Tazenir do Baru

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Tazenir is the firstborn son of Sanadhìl Órecalo and Dozilva do Baru and, with his grey skin and hair, the first visible half-breed Shadar-kai raised in Diablotin. The discrimination he experienced while growing up led him to learn to fight to defend himself and his siblings, but caused a lot of tension with his father. The relationship remains strained, though Taz is much closer with his other parents, especially Arek, who he considered to be his dad. Taz spend several years living and training on the Shadow Plane, working as a sire for his clan, until he met Sabren. The two returned to Diablotin to raise a child of their own, though when war with Psyra broke out, Taz enlisted under his mother's clan name, seeing it as an opportunity for more stable, and more interesting, employment. By the end of the war, Taz was a captain of a troop of Shadar-kai soldiers who had enlisted for similar reasons, who became known as the Blackbloods. After the war, he and Sabren returned to The Shade to continue raising their son, Asharek do Baru.

Taz has at least one, probably two illegitimate children in Diablotin: Tallix Rademacher with Dominique Radmacher and Ilyana Orecalo with an unknown mother. Talix lives with his mother, while Ilyana is being raised by her grandparents.