Interesting Times: Kobolds

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Kobolds tend to be meek and cowardly, but they make up for that with cunning and innovation. After centuries of enslavement they tend to fall into a servants role very easily. However, those that do find power are said to have found their inner dragon, and can become quite fierce if provoked.

Physical Description:

Kobolds are small lizardlike humanoids with a dog like head. A Kobold’s scaly skin ranges from dark rusty brown to a rusty black color. It has red eyes that can seem to glow in firelight. Its tail is short and nonprehensile.


Kobolds live in groups of extended families called warrens. They have very close relations with the Lizardfolk and share the same territory. They have made some headway into relations with the Dromites and their subservient nature has led to good ties with the Kenku. Some Kobolds still live in Orc lands, and there they are little more than slaves. Dwarves see them as an infestation, and few other races take them very seriously. Its important to note when dealing with Kobolds the importance of food as a symbol of power. In a Kobold warren, all food is first given to the Patron or Matron of the warren (more often than not a Patron) and they are then responsible for dividing it out. A Kobold never simply gives someone food. It is always either as a sign of subservience or dominance. Many Kobold adventurers chose to keep their food separate from the rest of the party to avoid any misunderstandings. Likewise, taking food from a Kobold is an act of aggression.


Kobolds tend to be neutral. They want the best deal for themselves at the least risk. They lean towards Lawful more than Chaos, and Evil more than Good.

Kobold Lands:

See Lizardfolk. A female Kobold will not start ovulating until mating has occurred. But once she stops, she won’t start unless food supplies run out. Kobold females can produce a very large amount of eggs, but when there bodies shift to an egg producing state it practically incapacitates them and they are dependent on others to feed them. Needless to say that Kobold females in positions of power do not often chose to mate, nor do Kobold females mate indiscriminately if they have a choice. This does give Kobolds an unusual method of gaining new territory. A friendly group of Kobolds can move into an area and set up a peaceful warren. Then as long as they have good food supplies they can breed and breed until they easily outnumber any other race living in the area. This has lead to even peaceful Kobold colonies being targeted by other races and forced out of their territories.


Kobolds are a very old race. Kobolds will remind each other in secret that they were here long before the Halflings or the Elves or any other race. Unfortunately due to years of slavery and having no land of their own, they have lost most of their history. Some still practice the Old Ways, just like the Ghostwise and some Elves. This is the way of living as one with creation, and holding creation itself up as the temple of the Gods. But with each decade that passes, fewer and fewer practice the old ways. With Kizimierz giving them their first taste of real power since the Elves first learned magic, most Kobolds are worshiping him as an Avatar of dragonkind. Divine Minds have taken over many of the roles of clerics within Kobold society, and although clerics are still tolerated because of their superior healing, it is Divine Minds that are considered the spiritual centre of a Kobold community. Now that they have a country of their own, Kobolds are coming up with ingenious ways of bettering themselves. One idea that has gained a lot of power is the Kobold bank. The only rival to the Gnomish bank, the KB offers far more anonymity to its clients in exchange for far higher usage fees. They also tend to give our loans to people with very little collateral, at a much higher rate of interest and with large Lizardmen coming to collect on any over due loans.