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After a week at Gagë:dö’sga:ne:ga', the party prepares to go find the Koowäho’ke. Svald falls ill along the way. They run into a scout looking for Maja Verasdottir, a trapper who is known in the area. One night, they are attacked by an owlbear who cannot be hurt by regular weapons, who mauls Svald severely. Basically this is a Bad Time for Svald!


Session date: 2022-05-08
In Game date: a week or so after the last session

After a week, it is time to move on and find the Koowäho’ke

<Narrator> You'll end up spending about a week at Gagë:dö’sga:ne:ga’, enjoying their hospitality while Gillis spends time negotiating with the clan mothers. Eventually, the time will come to head back southwest to Óhchuwike to find the Koowäho’ke.
<Narrator> (Anything y'all wanted to do before leaving?)
<Hildie> (Not I)
* Welumque will spend the time getting to know the various clan mothers and people here, and generally trying to prove that she can be trusted with the care of Yaroslav.
<Skalla> (not anythign that needs a scene. She would want to know where Soren is at these days, but trying to balance being'home' here with also managing expedition stuff)
* Pierre will go around wide-eyed, learning everything he can about these people and taking in the whole experience.
<Lucas> (nothing for me)
<Narrator> They can tell you Soren is currently with a hunting party further west, expected back in a few weeks, just before winter.
* Skalla wil make sure any news from home gets left for him, and anything from his mom she was meant to pass on ;)
<Narrator> Welumque, you get the sense that, while there might be some grumbling about him getting off lighter than they'd like among the clan in general, the clan mothers seem fairly confident about sending Yaroslav with you.
<Narrator> You can get back on the, well, not road, but trail at least for some of this. It's slow going through the rough terrain with the wagons, but at least they're not laden down with cannons anymore, just trade goods from the Karagwasischijro. It should be a few days until you're into Koowäho’ke territory, then another few days to the nearest village.
<Narrator> Can I get folks to roll me Physique, just as a general measure?
<Svald> !roll 4d3-7
* Lan-werk rolls for Svald: [ 4d3-7 ] getting [ 1 1 1 1 ] for a total of [ 4 ] which, after the modifier [ -7 ] totals [ -3 ].
<Svald> (ha ha ha)
<Welumque> !roll 4d3-8
* Lan-werk rolls for Welumque: [ 4d3-8 ] getting [ 3 3 1 1 ] for a total of [ 8 ] which, after the modifier [ -8 ] totals [ 0 ].
<Hildie> !roll 4d3-5
* Lan-werk rolls for Hildie: [ 4d3-5 ] getting [ 3 2 1 2 ] for a total of [ 8 ] which, after the modifier [ -5 ] totals [ 3 ].
<Lucas> !roll 4d3-8
* Lan-werk rolls for Lucas: [ 4d3-8 ] getting [ 3 1 3 3 ] for a total of [ 10 ] which, after the modifier [ -8 ] totals [ 2 ].
<Skalla> (sec... roll 20 is hard)
<Narrator> (Oh, right >.>)
<Pierre> !roll 4d3-7
* Lan-werk rolls for Pierre: [ 4d3-7 ] getting [ 2 2 2 3 ] for a total of [ 9 ] which, after the modifier [ -7 ] totals [ 2 ].
<Skalla> !roll 4d3-5
* Lan-werk rolls for Skalla: [ 4d3-5 ] getting [ 2 1 1 3 ] for a total of [ 7 ] which, after the modifier [ -5 ] totals [ 2 ].
<Narrator> (Svald, I'm gonna give you a choice: illness or injury? ;) )
<Svald> (eh, just roll a die, I have no preference)
<Narrator> Okay, Svald is not having a great time as they come down with a fairly severe cold (or similar malady) that's going to make the trip unfun, but not be life-threatening or anything.
<Narrator> (Probably means riding in the wagons a fair bit, but nothing that'll slow y'all down.)

===Svald takes ill during the trip, and Lucas cares for them===-
* Lucas will be concerned and try to help Svald to the extent that he's able to, with medicine or just general support.
<Svald> (aw)
<Narrator> Welumque might have a day or two of feeling bad as well, but she pushes through. Some of your soldiers teamsters might be a bit under the weather, too.
* Skalla will also check on her
<Narrator> Soldiers and teamsters, rather
<Narrator> (Roll me Lore, Lucas)
<Skalla> (if needed we can slow things down, but f the general mood among the isk is that they woudl rather press on, we can)
* Svald isn't a complainer
<Narrator> (Well, what do folks think?)
<Lucas> (is it related to herbalism/healing, ie. can I apply my +2?)
<Pierre> (Do we need to hurry back? I'm sure stuff has been going on in our absence, but I don't think there's a specific reason to.)
<Welumque> (let's take a more relaxed pace, there's no immediate urgency)
<Narrator> (Yeah, you can add the +2)
<Lucas> !roll 4d3-2
* Lan-werk rolls for Lucas: [ 4d3-2 ] getting [ 1 1 1 1 ] for a total of [ 4 ] which, after the modifier [ -2 ] totals [ 2 ].
<Skalla> (There's weather concerns, potntially, and getting GIllis's business done - she certainly should get a say)
<Lucas> (can I use a fate point to reroll that?)
<Pierre> (What aspect are you invoking?)
<Narrator> (You can reroll without invoking, I think?)
<Narrator> (Oh, no, you do need to invoke to reroll, but you certainly have applicable aspects)
<Lucas> (ok)
<Lucas> !roll 4d3-2
* Lan-werk rolls for Lucas: [ 4d3-2 ] getting [ 2 1 3 3 ] for a total of [ 9 ] which, after the modifier [ -2 ] totals [ 7 ].
<Lucas> (better)
<Narrator> (Heh, yes)
<Narrator> Lucas can keep Svald reasonably comfortable for the time being, and they're likely feeling mostly better by the time you're further into Óhchuwike.
* Lucas brings Svald some hot tea of herbs and medical plants.
<Lucas> Here... it will taste bitter, but it should help you.
<Svald> Thanks...
<Svald> (sorry, I completely missed this)
* Svald takes a tentative sip
<Svald> I can't taste much anyway.
* Lucas nods
<Lucas> That's one blessing of a stuffy nose, at least.
* Svald smiles wanly.
<Svald> How is your friend?
<Lucas> Welumque? She's all right. She's resting I think, but I think you got the worst of this illness.
<Lucas> Maybe because you are not used to these parts? The illnesses here might not be like the ones in your home.
<Svald> Oh, I'm happy... but I meant the snake
<Lucas> oh! oh yes. Well, the cold doesn't bother it so much, as long as it stays close to me.
* Lucas opens his coat to show the snake curled up in an inside pocket.
* Svald nods.
<Svald> Oh. :3c
<Svald> It looks very cozy.
* Lucas nods, patting it for safekeeping.
<Lucas> do your people have, uh, spirits like this that they work with? I know you can turn into animals.
<Svald> I, well... maybe. I don't know a lot about how it works, except for me...
<Svald> Stordam isn't.. like here
* Lucas nods
<Svald> They want you to be like them.
* Svald half shrugs, looking askance.
<Lucas> Did you have someone who taught you to do the workings you do, or did you just... know how, in your spirit?
* Lucas asks curiously
<Svald> Sort of both...
<Svald> I was sent to a military school, and they could tell I had abilities, so they trained me some but... Yes, there's something there that... um, reaches. I don't know how to say it.
<Svald> Did you have a teacher?
* Lucas nods
<Lucas> several... I learned herbal medicine and healing from when I was young, and then later, the spirits began to speak to me and so I had some teachers who were spirit-workers and knew more of their ways. But... well, maybe like you - it was when the war was happening, so they wanted me to use my abilities for battle.
* Svald nods sadly.
<Svald> I never really wanted to be a soldier but... I didn't know what else to do.
<Svald> I didn't know *what else there was
* to do.
<Lucas> And now you make art? That is a good way to make something in the world.
* Svald nods, smiling.
<Svald> I hope so.
<Lucas> I wanted to heal people, but for a while I was only hurting them... it wasn't how I wanted to be, but at the same time, it was what they told me was right, and it felt good to think I was helping my people when they needed me. It's confusing sometimes.
<Lucas> ...Sorry, I shouldn't bother you with such things when you're sick.
<Svald> Oh no, I don't mind!
<Svald> I was going to say, it is...
<Svald> Are you finding a place with Welumque now?
<Lucas> Yes. She saved me, and I think her aim to help is a sincere one. I don't know if I can ever really fix what happened before, but I can try to make things better in the future.
* Lucas says with a shrug.
<Svald> She seems... nice? Strong. The kind of person I would want for a grandmother.
* Lucas nods
<Lucas> She is.
<Svald> Well, you are helping people here. Including me :) so... I think you are on a good path.
* Svald coughs.
* Lucas smiles a little, but frowns at the coughing.
<Lucas> Don't over-exert yourself... Should I get you some more tea?
<Svald> Maybe... I am feeling tired, maybe I should try to sleep
<Lucas> That's a good idea. I will be nearby if you need anything.
<Svald> THanks... and it was nice getting to know you more :)
* Lucas checks Svald for fever with his hand on their forehead, and then gives their hand a squeeze before leaving them to rest.
<Lucas> You as well.
* Svald squeezes back.

Hildie is on watch when they are approached by Xinkwtëme of the Kukhus, looking for Maja Verasdottir

<Narrator> I need a random person who would be on watch (or more than one if y'all set more than one person) during an evening to give me a Notice roll.
* Svald will be grateful for Lucas' help and company ;_;
<Hildie> (I can be on watch)
<Hildie> !roll 4d3-6
* Lan-werk rolls for Hildie: [ 4d3-6 ] getting [ 3 3 1 2 ] for a total of [ 9 ] which, after the modifier [ -6 ] totals [ 3 ].
<Narrator> Hildie, you can hear a couple of somethings or someones approaching the camp.
* Hildie will ready her rifle and say "Who's there? Identify yourself."
<Narrator> (Does Hildie speak Lèxkweyok? I forget.)
<Hildie> (Nope)
<Narrator> Someone calls out in what you recognize as the same language that Welumque speaks, but you don't understand it.
* NPC1 is now known as Koowahoke_Man
<Hildie> (Is the person visible?)
<Narrator> (Not currently)
<Narrator> #thirteen02
<Narrator> (Ack, ww)
* Hildie will hold up a hand in a "Stay there" gesture to the tree line.
* Hildie will keep the rifle ready but head over to Welumque's tent and shake it
<Hildie> Welumque... wake up...
* Welumque stirs.
<Welumque> ... huh, what?
<Welumque> Oh ... Hildie, it's you.
<Hildie> There's someone at they camp, but I can't speak their language. Can you try?
<Koowahoke_Man> Did you still want us to wait here?
* Koowahoke_Man calls out in Stordish.
* Hildie looks back in surprise.
<Hildie> Who are you?
* Welumque puts herself together a little bit.
<Welumque> All right, let's go see what this is about.
* Welumque emerges, still somewhat disheveled.
<Koowahoke_Man> Hey, these are our lands. Who are you?
<Welumque> I am Welumque of the Chëmamës.
* Koowahoke_Man will emerge from the foliage near camp. He's a tall halfling man in traditional clothing, carrying (but not aiming) a rifle.
<Welumque> And you, who are you and who are yours?
* Hildie will lower her rifle too.
<Koowahoke_Man> Ah, welcome Welumque of the Chëmamës. I am Xinkwtëme of the Kukhus.
* Koowahoke_Man is now known as Xinkwteme
<Hildie> Hildegard Maelstrom. I work for... with Skalla Stormsvallvag. We're passing through.
<Xinkwteme> Sorry, your friend surprised me. Most folks out this far speak our language.
<Hildie> Sorry for the confusion.
<Xinkwteme> Trappers?
<Welumque> I've been trying to teach them a word or two here and there. Keep telling them it will be useful.
<Welumque> Well met, Xinkwtëme of the Kukhus.
<Hildie> No, traders of a sort. Let me go get our fearless leader. She'll want to meet you.
* Hildie will head over to rouse Skalla as well.
* Xinkwteme nods, and whistles. Several more halflings appear out of the forest.
<Welumque> (do I know others of the Koowahoke or of the Kukhus clan, looking for opportunities to drop names?)
<Xinkwteme> (I would imagine you do. Surely you have clansfolk among the Koowahoke, and I'm sure Welumque has travelled these lands before.)
<Xinkwteme> Sorry to have disturbed you, grandmother. I didn't know who was traveling with them.
<Welumque> Not a bother. At my age I don't sleep deeply anyway.
<Xinkwteme> Are you headed towards Hàkialàhkàt (the nearby village which you've been to several times before, and your destination)?
<Welumque> Yes, that is the plan, if all is well there. It's been a couple of years since I've visited there.
<Xinkwteme> Well enough. Where are you coming from?
<Welumque> (uhh, where are we coming from again?)
<Welumque> We've been up at Gagë:dö’sga:ne:ga’, most recently.
* Skalla will emerge from her tent after a little prodding from Hildie
<Skalla> (are they still talking in Lèxkweyok?)
<Narrator> (Currently, yeah)
* Skalla looks between the halflings
* Xinkwteme frowns.
<Xinkwteme> (L) You didn't happen to meet a dwarven trader in your travels? Older than your friends here, black hair, beard, named Maja Verasdottir?
<Skalla> Hello. Welemque, who are we speaking to?
<Narrator> (Skalla and Hildie, you'll catch the name, even if you don't speak the language otherwise.)
<Welumque> Here, let me introduce you to Skalla. Skalla, this is Xinkweteme of the Kukhus. These lands belong to these fine people.
* Welumque switches to Stordish or whatever language they're most likely to have in common
<Hildie> Pleased to make your acquaintance.
<Xinkwteme> And you as well, ma'am.
<Xinkwteme> (switches too)
<Xinkwteme> I hear you're traders headed towards Hàkialàhkàt?
<Skalla> (and do I know Maja Verasdottir?)
<Narrator> (The name doesn't mean anything to you offhand)
<Narrator> (Well, actually, you can roll Contacts for it)
<Welumque> (can I roll that too?)
<Skalla> !roll 4d6-7
* Lan-werk rolls for Skalla: [ 4d6-7 ] getting [ 4 3 3 6 ] for a total of [ 16 ] which, after the modifier [ -7 ] totals [ 9 ].
<Skalla> (lol wait)
<Skalla> !roll 4d3-7
* Lan-werk rolls for Skalla: [ 4d3-7 ] getting [ 1 2 3 3 ] for a total of [ 9 ] which, after the modifier [ -7 ] totals [ 2 ].
<Skalla> (better :V)
<Narrator> (Sure, Steve)
<Welumque> !roll 4d3-4
* Lan-werk rolls for Welumque: [ 4d3-4 ] getting [ 3 3 2 2 ] for a total of [ 10 ] which, after the modifier [ -4 ] totals [ 6 ].
<Skalla> thank you Welumque, and well met Xinkweteme
<Skalla> And yes, that is our destination
<Narrator> Skalla, the name sounds vaguely familiar to you, and Welumque, you know Maja somewhat. She's a trapper who's lived up in this area since well before the war.
<Welumque> If I might inquire, Xinkweteme, what is your interest in Maja? I know her a little.
<Xinkwteme> She's missing. Which, I guess, isn't entirely unlike her, but she was supposed to meet up with us for some trade and never showed, which *is
* unlike her. We went to her cabin, and it doesn't look like she's been there for a while.
<Hildie> Where does she live?
<Xinkwteme> About [two miles] west of here. Why?
<Hildie> Just curious. We haven't seen her.
<Xinkwteme> Welumque said you came from Gagë:dö’sga:ne:ga’. No sign of her there?
* Welumque shakes her head.
<Skalla> I hadn't hear any news of her, no
<Skalla> (I assume no one mentioned any trappers coming through, anyway)
<Narrator> (Nothing you heard, no.)
* Xinkwteme frowns.
<Xinkwteme> Worth asking, I suppose.
<Xinkwteme> What sort of trade were you all looking for?
<Skalla> We are acatully travelling with Gillis Säteri, and the trading in this case is mostly on her account.
<Skalla> We can wake her if you like, or speak more in the morning.
<Skalla> we would be please to have you join us for the night, if you would care to
<Skalla> (pleased)
<Xinkwteme> No need to bother anyone else. We'll happily share your camp and talk in the morning.
<Skalla> wonderful!
* Xinkwteme and his folks will settle into camp and spend the night.
* Xinkwteme will talk to Gillis some in the morning, but he's not really the one in charge of trading for his people, so he'll just let her know roughly what sort of things they have and are looking for.
* Xinkwteme will move on in his search for the missing trapper, unless anyone has anything they want to talk to him about before he leaves.
<Skalla> (no, but we can tell ihm our route and that we didn't see anything. I might suggest he ask Yaroslav, or have Welumque do it)
<Skalla> (in case they encountered her or had news of her, or at least so he can know where she hasn't been)
<Narrator> (*nod*)
<Narrator> You head off towards Hàkialàhkàt, through more mountain valleys and passes.

On Skalla's watch, things all go to shit

<Narrator> (Let me have another person on watch roll Notice for the next night.)
<Skalla> (I can be on watch, sure)
<Skalla> !roll 4d3-7
* Lan-werk rolls for Skalla: [ 4d3-7 ] getting [ 3 2 3 1 ] for a total of [ 9 ] which, after the modifier [ -7 ] totals [ 2 ].
<Narrator> (Are you just sitting on watch, or like walking around?)
<Skalla> (unless someone else wants to I guess - I did kinda jump right in there ;-)
<Skalla> (probably wandering some, skalla doesn't do well with just sitting in these contexts ;)
<Narrator> You don't see or hear anything unusual, but you notice the horses are acting a little spooked.
* Skalla will check on them and see if there is anything around, and maybe wake up Hildie if they still see nervous
<Hildie> Mmmm? What's wrong?
<Narrator> The horses are getting increasingly agitated, and one of them rears as you hear a scream from across the camp. (You will all hear that, asleep or not.)
* Hildie will reach for her pistol
<Skalla> maybe nothing- no somethign, shit
* Skalla will run to see what's up
* Hildie will grab her rifle also and head hobble out of her tent as quickly as possible.
* Lucas startles awake and will peek out to see what's going on
* Pierre likewise is startled, and comes out of his tent to see what's happening.
* Welumque will awaken and shevel herself (again! these kids...)
<Narrator> Skalla and Hildie, you dart across camp in time to see a large dark shape disappear into the forest near one of your soldier's blood-stained, empty bedrolls.
<Hildie> What the fuck...
<Skalla> shit, after it
<Skalla> (can I shoot it?)
<Narrator> (You can take a shot, sure)
<Narrator> (Roll shoot)
<Skalla> !roll 1d3-5
* Lan-werk rolls for Skalla: [ 1d3-5 ] getting [ 2 ] which, after the modifier [ -5 ] totals [ -3 ].
* Hildie will shoot also.
<Skalla> (bah sec)
* Welumque comes out into all this chaos and tries to spot where all her people are and go to them.
<Skalla> !4d3-5
* Pierre ( Quit (Quit: Online IRC Client)
<Skalla> !roll 4d3-5
<Hildie> !roll 4d3-4
* Lan-werk rolls for Skalla: [ 4d3-5 ] getting [ 3 1 3 3 ] for a total of [ 10 ] which, after the modifier [ -5 ] totals [ 5 ].
* Lan-werk rolls for Hildie: [ 4d3-4 ] getting [ 1 2 3 2 ] for a total of [ 8 ] which, after the modifier [ -4 ] totals [ 4 ].
<Skalla> (that's better, lol)
<Lucas> (can I tell if that was a physical creature or some sort of spirit-type thing, or what?)
* Svald comes out of their tent looking groggy
<Narrator> (Roll Notice, Lucas)
<Narrator> You're both pretty sure you hit whatever it is, but that doesn't seem to have slowed it down.
<Lucas> !roll 4d3-6
* Lan-werk rolls for Lucas: [ 4d3-6 ] getting [ 3 1 1 1 ] for a total of [ 6 ] which, after the modifier [ -6 ] totals [ 0 ].
<Narrator> You don't sense any particular spirit activity, Lucas.
<Skalla> Over here! After it - it got someone!
* Skalla will yell so it isn't just her and HIldie running off into the dark woods :V
<Skalla> (but we are running after it ;)
* Lucas will head in Skalla's direction
* Hildie will head after it as fast as she is able, but likely cannot keep up with Skalla.
* Svald hurries to the sound of Skalla's voice.
* Pierre ( has joined #thirteen
* Welumque will mostly gather any who are not following the trail, and keep us all together. She can't keep up with anyone.
<Narrator> (Okay, folks who are running after it roll me Physique (or Athletics, I'll let you choose) and Notice
<Pierre> !roll 4d3-7
* Lan-werk rolls for Pierre: [ 4d3-7 ] getting [ 1 2 2 2 ] for a total of [ 7 ] which, after the modifier [ -7 ] totals [ 0 ].
<Pierre> !roll 4d3-7
* Lan-werk rolls for Pierre: [ 4d3-7 ] getting [ 2 3 2 3 ] for a total of [ 10 ] which, after the modifier [ -7 ] totals [ 3 ].
<Svald> !roll 4d3-7
* Lan-werk rolls for Svald: [ 4d3-7 ] getting [ 2 3 3 1 ] for a total of [ 9 ] which, after the modifier [ -7 ] totals [ 2 ].
<Lucas> (I'll just stay with Welumque near the campsite I guess, since I won't really be able to keep up, but will try to keep an eye out for any more strange creatures)
<Svald> !roll 4d3-3
* Lan-werk rolls for Svald: [ 4d3-3 ] getting [ 3 3 3 1 ] for a total of [ 10 ] which, after the modifier [ -3 ] totals [ 7 ].
<Svald> (the 7 is notice obviously. lol)
<Hildie> !roll 4d3-5
* Lan-werk rolls for Hildie: [ 4d3-5 ] getting [ 3 3 3 2 ] for a total of [ 11 ] which, after the modifier [ -5 ] totals [ 6 ].
<Narrator> (If it was for the other, you'd be more like Swold)
<Hildie> !roll 4d3-6
* Lan-werk rolls for Hildie: [ 4d3-6 ] getting [ 3 2 3 2 ] for a total of [ 10 ] which, after the modifier [ -6 ] totals [ 4 ].
<Skalla> !roll 4d3-4
* Lan-werk rolls for Skalla: [ 4d3-4 ] getting [ 3 3 3 3 ] for a total of [ 12 ] which, after the modifier [ -4 ] totals [ 8 ].
<Skalla> (physique)
<Skalla> !roll 4d3-5
* Lan-werk rolls for Skalla: [ 4d3-5 ] getting [ 2 2 2 3 ] for a total of [ 9 ] which, after the modifier [ -5 ] totals [ 4 ].
<Skalla> (notice)

Skalla, Hildie, and Svald chase after the creature that abducted one of the house guards

<Narrator> Okay, well, the two former soldiers and the woodswoman are able to outpace poor Pierre, who falls behind. Skalla, Hildie, and Svald, in short glimpses of moonlight, you can see the animal is very large, easily bigger than any of you, travelling on all fours. After you cover a couple hundred meters, it will drop the soldier, turn, and give an ear-shattering hoot-bellow in your direction.
<Hildie> Oh that cannot be good.
<Skalla> (do I know what an owlbear is?)
<Narrator> It rears up on it's back legs, standing 7 feet or taller, roaring.
<Skalla> Get her out of there
<Skalla> (acually no)
<Narrator> (Yeah, you'd know they exist out here. Up to you whether you've seen and/or hunted one before)
<Svald> :O
<Skalla> (Actauly no my get her out of there stands)
* Skalla will shoot it again
<Narrator> (Roll Shoot)
<Skalla> !roll 4d3-5
* Lan-werk rolls for Skalla: [ 4d3-5 ] getting [ 3 2 3 3 ] for a total of [ 11 ] which, after the modifier [ -5 ] totals [ 6 ].
<Hildie> Svald! Get the wounded!
* Hildie will fire again as well.
<Hildie> !ROLL 4D3-4
* Lan-werk rolls for Hildie: [ Error. The syntax is !roll xdx+x. ].
<Hildie> !roll 4d3-4
* Lan-werk rolls for Hildie: [ 4d3-4 ] getting [ 3 3 3 1 ] for a total of [ 10 ] which, after the modifier [ -4 ] totals [ 6 ].
* Svald will scramble toward the fallen soldier.
<Narrator> (Huh, case sensitive)
<Svald> (are they alive?)
<Narrator> Both of you hit, but it doesn't seem to have much effect.
<Skalla> (what do I know about them?)
<Narrator> (You can roll Notice to see. Also roll Athletics, but the thing is going to be able to take a swing at you)
<Lucas> !roll 4d3-6
* Lan-werk rolls for Lucas: [ 4d3-6 ] getting [ 3 1 2 1 ] for a total of [ 7 ] which, after the modifier [ -6 ] totals [ 1 ].
<Hildie> Over here you bird-beaked son of a bitch!
<Narrator> (They're basically like bears, only more nocturnal)
* Hildie tries to get its attention so Svald can get in.
<Skalla> (so it *should
* be affected by the shots - at this point I'd be happy to drive it off)
<Narrator> (Lucas, you can hear the hoot-bellow and roars, but nothing close to camp, thankfully.)
<Lucas> (ok)
<Svald> !roll 4d3-3
* Lan-werk rolls for Svald: [ 4d3-3 ] getting [ 3 2 2 3 ] for a total of [ 10 ] which, after the modifier [ -3 ] totals [ 7 ].
<Svald> (notice)
<Svald> !roll 4d3-7
* Lan-werk rolls for Svald: [ 4d3-7 ] getting [ 1 1 1 2 ] for a total of [ 5 ] which, after the modifier [ -7 ] totals [ -2 ].
<Svald> (w e l p)
<Narrator> (The soldier is either dead or severely injured.)
<Svald> (I'm about to be as well)
<Narrator> (Right, so...)
<Narrator> Svald, you're going to take an 8-shift hit as the thing swipes its claws across your torso as you move in to try to recover the soldier.
* Svald screeches
<Narrator> (That's basically ticking off your 2-stress box and taking a severe consequence, unless you have something else I'm not remembering)
* Svald falls limply on the ground and bleeds.
<Skalla> SVALD!
<Hildie> /me draws her pistol and shoots again.
<Narrator> The owlbear also screeches, but in anger rather than pain.
<Hildie> !roll 4d3-4
* Lan-werk rolls for Hildie: [ 4d3-4 ] getting [ 1 1 3 2 ] for a total of [ 7 ] which, after the modifier [ -4 ] totals [ 3 ].
* Skalla will just physically launch herslf at this thing (I assume I have either an axe or a knife) - wanting to drive it away from her poeple but not thinking 100% straight about it
* Skalla yells right back at it, also in anger
<Hildie> Skalla no!
<Narrator> (Roll Fight)
* Hildie draws her sword and charges also
<Narrator> (Also roll Fight)
<Skalla> (Invoking I look out for my people for the +2)
<Skalla> !roll 4d3-4
* Lan-werk rolls for Skalla: [ 4d3-4 ] getting [ 1 3 1 1 ] for a total of [ 6 ] which, after the modifier [ -4 ] totals [ 2 ].
<Skalla> (ugh)
<Hildie> (Invoking Family Matters)
<Hildie> !roll 4d3-4
* Lan-werk rolls for Hildie: [ 4d3-4 ] getting [ 2 3 3 1 ] for a total of [ 9 ] which, after the modifier [ -4 ] totals [ 5 ].
<Narrator> (Skalla, are you using axe or knife?)
<Skalla> (I'll say axe)
<Narrator> (Can you guys tell me anything about the origins of y'all's weapons?)
<Narrator> (Asking for a friend >.>)
<Narrator> (That friend is an owlbear)
<Hildie> (Mine is a military issue sword)
<Hildie> (Scratch that. It's actually probably the military sword that belonged to my grandmother.)
<Pierre> (Are any of them silver? :P )
<Skalla> (I assume it is one she has had for a while and held onto because she likes it, and it has been part of her travel kit for a while. its probably better quality than a standard trade axe, but I'm not sure where it woudl have originated, trying to think of options)
<Hildie> (I would like to say yes, but I cannot imagine why it would be.)
<Skalla> (yeah no on the axe for sure, not silver. Maybe a gift, or a trade, or something she found somewhere, or bought from someone she knew)
<Skalla> (I will take that recoll though)
<Skalla> !roll 4d3-4
* Lan-werk rolls for Skalla: [ 4d3-4 ] getting [ 1 1 3 1 ] for a total of [ 6 ] which, after the modifier [ -4 ] totals [ 2 ].
<Narrator> (Okay, roll it)
<Narrator> (Heh)
<Skalla> (whelp)
<Narrator> Both of you slice into the owlbear, drawing blood. It screeches in pain, and you can see the wound Skalla made closing up as you watch.
<Narrator> (Skalla, roll me Athletics)
<Skalla> (oh no)
<Hildie> Not good!
<Skalla> !roll 4d3-8
* Lan-werk rolls for Skalla: [ 4d3-8 ] getting [ 1 2 3 3 ] for a total of [ 9 ] which, after the modifier [ -8 ] totals [ 1 ].
<Hildie> Run!
<Hildie> Get Svald and run!
<Narrator> (Take a 4-shift hit, Skalla.)
<Narrator> The owlbear swats at Skalla, then turns to run further into the forest.
<Skalla> (that's all my stress but no consequences)
<Narrator> (Okie doke. It knocked you around a bit, but didn't leave any lasting damage.)

The owlbear is scared off, and Skalla and Hildie get a severely injured Svald back to camp

* Skalla gathers her breath and stagger over to Svald
* Hildie will run over to the soldier and check for a pulse.
* Svald is bleeding all over the place, sort of struggling to breathe.
* Pierre will catch up, wheezing, and silently freak out at the scene.
* Skalla will pich her up, spare a glance over her shoulder for the owlbear, and book it back to... pierre
<Skalla> help me get her back to camp!
<Skalla> she needs a healer, immediately
<Narrator> (Yeah, Pierre arrives a few moments later, with Starbucks)
<Narrator> Upon closer inspection, the soldier is no longer breathing.
* Skalla seems a bit banged up, but the blood is all Svald's
* Pierre comes over to help.
* Hildie will find no pulse on the soldier and close his eyes before turning to help with Svald.
<Pierre> What should I do, Mademoiselle?
<Pierre> You're hurt!
<Skalla> I'm fine
<Skalla> get Lucas
* Pierre looks at her dubiously for a moment, then nods and Sprints off...
* Skalla will keep hold of Svald
<Skalla> YOu're goig to be okay >:|
<Hildie> We have to get her back to camp.
<Narrator> Skalla and Hildie can begin carrying Svald back towards camp.
* Skalla catches her breath for a moment and runs after
<Narrator> Pierre will arrive at camp a good deal ahead of the others.
<Pierre> Lucas! Svald was badly hurt, we need your help...
<Lucas> Are they bringing them here or you need me to go there?
* Lucas will grab his supplies and get ready, either way
<Pierre> I was told to get you, so they must be staying there.
* Lucas will go as fast as he can, then.
<Skalla> (yeah if they meet us part way I'm not gonna complain ;)
<Pierre> (Hey, that's what you said...)
* Welumque will trundle after Lucas, unsure if she can be of help but not willing to just sit by.
<Narrator> Okay, you can all meet up in the woods a hundred yards from camp or so.
<Hildie> Let's get her to the fire. I don't think that thing is coming back, but it's safer there.
* Svald is basically a rag doll
* Lucas looks alarmed at Svald's condition and will immediately start trying to patch them up, at least enough to move back to the camp without any parts falling off.
<Skalla> we need more eyes on the woods
<Skalla> Ans to recover [soldier's] body if we can.
* Hildie looks at Lucas.
<Hildie> Get everyone up. No one sleeps until daylight.
<Skalla> no, Hildie
<Skalla> that's too much
<Hildie> We don't want anyone getting grabbed
<Narrator> (Lucas, it Will or Lore for your magic?)
<Lucas> (Lore)
<Skalla> We can use the wagons as a barrier, and more eyes on watch
* Skalla waipes the sweat out of her eyes, smearing her face with Svald's blood
<Lucas> (+2 for healing assuming that applies)
<Skalla> Can you help her, Lucas?
* Hildie looks down at Svald and looks to be a bit lost.
<Hildie> Ok...
<Narrator> (Yeah)
<Lucas> !roll 4d3-2
* Lan-werk rolls for Lucas: [ 4d3-2 ] getting [ 1 3 1 1 ] for a total of [ 6 ] which, after the modifier [ -2 ] totals [ 4 ].
<Hildie> I told her to... Gods...
<Skalla> This isn't the time
<Lucas> I'll do whatever I can.
<Hildie> Right...
<Hildie> I'll... I'll get the watch set.
* Skalla claps HIldie on the shoulder though
<Skalla> good.
* Welumque says a quiet prayer for Skald to whatever god(s) will hear it, and for the soldier.
* Skalla gives her a squeeze
<Narrator> Lucas, you can get Svald stabilized, and they seem to be resting easier after a while.
* Skalla will help with getting camp set up more safely
* Skalla will check in with Lucas though
* Lucas is washing blood off his hands.
<Skalla> How is she?
* Hildie will stay on watch herself, as she will definitely NOT be sleeping tonight.
<Lucas> She'll live. It was close, though.
* Skalla nods
<Skalla> that wasn't a normal owlbear. t wasn't behaving ight, and it was healing our attacks. Most of them - I think Hildie's sword actaully hurt it
<Lucas> Did anyone else need help?
<Skalla> no.
<Skalla> not that we can give.
<Lucas> The other guard? :/
* Skalla shakes her head
<Lucas> I'm sorry.
* Skalla looks very fragile for a moment, recovers, and nods
<Lucas> (do I know anything about why an animal might react that way, seem unharmed by weapons or behave so aggressively?)
<Narrator> (Roll Lore)
<Lucas> !roll 4d3-4
* Lan-werk rolls for Lucas: [ 4d3-4 ] getting [ 1 1 1 3 ] for a total of [ 6 ] which, after the modifier [ -4 ] totals [ 2 ].
<Lucas> (ennhh)
<Welumque> I wonder if this has anything to do with the missing Maja.
<Skalla> maybe
<Skalla> if she ran afoul of it
<Narrator> (Maybe if it was spirit-possessed or something, it might could spontaneously heal?)
<Lucas> It could have been possessed by a spirit I guess... it seems strange, though, I didn't sense anything like a spirit. but maybe I was just too far away or half asleep to tell.
* Skalla nods
<Skalla> HIldie!
* Skalla calls for her cousin
* Hildie will come running.
<Skalla> let me see your sword
* Hildie looks a bit confused, but she'll hand it over.
<Hildie> What's wrong?
* Skalla will look it over and see if there is anything about it that's different
<Skalla> (or remarkable)
<Skalla> this was the only thing that hurt it - that's the only reason it ran off
<Hildie> It was my grandmother's cavalry sword.
<Skalla> (but ts just a steel sword?)
<Narrator> (Roll Notice)
<Hildie> (Both of us?)
<Skalla> !roll 4d3-5
* Lan-werk rolls for Skalla: [ 4d3-5 ] getting [ 1 1 2 2 ] for a total of [ 6 ] which, after the modifier [ -5 ] totals [ 1 ].
<Narrator> (I mean, I guess Hildie can look, too, though presumably she's pretty familiar with it)
<Hildie> (True)
<Skalla> is there anything special about it?
<Skalla> other than the heritage
* Hildie shrugs.
<Hildie> Not that I know of.
<Narrator> (It's an older, well-made and well-maintained cavalry sword, but nothing looks particularly out of the ordinary about it.)
<Skalla> the only thing I can think is that its from the old country. I don't know why that might matter
<Skalla> Or maybe just that it's old
<Skalla> mayb you just hitb it in the right place
<Hildie> I don't know...
<Skalla> but if we don't know how to hurt it, we can't hunt it
<Hildie> You want to hunt it?
* Skalla makes a face
<Skalla> these aren't our lands
<Skalla> I just want to keep my people safe.
* Hildie nods.
<Hildie> Maybe Lucas should take a look at the sword. Maybe it's something spirit related.
<Skalla> we can take it to the Kukhus
* Skalla nods
<Skalla> I mean, the issue, not the sword
<Skalla> yes show Lucas
* Lucas can look at the sword
<Narrator> (Roll Notice)
<Lucas> !roll 4d3-6
* Lan-werk rolls for Lucas: [ 4d3-6 ] getting [ 2 2 1 1 ] for a total of [ 6 ] which, after the modifier [ -6 ] totals [ 0 ].
<Lucas> (welp)
<Narrator> (Wanna invoke or anything?)
<Skalla> was it ever blessed?
<Hildie> I don't know. Maybe?
<Lucas> (can I invoke Visionary Seer, to ... look at it better? :D)
<Narrator> (Sure :) )
<Lucas> (does that give me a +2?)
<Narrator> (Yeah, or a re-roll)
<Narrator> (Maybe the +2 is safer ;) )
<Lucas> (yeah I think maybe. my Notice isn't great to start with, so the chances I get better are not necessarily high ;)
<Lucas> (I'll just take the +2)
<Narrator> (kk)
<Narrator> It's subtle, but there is a...presence to the blade. It's been touched by a spirit before, at least.
<Lucas> There's something... I can't quite tell.
* Lucas considers it
<Lucas> Like a spirit has been in contact with it, at least.
<Welumque> Can you tell if it was recent, or long ago?
<Lucas> (can I?)
<Narrator> (Not currently, no. Maybe upon further examination.)
<Lucas> Your spirits are different, so maybe I just don't recognize what I'm seeing. Like if one of your priests blessed it, maybe? I'm not sure.
* Lucas makes a guess
<Lucas> I might be able to tell if I can look at it more carefully later...
* Skalla nods
<Skalla> get some rest
<Skalla> you've done so much tonight already
<Lucas> I'll stay with Svald.
* Lucas will get his things to go rest near them in case they need anything further.
<Skalla> thank you.
* Hildie will turn the sword over in her hands and then re-sheath it.
<Skalla> the same for the rest of you, if you can