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The party reaches Gagë:dö’sga:ne:ga’, where they are welcomed by the village elder, Dewenihwahsoh. Lucan and Pierre try to reassure Yaroslav that he is safe, for now. Gillis asks Skalla about her family, and also for her help. Svald and Howodes talk about the mammoth. Oyosgwa and Hildie talk family and fighting. Welumque petitions the clan mothers and is given responsibility for Yaroslav.


Session date: 2022-04-24
In Game date: following on from the previous session

Dewenihwahsoh welcomes the party to the village

<Kennesaw> It's another two days or so before you reach the village of Gagë:dö’sga:ne:ga’, which prooves to be a sturdy walled redoubt overlooking the surrounding valley. It sits on the high ground of one pass into the valley, with a fast-flowing river adjacent.
<Kennesaw> There's actually construction ongoing, as they seem to be expanding sections of the palisade and earthwork to accommodate the cannons you've brought.
<Kennesaw> The village gate is opened for you as you arrive, and it looks like there's a party of people ready to meet you.
* Welumque will of course obey all the proper customs when entering such a village, although I don't suppose I've been to this specific village ever before.
* Lucas looks around curiously, but keeps a low profile
<Kennesaw> (Let's say no, but surely she's had plenty of dealings with the Karagwasischijro before. They're notably insular, but they still trade.)
<Welumque> (right, of course I've been to other villages of theirs, just not this one)
* Dewenihwahsoh (webchat@ has joined #thirteen
* Dewenihwahsoh , Owähé'sda'ga'gás grandmother and village elder, is waiting for you.
<Dewenihwahsoh> Oskalla, may you and your friends be welcome.
* Owahesdagaga (webchat@ has joined #thirteen
* Owahesdagaga will make introductions.
<Dewenihwahsoh> Welumque? Of the Rabbit clan?
<Welumque> I am. Thank you, respected grandmother, for your hospitality.
<Dewenihwahsoh> Oskalla is family. She and hers will always be welcome here.
* Welumque nods.
<Welumque> Blessings upon you and your kin.
<Dewenihwahsoh> I think we have met before, years ago. In Ga:nyo:t (another village, south and east of here closer to Lèxkweyok lands), before the war. You were trading colonial tools, I believe.
<Dewenihwahsoh> And upon yours. It is good to see you are well.
<Welumque> Ah, yes, I spent many day in Ga:nyo:t, in times happier.
<Dewenihwahsoh> In times happier indeed.
<Dewenihwahsoh> (switches over to Stordammer) Welcome, all. Please, come in and warm yourselves and have something to eat.
* Dewenihwahsoh gestures and will lead you all into the largest house in the village, into a communal area where food is being cooked.
<Malqatar> ./me will nod in thanks.
* Pierre does also
* Malqatar is now known as Hildie
<Kennesaw> (Heather, how long would you say since Skalla's been out here?)
<Skalla> (Let's say she was here in the spring)
<Kennesaw> (kk)
<Skalla> Thank you so much, your hospitality is always welcome, grandmother
<Dewenihwahsoh> And you are always welcome to share it.
<Dewenihwahsoh> I am sorry for the circumstances of your arrival. Inauspicious, to say the least.
<Skalla> This trip has been... beset with inauspicious circumstances, I'm afraid.
<Hildie> At least we got what we went for.
<Dewenihwahsoh> Thank you for capturing the villains who murdered the gagö:swe:s.
<Dewenihwahsoh> How do you mean? Tell me of your journey.
<Skalla> the travel was fine - we haven't ht any weather yet, but we encounteres a party of Tsonnontouan who were also looking for the canons, and then the cave where they had been hidden was... there was a spirit there, and its guardians, that we needed to placate
* Dewenihwahsoh frowns.
<Hildie> And then the posessed poachers on the way back. We had hoped it was gonna be a simple excavation.
<Dewenihwahsoh> What sort of spirit? Should we be concerned about the cannons?
<Skalla> The other natters were resolved without violence
<Skalla> (matters)
<Hildie> Mostly.
* Dewenihwahsoh raises an eyebrow at that.
<Skalla> yes... mostly
* Svald shrinks into their large coat
<Skalla> I think the canon are fine. It was the cave that was the issue.
<Skalla> (cannon, lol)
<Dewenihwahsoh> How did the Tsonnontouan know of the cannons?
<Skalla> They had a guide, from the Katkwarà:yę'uhchírę...Or so he claimed. I think he was a servant of the spirit though, and, uh, did not intend for them to be successful in their mission
<Dewenihwahsoh> You speak of him as past. This would be the limit of your nonviolence, then?
<Svald> (quiet) it was snakes
<Svald> (q) the snakes did it
* Skalla nods at that
<Dewenihwahsoh> Snakes?
* Dewenihwahsoh wrinkles her nose.
<Dewenihwahsoh> They are taken care of?
<Skalla> yes
* Skalla looks tired
<Hildie> You should get some sleep. You've been keeping this party going for days by sheer willpower.
<Dewenihwahsoh> Eat. Get some rest. We'll talk plenty in the days to come.
<Skalla> thank you
* Dewenihwahsoh looks at Owähé'sda'ga'gá' who followed you all inside.
<Dewenihwahsoh> Wey! Go help unload their things.
* Owahesdagaga scowls ostentatiously, winks at Skalla, and leaves.
* Skalla smiles
* Hildie will steer Skalla towards a hot meal and then a bed.
* Dewenihwahsoh will make sure you're all fed and have some place to sleep.
* Skalla will definitely rest now that we are somwhere safe and among people she trusts
* Svald keeps to themself out of the way
* Lucas will also get some rest
<Kennesaw> You can all manage to get some rest. Skalla, Hildie, Svald, Welumque, and Gillis will be given room in Dewenighwahsoh's home, while Lucas, Pierre, and the rest will be put up in a smaller space set aside for visitors.

Lucas and Pierre try to reassure Yaroslav

* Yaroslav definitely still looks nervous.
<Lucas> Are you all right?
* Yaroslav shakes his head.
<Yaroslav> No, but I don't suppose I should be.
<Lucas> no one will hurt you here. they wouldn't have fed you if they were going to do that.
* Yaroslav considers that.
<Pierre> And what about you, Lucas? How are you feeling?
* Lucas shrugs
<Lucas> If anyone has a problem, Skalla and her friends will help.
<Yaroslav> You think so?
<Lucas> I trust her.
* Pierre nods\
<Pierre> Mademoiselle Skalla looks out for her people.
<Yaroslav> She is your employer? Not mistress, surely.
<Pierre> She's my employer!
<Pierre> Or, well, I suppose her aunt is. But she's in charge, and certainly on this mission.
<Kennesaw> And you're...grooms?
* Kennesaw looks at Lucas.
<Kennesaw> A guide?
<Lucas> A healer.
<Pierre> A... ah, factotum.
<Pierre> Mostly a waiter at a coffeehouse in town.
<Yaroslav> A waiter? How did you get dragged out here?
<Yaroslav> (strike that)
<Yaroslav> Factotum? I do not know this word.
<Pierre> Gopher? General handyman. I help with whatever Mademoiselle Skalla needs help with.
<Yaroslav> Ah.
<Yaroslav> (to Lucas) A healer. Is that how you did the things with the spirit back at our camp?
* Lucas nods
<Lucas> Healing is more than bandaging injuries - sometimes it needs to call on the spirits or tend to their harms as well.
<Yaroslav> Are you a...priest? Shaman? What's the word?
<Lucas> To lay claim to such a role, I would need a greater... authority than I have. I am able to speak with spirits, but I don't claim to command them.
<Yaroslav> If they do let me live, will the mammoth spirit continue to haunt me?
<Lucas> (what do I think about that? is it likely to stay in the ivory sword where it went?)
<Kennesaw> (You would think so, yeah)
<Lucas> I think it will not pursue you further. It has a better place to be, now.
* Yaroslav looks very relieved.
<Yaroslav> That is one less thing, then.
<Yaroslav> Now just to worry about what they will do, and what I will do if I ever get home.
<Pierre> What is likely to happen?
<Yaroslav> With the villagers? I wish I knew.
<Yaroslav> The Karagwasischijro are supposed to be bloodthirsty...
* Pierre raises an eyebrow at that
<Pierre> According to whom?
<Yaroslav> Everyone?
<Yaroslav> The Waunohàmsèpu, the Wopanbak, the Atenrosera, any colonial you ask.
<Pierre> Why do they have such a reputation?
* Yaroslav shrugs.
<Yaroslav> They've fought every group on the continent, or so I've heard.
* Yaroslav looks around.
<Yaroslav> (quietly) I hear they eat their enemies.
<Pierre> Really?
* Pierre sounds concerned
<Yaroslav> Yeah, that's what their name means. "Eaters of men."
* Pierre tries to think whether he's seen evidence of this so far
<Kennesaw> (He 100% hasn't seen any evidence of such claims, but it's probably not the first he's heard of them, either, from idle talk in the coffee house and whatnot.)
<Pierre> Lucas? Is that true?
* Lucas shrugs noncommittally
* Pierre looks horrified
* Yaroslav gives Pierre a look like "See?"
<Yaroslav> I'd sleep lightly, if I were you.
<Pierre> Me?
<Pierre> But we're their *guests*!
<Yaroslav> They did put you in here with us.
<Pierre> No. No, I'm sure Mademoiselle would never allow it.
* Yaroslav looks skeptical but will go find a place to (not) sleep.

Gillis talks to Skalla about her experiences with the Karagwasischijro

* Owahesdagaga is now known as Gillis
* Gillis will have been trying to be friendly and respectful. She'll approach Skalla sometime later in the evening, with as much privacy as possible.
* Skalla seems much more relaxed after some rest and being here for a little while
<Gillis> (quietly) They seem much more welcoming than I would have thought.
<Skalla> That's because you're with me ;)
<Skalla> what were you expecting?
<Gillis> In my prior experience, I've always found the Karagwasischijro...terse. Suspicious. Cold, I guess.
<Gillis> Which is how most people talk of them.
* Skalla nods
<Skalla> I was so terrified, when they found me. I had no idea what to expect.
<Skalla> but they are family to me now
* Gillis smiles.
<Gillis> How long did that take?
<Skalla> variable
<Skalla> Not everyone agreed wih taking us in at all, and that was... very plain But some recognized that were were just... helpless and scared.
* Gillis nods.
<Gillis> I assume your friend here was in the latter camp?
<Skalla> He was with the pary that found us - me and Soren. They saw what hapened to the rest of the expedition
<Skalla> This was very near the beginning of the war, one of the earliest raids
* Gillis nods.
<Gillis> I remember hearing about it. Your family feared the worst.
* Skalla nods
<Gillis> Thank the Unity they found you.
<Skalla> It was strange to come come. SOmetimes it still feels that way
<Gillis> How so?
* Skalla shrugs
<Skalla> Sometimes I find myself doing things, and I can't help thinking - this should have been Ragna's place, so why am I here?
* Gillis gives Skalla a sympathetic look.
<Gillis> We've all had to fulfill roles left empty by the war.
<Gillis> Though that doesn't make the loss hurt less.
<Skalla> It's fine.
<Gillis> Is it easier being out here?
<Skalla> here at the village?
<Gillis> In the village, or just away from Sisawinak.
<Skalla> I don't know if its easier *here*, but its different. There are parts of my life that - only peopel here were part of. And Soren...
<Skalla> Away from the island, well, it depends
* Skalla smiles wryly
<Skalla> Less when I'm wrangling such a large expedition through so many tense situations. So - thank you for your support in that
* Gillis smiles.
<Gillis> Thank you for yours.
<Gillis> And the introduction.
<Gillis> I was wondering how you thought I could be broach the subject of alliance.
<Skalla> YOu are welcome - but keep in mind they *are
* my family.
* Skalla thinks about that.
<Gillis> I want to be respectful about this, and I know it will take time, but I'm worried it is running short.
<Skalla> I can bring you to my grandmother's fire as a friend.
<Gillis> I would appreciate that.
<Skalla> I thikn your vision is a good one
<Gillis> It's not just mine, but thank you.
<Skalla> you're the one who is here to present it
* Gillis nods.
<Gillis> Which is an awesome responsibility.
<Skalla> I know what you say about time but still - They are not a people who want to be subsumed into anything
* Gillis sighs.
<Gillis> I don't want to subsume anyone into anything, but I recognize that will be a concern.
* Skalla nods
<Skalla> I understand
<Gillis> I think we can manage to coexist, but...I also know it will be difficult.
<Gillis> Certainly the home countries haven't managed it.
* Gillis chuckles mirthlessly.
<Skalla> we've not been given mu h incentive. Or not before the war.
* Gillis nods.
<Gillis> I feel like there's been so much focus on what we can take from each other, rather than what we can share.
* Gillis shakes her head.
<Gillis> That sounded naive even to me.
<Gillis> But...maybe that sort of hope is what will be necessary,
<Skalla> I understand what you mean.
<Skalla> I think - its worked for me, at least
<Gillis> You don't think I'm an old fool?
* Gillis smiles.
<Skalla> No.
<Skalla> ambitious, maybe, but its not a foolish dream, its a necessary one
<Gillis> I'm glad you think so. Your generation will have to take it up one day.
<Skalla> hah, maybe one day soon.
<Gillis> Hopefully not too soon.
<Gillis> Now, I should get some rest. Thank you again for all you've done.
<Skalla> you're welcome
<Skalla> rest well
<Kennesaw> Everyone has the opportunity to get some rest. In the morning, they'll be working to move the cannons into place up on the earthwork.
<Kennesaw> You all have the run of the village, and most folks seem to pay you little mind.
* Svald will find a patch of grass or something out of the way and distract themself by making dancelions grow and then blowing the seed heads
<Svald> (dandelions)
* Hildie will just kind of hang out by one or more of the fires and kind of watch people and get the lay of the land.
<Kennesaw> (Anything in particular you're trying to get a sense of, Hildie?)
<Hildie> (Not particularly, just the general mood. I don't speak the language, so more than that might be difficult.)
* Skalla will take some time to visit with people some while she is here, but try not to disappear too far in case she is needed
<Skalla> (BUt I will also take GIllis to speak to Dewenihwahsoh if there seems an opportune time to do so)
<Kennesaw> Skalla, you'll see that the party that was finishing up with the mammoth arrives around midday.
* Skalla will meet them, to see how things went
<Kennesaw> (Heather, let me split that off into 02 for now)
<Kennesaw> (I'mma do a scene with Svald and then one with Hildie)
<Skalla> (np, it doesn't necessarily need a scene)
<Kennesaw> (okie doke)
<Skalla> (I feel like it would be a lot of you talking to yourself ;)
* Howodes (webchat@ has joined #thirteen
* Howodes will have gone to meet with the mammoth group as well
* Howodes smiles and nods politely to Svald.
* Svald nods back.
* Gillis is now known as Oyosgwa

Howodes and Svald talk magic shop

<Howodes> How are you?
<Svald> Fine, thank you...
* Svald smiles carefully
* Howodes chats to the party in their language for a bit.
<Howodes> Everything went well, apparently.
<Svald> Oh, that's good.
<Svald> No more... problems?
* Howodes shakes her head.
<Howodes> No, once the spirit was...contained, no further issues.
* Svald nods a little sadly.
<Howodes> Thank you for your help with that. Restraining those men.
<Svald> Oh, of course. You're welcome.
<Howodes> You seemed particularly troubled by what they did.
<Howodes> Moreso than I would have thought, I mean.
<Svald> I, um.
<Svald> It was a big shock, to see...
<Svald> Such a beautiful creature, just... murdered, so wastefully.
* Svald frowns, looking downcast.
<Svald> I had only heard of mammoths. That was the first one I ever got to see.
<Howodes> They're...beautiful. Strong, but peaceful.
<Howodes> Our siblings.
* Svald nods.
<Howodes> Someday hopefully you'll see one in better circumstances.
<Svald> Skalla said she would try to take me.
<Svald> Someday...
* Howodes smiles.
<Howodes> A friend of hers will always be welcome here.
* Svald smiles back.
<Svald> Thank you.
<Howodes> It's good, her coming here, bringing people. Many of the elders, they would prefer we keep people away, but I don't think that makes us strong like they do.
* Svald nods.
<Svald> It is understandable, though.
<Svald> Especially when one sees... such harm done.
<Howodes> I suppose that true.
<Howodes> (that's*)
<Howodes> I don't pretend there are terrible folk out there.
<Howodes> But I believe they act as much out of ignorance as malice.
<Svald> It doesn't make much difference to those who are hurt.
<Howodes> But they require different forms of prevention.
<Howodes> It's much easier to educate malice than to dissuade malice.
<Howodes> Though I take your point.
<Howodes> The mammoth is no less dead for the difference.
<Svald> (educate ignorance?)
<Howodes> (Oh, yeah, sorry)
<Svald> Mm hm.
<Howodes> We're going to have a ceremony later, to honor the mammoth. Would you like to come?
<Svald> Oh!
* Svald looks up, eyes wide.
<Svald> I would love to.
* Howodes smiles.
<Howodes> I'll come get you when it's time.
<Svald> Thank you.
* Svald says very sincerely.

Oyosgwa and Hildie bond over family and fighting

* Oyosgwa will approach Hildie.
<Oyosgwa> Hey, Oskalla's sister, right?
* Hildie will look up from her spot by the fire.
<Hildie> I've been called worse.
* Hildie will extend her hand.
<Hildie> Hildegard.
<Hildie> Though we're more like cousins.
<Oyosgwa> Oyosgwa.
* Oyosgwa shakes Hildie's hand.
<Oyosgwa> Same thing, basically.
* Hildie smiles at that.
<Hildie> I guess that makes us family then
* Oyosgwa smiles.
<Oyosgwa> I guess so.
<Oyosgwa> Are you a hunter like Oskalla? Trader and that?
<Hildie> No, I'm... I was a soldier. Now I work for Skalla.
<Hildie> It's my job to keep her safe. It is not an easy job.
* Oyosgwa laughs.
<Oyosgwa> I can imagine.
<Oyosgwa> She and my uncle both have a nose for trouble.
<Oyosgwa> My brother, too, come to that.
<Hildie> Runs in the family
* Hildie smirks.
* Oyosgwa nods.
<Oyosgwa> As does trying to keep each other out of it.
<Hildie> What about you?
<Oyosgwa> Me? I don't mind it so much, but I don't go looking for it. I handle trouble when it comes.
<Hildie> Yeah, that's about how I see it.
<Hildie> It's a strange country out here. Beautiful, but everything seems to want to kill you.
<Oyosgwa> It is not this way across the sea? From what I hear, it's all of you trying to kill each other.
<Hildie> Well, yeah, but when it's people that want to kill you, at least you can shoot back. Here there are lots of things that weant you dead and don't stop for bullets.
<Oyosgwa> Maybe you're not using the right bullets.
* Hildie quirks an eyebrow at that.
<Hildie> What do you mean?
<Oyosgwa> Do you use the same gun to hunt quail as you do deer?
<Hildie> Of course not.
<Oyosgwa> So you have to use different weapons when fighting spirits and the like.
<Hildie> Mmmm...
* Hildie nods.
<Hildie> Maybe I need to diversify my skillset.
<Hildie> How do your people deal with spirits?
<Oyosgwa> Me? Burn some tobacco or run the other way, as necessary.
* Hildie laughs
<Hildie> I suppose that's at least as effective as shooting.
* Oyosgwa chuckles.
<Oyosgwa> There are ways. My uncle's sword, things like that.
<Oyosgwa> Fight flesh with flesh, spirit with spirit.
* Hildie nods.
<Hildie> Good to know. I'm afraid that if Skalla keeps getting involved in wilderness ventures we will keep coming across things that want to harm us. I like to be prepared.
<Oyosgwa> From what I've seen, your people...I don't know how to put it. Seperate the two more.
<Oyosgwa> People worry about flesh, or they worry about spirit, but not both.
<Hildie> I suppose that's fair. We separate a lot of things.
* Oyosgwa nods, with a look suggesting he thinks this a vast understatement.
<Hildie> Maybe that's not always the best way to look at things.
<Oyosgwa> Maybe it's easier.
* Oyosgwa shrugs.
* Hildie shrugs also.
<Oyosgwa> Doesn't seem as effective, though.
<Hildie> Depends on what you're trying to do, I guess.
<Oyosgwa> You *do
* have a lot of guns, I have to give you that.
* Hildie laughs.
* Hildie gestures to the construction going on for the cannons.
<Hildie> Trying to catch up to us?
<Oyosgwa> Yeah, pretty much. You think you all might want to try catching up to us, too?
<Hildie> I'm not against giving it a shot. I can't really speak for the rest of my people.
* Hildie sighs.
* Oyosgwa smirks.
<Oyosgwa> See, I don't know anything about cannons, but I want to learn.
<Hildie> Dead simple. You point the hollow end at the person you want to get rid of.
<Hildie> What do you want to know?
<Oyosgwa> But, other than Oskalla and Soren, I've never met a colonial who wanted to learn anything about this land they've decided to come to.
* Oyosgwa laughs.
<Oyosgwa> I got that bit down, at least. I mean, I know how guns work.
* Hildie smirks
<Hildie> Honestly, until recently I didn't care to know much about this place either. But I guess Skalla is rubbing off on me. And I guess I'm practical enough to know that if something isn't working you need to change what you're doing.
<Hildie> And what we're doing doesn't always seem to really be working.
<Oyosgwa> That's puts you ahead of a lot of people.
* Oyosgwa smiles.
* Hildie smiles too.
<Hildie> You know, I was attached to an artillery division in training. If you want, I could show you how to sight those cannons once they're in place.
<Oyosgwa> Hey, that'd be great!

Welumque petitions the clan mothers for mercy for Yaroslav

<Kennesaw> Welumque, the clan mothers will meet later in the day to talk about Yaroslav and what is to be done with him. Owähé'sda'ga'gá' will come let you know when you can come speak to them if you would like to.
* Welumque will definitely indicate that she insists on being there.
<Kennesaw> He'll take you over to where they're meeting. He's not allowed inside at the moment, but someone will show you in.
* Dewenihwahsoh is sitting in a semi-circle of older women. Clearly, they've been talking for a little while.
<Dewenihwahsoh> Ah, Welumque, please, come in.
* Welumque enters.
<Dewenihwahsoh> My grandson said you wished to speak for the Rodenan man?
* Dewenihwahsoh gestures for Welumque to sit with them.
* Welumque sits.
<Welumque> Yes, that is right.
<Welumque> Clan mothers of Gagë:dö’sga:ne:ga’, I come here as stranger to you, but I know your people well.
<Welumque> I speak your language badly, but will use my words to speak for Yaroslav, to ask you to be sparing his life.
<Welumque> I will not say he has not done bad things. I will not lie to you and call him innocent.
<Kennesaw> "Then why spare him?" says one of the elders. "What is he to you?"
<Welumque> He is nothing to me. I met him only at his worst moment. And yet he is my son.
* Dewenihwahsoh frowns at that, considering.
* Dewenihwahsoh nods for you to continue.
<Welumque> We have all seen such sadness, in the war, and all our lives.
<Welumque> I am an elder of my own clan, the Rabbit, and know the faces of those returned from battle all too well.
<Welumque> They are changed.
<Welumque> They are turn to ash.
<Welumque> This Yaroslav, he is young. He did not ask to be here.
<Welumque> His brother is dead. His kin are dead.
<Welumque> You have every right to kill him. But I ask you to spare him.
<Dewenihwahsoh> And when the next one comes to do the same or worse?
<Welumque> If you want more to come, kill this one.
<Welumque> They will follow the bloody trail.
<Kennesaw> That gets a response from the elders, and they mutter various thoughts on that concept.
<Dewenihwahsoh> Which is it you counsel: mercy or pragmatism?
<Welumque> Mercy is a tool. It saves both of you.
<Welumque> If you spare him, I will take him under my crook and my watchful eye.
<Welumque> Give his life to me.
<Kennesaw> That gets more cross-talk.
<Dewenihwahsoh> That is an interesting notion.
<Dewenihwahsoh> You would take responsibility for him?
<Welumque> If he would have it, yes.
<Welumque> My responsibility is not always a light burden.
* Dewenihwahsoh nods.
* Dewenihwahsoh looks around, taking in the demeanors of her fellow elders.
<Dewenihwahsoh> All right. Go and speak to him. If he will accept your terms, and you accept responsibility for him, we will consider this resolved. He must never return to our lands, however.
<Dewenihwahsoh> And his companions will have their choice to go or stay, as they choose.
<Welumque> Thank you, Dewenihwahsoh.
* Dewenihwahsoh nods.
<Dewenihwahsoh> Let us pray you are correct in your assessment of the situation.
* Welumque will take her leave and go find Yaroslav then.
* Oyosgwa is now known as Yaroslav
* Yaroslav will be sitting near the house where they'd put them up for the evening.
<Welumque> Yaroslav. I come with news.
<Yaroslav> Have they made a decision?
<Welumque> They have.
* Welumque says seriously.
<Welumque> They were deliberate, and thoughtful, and full of real anger for your actions, and those of your people.
<Welumque> They wanted your life. And I understand that.
<Welumque> I proposed a different exchange, which they have agreed to, as long as you agree to it.
* Yaroslav looks like he's about to cry.
<Yaroslav> What is it?
<Welumque> They will release you to my care. You will come with me, back to the city, and together, we will find out how, in your life, you are to atone for what you have done.
* Yaroslav looks as though he's about to say something, the sags and nods.
<Yaroslav> (then*)
<Yaroslav> I will do as you say.
<Welumque> I will say, it is not a life of servitude. Or at least, not as you understand it.
<Welumque> Your time is your own, your life to live as you see, under my watchful eye. I am no slaver.
* Yaroslav looks over to where Lev and Ige are sitting a little ways away.
<Yaroslav> Okay...
<Welumque> The others, they are free to go or to stay, as they wish.
<Welumque> But you may never return to these lands.
<Yaroslav> I would not want to, anyway.
<Welumque> No. There is much sadness here.
<Welumque> You have a lot of healing to do, and it will be my responsibility to ensure that you do so.
* Yaroslav nods.
<Yaroslav> not know how to thank you.
<Welumque> You will thank me by doing the work you need to do, for as long as it takes you. It is not an easy path, to be a mem under Welumque.
<Welumque> Lucas, he will tell you as much.
* Yaroslav nods.
<Yaroslav> All right.
* Yaroslav says a little shakily.