Legacy of the Ancients session 20

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Following Fayne's plan, the group (minus Siranah) manage to ambush one of the halfblood dark cultists, names Rolondo. Charmed by Edris, he tells about a group of cultists planning to smuggle Siranah's stolen child out of the city that night. They arrange to bring him to the Frey-ohani Conclave, but meet Enrica en-route, who urges them all to return to Carline's place, where Rillia is also waiting, as both have urgent news. They consult about the various Dark Cultists operations plannedfor that evening, and how to thwart them. The group breaks up as everyone seeks aid where they can: Shul from the temple of The Warrior, Elorim from the Focists Guild, Anya from her friend Corwin. rillia provides Siranah with the heart Crystals, which should lead her to the child and thus the cultists. Edris and Dorel have a quiet moment alone before the storm breaks.