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Roime calls the envoys from the Nēšu Abamātu alliance back to announce her decision - she will not formally send anyone, but not prevent any of her people from offering personal support, and she will allow them to petition her allies directly. Meanwhile, Laris learns from Gladius that the threat may be greater than initially estimated, and Indureil learns that Ione Melda has not listened to his recommendation. He speaks to Saḫḫiru about how to deal with her. Laris talks to Rufus about strategies. As part of the diplomatic strategy, Eyllia convinces Aengus to take her to The Curadh


Session date: 2020-02-26
In Game date: the day or so following the previous session

Roimë talks to the delegaion and announces her decision

  • Roime has taken up her place beneath the central tree again. Yula sits by her side.
  • Roime 's face is unreadable as she gestures for you to sit.
  • Korivan will make himself comfortable
  • May will sit as well.

<Roime> I have prayed upon the issue at hand.

  • May nods.
  • Roime pauses, considering her words carefully.

<Roime> I will not send my people to fight. <Roime> However, neither will I command them not to.

  • May lets out a breath she didn't realize she was holding.

<Roime> I believe, for the time being, you do not mean my people any harm.

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<Roime> I grant you free passage throughout the lands of the Amanya Hatal and our allies, and you may present your case to them. <May> Thank you.

  • Korivan nods
  • Eyllia smiles
  • Roime nods.
  • NPC2 is now known as Yula
  • Yula smiles.

<Roime> You are welcome to our hospitality so long as you wish, but I believe your time is precious. <May> Thank you, Roime, for your hospitality and understanding. We will make ready to leave tomorrow.

  • Roime nods graciously.

<May> I know that you want only what is best for your people. I promise you that we all share that goal. <Roime> Severally, at least. <Roime> I wish you well in your battle to come. <May> Thank you. <May> If you ever find yourself in the south, you will always be welcome in my city. <Roime> As you are welcome here, in peace and friendship. <YOAW_Narrator> (You can go to discuss things amongst yourselves if you want.)

The delegates discuss how to best proceed from here

  • Korivan will wait until we are out fo court
  • May will gather everyone together that evening then, to strategize.

<Korivan> (or court yard, as it may be <Korivan> That was well done @_@

  • May nods.

<May> It's the best we could hope for, really. Given the circumstances.

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  • Yula is now known as Kryx

<Korivan> But we have little time for... recruitment @_@

  • May will look to Yula.

<Iowa> We don't know how much time we have, do we?

  • Kryx is now known as Yula
  • Korivan listens to see if the ancestors have any sense of that, or any other usefl advice

<May> No, we don't. Which means we have little. <Eyllia> then we need to plot our course and get sailing <May> Yula, you know these lands and the people know you. Are you willing to take charge of gathering them? <YOAW_Narrator> The ancestors, as ever, are a contentious bunch, but they seem to think you have, hmm, let's say a middling amount of time. <Korivan> hmmm... we have...perhaps.... some time. <Korivan> enough for some personal approaches.... if we choose wisely <Yula> I can, but it will take time. <Yula> It may be better if I were not the only one dedicated to such an undertaking.

  • May nods.

<Korivan> where would a personal best? <Korivan> and can we divide... our efforts?

  • Korivan looks to the other leaders

<Iowa> Montano will spit, but I will go where needed.

  • Iowa is now known as Kryx

<Kryx> We owe our lives to this alliance. I will do what is necessary.

  • Korivan nods, and then looks to Yula for her advice, as she knows the region and who might be best approached by who :V

<Yula> With the time concern, there are four groups you - we - can approach that will bring the support of the rest: the Curadh, the Nalta Yaru, the Rocina, and the Hramunn. <Yula> In truth, the Hramunn bring only themselves, but they are steadfast warriors. <May> We split up, then? <Korivan> Yes. @_@

  • Yula nods.

<Kryx> Who goes where, then? <Yula> The Curadh will respect strength and wit. The Hramunn value loyalty. The Nalta Yaru are a cunning folk and seek the same in allies. The Rucina believe skill in magic to be the greatest virtue.

  • Korivan frowns, thnking

<Korivan> I have dealt with the Hramuun Hrall... and the Gaath of the Nalta Yaru. <Yula> You spoke to Istima? <Korivan> She... visited me @_@

  • May raises an eyebrow.

<Korivan> some time agio. before the...attack on the Osoro @_@

  • Korivan frowns a bit

<May> You should go there, then. I can deal with the Rucina.

  • Korivan nods
  • Korivan looks to Kryx. "It will be good for the Hramuun to have ....greater perspective...from other in our alliance."
  • Kryx nods.

<Kryx> I will sway our cousins to our cause. <May> Eyllia, how's your strength and wit today?

  • Korivan gives an answering nod

<Eyllia> good as its ever been

  • Eyllia winks
  • Korivan looks to Iowa then

<Korivan> Your...experience would be valued with any of these...delegations @_@

  • Kryx is now known as Iowa

<Iowa> Hmm. <Iowa> From what I have heard of the Hramunn, I think I could make a difference there. I know they are...reticent where it comes to Lord Bane. I respect and honor his strength, but serve my Lady Sehanine. <Iowa> As you said, they will do well to see the greater part of our alliance.

  • Korivan nods

<Korivan> yes... that is wise. <Korivan> and you - where will your efforts best serve? @_@

  • Korivan asks Yula

<Korivan> here? <Yula> I believe so, for now. I will try to convince my people of the threat, and the opportunity. <May> Your people will look to you... those who are willing to join us... as their leader.

  • Korivan nods

<Korivan> then we can each depart... tomorrow.

  • Korivan looks to May for confirmation
  • May nods.

<May> We'll each take a small retinue.

  • Iowa is now known as Kryx
  • Eyllia nods

<Kryx> I brought no warriors. We will travel quicker alone.

  • Korivan nods to Kryx

<Korivan> You should not travel... alone.

  • Korivan says to May

<Korivan> But... perhaps we may find someone to serve as... guides? <Korivan> ?me looks to Yula again <May> I have a bodyguard, and a magic advisor.

  • May grins.

<Korivan> Good @_@ <Yula> I may know a few willing to act as such. <Korivan> we can... reward them, as necessary

  • Yula nods

<May> Then we have a plan. <May> It's like we almost know what we're doing.

  • May grins.

<Korivan> We do @_@

  • Yula frowns a little.

<May> Sorry... bad joke. <May> Alright. We all have a lot to do to prepare, then. <Eyllia> like getting directions

  • Korivan grins at Eyllia.

<Korivan> I think you know whwre to find... the curradh <Eyllia> true enough <Yula> The Nalta Yaru are to the east, the Rucina to the north, and the Hramunn to the south. <Yula> It is rough terrain for all. <Yula> Except the Curadh, of course.

  • Korivan nods

<Korivan> they will no doubt.... find us... once we enter their territoty @_@

  • Yula nods.

Laris gets reports and bad news from Gladius

  • Gladius will return a few days after speaking to Laris about scouting.
  • Laris will meet with him, then.

<Gladius> Legatus Corvis.

  • Gladius says in greeting.
  • Gladius looks grim.

<Laris> Good day, Lord Gladius. How was your sight-seeing expedition? <Gladius> Productive, at least.

  • Laris gestures for him to have a seat while we talk.
  • Gladius will take a seat.
  • Gladius will hand over a sizable scroll case.
  • Laris takes it and has a look.

<YOAW_Narrator> It's a map of the mountains beyond the Ankai lands. Gladius seems to have a good eye for terrain detail and a practiced hand at cartography. He's marked a few points of likely approach from the south, as well as the most defensible points along them. <Laris> This is very impressive, and helpful. Thank you.

  • Gladius nods.

<Gladius> You're quite welcome. <Gladius> This is the good news I bear. On the other hand...

  • Gladius sighs.

<Gladius> I fear the situation may be worse than we initially thought. <Laris> oh? <Gladius> From what I gather, the previous estimates of the Green Steel Legion's strength put them at some five thousand troops. <Gladius> With the expectation they would have lost some to the attrition of the past years.

  • Laris nods, listening

<Gladius> I have some skill with this sort of reconnaissance. I estimate their numbers to be roughly eight thousand. <Laris> :| <Laris> Were you able to determine anything about the composition of their forces? <Gladius> The core of their forces remains, Turathi legions with foot, archers, priests... <Gladius> They've picked up some southern auxilliaries, mostly gnolls and minotaur. <Gladius> And they must have recruited some significant necromancers, as they have a great deal of undead, especially for a Turathi legion. <Laris> Hm, that's interesting. Worrying. <Laris> Mindless undead? or more powerful? <Gladius> Skeletons and zombies, but they did not seem quite mindless. <Gladius> Something seemed strange about them, but I could only get so close.

  • Laris nods

<Laris> How close are they? Are they on the move? <Gladius> They're encamped at the moment, but active. They have troops moving through the area, conducting operations against the inhabitants. They have, I'd estimate, some thousand captives so far. <Laris> hm. <Laris> Can you indicate where?

  • Laris nods to the maps
  • Gladius will do so.

<YOAW_Narrator> Their main encampment is a good ways away, at least a month's march most likely. <Laris> (about how far away are we talking, march-wise? like if they started moving, approx. how long do I think it would take them to get into our territory?) <Laris> (ah, heh, you got my answer first :) <YOAW_Narrator> (Heh)

  • Laris will view the map with an eye to examining what possible route(s) they could take, and where we would be able to position some defenses.
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<Gladius> They seem lacking in naval forces for the most part, so we could perhaps blockade the coastal route.

  • Laris nods

<Gladius> These places (indicate the two largest passes through the mountains, one southeast of Lake Ankai, and one south of the Kobrakai lands.) are their most likely approaches. <Laris> hm, all right. <Laris> If we can keep an eye on them and determine when they start moving, that would be helpful. Are you willing to continue scouting periodically?

  • Gladius nods.

<Gladius> I can do that. <Laris> Thank you. <Gladius> I would prefer not to engage if at all possible, but I am of course willing to act defensively. <Laris> I understand. <Laris> Simply knowing when they move, and which direction they're headed in, would allow us to respond appropriately.

  • Gladius nods.

<Gladius> I would suggest preemptive action, though.

  • Laris nods

<Gladius> Securing these passes will improve your stance immensely. <Laris> I'll discuss with Mamitu's other advisors, but I think we can dispatch troops there and put up some preliminary lines of defense.

  • Gladius nods.

<Gladius> I can aid in that, as well. <Laris> oh? <Gladius> While much of my kind considers it beneath them, my natural form does lend itself to large-scale manual labor. <Gladius> Felling and moving trees for barricades, say. <Laris> Ah, yes. That would be most helpful, then. <Laris> Thank you again for your help. It's been invaluable.

  • Gladius nods.

<Gladius> You have been most welcoming. I am glad to be able to repay the hospitality. <Gladius> And my daughter seems to like it here. :)

  • Laris smiles at that

Induriel has another report on Ione Melda from Valtheriel

<YOAW_Narrator> Induriel, you will find out I suppose in two days that Loce has indeed returned to Nesu Abamatu and did not go into the Feywild with Eren. <Induriel> (Phew!) <Induriel> (Crisis averted. Or, you know, delayed...)

  • Induriel breathes a sigh of relief. Partial relief.
  • Gladius is now known as Valtheriel
  • Valtheriel will have brought Induriel the news.

<Valtheriel> Shall we take any further action, my lord?

  • Induriel frowns

<Induriel> I am reluctant to do anything, but I suppose this is something we cannot ignore. But what is to be done? <Induriel> What would you advise, Valtheriel? <Valtheriel> This is not my area of expertise, lord ambassador, but perhaps you should speak with her sister? I can only imagine she takes as dim a view of this liaison as you. <Induriel> Assuming she knows of it. But if she does, I am not so certain she would disapprove. :/ <Induriel> And is it wise to let her know, if she does not already? <Induriel> It is something that would compromise Lord Eren, after all.

  • Valtheriel nods.

<Valtheriel> Do you think it best to leave well enough alone for the time being?

  • Induriel sighs

<Induriel> That would be my preference. However, I'm not certain it's wise. <Induriel> Perhaps a message to Lord Eren himself, delicately expressing concerns about "friendships" he may have made during his time here? <Induriel> I have no wish to antagonize or alarm him. But... I feel my duty compels me to look into this further, if only to be sure it does not cause more problems. <Induriel> But perhaps there is indeed time to consider that. Now that the Lord is safely home once again. <Valtheriel> On his way, my lord. <Valtheriel> His trip will still take weeks through the Feywild. <Induriel> Ah, yes. On his way. <Valtheriel> If you would prefer to take time to consider a further response, perhaps I can direct your attention to another matter? <Induriel> Certainly. <Induriel> What is it? <Valtheriel> Ione Melda held a symposium last night. <Valtheriel> She remains steadfastly vocal in her support for a "reunified empire."

  • Induriel frowns

<Induriel> I specifically asked her to refrain from such activities!

  • Valtheriel nods.

<Induriel> Do we have a list of others who attended? <Induriel> If we cannot stop such activity, we can at least monitor it.

  • Valtheriel will list off several others, reasonably prominent merchants and others connected to Ione's dyeing trade.
  • Induriel listens, scowling as she rattles off the names

<Induriel> That list is... too long. <Valtheriel> For several of them, this was their first association with her rhetoric. <Induriel> Ah. So they are not activists as such. It is more that she invited them, and as part of her circle they were ill placed to refuse? <Valtheriel> I am given to understand many of them expressed more than passing interest in what she had to say.

  • Induriel 's scowl grows deeper

<Induriel> Do you know which ones specifically?

  • Valtheriel will list a significant subset of the previous list.

<Induriel> (Do I recognize any of them in particular? Any more of Aethrennari background?) <Valtheriel> She seems to be growing her influence among those connected to her, but there is a certain virulent spread to these sorts of ideas. <Valtheriel> (A couple of them are, yes. Folks you might have met at one of Minye's events.) <Induriel> How do we curtail it, then? Would these others be more amenable to my cautions than the intemperate Ione Melda has proven to be? <Valtheriel> Perhaps? <Valtheriel> You could host your own symposium or similar. <Induriel> In opposition to the idea?

  • Valtheriel nods.

<Induriel> The problem I see is that any such open opposition will gain the notice of the Green Legion, and may spur them to action. <Induriel> That is why I tried to get Melda to stop without condemning her idea, but only her methods of pursuing it.

  • Induriel sighs

<Induriel> I think I shall have to go to Sahhiru and let him know of my embarrassing failure... and discuss what to do next.

  • Valtheriel as you say, my lord.

<Valtheriel> Ack <Valtheriel> (ack) <Valtheriel> As you say, my lord. <YOAW_Narrator> (Do you want to go do that now, Charles?) <Induriel> (Sure! If I may...)

Induriel goes ot Sahhiru for assistance

<Sahhiru> Come in.

  • Induriel enters
  • Sahhiru smiles.

<Induriel> Hello, Sahhiru. I'm afraid I have some not-so-good news.

  • Sahhiru frowns.

<Sahhiru> All right. What is it? <Induriel> I went to talk to Ione Melda as you requested, and urged her to rein back her pro-Empire activities. <Induriel> Unfortunately, she does not seem to have listened. I am told that she sponsored a symposium on the subject only last night. <Induriel> Several of her business partners and contacts attended, and I'm afraid the movement it still growing.

  • Sahhiru sighs.

<Induriel> I'm sorry. <Sahhiru> It's not your fault. <Sahhiru> Some people just have bad judgement. <Induriel> Perhaps I took the wrong tack with her - I tried to sound sympathetic, but to tell her she was going about things in the wrong way.

  • Sahhiru nods

<Sahhiru> Well, what do you think? Kill the lot of them? ;) <Induriel> No, no. <Induriel> ... <Induriel> No.

  • Sahhiru grins.

<Induriel> I was actually thinking that we should try divide and conquer, next. <Sahhiru> Oh? <Induriel> I told Melda that I would look into arranging a meeting for her with Mamitu, if she behaved.

  • Sahhiru nods.

<Induriel> As she has not... perhaps we could undermine her if we could find a more reasonable person within her movement, and make it clear that you are more inclined to listen to *that* person instead. <Induriel> Provided that person earns it, by being more circumspect. <Induriel> I suppose you could also give covert support to a movement opposing the reunification - but is there any private citizen championing that, at the moment? <Sahhiru> There are a few. <Sahhiru> Opinions in the city are divided, though Mamitu seems reasonably popular. <Sahhiru> Legatus Corvis moreso, as he is better known to the people here. <Induriel> Valtheriel also suggested that an alternative symposium could be held. <Sahhiru> Perhaps we need to make sure Mamitu has more contact with her subjects. <Induriel> Supporting the opposing point of view.

  • Sahhiru nods.

<Sahhiru> Not here, but we could find a sympathetic luminary. <Induriel> Valtheriel actually suggested *me*. However, I'm afraid that could be impolitic. <Sahhiru> Well, it does send a stronger political message. <Sahhiru> But it would be best, if it were you, to host it elsewhere. <Induriel> I don't think the Queen would necessarily want her representative being seen as the main opposition to the Green Legion, however. <Sahhiru> Not in the keep, I mean.

  • Sahhiru nods.

<Sahhiru> That's understandable. <Sahhiru> And I will bow to your superior knowledge of your Queen's mind. <Induriel> I'm sure I could attend such an event if invited, however.

  • Induriel grimaces

<Induriel> It's a dilemma. I assume you aren't eager to offend the Legion by flatly denying their aims. <Induriel> But how to discourage this movement except by speaking out against it? <Sahhiru> Have proxies speak out against it, much as they are having their own speak in favor. <Induriel> That's what we must do, then. <Induriel> I can try to convince Melda again, if you like. But that doesn't seem terribly promising right now. <Sahhiru> No, let's leave her be for now. <Sahhiru> I need be, a more direct approach can be taken later.

  • Induriel nods

<Induriel> Very well. She was at pains to remind me that she isn't actually an Aethrennari subject anyway. <Induriel> I can look into setting up this symposium, if you like. Preferably not as a direct sponsor; but we'll see.

  • Sahhiru nods.

<Sahhiru> I think we'll be better served if you do it, yes. <Induriel> Very well! <Induriel> If I'm going to do this, however, I think I deserve a reward. And encouragement.

  • Induriel approaches Sahhiru and puts his arms around him

<Induriel> ...if you have time, that is? <Sahhiru> Ordinarily, a reward comes after the action. ;) <Sahhiru> But I suppose if you need encouragement... <Induriel> Oh, that I do. ;)

Laris consults with Rufus

<YOAW_Narrator> I figured I'd be Rufus for this, as I was Sahhiru earlier. ;) <Laris> sure :) <YOAW_Narrator> You want to go find him? Or I imagine he'd come see what Gladius found once he hears he's back. <Laris> I can track him down, but if he's coming to find out what happened anyway, that works for me. <YOAW_Narrator> kk

  • Rufus_Metilius will knock on Laris's door.

<Laris> Come in.

  • Laris has the maps spread out on his desk and is looking over them.
  • Rufus_Metilius does so.

<Rufus_Metilius> Ah, I'd heard Gladius was back.

  • Rufus_Metilius will come to stand beside/behind Laris to look over his shoulder at the maps, putting an arm around his waist.

<Laris> Yes. He made these - he has some talent with cartography, it seems. <Rufus_Metilius> Oh, wow, these are impressive.

  • Rufus_Metilius moves to look more closely at the maps.

<Laris> Unfortunately, the news he brought back from his scouting was less good. <Rufus_Metilius> How so? <Laris> Their numbers are greater than we'd anticipated. On the order of 8000 troops. <Rufus_Metilius> ... <Rufus_Metilius> That's...significantly greater. <Laris> Yes.

  • Rufus_Metilius frowns, calculating.

<Laris> He said they have picked up some minotaur and gnoll auxiliaries. As well as, interestingly, a considerable number of undead. <Rufus_Metilius> Undead?

  • Laris nods

<Rufus_Metilius> That's unusual for a force from Bael Turath. <Rufus_Metilius> In any great number, I mean. <Laris> I inquired about that - about what kind of undead. He said skeletons and zombies, but they didn't seem entirely mindless. He said there was "something strange" about them, but wasn't able to get close enough to determine more than that. <Rufus_Metilius> I don't like the sound of that. <Laris> Indeed. <Laris> They're currently encamped here.

  • Laris says, pointing to where Gladius indicated on the map.
  • Rufus_Metilius nods.

<Laris> And are waging skirmishes against the locals, taking prisoners. <Rufus_Metilius> Is her continuing to monitor the situation? <Rufus_Metilius> He's our best chance at advanced warning. <Laris> Yes, I asked him to continue to scout and let us know if he sees them moving. <Laris> In the meantime, I want to put what defenses we can at these two passes, here and here. <Rufus_Metilius> What if we just close one of the passes? <Rufus_Metilius> Rockslide or somesuch. <Rufus_Metilius> It might be possible. <Laris> If we can, perhaps. <Laris> Force them into taking one over the other.

  • Rufus_Metilius nods.

<Laris> Gladius also volunteered his services for aiding with building defenses - felling trees and the like. <Rufus_Metilius> That could be a big help. <Rufus_Metilius> Literally, I suppose. <Rufus_Metilius> When do we deploy? <Laris> As soon as possible. I can't wait for Mamitu to return and give her blessing. <Laris> ... although I do think we can take time to say goodbye to Dianthea this time.

  • Laris adds, looking slightly ashamed.
  • Rufus_Metilius looks concerned, and will reach out to squeeze Laris's hand.

<Rufus_Metilius> You know she understood about last time, right?

  • Laris returns the gesture.

<Rufus_Metilius> She just worries. <Laris> I know. But if I don't need to put her through that, why would I? <Laris> She'll worry either way, but at least I can take a few hours to spend time with her before leaving. <Rufus_Metilius> I know, I just looked upset. <Laris> I worry too. <Laris> This is... worse than we expected, and I don't know when Mamitu and the others will return, or with how many reinforcements - if any.

  • Rufus_Metilius nods.

<Rufus_Metilius> By my count, that force outnumbers all our estimates of the whole valley bay about 1000 troops.

  • Laris nods.

<Rufus_Metilius> But, if we can get entrenched in the passes, we can make our numbers count for more. <Laris> If they're taking prisoners, they may be intending to force them into fighting as well, or using them as shields. If we have a chance to free them, it might work to our advantage, as I can't imagine they are feeling very friendly towards the Legion at this point.

  • Rufus_Metilius nods.

<Rufus_Metilius> That's a good guerilla operation. <Rufus_Metilius> More suited to some of our allies, but some of them are of uncertain loyalty.

  • Laris nods

<Laris> Let's make preparations to leave in ... two days, if that's doable. <Laris> I will need to talk with Varinia, and with Kraaz, and see if we can arrange to block one of the passes.

  • Rufus_Metilius nods.

<Rufus_Metilius> I'll get the troops ready. <Laris> Very well. <Rufus_Metilius> Who're you leaving in charge of the fort and the city's defense? <Laris> I'm not sure. I could ask Varinia to remain at the fort, and Kraaz and his troops to remain here, but we might need them closer to the front as well.

  • Rufus_Metilius nods.

<Rufus_Metilius> Kraaz isn't suited to static defense, and that's what this calls for either way.

  • Laris nods

<Rufus_Metilius> Varinia, I feel, should probably be down there with us. <Laris> I might ask him to go and block the pass. I feel like causing a rockfall should be within his capabilities?

  • Laris nods

<Laris> Did you have a recommendation? <Rufus_Metilius> Kadanu, I suppose. Or Temu? Her sorcerers can help from afar. <Rufus_Metilius> Kraaz might be a good idea just for the experience for him, but I'm also concerned about him getting bored. <Rufus_Metilius> Last thing we need is an ansty Hraal.

  • Laris nods

<Laris> Well, we have a day or two to consider the options. <Laris> Perhaps Varinia will have a suggestion as well.

  • Rufus_Metilius nods.

<Rufus_Metilius> Maybe she'll want the cushy job. <Rufus_Metilius> ...No, that doesn't sound right. <Laris> hah. <Laris> That seems unlikely, yes. <Laris> we should get moving, I suppose. but... I'll see you tonight?

  • Laris says hopefully
  • Rufus_Metilius smiles.

<Rufus_Metilius> Count on it.

  • Laris smiles at that
  • Laris will give him a kiss before we head off to make our various preparations, then.

Eyllia convinces Aengus to take her to The Curadh

<YOAW_Narrator> Eyllia can take the Drake back downriver. Once again, a group of Curadh canoes will approach.

  • Rufus_Metilius is now known as Aengus

<Eyllia> well that didn't take too long <Aengus> Welcome back, imperials! Did you bring my deer? ;)

  • Aengus shouts up to the deck.
  • Eyllia leans over

<Eyllia> I didn't see any swiming in the river. Deer have big jaws and green scales, right?

  • Aengus shakes his head.

<Aengus> No, that'd be my cousins. :) <Aengus> You have another barrel of drink, then? <Eyllia> in that case, didn't see your cousins either. <Eyllia> I'm not hear to sail through this time, just to come talk to the Curadh. Might be some drink involved in that if you're aiming to assist. <Aengus> Talk to the Curadh, or talk to The Curadh? <Eyllia> if the "The" means the one in charge, then that's the one. <Aengus> What do you want to talk to him about? <Eyllia> shouting up and down is painful, so you can come up to me, or I can come down to you. Your choice.

  • Aengus can climb up the Drake perhaps disconcertingly quickly, especially for such a large creature.
  • Aengus vaults over the side and onto the deck gracefully and with almost no sound.

<Aengus> What's this all about then, eh? <Eyllia> My friend Mamitu Lalu has been given leave by the queen of the Amanya Hatal to seek allies for Nēšu Abamātu amonst her lands. I am here as her representative in this, to talk to the Curadh, or The Curadh. <Aengus> The Amanya Hatal have no queen. I assume you mean Roime? <Eyllia> yeah thats the one

  • Eyllia shrugs

<Aengus> This is about Yula's vision, yeah? <Eyllia> she looked like a queen <Aengus> We don't do queens like you imperials. <Eyllia> yes, so you've heard about it.

  • Aengus nods.

<Aengus> I've heard a bit. <Aengus> And what've you to say to the Curadh? <Eyllia> I would say that what is coming is a threat to both Nēšu Abamātu and to the Curadh. <Eyllia> to Amanya Hatal <Eyllia> while you consider Nēšu Abamātu imperials, even if they do not, the threat believes they are Imperials, and will act as such. <Aengus> Nesu Abamatu sure acted like imperials when they killed Iaga. <Eyllia> and what would you do if I parked my boat, just upriver from your territory and demaned my own deer for passage? <Eyllia> (demanded) <Aengus> I'd say you were a newcomer, and I'd burn down your boat. But Iaga's people had been here longer than the city. <Eyllia> true enough, but Iaga should have read which way the wind was blower and chose to deal instead. <Eyllia> (blowing)

  • Aengus shrugs.

<Aengus> You're not wrong there. <Aengus> So, the red girl wants us to be her hounds like you and the Hrieffen? <Eyllia> Māmītu wants you at the table so we can deal with the threat together. <Aengus> So why are you here and not her? <Eyllia> 'Cause I'm prettier? Time is not on our side. Roime gave her leave to talk to the Amanya Hatal, but it's not like you all live together, is it? <Eyllia> so she asked me to talk to you for her first. <Eyllia> we got along so well last time

  • Aengus grins.

<Aengus> Aye, that we did. <Aengus> All right, little one. I'll take you to see The Curadh. <Aengus> Your ship's not going to be able to make the trip, though. <Aengus> I'm sure we can find room for you and whatever companions you want to bring.

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<Eyllia> It'll be just me, my cousin Lysa, and my friend Meghan.

  • Aengus nods.

<Aengus> As you say. Shall we? <Eyllia> oh, and I supose another barrel of drink... just to help the trip go smoothly

  • Aengus grins at that.

<Aengus> Smoothly indeed.

  • Aengus will leap back over the side onto his waiting boat.

<Eyllia> (he'll probably be happy with the taller girls coming)

  • Eyllia will gather the girls, give some standing orders to wait for thier return and join Aengus.