always know what you want?

[Rhyl] Yeah... well, I guess I thought, it's supposed to be something you know, right? like you're supposed to always know what you want?

[Rhyl] Except I guess not, and that's okay. That's what he said, anyway.

  • Xandhil nods

[Xandhil] no offence, Rhyl

[Xandhil] but you are not a bastion of certainty about many things ;p

[Rhyl] yeah. well.

[Rhyl] I just take longer to make up my mind.

[Xandhil] You and father :p

  • Rhyl says with a shrug.

[Rhyl] Hah.

[Xandhil] let me thiiiink about this... for a few months ].]

[Rhyl] Oh, I thought you meant about guys.

[Xandhil] hah

[Xandhil] well

[Xandhil] maybe?

[Xandhil] I don't know if he has ever liked any other guys besides dad?

[Rhyl] I mean from anything I hear he had to think about that for a long time too ;)

[Xandhil] yeah

[Rhyl] so... you're not weirded out or anything, right?

[Xandhil] :p

[Xandhil] Om my *stars* Rhyl, you want to fuck guys that's so *weird* :p

[Rhyl] Well I know it's kind of... a lot to absorb here.

[Rhyl] I mean I still want to fuck girls too.

[Xandhil] heh

[Xandhil] I was gonna ask

[Xandhil] but I figured

[Xandhil] I mean

[Xandhil] Justen's bi

  • Rhyl nods.

[Xandhil] dad's bi

[Xandhil] I know some other poeple back home too

[Xandhil] really, who you wanna fuck is your own business...

[Xandhil] well I guess maybe it isn't here @_@

[Rhyl] yeah, I was gonna say.

[Rhyl] here it's kind of everyone's business.

[Rhyl] well, everyone in the clan at least.

[Xandhil] Yeha... maybe it is better I'm not in the clan ].]

[Rhyl] Hey you know, I was thinking, I bet Em could get into the clan if she wanted.

[Xandhil] oh?

[Xandhil] how?

[Rhyl] I mean, she probably doesn't care, but since when she was born, San was part of the clan, but her, well, mother, doesn't have a clan, I think technically she would be considered part of ours.

[Xandhil] huh

[Rhyl] But I have no idea how they'd choose to interpret that, it's pretty out of the ordinary.

[Xandhil] she might

[Xandhil] I'll tell her to ask mom

[Rhyl] Yeah, cool.

[Rhyl] It would mean a lot of .. judgement calls, but if Mom was going to stand up for it, I bet they'd go along.

[Xandhil] yeah

[Rhyl] I mean they already let in San, that's kind of a major break with tradition already.

[Xandhil] maybe it will depends on what these cult people are like

[Rhyl] And us...

[Xandhil] yeah...

[Xandhil] well you're easier though

[Rhyl] How do you mean? About the cult, I mean?

[Xandhil] welll

[Xandhil] She feels a lot more connected to all this 'god' stuff

  • Rhyl nods

[Xandhil] and Serpent and Emkathon and stuff

[Rhyl] right...

[Rhyl] you think she'd want to come here and learn more about it?

[Xandhil] And you know how father is - he pretends like he doesn't want any part of it, but it is more complicated than that

[Xandhil] if the people here know anything

[Rhyl] if they are ... you know, not crazy and stuff.

[Xandhil] and aren't crazy

[Xandhil] yeah

[Xandhil] we have our own crazy cultists

[Rhyl] I'll say... people here tend to think the Serpent folks are crazy, but maybe that's just prejudice.

[Rhyl] I guess you would need a bit of crazy to stick with a religion that wasn't... working... anymore for that long, though.

[Xandhil] but she wants to be, like, a spokesman? Like that, only for serpent. Only the Wheel Worshippers won't recognize the serpent or let her train with them

[Rhyl] Oh, huh.

[Xandhil] yeah

[Rhyl] Well... we can see if they have people like that, I guess?

[Rhyl] holy warriors or something?

[Xandhil] yeah

[Xandhil] She talked a lot with Sirris...

[Xandhil] he was a guy we found in Am

[Xandhil] well

[Xandhil] he was cursed

[Xandhil] and we fixed him

[Rhyl] oh, cool!

[Xandhil] yeah, cool - he was cursed to be a giant snake-thing for like 3000 years @_@

[Rhyl] @_@

[Rhyl] That... really sucks.

[Xandhil] but he is still the sanest, best informed Serpent worshipper we have ever met

[Xandhil] yeah

[Xandhil] it wasn't even his fault...

[Xandhil] well, don't get Justen stared on it, anyway

[Rhyl] okay.

[Rhyl] I'm glad you rescued him, then.

[Xandhil] yeah

[Xandhil] it was pretty cool, really

[Rhyl] :)

[Xandhil] we found where the well was

[Xandhil] like the well here

[Rhyl] wow :o

[Xandhil] before it was broken

[Xandhil] yeah

[Xandhil] it isn't even magical now

  • Rhyl nods.

[Rhyl] I really hope that.. well, I know it probably won't be as cool as that, but I hope that what we're going to do will be useful.

[Xandhil] it will!

[Xandhil] somehow

[Xandhil] that's the great thing about research expeditions

[Xandhil] someont can always use what you find ^-^

  • Rhyl smiles at that.

[Xandhil] right - I think I am going to get a drink or something

[Rhyl] Okay.

[Xandhil] want anything?

[Xandhil] or are you gonna go wander off and find yourself a pretty someone?

[Rhyl] Oh, uh... maybe :)

  • Xandhil grins

[Xandhil] have fun then :)

[Rhyl] you too :)

  • Xandhil will get a drink and maybe go mess with the rack guy ^-^
  • Rhyl will wander off and find some fun of his own ^-^
  • Justen rejoins you a while later, looking kind of disheveled and exhausted, but cheerful.

[Justen] No marks ;) well nothing that won't heal.

[Xandhil] have fun then?

[Justen] very fun :)

  • Xandhil is just putting away a little riding crop :3

[Justen] You?

[Xandhil] yeah :)

  • Justen gives you a kiss, then.

[Xandhil] I like it when you talk back to me

[Xandhil] for the record

[Xandhil] not a fan of gags

  • Justen chuckles.

[Justen] Good to remember.

[Justen] talk back to you like...mouthy? or just to let you know how I'm doing? ;)

[Xandhil] Both!

[Xandhil] ^-^

  • Justen grins
  • Xandhil pinches his ass

[Xandhil] not all worn out I hope?

[Justen] [sk] I'm here to give you pleasure, master.

[Xandhil] mmmm

[Xandhil] then lets go find a room, shall we? ^-^

[Xandhil] or should we do it here in the main room and give everyone a nice colour plane show? ^-^

[Justen] yes :)

[Justen] I mean I think both your brothers are occupied, so...].]

[Xandhil] hee

[Xandhil] yeah

[Xandhil] well then, lets see these temporary marks ^-^

  • Justen is happy to show you his scratches and bite marks