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The Hrieffen and the Ankai unit to cast out the demon Eraklyosh, the Death-Eater from Lake Ankai with the assistance of the Turathi mages. It is driven out through the sacrifice of Gaath Malaga, leaving behind a frightened girl that it had anchored itself to.

Meanwhile, Laris learns that Nakhtmin may have accidentally created a revenant, and brings it to the temple of the Raven Queen in secret.

Eyllia is given a ship by her mother, and sent to explore the coast in hopes of finding a new hope for the Lords of Elemental Order.


Session date: 2018-05-01
In Game date: A day following the previous session


<YOAW_Narrator> Korivan is presumably ritually preparing with the Ankai booyahg. Are May and Induriel wanting to take part in that, or try to do their own thing from the sidelines? What's the plan here?
<Induriel> I'd probably want to keep an eye on what they're doing, I think.
<Korivan> well
<Korivan> my question is - is May acaully goign to talk to Induriel?
<YOAW_Narrator> You guys could all certainly have a conversation about this. :p
<Korivan> well, first we need tuck ;p
<Malqphone> Here!
<Korivan> but Yes, I thikn Korivan is with the Ankai, getting ready, and also trying to figure bout what we are actually deling with here :P
<Malqphone> Yes, she would, but I don't know if it would need a whole scene. Just like "Hey, just be cool around these people. They don't like us being here. Also, you're here as a friend and advisor, not a diplomat."
<Korivan> *nod*
<Induriel> *raises eyebrows*
<Malqphone> heh
<Malqphone> Well, we can do it as a scene if you want :)
* @Korivan pokes you into costume
* Malqphone is now known as May
<Induriel> Nah, that's okay.
<May> Up to you :) Just a warning to be on best behavior because apparently Kor... the Gaath doesnt like you being here. ;)
<Induriel> All the more reason for me to be here, says I. :D
<May> hee

Malaga seeks reassurance form Korivan about the Turathi and their magic

<YOAW_Narrator> Okay, prior to prep, then, Malaga is going to want to talk to Korivan about procedure.
<Korivan> (keen)
* Malaga will take Korivan aside at an appropriate point.
<Malaga> Gaath Hrieffen, I wanted to speak to you about your...allies.
<Korivan> Yes?
<Malaga> What is their role here? You said they know of related magics. Are they demon summoners like the Maazikai?
* Malaga looks concerned.
<Korivan> Turathi magic is...more controlled.
* Malaga raises an eyebrow.
<Malaga> How so?
<Korivan> They are here because they know these things better. TO uderstand what the Maazikai have done
* Malaga nods.
<Malaga> All right. What preparations do they need to make?
* @Korivan looks over at them, because that is a good question
<Korivan> (How much do I know at this point about what is actually going on at the lake?)
<YOAW_Narrator> From what you can gather, the Maazikai placed their patron demon, a being they call(ed?) Eraklyosh in the lake, though that's more in the sense of he occupies and controls the spiritual space of the lake connected to the lake, not it's physical confines.
<YOAW_Narrator> its, rather.
<YOAW_Narrator> This may be something to discuss with May and Induriel, planning-wise. I mean, the Ankai (and usually Hrieffen, as well) way to handle this is a brute force, "I'm more spiritually powerful than you" metaphysical beatdown.
<YOAW_Narrator> The "Imperials" may have a different take.
<Korivan> (Yeah)
<Korivan> (Have I had a chance to talk to them about this yet?)
<Korivan> (Let's assume not its probably easier)
<YOAW_Narrator> Yeah, y'all weren't starting prep with the Ankai until the next evening, so you have about a day in their camp.
<YOAW_Narrator> Well, up to you.
<Korivan> They will want to study what is there, tat will be their preparation.
<Malaga> All right.
* @Korivan consider
<Malaga> I can escort them to the lake shore. I would prefer they not be...unaccompanied.
<Korivan> Yes.
<Malaga> (Stopped himself from saying unsupervised)
<Korivan> They shoudl expect this
* Malaga nods.
<Korivan> We can send a...mixed group woth them
<Malaga> Shall we leave in the morning? It's not far, and I hope their studies won't take too long.
* @Korivan nods
<Korivan> I will let them know
* Malaga will leave you to it.
<YOAW_Narrator> All right, Korivan can inform folks that you get your chance to take a look at things in the morning.

May attempts to reassure Malaga

* May would also like a chance to meet Malaga and assure her that they are here to help, if that can be arranged.
* @Korivan will also tell you you are going to be ecorted, and try and convey what he knows of the situation
<Korivan> He is wary of your magics
<YOAW_Narrator> (Tuck, y'all are presumably spending the night in/near the Ankai camp. You could probably meet with Malaga if you want. (Also, Malaga is male.))
<May> (My bad)
* May will seek out the gaath the evening, then.
* Malaga is essentially holding court in front of his tent, surrounded by booyahg apprentices and the like.
<May> Gaath Malaga?
<May> I'm... Domina Lalu, of Nesu Abamatu.
<Malaga> Yes, the ruler of your people. I have heard of you.
<May> All good I hope!
<Malaga> You are welcome to our camp, and my fire, Lalu Domina.
* May smiles awkwardly
<May> Thank you.
* Malaga will have an attendant offer you something to eat and drink.
<Malaga> (probably grilled meat of some kind and some form of weak alcohol)
* May will accept.
<May> I just wanted to thank you for allowing us to enter your lands. I promise we'll do our best to help you cleanse your lake.
* Malaga nods graciously.
<Malaga> I do not understand, but I cannot turn away the assistance.
<Malaga> Tell me, what do you know of such things?
<May> I've studied summoning magics most of my life. I know several ways to possibly remove any taints that may be infecting the area. it will depend on what sort of entity it is.
<Malaga> It is a demon.
<May> You're certain? Do you know what type of demon? Or maybe it's name?
<Malaga> It is called Eraklyosh, the Death-Eater. It is a hraak of the huufbarrim.
<May> Hmmm... not one I've heard of by name, but there may be something in our books. What is a "hraak"?
<Malaga> A leader of their kind. A strong one, a champion.
<May> I see. We'll have to be careful then. Is there anything else you can tell me about this Eraklyosh?
<Malaga> He prefers healthy sacrifices? The younger and healthier the better.
<Malaga> His power consumes them from within.
* May nods.
<May> That will help narrow it down.
<Malaga> May your gods stand with you, Domina Lalu.
<May> And you as well. When we reach the lake, with your permission, we'll cast some detection and scrying rituals to see what we're dealing with. I'll let you know before we try anything to remove it.
* Malaga nods.
<YOAW_Narrator> All right, anything else before y'all head out in the morning?
<Induriel> (Now that we have a name & description, can I check whether I know anything about it?)
<Korivan> (I thiiink I'm okay? I assume Korivan is gong to want to have a good close look at whatever is gong on when weget there too, but ahead of time I feel like it is more just... rites and prearations and such)
<May> yeah, just research
<YOAW_Narrator> (Yeah, you can roll Knowledge for Induriel as well if you like)
<Induriel> !roll 4d6
* @Korivan rolls for Induriel: [ 4d6 ] getting [ 2 6 3 2 ] for a total of [ 13 ].
<YOAW_Narrator> You don't know anything about this specific demon, and Eraklyosh is likely not it's true name anyway, but you do know that the huufbarrim are plague demons.


<YOAW_Narrator> (If that had come up for Korivan, which I'm sure it did at some point, obviously he knows what a hraak and a huufbar are.)
<Induriel> (What about the sacrifice method - is that significant in any way? Or is that a pretty standard approach?)
<Korivan> 9Yeha, you can ask me ;p Actulayy JOsh I woudl like to know if there is anythign I can check to get a sense of stuff going in, whether it is insights form the ancestors talking to any local spirits, or even just my own assessment based on how the land feels and reflectig on that some more)
<YOAW_Narrator> It's a little more esoteric, in that most demons either take standard blood sacrifices or just eat them. In this case, you would imagine that means this one is relatively powerful and more intelligent than the majority of demons, as it can be dealt with and consumes it's sacrifices in a more magical manner.
<YOAW_Narrator> Heather, yeah, you can, though I'm not sure what to have you roll for that.
<Korivan> heh
<YOAW_Narrator> Lets do a Knowledge and a magical Awareness check?
<Korivan> okay
<Lan_phone> !roll 5d6
* @Korivan rolls for Lan_phone: [ 5d6 ] getting [ 2 5 3 2 3 ] for a total of [ 15 ].
<Lan_phone> (13 on knowledge)
<Lan_phone> !roll 4d6
* @Korivan rolls for Lan_phone: [ 4d6 ] getting [ 6 1 2 4 ] for a total of [ 13 ].
<Korivan> (12 awareness)
<Korivan> (I guess I shoudl have used my bonus die that I always forget about though :p)
<Korivan> (I you wanna let me roll another though, I can toss it in on one of them :p)
<YOAW_Narrator> Okay. You have a little more experience with Maazikai summoning practices, so your take on things, with all the information that you've gathered (gaathered) is this is a powerful plague-demon that eats souls. So the Maazikai tempted it into the lake to devour the souls of the Ankai ancestors as they attempted to pass on. Being a plague-demon, it's essentially corrupting the lake and the lands around it as it kinds of festers
<YOAW_Narrator> there.
<Korivan> (cool, that works)

The exorcism!

<YOAW_Narrator> So, y'all can head out to look at the lake. It's the three of you and Malaga, obviously, plus I'm assuming at least Temu. Kraaz will accompany with some guards, Malaga will bring a few.
<May> (ok)
<Korivan> (keen)
<Induriel> (ok)
<May> (I assume May and Induriel will have gone over what the best rituals to use will be)
<YOAW_Narrator> I think Korivan is the one who can't really shut off his magical senses, but even May and Induriel, who I think more have to call on those senses, can feel the sense of corruption and decay as you get closer to the lake.
<Korivan> (I was going to ask how Malaga seems on that front but I feel like Korovan wouldn't notice so nm ;)
<YOAW_Narrator> The lake itself is weirdly still when you reach it, the light breeze barely disturbing its surface. You feel a sense of waiting malevolence, but it is not direct, as though you are currently beneath it's notice.
<May> Charming.
<Korivan> Mmm.
<YOAW_Narrator> The presence merely waits, in a manner that reminds you of an alligator or crocodile.
<Malaga> Such is what our holy lake has come to. I hope your god is as strong as you say, Gaath Hrieffen.
* @Korivan nods
* Temu ( has joined #gnomeland
<Korivan> He is.
<Temu> This is certainly...significant, Siru.
<May> Yes. I can feel it.
* @Korivan sorts of snorts at that
<Temu> What do you think, Ambassador Antalanon? Nagiru's Third Banishment? Valquet's Cleansing?
* Malaga will look at Korivan to see if he knows what they're talking about.
<Induriel> Hmmm.
* @Korivan has probably been doing a lot of praying for strength and guidance in the past few days ;)
<Induriel> I wonder first if we can find out more about how this being was summoned.
<May> And what keeps it here. If we know it's link we may be able to sever it.
<Induriel> Is there any evidence that would help us find the site where the summoning ritual was performed?
* Malaga can show you where the ritual space is.
<Induriel> (Anything interesting there? :D )
<YOAW_Narrator> The Ankai haven't had much access to it recently, and the Maazikai have messed with it, but it's the Ankai's traditional site.
<Korivan> (good question!)
<YOAW_Narrator> It's a spit of land jutting into the lake, with a circle of towering conifer trees surrounding a naturally occurring boulder that's been smoothed and worked into an altar.
<Induriel> (Anything that would give us insight into the summoning ritual? Say, the dessicated husk of a sacrifice on the altar or similar?)
<Korivan> (I feel like the sacrifices have probably been ongoing :V)
<YOAW_Narrator> Yeah, nothing recent.
<YOAW_Narrator> You do all get the sense of stirring within the lake, as though the presence has started to notice you.
<Korivan> (Is there anything more telling about the energies here? ...other than that)
<May> (Are there any traces of the Mazakai energy? Or is it all subsumed?)
* @Korivan looks to the lake as he feels it shift
<Induriel> (Anything that might be an anchor keeping the demon here? If it's as powerful as it seems, it can't be too happy about being trapped here...)
<May> Do you guys... feel that?
<Korivan> Yes...
<YOAW_Narrator> There's still a sense of the Ankai ancestors here, though more on the shoreline than the lake.
<YOAW_Narrator> The Hrieffen ancestors feel like they're getting ready for a fight. You're somewhat familiar with that surge of energy by this point. ;)
* @Korivan will walk a little closer
<Korivan> YOur people persist...
* @Korivan says to Malaga, but quietly
* Temu makes a pentagram sign.
* Induriel discusses possible approaches with May
* @Korivan has his staff with him, gripped tightly
<May> I think we need some wards. Quickly...
<YOAW_Narrator> Induriel, you would think that whatever anchor they used, given the parameters of the containment, is likely submerged in the lake.
* Induriel frowns
<YOAW_Narrator> Korivan, you can feel a gathering of power near the shoreline as you walk towards it.
<Korivan> (demon power?)
<Korivan> (or Ankai?)
* May will start drawing a protection circle around us, just in case.
* Temu will begin setting out the necessary items for a ward, using the Ankai/Maazikai circle as an anchor.
<Induriel> How deep is this lake? I fear the focus of this summoning may have been cast into it, which will make it more difficult to counter.
* May will help Temu, then
<YOAW_Narrator> Demonic power, Korivan, though different than the overarching presence.
<YOAW_Narrator> Smaller, less coherent.
* Temu will help *you*, rather ;)
<Korivan> A guardian...?
<May> >.>
<Malaga> Deep. It leads to the spirit world, and even it's physical depths are considerable.
* Kraaz ( has joined #gnomeland
<Kraaz> Kor, should you be standing that close to the lake just now?
* Kraaz will nevertheless come to stand beside Korivan.
<YOAW_Narrator> Tuck, will you roll me a Knowledge check and a Will check, please?
* @Korivan will call on Bane for Protection for him and Kraaz, but hopefully be ready for whatever this thing is when it manifestst
<May> (Rituals apply?)
<YOAW_Narrator> Roll me Will, Heather
<YOAW_Narrator> Yeah, rituals applies, Tuck
<May> !roll 5d6
* @Korivan rolls for May: [ 5d6 ] getting [ 3 3 2 5 2 ] for a total of [ 15 ].
<Korivan> (does Dedication apply?)
<May> !roll 5d6
* @Korivan rolls for May: [ 5d6 ] getting [ 4 4 6 2 6 ] for a total of [ 22 ].
<YOAW_Narrator> Yeah, I'm fine with that, Heather.
<May> (15 knowledge, 20 will)
<Lan_phone> !roll 5d6
* @Korivan rolls for Lan_phone: [ 5d6 ] getting [ 4 1 5 6 1 ] for a total of [ 17 ].
<Korivan> (16)
<YOAW_Narrator> I'm imagining you and Temu are pretty practiced at this sort of thing by now, so you manage to get a basic ward up fairly quick, and you can feel it form from your will into a strong barrier mirroring the edge of the ritual clearing.
<YOAW_Narrator> Korivan, you feel filled with Bane's strength, and you hear the distant sound of warhorns as your ancestors marshal to your side.
<Temu> That bought us time, Siru. What now?
* Malaga looks at Korivan and Kraaz, gives the two a considering look, and turns his gaze resolutely towards the lake.
<Korivan> To remove the anchor... we will need to open the way
<Korivan> (I men... I think that maks sense anyway :V)
<Induriel> (So what do I think would be the best way to deal with this?)
<YOAW_Narrator> (sure :))
<May> How do we do that?
<Induriel> (Is it still possible to banish the demon from here?)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Induriel, that sounds...very goblin-y. :p)
<Induriel> Hmmm.
<Induriel> (Can we strengthen the goblin ancestor spirits in some way to help them overcome this, or at least clear the way as Korivan suggests?)
<May> Maybe we can force it to manifest itself and contain it...
<YOAW_Narrator> (You think so, yeah. You'd need an Ankai willing to bleed for you, you think, but it's doable.)
<YOAW_Narrator> (May, that is possible, but you'd need to use the circle you're currently using for protection...)
<May> Korivan, can you and the spirits distract it long enough for us to bind it?
<YOAW_Narrator> Korivan, you find your senses slipping between the real world and the spirit world, making it harder than normal to concentrate on the physical.
<YOAW_Narrator> (That said, you can still hear May)
<Korivan> It's not alone
<Induriel> What or who is with it, Gaath Korivan?
<YOAW_Narrator> As he says that, the first of a multitude of figures breaks the surface of the lake, rising out of the water. They look to be the bodies of Ankai and Maazikai dead, walking towards you out of the lake.
<Korivan> (oh goody)
<May> Awwww... fucksticks.
<Korivan> (this is the demony presence I felt before?)
<May> (Define multitude...)
<YOAW_Narrator> (The more minor one, yes. You get the feeling these aren't undead in the usual sense, but demons riding in the bodies of the dead)
<YOAW_Narrator> (You can't get a full count, but somewhere around 20? At least for now...)
<Korivan> (Yeah, that was what I thought. Is there any way to force them out? Or call on the Ankai ancestors, if they really are still bound here, ot ...relaim themselves?)
<Korivan> (reclaim)
<May> Uuhhhh... Kraaz... I think these guys are your department.
<Induriel> (Can we banish these lesser demons?)
<Korivan> (that might be a two step process, hmm.)
<YOAW_Narrator> (It's possible. At the very least, you can feel the Hrieffen ancestors awaiting your signal.)
<Korivan> Cast them out.
* Kraaz will turn to grin at May, then charge in towards the demon-undead.
<Korivan> ...Leave the Ankai
* @Korivan calls to Kraaz
<YOAW_Narrator> The Hrieffen and Ankai troops with you charge in as well, and any of you with magical senses can see/feel the Hrieffen charge in with them.
<Kraaz> I'll do my best!
<Korivan> (Do I still feel an Ankai presence?)
<YOAW_Narrator> (It's there, but weak)
* @Korivan will try to reach out to it while the little demons are occupied
<YOAW_Narrator> (Sorry, Charles, yeah, you can try to banish those demons, though they're currently using the bodies are anchors. However, the Hrieffen spirits are kind of dislodging them from them)
<Korivan> (that works. You can banish them once they're booted out :V)
<Induriel> (OK, will do...)
<YOAW_Narrator> (The Ankai are certainly wanting to help, but they are too weak to do much currently)
<Korivan> Commit yourselves to Bane - Feel His power, and through him reclaim what is yours...
* Kraaz is happily chopping up Maazikai bodies, Bane's protection keeping him from any major harm so far.
<Korivan> ( can try to empower them too I guess, maybe?)
<May> Ok... New Plan. We're on the offensive. Let's hollow out some zombies.
<YOAW_Narrator> (You're having trouble connecting with them)
<YOAW_Narrator> May and Induriel, you guys are going to try some battle exorcism, then?
<May> (Yup)
<Induriel> (Either that, or the thing you said earlier about strengthening the Hrieffen spirits with blood!)
<Induriel> (Possibly both in quick succession...)
<YOAW_Narrator> All right, which first then?
<May> (Why don't you do that and me and Temu will work on the minor demons)
<Induriel> (Is Korivan or somebody near enough for me to get their blood?)
<YOAW_Narrator> You could try to get Malaga to donate :)
<Korivan> (Ankai, so I dont count. Malaga is there though?)
* @Korivan was going to look to him for help, so... that'd be great! Step up, Gaath :V)
* Malaga seems to currently be chanting and casting helpful magics on his warriors engaged with the zuvembies.
<YOAW_Narrator> (That word always makes me laugh, and I wanted to distinguish them from regular old zombies like Laris's folks work with. :))
<May> (hee)
<Induriel> Gaath Malaga! I can help your ancestors' spirits draw strength from your blood - are you willing to shed it in this cause?
* Malaga turns his attention to Induriel, giving him a skeptical look.
<Malaga> You can aid my ancestors, imperial?
<Induriel> Only you can, Gaath. I can merely help channel your strength so they can receive it.
* Malaga nods decisively.
<Induriel> . o O (And I'm NOT an Imperial! :( )
<Malaga> Blood to blood, power to power. Do it, eladrin.
<Malaga> (hee)
* Malaga will go to Induriel.
* Induriel uses a small ritual knife to draw blood from the bugbear's proffered arm, and begins his chant.
<YOAW_Narrator> May and Induriel, roll Will again for your various magical activities.
<May> !roll 5d6
* @Korivan rolls for May: [ 5d6 ] getting [ 5 5 1 1 6 ] for a total of [ 18 ].
<May> (17)
<Induriel> !roll 5d6
* @Korivan rolls for Induriel: [ 5d6 ] getting [ 1 5 5 5 1 ] for a total of [ 17 ].
<Induriel> (16)
<YOAW_Narrator> More bodies rise from the lake, but May's quick ritual casting is making it harder for the demons to hold on to their anchors. Induriel, you can feel the power flowing out from Malaga in time to his heartbeat, invigorating the Ankai spirits, who fly into their old bodies, turning them and the tide against the demon-animated Maazikai.
<YOAW_Narrator> As the demons are ejected from bodies, Korivan, you can see the Hrieffen ancestors descend on them, destroying them utterly.
<YOAW_Narrator> You think you might catch a glimpse of Orak giving you a very Kraaz-like grin as he finishes off one of the demons, though he's quickly lost in the shuffle.
<YOAW_Narrator> In a few moments, the battle is over, Maazikai bodies still, and Ankai ones standing unsure on the shore with your troops.
<May> Ok... Now for the big guy.
<Korivan> (so what's the Eraklyosh doing during all of this? >.>)
<YOAW_Narrator> While these demons seem defeated, you can all feel the clear attention of the larger presence falling on you.
<May> Everyone out of the circle. It's about to become a prison cell.
* Vess ( has joined #gnomeland
<YOAW_Narrator> Something is clearly stirring in the lake, headed your way.
* Induriel nods and backs away to leave the way clear
<Kraaz> Kor, what's the plan here?
<Korivan> draw it in, trap it, open the way.... remove it
* Kraaz nods.
<Kraaz> Protect the Gaaths, folks, but let them work.
<YOAW_Narrator> The troops will fall back, trying to both out of your way but right there if physical protection is needed.
* May will start the ritual to manifest and bind it.
* Induriel will help
<YOAW_Narrator> Y'all can get to work on the binding, but manifesting might not be necessary.
<YOAW_Narrator> In that, as you begin to work, a head breaks the surface of the lake. It's a little hard to judge, but the head itself looks to be about as wide as Korivan is tall.
<May> Ooooook... so just the binding then.
* May says as she hurriedly lights candles
<YOAW_Narrator> Korivan, it's attention seems to be focused on you, and beneath the overwhelming (in a very real sense) demonic presence, you feel a faint force like the Ankai spirits.
<May> Get it to the circle!
<YOAW_Narrator> The creature is already 10 feet out of the water well before it's on land, stalking slowly towards you.
<Korivan> (could that be the Ankai ancestor that I knw was lain to rest here?)
<YOAW_Narrator> (It's possible. You're having trouble getting much of a read on it.)
<Korivan> (yeah, I'm sure everythig else is hard to focus on rn @_@)
<YOAW_Narrator> (For reference, it appears to be a very big on of everybody's favorite D&D frog demons: 24278862564_edde41838a_b.jpg)
<Korivan> (I assume this is a pretty major demon?)
<YOAW_Narrator> (It definitely feels like it)
<Korivan> (yeah @_@)
<YOAW_Narrator> So what exactly is the plan?
<May> (Get it into the circle and trap it so that K can open the way into the lake, find its tie and sever it.)
<Korivan> (If May and co are ready, we need to get it into the circle. If not, then we need to hold it off until they are)
<YOAW_Narrator> All right. So Korivan is going to try to lead it into the circle?
<Induriel> (Sounds good)
<Korivan> (I mean I feel like I do have its attention)
<Korivan> (So yes.... hopefully I can do that without trapping myslef.)
<Korivan> (I would likt to try to get a better sense of that other presence though)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Okay, slightly weird one, but roll me as much of your Knowledge as you have Agility (so, if your Knowledge is higher than you Agility, you only roll the amount equal to your Agility) and Will (not limited)
<Korivan> (together or separate?)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Basically, you only have had so much time to get this done, so you're a bit limited with the rush)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Well, you both roll)
<May> (Wait, who is rollling?)
<YOAW_Narrator> (May and Induriel)
<May> (Ah, ok)
<May> (Sorry, I thoght you meant K)
<May> !roll 4d6
* @Korivan rolls for May: [ 4d6 ] getting [ 2 3 1 3 ] for a total of [ 9 ].
<May> !roll 4d6
* @Korivan rolls for May: [ 4d6 ] getting [ 3 4 1 6 ] for a total of [ 14 ].
<May> (8 knowledge and 14 will)
<May> :/
<YOAW_Narrator> Eh, that's a solid Will roll.
<May> (Can I use destiny on the knowledge? How does that work?)
<YOAW_Narrator> (You add an additional bonus die)
<YOAW_Narrator> (So add 1 die to the roll, but keep the same number as usual)
<May> !roll 1d6
* @Korivan rolls for May: [ 1d6 ] getting [ 5 ].
<May> (There we go :) 14 on both)
<May> (Oh, minus 2 I guess if it's a bonus die. so 12 and 14)
<YOAW_Narrator> (All right)
<Induriel> (So 5d6 keep 1 for me again?)
<Induriel> !roll 5d6
* @Korivan rolls for Induriel: [ 5d6 ] getting [ 3 3 1 4 2 ] for a total of [ 13 ].
<Korivan> (keep 4!)
<Induriel> (Er, yes, keep 4!)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Yeah. I'm assuming a bit lower for Knowledge, as it's limited by Agility here. Say like 3 or 4d6?)
<Induriel> (Right! I just have 4 for Knowledge here...)
<Induriel> !roll 4d6
* @Korivan rolls for Induriel: [ 4d6 ] getting [ 1 4 4 3 ] for a total of [ 12 ].
<Induriel> (So, the same either way... :P )
<May> (I assum eTemu is helping too)
<YOAW_Narrator> (She is, but I'm not rolling for her. Y'all are good.)
<May> (k)
<YOAW_Narrator> (This sort of fast and dirty ritual is more May's style, so she's got it pretty well in hand.)
<YOAW_Narrator> (No comment on the innuendo there)
<May> :D
<YOAW_Narrator> The demon lumber onto land, letting out a challenging, croaking roar, then charges towards Korivan and the circle.
<YOAW_Narrator> You have to wait for the last moment to close it, but you manage to close the circle around the demon with Korivan on the other side. Its blows against the rituals walls are ear-, mind-, and soul-shattering in their power, but it holds for now.
<YOAW_Narrator> "YOU CANNOT CONTAIN ME! I AM THIS LAND!" it bellows.
<Korivan> You are nothing before Bane.
<May> That's what they all say!
<May> Korivan, go do your thing. We'll hold it as long as we can.
<Korivan> (rihgt now.... I assume this would be similar to working at our ritual site? B which I mean - do I actually have any idea how to do this :V)
* Temu is now known as Eraklyosh
<YOAW_Narrator> (Yeah, you know how to open the way to the spirit world)
<YOAW_Narrator> Though, as you are closer, the Ankai presence seems to be situated with Eraklyosh.
<Korivan> Malaga....
<Korivan> The demon has something of yours
<Korivan> I feel it
<Korivan> (Do I think they need to be separated there or could it be done through the anchor point?)
<YOAW_Narrator> (You think it's possible it has brought it's anchor with it. It's possible, as this was a pretty sweet deal for the demon, that the Maazikai's anchor point is less a binding of the spirit than something akin to a phylactery for a lich. It's the vessel holding it's lifeforce on the material plane.)
<Korivan> (Fuck. So what we need is trapped in there with it)
<May> (Does it have anything with it?)
<YOAW_Narrator> (You do feel that whatever that force is inside of it, it's struggling against the demon)
<May> (Like is it carrying or wearing anything?)
<Korivan> It must be strengthened
<YOAW_Narrator> (It doesn't seem to be carrying or wearing anything, no)
<Malaga> Use me.
<Korivan> (is this like with the Ankai ancestors where I can't really... reach it to help?)
<Korivan> (ooooor that!)
<Korivan> (next question - can I affect it from out here?)
<Malaga> I think I know what keeps it here, and my blood will be the best sacrifice.
* @Korivan nods
<YOAW_Narrator> (With that connection, yes, you think so.)
<Korivan> (well then!)
* @Korivan will pull out his sacrificing knife @_@
<Malaga> Your Bane is strong, Korivan Gaath.
* Malaga will kneel.
<Malaga> May he make my people strong as well.
<Korivan> YOu will see how strong soon
* @Korivan promises
<Korivan> Blood to strength, for the Ankai, through Bane!
* @Korivan will slit his throat
<YOAW_Narrator> You all feel the surge of energy at the release of Gaath Malaga's life force.
<YOAW_Narrator> The demon staggers within the circle.
<Eraklyosh> NO! I AM MAAZIKAI! I AM ANKAI! I WILL NOT GO! I Will Not Go! I will not! i will not...
<YOAW_Narrator> Eraklyosh seems to collapse in on itself.
<YOAW_Narrator> Eventually, from the demons form, another emerges, a small bugbear girl bearing a strong resemblance to Malaga.
<YOAW_Narrator> She falls to her knees within the circle, crying.
<YOAW_Narrator> (I say girl. She's probably like 12 or 13, so basically a teen by goblin standards)
<Korivan> (If she is clean I'll go check on her)
<Korivan> (Of demon taint I mean)
<Korivan> (also do I have any sweet clue who she is)
<in goblin> Father, no...
<YOAW_Narrator> (She does seem to be clean of demonic taint)
<YOAW_Narrator> Her eyes glow, and you can see the glowing edges of a dragonmark around her eyes and back into her hair.
<YOAW_Narrator> Each of you can feel her sorrow and gratefulness for Malaga's sacrifice.
<YOAW_Narrator> (If Korivan goes to check on her, she probably ends up hugging him and crying for a good while.)
<Korivan> (that's okay :3)
<YOAW_Narrator> So then, on to Laris? ;)
* @Korivan will tell her that Malaga was a strong Gaath who served all his people well

Laris makes plans with Sahhiru, but is interrupted by an urgent message

<YOAW_Narrator> Okay, so, you and Sahhiru spent the night at your estate, right?
<Laris> (yes)
<YOAW_Narrator> Did y'all have specific plans on when you were coming back into town?
<Laris> the night and ... possibly some of the following morning? up to him and when he feels like he has to get back. I think Laris might be likely to aim for rolling back into town around noonish unless Sahhiru needs to get there sooner.
<Laris> and probably from the estate we can take horses or catch a ride, so the trip would be quicker.
<YOAW_Narrator> I don't think he had plans for any earlier, no. Things are largely in hand.
<Laris> (hurr.)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Did not intend that, but heh)
<Laris> Okay, that's fine with me. Laris will, for once, be late for work ;)
<YOAW_Narrator> Then you'll be approached/interrupted by a servant sometime a little before lunch.
* Malaga is now known as Servant
<Servant> (Actually...)
* Servant is now known as Calkas
* @Laris looks over (and a bit down) at him.
<Calkas> There's a message for you, Dominus, from your necromancer.
<Laris> Ah... very well.
<Calkas> They ask you to attend them at your earliest convenience. There was no mention of why, but I got the impression it was important.
* @Laris supposes that's important enough for an interruption.
<Calkas> That said, what constitutes important to them is anyone's guess.
* Eraklyosh is now known as Sahhiru
<Laris> Very well. I'll get ready to go... soon.
* Calkas smiles.
<Calkas> I'll have horses ready. At your convenience, Dominus.
<Sahhiru> Alas, we must return to our duties, eh?
* @Laris is a bit reluctant to go, maybe feeling slightly less dutiful as usual.
<Laris> (than usual)
<Sahhiru> (says once Calkas leaves)
<Laris> It seems so.
* Sahhiru sighs.
<Sahhiru> I hope the harsh light of day hasn't diminished the evenings charms.
<Laris> (my necromancer's place is a bit outside the city right, not immediately in it?)
<YOAW_Narrator> Yeah, it's outside the walls, at least.
<Laris> No, it hasn't. I... I am grateful for your patience with me. I hope it was not too inconvenient.
* Sahhiru will lean in to give you a kiss.
<Sahhiru> It was lovely.
* @Laris smiles slightly
<Sahhiru> That said, if you have business to attend to, I suppose I should find some of my own. I don't suppose I could impose upon you for transportation back to the city?
<Laris> It would be no imposition. I can make any necessary arrangements.
<Laris> And.. if you want to return, you would be welcome.
<Sahhiru> I would like that. Until this evening then?
<Laris> Yes.
<Sahhiru> Excellent.
* @Laris can't resist a bigger smile at that.
* Sahhiru will give you another kiss and gather his clothes.
* @Laris will also prepare to depart, then.
<YOAW_Narrator> You can get dressed and on your way, splitting up eventually as Sahhiru breaks off towards the keep and you head through to Nakhtmin's shop.
* @Laris heads there to see what the problem might be.
<YOAW_Narrator> Which is a somewhat strange combination of workshop, temple, and herb/trinket shop just outside the city in a non-wall-protected section set aside for the less savory or more smelly professions.
<YOAW_Narrator> One of Nakhtmin's skeletal servants will greet you at the door, where it was tidying up the shop, and lead you into the interior.
* @Laris looks around
<YOAW_Narrator> You will find Nakhtmin examining a dead hobgoblin, which is currently sitting up in a chair next to a ritual altar.
* Calkas is now known as Nakhtmin
<Nakhtmin> Fascinating.
<Laris> Greetings. What is fascinating?
<YOAW_Narrator> The hobgoblin looks remarkably well-preserved, though there seems to be something wrong with it's hands. They look to be burnt or otherwise blackened. It turns to regard you with eyes of pure black other than small, glowing red pupils.
<Nakhtmin> Ah, Dominus Corvis, excellent. Thank you for coming so soon.
<Nakhtmin> We have something of an anomaly here, and I thought you might have some insight.
* @Laris examines the hobgoblin.
<Laris> What were you attempting to do?
<YOAW_Narrator> A standard raising, as part of the project for your new unit of soldiers.
<YOAW_Narrator> This was supposed to become a skeleton, but we've achieved something...magnificent.
<Laris> (do I have any idea what this might be?)
* Sahhiru is now known as Dead_Hobgoblin
<YOAW_Narrator> (You have your suspicions, though your thought process is somewhat interrupted as it speaks)
<Dead_Hobgoblin> Greetings, Dominus Laris Valerius Corvis.
<Laris> Ah... greetings. To whom am I speaking?
* Nakhtmin grins wildly at that.
<Nakhtmin> See? Astounding!
<Dead_Hobgoblin> not sure.
<Dead_Hobgoblin> I believe I was Hrieffen Myreth Gant. I know that is not who or what I am now.
<Laris> (does that name mean something to me? other than that I assume it's one of Valax's followers, because of the Myreth bit?)
<YOAW_Narrator> (The name doesn't mean anything specific to you, but, yeah, most of the Myreth clan followed Valax.)
<YOAW_Narrator> (It speaking does seem to point you towards the idea that it is a revenant, a chosen agent/emissary of the Raven Queen. You don't have much experience with them at all, but there have been a few in Thantopolis before.)
<Laris> Hm.
* Nakhtmin is still nodding and smiling like a fanboy.
<Laris> I believe you are a type of being known as a revenant. You are a servant of the Raven Queen, in that case. I'm afraid I do not know more than that - such as why you might have been brought here or what purpose you are meant to serve.
* @Laris explains to the hobgoblin.
* Dead_Hobgoblin is quiet a moment, but is otherwise difficult to read.
* Dead_Hobgoblin is now known as Not_Gant
* Nakhtmin looks a little crestfallen.
<Nakhtmin> So it wasn't the ritual?
<Laris> I'm not certain. It could be a combination of factors? But if you did nothign different than the usual raising, it seems more likely this was an .. independent occurrence.
<Nakhtmin> Ah.
* Nakhtmin says sadly.
<Laris> It is still potentially very significant - such a creature may have powers we do not know of, and could be a valuable asset.
<Nakhtmin> Ah, yes, excellent! A momentous occurrence, indeed.
* @Laris nods
<Not_Gant> An asset? You seek to use me?
* Not_Gant says with no real inflection one way or the other.
<Laris> I seek to understand what your purpose is here. And, if it is to support us, then yes, to make use of this blessing.
* Not_Gant nods.
<Laris> I will need to speak to the priestess.
<Not_Gant> That is...appreciated.
<Laris> You should have a new name. You are no longer the person you once were, and we need to call you something.
<Laris> Do you wish to select one, or have me give you one?
* Not_Gant seems to think for a moment.
<Not_Gant> I believe I have one. My name is Harbinger.
<Laris> Very well.
<Laris> Harbinger, for the moment, will you remain here with Nakhtmin? Or do you wish to accompany me to speak with the priestess?
* Not_Gant is now known as Harbinger
<Harbinger> I will...take some time to familiarize myself with my situation. And I believe my...midwife, here, may have more questions that seek answers.
* @Laris nods
<Harbinger> I will await your return, Dominus Corvis.
<Laris> It is an honour to meet you, Harbinger. I will return when I have had the opportunity to consult with others.
* Harbinger nods.
* Nakhtmin will see you out, then, before returning to their inquiries.

Laris visits Merula to tell her of the Revenant

* @Laris will book it to see Merula, then, since she is more likely to know wtf might be going on here.
<YOAW_Narrator> All right.
* Nakhtmin is now known as Merula
<YOAW_Narrator> Presumably you guys have a good-sized temple to the Raven Queen somewhere in town.
<Laris> (is there a proper form of address for a priestess of the Raven Queen?)
* Vess is now known as Vess_AFK
<YOAW_Narrator> Perfectly cromulent question ;)
<YOAW_Narrator> (I'm going to go with Fata, in this case?)
<Laris> (okay)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Seems fitting to call them fates)
* @Laris will approach her respectfully but ... hurriedly.
<Laris> Fata Merula, I have an issue I need to consult with you about.
* Merula looks up from where she is feeding the ravens that nest in the temple.
<YOAW_Narrator> (How social are the two of you?)
<Laris> (I had been imagining formal but on good terms? Like I don't think Laris really does a lot of 'friends' but he respects her and would probably attend ceremonies, depending on his availability, and consult with her if he has issues that might be relevant to her expertise)
<Laris> (like I doubt we get together for brunch and mimosas every other Sunday but probably polite social interactions as appropriate?)
<Merula> Dominus Laris. What seems to be the matter?
<Laris> (are we in relative privacy or are people around within earshot?)
<YOAW_Narrator> We'll say no one is immediately around.
* @Laris speaks quietly nevertheless
<Laris> As you may know, the necromancer has been undertaking to raise some of the recent casualties of battle, in order to increase the city's defenses.
<Laris> One of these subject has had an ... unexpected development. Rather than becoming a normal skeleton, it has become something far more unusual.
<Laris> I believe it is a revenant.
* Merula freezes for a moment.
<Merula> Are you certain?
<Laris> Not completely, but signs suggest it is the case. The creature can speak coherently, seems to know things, and gave itself a new name - Harbinger.
* Merula looks pensive.
<Laris> It looks like a hobgoblin, which indeed is what it formerly was, but its eyes are black with a pinprick of light within, and its hands seem to be burnt or blackened.
<Merula> That is the general form of the Queen's messengers.
* @Laris nods
<Merula> Where is the being now?
<Laris> It remains at the necromancer's workshop, outside the walls.
<Merula> We should bring it here, to the temple, to be sure. We should wait until dark, though. This must be done carefully, and in secret for now. I could not say whether this is for good or ill, but if it is what you believe, it is at least momentous.
* @Laris nods
<Laris> what purpose would it serve in coming now? Does it have some specific goal, do you think?
<Merula> I couldn't say, but I think it may means the Queen has plans for this city, of one sort or another.
<Laris> Is it significant that it takes the physical form of a hobgoblin, as opposed to one of our people for instance?
<Laris> or would it be able to use any ... raw materials, so to speak, in order to accomplish its purpose?
<Merula> Possibly. The Queen has chosen to invest beings of many kinds with her power, though we remain her first and most faithful subjects. We may not know for some time what Lady Fate has in store for this creature.
<Laris> Very well.
<Laris> I will arrange to have it brought here after nightfall, in order that you may examine it.
<Merula> I will make preparations. You were right to come to me with this. With luck and favor, we can divine the Queen's plans.
<Laris> Do you wish for me to also be present, or ... can we arrange to meet again in the morning, perhaps, in order to confer about what you have learned?
<Laris> . o O (please say morning, please say morning)
<Merula> I believe you should join me. I think your fate may be entwined with this being's.
<Laris> Very well.
<Laris> I will return later, then.
<Merula> Until this evening, Dominus.
* @Laris will go track down Sahhiru, then, to rearrange our plans.
<Laris> (or at least, try to, if he's amenable :)

Eyllia meets with her mother to discuss her future and responsibilities

<YOAW_Narrator> Hmm, we need a name for the Houses of Elemental Order's floating islands. Or at least the biggest one, I think.
<Eyllia> something grandious
<Eyllia> Hearthspire
<YOAW_Narrator> Ooh, that works for me.
<Korivan> nice
<YOAW_Narrator> I'm thinking the keep, or its central component, is something like The Grand Hall of Primordial Concord.
<Eyllia> thats great1
<Korivan> amaze
<Laris> ooh nice :)
<Eyllia> its really not that grand... really needs to be redecorated
<YOAW_Narrator> Heh, yeah, I don't imagine it being that big or ornate
<Eyllia> its just what its always been called...
<YOAW_Narrator> I'm imagining May finally seeing it being all, "Oh, oh this is it."
<YOAW_Narrator> All right, then I think we'll pick up with Eyllia meeting with her mother in her solar in the Grand Hall, having just completed a meeting with the more prominent leaders of the other Houses.
* Merula is now known as Eyricia
* Eyllia is dressed in her formal sleeveless dress with the traditional clasps, one of cresting wave of the D'Azzure and the other the diamond shaped clasp with the four elements represented at each point.
* Eyricia will usher out her guests, doing the appropriate glad-handing and small talk as she sees them out. She will eventually motion for you to accompany her back inside.
* Eyllia sighs, looking bored and follows her mother
<Eyricia> Come along, Eyllia, we have some business to discuss.
* Eyricia will make her way back to the head of the table in the chamber, smaller than the formal table downstairs, but still much bigger than necessary for your relatively small family.
<YOAW_Narrator> The room itself is appropriately bright, with windows that look out on the rest of the keep and Hearthspire as a whole.
<Eyllia> is this another tow the line, keep the ship true kinda business, 'cause I'm a little tired of hearing that.
<Eyllia> I wore the dress, you should be happy
* Eyricia purses her lips but shakes her head.
<Eyricia> Somewhat to the contrary, dear. I have a task for you I think you might genuinely find enjoyable.
<Eyricia> At least in part.
<Eyllia> Am I getting a ship!? I know we don't have many, but even a small one would be great, and feel the sea wind
<Eyricia> Ah, I was correct, then. You should be quite happy about this endeavor.
* Eyllia is practically jumping for joy
<Eyllia> I can do this, I know I can do this. You know I'm small but I'm as fast as anyone and I can keep the crew in line and nobody moves on the rigging better than me...
* Eyllia rambles on
<Eyricia> I wouldn't have picked you if I didn't think you equal to the challenge.
* Eyllia is beaming
<Eyricia> You'll have my position one day, and you'll need experience leading before then.
<Eyricia> We're outstaying our welcome here, and it wouldn't do to make enemies when we might have to come back this way. You're to take the Emerald Drake south and west along the coast, looking for good sites at which to put in along the way.
<Eyllia> (what do I know of the Emerald Drake?)
<YOAW_Narrator> It's a fast scout ship, smallish, but the crew has a good reputation and it's often been used for these sorts of scouting missions since the Houses left Ahkas.
<Eyricia> You know the usual concerns. Civilization means trade, but also possible hostility; wilderness means available resources, but no real aid.
<Eyllia> smooth the trade, tap the resources... The Drake is a good ship
<Eyricia> I'm trusting your judgement here, but you're taking Grahm from House D'Terra with you. He has a head for these sorts of things.
* Eyllia rolls her eyes
<Eyllia> He's soooo boring
<Eyricia> He's sooooo responsible.
<Eyricia> So be nice.
<Eyllia> I'll be nice
<Eyricia> His family has the trust of most of our craftsfolk. We need them happy.
<Eyllia> . o O I HAVE A SHIP
<Eyllia> I find him some coin. He'll be happy
* Eyricia rolls her eyes but smiles.
<Eyllia> . o O I HAVE A SHIP!
<Eyricia> You're to leave as soon as possible. I know the ship is being readied as we speak.
* Eyllia gives her mother a big hug
<Eyllia> Thank you Mother, I won't let you down!
<Eyricia> I know you won't.
<Eyllia> I have to get ready!
<Eyricia> I also hate to give orders I know won't be obeyed, but please do *try
* to be careful.
<Eyricia> I didn't think I'd be able to keep you here even this long. Go, see to you ship.
* Eyricia puts a slight emphasis on "your"
<Eyllia> MY SHIP!
<Eyricia> (If I'd typed your...)
<Eyricia> (Oy)
<Eyllia> Goodbye
* Eyllia dances away

Eyllia tells her btothers her news

<Eyllia> I'll drop by Xyrin and Xryol before I go!
* Eyllia at leasts waits until she is out of the solar before hiking up the dress and breaking into a run to her room to change and gather her stuff
* Eyricia is now known as Xyrin
* Harbinger is now known as Xyrol
* Kraaz is now known as Lysa
* Eyllia attired for her ship, drops by to visit her brothers
<YOAW_Narrator> You can find them in the courtyard training with Lysa.
<YOAW_Narrator> Well, Xyrin is
<YOAW_Narrator> Xyrol thinks he is.
* Eyllia scoops up Xyrol as she dances into the courtyard
<Lysa> Sword low for this stance, ready to dart out. Keep your hand up, mind focused. You'll have to concentrate to block anything that way.
* Xyrol wriggles and squeals with surprise and then happiness.
<Xyrol> Ey-ey, no!
<Eyllia> I have wonderful news brothers
* Xyrol he says, making token efforts to free himself.
* Xyrin lowers his sword and looks at you.
* Lysa taps him lightly on the leg with her training blade.
* Eyllia finishes her spin with Xyrol and sets him on his feet
<Lysa> Don't lower your guard unless you know the fight is over.
<Lysa> What news, cousin?
<Eyllia> Our mother has given me a ship!
<YOAW_Narrator> They all break out into big grins.
<Xyrin> That's awesome!
<Lysa> Just now? That's why she wanted to see you this morning?
* Eyllia nods excitedly
<Eyllia> It's the Emerald Drake... small and fast, just like me
* Lysa smiles at that.
<Lysa> Oh, yeah, the Drake is a fine ship.
<Xyrin> When do you sail?
<Eyllia> right away
<Lysa> Not wasting any time then, huh?
<Eyllia> No... its so exciting, its just what I was hoping for
<Xyrin> I don't suppose you need a cabin boy, do you?
<Lysa> I'm real happy for you, Ey. This is your chance to really get out there like you wanted.
<Eyllia> Oh I wish I could take you with my Xyrin, im going to miss you and Xyrol the whole time im gone, but Mother...
<Eyllia> Imagine how she would be with both of us on one ship
<Eyllia> Might as well send the whole fleet behind us to watch
* Xyrin frowns but nods.
* Xyrol also looks a little down.
<Xyrol> How long are gonna be gone?
<Xyrol> (put a 'you' in there. Grr, can't type today)
<Eyllia> months I imagine, but I won't be gone forever.
<Xyrol> Months *is
* forever.
<Eyllia> just think, by the time I get back you can show me how good your water-dance is
* Eyllia will give her little brother a hug
* Xyrol hugs you back tightly
<Xyrol> I'll learn and be real good. Better than Xyrin, even.
* Xyrin rolls his eyes at that but comes to give you both a hug as well.
<Lysa> Speaking of which, you wouldn't be thinking of leaving your instructor behind, would you? These two have plenty of teachers to pick up the slack.
<Eyllia> Your welcome to come Lysa. A friendly face is always welcome... just don't be sour rock.
<Eyllia> but you better hurry :)
<Lysa> I travel light. Stick with the puddles here and I'll be right back.
* Eyllia nods
* Eyllia kicks up a practice blade
<Eyllia> Lets see what you got Xyrin


Laris brings Harbinger to meet Merula

<YOAW_Narrator> Okay, so the plan is to sneak Harbinger over in the evening for Merula to get a look at him?
<Laris> well undead and undead-adjacent ;p
<YOAW_Narrator> Nakhtmin is just an undead enthusiast.
<Laris> He sells undead and undead accessories.
<YOAW_Narrator> Pretty much, yeah
<Laris> or rather, they do
<YOAW_Narrator> Yeah
<Laris> Yes. Well, I don't know how much Laris will sneak, but probably like .. 'stick a cloak on you so people don't look at you too closely' and stroll over casually?
<YOAW_Narrator> Okay
<Laris> go by less-heavily trafficked routes
<Laris> that sort of thing.
<Laris> I think Laris would feel undignified sneaking in his own city ;)
<YOAW_Narrator> Heh, fair enough
<YOAW_Narrator> I grabbed Nakhtmin just in case. It's up to you whether you're letting them come to this.
<Laris> well I guess Merula didn't say it was just for Raven Queen followers, and they might have some insight into the process of what happened, whether Harbinger did or said anything noteworthy right when it, uh, woke up, etc.
<Laris> so yes, I'd say that they can come
<YOAW_Narrator> All right.
<YOAW_Narrator> You, Harbinger, and Nakhtmin can make your way to the temple of the Raven Queen.
* Merula will surprisingly meet you herself at the entrance.
<Laris> Good evening, Fata.
<Merula> Good evening to you, Dominus. Master necromancer. And you must be our new...associate.
* Merula nods acknowledgement to each of you.
<Naktmin> Thank you for allowing me to attend, Fata.
<Harbinger> I am that. Greetings to you, Fata Merula Honoria.
* Merula raises an eyebrow at that.
* Merula will step aside and gesture for you to all come inside.
* Laris will enter into the temple
<Merula> I've cleared the temple for this working. I thought it best if we weren't disturbed.
<Laris> That seems prudent.
* Merula will lead you all to the front of the temple, where an alter space is set apart. Ravens and other corvids roost in the rafters, with boxes provided for their benefit.
<YOAW_Narrator> The birds seem oddly quiet at the moment, and you feel as though they are watching you all intently.
* Laris nods politely to them
* Merula gestures for Harbinger to take a space opposite her across the altar, with you and Nakhtmin to either side.
<Merula> If you would.
* Laris will take up the indicated position
* Naktmin is now known as Nakhtmin
<Nakhtmin> (Just realized I had misspelled it)
<Merula> I am ready to begin if you are.
<Laris> Please proceed.
* Merula closes her eyes for a moment, taking a deep breath. When she opens them, the normal solid black seems to seep outward from her eyes, as though they were drinking in what light the few torches provide.
<Merula> Raven Queen, unnameable one, Lady of Fate, Winter Incarnate, Mistress of Letherna, we seek your guidance.
<Merula> We believe the one known as Harbinger comes at your behest. Grant us knowledge of your will that we might serve it.
<YOAW_Narrator> Several of the corvids descend upon your group, with two taking up a position on either of Merula's shoulders. Several stand on the altar, staring inquisitively at you all.
<Merula> The offering presents itself. Choose.
* Merula says to Harbinger.
* Harbinger holds Merula's gaze a moment, finally looking over the birds. At length, he selects on of the birds from the altar, which does not seem to offer any resistance as he takes it in his hands and passes it to Merula.
* Merula takes the bird from Harbinger in one hand, drawing a black-bladed knife from a sheath at her belt.
<Merula> All knowledge has it's price. Take this offering that we might be enlightened.
<YOAW_Narrator> With that, Merula makes a quick, economical cut that spills the birds entrails across the altar. She holds the bird almost tenderly, and you think you hear her whisper thanks to the creature as she sets it gently on the altar as well.
* Laris will also bow his head in respect.
* Merula turns to the bird on her right, which suddenly and savagely darts its beak to Merula's forehead, drawing blood. She turns to her left, and the action is mirrored by the other bird. Without exclamation, or indeed any sign of distress, Merula turns to regard the entrails. Blood trickles down her face, but the wound itself seems to bleed dark
* Merula ness in a manner similar to Merula's eyes.
<Merula> A rider comes to this land, bearing opportunity and death.
<Merula> Fate whorls about us, like a floodwaters batting at a dam.
* Merula looks up at Harbinger.
<Merula> You are truly named, messenger. You bring the Lady's word with you, though you do not yet know her bidding.
<Merula> You come to find a home for death.
<Harbinger> I am but a servant.
<Merula> You are more than you know.
* Merula suddenly falters.
<Laris> (like is she about to faint, or just looking a bit unsteady?)
<YOAW_Narrator> (More about to faint)
* Laris will move to catch her then
<YOAW_Narrator> When she opens her eyes, they look normal again. (Well, normal for SK)
<Merula> That was...something.
* Laris will help get her to somewhere she can sit down, or if there's nowhere available, I guess keep holding her up until she seems steady again
<Laris> Are you all right?
<Merula> I'm all right.
* Laris will let go of her then
<Merula> I may have to do more questioning, but I'm okay for now.
<Laris> Very well...
<Merula> Thank you for catching me. That's usually what I have acolytes for.
<Laris> It was no trouble. What do you believe it means?
<Merula> I'm not sure. The Lady is rarely direct.
* Merula purses her lips at that.
<Merula> Someone important is coming, and I think much may hang in the balance.
<Laris> Someone... other than our new associate here?
<Merula> Yes, I don't think it was referring to Harbinger.
<Merula> They are, if anything, a warning.
<Laris> The "rider" you spoke of?
* Merula nods.
<Merula> I believe Harbinger is the Queen, ah, putting her thumb on the scale, as it were.
* Laris nods
<Laris> What do you believe we should do with them? In the meantime I mean.
<Merula> Nothing needs be done, I think. Offer them assistance as necessary, heed their counsel.
<Harbinger> I would not care to be a burden.
<Laris> It is not a burden. If you are willing to provide your advice and service, then I will be grateful for it.
<Harbinger> My will is not entirely my own, but to the extent I am able, I offer my service to you, Dominus Laris Valerius Corvis.
<Laris> Thank you, Harbinger.
<Laris> With your permission, may I try something?
* Harbinger nods.
* Laris will try to sort of .. reach out using his dragonmark in Harbinger's direction, and see what he gets, if anything (I'm speculating maybe nothing, because I don't think Harbinger is a normal undead, but I figured it's worth a try)
<YOAW_Narrator> You can sense (him?it?them? Not sure yet), but it's different than other undead you've encountered before. More solidly in this world, yet more powerful spiritually as well.
<Laris> Are you able to sense that?
* Laris asks Harbinger, more out of academic curiosity than anything
<Harbinger> What is that, precisely? It calls to me.
<Laris> It is my dragonmark. I can normally use it on more... mundane undead. I don't know what effect it may have when working in conjunction with a being like yourself.
<Harbinger> I should be interested to find out.
* Laris nods
<Laris> I would as well. It may be worth conducting some experiments. c
<Laris> For now, where would you prefer to remain? I am uncertain if you require such things as food and rest.
<Harbinger> I have few physical needs. I have no need of space of my own just yet.
<Harbinger> I believe I would like to spend more time in the city, if that is feasible, to familiarize myself with my surroundings.
* Laris nods
<Laris> Very well. I don't wish to cause a commotion in the city but if you are discreet I think you may spend time there. When the Hrieffen leaders return I will wish to have you meet them, in order to prevent any confusion from arising.
* Harbinger nods.
<Harbinger> I will do as you say.
<Laris> And - with Fata Merula's permission - I would imagine you can return to the temple should you need assistance or simply a more quiet place to remain for a time.
* Merula nods wearily.
<Harbinger> I would like that. I find this place...comforting.
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* Laris will make his farewells then, and head off for his slightly postponed evening plans...
<YOAW_Narrator> (heh)