Webercon Pathfinder Game session 2

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Session date: 1/4/19

<Narrator> Did y'all have anything specific in mind you wanted to do? If not, they still want someone to head towards the capital to the next small town, you could go south to the woods, or they're offering supplies and a little cash to anybody willing to explore the nearby areas.
<Nuah> Nothing specific.I vote for cash and supplies, personally but I'm up for whatever
<Narrator> Well, currently the common room of the Starbuck is sort of the unofficial 'adventurer's guild' headquarters.
<Nuah> Probably where I hang out near the fireplace most of the time.
<Madrigal> yeah that works for me
<Nuah> How far out have we reconned so far?
<Madrigal> not at all, as I understand
<Nuah> ok
<Nuah> So we'll be the first ones out of town since the warp?
<Nuah> If that's the case the first priority should probably be to see if the roads are still there and in what shape.
<Madrigal> Muriel et all went north
<Narrator> A group left four days ago towards Rivergard Keep to the northeast. You're not sure whether they're back or not.
<Madrigal> to the nearest town, but they're still out
<Nuah> We could go check on the fort to the east
<Narrator> Not the nearest town. The nearest is Glenvost, 6 miles west. You know someone went out that way; they likewise haven't returned.
<Narrator> The one southeast, or northeast?
<Nuah> Southeast is closer. Maybe both, since they're not too far apart
<Narrator> Are you using the latest map? (Furthest down on the thread?)
<Nuah> oh, my bad then
<Nuah> I guess the northeast one then.
<Narrator> Okay. That's the one people went to but you don't know if they're back already.
<Nuah> oh, that's the one they aready went to
<Nuah> duh
<Nuah> I'm bad at this
<Nuah> We could go check out the settlement just past it and see if we can find the last group on the way. Unless it would be weird to have our parties meet up.
<Madrigal> What about that town just due west of us?
<Madrigal> that's close
<Nuah> That's the one I mean, just beyond the fort
<Madrigal> I mean in the hex literally one space to our left
<Nuah> oh
<Madrigal> 59, 45
<Nuah> the trading post?
<Madrigal> yes
<Narrator> Side note, most of these things you don't know are there.
<Narrator> That is a DM map, folks.
<Madrigal> but Josh says we knew there was a town in that direction back in the day
<Narrator> Yes
<Narrator> Glenvost, 6 miles west of Starbuck.
<Nuah> We can do that.
<Narrator> Okie doke. That shouldn't be too hard. Madrigal would know her way there, at the very least.
<Narrator> Traveling through this area a fair bit.
<Narrator> Y'all setting out roughly now-ish?
<Narrator> Late morning?
<Nuah> Yeah
<Nuah> Six miles means we shouldn't be out overnight, but I'll take a night's supplies regardless.
<Madrigal> Samesies
<Narrator> Just the two of you, or you going to try to round people up?
<Narrator> (I have npcs as backup, if you like)
<Madrigal> If it's just quick recon, us and the animals should be fine I think?
<Narrator> Sounds good.
<Nuah> I would think so, but f you want to bring a DMNPC you certainly can :) Wouldn't say no to a meat shield
<Madrigal> Tuck, what class are you?
<Madrigal> I'm a rogue
<Nuah> Oracle
<Nuah> (The divine version of a sorceror)
<Narrator> A large, somewhat intimidating orcish woman approaches you.
<Diar> Y'all heading out of town?
<Nuah> We were planning on it. What's up?
<Diar> Want help?
<Madrigal> Hell yes
* Diar nods.
<Diar> Heading to Glenvost, was it?
<Diar> Lot of folks staying in because of the rain.
* Diar sniffs.
<Diar> Don't bother me much.
<Madrigal> I'm not made of sugar
* Nuah looks up as if noticing the clouds for the first time.
* Nuah droops their ears.
<Diar> I've arm-wrestled you before. I might argue.
<Narrator> It's let up for now, but it has been raining steadily for days)
<Narrator> (Not uncommon in the summer months here)
<Madrigal> Eh, losing to a strong and beautiful woman is no shame in my eyes
* Diar rolls her eyes, but grins a tusk-filled grin.
<Diar> I'll get my stuff. I travel pretty light.
* Diar will go grab her gear and meet you outside.
* Nuah watches Diar walk away.
<Nuah> She would snap you in half.
<Madrigal> So does my husband, on occasion
<Nuah> Kinky.
<Narrator> (Tuck, does your tiger have a name? Same to Zari with her hyena.)
<Nuah> Zulun
<Madrigal> Eggroll
<Nuah> ...
<Nuah> (Are we gonna need roll20?)
<Madrigal> (I think we're good for now?)
<Narrator> (That's kind of up to you guys :p)
<Nuah> (heh, k)
<Narrator> You can all set out pretty quickly. The mud and such will make for slow going, and there's no road to speak of after the edge of where the time bubble was.
<Nuah> Well that's not promising...
<Madrigal> Yeah, that's never a good sign
<Narrator> It'll take you a little over 3 hours to cover the 6 miles to Glenvost. Or, at least, where Glenvost should be...
<Madrigal> Fuuuuuuuuuuckberries
<Diar> This
<Nuah> Are we there yet?
<Diar> We should be.
<Madrigal> We're supposed to be
<Diar> And the plants are wrong.
<Diar> Land is right, but nothing else.
* Diar points to trees on the river bank.
<Diar> Water elm. Those aren't supposed to be here.
<Nuah> (Is there any trace that there was once a town?)
<Madrigal> I once carved my name on some big rocks by the river?
<Narrator> (Roll Perception, folks?)
<Nuah> !roll 1d20+6
* Lan-werk rolls for
<Nuah> [ 1d20+6 ] getting [ 20 ] which, after the modifier [ 6 ] totals [ 26 ].
<Nuah> (Noice)
<Madrigal> !roll 1d20+4
* Lan-werk rolls for
<Madrigal> [ 1d20+4 ] getting [ 17 ] which, after the modifier [ 4 ] totals [ 21 ].
<Narrator> !roll 1d20+6
* Lan-werk rolls for Kennesaw: [ 1d20+6 ] getting [ 20 ] which, after the modifier [ 6 ] totals [ 26 ].
<Nuah> (^5)
<Narrator> With a little poking around, you can find what seem to be the remnants of a village.
<Narrator> Flagstone floors, mostly scattered, a few old nails, etc.
<Madrigal> What the fuuuuuuuck
<Narrator> Madrigal, you find where you carved your name on a rock, though you're almost positive it was a bit to the left, and your name is *very
* worn.
<Nuah> (Do we know that what happened was a time bubble?)
<Narrator> (Nope. It's been posited as an idea, but no one has proof yet.)
<Madrigal> Well, shit, we're not ... not on [earth], then
<Nuah> It looks like this place has been abandoned for... I don't know, centuries. Are you sure this is it?
<Madrigal> That's my name, right there
<Narrator> Through a copse of trees, you can spot one structure still standing, a bit downriver from where you are.
<Nuah> Maybe it was carved by a different Madrigal?
<Madrigal> I guess it's possible, but the heart and my spouses’ initials kinda give it away
<Diar> That'd be seren...weird.
<Madrigal> also that shit took like
<Nuah> What's that over there?
<Madrigal> two hours
* Nuah points at the structure
<Madrigal> I was hung over as hell
<Narrator> It's a two-story wooden structure, with a dock out into the water, and a boat sitting very low in the water.
* Madrigal blinks away her reverie
<Madrigal> Well, let's go find out. Come on, eggroll.
<Narrator> It's looking a little ramshackle itself, but, again, still standing.
<Nuah> Was this here before?
<Narrator> As you approach, it, too, looks like it's been abandoned a while, but nowhere near as long as the village.
<Narrator> You see boards over windows, a few patched holes. Somewhat shoddy, makeshift work, but serviceable.
<Narrator> Okay, plans, thoughts?
<Madrigal> I can sneak around and look in?
<Nuah> I could call out and ask if anyone is home.
<Madrigal> Do you have dark or lowlight vision?
<Diar> I could smash the door down.
<Nuah> I have low light
<Nuah> And I can sneak pretty good too
<Diar> I'm okay at sneaking.
<Diar> Are we sneaking?
<Nuah> Let's be sneaking.
<Diar> rolling 1d20+5 (11)+5 = 16
<Nuah> rolling 1d20+10 (19)+10 = 29
* Nuah is on a roll
<Madrigal> rolling 1d20+8 (8)+8 = 16
<Narrator> Okay, where are you going? There are doors in the front, and a hole, with other doors, on the side.
<Nuah> The hole? We can at least look in.
<Narrator> This area is most over the river itself, with unevenly spaced floorboards.
<Narrator> There are a set of double doors, and, down a small flight of stairs, a smaller door.
<Madrigal> (Do I hear anything?)
<Narrator> Roll Perception.
<Nuah> rolling 1d20+6 (13)+6 = 19
<Madrigal> rolling 1d20+4 (19)+4 = 23
<Narrator> You're fairly certain you hear a few somethings moving around inside.
<Narrator>You can't tell how many, but you'd guess maybe four or five.
<Narrator>You think you might hear low voices.
<Diar> rolling 1d20+6 (12)+6 = 18
<Madrigal> I start glowing very softly to get folks's attention
* Nuah raises an eyebrow.
<Madrigal> and so they can see me gesturing that I hear voices
* Diar also raises an eyebrow, but nods.
<Madrigal> (it's more of a halo, hilariously)
* Diar raises her hands and shrugs to signal "what do we do?"
* Diar mimes kicking in a door and smashing something.
* Diar makes clawing motions with her hands.
* Madrigal shakes her head
* Nuah looks at Madrigal and mimes putting a key in a lock.
* Nuah points at the door.
* Madrigal gestures folks to come back outside
* Diar will shrug and follow.
<Narrator> Eggroll will have waited patiently.
<Madrigal> If they’re all the town that's left, should we.... talk to folks first?
<Madrigal> before leaping straight to theft and murder?
<Madrigal> like, theft and murder aren't off the table
<Diar> Oh, sorry, you thought I meant murder? I just meant violence.
<Nuah> what if they're like... bad guys.
<Diar> We don't know who's there, and this is all kind of spooky.
<Diar> We could try talking, if you want.
<Madrigal> if they're bad guys, we definitely go back to plan violence
<Diar> Or maybe look around more?
<Nuah> So just like... knock?
<Madrigal> let's peek in some windows if they have them
<Madrigal> Eggroll, be a stepladder
<Narrator> There are five windows in total.
<Narrator> On this ground floor.
<Narrator> You see a large room, very dusty, with a tank of water at the far end, and tables near the wall you're looking through.
<Narrator> There are footprints in the dust between the visible doors.
<Narrator> No one seems to be in this room currently.
<Madrigal> Nobody in here, just a weird water tank
* Nuah will peek in the other window
<Madrigal> why do they need more water, they are literally IN the BAY
<Narrator> This looks like it might have once been an office of some kind.
<Narrator> A desk and chair face the door.
<Nuah> Maybe they want water with fewer leeches in it.
<Madrigal> I like that that doesn't mean no leeches
<Narrator> The desk has a few empty ink bottles scattered on it.
<Madrigal> just that they want to control the water to leech ratio
<Nuah> Nothing in here but a desk...
<Narrator> Four doors lead out of this room.
<Narrator> Now that you know to listen for them, you hear voices speaking in a conversational tone.
<Nuah> I say we just knock.
<Madrigal> I'm down
<Narrator> Off in this direction.
<Nuah> which direction?
<Madrigal> Eggy, stay, wait for mommy
<Narrator> So you knock?
<Nuah> ...sure.
* Madrigal prepares her best Customer Service Smile
<Narrator> The voice quiet immediately, though you think they might still be whispering.
<Nuah> Hello? Anyone home?
<Madrigal> Hello the boat? hello the house?
<Narrator> No answer seems forthcoming.
<Narrator> After a few moments, you hear footsteps coming from the side of the house.
* Nuah will look that direction.
<Nuah> (Heeeee!)
<Narrator> A trio of skeletons shuffle out of the side area.
<Narrator> Roll me initiative. :)
<Nuah> Uhhh... hello. Are you the masters of the house? rolling 1d1 (1)= 1
<Narrator> rolling 1d20+5 (12)+5= 17
<Madrigal> Are you talky skeletons, or fighty skeletons? rolling 1d20+4 (6)+4= 10
<Nuah> Do our pets go on our inits?
<Nuah>or are they seperate?
<Narrator> Eggroll has a separate init. Theoretically Zulun goes on yours, but he shouldn't be penalized for your curse, so I'm fine with him having a separate init.
<Nuah> ok rolling 1d20+3 (6)+3= 9
<Narrator> rolling 1d20+2 (5)+2= 7 rolling 1d20+6 (20)+6= 26
<Narrator> Okay, so the skeletons will attack Eggroll
<Madrigal> nuuuuu
<Nuah> Welp, we're boned.
<Narrator> rolling 1d20 (16)= 16 rolling 1d20 (6)= 6 rolling 1d6 (2)= 2
<Narrator> One of the skeletons gets a glancing blow on Eggroll
* Diar will roar and charge.
<Narrator> (The skeletons are wielding swords.)
<Nuah> (So not talky then)
<Narrator> (Well, not from the skeletons or your companion)
<Narrator> (Also, not actually mechanically charge, just close the distance) rolling 1d20+6 (17)+6= 23 rolling 1d4+4 (1)+4= 5
<Narrator> Diar rakes a skeleton but doesn't seem to affect it.
<Narrator> Madrigal?
<Narrator> (Sorry, had to look up some rules stuff for Diar)
<Nuah> (No worries)
<Nuah> (Is Diar a fighter? Barbarian?)
<Madrigal> rolling 3d8 (4+7+4)= 15
<Narrator> (Shifter. They're like druids without the magic, focusing on fighting with wildshape.)
<Nuah> (Oh neat!)
<Narrator> (Currently, she can just manifest claws, and she has tusks she can attack with, too. Shifters are a full base attack class :))
<Nuah> (Cool)
<Madrigal> (that's me)
<Narrator> Zulun's turn.
<Nuah> What did madrigal do?
<Narrator> Just moved
<Nuah> (Ah, ok)
<Narrator> She couldn't close to melee.
<Nuah> Zulun will claw that skeleton it's flanking
<Narrator> Okay
<Nuah> He has a bite attack and 2 claws. Does he get all three? I'm not used to companions.
<Narrator> Since he moved, just one attack. It's like a full attack action. Next round he should get all of them.
<Nuah> ok
<Narrator> I had to look it up for Diar, too, as she has claw/claw/tusk.
<Nuah> rolling 1d20+2 (19)+2= 21
<Narrator> That'll definitely hit.
<Nuah> rolling 2d4+1 (3+3)+1= 7
<Narrator> (Bite or claw?)
<Nuah> That's the bite
<Narrator> Zulun gets a hold of the skeleton and you hear the bone on which he is chewing crack.
<Nuah> (Noice)
<Narrator> Eggroll will attack the other one, which is the one that slashed him.
<Madrigal> Good girl, Eggroll!
<Narrator> rolling 1d20+6 (14)+6= 20 rolling 2d6+6 (5+4)+6 = 15
<Narrator> Eggroll grabs the skeleton's skull in her massive jaws, you hear a sickening crunch, and the skeleton collapses into a pile of bones.
<Narrator> Nuah? Nuah will use Moonbeam on the one on the far left.
<Narrator> Okay. What is that and what does it do?
<Nuah> rolling 1d20+3 (11)+3= 14
<Narrator> Is that an attack roll?
<Nuah> It's my other revelation. "You can fire a ray of moonlight as a ranged touch attack at any creature within 30 feet. This ray deals 1d6 points of damage + 1 for every 2 oracle levels you possess. In addition, the target must succeed at a Fortitude save or become blinded for 1 round. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to your Charisma modifier (minimum 1)."
<Nuah> Yes
<Narrator> Ah, okay.
<Narrator> That hits its touch AC
<Nuah> I doubt the blinding effects them though
<Narrator> Yeah
<Nuah> rolling 1d6+1 (5)+1= 6
<Madrigal> what withthe no eyes
<Narrator> What type of damage is it?
<Nuah> It doesn't say
<Nuah> I assume just magical?
<Narrator> Yeah, apparently.
<Narrator> Weird.
<Nuah> Yeah
<Narrator> Well, your beam hits it square in the chest. A silvery light illuminates its ribcage for a moment, and the skeleton collapses.
* Nuah will also yell "Hey! We just wanna talk!"
<Narrator> In what language, out of curiosity?
<Nuah> Common
<Narrator> Okay
<Nuah> I'm guessing we couldn't tell what language they were speaking?
<Narrator> Not earlier, no.
<Narrator> Another skeleton kicks open the door next to Nuah, raising a sword.
<Narrator> He shouts,"Fuck off, Lamashtan scum!"
<Narrator> And attacks. rolling 1d20+7 (4)+7= 11
<Narrator> But I'm assuming misses.
<Nuah> (Yeah)
<Narrator> The other skeleton continues to attack Eggroll. rolling 1d20 (11)= 11
<Narrator> And misses the deceptively wily giant hyena.
<Madrigal> She's very delicate on her feets
<Nuah> (Hee) Nuah; (Josh, would I know the name Lamashtu? I do have kn:Rel).
* Diar will tear into the remaining skeleton over here.
<Diar> rolling 1d20+6 (14)+6= 20 rolling 1d20+6 (6)+6= 12 rolling 1d20+6 (3)+6= 9
<Narrator> Eh, a claw hits. rolling 1d4+4 (4)+4= 8
<Narrator> And she tears it apart with her bare claws.
<Diar> Someday, they will be bear claws.
<Nuah> (heeee)
<Narrator> Zulun?
<Nuah> That's his move. Could he charge? Or is the door too small
<Narrator> I think he could charge, to end up here.
<Narrator> It's a double door, about 8-10 ft wide.
<Nuah> rolling 1d20+2 (19)+2= 21
<Narrator> That'll hit.
<Nuah> rolling 2d4+1 (2+1)+1= 4
<Madrigal> rolling 1d20 (11)= 11
<Narrator> Zulun darts in for a bite, but the skeleton doesn't seem too fussed about it.
<Madrigal> "We're not fucking Lamashtans, you fucks!"
* Madrigal puts her halo on HIGH BEAMS
<Narrator> Eggroll will move up and growl, but can't really close right now.
<Narrator> Nuah?
* Nuah will step back and put their hands up.
<Nuah> Zulun! Stop!
<Nuah> As my companion says, we're not Lamashtans...
<Nuah> Can we just talk?
<Madrigal> Eggy, hold
<Nuah> (Diplomacy?)
<Narrator> (Sure)
<Nuah> rolling 1d20+8 (15)+8= 23
* Skeleton lowers his sword but keeps his shield up for the moment.
* Skeleton conveys a skeptical look without being able to move his face at all.
<Madrigal> (noice)
<Skeleton> Catfolk, and you have a hyena with you. How are you not Lamashtans?
<Skeleton> Don't know where you got the scary orc, and...whatever she is over there.
<Nuah> I follow Bast. I'm from Osirion. I mean there are some Lamashtans up there, sure, but not all of us are.
<Nuah> Look... we're just trying to figure out what happened to the town that was here.
<Madrigal> Yeah, there's significantly less town than there was two months ago
<Skeleton> Okay, nice try, lady. You should work on your story.
* Skeleton starts backing up, sword raised but not attacking.
<Madrigal> We're from Starbuck, it's literally a couple miles right there points
* Nuah nods emphatically.
<Skeleton> Osirion fell before I died, and this town's been a ruin for a hundred years at least.
<Madrigal> What the fuck
<Nuah> Ah.
<Madrigal> I was there last year
<Skeleton> Starbuck? The Disappearing Village?
<Skeleton> I remember that story. Funny, but I'm not buying it.
<Nuah> Disappearing?
<Madrigal> What do you mean disappearing? It's right there, we walked this morning
* Skeleton gets the desk between you and him.
<Madrigal> There was a weird barrier thing that showed up, and it just came down, and we're trying to figure out what's going on
<Skeleton> ...You're serious, aren't you?
<Nuah> Yup.
<Madrigal> I mean, if you're down for a walk I can show you?
<Madrigal> or you can just take the boat upriver a little bit
<Nuah> Yeah, it's not far. You can check for yourself.
<Nuah> Or don't. I can see you're a busy... skeleton.
<Madrigal> I mean, if there's a good couple trees you might can see it from here
<Skeleton> No need to be a smartass.
<Skeleton> So you just poofed out of the world and back in?
<Skeleton> Starbuck disappeared...jeez, like 400 years ago or something.
<Nuah> ...
<Skeleton> Last I remember, there was a goblin village where it used to be. We have trouble with them sometimes.
<Nuah> 400 years?
<Skeleton> Something like. I'm not exactly a historian.
<Nuah> Bast...
<Skeleton> Well, amateur antiquarian from time to time...
<Madrigal> You didn't see the barrier there? Big glowy thing?
<Skeleton> Jek, get in here!
<Narrator> A second skeleton enters through the door behind the first.
* Madrigal lets her glow turn off
<Skeleton> Never was a barrier that anybody saw, I think.
* Nuah waves at Jek
<Skeleton> Jek, you remember Starbuck, the Disappearing Village?
<Madrigal> Hey, we're at least a small town
<Nuah> Mads, we're a village at best.
<Madrigal> We get some good traffic
<Nuah> Not anymore.
<Jek> Oh, yeah, it vanished like 4, 500 years ago, back during the Calamity.
<Madrigal> The what now?
<Nuah> What Calamity?
<Jek> Planar warping. Caused all kinds of disasters and such.
* Madrigal leans against Eggroll
<Jek> Cut us off from the planes, at least voluntary travel, for about a century, and even after it's still been dangerous.
<Nuah> 4,500 years...
<Jek> (400 to 500, rather)
<Nuah> We've been gone 450 years...
<Madrigal> .... my siblings, they're all gonna be old now
<Madrigal> if they're still alive
<Jek> I'd have to check. A lot of those records were lost.
<Nuah> My tribe...
<Jek> The Queen might know, but good luck getting it out of him.
<Nuah> Everyone I knew...
<Madrigal> Fuck, ALL of Lor's family
<Nuah> What Queen?
<Skeleton> That old codger? Best left alone.
<Skeleton> The Queen of Brevoy. Last living nutter in Rostov.
<Nuah> You said that Osirion fell?
<Madrigal> Sardia? Queen Bessima's daughter?
<Jek> He's...eccentric.
<Jek> What? No.
<Jek> Sardia was queen back during the Calamity. They held on through, oh, her granddaughter, I think, maybe one more generation.
<Jek> But most of us were dead and most gone by then.
<Jek> Present company notwithstanding.
* Madrigal pulls out a few coins from her pocket
<Madrigal> I think all of mine still have Bessima on them
<Skeleton> You have coins from Bessima's reign?
* Madrigal flips a copper over to him
* Skeleton grabs it in the air.
<Skeleton> Huh.
<Skeleton> Suppose you might be needing to trade these out for modern currency.
<Nuah> I think that might be the least of our problems.
<Jek> Velluss, later. Skeleton → Velluss
<Nuah> What happened to Osirion?
<Madrigal> Somewhere I've still got my Founding of Brevoy gold piece that Boduik Maervis gave me at my wedding
<Jek> Osirion?
<Jek> No one's used that name in centuries.
<Nuah> ...
<Jek> It's Lamashta now.
<Nuah> Crazy bastards... They finally did it.
<Jek> We get parties of them down here from time to time, scavenging ruins.
<Jek> They've kind of built their civilization on it.
<Jek> Cannibalizing the past.
<Jek> Not that we're much better, really...
* Velluss once again manages to convey rolling his eyes without moving his face.
* Nuah seems a bit in shock.
<Vellus> We make an honest enough living, and we don't have to eat anyone to do it, like most of our competition.
<Jek> I suppose that's true.
<Madrigal> What do you mean?
<Vellus> Most of the others in Rostov are ghouls, vampires, things like that. We're lower on the totem pole, but we don't need to consume stuff to survive.
<Madrigal> What? Southern Brevoy's full of elves
<Jek> The rest of the gangs mostly survive off goblins, frogfolk...what's that?
<Jek> Oh, no, not anymore.
<Jek> A lot of them died in the Mortal Plague, others fled.
<Jek> I think there may be an enclave still there.
<Nuah> The Mortal Plague?
<Madrigal> The what now?
<Jek> We don't range that far.
<Vellus> What killed us. Something from some portal. Affected humans worst.
<Madrigal> Oh god, is it still around? Do we need to quarantine the town?
* Velluss shrugs.
<Vellus> I wouldn't know. I don't think so, but the fear of it keeps Cheliax away, at least.
<Nuah> Did the plague make you... undead?
<Vellus> Their devils range through occasionally.
<Vellus> Yeah, it did that to some folks.
<Nuah> Oh.
<Jek> Something like 20%, if I recall.
<Nuah> Um... sorry about your buddies then.
<Jek> Damnedest thing, though I suppose I'm reasonably grateful for it.
<Jek> Better than dying, I suppose.
<Jek> Oh, them? Those were vacant.
<Madrigal> Oh thank goodness
<Jek> Not intelligent like us.
<Jek> No, we got at least a little of Lady Urgathoa's favor.
<Vellus> Oh, not with that crap again.
<Madrigal> !roll 1d20
* Lan-werk rolls for
<Madrigal> [ 1d20 ] getting [ 15 ].
<Madrigal> Is that... the local ruler now?
<Vellus> Gods, no. She's the goddess of...people like us.
<Jek> First victim of the plague, some say, who defied the other gods and took divinity for herself.
<Nuah> Mads... Diar... I think we should get back to town. They're gonna want to know all this.
* Madrigal looks mildly impressed
* Jek 's voice holds a bit of a zealot's tone.
<Madrigal> Oh shit, yeah, we should do that
* Velluss makes a wanky motion behind Jek's back.
<Madrigal> Do... you guys want to come with us?
<Madrigal> I can't guarantee you won't be flooded with questions
<Madrigal> in fact, you probably will be
<Nuah> Probably beats squatting out here, though.
<Vellus> We're really not supposed to leave. This is our rendezvous point for trade on the river.
<Nuah> What do you trade?
<Vellus> Orcs, apefolk, the occasional coherent goblin, sometimes Chelaxians.
<Vellus> Oh, *what
* do we trade.
<Vellus> Salvage from Rostov.
<Vellus> Bits of the old world.
<Madrigal> I can't imagine our lace is going to be in high demand anymore
<Madrigal> We do have a better harbor, though, if you wanted to leave a note
<Vellus> Eh, maybe the Pahmet? Or those weird fishfolk the orcs are scared of, to the south. I hear they're 'civilized'.
<Jek> Come on, Velluss, think of what we might learn. What we could tell them.
<Vellus> We have a job, we stay here. They'll know where to find us if they need us.
<Nuah> Well, would it at least be okay if we came back? Maybe brought some folks to talk to you?
<Madrigal> You could leave a note. "Go six miles that way."
<Vellus> We're supposed to keep this place low-key, but I guess it would be fine.
<Vellus> Maybe not too many at once, though.
<Nuah> We'll try to be discreet
* Jek nods excitedly.
<Nuah> Thanks. We really appreciate it.
<Madrigal> Hey, do you have any local maps or anything, maybe showing what's around now?
<Jek> Do you have anything to write on, or with?
<Jek> I could sketch some stuff out.
* Madrigal pats her pockets
<Madrigal> I do not
<Nuah> (I probably would)
* Jek can give you a rough map of the area. It will have this trading post on it, plus a few other sites he'll label.
<Nuah> Thank you
<Jek> A lot of this area is goblin territory now, and they're always fighting among themselves.
<Jek> Be careful. The wolf ones aren't so bad, but the fire goblins attack most things on sight.
<Nuah> I wonder what happened to the ones that were living where the town is....
<Vellus> The froggies to the west don't like outsiders much.
<Vellus> Really, that goes for most people these days.
<Vellus> Especially around here. Too much pressure from Cheliax, Lamashta, the drow... (the last is a word you've never heard)
<Madrigal> The who?
<Vellus> Dark elves. Live in the mountains.
<Nuah> Dark elves?
<Vellus> Them bug things they and the dwarves fight have pushed them out towards us.
<Vellus> Sometimes they raid in Rostov, too, but that mostly just means food for the other gangs.
<Madrigal> Everything is different now
<Nuah> We need to get the town organized. If there's this many raiders around it won't be long until some find us.
<Madrigal> And I don't know how many of the fields were inside the barrier, either
<Vellus> Oh, yeah, I don't know what defenses you have, but you need more.
<Madrigal> Food's going to be a concern
<Madrigal> *to skeletons
* If you know anyone who trades in food, send them to Starbuck. They'll have a market.
<Nuah> We should get back. I'm glad we met you two though. Thank you for everything.
* Madrigal nods, and holds out her hand
<Madrigal> I'm Madrigal, by the way. This is Eggroll.
<Vellus> There's a guy upriver, has a trading post, too. I think he sells food.
<Vellus> You gotta get past the flame goblins first, though.
* Velluss shakes your hand.
<Vellus> Vellus.
<Jek> Jek
* Jek waves.
<Nuah> Nuah. The fuzzy guy is Zulun.
<Vellus> Pleased to meetcha.
<Nuah> The quiet one over there is Diar.
* Diar still looks unsure about the skeletons.
<Diar> Hey.
* Velluss nods at Diar.
<Madrigal> Well, I guess we should head back, then?
<Diar> Yes.
<Jek> We'll be here.
<Jek> We always are...
<Narrator> All right, so y'all can head back to Starbuck.
<Narrator> You'll get back right around dusk, I believe. As a a reward for your efforts, it starts raining heavily about halfway home.
<Nuah> Figures.