Interesting Times: Lizardfolk

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Edit: I'm going to change lizardfolk so they have a -2 wis rather than -2 int. This will make them fairly cunning, but with poor judgement. I expect to edit this page a bit soon.


Lizardfolk are quite aggressive but not necessarily cruel. They often speak crassly and enjoy a good insult or particularly vulgar swear. However they also tend to respect others that can show they are equally aggressive and a well spoken insult may gain you an ally rather than an enemy. They respect good craftsmanship but only if it has a practical purpose. A well made sword, or boat would be important to them, but a painting or a sculpture would not. Lizardfolk primarily worship dragons as their gods, particularly the great red dragon Kazimierz who is the ruler of the Island Draconis. They treat their Divine Minds like Clerics within their society.

Physical Description:

Lizardfolk are reptilian humanoids that are tall and lean. Very agile with long supple necks powerful jaws and a long crocodile like tail. Lizardfolk are omnivores, but tend to like fresh meat. They are even willing to eat the flesh of other sentient beings as a show of strength. Their scales are usually green, but there are variations in scales. Those with red scales are thought to be the fiercest warriors and are favored by the Dragon Lord of their people.


Lizardfolk society has integrated completely with Kobold society. Although the Lizardfolk size and demeanor tends to put them in a leadership roll, they learn early on to listen when a Kobold speaks. It is a common belief among Lizardfolk that it is bad luck to sail without a Kobold on board ship. Lizardfolk are seen by other races as little better than pirates. Although this is true in some cases, many Lizardfolk are simply fishermen or sail merchant ships. The Kobold bank uses Lizardfolk as collection agents, and it’s fairly common for those that can’t pay to have their thumbs bitten off and eaten by the agent. Dwarves are quite unhappy with the Lizardfolk since they took the land to the south of the Dwarves mountains. With the war with the Orcs in full swing, they Dwarves were unable to retaliate since it would risk them fighting a war on both fronts. Traditionally the Lizardfolk have also harassed the Elven coastline, but with trade becoming more and more profitable, the Lizardfolk have started to move away from piracy and concentrating more on legitimate business.


Lizardfolk tend to be Chaotic Neutral. They value personal freedom very highly and they do not have the same strong family ties that Elves and Dwarves have. It is important to note however that Kizimierz is himself Lawful Evil, so that does tend to influence how the Lizardfolk behave somewhat.

Lizardfolk Lands:

Lizardfolk lands are the Island Draconis, a volcanic island with vast swamps and jungles, and a small patch of land on the mainland that used to belong to the Dwarves. The Dwarves still want this land back, as it was their only access to the ocean, but for the moment, it is firmly in the Lizardfolks hands. It is also important to note that they claim dominion over the waterway between their island and the mainland. All ships passing through that area are expected to pay a toll, and other countries vessels are not permitted to catch or detain ships in that area. Pirates frequently use this to their advantage.