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Session date: September 8 and September 15, 2019
Fair Cycle date:


<AshnabisNarrator> It is growing late in the month of Dezhiri. The first fos crop is almost entirely harvested, and ships are beginning to crowd into port to take shipments by sea, while riverboats prepare for the shorter but trickier route upriver and overland.
<AshnabisNarrator> The locals are celebrating some sort of commemorative feast whose nature is a bit obscure to you, but seems to involve heavy drink. And, most notably, the envoy Jaigadu Akhurtergi has been assembling the envoys of the region for some sort of conclave ... again, featuring heavy drink.
<AshnabisNarrator> The registry is mostly quiet this time of year, leaving you free to your other duties and responsibilities for more hours than usual. But of course, for many of you, your lives are quite complicated enough without any added burdens.

Junan talks with Amategra

<AshnabisNarrator> Junan, over the past week the envoys of the territory have been gathering, as Jaigadu has begun to spread the word about the nambimoshe. He has supplies stocked on his new boat, the Longdancer, starting with a number of great white tents, as well as casks of wine - important supplies for any event featuring envoys.
<AshnabisNarrator> The tents are being set up by local workers that Jaigadu has hired, in a cleared plot of land near the banks of the Maripak a short journey outside of town.
<AshnabisNarrator> You recognize the site, having been there before - it was formerly the farm of Jenam Kergoze, and adjacent to it, the farm of Ilben Zhuldofi. The murdered man's property has been taken over by a newly-constructed inn and tavern, while Jenam's plot of land has been cleared further than it was before, allowing considerable room for a camp site for many envoys.
<AshnabisNarrator> Some of the envoys are staying in town for now, but others, who may have come in from Charadip or further afield, have taken rooms at the new inn, the Silver Waves.
<AshnabisNarrator> You've never seen so many black and white hats in one place, arriving from town, or seemingly out of the woods themselves.
<AshnabisNarrator> Utus is there, apparently having taken time away from the registry to attend. You see Lutsi skulking around - you know he's never been entirely comfortable among so many 'civilized' Ombesh, and that they don't necessarily accept him either.
<AshnabisNarrator> Kikhash Urdondu is here, surely the highest-ranking envoy politically here, although of course he still owes at least minimal deference to Jaigadu. But having a representative of General Ghurtai here suggests that she, at least, is taking this event seriously.
<AshnabisNarrator> There are a number of envoys here from Charadip, or Zhardif as it is called by the Basaians. You don't know them, but many of them are dressed in complex embroidered patterns of Basai, and they certainly aren't local.
<AshnabisNarrator> You also spy, standing aloof and apart from some of the rest, the Duedarcian aristocrat, Amategra te Siallo. She is not hiding - she smiles when she sees you - but does not seem inclined to mix much with the rest of the gathered group.
<AshnabisNarrator> Jaigadu is in his element, holding court and greeting every newcomer by name, even the young ones who he can't possibly know. He has you taking down names, making records of the event. All in all there are perhaps seventy gathered here so far.
<AshnabisNarrator> Zefa Teltai is there, of course, as the owner of the Silver Waves who is assisting with hosting this gathering, and she greets you as warmly as a Ruby supporter ever does a Bronze. Here at the nambimoshe, those allegiances are set aside.
<AshnabisNarrator> (ok, you are free to talk to whoever you want to for a bit, Junan)
* Junan will go over and say hellp to Amategra
<Junan> (hello)
<Junan> Well I see all the rucus has even attracted you.
* Amategra is a woman in her late twenties with long wavy hair cascading down her shoulders. She is wearing a pragmatic black dashi but overtop it is a cloak of lace and silver threads.
<Amategra> Iunani, it is good to see you again. Yes, even I would come to answer Iaigadu's call.
* Amategra has a delicate Duedarcian accent that you suspect she works very hard to cultivate.
<Junan> Oh how he loves to have us all at his beck and call... I don't think I've honestly seen him happier.
* Junan chuckles
* Amategra laughs merrily.
<Amategra> I have seen the type before. They thrive on the attention.
<Junan> It's been a while since we spoke. How have you been? Keeping busy?
<Amategra> I am writing a book about my time here. At home, I expect there will be many who may be interested in what is happening here.
<Amategra> Not just here, as in the nambimoshe, but the territory as a whole.
<Amategra> But you know, also, I have a family to care for. My mother helps with my daughter, but she too is busy. And Talabella is a mischievous girl.
<Junan> An experience I have not had. My sister was older and always very serious.
<Junan> Talabella is well, then?
<Amategra> She is, thank the powers. We had worried about the swampy climate here, but she seems to relish the mud and the frogs and all those things.
* Junan smiles
<Amategra> And Falixiter my husband enjoys the trading and the revelry with the locals and the Enskrai. As for me ... well, this is a pleasant outing.
<Junan> I've met the type before. I do hope you keep her up on her social graces.
* Amategra laughs.
<Amategra> Well, we will see about that.
<Junan> I do feel a little for the Enskrai, the swamps really arnt meant for horses.
<Junan> about your book... any interesting insights to share?
<Amategra> That is true. The Sestapor is not a welcoming place for humans either, not really. This place that Jaigadu has picked ... it looks like it was all swamp just weeks ago.
<Junan> It has some recent local history to it as well beyond this event
* Junan eyes Zefa
<Amategra> Oh?
<Junan> You haven't heard the story?
<Amategra> Tell me.
<Junan> Zefa Teltai placed a claim on the main property several months ago after she noticed it was not being tended by the owner.
<Junan> turns out the reason why it wasnt being tended was the owner was dead. Likely murdered even.
<Amategra> I see, how awful!
<Junan> the camp site was the claim of the man that was initially accused of killing that man
<Junan> although as far as I know he was never officially charged... but I guess just getting hauled in by the Sentinels is enough to loose your claim
<Amategra> Ahh, I see, how sordid! I love it! Well, of course, it's terrible, but no reason for their loss not to serve our greater purpose.
* Junan shrugs
<Junan> I guess so, at least temporarily
<Amategra> Zefa's new inn seems very nice. It doesn't seem temporary.
<Junan> alas no it does not
<Junan> she'll probably make a killing off of it
<Amategra> Assuming she already hasn't!
* Amategra laughs at her own ... joke?
* Junan smiles
<AshnabisNarrator> As you are talking, Jaigadu comes over to the two of you.
* AshnabisNarrator is now known as Jaigadu
* Jaigadu is wearing his tall hat, of course, but also a long, finely woven red robe with a broad leather sash studded with semi-precious stones.
<Junan> Jaigadu
<Jaigadu> Junan, Amategra, so good to see you have met one another.
* Junan acknowledges his arrival
<Amategra> We have known each other for some time. But it is a pleasure to have this opportunity to meet with friends.
<Jaigadu> We are soon to be starting the formal opening of the nambimoshe. I will be making a speech, over there. Junan, I will need you to make a record of it. Not that any of us will forget it, but of course there are others who will want a record for posterity.
<Junan> I will do so diligently, also for those who choose not to remember.
<Jaigadu> Hmph. I suppose that could be a possibility.
* Jaigadu remarks somewhat indignantly.
<Jaigadu> And of course after the speech, the real work begins. We have many allies, friends, and potential new allies and friends to speak with.
<Junan> I am looking forward to it eagerly
<Jaigadu> Very well, then.
* Jaigadu heads off in that direction.
<Amategra> Well, it appears we are about to be summoned to attention.
<Junan> Any tips from an experienced writer to a new one
<Amategra> My advice is not about writing, but about the speaker.
<Amategra> Jaigadu is a good speaker, and no doubt his words will be inspirational to some. But he is also, well, a deeply immodest man. He will want to be portrayed in a good light.
<Amategra> So your task is not merely to record the words, but to record the best words, as if they were the ones that actually escaped his lips.
<Amategra> For it is those that he will remember having spoken.
<Junan> ...or choose not to forget. Thank you for the adice.
<Junan> (advice)
* Amategra smiles.
<Amategra> Of course.

Jaigadu speaks to the assembled envoys

<AshnabisNarrator> The event starts with the sounding of a great long horn, perhaps as tall as a man. This is the ghavang, used in historic times to send messages over great distances. It was said that skilled players could speak through them, though that skill has now been lost.
<AshnabisNarrator> As the ghavang ends its deep tone, Jaigadu stands atop a marble pedestal erected in the clearing for the purpose, surveying the group with pleasure.
* Amategra is now known as Jaigadu
<Jaigadu> My friends, my colleagues, I recognize your presence as we call together this, the first nambimoshe in the Kaskind Territory, perhaps the first in all of the Osnabi territories, in Ashnabis.
<Jaigadu> We do so in the awareness that we are living in a remarkable place at a remarkable time. This blessed flower, the fos, has changed so much in so few years. Wealth and power have come to this place where previously our cousins the Aummesh lived in peace by the Kaskos, unaware this day would come.
<Jaigadu> And who could have foreseen it? Not my teacher's teacher Izhola, she who called the nambimoshe in the Imperial City when the Sharaian provinces defected during the Bone War. Not our ancestor Marda of the Many Eyes, of whom it is said that no Emperor dared touch her.
<Jaigadu> And not our friends in the Academies of Basai, the mystics whose knowledge of the mazes of the Source of the universe exceed all our own.
<Jaigadu> And so now I call you together, in this troubling time, to ask us to unite in common purpose, to link our communities before they gnaw at each other's flanks.
<Jaigadu> Our friends in Zhardif, of whom I recognize several today, have set up a new Academy, and are accumulating stores of fos unheard of since Zunuga's day. And fos is power.
<Jaigadu> Here in the colony, our feminine Hands use bubun to farm, as our most precious product is consumed in every salon, every parlor, every palace in the cities of the Imperial Residue. Our ancestors are thus called upon to toil in furtherance of the cause of this new wealth. And wealth is power.
<Jaigadu> And in Kaskind itself, new fortifications arise, and new soldiers arrive, each week, each month, as this place is altered irrevocably by the signatures of military might. And might is power.
<Jaigadu> Since the Empire was merely that which the Emperors could see from their palace parapets, we, the nambibi, have served to cohere, to link, to join. Each of us knowing our individual role, but never forgetting that history.
<Jaigadu> So I come today to call on you to remember that role, to mediate and mitigate conflicts where we see them.
<Jaigadu> I have been greatly blessed throughout my decades. And although I am hale, I surely have fewer years ahead of me than behind. So I come today to devote what I have earned to construct a great hall, a kelta the likes of which this colony has never seen, this province has never seen.
<Jaigadu> On this site, near enough to the town for our needs, but far enough away to maintain our neutrality, we will build our new gathering place. This will serve as a beacon to all who would come here, to know that we have established our place among the civilized nations of the world.
<Jaigadu> In the weeks to come, I will be reaching out further to my colleagues in Zhardif, to the Chancellor of the Academy, to welcome those from Basai who may wish safety here.
<Jaigadu> I recognize the work of my colleague Kikhash Urdondu, who serves General Ghurtai ably, in these changing times. We will be working together to ensure that the General appreciates our presence here. I will meet with her, and convey to her the urgency of our case.
<Jaigadu> I know that although we come together today as brothers and sisters, to share in wine and trade in good tales, we are not immune from the conflicts of the outer world, or its temptations.
<Jaigadu> But for today, let us stand together and pledge ourselves to our once and ongoing calling, in remembrance of those who have worn our caps throughout the centuries.
* Jaigadu steps down.
<AshnabisNarrator> The gathered crowd of envoys seems to have received Jaigadu's message well enough. Of course, you are all accustomed to fine rhetoric and so are somewhat immune to it, but throughout the day and the rest of the nambimoshe, his words do indeed resonate throughout the clearing.

Katenzhi talks to Giran Belidomi, the witness to Bivizmi's murder

<AshnabisGM> Katenzhi, you had hoped that talking to Bivizmi would settle your spirit somewhat. And it has, at least in the sense that you could see her, touch her, talk about what happened, and then about ... what happened ...
<AshnabisGM> And yet still your heart is unsettled. Someone killed her, with the intent to silence her, forever. You feel a driving need to find out who could have done such a thing, and why.
<AshnabisGM> Over the course of your conversation with her, you learned that the individual who found her body was a man named Giran Belidomi - part of an old and prominent Aummesh lineage, and well known for his skill as a fisherman and knowledge of the local terrain.
<AshnabisGM> Bivizimi only knows his name because the information was conveyed to her family by the priests of the Voice, and has never actually met him while alive. Nevertheless, you wonder if he might have seen anything significant when he discovered her there.
* Katenzhi will make use of her new freetime to pay him a visit.
<AshnabisGM> You can track him down to talk to him at a tavern in Timiil, the Hissing Swan. It is not a fancy place, but seems clean and well-kept.
* NPC2 is now known as Giran
* Giran is a man in his mid-forties, black hair with a few streaks of grey at the temples, and a similarly salt-and-pepper beard. He wears a red and yellow dashi and has a pair of wide copper armbands that indicate some degree of wealth.
<Katenzhi> Giran Belidomi?
* Katenzhi will ask as she approaches.
<Giran> Yes, who are you?
* Giran asks a bit warily
<Katenzhi> My name is Katenzhi Ghughife. I'm a trader and surveyor from town. I'm also a friend of Bivizmi Pindevuzi, the woman you... found... last week. I was hoping I might talk to you if you'd be so kind.
<Giran> Oh, that poor girl.
* Katenzhi nods.
<Giran> Buy me a drink and we can talk, sure.
<Katenzhi> Of course.
* Katenzhi will walk with him to the nearest tavern, then.
<Giran> (you met him in a tavern ;)
<Giran> (so no need to walk anywhere)
<Katenzhi> (Oh, duh, my bad. I missed that part)
* Katenzhi will order a round for both of us then.
* Giran accepts with a nod.
<Katenzhi> First I should tell you that the ancestors saw fit to help her come back to us. She's shaken, of course, but she's recovering.
<Giran> So she's all right?
* Giran seems relieved to hear that.
* Katenzhi nods.
<Katenzhi> She seems herself.
<Giran> That's good.
<Katenzhi> We still don't really know what happened to her, though. I was hoping there might be something you might remember that would help me figure out who did this to her.
<Giran> She was close to death when I found her. It looked like they'd tried to cut her head off, but only managed to slash her throat. Blood everywhere.
* Giran says with a grimace.
* Katenzhi nods and takes a long drink.
<Katenzhi> Was there anything else unusual? Did you see anyone or hear anything? Anything at all?
<Giran> There were two of them standing over her - one short and thin, and the other bigger, who moved a little slower. They had something over their faces, and hoods, so I didn't get a clear look at them before they ran off. I'd say they were men, but I don't know more than that.
<Katenzhi> So you interrupted them?
* Giran nods
<Giran> I shouted and ran towards them, and they took off. I could have chased them but I thought I could still help the girl.
<Katenzhi> I'm glad you were there. If you hadn't been... she might not have found her way back.
* Giran takes a drink.
<Katenzhi> I owe you a lot more than a drink for that.
<Giran> It was only doing what was right.
* Giran says with a shrug.
<Giran> I'll tell you the first thing it made me think of, although it's silly.
<Katenzhi> No, please.
<Giran> You're not from around here, are you?
<Katenzhi> No, not originally, though I've lived here most of my life.
<Katenzhi> Or near here at least.
* Giran nods
<Giran> Well, there's a story that kids in this area tell one another, to scare their friends - I heard it as a child, and so did my father, and probably even further back than that. It's the story of Weyu the Taker.
<Katenzhi> I don't think I've heard it.
<Giran> There are different versions, but what they all have in common is that long ago there was a woman named Weyu who lived with her husband. The husband was a trapper, who made a living snaring animals, and they had a house somewhere out in the swamp.
<Giran> The husband was also a scoundrel, and his affection for his wife waned - maybe Weyu nagged him, or maybe he just spotted someone younger and prettier. Like I said, there are different stories.
<Giran> In any case, he wanted to be rid of her, so he laid a snare to catch her in like he did with his usual game, only bigger. He set it up at the door and called her outside one night after dark - "Weyu! Weyu, come out here!"
<Giran> She stepped out, unable to see in the darkness, and was caught in the snare, the wire closing around her neck.
* Giran makes a gesture indicating someone being choked.
<Giran> She struggled, but couldn't escape - her struggles just made the snare tighter and tighter, until finally the sharp wire sliced her head right off. Then her husband took her head and buried it somewhere in the swamp, so she could never be brought back.
<Giran> Ever after that, her haunt lurks in the swamp, looking for her lost head. And if she can't find it, she'll take someone else's instead - that's why they call her Weyu the Taker.
<Giran> It's an old folktale - just meant to frighten children. We would dare one another to call her name after dark - "Weyu, come out here!" - to see if she would come, but of course she never did.
<Giran> But I do know that some years ago - maybe ten now? There was a girl who was killed out on the Colony Road, and her head was taken by whoever did it. People talked at the time, and some whispered about Weyu the Taker, but others said it was probably thieves, or maybe someone who she'd turned down who wanted revenge. Lots of rumours, but no real answers.
<Katenzhi> Do you remember her name?
<Giran> Kuga Sashnir was her name. I didn't really know her, the poor girl. But this ... it brought back memories of that killing.
<Katenzhi> I can see why. If you hadn't been there... but we know at least that Bivizmi's killers weren't haunts. Still. I wonder if it could be related.
<Giran> Might be. It was a long while ago.
<Katenzhi> Yeah, ten years is a long time to wait. Still. It might be useful.
<Katenzhi> Is there anything else strange that you can remember?
* Giran thinks for a few moments longer
<Giran> They were carrying hammers, as well as the big knives, like what people use for cutting through brush. I guess that was strange - why have two weapons?
<Katenzhi> Hammers? Like fighting hammers or blacksmithing hammers or...?
<Giran> not like tools, or like what a blacksmith uses. Big old warhammers I guess? Not a thing I've seen around here much, no call for anyone to have such things.
<Giran> They could have killed her with the knives, there was no reason I can imagine for having hammers too.
<Katenzhi> That *is
* strange. I don't know if I've seen anyone with a war hammer since I was a kid in Choradan.
<Katenzhi> That might be something to go on.
<Giran> I hope it helps.
<Katenzhi> Anyway, thank you for taking the time to talk to me. I really appreciate it.
* Katenzhi gestures to the server for two more drinks.
* Giran accepts the offer, of course, and thanks you.
* Katenzhi will finish the drink and take her leave.

Llillilli goes fishing with Thelef

<AshnabisGM> Llillilli, you remain troubled by the vision you experienced during the whelloesi. Despite Shulilae's reassurances that it doesn't necessarily represent a true telling of the future, you are still unsettled by the things you saw there.
<AshnabisGM> Even if the vision did not speak the literal truth, its apparent message to you remains disturbing, and leaves you with the nagging worry that you could one day be placed in the middle of a situation where humans and hith come into conflict, and be unable to prevent it.
<AshnabisGM> Meanwhile, things are gradually progressing for your wedding with Thelef, now only a couple of months away.
<AshnabisGM> Some parts of the wedding preparations are dull and tedious, but this one, at least, has the potential to be somewhat more enjoyable: Thelef has invited you to come fishing with him.
<Llillilli> :3
<AshnabisGM> Apparently there is a tradition in his family that it is good luck for the future bride and groom to catch a fish called a hamag together, prepare it by salting it and placing it in a jar to ferment, and then sharing it as a meal after their wedding. It sounds disgusting and traditional.
<Llillilli> . o O (better than a raw snail)
* Giran is now known as Thelef
* Thelef knows good locations to try and catch the hamag, fortunately. It is a fish that lives in shallow, tree-lined areas, so you will be spending some time wading in water up to your waist today.
* Thelef locates what he thinks is a promising spot, and takes a look around, gauging the water and the weather.
<Llillilli> (again!)
* Thelef considers his options for a moment, before removing his dashi and hanging it over a nearby branch to keep it dry. He tries not to make it too awkward, though ;)
* Llillilli wonders if there are any of those snails here
<Llillilli> >.>
* Thelef wades into the water, giving you a moment to decide how you want to dress for this event.
* Llillilli deliberates for a minute before taking hers off as well.
* Thelef keeps his pfethes at the ready to spear a fish if he sees one.
* Llillilli is substantially more awkward
<Llillilli> (do I know what a hamag looks like myself?)
<Thelef> (you can make a k:nature roll I guess, if you have any?)
<Llillilli> !roll 1d20+4
* Lan-werk rolls for Llillilli: [ 1d20+4 ] getting [ 15 ] which, after the modifier [ 4 ] totals [ 19 ].
<AshnabisGM> You know it's a red striped fish, about the length of a person's forearm perhaps.
<Thelef> This is a good spot - there should be some around here, if we're lucky.
* Thelef says with a smile
* Llillilli keeps her eyes peeled for one.
<Llillilli> THey have red stripes, right?
<Thelef> Yes, along their back, with a dark tail and fins.
* Llillilli nods, a look of deep concentration coming over her face.
<Thelef> ... how are you doing? I know things have been busy lately, and there have been a lot of ... stressful things, mostly related to my family >.>
<Llillilli> Oh no, the stressful things are pretty evenly distributed
<Thelef> oh? well I guess I feel slightly better about that.
<Llillilli> But I'm alright.
<Thelef> Is there anything I can help with?
<Llillilli> I... maybe
<Llillilli> Did you do the whelloesi?
* Llillilli looks at him sidelong.
<Thelef> No... did you? I've never heard of it being done for huwhi before. Hardly anyone does it, even among the people.
<Llillilli> I guess I'm just lucky
<Thelef> What was it like?
<Llillilli> Yeah, Shulilae brought me down to the inlet and...
* Llillilli shrugs.
<Llillilli> It was...
<Llillilli> A lot
<Llillilli> I mean, the snail was gross on its own
<Llillilli> but I saw things.
<Thelef> From anything I've heard, I think a lot of people found it... too intense. Its use has decreased for a reason, I'm sure.
<Llillilli> I'd believe it.
<Llillilli> It's...
<Llillilli> I guess it *has
* been bothering me
<Thelef> If you want to talk about it, I'm here for you.
* Thelef says a bit shyly, keeping his attention focused on the (not actually visible) fish.
<Llillilli> If it was just the whelloesi... but I saw similar things when we came across the urun.
<Llillilli> War between the humans and the people.
* Thelef frowns, listening.
<Llillilli> And I don't know where anyone is.
<Llillilli> I tell myself it;s just a reflection of my own fears, that it doesn't mean anything more.
<Llillilli> But it won't go away.
<Thelef> Those are troubling thoughts, to be sure.
<Thelef> Did Shulilae have any advice? If it was their idea for you to do it, maybe they had a reason for it.
<Llillilli> Sort of.
<Llillilli> SOmething about how these are the fears that come when we're an adult and can't protect our children... and that it doesn't mean it will come true, and that I should think about it more
<Llillilli> Face my fears.
<Llillilli> I don't know how to do that.
* Thelef nods, but makes a somewhat dissatisfied face.
<Thelef> That's easier said than done, I think.
<Llillilli> Yeah.
* Llillilli says glumly.
<Thelef> :/
<Thelef> But... we're going to have each other, at least. We can face them together.
* Thelef says with a hopeful smile.
* Llillilli looks up.
<Llillilli> What are you afraid of?
* Thelef considers that for a moment.
<Thelef> I've found myself in a position where my advice can sway a king, or turn the course of major events. I worry that I won't give the right advice - that things I think are the right course of action will turn out to be wrong, or cause people to be harmed, because I made a mistake.
<Llillilli> That is a lot...
<Llillilli> but you're probably the smartest person I know, so.
<Thelef> I have a responsibility to them, and it's a lot to carry.
<Llillilli> I don't know what I can do to help with that, but if there is anything...
<Thelef> I suppose too, there's the fear that even if I give the best possible advice, they won't listen to me.
<Llillilli> Well, I know a little about that, nobody ever listens to me.
* Thelef smiles ruefully at that.
<Thelef> Thank you... I appreciate that. I hope that... especially once you have reached whesef grade, that you'd be interested to come to the court with me. I would like to show it to you, and I'm sure people there would like to meet you as well.
* Llillilli smiles.
<Llillilli> I would like that! :D
<Thelef> You'd need to stay close to me, so I could give you air to breathe, but that wouldn't be a terrible hardship, I hope :)
* Llillilli blushes unexpectedly.
<Llillilli> N-no..
<Llillilli> How does that work?
<Thelef> It's sort of like I alter the water, if that makes sense. Within a short distance from me, I can allow up to three people to be able to breathe.
<Thelef> We wouldn't need to be touching...
<Llillilli> Oh well, it's fine if we are
* Thelef smiles a little at that.
* Llillilli says too fast
<Thelef> Well... I don't object to that either. I just thought maybe you wouldn't ... want that.
* Thelef says, embarrassed.
<Llillilli> A, hahaha, it's fine...
* Llillilli laughs nervously
<Llillilli> *sweats*
* Thelef turns to you, putting both pfethes into one hand so he has one hand free, and offers his hand to you.
* Llillilli reaches out and tentatively takes it.
<Thelef> We can make our own choices for ... what we want from this.
<Llillilli> R-right
<Thelef> I like being with you - I think you're clever and funny and you have good advice to give.
<Llillilli> Me? Really?
* Thelef nods
* Llillilli looks away, flustered.
<Thelef> I know when we started this it was... well, we thought it was for convenience, to avoid people asking us awkward questions >.> But if you want it to be more than that, we could. I ... I'm not making a demand or anything, I just thought I should let you know that... for me, it isn't just about convenience.
<Llillilli> I ... thanks? I mean, I like you, too... You're so.. smart. And kind. Good.
<Llillilli> Really?
* Thelef smiles at that.
* Llillilli says again, honestly confused
<Thelef> Yes. I thought I was choosing something that would be simple, but I guess I can't even manage that, heh :)
<Llillilli> That's.. nice? I mean, haha, oh. I don't know what to say. This is... I don't know how to do any of this stuff for real >.>
* Llillilli might hyperventilate
<Thelef> Me neither, really.
<Llillilli> can... can I hug you
<Thelef> I'm ... girls would ask for things from me, and I'd ... find reasons not to, or act like I wasn't interested, or... whatever would make them stop, really. I think I was scared, honestly.
<Thelef> I'm not scared with you.
* Thelef nods to the hug, and holds his arms out, careful not to spear you as he does so.
* Llillilli hugs you fiercely.
* Thelef holds you close
<Llillilli> I am but it's okay..
<Llillilli> It's... good
* Thelef smiles
<Llillilli> Good scared.
* Thelef nods, and then suddenly breaks away for a second, bringing his spear up and plunging it into the water. He brings it up with a red striped fish impaled on the end.
<Llillilli> :O
<Thelef> Hamag - good luck :)
<Llillilli> The hamag!
* Llillilli grins.
* Thelef smiles as well, delighted with his catch
<Llillilli> It's a nice one!
<Thelef> It will serve well :) And... we only have to eat it once, if it turns out you hate it ;)
<Llillilli> It has to be better than that snail
* Thelef nods
<Thelef> Do you have to hurry back? It's a nice day - we could swim. I could show you how it works, with helping you to breathe underwater...
<Llillilli> Okay!
<Llillilli> :3
* Thelef will go hang the hamag safely with his clothes, and then join you for a swim, then :)
<Llillilli> (yay!)

Daifan confers with Dekhesh

<AshnabisGM> Daifan, you are preoccupied with your new guests. Having found a place for them to stay temporarily, in the granary that Adachu and Labu have built for the town's use, you are nevertheless not sure what to do about them from there, or how things might go once others in Banei become aware of their presence.
<AshnabisGM> For now, they are lying low, and you think only a few people know they're there - Adachu and Labu, and Chimi and Idovo. You're taking turns bringing food to them and checking that they are doing all right.
<AshnabisGM> Seeking advice on how to proceed now that they're here, you had hoped to talk to Dekhesh.
* Daifan had, yes :3
* Dekhesh is doing some work in one of the communal gardens in the village, working on weeding the plot.
* Dekhesh has his hair tied up in its usual knot, and wears a blue and grey dashi with some dirt stains where he's clearly wiped his hands on it.
<Dekhesh> Oh, hi there, Smiles! Do you want some peas? They're nice and ripe, and there are plenty of them to go around.
<Daifan> oh, sure, I'll take some... mayeb a few extra if there are extra to be had....
* Dekhesh nods, pointing to the patch where they're growing and offering you a spare basket.
<Dekhesh> How are you doing?
<Daifan> mmm... well.... there's something I wanted to talk to you about >.>
<Dekhesh> oh?
<Daifan> so... you know the corpseborn that came on the ship? How there were some that the temple kept?
<Daifan> (is there anyone else around atm?)
* Dekhesh nods
* Daifan looks around to see if there;s anyone else in the garden or nearby
<AshnabisGM> It's pretty quiet around at the moment - nobody in the garden or immediately nearby.
<Daifan> well... theyre not there anymore
* Daifan quiets their voice anyway
<Dekhesh> where are they?
<Daifan> They're here, in Banei
<Dekhesh> ahh :o
<Dekhesh> In your house? where are you fitting them in there?
<Daifan> no.... they're staying in the granary.
<Dekhesh> huh.
<Daifan> but there's more it it than all of that.
* Dekhesh nods, listening
<Daifan> the woman who is their leader, spoond.... she used fos to get here some how.
<Daifan> (Spoons)
<Daifan> she really is some kind of... I don't know
<Daifan> She's not a mystic, or a manifest
* Dekhesh looks intrigued
<Daifan> she uses fos in a different way. The way she talks, its like... if other budal help her, ins some way, she can do ore powerful magic?
<Dekhesh> Strength in numbers?
<Daifan> She wants to get a lot of fos to free the others on the plantation
* Daifan nods
<Daifan> it *sounds
* great
<Daifan> but... this is what got her home destroyed
<Daifan> so many poeple dead.
<Daifan> She says she understands the risks of pursuing this kind of thing here , and I believe that - I just don't think she actually cares.
<Dekhesh> That was back in...Taizi, was it?
* Daifan nods
<Daifan> she wants to get her girlfriend free
<Dekhesh> Well... things are different here than in Taizi. I'm not saying it's wrong to be concerned, but the situation isn't the same.
<Daifan> I know
<Daifan> I just... I don't thiknI trust her to think about the rest of us. Not really.
* Dekhesh nods
<Dekhesh> Can I meet her? I mean... I'd be interested to hear what she's planning, if I can.
<Daifan> I want to help her people, and I understand there are risks... but risks to our whole community when peopel don't even know what is happening?
* Daifan nods
<Daifan> I thought you might
<Daifan> I can take you to meet her
<Dekhesh> Maybe there are options that, if we work together, would be less... risky.
<Daifan> I hope so. I don't want to be... to put people in danger like that.
<Daifan> . o O (not again)
<Dekhesh> There's no strong central government here, for one thing. Fewer people to try and enforce whatever laws even exist. And ... there's a lot more fos, more readily available, than whatever they could have had access to there. Maybe we can figure out something that would take those factors into account.
* Daifan nods
<Daifan> that's another thing
<Daifan> I don't know how they were getting fos before, or how much, or how they got discovered
* Dekhesh nods
<Daifan> I'm probaly just being paranoid. The whole situation is so stresful.
<Dekhesh> I can imagine :/
<Dekhesh> Do you want to go talk with her now? Or should we wait until after dark or something, so it's less obvious?
<Daifan> at least work is slow :|
<Daifan> maybe after dark.... and after we pick a few moe peas.
* Dekhesh nods
<Dekhesh> So... how is your cute friend doing? The one with the boat and the dogs and the hippo :)
* Daifan says without too much enthusiasm
<Daifan> Jimba?
<Dekhesh> Yeah.
<Daifan> oh he's very lonely
<Dekhesh> oh no, the poor boy.
<Daifan> mmhmm ^_^
<Dekhesh> Should I go and try to comfort him? ;)
<Dekhesh> Why is he lonely?
<Daifan> all work work work and no fun ;)
* Daifan prefers this topic ^-^
<Dekhesh> Ah, well, maybe he'd benefit from some distraction?
<Daifan> oh maybe, I couldn't say, you'd have to ask him ^-^
<Dekhesh> Maybe I should do that.
<Dekhesh> I'd asked him about getting some supplies - informal trade, you know. It would be good to follow up on that.
* Daifan nods
<Daifan> oh yes - he said something to me about that
<Daifan> we were out at Ruur for work a while ago, and even though someone there sank hi boat! He thinks maybe it would be a good place for us to trade.
<Dekhesh> Did he say "that devaststingly handsome friend of yours asked me..." ;)
* Daifan smiles
<Dekhesh> but someone sank his boat? That's awful. And he wants to trade with them anyway?
<Daifan> well. I think that was more because we were there for work
<Daifan> but they don't ike outsiders much
<Dekhesh> I can understand that, outsiders are the worst.
* Dekhesh says with a wink.
<Daifan> some of them ;p
* Dekhesh nods
<Dekhesh> Did his boat get repaired?
<Daifan> I think it's okay now. They gave us a hith patch there, and then he was getting it fixed
<Daifan> it should be done by now?
<Dekhesh> That's good. It would be unfortunate if those holes didn't get filled.
* Dekhesh says with a smirk.
* Daifan rolls their eyes, but smirks back
<Daifan> well you shoudl definitely talk to him about that ^-^
<Dekhesh> I might have to.
<Dekhesh> But as for your other friend, let me know whenever you want to go talk to her - I'll be around tonight.
<Daifan> okay. I'll come find you.
<Dekhesh> sounds good. Enjoy the peas :)
<Daifan> thanks.

Daifan takes Dekhesh to speak with Ughiva

<AshnabisGM> Okay, later that night you can bring Dekhesh to the granary to talk with Ughiva.
* Daifan will also bring them sme fresh peas, and a little fish and goat milk
<AshnabisGM> The group are certainly glad to see you, and accept the food gratefully.
<Daifan> I brought someone else, too.... this Hangnail
<Dekhesh> hi - it's good to meet you.
* Ughiva seems well-rested and well-fed, and is clad in a patchwork tunic and trousers that she seems to have gotten her hands on somehow.
<Ughiva> Hi, I'm Ughiva, known as Spoons.
* Daifan can make he introductions, starting with Spoons
<Daifan> (or not ;p)
* Dekhesh will greet the others as they're introduced.
<Dekhesh> I understand you've had an eventful time lately...
<Ughiva> It's been interesting.
<Dekhesh> Do you have a plan for what comes next?
<Ughiva> Well. I have thoughts about what is possible.
<Dekhesh> okay - what are those?
<Ughiva> In a perfect world, we storm the place with an army of budal, rescue our people, and kill the princess and anyone who stands in our way.
<Ughiva> But I'm not stupid - that's not likely.
<Dekhesh> It's a bit... optimistic.
<Dekhesh> Things are different here than back home, but not so different that killing a rich old lady wouldn't attract trouble.
<Ughiva> Right.
<Daifan> She's also very powerful in her own right.
<Dekhesh> So, taking a step back from that, do you have thoughts about a ... lower-impact plan?
<Ughiva> Well, that would be one that frees my people while leaving her alive.
* Dekhesh nods
<Dekhesh> Well... why does she want your people? Is there something that she could accept instead, or that would make her no longer interested in them?
<Daifan> :|
<Ughiva> Right, and that, I don't exactly know. So figuring that out, figuring out what her plan is, is a priority.
* Dekhesh nods
<Ughiva> Also, based on what Daifan has told me, whatever is going on there is ... not good. So maybe if we can make our imprisonment seem illegitimate to whatever passes for a government here.
<Dekhesh> Make the authorities fight the other authorities? It's possible. They do already kind of hate each other, in various directions.
<Ughiva> No one gives a shit about budal, of course, but we have allies. The high priestess, Dezmali, and then the other one, Veznara, who is a Taizian noble type herself.
<Ughiva> We wouldn't be here if it weren't for them.
* Daifan listens to the smarter people talk and tries not to interject anythign too despairing
* Dekhesh nods
<Dekhesh> Okay, so they might be useful allies.
<Ughiva> I'm not going to say I won't kill Princess Galdai, because I might ... but not as part of this plan. Later, once we're secure.
* Daifan nods
<Dekhesh> Well - that's your business.
<Dekhesh> Right now our priority first of all has to be protecting you three, and then retrieving the others.
<Ughiva> I also suspect that she has ways of finding out where we are. I've been doing what I can but I would need a lot of fos to protect the three of us from detection, all day every day.
* Dekhesh glances over at Daifan
<Daifan> :(
<Dekhesh> We might be able to help get you fos, anyway.
* Daifan nods
<Dekhesh> I don't know how much you need, but we can probably get a decent amount, it's the harvest season for it right now.
<Daifan> do you do it?
<Ughiva> How do I do the magic?
* Daifan nods
<Daifan> yes... I know its different, that other people can help you somehow...
<Ughiva> Yes, that's right. There are a couple of different tricks.
<Dekhesh> If there's anything we can do to help with that, let us know - if you're willing, anyway.
* Daifan nods
<Ughiva> If other budal near me have taken fos, I can cast powerful magics with less risk. I share the fos, but we share the risk across us.
<Ughiva> And then, if we both cast the same spells together, at least for some spells, we can make them more powerful than any one of us could do.
<Daifan> do they have to do anything or just... be budal?
<Ughiva> For the first one, they just take the fos. For the second one, they do need to cast the spell.
<Ughiva> And then, well, I'm working on more powerful things, but I haven't figured them all out yet. I've been a little low on opportunity lately.
<Daifan> how did you figure this out?
<Daifan> I... partly I am curious, and party I want to get a sense of what she might know, or think, because clearly whatever the princess wants, it is about your magic.
<Ughiva> Mostly through trial and error. I didn't have a teacher.
<Dekhesh> Well, if we can help with that, I'm willing to give it a try.
<Daifan> but... how did you even think of it?
<Ughiva> You get me the fos, I'll see what I can do.
<Ughiva> I think budal have spent too long thinking about what they can't do. So I decided to stop thinking about that.
* Daifan nods
<Dekhesh> So it just sort of.. came to you, when you tried?
<Ughiva> No, it took a lot of work, a lot of practice.
<Dekhesh> Interesting.
<Ughiva> Nothing just *comes*
<Dekhesh> Well - we'll see what we can do about the fos.
<Dekhesh> That's step one.
<Dekhesh> After that, we'll see where to go from there.
<Ughiva> I want to figure out more about what's going on over there. With a good amount of fos, I can get in contact with people in there.
* Daifan nods
<Daifan> Galdai's magic is good at making people do things against their will, apparenlty
<Daifan> And I've heard that they have been mistreating the men more, too.
<Dekhesh> :/
<Ughiva> Well, some of the men may be perceived as more of a threat.
<Ughiva> That would be a mistake.
<Daifan> :|
<Dekhesh> Are you doing okay here for now? Is there anything else you need, other than fos?
<Ughiva> We're all right. Banei people seem like good people.
<Daifan> We are.
* Daifan smiles
<Daifan> (but also SM >.>)
<Daifan> !roll 1d20+12
* Lan-werk rolls for Daifan: [ 1d20+12 ] getting [ 1 ] which, after the modifier [ 12 ] totals [ 13 ].
<Daifan> (LOL)
<Daifan> I will spend a destiny on that
<Daifan> ()
<Daifan> !roll 1d20+12
* Lan-werk rolls for Daifan: [ 1d20+12 ] getting [ 5 ] which, after the modifier [ 12 ] totals [ 17 ].
<Daifan> (I just want to know if she seems to genuinely feel that way or means something more like 'they're useful' or is tryign to make nise :x)
<Ughiva> (you don't know, seems honest enough)
<Daifan> (figures :x)

Daifan and Dekhesh confer after the meeting

* Daifan follows Deksh out of the granary, looking around a bit to make sure no one is paying them much attention
<Daifan> so.... what did you make of her?
* @Dekhesh weighs that question for a moment.
<Dekhesh> I think she's very serious about her intentions. She's clearly going to stop at nothing to get her people back.
<Daifan> yes.
<Dekhesh> Which makes her useful, but also dangerous, depending on how... careful she decides to be. I think for now she's inclined to be cautious, but depending how long this continues, or how many setbacks she experiences, she might get more reckless.
* Daifan nods
<Dekhesh> I wouldn't want to be on her bad side, that's for sure.
<Dekhesh> But you've known her longer - what do you think?
<Daifan> I find her hard to read.
<Dekhesh> I imagine she prefers it that way.
<Daifan> But I agree with you. She's very arrogant, but I don't really know how much she can back that up.
* Dekhesh nods
<Daifan> She talks big but it is at least partly swagger
<Dekhesh> I think we should get her the fos she's after, and see what she can do with it. At least a moderate amount to start with, although I know she says she'll need more.
<Daifan> I don't doubt her confidence but also... I think that's how she wants to be seen
* Daifan nods
<Daifan> I do think they are in danger. Galdai is looking for them.
<Daifan> She told the hand as much
* Dekhesh nods
<Daifan> I still can't even imagine coming up with... a whole new way of doing magic, like that.
<Daifan> That's not even about people limiting Budal... no one else can do that.
<Dekhesh> Yes... maybe there's more than what she said.
<Dekhesh> I mean, whether she came up with the idea herself, or got it from someone else, it's still amazing if she really has managed something totally different from other ways of using magic.
* Daifan nods
<Dekhesh> I'm sure not just Galdai would like to study her...
<Daifan> no, probably not
<Dekhesh> Now, I don't trust any of them, not really, but it might be something to consider, if things get worse - find some powerful manifests or other mystics who think she's got something worthwhile, and make THEM fight it out with Galdai, instead of us.
<Daifan> ...
<Dekhesh> I know she thinks she can get the church to back up her people, but I'm not sure they will.
<Daifan> I don't think they can, not really
* Dekhesh nods
<Dekhesh> Maybe some individuals will try - but really, on the whole, they're not going to fight against someone that influential.
<Daifan> :/
* Dekhesh shrugs
<Daifan> Maybe Lillilli had the right idea, and we shoudl find them a ship and they can go be pirate witches >.>
<Dekhesh> I don't think she'd leave without the others. Otherwise, I'd agree.
<Daifan> well even if we can get them out...
<Dekhesh> maybe then, yeah.
<Dekhesh> or find a little island where they won't be bothered.
<Daifan> I'll keep an eye out :p
* Dekhesh smiles at that
<Dekhesh> I know we want to keep their presence here quiet, but eventually folks are going to find out. It might be better if we manage how that happens, rather than it coming out accidentally.
* Daifan nods
<Daifan> I don't like putting the community at rsik for this, not without people even knowing.
* Dekhesh nods
<Dekhesh> I'll think about how best to let people know - at least some people. The ones who can keep their mouths shut >.>
<Dekhesh> Meanwhile, do you think you can get her some fos? Maybe your cute friend can help source some without asking too many questions?
* Daifan nods
<Daifan> I can try.
<Daifan> I'd have thought fleabite and wetfoot might have been able to pony some up >.>
<Dekhesh> They can probably help if need be, yeah.
<Daifan> I'll see. Katenzhi might know more about cheap sources, but they work together...
* Dekhesh nods
<Daifan> I'm not sure how we'll pay for it though, but we'll fgure it out...
<Dekhesh> If we can get a little to start, and see how that goes, then like you said, maybe Fleabite and Wetfoot can supply more. I'm reluctant to give her a huge amount to start with, in case that goes wrong >.>
* Daifan says, thinking about all the makeup they won't be able to afford.... or will feel to guilty to buy, from their official work hush money
<Dekhesh> It's not that I don't think she can use it, but she's arrogant, and desperate - she might do something drastic.
* Daifan nods
<Daifan> I thought so too
<Daifan> okay
<Daifan> I'll ask Katehzhi about it then - what a lot versus a medium amount even looks like :x
* Dekhesh nods
<Daifan> Thanks.
<Dekhesh> You're welcome - I just hope this doesn't turn around to bite us in the ass. Thanks for letting me meet her.
<Daifan> I feel better with a plan.... and that it isn't just me, too.
* Daifan nods
<Daifan> of course :)
<Dekhesh> Enjoy the peas.
* Dekhesh says with a smile.

Veznara and Dezmali tell Galdai the prisoners with jobs have escaped

<AshnabisNarrator> Veznara, you are at the temple this evening, attending to cleaning and storing the bubun who work around the Fort. It is a task that is relatively menial, but you understand the deeper significance.
<AshnabisNarrator> That you would be given the care of the recently-dead ancestors, even those whose spirits lie elsewhere, is a sign that you are trusted with the care of these precious vessels. It is an honour indeed - even if it is expressed through brushes and whisks.
<AshnabisNarrator> You are just finishing up when Dezmali comes out of the doorway leading towards her office and comes and stands next to you.
* Ughiva is now known as Dezmali
* Veznara looks up and smiles
* Dezmali is wearing her ordinary white gown with a green front panel.
<Dezmali> Veznara. I have some news.
<Veznara> Oh?
<Dezmali> Our colleagues living down the hall have departed this place.
* Veznara 's smile fades.
<Veznara> Ah. I see.
<Veznara> This... will not please Her Imperial Highness. Obviously.
* Veznara sighs
<Dezmali> Obviously.
<Veznara> I should have expected this, of course.
<Dezmali> Did you not?
<Veznara> Oh, I suppose so. But I hadn't really considered how to deal with breaking the news... I could use your advice. :/
<Dezmali> I think we can even do better. You probably could use my company.
<Dezmali> After all, they were in my charge, not yours.
* Veznara smiles
<Veznara> Thank you, Dezmali. Your presence would be a great comfort.
<Dezmali> We do not yet know how they made their exit, and it is not as if they left a note, but - well, it would appear that they had the aid of fos. No one saw them leave.
<Veznara> Hmmm. Difficult to explain.
<Dezmali> Yes, rather. But I think we should probably not attempt to explain it, unless pressed.
<Veznara> The most important thing is to inform Her Imperial Highness, I'm sure.
<Veznara> How long has it been since they left?
<Dezmali> It has been several hours, at least. Of course it's hard to say for certain.
* Veznara nods
<Veznara> Well.
<Dezmali> So, first thing tomorrow morning, I think is best?
<Dezmali> Unless you would rather go immediately. At this late hour it might be more upsetting.
<Veznara> Hmmm. Well, it might. Will tomorrow morning be seen as an unnecessary delay, however?
<Dezmali> Only if she knows how long they've been gone.
* Veznara sighs
<Veznara> I fear she may have ways of finding out... but yes, tomorrow morning seems appropriate. First thing.
* Dezmali nods.
<Dezmali> Very well, we'll meet here and head over together.
<Veznara> Good night then. Until tomorrow.
<AshnabisNarrator> The next morning you meet with Dezmali in the early morning.
<AshnabisNarrator> You travel across town to Galdai's manor house in town and, after a small delay due to dropping by unexpectedly, are granted entry.
<AshnabisNarrator> You are led into the parlor and Galdai comes down a short while later.
* AshnabisNarrator is now known as Galdai
* Galdai is adorned in an elaborate blue and yellow gown with a silk veil.
<Galdai> Hand Dezmali, Hand Veznara, I had not expected this visit today.
<Galdai> I am of course honoured at your presence.
* Veznara curtseys
<Veznara> Your Imperial Highness. Thank you for receiving us.
<Dezmali> Thank you, Princess Galdai, for seeing us.
<Galdai> Please sit. Would you care for some refreshment?
<Dezmali> Ahh, no thank you.
<Veznara> No, thank you, ma'am.
<Galdai> So what is the reason for your visit?
* Veznara looks to Dezmali
<Dezmali> I'm afraid we have some difficult news.
<Dezmali> The prisoners who were housed at the temple have gone missing.
<Galdai> ... missing?
* Dezmali nods.
<Dezmali> I'm afraid so.
<Galdai> I see.
<Veznara> (Sense Motive? Is she angry, fearful, both? )
<Galdai> (go ahead)
<Veznara> !roll 1d20+10
* Lan-werk rolls for Veznara: [ 1d20+10 ] getting [ 13 ] which, after the modifier [ 10 ] totals [ 23 ].
<Galdai> (perhaps more ... disappointed? But also ... you don't know, unsurprised, maybe?)
<Galdai> Well, that definitely is something to be concerned about, isn't it?
* Veznara nods silently
<Galdai> Dare I ask under what circumstances they went missing?
<Dezmali> We aren't quite sure, Your Highness, but we are investigating the matter.
<Galdai> Hand Veznara, do you have nothing to say in this matter?
<Veznara> I am grieved that we have failed you in this fashion, Your Imperial Highness.
* Veznara curtseys again
<Galdai> You are grieved. I see.
<Galdai> How do you expect to find them?
* Dezmali looks over to Veznara.
<Dezmali> We are trying, at this time, to determine how they were able to leave, and where they might have been headed.
<Dezmali> I can imagine they may be planning to leave the territory.
<Galdai> Hmm, I see.
<Galdai> Do you agree with that assessment, Hand Veznara?
<Veznara> I do not know, Your Imperial Highness. Is it possible that they would attempt to contact the others who came with them?
<Galdai> It may be the case.
<Galdai> Did any property go missing along with them?
<Dezmali> Just the clothing they were wearing at the time.
<Galdai> Well. This is disappointing. But perhaps not catastrophic.
<Galdai> I do have some techniques at my disposal to aid in their retrieval.
* Veznara nods
<Galdai> At some point, if we do not find them, I expect that you will need to inform the sentinels at the Fort that these felons have escaped your custody.
<Galdai> But I am willing to use what is at my disposal to avoid that, which would be embarrassing for you, to say the least.
<Veznara> Thank you, ma'am.
<Galdai> And I presume we are agreed that when I do retrieve them, they should be taken away from Kaskind, to my facility?
<Dezmali> Yes, Princess.
<Galdai> Very well. Then you are dismissed.
* Veznara curtseys one more, and backs away to the door in the appropriate fashion.
* Dezmali departs alongside you.
<Dezmali> It never gets easier, dealing with these sorts of people, does it?
* Veznara lets out a deep breath when they are far enough away
<Veznara> She seemed... almost to expect the news. It didn't seem to surprise her.
<Dezmali> Could it be she already knew - perhaps because she has already retrieved them?
<Veznara> Is that because she knew of Ughiva's power? Or because she expected us to let her go? A bit of both?
<Dezmali> I can't say for certain.
<Veznara> No, of course not. We can only guess based on how she reacts after this.
<Dezmali> If they are still in the Territory, they are not going to be safe.
<Veznara> No indeed.
<Veznara> And if the Princess does recapture them... well, that will not be comfortable for us. If I can be permitted an understatement...
* Dezmali chuckles to herself, as if there's no other response possible.
<Dezmali> Yes.
<Veznara> Well, what now? I have to admit, I'm afraid to face her alone next time... but there's no real way to avoid it.
<Dezmali> There are limits to what I can do meaningfully, from my very public position. As the Princess rightly points out, my position will be considerably weakened if I am perceived publicly to be looking for these three.
<Dezmali> Have you spoken to Daifan recently?
<Veznara> Not recently, but I'm sure to speak to her again at the Registry.
<Veznara> I'm sure she'll be interested in knowing that the Princess now knows, and is looking actively.
* Dezmali nods.
<Veznara> My, look at the time! I think I'm late... I should head for the Registry right now. :/
<Dezmali> All right. Do what you can, while staying safe. From Galdai, but also bearing in mind that Ughiva herself may be dangerous.
<Veznara> I don't *think
* the Princess would dare use powers on me to compel me to answer questions...
* Veznara says dubiously... :s
* Dezmali nods.
<Dezmali> Probably not, but even so. Go, talk to Daifan, see what you can learn from her, and then we'll cautiously move forward from there
* Veznara nods
<Veznara> I'll let you know if she tells me anything significant.
* Veznara heads off to the Registry office, where she hopes to run into Daifan as soon as possible...

Veznara confers briefly with Daifan

* Daifan can be found around the office, probably relegated to cleaning or something while things are quiet
<Veznara> Ah, Daifan. Could you come with me to the map room? I needed to ask you about the island of Ruur again...
<Daifan> oh...kay....
* Daifan will go along with what is clerly not your real motive here :x
* Veznara leads Daifan into the map room so they can talk privately, and after a few questions about Ruur broaches the real subject...
<Veznara> I came from an audience with the Princess earlier today.
<Veznara> It seems that the, ah, *guests
* left the temple without saying goodbye.
<Veznara> So Hand Dezmali and I went to break this news to the Princess this morning.
<Veznara> Of course, the Sentinels have not yet been informed.
<Veznara> It would look bad for Hand Dezmali - for all of us - if this news were to get out.
<Daifan> of course...
<Veznara> However, Her Imperial Highness has indicated that she intends to make a private effort to recover the "missing felons", as she put it.
* Daifan nods
<Daifan> Of course.
<Veznara> If she does, they will be taken straight to her estate.
<Veznara> There would no longer be any question of letting them stay in the Temple again.
<Daifan> I am sure they understand and expect all of that....
<Veznara> As we've discussed before, she is a powerful mystic... they will have to be very careful and skilled to escape her.
<Veznara> She also did not seem terribly surprised that they had managed to get away.
<Daifan> No... I do wonder how long she has known what was going on with them. Was it when they were discovered? Or befre that?
<Daifan> She wants them for their magic, and I don't think she would want them only on a whim because o their strange sentence.
<Daifan> So probably - she has some idea of what they can do.
<Veznara> I don't know. As I say, Dezmali came with me to break the news; now I'm frankly nervous at the idea of facing her on my own. :/
<Veznara> It *may
* be that she believes them to be especially powerful.
<Veznara> But it may also be that she suspects that the Hand has been helping them.
* Daifan nods
<Daifan> well, they have done so somewhat openly... She would never have wanted them to be separated
<Veznara> Yes. I'm not sure how much she suspects of me personally, but I'm sure she's always realized my appointment to her household was no accident.
<Veznara> I wouldn't be at all surprised if my access to various parts of it comes to be severely limited, now.
* Daifan nods
<Veznara> And I'm sure the Princess will be keeping a closer guard on the others on her estate, now, too.
* Daifan sighs
<Daifan> That would be useful to know...
<Veznara> I think the refugees would be very well advised to get as far away as they can, before they are caught again.
<Veznara> Anyway, I thought you would want to know all this.
<Daifan> Mmhmm. I don't think that they will abandon the others.
<Daifan> But thank you.
* Veznara nods
<Veznara> You're welcome.


Llillilli tells Jimba about her feelings for Thelef

* Jimba will be doing his usual boat things, then. :)
* Llillilli stands around while you are feeding Washteppo
<Llillilli> >.>
* Jimba looks up, still petting Washteppo.
<Jimba> Hey. What's up?
* Llillilli shrugs unconvincingly
* Jimba raises an eyebrow.
<Llillilli> Saw Thelef yesterday. We had to catch a fish for the wedding
<Jimba> Oh, that
<Jimba> Was this a family thing?
<Llillilli> Yeah
<Llillilli> It's supposed to be lucky?
<Llillilli> ANd you pickle it or something. Then we have to eat it on the day.
* Llillilli shrugs.
* Jimba smiles and chuckles.
<Jimba> Well, I guess that's good.
<Jimba> I mean, if you caught the fish and that's supposed to be lucky, that's good.
<Jimba> Things are going all right with Thelef and all that?
<Llillilli> Yeah.
* Llillilli rubs her arm.
<Llillilli> It's not as simple as I thought it would be
<Jimba> Oh?
<Jimba> How so?
<Llillilli> He thinks I'm smart. He said he likes my advice.
* Jimba smiles.
<Jimba> You are smart, and you give good advice.
<Jimba> It's good he recognizes that.
<Llillilli> SOmeone should
* Llillilli snorts
<Llillilli> But anyway
* Jimba grins wider.
<Llillilli> I don't know. I thought this was like, a deal that we made. But...
<Llillilli> I liked spending this time with him and I... noticed... things about him
<Jimba> What kind of things?
<Llillilli> You know... things. >:(
<Jimba> Good things?
<Llillilli> I like the way he talks. He's smart. and kind.
<Llillilli> and... other things
<Llillilli> You still like men right?
* Jimba laughs.
<Jimba> Sorry, yes, I still like men.
<Jimba> Are you saying you think you might like Thelef in the same way?
<Llillilli> I never really gave them a lot of thought before but now there is... a lot to think about >.>
* Jimba nods.
<Jimba> I can imagine.
<Jimba> Is this what you mean about it not being as simple as you thought?
<Llillilli> like when we went swimming to catch that fish... I was thinking a lot of things
<Jimba> Do you want to tell me what kind of things? Or is this not a brother/sister discussion topic?
<Llillilli> It's probably more a Daifan topic.
<Jimba> Fair.
<Jimba> I mean, I don't blame you. He's certainly a looker.
<Jimba> But I get that that also complicates things, potentially.
<Llillilli> I think it will be alright.
<Jimba> That's good.
<Jimba> I'm glad you two found each other, then, and that things are working out. His family kind of scares me, but you only have to deal with them a little, I think.
<Llillilli> Well once we're actually married what can they do?
<Jimba> Exactly. :)
<Jimba> So, it seems like things are going okay, then?
* Llillilli nods.
<Llillilli> I just wanted you to know.
<Jimba> Well, thanks for telling me.
<Jimba> I just want you to be happy.
<Llillilli> THanks.
<Llillilli> I want that too. I think.
* Jimba smiles, albeit a little sadly.
<Llillilli> Are you?
* Jimba frowns.
<Jimba> More or less, I guess.
* Jimba shrugs.
<Jimba> I'm alive and healthy, and you and Kat are, too. That's not nothing.
* Llillilli frowns.
<Llillilli> I guess.
<Jimba> Wrong answer?
<Llillilli> I just want *you* to be happy too.
<Jimba> I am, really. Or I'm getting there. A lot's going on.
<Llillilli> Okay...
<Jimba> Well, just like, we've got some business prospects going, which is good, but there's also whatever is going on with the hith, and what's happening with the corpseborn prisoners, and the fort's clashes with the locals...
<Jimba> It's a mixed bag.
<Llillilli> Probably not going to change
<Llillilli> I mean, what's in the bag might.
<Llillilli> But... not the... bag.
<Jimba> Yeah.
<Jimba> I get you.
<Jimba> Sorry, I don't mean to get you down, especially if you're on a Thelef-related high note. :)
<Llillilli> I'm not down, this is just my face.
<Jimba> Right, sorry. I wasn't commenting on your appearance.
* Llillilli smirks.

Daifan asks Jimba for some fos

* Daifan will wave up at the two of you from the dock
* Jimba waves back.
<Jimba> Hey Daifan, fancy seeing you here.
<Daifan> hello... can I come up?
<Jimba> Of course!
* Daifan will make sure no one else is paying too much attention before doing so
* Daifan is wearing their sling
<Daifan> could be monkey, could be baby :V
<Daifan> (Though I think Jimba is the only one who has met Shira)
<Jimba> Who's accompanying you today?
* Daifan pulls the sling back so you can see a monkey face
<Daifan> Just this lil' asshole :3
<Jimba> Aww, hey little buddy.
<Jimba> How're you doing today?
<Jimba> And also you, Daifan. How's things?
<Daifan> she's okay, a bit stressed, but that's probably my fault
<Daifan> She's very sensitive about some things
<Daifan> I though it would be nice to take her out for a walk and go somewhere she can play around a bit...if you don't mind
<Jimba> Oh, sure, plenty of critters have the run of the boat. I can put the dogs up for now.
<Daifan> oh, she can avoid dogs
<Daifan> she'll just go up :3
<Daifan> Go on, you silly thing
* Daifan will turn her out of the sling
* Daifan will let her scamper where she likes, whether that's on me or someone else or up the mast
<Daifan> Is Katenzhi here?
<Jimba> No, she's off...getting into trouble, I suspect. :)
<Daifan> hmmm, okay
<Daifan> I had wanted to ask her about some magic things...
<Jimba> Oh?
<Daifan> Mmmhmm. I don't think that you'll be able to answer, Jimba
<Daifan> but if you can tell her I was here....
<Daifan> I would appreciate it
<Jimba> No problem. You're welcome to wait around, but I have no idea when she'll be back.
<Daifan> well, I was't going to rush off, anyway, but we can't stay too long...
<Jimba> Busy day?
<Daifan> I have some...mmm... friends who need some help, and I said I would stop in tonight
<Jimba> Ah.
<Jimba> These would be, uh, your plantation friends?
<Daifan> friends who wer staying at the temple....
<Daifan> but we do have friends in common
<Jimba> Ah, okay.
<Jimba> Anything we can do to help, in addition to passing word along to Kat?
<Daifan> Well...
<Daifan> I told them I would see if I could find some fos
<Daifan> I don't even know how much it costs :x
<Jimba> Well, cheaper here than elsewhere. How much do you need, and how quickly?
<Daifan> or how much would be... a reasonable amount. thats what I wanted to ask her...
<Daifan> sooner rather than later, I think
<Jimba> Well, I mean, 20 doses would be like a little more than a week's wages, and that should accomplish anything someone would reasonably need.
<Daifan> hmm....
<Daifan> That would probably be a place to start...
<Jimba> I know some people...
<Jimba> If it's imperative, I can go track someone down.
<Daifan> I don't know. Maybe?
<Jimba> How long do you have?
* Daifan throws up their hands
<Daifan> I don't knwo :/
<Daifan> My friends could be in danger now but it's all... magic things, I don't know enugh about it to understand how immediately so.
* Jimba nods.
<Jimba> All right. If you can wait here a little bit, I can be back in...less than a half hour?
<Daifan> oh :o
<Daifan> I don't think I have that much money on me.... but I will pay you back.
<Jimba> It's all right. I know you're good for it. ;)
<Daifan> thank you.... you are too kind
<Jimba> And bad with my money for an aspiring merchant, but, hey, that's what friends are for. Be back in a bit.
* Jimba grins and heads into the cabin to grab some coins and then will head out to go get the fos.
* Daifan will watch the water and watch lil' asshole play or a bit, since no one else seems to be around :3
* Jimba will presumably be back shortly.
<Daifan> Thank you. I appreciate you helping like this, but I'm going to... not mention it to anyone else >.>
<Jimba> That seems smart.
* Daifan nods
<Jimba> At least, if there are any questions, which there shouldn't be, but I can say I was buying stuff for Katenzhi.
* Daifan nods
<Daifan> I would still like to talk to her
* Jimba nods.
<Jimba> I'll be sure to let her know.
<Daifan> and I might need more.... I'll have to see how far this will go.
<Jimba> Okay. I guess let us know.
* Daifan nods
<Jimba> And, you safe.
<Daifan> hopefully.... we can resolve things soon.... or at least reunit my friends
<Daifan> thank you... I'll try :3
* Jimba smiles.
<Daifan> I'll have to find some other way to repay you.... maybe I'll have to send a nice boy your way ;)
<Jimba> Well, I'm sure we can negotiate something. ;)
<Daifan> mmhmm ^_^
<Daifan> I did pass along your thoughts about Ruur
<Jimba> Hey, great! I don't know how viable it is, but it might be worthwhile.
<Daifan> well, I will leave that to you and Dekesh to sort out ^-^
* Jimba grins.
<Daifan> he might come by to talk business ^-^

Veznara talks with Voice Gili about her investigation

* Gili is walking out of the temple with a family who apparently were here to visit an ancestor. They finish talking and then he sees you approaching.
* Veznara nods to him, and tentatively approaches him
* Gili smiles thinly and shifts, you think uncomfortably, from one leg to the other.
<Veznara> Voice Gili, hello. How are you?
<Gili> Well enough, and you?
<Veznara> Also well, thank you.
<Veznara> I was wondering if we could talk for a bit?
<Gili> That would be fine.
* Veznara looks around to be sure that they won't be overheard...
<Gili> (seems clear to you)
<Veznara> I was wondering whether you've made any progress in the matter you came to see me about a while back.
<Gili> Hmm.
<Gili> Perhaps.
<Veznara> You've found out something?
<Gili> Perhaps.
<Veznara> Would you be willing to share it with me?
<Gili> I don't know.
<Gili> It may not be safe.
* Veznara smiles ruefully
<Veznara> I agree - but I am already involved.
<Veznara> I must say that I am glad to see you well; after our last meeting, I was worried for you.
<Gili> I would say that since our last meeting my concerns about the Sashnir cult have only grown.
<Veznara> Have you been to scout around the temple for yourself?
<Gili> I have not.
<Gili> And my efforts to encourage Voice Tegus to take an interest in the matter have not been fruitful.
<Veznara> But you have discovered more that increases your concern?
<Gili> Perhaps.
<Gili> I have been requested not to follow my line of inquiry any further.
<Veznara> Oh, I see. :/
<Veznara> ...
<Veznara> And that includes not encouraging *others
* to follow this line of inquiry, either?
<Gili> I would imagine so, yes.
<Gili> Have you learned anything new of interest?
<Veznara> You must know of the revivication ceremony that took place here a few days ago?
<Gili> Yes, of course.
<Veznara> I... fear that her death may have been connected.
* Gili looks alarmed.
<Gili> How so?
<Veznara> (Sense Motive - is this genuine alarm?)
<Gili> (sure, go ahead)
<Veznara> !roll 1d20+10
* Lan-werk rolls for Veznara: [ 1d20+10 ] getting [ 2 ] which, after the modifier [ 10 ] totals [ 12 ].
<Gili> (you don't have any reason to think otherwise)
<Veznara> I believe *she
* was seen scouting the area, and I fear that may have been the motive for those who attacked her.
<Veznara> Naturally, this made me doubly concerned for you. I thought you should be warned... but I did not realize you were no longer pursuing the matter.
<Gili> That is ... terrifying.
<Veznara> It's only speculation. I have no idea of what really happened.
<Veznara> But still... it preys on my mind.
<Gili> All right ... but why do you believe it in the first place?
<Veznara> (Sense Motive again - is he just curious, or deliberately pumping me for info to see how much I know?)
<Gili> (I'm not sure how you would know the difference)
<Veznara> (Meh, never mind then.)
<Gili> (he definitely earnestly seems to want to know)
<Veznara> Well - may I ask again what you have discovered yourself?
<Gili> I have been asked by my superiors to not discuss the matter.
<Gili> Are you under any such similar stricture?
* Veznara sighs
<Veznara> No, you are right. Forgive me. This is all very disturbing... it makes me wary of speaking of it with anyone, even you.
<Veznara> It's just that I have heard there was another murder in almost the same place many years ago.
<Gili> All right ... and you think it may be connected?
<Veznara> Yes.
<Gili> Because it was at the same place?
<Veznara> The victim's name was Kuga Sashnir.
<Gili> How did you learn about this?
<Veznara> (Again, Sense Motive - is this a surprise to him?)
<Veznara> !roll 1d20+10
* Lan-werk rolls for Veznara: [ 1d20+10 ] getting [ 12 ] which, after the modifier [ 10 ] totals [ 22 ].
<Gili> (he seems surprised)
<Veznara> Well, you know of the first temple my team discovered in the swamp?
<Gili> Yes, of course.
<Veznara> When we found the name there, I asked around about it.
<Veznara> The murder in question happened many years ago, but many of those who were already in the colony at the time remembered it.
<Veznara> But surely you heard about it too?
<Gili> Why would I have heard of it?
<Veznara> Because you were looking into the lineage yourself. And because...
* Veznara looks around carefully again
* Veznara stops
<Veznara> Forgive me, Voice Gili. I have already said too much.
<Gili> That is perhaps so.
<Gili> I fear that there are political factors beyond any of our concern going on here.
* Veznara nods
<Veznara> I had no wish to disturb your peace of mind... only to warn you of the dangers I have already been made aware of.
<Gili> My view is becoming that the Sashnir temples are a matter on which my superior does not wish to inquire too deeply. I believe that if there were a real connection with a past murder of a Sashnir, he would be even more concerned.
<Veznara> I have no wish to interfere in Voice matters.
<Veznara> Are you under an obligation to report this to him?
<Gili> I am not.
<Gili> Do you wish me to?
<Veznara> No. I am sure he is already aware of the incident.
<Gili> All right.
<Gili> Thank you for coming by, Hand Veznara.
<Veznara> Thank you for speaking with me, Voice Gili.

Kiklatsa visits Llillilli and gives her a gift

* Kiklatsa comes by the boat one day to visit you, unannounced.
* Llillilli is practicing drills with her pfethes.
* Llillilli is sweaty, gross, and topless :v
<Kiklatsa> Good morning!
* Llillilli stops and looks at her.
<Llillilli> Hello.
* Kiklatsa calls out as she approaches. She's wearing a green dashi, nothing too fancy, and a necklace of shells, coral, and silver.
<Kiklatsa> I was hoping you'd be here. I've been meaning to find time to talk. I see you're busy, though, don't let me interrupt.
* Llillilli shrugs.
<Llillilli> I can practice any time.
<Kiklatsa> Do you and Thelef practice together? He's very good.
<Llillilli> Probably too good for me
<Kiklatsa> That's what I thought, but I was willing to be convinced otherwise.
* Kiklatsa remarks drily.
<Llillilli> Hilarious
<Llillilli> What do you want?
<Kiklatsa> I wanted to talk to you.
<Kiklatsa> Talking to my nephew about some things, it's difficult. There are some things that women need to handle.
<Llillilli> Is that so
<Kiklatsa> And, unless I miss my mark, you are the one who makes many of the necessary decisions.
<Llillilli> I don't control Thelef. I already told you that.
<Kiklatsa> No, of course not.
<Kiklatsa> Believe it or not, I do actually want what's best for you ... for both of you.
<Kiklatsa> I know I may seem to be a hard woman. I've had to be, in my life. But that doesn't mean we need to stand in opposition.
* Llillilli listens, dubious.
<Kiklatsa> I want you to understand where I'm coming from.
<Llillilli> Where's that
<Kiklatsa> From the perspective that it is my particular role, my burden, to ensure the continued strength of my lineage. My brother Tobor, he is a fine lineage head, but this is not his role.
<Kiklatsa> Once, I thought it would be Thelef's father to take it on. After he died, though - well.
<Kiklatsa> That was hard for everyone.
<Llillilli> I'm sure it was. My condolences
<Kiklatsa> And then, when my nephew began dealing with the hith, some years ago, well, that was hard too.
<Kiklatsa> Hard for me, at least.
<Kiklatsa> Because our concern was that he would abandon his duties to his family. That we would become ... less to him.
<Kiklatsa> That he would not, one day, take whatever mantle would be asked of him.
* Llillilli waits for her to get to the point
<Kiklatsa> One day I do think that he will be called upon to serve as elder.
<Kiklatsa> And when that day comes, the work I have put in, to ensure that the ties he has built with King Whuthe, are maintained and used to the benefit of the Aanilaus.
<Kiklatsa> And should that happen, you too will have many responsibilities, to a generation not yet born.
* Kiklatsa looks at you, trying to gauge your reaction to this.
<Llillilli> To try and weed out *their
* intended partners?
<Kiklatsa> To test them, yes.
<Kiklatsa> In fact, while I do not know you well yet, you seem to me to be exactly the sort of person to quickly judge another - and to not often be wrong.
<Llillilli> People do say that about me
<Kiklatsa> And also, to be a sort of person possessed of a kind of utter honesty - even when sometimes the words that escape your mouth are not always well-received.
<Llillilli> Mm...
<Kiklatsa> It is a life filled with few friendships, but those you build will be rewarding beyond compare.
<Kiklatsa> You will be respected, even feared, and not simply for who your husband is, but for the power you wield.
<Llillilli> I'm used to not having many friends.
* Llillilli shrugs
<Kiklatsa> Indeed. And yet your brother, he respects and loves you deeply. You are very close, unless I misjudge.
<Llillilli> Yes. We're twins.
<Kiklatsa> He impressed me much, at our meeting. With his deference to me - but also to you.
<Kiklatsa> A strong man, no doubt - I hear he has many ties with important people in Timiil, people not to be trifled with. And yet, to see him in proper understanding of his role, even though nominally standing as your 'elder' - it gives me some confidence in your union with Thelef.
<Llillilli> Great.
<Kiklatsa> You know that Thelef has had many suitors over the years? He is a handsome man, and twenty-seven, and from a good family. Both old families from Timiil, as well as esteemed lineages from Omban lands, have sought a union.
<Llillilli> Yes, he told me.
<Llillilli> He said it was annoying
* Kiklatsa laughs.
<Kiklatsa> It was very,very annoying.
<Kiklatsa> I did not much relish it. It was my duty to bring them forward - to do otherwise would be insulting.
<Llillilli> You didn't want him to marry someone from those good families?
<Kiklatsa> In principle, of course.
<Kiklatsa> But they did not much understand what I was looking for.
<Kiklatsa> They would present dainty girls, young ladies of great refinement and charm, and of course, beautiful.
<Kiklatsa> But none of them who were at all interested in Thelef for his own sake, and certainly none he expressed any interest in. And none who had the requisite ... vigor? spirit?
<Llillilli> I see.
<Kiklatsa> Now do not mistake me as saying that he's passive. Far from it! I'm sure you know that his work, and his connections to Sulise, matter a great deal to him. And he has opinions. But that means he needs someone who will ... ahh, check him when his opinions are foolish.
<Kiklatsa> And so, the one time that I think you lied to me, or at least did not tell me the whole truth in our first meeting, that was the greatest concern I had.
<Llillilli> WHat was that?
<Kiklatsa> You told me that if Thelef wished to go to Sulise and live in the hith kingdom, that that would be his decision and that you would have to follow him.
<Kiklatsa> I do not think that that is how that decision would be made, if it were to pass.
<Kiklatsa> Perhaps you were showing deference because, in that moment, you imagined that deference was expected of you. I assure you that it is not.
<Llillilli> I did not say that I would 'have' to follow him.
<Llillilli> But I would. Follow him.
* Kiklatsa nods.
<Kiklatsa> I understand.
<Kiklatsa> Please don't take me the wrong way. I neither want you to agree with me - or your husband - or disagree - out of such obligations. I think that the only woman who can help Thelef become what he could be, is someone of great directness and good sense.
<Kiklatsa> And it is because of that - more than any other consideration - that I gave my blessing to this union.
<Kiklatsa> More than that - I am very pleased indeed that you have found each other.
* Kiklatsa smiles (warmly?).
<Llillilli> Really?
<Llillilli> Well... thanks?
* Llillilli is uncertain what to say.
<Kiklatsa> Indeed. And I know that your reasons for marrying Thelef have very little to do with my political ambitions for him. And yet, I do think those interests, those reasons may coincide. I have come to think that you may be just the sort of partner for him who will enhance him, and in so doing enhance yourself.
<Llillilli> That's the idea, so I'm told
<Kiklatsa> I wish you to have something.
* Kiklatsa removes her necklace and hands it to you.
<Kiklatsa> This is my mother's. She was a Belidomi - another one of the fine houses of this land. But it is not Aanilaus property, anymore than I am, or than you will be.
<Kiklatsa> It is a gift given from me to you.
<Llillilli> ...
* Llillilli takes it carefully.
<Llillilli> Thank you.
* Llillilli says sincerely.
<Kiklatsa> I hear that you and Thelef caught the hamag together.
* Kiklatsa smiles.
<Llillilli> Yes...
* Llillilli smiles a bittle awkwardly
<Llillilli> (little)
<Kiklatsa> It is often said that the fish you catch yourself tastes far better than the one from the market. If you forgive the analogy, I think that Thelef will find that to be true in his marriage.
<Llillilli> Heh.
<Llillilli> As long as he doesn't stuff me in a jar.
* Kiklatsa laughs.
<Kiklatsa> I think we're safe on that front.
<Kiklatsa> Well, thank you for allowing me this time, Llillilli. I look forward to seeing you again soon.
<Llillilli> You're welcome... Thanks for coming.

Daifan brings the fos to Ughiva

* Daifan will come in the evening to bring a little food.... and those 20 doses of fos... to the budal who have been hiding out
* Daifan slips quietly into the granary
<Daifan> hello? It's me....
* Ughiva is sitting contemplatively.
* Ughiva turns and smiles thinly.
<Ughiva> I was wondering whether you'd be by today.
<Daifan> me, or someone...
<Ughiva> It's been quiet, and I've been getting anxious.
<Daifan> I don't have much for food today, but I do have this...
<Daifan> I'm sorry, I know it must be hard hiding out like this.
* Ughiva looks at what you have to give her.
<Daifan> I don't know much about magic... but it's something.
<Ughiva> It's great. It's enough for now.
<Daifan> good.
* Daifan seems a bit relieved
<Ughiva> It raises a lot of questions though. How best to use it.
<Ughiva> It might be enough for one big spell, something that would bring an end to this all. But very risky, and if it doesn't work ...
<Ughiva> But if I use it to learn more about what's going on in the prison - I don't want to think about what would happen if I didn't like what I saw.
<Ughiva> I'm not going to like what I see, am I?
<Daifan> I don't have any new information on that but.... I cant see how you would, no.
<Ughiva> If it all goes badly, it gets worse for them, it gets worse for me, and then maybe even gets worse for you.
<Daifan> Mmhmmm.
<Daifan> But that's already a risk.
<Ughiva> Yes. All of this involves risk.
<Ughiva> The community here, Banei, do you think they will support us? Given that it would involve risk to them too?
<Daifan> There are some who would not. There are divisions here, he same as everywhere in Kaskind, between the Aumesh and newcomers.
<Daifan> I think, and I would not be alone, that there is as much or greater risk in doing nothing.
<Daifan> To allow other Budal to be abused so badly... it a bad precedent, witches or not.
<Daifan> I think most of us here would understand that given the chance.
<Ughiva> But with all the fos here. Once we are free, they may be faced with dozens of witches that make Gagambor look tiny in comparison. The hedal may regret that.
* Daifan looks at Ughiva.
<Daifan> are you... trying to test me?
<Ughiva> Are you? By bringing me this fos?
<Daifan> A little? I don[t knwo what you could do with it, but I also find it hard to believe you haven't already decided what your plan would be, depending on what you could get.
* Ughiva sits quietly for a moment, then smiles.
<Ughiva> Have I ever told you how I got my ludu? Why I am called Spoons?
<Daifan> of course not.
<Ughiva> Would you like to know?
<Daifan> sure.
<Ughiva> I was eight. I'm tall now, but then, I was tiny. Some older children took me and stuffed me into a cellar.
<Ughiva> They came back an hour later to let me out. They were never going to keep me there for long.
<Ughiva> But when they came back, I was already gone.
<Ughiva> Dug my way out, with nothing but spoons.
<Daifan> That does sound like you.
<Ughiva> You have brought me my spoons, Daifan.
<Ughiva> And now my choice is whether to dig my friends out, or to gouge out that bitch's eyes.
<Daifan> :|
<Daifan> I think.... even if you dig them out, it will be hard to keep them safe while she's alive
* Ughiva nods.
<Daifan> But... you might not succeed. And you might not survive.
<Ughiva> But the tales the naskons will tell will be worth it, if the others are free.
<Daifan> that's true
<Ughiva> Don't worry, I plan on living. I'm not suicidal. But I know better than most about sacrifice.
<Daifan> YOu could find someone to curse her first, that would help
<Ughiva> Who would you recommend?
<Daifan> Rooster. He might even do it or free if you can convince him, and you probably can.
<Ughiva> Hmm, all right. I can be very convincing.
<Daifan> DO you need me to bring him to you?
<Ughiva> Unless you think it's safe for me to wander around in Banei.
<Daifan> probably not. I'll try and set it up, then.
<Ughiva> Thank you.
<Daifan> you're welcome - I'll come back soon.

Balinteze and Daifan talk about Galdai and the corpseborn

* Balinteze can bring you to their room for some private conversation.
<Daifan> more secret girfriends for Kemai.... what will the neighbors think? :3
* Balinteze chuckles
<Balinteze> They'll probably be impressed.
<Balinteze> How have you been doing?
<Daifan> maybe, or wonder if its really secret boyfriends ^-^
<Daifan> oh, well....
<Daifan> about the same :/
<Daifan> works been light, at least
<Balinteze> that's good at least...
<Balinteze> provided they keep paying you, anyway
<Daifan> they gave us a bonus so we'd be less tempted to take bribes, so I think we're probably okay!
<Balinteze> Nice :)
<Daifan> that was nice, yes.
<Daifan> how about you?
<Daifan> are you havng to do anything with that big Envoy meeting?
<Balinteze> Yes, I've been out there half a dozen times, going back and forth for one thing or another.
<Daifan> anything fun?
<Balinteze> Kikhash is involved, so I'm assisting him - mostly by bringing food out from town or going back to get him a new pillow or some insect repellant.
<Daifan> very glamourous
* Daifan teases
<Balinteze> I think he's gotten soft, not accustomed to such ... rustic surroundings ;)
<Daifan> poor baby
<Balinteze> Yes, who would have thought this town would be the height of civilization...
<Daifan> but he probably started soft, let's be honest...
<Balinteze> Possibly.
<Daifan> it's a bit of an adjustment for us tender Daligashi...
* Balinteze smiles at that
<Balinteze> that reminds me - I got you something.
* Balinteze goes to a storage chest and opens it up to bring out a small glass bottle and offer it to you.
<Daifan> you did? :x
<Daifan> oh you didsn't :x :x
<Balinteze> Just a little treat :)
* Daifan will take it and check it out
<Daifan> (is it perfume? :x)
<Balinteze> (it's perfume :)
<Daifan> (Is it that one kind of perfume I couldn't get before? :x)
<Daifan> (Or just something nice?)
<Balinteze> (it's the one you couldn't get before)
<Daifan> Ohhh.... thank you....
* Daifan clutches it
<Balinteze> you're welcome :3
<Daifan> I...
* Daifan bites their lip, nervous
<Balinteze> yes?
<Daifan> It's been a while since anyone bought me anything fancy
<Balinteze> I hope you enjoy it. You deserve to feel ... fancy :)
* Daifan nods
<Daifan> I'll have to wear it for you.... sometime
<Balinteze> That would be nice :)
* Daifan nods
<Daifan> I, ah, didn't mean to get distracted with flirting though, I did have somethign to tell you...
* Balinteze smiles, but then nods, trying to look more serious.
<Balinteze> What was it?
<Daifan> did you hear about the Budal who were staying at the temple?
* Balinteze nods
<Balinteze> what happened with them?
<Daifan> they, uh, left.
<Balinteze> left?
<Balinteze> like, escaped?
<Daifan> they left the temple.
<Daifan> well, I don't thin they were being held, exactly...
<Daifan> but I suppose so
<Balinteze> do you know where they went?
<Daifan> I do. They came to me.
<Balinteze> Oh, I see :o
<Balinteze> do they need help? or.. do you?
<Daifan> probably... Galdai is certainly looking for them
* Balinteze nods
<Daifan> is she finds them, she'll take them to the plantation with the others
<Daifan> I dn't know what they're going to do...
<Balinteze> it might be possible to find a way to get them away from here. But... that might not be what they want?
<Daifan> It is not. They want to help the others.
<Balinteze> That's sort of what I figured.
<Daifan> Spoons is very determined
* Balinteze nods
* lan_phone ( Quit (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity�)
<Daifan> she might want.... revenge
<Balinteze> That... makes things complicated. Revenge against the princess?
<Daifan> mmhmm
<Balinteze> :/
<Daifan> what do you think would happen, if she tried something like that?
<Balinteze> She would need to think very hard about what price she's willing to pay for that revenge.
* Daifan nods
<Daifan> I thnk she has at least considered the personal risk...
<Balinteze> If she kills a member of the Imperial family, then the punishment if she was ever caught would be ... not just death, but torture, an agonizing, slow death.
<Daifan> she'd probably bite off her own tongue and bleed to death to spite them :p
<Balinteze> Mm, maybe.
<Daifan> but I do think she knows that.
<Balinteze> It would mean either... accepting that as the consequence, or accepting that the rest of whatever life she has left would be spent hiding, running, never being able to be at peace again, or risk being caught.
<Balinteze> Whereas instead, if she and her people escape ... well. It woudl make Galdai angry, no doubt, but it wouldn't bring down the wrath of the entire Imperial system on them. Galdai is one princess, at a distance from her home, and she isn't all-powerful.
<Daifan> no but she does want them very badly
<Balinteze> yes... it's strange.
<Daifan> Its not strange
<Daifan> they have a new kind of magic
<Balinteze> so that's what she wants from them?
<Daifan> I think so
<Balinteze> I... hm.
* Balinteze considers that for a few moments.
<Daifan> I don't kno if it is only something Budal can do, or just something they came up with
<Daifan> maybe that's what she wants to fnd out
<Balinteze> I never met Princess Galdai personally, but I certainly heard about her when I was around the court.
<Daifan> what did you hear?
<Daifan> that she's an evil, heartless, bitch who's obsessed with magic?
<Balinteze> She's certainly a strong mystic, very devoted to her craft and to gathering knowledge. And ... yes, 'bitch' would be one of the milder terms.
<Balinteze> But... this whole thing - coming out here, so far from home, to build a plantation and conduct her studies. It feels... off, somehow, even for her.
<Daifan> I think... all this... started earlier
<Balinteze> I'm trying to put my finger on what it is that's bothering me. It's clearly a long-term plan. She didn't just decide to do this one day on a whim.
<Daifan> no
<Daifan> I think maybe she started givig hem fos somehow, that maybe she started this whole plan
<Daifan> to see what would happen...
<Daifan> or, I dn' know, because she had ideas about what would happen
<Daifan> I know she is very good at controlling poeple's minds
<Daifan> Maybe I'm being paranoid. but she was *ready
* for all of this
<Balinteze> It could be. She certainly is capable of taking that kind of long view of things. But... she's also old. Very old. So old that I think, well, if this is a long-term plan she's enacting, she's taking a risk that she might not see it through.
<Daifan> maybe she is planning to live forever :p
<Balinteze> she also brought her granddaughter with her. Lady Ziftu. And... from anything I know of Princess Galdai, she is not a sentimental type, who would want to bring a beloved grandchild with her so she isn't lonely or something like that. She would have a reason to bring her here, beyond either sentiment or family obligation.
<Daifan> mmm..
<Daifan> Wolf said that her monther - her rim, I assumed - used to be Galdai's apprentice, and that's why shed taken her in, out of sentiment
<Balinteze> Hm.
<Daifan> but I don't think so
<Daifan> Wolf is a manifest - maybe she's been using her to study something >.>
<Balinteze> I don't think she has that kind of sentiment. She might have a sense of propriety, of doing what appears correct so that no one bothers her, but just because she cared for someone...? it seems unlikely.
<Daifan> yes
<Daifan> I think she's been using her to study.... lineage
<Balinteze> Something in budal, specifically?
<Daifan> maybe.
<Daifan> Most budal don't get much of a chance to do anything with fos
* Balinteze nods
<Daifan> not until we started coming here
<Daifan> or, well, until they found fos here.
<Balinteze> Did she teach Wolf to use fos?
<Daifan> I'm not sure
<Daifan> I don't think so, but that doens't mean she doesn't know about it
<Daifan> :/
<Daifan> this is all just guessing about things though
<Daifan> unless we had some way to connect her to gagamboor before all of this..
<Balinteze> Yes. I know the more pressing problem is what to do about the ones who came to you to hide. Do you need anything to help with that?
<Daifan> I don't think so. They're okay for now...
<Balinteze> We can keep worrying about Galdai, but helping their people is the more urgent demand.
<Daifan> as long as Galdai doesn't find them :x
* Balinteze nods
<Balinteze> okay - let me know if there's anything I can do to help there.
<Daifan> I will...
<Balinteze> ... do you have to get back? I know you're probably busy...
<Daifan> if they need to move from where they are.... maybe I would need help then, so if you can think of anywhere they cold go if necessary....
* Balinteze asks a bit cautious, trying not to get their hopes up.
<Balinteze> I can probably find someplace - it might not be long-term, but if they need a place to hide out for a day or two, I could help with that.
<Daifan> oh.... no.... I was gong to say
<Daifan> the other things is just.... it would be nice not to think about this for a bit, and do something...else :x
<Balinteze> I could probably help with that too :3
<Daifan> I'd like that.
* Daifan will set the perfume down, and go in for cuddles :3
* Balinteze can oblige :3

Junan talks to Zefa and later to Kihkash

* Zefa can be found at the Silver Waves, her new inn at the site, chatting up patrons and generally meeting everyone.
* Junan will approach her, feigning admiration for her new building
<Junan> isn't this place swell
* Zefa turns and acts surprised to see you.
<Zefa> Junan, what a pleasure to see you here at the Waves.
<Junan> I'm sure the pleasure is all mine.
<Junan> This is quite a step from your previous endevours... trading up and down the river wasn't it?
<Zefa> It's different, but I have always liked to do new things. A lot of people are surprised that I'm not overwhelmed with all the business during the nambimoshe. But it's very rewarding, especially to see so many of our guild here today.
<Junan> And how lucky for you that Jaigadu had this site in mind for this gathering... and his future plans
<Zefa> Well, after that poor fellow's death the least we could do is ensure that the site is put to good use. I thought about naming a room after him or something, but of course no one wants to stay in a room named after a dead man.
<Junan> and I'm sure that was how things fell in place
* Zefa smiles.
<Zefa> Naturally.
<Junan> So you've been spending time up in Charadip as well, then I take it?
<Zefa> I visited with Jaigadu there
<Zefa> Why do you ask?
<Junan> well its not likely Jaigadu heard about this place in Charadip all by himself. I mean the previous now untimely departed owner was Basai... what was his name again? I'm sure its not important, but it seems like a stretch that its availability was advertised that far.
<Zefa> Well of course, I'm in contact with many people, as I'm sure you understand.
<Junan> Oh I can imagine all sorts you could be in contact with.
<Zefa> I do want to thank you again for all your hard work on my behalf during my claim. You and your whole team, of course.
<Junan> Honestly I'm impressed you managed to convince Jaigadu how good his idea this local would be.
<Zefa> Thank you. I'm glad I could get him to see the potential here.
<Junan> why thank you, but all we did was find the body of a man stabbed in the back with a pitchfork.
<Zefa> Hmm, do you know what happened to that pitchfork?
* Junan shrugs
<Junan> I just investigate land claims... not suspicious deaths... maybe the Voice knows?
<Zefa> That's a good idea, I might look into that.
<Zefa> But enough about that business, how have you been?
<Junan> Spun up in the whirlwind of history in the making, as we are all.
<Zefa> Are you still working with the Senator?
<Junan> I still drink his wine when he throws parties... I work at the Land Registry, and I thought we were done talking about business, or are you just having fondness for the homeland?
* Zefa smiles.
<Zefa> I do sometimes miss Bunduga's shores, that feeling of clean air off the lake. It's never clean here.
<Junan> fortunately all one has to do is close one's eyes and bring back the memory of the breeze... nostalgia is wasted on Envoys
<Zefa> You're so completely right.
<Zefa> Jaigadu was right to choose you to help him with this - he'll need sensible eyes and ears around here.
<Junan> and don't forget the neat handwriting... wouldnt want to have anything lost for those not so fortunate to be properly trained.
<Zefa> Of course! Today you may be taking notes but I think in the days to come there will be great things ahead for you, as we seek to avoid - as we work with Basai.
* Junan will take a sip of his cup
<Junan> The more I think about it, I hope my 'whirlwind of history' may be less apt... they tend to leave a mess in thier wake.
<Zefa> They do indeed.
<Zefa> (Junan, make a Perception check)
<Zefa> (actually I'm not sure we have rolling access, Heather isn't in the channel)
<Junan> !roll 1d20+11
<Zefa> (yeah seems not)
<Junan> (could hop on rolld20)
<Zefa> or I could just roll for you, then you won't know what you missed, if anything :)
<Junan> (sure)
<Junan> (ill moment of prescience it regradless)
<Junan> (for another +2)
<Zefa> (Junan, you spot Kikhash Urdondu over in the corner of the room, sitting, eyes half-open, but you definitely get the sense that he's watching the two of you)
<Junan> (remind me who that is again... lots of NPCs in this game)
<Zefa> (sure, Kikhash is the envoy who is in charge of diplomatic affairs for the colony, works for the sentinels. He attended the investigation where you accused Zefa (sort of), and he shut you down)
<Junan> (I implied, not accused)
<Zefa> (heh, fair)
<Zefa> ( , in case you need a refresher)
<Junan> I'm going to pick a few tunes and nurse my stings, assuming you or your patrons wont mind the music
<Zefa> Of course. By all means.
<Junan> Do you sing?
<Junan> just curious?
<Zefa> I do, sometimes.
<Junan> Good to know
* Junan smiles and wanders away, slipping his lute from its bag
* Zefa is now known as AshnabisNarrator
<AshnabisNarrator> A short time later, as you are wandering around the crowd after what you think is a successful performance, Kikhash looks up at you as you pass by and nods slowly, as if motioning you to sit.
* Junan will take him up on his offer
* AshnabisNarrator is now known as Kikhash
<Junan> Kikhash Urdondu, what can I do for you?
<Kikhash> You play well, for a Bronze.
<Kikhash> But here at the nambimoshe, we set those things aside.
<Junan> I'll accept the compliment in the spirit it was given, but I doubt you wanted to discuss the finer points of my playing.
<Kikhash> Our hostess has done a fine job setting this place up in such a short time, don't you think?
<Junan> my days of merchanting are in the past, thankfully, so I could only guess at the logistical efforts required.
<Junan> ample preperation key?
<Kikhash> And ample funds. One wonders where they came from.
<Junan> Ever gone to the Esteemed Clam in Kaskind?
<Kikhash> Of course - although usually I don't go in either of my uniforms. You may have seen me there.
<Junan> I do like to play there on occaison, but the place is a shadow of its former glory
<Kikhash> Mmm, that's so.
<Junan> its not their fault, really. It's just that thier main customers have taken their mony elsewhere
<Junan> but I would hardly be surprised if some of that money has ened up here.
* Kikhash nods.
<Junan> I doubt that you are either.
<Kikhash> Do you suppose this is about money, then?
<Junan> This isn't Daligash. We both know what the currency in Ashnabis is.
<Junan> money is a byproduct
* Kikhash yawns.
<Kikhash> Yes I suppose you could be right about that.
<Kikhash> But I think you will find that some people who are here are not here for the money, or the fos. They are here for the chaos and the shroud it provides.
<Junan> instability will not make the other kind very happy
<Kikhash> No indeed.
<Kikhash> Sometimes, to ensure stability, you need to let chaos have a long leash, to wrap itself tightly enough around the tree so you can put it out of its misery.
<Junan> thats grim. And what happens to those that get trampled by said chaos in the meantime?
<Kikhash> It's unfortunate. I don't envy those who get ensnared. I do try to warn them.
<Junan> how charitable of you. I'll remember to avoid leashes where I can.
<Kikhash> I'm glad we could talk. I'll make sure to catch your performances in the future, when I can.
<Junan> Do you have any requests? I can try to mix them in next time I see you in the crowd?
<Kikhash> Do you know 'The Fanciful Dreamer'? It's older than either of us, but my auntie used to sing it to me when I was a little one.
<Junan> (do I? Its probably familiar... lots of songs have different regional names and lyrics)
<Kikhash> (oh, probably , you're both Daligashi after all)
<Junan> I know the tune.... next time then
<Kikhash> Until next time.

Veznara goes shopping at Vokh's

* Veznara goes to do some shopping chez Vozh Akhamai
* Kikhash is now known as Vokh
* Vokh has a large shop centrally located along the Colony Road, near the bridge, where many of the older businesses and homes of Kaskind are located. A large warehouse sits beside the shop, where you understand he keeps excess goods and new arrivals.
* Veznara approaches the shop, and enters
* Vokh smiles warmly as you enter. He is wearing a long well-tailored tunic and robe that cover his substantial girth. His white beard is close-trimmed.
<Vokh> Lady Veznara of the Kezondo, welcome!
<Veznara> Hello, Vokh! Thank you. How are you?
<Vokh> Very well! Business is good, as you can see.
<Veznara> I'm glad to hear it. And it may be about to get a bit better. :)
<Veznara> I was hoping you could supply me with a few things.
<Veznara> As you may know, I am now frequently in attendance upon Her Imperial Highness, Princess Galdai.
<Veznara> So I was thinking you might be able to help me pick a few more outfits suitable for wearing in her presence...
<Vokh> I did hear that - so that's true, is it? Ahh, congratulations on your appointment!
<Veznara> Thank you! It's a rare honour.
<Veznara> Before I came here, I didn't expect to find an Imperial Princess in Kaskind.
<Veznara> When did they arrive, anyway?
<Vokh> Hmm, I think Princess Ziftu was eleven, so ... I suppose around three years ago? But I'm not sure if that's when she moved or just a visit.
<Vokh> But three years sounds about right.
<Veznara> So Princess Ziftu came with her? I thought she might have come later.
<Vokh> Ahh, not that I know of. Like I say, Princess Galdai may have come here to visit before that, but I remember because it was around that time that she started placing orders for the younger Princess.
* Vokh starts picking out some items he thinks might be likely.
<Veznara> Oh, I see.
* Veznara is interested in courtier's outfits - much like her regular Hand wear, but higher quality
<Veznara> Perhaps that one...
<Veznara> Anyway, I'm afraid it must be a bit boring for Princess Ziftu. And there are few marriage prospects for her here... though of course, I'm sure they can be arranged back home.
<Vokh> Yes, I'm sure. I'm not sure what the plan is there, to be honest.
<Veznara> It seems a bit odd to me... there's no easy way for suitors from Taizi to meet her personally. And there can't be anyone here who would be suitable?
<Vokh> Well, there are any number of noble types. But they're more of your esteemed rank, and not, I would think, of the sort that would be suitable to the Emperor himself, who of course would have final discretion in such matters.
<Veznara> Yes. Well, perhaps it will become clearer in time... I'm sure there must be plans of *some
* sort.
<Veznara> Oh, I should get some travelling clothes too... I expect to visit the Princess' estate as well, from time to time.
<Vokh> Of course.
<Vokh> I think I've just received some new things that may just do it for you.
<Veznara> Wonderful! There are now many more to attend to there as well, though of course they're not my main concern.
* Vokh summons some workers to go grab some things from the warehouse.
<Veznara> How is it that so many arrived as once, though? Do you know?
<Vokh> What do you mean?
<Veznara> The shipload of Corpseborn prisoners that arrived from Taizi, who are now working on Her Imperial Highness' estate.
<Veznara> I know that they were brought here on some sort of charges of "witchcraft", but I'm unaware of the incident back in Taizi that caused all this.
<Vokh> Oh, that. Well that was certainly a popular subject some weeks ago.
<Vokh> What I've heard is that they had access to fos, from here. Enough that they were considered a risk.
<Veznara> Indeed? So their removal to here was more preventative, rather than punishment for a specific action?
<Vokh> Well, if I were going to remove prisoners who were using magic, the last place I'd send them would be here.
<Vokh> My guess is that the Princess requested they be brought here. The Emperor couldn't have made her accept them, not really, I figure.
<Veznara> Yes. That is curious. And from what I understand, they're working at a fos plantation? :/
<Veznara> But why would Her Imperial Highness request such a thing?
<Vokh> Yes, although I imagine you'd know more about that than I would. I don't know.
<Veznara> Well, I can only hope the guards keep a close enough watch on them that they won't be able to take any fos for themselves.
<Veznara> This place is dangerous enough as it is...
* Veznara looks out toward the Colony Road, and shudders.
<Vokh> That's true.
<Veznara> There was an attack out there just a few days ago, I hear.
<Vokh> Oh?
<Veznara> Not the estate. The Colony Road, I mean. Surely you heard about it?
<Vokh> Ohhh, yes, the Pindevuzi girl. Shame, that is. I hear they got her back though.
<Veznara> Yes. Still, it's obviously upsetting to think that such a thing happened at all.
<Veznara> Was it near here?
<Vokh> No, no, outside of the town proper, on the road to Timiil.
<Veznara> Well, I suppose that's a bit reassuring, then. As long as it wasn't within Kaskind itself.
<Vokh> Still, the Colony Road is well travelled along there. I haven't heard anything about a motive or a perpetrator.
<Veznara> Still... it's worrying. And I understand there was at least one similar attack in the past, too.
<Vokh> Another attack?
<Veznara> Well... it was many years ago. You must have been here at the time, though?
<Vokh> Oh, the local girl. Sashnir, was it?
<Veznara> Yes, that's right. What happened?
<Vokh> I don't think anyone ever found out. At the time, the Fort wasn't what it is now. There wasn't a system in place to investigate crimes. And because it was a local girl I'm sure they were reluctant to get involved.
<Veznara> So whoever did it, got away with it. :/
<Vokh> Yes, I think so. Unless there was some local justice behind the scenes that I don't know about. They have their own reckoners, of course.
<Veznara> And it appearedd to be a local affair?
<Veznara> (appeared)
<Vokh> Yes, I think so. I'm sure there was more to it - you don't behead someone in a moment of rage. That takes some forethought. But I don't think anyone ever thought it was done by colonists.
<Veznara> No, of course not! Surely no colonist from a civilized land would so such a thing.
<Vokh> Well, now, I didn't say that. Nowadays there are any number of folks who have come here who I don't know, don't trust.
<Vokh> It's not like it was back then. More faces every day.
<Veznara> That's certainly true.
<Veznara> But is the road to Timil safe? There haven't been more incidents between that poor Sashnir girl's murder, and the most recent one?
<Veznara> I've walked it myself, of course, but now I'm starting to get worried.
<Vokh> Not murders, as far as I know. Just the usual, pickpockets, the occasional robber. But the Fort does work hard to keep that sort of thing in check.
<Veznara> And they never discovered any motive for the murders? Were there not even rumours?
<Vokh> It was a long time ago, Lady Veznara. I know you're afraid, and I understand that, but I don't even know that the folks at the Fort think the two murders are related. Ten years, almost - that's a long time.
* Veznara sighs
<Veznara> I suppose you're right. It's just the most recent one that bothers me, really.
<Vokh> Maybe the Pindevuzi girl was involved in something we don't know about.
<Veznara> As you say, there are more and more new faces every day - and that is surely increasing friction with the locals.
<Veznara> I shall be careful, but I shall try to keep it in perspective.
* Veznara surveys her proposed purchases so far - three courtiers' outfits
<Vokh> Do these suit you?
<Veznara> Yes, I think so. I was thinking, I should probably get some perfume as well.
<Veznara> Not much, and not too... ostentatious? Is that the correct word, when one is speaking of smells?
<Vokh> You don't want to smell as if you're looking to smell better than the Princess herself.
<Veznara> Something rare, but not too exotic.
<Veznara> Yes, exactly.
<Vokh> I can help you, certainly.
<Veznara> I was sure you could. :)
* Vokh rummages around and finds some selections to try.
<Vokh> Have you had much opportunity to interact with the Princess yet?
<Veznara> Oh yes. I called on her when I arrived here even before my appointment, and since receiving it I have been attending her regularly.
<Veznara> She is a most devoted follower of the Ancestors, you know.
<Vokh> Yes, of course.
<Veznara> I would not say that I truly *know* her, though.
<Vokh> I hope you find that your role protects you from some of her, ahhh, temper.
<Veznara> Oh?
* Veznara looks up from evaluating the samples, a bit surprised
<Vokh> Well, she is very used to getting her way.
<Veznara> That is not surprising... but she is not terribly forgiving on those rare occasions when she does not?
<Vokh> How have you found her, then?
<Veznara> She has received me most graciously, of course. Not necessarily with great warmth at all times; but I have never found her to be rude or peremptory.
<Veznara> But then, I don't think I've ever crossed her. :/
<Vokh> That's good to hear.
<Veznara> You're probably right - both my rank and my calling shield me somewhat.
<Veznara> And of course, I'm always careful to treat her with the greatest respect.
<Veznara> But I take it she is not always so kind?
<Vokh> I think you know that she is not.
<Veznara> Well... I don't think I have ever witnessed any abusive behaviour from her.
<Veznara> But she is certainly someone to be feared.
<Veznara> For many reasons.
<Vokh> Well said.
* Veznara picks one of the perfumes
<Veznara> This one, I think.
* Veznara smiles
<Vokh> An excellent choice.
<Veznara> They are all excellent choices, I am sure! But I think this one suits me best.
<Veznara> The people I work with at the Land Registry mentioned a local perfumer... Atsa?
<Veznara> Atsa... Lerushi, I think. Does she supply you with anything?
<Veznara> Or perhaps it was other cosmetics... I forget, exactly.
<Vokh> Ah yes, I know of her. But she hasn't supplied me with anything so far.
<Veznara> Is she reputable?
<Vokh> The export market for those sorts of fineries is fickle - I need to be careful in what I take the risk on, because of the costs associated.
<Vokh> I think so, yes. I haven't deal with her personally but I tend to hear about anyone who is not to be trusted.
<Veznara> That's good to know. I'm not so interested on my own account, as I'm sure your products are superior... but what she has might make suitable gifts.
<Veznara> Has she been in business long?
<Vokh> Yes, I think so, probably as long as I've been here, or a little less.
<Veznara> I suppose she has local connections, too. Or would she manufacture her own products?
<Vokh> I think she does her own work.
<Veznara> That seems likely, I suppose.
* Veznara surveys the three outfits, and bottle of perfume
<Veznara> Well, that seems like a good day's work. :)
<Veznara> Oh, I did want to ask your advice on gifts, as well.
<Vokh> Of course. Who is the recipient?
<Veznara> There are two people I have in mind, and I thought you could suggest items they might appreciate.
<Veznara> The first is my cousin, Debergilda.
<Veznara> I've been to visit her once, already. And I'm at a loss to find something that might interest her.
<Vokh> Ahh, hmm. Well, the Lady Debergilda does have hair of some complexity, does she not, of which she takes some pride?
<Veznara> Hmmm. A set of combs, perhaps?
<Vokh> Yes, or a fine headband?
<Veznara> Interesting. I shall have to think on it.
<Veznara> She just seems a bit... listless. I'd like to get something she'd really appreciate.
<Vokh> Of course.
<Veznara> Well, thank you for the suggestion. I knew I could count on you!
<Vokh> If it's the summer weather that's becoming a bit oppressive to her, you might also think about some fans.
<Veznara> I don't know. I think it's just.. her nature, perhaps?
<Vokh> Ah, well. I am a master of many things, but a woman's innate nature is beyond my grasp, I fear.
* Veznara smiles at that
<Veznara> Indeed.
<Veznara> Well, again, thank you for the suggestions. They're good ones.
<Veznara> The other person is Zusir Mopister, Zeba Mopister's nephew.
<Vokh> Oh, yes?
<Veznara> (Can you roll Sense Motive for me on that? Do I notice anything in particular behind that "Oh yes"? )
<Veznara> (It's +10)
<Vokh> (you do think he's surprised that you would be buying something for Zusir)
<Veznara> The Mopisters are old family friends, you see. I've only met him once or twice; but on the occasions when I've met him, it's seemed that he too could use some cheering up.
<Vokh> Ahh, I see.
<Veznara> Do you know why that is?
<Vokh> Well ... I don't know all the details. But I do know that his presence here, with his aunt, is due to some sort of scandal back home.
<Vokh> Perhaps he is depressed about that?
* Veznara nods
<Veznara> I suppose that must be it. I find it hard to imagine what he would have done that could be so horrible, though.
<Vokh> One can only imagine.
<Veznara> In any case, I thought it would be a nice gesture if I got something for him as well as Zeba the next time I visit.
<Vokh> One might suggest that he needs a wife. But that, alas, is a service I do not provide.
<Veznara> Ah, well, I hadn't anything as extravagant as that. :0
<Veznara> :)
<Veznara> I just thought a minor a token of family friendship, of some kind.
<Veznara> But of course I would want to avoid anything that would remind him of his troubled situation.
<Vokh> Of course. Perhaps something for the home, then, an oil lamp or candlesticks?
<Veznara> Hmmm. He strikes me as more, well, martial.
<Vokh> Certainly, once upon a time. But like you say - if he regrets his loss of a martial post, that could be risky.
<Veznara> Something related to exercise, then? I can't think what that would be, though.
<Vokh> Hmmm ... that isn't normally something I would have, I'm afraid.
<Veznara> Ah. No matter - it's for the future, anyway. Perhaps an idea will come to one of us by the time it's needed.
<Vokh> Of course.
<Veznara> So, let me see... that should make it an even 100 golden horns?
<Veznara> (3 courtiers' outfits at 30 gp, 1 rare perfume at 10 gp?)
<Vokh> Exactly so, my lady. And allow me to add this small additional token, for you.
* Vokh shows you a small brooch of silver.
<Veznara> Oh, how delightful! :)
<Veznara> Thank you so much, Vokh! That's very kind of you.
* Veznara accepts the gift happily, and pays for her purchases

Daifan visits Moss and spends the night

* Daifan is out for a late night walk to find a little repreieve from baby screams
* Sulidein is sitting out on his porch enjoying the relative cool of the night
* Daifan is mostly just walking aimlessly.... bu okay maybe a little aimed :3
* Daifan gives a little wave
<Sulidein> oh, hi - you're out late :)
<Daifan> Shira is having a bad night.... so the rest of us are too
* Daifan stifles a yawn
<Daifan> what about you?
<Sulidein> I couldn't sleep. I figured since I was awake anyway, I could at least enjoy the breeze out here, look at the stars...
<Daifan> mmmhmm, it is a nice view :3
<Sulidein> you're welcome to join me :) I have some sun tea I made earlier, too.
<Daifan> that sounds nce... but no wonder you can't sleep ^-^
* Daifan will come up to the porch
<Sulidein> that's ... a good point.
* Daifan smiles and will sit down beside him
<Sulidein> why's Shira having a rough night? is she teething?
<Daifan> yes, I think so...
<Sulidein> poor little one
<Daifan> So, plenty more nights like this to come
<Daifan> I've been keeping an eye out for things I csn give her to chew on
* Sulidein nods
<Sulidein> there's always the option of letting her chomp on your fingers, but that gets sore fast ;)
<Daifan> back home we used to be able to get this herbal paste that would help numb their mouths, but I can't make it here
<Daifan> and I don't trust the moonshine from the mudbig ;)
<Daifan> (mudbug)
* Sulidein chuckles at that
<Sulidein> It's barely safe for adults, I wouldn't give it to a baby.
<Daifan> exactly
<Daifan> she has to build up to that stuff slowly
<Daifan> maybe by the time she's , hmmm... three ;)
* Sulidein nods
<Sulidein> I know some people make little hard biscuits for them to chew on.
<Daifan> that might help
<Daifan> I'll see if I can find something like that
<Sulidein> in the meantime, I'm sorry she's keeping you up.
<Sulidein> it comes with the territory but that doesn't make it any more enjoyable to deal with.
<Daifan> no....
<Daifan> I'll get used to it, I'm sure...
<Sulidein> at least there's three of you, so you can each have breaks. like tonight :3
* Daifan smiles
<Daifan> easier for me to wascape I think ^_^
* Sulidein smiles back
<Daifan> (escape)
<Sulidein> I suppose Spider is probably less likely to yell at you ;)
<Daifan> Less, anyway
<Daifan> she can
<Daifan> t reach me as easily to slap me ;)
* Sulidein chuckles
<Sulidein> hopefully she only does that when someone deserves it
* Daifan yawns again, and nods
<Daifan> mhhmm
<Daifan> she has more efective threats
<Sulidein> oh?
<Daifan> Sheepstealer already knows he doesn't deserve her ^-^
<Sulidein> that's... very sensible of him :)
<Sulidein> I know she came here first, and he followed later - for a while, she had a few suitors. Well, I don't know if I'd go so far as to say 'suitors', but you know, a new woman in town, young, pretty, there were some men who paid attention.
<Sulidein> She told them she was waiting for someone.
* Daifan nods
<Daifan> she was all he talked about when I first met him
* Sulidein smiles at that
<Daifan> he didn't know how he was going to manage to get out here
<Sulidein> because of money, or his hand, or...?
<Daifan> well... I met him in jail.... that was before he lost his hand
<Sulidein> ah.
* Sulidein looks a bit awkward.
* Daifan shrugs, trying not to also be awkward but worrying maybe they shouldn't have sai anything
<Daifan> that's why we both came out here.... to start over
<Sulidein> I don't think she would have waited for him forever, if he hadn't eventually made it here. she would have had plenty of options, if she'd decided to pursue them. But... I think she was hoping he would come. So I'm glad that they were reunited. It's... well, some people are just right for each other.
<Daifan> well, and because Spider was here
* Sulidein nods
<Daifan> She wasn't to sure about me at first but.... he's a good man.
<Daifan> She knows that :3
* Sulidein nods
<Sulidein> I'm glad it worked out.
<Daifan> me too
<Sulidein> even if maybe it is a bit crowded sometimes :)
* Daifan smiles
<Daifan> it's not so bad
<Daifan> no worse than back home, anyway
<Daifan> I would get lonely living by myself, all the time
<Sulidein> I'm used to it, I guess. I like the quiet. But... company is nice too :)
<Sulidein> if... if you wanted some quiet... you could stay here tonight.
* Sulidein says shyly
<Daifan> oooh?
<Sulidein> ah, well, there's only the one hammock, but I can sleep on the floor, it's okay...
* Sulidein is blushing, you think, although it's hard to tell in the darkness
<Daifan> I wouldn't want to kick you out of your bed....
* Daifan takes his hand
<Daifan> but I could stay, if you like :3
* Sulidein nods
<Sulidein> do you want to, um, go to bed now? or stay up longer?
* Sulidein asks uncertainly
<Daifan> I am pretty sleepy... but I can stay up a bit, if you like
<Sulidein> well... we could go inside, and get settled, and ... if we want to talk more, that's okay, and if you fall asleep, that's okay too :3
<Daifan> okay, that sounds nice
* Sulidein stands up and, still holding your hand, will lead the way inside
<Daifan> I don;t think I've ever slept in a hammock before...
<Sulidein> it's comfortable... once you get in. getting in and out is a bit harder than a mat on the floor.
<Daifan> well, then I might need some help :3
* Sulidein 's hammock is already set up inside
* Sulidein nods
<Sulidein> here, I'll give you a hand...
* Daifan will accept assistance :3
* Sulidein considers logistics for a moment and then sits in about the middle of the hammock so his weight lowers it and steadies it somewhat. He offers his hand and will draw you beside him, and then gently lies us both down.
* Sulidein is very close and warm and smells nice :3
<Daifan> mmmmm... cozy.
<Sulidein> it is...
<Daifan> you smell nice
<Sulidein> ..oh... thank you. so do you. is it a new perfume?
<Daifan> mmhmm
<Sulidein> it's nice
<Daifan> thanks.... it s my favourite :3
<Sulidein> it suits you
* Daifan smiles, and will tile ther head a bit to kiss him
* Sulidein is nervous, but kisses back
<Sulidein> you, ah... you don't have this, if you're tired...
<Daifan> I am tired.... but this is nice too.... just a litte bit more?
* Sulidein nods and kisses you again
* Daifan will indulge in some makeout for a bit before snuggling down to sleep :3

Veznara and Katenzhi talk about Bivizmi's murder

<Veznara> Welcome, Katenzhi!
<Katenzhi> Hey. I was hoping you'd be here.
<Katenzhi> Thanks.
<Katenzhi> I... actually haven't been in a temple in a while. Feels a little weird, honestly.
<Veznara> All the better that you have come, then.
<Veznara> I know how it can be... people stay away for a while, then feel awkward about coming back. But there's no need for that!
* Katenzhi smiles.
<Katenzhi> Normally I just use the little shrine on the ship but... I felt like this time I should do things right.
<Veznara> Oh?
<Katenzhi> My... friend... was killed last week. But the ancestors saw fit to guide her back. I wanted to thank them.
<Katenzhi> And I also wanted to talk to you about it. I want to find the person who did this but... I'm kind of at a loss. I was hoping you might have some insight.
<Veznara> Oh! Certainly. I'd be happy to do what I can.
<Veznara> Shall we go convey our respect to the Ancestors first, then talk?
<Katenzhi> Of course. Thank you.
* Veznara leads Katenzhi to the chapel, where they hold a ceremony to thank the ancestors, and afterward leads here to a quiet place where they can talk unobserved...
* Katenzhi actually seems completely sober for once, btw >.>
<Katenzhi> Thanks. I should come here more often.
* Veznara smiles
<Veznara> You're welcome. And as a Hand, I completely endorse that idea!
* Katenzhi laughs.
<Katenzhi> I bet
<Veznara> So, what happened?
* Katenzhi sighs, obviously not relishing the thought of what happened.
* Veznara waits patiently
<Katenzhi> She was walking on the old colony road and two people attacked her. She and the man who found her think they were male. They were armed with swords and... for some reason... warhammers. They... they tried to cut her... head off. They would have if they weren't interrupted.
<Veznara> They... oh, Ancestors!
* Veznara whispers, stricken.
<Veznara> I... where was this?
<Veznara> Who is your friend?
<Katenzhi> (sec, sorry)
<Katenzhi> On the colony road. She was walking back from our claim. We had decided to start a fos growing venture together out there. By the village where we found the Pale Oracle. Her name is Bivizmi Pindevuzi. She's an herbalist.
<Veznara> ...the village. The one with the temple.
* Veznara is clearly perturbed.
<Veznara> Had she been exploring that area, do you know? I suppose she was...
<Katenzhi> Yeah. Near there. At first I thought it might be one of the other Manifests in town, an asshole named Usuf Rorifti, but now I'm not sure. The man that found her... body... mentioned that it seemed similar to another murder that happened out there ten years ago. Someone named Kuga Sashnir. I know ten years is a long time but it's all I have to go on.
<Katenzhi> Yeah, she was surveying it for planting.
* Veznara catches her breath at the name of Kuga Sashnir.
<Veznara> That... I have heard of that murder before.
* Veznara says, very quietly.
* Katenzhi raises an eyebrow.
<Katenzhi> What do you know about it?
<Veznara> You remember a few months ago, when we were first sent to investigate that temple in the swamp?
<Katenzhi> Yeah, of course.
<Veznara> I was naturally interested - and concerned - about what it might mean. So I started looking into it.
<Katenzhi> I wasn't there, but I remember you all telling me about it.
<Veznara> Right. And you remember that we found the Sashnir name in the temple?
<Katenzhi> You did?
<Veznara> Yes. We found a box with human remains, and the Sashnir name was carved on it.
<Veznara> Well, not exactly - vowels were missing - but it was in the style, and we could clearly see the consonants, and that was what they spelled out.
<Veznara> The remains seemed to be those of a Stoneguard.
<Katenzhi> Fuck...
<Veznara> And the Stoneguards use hammers. :/
<Katenzhi> ...
<Katenzhi> Warhammers?
<Veznara> Yes. Or at least, I expect that's what they are.
<Veznara> Anyway, I found out about poor Kuga Sashnir's murder when I started asking about the family.
<Katenzhi> What did they say?
<Veznara> Well, I didn't approach the family directly.
<Veznara> However, I learned that the Sashnirs have long had their own temples. It's... an accomodation, apparently, that applies to them and to other locals.
* Veznara sighs
<Katenzhi> That's... weird.
<Veznara> I... I am afraid that there is something going on in those temples.
<Veznara> Something that must be terrible, if people are willing to commit murder... and desecrate the bodies.
<Katenzhi> But why would they kill Kuga if she was one of them?
<Veznara> Because she was drifting away from them. I have reason to believe that was the case...
<Veznara> Her people must have realized, or at least suspected.
<Katenzhi> Fuck... and you think they killed Bivizmi because... what, because she was snooping around nearby?
* Veznara nods
<Veznara> That seems very likely.
<Katenzhi> ...I'm going to burn that goddamn temple to the ground and piss on the ashes. I don't care what kind of sick shit they're up to in there, they fucked with the wrong woman.
* Katenzhi realizes where she is and looks around.
<Katenzhi> Oh... sorry.
<Veznara> Ah... well, I understand. But you can see that this is very dangerous.
<Veznara> I've been trying to figure out what to do about it, myself.
<Veznara> I think there are other people we can turn to, though.
<Katenzhi> I need to make sure Bivizmi is safe. Someone was snooping around the resurrection ceremony and I'm betting it was one of them. We need to do something before they get the nerve up to try to finish the job.
* Veznara purses her lips, then nods.
<Veznara> Perhaps it's time to approach the Lieutenant.
<Veznara> Oh... I should explain.
<Katenzhi> The Lieutenant?
<Veznara> When we submitted the report, a lieutenant at the fort, Tiz Chomakosh, took Junan and me aside to ask more questions.
<Veznara> It was a bit strange. I mean, she was perfectly entitled to do so, and claimed to be doing it on behalf of the General... but somehow I just felt there was more to it.
<Katenzhi> Can you arrange to talk to her again?
<Katenzhi> Maybe she knows more than she wanted to let on.
<Veznara> I'm sure we can. We work for the General ourselves, after all.
* Katenzhi nods.
<Veznara> Anyway, I asked about *her*, and heard that she has a reputation for being pious.
<Veznara> Also for being the friend of one Voice Gili.
<Veznara> Sure enough, he too came here later to ask me about the temples.
<Veznara> So this makes me think that they could both be allies in getting to the bottom of this.
* Katenzhi nods.
<Katenzhi> Yeah. We should go see them tomorrow.
<Veznara> And if there's an official report on the Kuga Sashnir incident, I expect that Lieutenant Chomakosh can get access to it.
<Veznara> Anyway, if I'm right in this, I'm sure they'd both be grateful for our help in making the connections.
<Veznara> I've been hesitant to approach her before... but now, with this...
<Katenzhi> Right. It's a good place to start.
<Katenzhi> Maybe they can use this to get some kind of official investigation going.
<Veznara> Hmmm. What about that woman, Atsa?
<Veznara> Oh... I forgot, you weren't there when she came out of the brush.
<Veznara> The others mentioned meeting her before, though, on some shopping expedition. Were you with them then?
<Katenzhi> I was, but I remember being pretty bored. I think I remember the name, though.
<Katenzhi> What about her?
<Veznara> Well, we encountered her when we were surveying the area where we found the Pale Oracle.
<Veznara> She seemed eager to get us all to leave.
<Veznara> I think she must be involved in all this, or at least know some of what it's about.
<Katenzhi> Do you think she's one of them?
<Veznara> She did say she was visiting relatives, if I remember correctly. That may be her village.
<Katenzhi> Shit.
<Veznara> If she is one of them, I'm sure we can use that somehow.
<Veznara> Not by talking to her directly, but perhaps by following her? Or letting the Lieutenant know about it? I don't know.
* Katenzhi considers.
<Katenzhi> We should probably talk to the lieutenant first.
* Veznara nods
<Veznara> Yes, I agree.
<Katenzhi> Should we let the rest of our team know? It might end up effecting them.
<Veznara> I'd rather have more to go on, first... but as long as we can count on them to keep it quiet.
<Veznara> I have no idea what sort of response it might provoke if these people realized we're investigating them.
<Katenzhi> A bad one.
<Veznara> They're clearly willing to resort to violence. :/
<Katenzhi> Yeah.
<Katenzhi> Let's talk to this lieutenant of yours first, then.
<Veznara> Yes. I'm not absolutely sure of her interest in this, but I'm hopeful we can work with her.
<Katenzhi> You think we can trust her?
<Veznara> I don't know. Apparently she's been her since the beginning, just about.
<Katenzhi> She's not from around here, is she?
<Veznara> No, she's Choradani. That may explain some of the tension I felt - Taizi and Choradan don't always get along.
<Veznara> It was just weird.
<Katenzhi> Then it seems unlikely she's one of them at least.
<Veznara> Yes. That's why I think approaching her may be a good idea, if we can convince her to work together on this.
* Katenzhi nods.
<Veznara> And I do think she's looking into it. Though I'd rather hear her explain why before telling her too much.
<Katenzhi> Right.
<Katenzhi> I should go check on Bivizmi tonight and let her know to be careful, but we should see her as soon as possible.
<Veznara> Yes... I'd like to meet her! I'm glad the Ancestors allowed her to return to us. Perhaps that's a sign of their will.
* Katenzhi smiles.
<Katenzhi> I hope so. I'm glad too. She's... very special.
<Veznara> (Ooohh... Sense Motive? ;) )
<Katenzhi> (lol, sure)
<Veznara> !roll 1d20+10
* @Lan-werk rolls for Veznara: [ 1d20+10 ] getting [ 7 ] which, after the modifier [ 10 ] totals [ 17 ].
<Katenzhi> !roll 1d20+5
* @Lan-werk rolls for Katenzhi: [ 1d20+5 ] getting [ 5 ] which, after the modifier [ 5 ] totals [ 10 ].
<Katenzhi> (Heh, I guess you get the sense she might be more than a friend.)
* Veznara smiles quietly to herself, suspecting!
<Katenzhi> I'll see if she's willing to meet with you if you want.
<Veznara> I'd like that.
* Katenzhi smiles.
<Katenzhi> (Good there for now? Maybe we can talk to the lieutenant next week if there's no formal game.)
<Veznara> (Hmmm. I was going to mention the Pale Oracle, because this may bring it to everybody's attention...)
<Veznara> (That could wait, though.)
<Katenzhi> (Oh, cool, then proceed :) )
<Veznara> There is the Pale Oracle to consider, too. It may have a role in all this.
<Veznara> It will be harder to keep attention away from it, in any case.
<Katenzhi> It may have a lot to do with it. When I said we were starting a fos growing operation... we were hoping to be the first to cultivate the Pale Oracle for sale.
<Veznara> Yes. If we're going to work with others, they'll have to know about it.
* Katenzhi sighs and nods.
<Katenzhi> Yeah.
<Katenzhi> But getting to the bottom of this is more important now.
<Veznara> Yes. It is.
<Veznara> We'll go see Lieutenant Chomakosh as soon as we can, then.
* Katenzhi nods.
<Veznara> From what I remember we did mention everything in the report. But probably, ah, not with the emphasis it deserves.
<Veznara> ...oh!
<Katenzhi> hmm?
<Veznara> I just remembered... didn't she put in some sort of claim on the area?
<Katenzhi> Who, the Lieutenant?
<Veznara> That was what I came to tell you about when we first discussed the Pale Oracle. I'd found out that the colony was about to claim that area, and from what I could tell it seemed likely that was done on her advice. Hmmm.
<Veznara> Well, perhaps she will explain in more detail when we approach her.
<Katenzhi> I wonder what the Sashnir are planning to do about the Government encroaching? They can't exactly cut its head off.
<Veznara> (Is that public knowledge yet?)
<Katenzhi> (Not sure. Maybe not.)
<Veznara> I don't know. I suppose they may simply move anything incriminating...
<Katenzhi> They don't seem like the kind to simply move on.
<Veznara> Not willingly, no.
<Katenzhi> If they really want to stay on their land I'm afraid of what they might be willing to do to keep it.
<Veznara> They did seem to have abandoned that other temple... mostly. But that was long ago, and presumably for different reasons.
<Veznara> Yes. I worry that it might provoke an open rebellion, or something...
<Veznara> But then, as Daifan tells me, I can be rather paranoid. :/
<Katenzhi> Yeah, well I'm not. And I'm still worried.
* Veznara nods
<Veznara> We'll just have to be careful.
<Katenzhi> Good thing that's my specialty, then.
* Veznara smiles
<Veznara> The Ancestors are also with us, I am sure. With their help, all will turn out well.
* Katenzhi nods.
<Katenzhi> I hope so.
<Veznara> We must have faith.
<Katenzhi> You're right. The ancestors will look out for us.

Katenzhi talks to Jimba about Bivizmi

* Jimba will catch Kat whenever she gets back to the ship I guess?
* Katenzhi will arive after sundown and head down to her bunk.
<Jimba> Hey, Kat, you have a sec?
<Katenzhi> Jimba! Yeah, hey. Is everything ok?
<Jimba> Uh, yeah, more or less.
<Katenzhi> What's up?
<Jimba> Daifan was here earlier and had some questions for you about magic.
<Katenzhi> Daifan? What was she asking?
<Jimba> She didn't have specifics for me; I wouldn't have been able to answer them anyway.
<Katenzhi> Huh.
<Jimba> She has some friends who are in trouble, something to do with magic, and she needed to get hold of some fos. I went and got her some, but she said she would still like to talk to you if possible.
<Katenzhi> Oh, shit, is that all she needs? How much does she want?
<Jimba> Well, she didn't know how much was reasonable. I went and got her 20 doses.
<Jimba> Seemed enough to work with.
<Jimba> But she still had questions, she said.
<Katenzhi> I would guess so if she's after that much. Weird, I don't remember her ever mentioning being interested in casting before. I'll talk to her soon anyway. I need to talk to everyone, actually. The whole gang.
<Jimba> I don't think it's for her...
<Jimba> Oh? What about?
<Katenzhi> ...have you heard about Bivizmi? What happened to her?
<Jimba> (I don't know, have I? ;) )
<Katenzhi> (Steve says "presumably yes".)
<Jimba> Yeah...
<Katenzhi> It's... it's ok now. She's back. And she seems ok. I talked to her this afternoon. But...
* Jimba waits for you to continue.
<Katenzhi> I did some digging, and talked to the guy who found her out on the colony road. He said the people that attacked her had battlehammers. And he mentioned that there was another woman who was killed out there near the same spot a few years back. A girl from the Sashnir clan.
<Katenzhi> And then I went to the temple tonight to give thanks to the ancestors for bringing her back... and I talked to Veznara while I was there.
<Jimba> Okay...
<Katenzhi> She said that name is related to that weird temple you guys found. And that so were the battlehammers.
<Katenzhi> We think Bivizmi may have been killed because she was nosing around up there.
* Jimba raises an eyebrow.
<Jimba> Well, shit.
<Katenzhi> Yeah.
<Jimba> Okay, couple of things.
<Jimba> Do you think she's in more danger? Do you think we're in danger?
<Katenzhi> I don't know. I think she's safe for now. She's in her family's house with her sisters and the rest. It would be hard for anyone to get to her there. As for us... I have no idea.
<Katenzhi> That's why I want to tell everyone.
* Jimba nods.
<Katenzhi> But in the long run... I think they'll try again. Someone was nosing around the revivification ceremony. I didn't get a good look at them, they kept to the shadows. But it was really suspicious.
<Jimba> Once again, I say 'well, shit.'
<Katenzhi> As always, you are a beacon of wisdom.
* Jimba grins and rolls his eyes.
<Jimba> Okay, are you thinking this is something we can't take to the fort?
<Katenzhi> That's what me and Veznara are planning. She knows someone there who she thinks is trustworthy. We were gonna go see what we can stir up.
* Jimba nods.
<Jimba> You're sure Bivizmi will be fine with her family?
<Jimba> You, me, and Llillilli can take care of ourselves, though I'll still worry.
<Katenzhi> I... I don't know. But where would be safer? I can't let anything happen to her.
<Jimba> But I wouldn't want someone else getting hurt - again - from being mixed up in all this.
<Jimba> She could come stay here, I guess. Or I could talk to some people. Maybe arrange a safe house, or for someone to keep an eye on things?
<Katenzhi> I don't think here is any safer. Less so, maybe. But if there's somewhere else, then maybe.
<Katenzhi> We might be better off getting someone to watch her.
<Jimba> I'll see what I can do.
<Katenzhi> Thanks. I'll talk to her again and see how she feels about it. I was hoping to get her to talk with everyone so we're all on the same page.
* Jimba nods.
<Katenzhi> Jimba, you should know... if I find the people that hurt her... I just hope for their sake someone else catches them first.
<Jimba> I can understand that.
<Jimba> And, I mean, there's a lot of swamp around here.
<Jimba> Just saying.
* Katenzhi nods.
<Katenzhi> Thanks.
<Jimba> Hey, what's family for?
* Katenzhi hugs you.
* Jimba hugs back.
<Katenzhi> I think we both need a drink.
<Katenzhi> Can I tell you something? As family?
<Jimba> Of course.
<Katenzhi> When Bivizmi died I... I didn't think I'd ever see her again. And I realized how much that meant to me. And how... important... she was to me.
<Katenzhi> I don't think I've ever felt that way about anyone before. Not in the same way.
<Jimba> I'm sorry that it took realize that, but it's good to know how you feel. Right?
<Jimba> How does she feel?
<Katenzhi> She's willing to give it a try. I don't know if it will work. We're so... different. But I have to at least try, right?
<Katenzhi> If I'm honest... I'm really kind of scared.
<Jimba> That's not exactly uncommon.
<Katenzhi> It is for me.
<Jimba> I mean, if you really care about someone, there's always an element of risk.
<Katenzhi> I suppose so.
<Jimba> Just, you don't tend to care about things. ;)
<Jimba> So I'm sure this is new.
<Katenzhi> `Yeah. That's exactly the problem.
<Jimba> How so?
<Katenzhi> Like you said, it's all kind of... new to me.
<Katenzhi> I don't know what to do or what to say or... anything really.
<Katenzhi> But I guess for right now there's a lot more important things to worry about.
<Katenzhi> Right now I just need to keep her and everyone else safe.
<Katenzhi> I can worry about the rest later.
<Jimba> Eh, I have a feeling you'll do plenty of worrying about this as well.
<Katenzhi> Thanks. That's... reassuring.
* Jimba grins.

Katenzhi and Veznara go talk to Tiz

* Katenzhi will meet Veznara at the temple the next morning.
<Veznara> Hello, Katenzhi!
<Katenzhi> Hey! You ready to head to the fort?
<Veznara> Well, almost. Before we talk to the Lieutenant, I need to tell you about something else...
<Veznara> I think I mentioned that a Voice Gili came to ask me about the temples before?
<Katenzhi> Yeah, I think so.
<Veznara> I went to talk to him last night, to find out if he'd learned of anything new.
<Katenzhi> Is he trustworthy?
<Veznara> I've heard he's a friend of the Lieutenant. Or possibly more, I don't know... I think he may be the reason why she was asking about the temple in the first place.
* Katenzhi nods.
<Veznara> And in any case, he'd indicated that he was curious about it, and I wanted to warn him of the danger.
<Katenzhi> I understand. I do think we should be playing this a bit close to the vest for now until we know who stands where, but if he's in danger then he should know.
<Veznara> I didn't tell him the whole story, but I'm afraid I did tell him quite a bit. I told him that I thought Bivizimi's death was related to the temples, and when he pressed me I also mentioned Kuga Sashnir.
<Veznara> However... it turns out that he has been instructed not to inquire further about the temples. :/
* Katenzhi raises an eyebrow.
<Katenzhi> By who?
<Veznara> Voice Tegus, I'm sure. The leader of the Voice temple.
<Veznara> Gili said that he had been unable to interest Tegus in further investigation...
<Katenzhi> Interesting.
<Veznara> But obviously it was more than that. Tegus seems to want to shut it down completely.
<Veznara> I'm not sure whether it's because he just doesn't want to get involved and is happy ignoring the whole thing, or because he's actively trying to cover it up. :/
<Katenzhi> Is your voice friend going to mention to Tegus that we were asking about it?
<Veznara> Well, I hope not! I did ask whether he was obliged to report our conversation to Tegus, and he said he was not.
<Katenzhi> Good
<Veznara> Then he asked whether I *wanted* him to do so. I told him no.
<Veznara> I'd already said that I had no interest in meddling in Voice affairs, and only wanted to warn him since I thought he was still investigating.
* Katenzhi nods.
<Veznara> So I guess we'll see. If I'm suddenly ordered to drop all this, well, that will indicate that he may have reported it after all... but I have no reason to think he will.
<Veznara> Anyway, it's all very cagey and uncomfortable.
<Veznara> And it makes me more wary of speaking to Lieutenant Chomakosh... I hope she'll be willing to explain her interest in all this.
<Katenzhi> Do you still think it's a good idea?
* Veznara ponders
<Veznara> Well... I was hoping we'd be able to establish a working relationship with her on this thing - with both of them.
<Veznara> If Gili has dropped it under orders, she may no longer be interested either. And yet, there's still the issue of the colony claiming the area...
<Katenzhi> Well let's hope we have more luck with her than you did with him.
<Katenzhi> Man, all this conspiracy stuff is so foreign to me. I'm no good at this shit. Give me something to point lightning bolt at and I'm your girl but keeping secrets is beyond me.
<Veznara> Well, I suggest we start by telling the Lieutenant that we have some information for her, and ask her to explain her interest - or the colony's interest.
<Katenzhi> I think maybe I should let you do most of the talking.
<Veznara> I don't think there's any harm in pointing out the similarities between the Kuga murder and Bivizimi, whatever happens, is there?
<Veznara> I was really hoping we could work with her on this... but we may just have to report what we've seen, and let her think we're going to drop it after that.
<Veznara> We'll see, I guess. :/
* Katenzhi nods.
<Veznara> Anyway, we're almost there.
* Gili is now known as Tiz
* Veznara has brought some maps, to look like she's there on official business
* Veznara and Katenzhi identify themselves as Registry employees, I guess, and ask to speak to the Lieutenant at her convenience...
* Katenzhi follows behind Veznara.
<Tiz> (all right, no problem then, you are directed to the Lieutenant's office within the fort)
* Tiz is seated behind her desk, in full uniform.
<Veznara> Hello, Lieutenant! Thank you for receiving us.
<Tiz> Good to see you again. Please come in.
<Tiz> What can I do for you today?
<Veznara> Thank you. We wanted to discuss matters connected to one of our previous missions, starting a few months ago.
<Tiz> All right.
<Veznara> It's about the temples. I'm sure you remember, when we first reported on the one in the swamp, you had a separate debriefing with Junan and me.
<Veznara> Katenzhi and I have some new information that I think you need to know.
<Veznara> But at the time it seemed you had a particular interest in our discovery - may I ask what that was about?
* Tiz considers the matter for a moment.
* Veznara waits patiently
<Tiz> Well, of course, the colony is interested in any stone structures, buildings, fortifications, or anything of the sort, even abandoned ones. And I believe I asked you some questions at that time, about the state of repair of the building.
<Veznara> Yes, as I remember it you did.
<Veznara> But I thought there was perhaps something else?
<Tiz> Yes, perhaps there was. I assume you are here because you have new information for me, then?
<Veznara> Yes, I think so. I am concerned about what is happening in those temples, and I think you may be too.
<Veznara> And I am concerned that there are people who want to conceal it, and are willing to go to great lengths to do so.
<Tiz> Of course, but I'm not able to talk to you about matters of colonial security. Particularly when they are not here on official business, despite appearances.
<Katenzhi> Lieutenant, a friend of mine was killed the other day. We think it was because she was looking too closely at the area around the temple.
<Tiz> The Pindevuzi woman?
<Katenzhi> Yes.
<Tiz> What's her involvement in all this? She doesn't work for the land registry, or one of the temples.
<Katenzhi> No. But she and I recently put in a claim to an area near the temple. She was up there scouting the area when she was killed.
<Tiz> This is the claim made in your name, near where I had you surveying?
<Katenzhi> ...yes.
<Tiz> And she is your partner in this enterprise, presumably to farm fos?
<Katenzhi> We are partners in it, yes.
<Tiz> And so it would be fair to say that based on information you acquired while working for the colony on that mission, you filed a claim, presumably based on some information not in the official report, allowing you to use your position to your own advantage?
<Katenzhi> I wasn't on that mission. I never went out there. And regardless, that seems beside the point.
<Tiz> Is it? I don't know that.
<Tiz> Why was your friend killed?
<Veznara> Lieutenant, it is quite true - Katenzhi was not able to come with us on this particular mission.
<Katenzhi> I don't know. But I know it has something to do with that temple.
<Tiz> Your claim, though, it doesn't include the temple. So if she was at the temple, she was on traditional lands, not your proper claim?
<Veznara> I don't think she was at the temple itself... but those lands are near to it.
<Katenzhi> I never said she was at the temple. She was near it. On our claim.
<Tiz> And you think that, who, the Voice of the Dead decided to kill her for being on her own lands?
<Katenzhi> Lieutenant, she was almost beheaded by men with warhammers, near the spot that the sashnir girl was beheaded years ago. That's not a coincidence.
<Tiz> I see.
<Katenzhi> Do you?
<Veznara> Lieutenant, we have heard about this previous murder. It was no secret.
<Tiz> I see that you are upset that your friend was killed, although as I have heard she was brought back, praise all the ancestors.
<Veznara> Surely you can understand our concern?
<Tiz> Is your concern vengeance for your friend's murder, Katenzhi?
<Veznara> Lieutenant, please!
<Veznara> We simply see a possible connection between this, and the other murder so many years ago.
<Veznara> Since you represent the authority in the colony, we thought it important to let you know of it as soon as possible.
<Veznara> It may be signficant, or it may not. That is for you to determine.
<Tiz> All right, but please understand - the murder being at a similar place is not going to be taken as evidence of anything.
<Tiz> And you are claiming that the murder *of
* a Sashnir implies that this is a murder *by
* a Sashnir. Again ... this will not be compelling.
<Veznara> I am sure that neither of us intends to jump to conclusions, nor to make any rash accusations.
<Veznara> Quite the opposite! That is why we wanted to come to discuss it with you, quietly.
<Tiz> What reason do you have to think that the temple would want your friend dead?
<Katenzhi> I don't know. But I'm going to find out who killed her. And why. With or without your help.
<Veznara> The only connection, I think, is that she was a non-local spending time near there.
<Veznara> As I say, it is hardly conclusive, and we have no wish to make too much of it. But it *is
* a connection.
<Tiz> You have to understand that I can't open up an investigation - or rather, get one of my colleagues to do so - simply on this basis.
<Veznara> (sense motive - does she want to? Or is she stonewalling?)
<Tiz> (you can try)
<Veznara> !roll 1d20+10
* @Lan-werk rolls for Veznara: [ 1d20+10 ] getting [ 17 ] which, after the modifier [ 10 ] totals [ 27 ].
<Tiz> (you think she may want to help you, not just stonewalling)
<Katenzhi> Fine. Let's go Veznara. We're obviously not gonna find any help here.
<Tiz> No, wait.
<Tiz> Were you going to tell me that you have been talking to Voice Gili Khurdafu about this matter? That you talked to him about this before taking it to me?
* Veznara nods
<Veznara> I expect you know that he came to ask me about it some time ago.
<Veznara> The temples, I mean.
<Tiz> Hand Veznara, you must understand that this makes it look like you are assuming the role of investigator here, rather than bringing it to the authorities immediately.
<Tiz> It is not your role to investigate crimes you believe may have happened, because you and Voice Gili share a concern. Even if - *especially
* if - you believe, correctly, that I share the same concern.
<Tiz> If you, or I, are perceived as having a conflict, or a personal or emotional connection, our ability to do the work needed is gravely compromised.
<Veznara> I see. Forgive me, Lieutenant - I have no wish to put you in an awkward position.
<Veznara> What is the proper way for us to conduct ourselves, going forward?
<Tiz> Perhaps you could explain to me why, you suppose, other than simply being an Ombesh person on her own claim, your friend was murdered?
<Veznara> (Sense motive again - is she trying to see whether we know of the Pale Oracle?)
<Tiz> (you can't know specific facts with SM)
<Tiz> (but you can try to get a sense of what she's feeling)
<Veznara> !roll 1d20+10
* @Lan-werk rolls for Veznara: [ 1d20+10 ] getting [ 15 ] which, after the modifier [ 10 ] totals [ 25 ].
<Tiz> (she is certainly trying to see, or in fact implying directly, that you know more about this than you're saying)
<Veznara> (And remind me: we didn't conceal anything in the report, did we? Just... didn't emphasize it?)
<Tiz> (I don't think you concealed anything, but you certainly didn't include info about the pale oracle)
<Tiz> (at the time of the report I'm not even sure you knew anything about it)
<Veznara> (But we did know that the psychic moles, do do do do do, were unusual? And the fos looked different?)
<Tiz> (yes I think so)
<Veznara> (Lemme check the logs real quick... :P )
<Tiz> (
<Tiz> (you knew those things but really just said that there were some moles feeding on plants nearby)
<Tiz> (so you did, I guess, conceal your knowledge/suspicion that this was some odd fos causing the effect)
<Veznara> (Right... let me check session 8, that will be what I knew...)
<Tiz> (you definitely knew those things)
<Veznara> (And we did mention that in our reports - and include drawings?)
<Tiz> (seems not, based on the discussion in session 9)
<Tiz> (just that there were some weird moles who seemed to be affected by some unusual plants nearby)
<Veznara> (We did at least report that - the weird visions people had when hit by the moles?)
<Tiz> (yes)
<Veznara> There is more than just fos there.
* Katenzhi glares at Veznara.
<Veznara> Is that it?
<Tiz> What do you mean?
<Veznara> Lieutenant, why did you send us to that particular spot? Did you expect us to find what we did?
<Tiz> Frankly, I did hope that you would discover more information about the Sashnir temple nearby.
<Tiz> I did not expect you to find a good location for a lighthouse, although that wasn't out of the question.
<Tiz> But I don't know what you found - not really - and I don't know what you're referring to.
<Veznara> You did know about the temple beforehand, then.
<Tiz> I did, yes. It's not a secret, exactly. Voice Gili is a friend, and he told me of it.
<Veznara> And his interest was in the local practices that might be going on there.
<Veznara> But he has since been instructed not to look into them further.
<Tiz> Yes, that's right.
<Tiz> There are complexities.
* Veznara sighs
<Veznara> Yes, there are. I was hoping very much that you could help me navigate them.
<Veznara> One option, perhaps the simplest, is just to drop the whole matter.
* Tiz nods.
<Katenzhi> That's not an option.
<Tiz> That is surely what the General would prefer.
<Veznara> Is that the wisest course?
<Tiz> You must understand, the General is not in a political position to cause strife with the local population. Her allies in Timiil are one of our great strengths right now.
<Veznara> Of course.
<Tiz> Accusing an esteemed lineage of murdering an Ombesh woman simply because her land was too close to theirs - is a serious charge that we will not make.
<Katenzhi> What would you need to make a charge?
<Tiz> Well, bearing in mind that I wouldn't be the one doing it - we would need to know specifically who you are accusing, and what their motive was, at minimum.
<Tiz> Not just 'the Sashnirs did it because they have a weird Voice temple and my land was too close to it'
<Veznara> But as you say, it is not our place to investigate?
<Tiz> I would need to have something to take to my colleagues. And for something of this scope, the General herself would need to authorize it.
<Tiz> So, for instance, based on what you've told me so far, isn't it more likely that someone who dislikes Sashnirs mistook your friend for having an involvement with them, and killed her? If indeed, this is related to the murder of Kuga Sashnir?
<Veznara> That... is certainly a possibility that had not occurred to me.
<Katenzhi> What about the hammers?
<Tiz> What about them?
<Katenzhi> The stoneguard in the temple had a warhammer, and so did both of Bivizmi's attackers.
<Katenzhi> How often do you see those weapons west of Choradan?
<Katenzhi> That can't be a coincidence.
<Tiz> The stoneguard who had been dead for hundreds of years. Mmmhmm.
* Katenzhi fumes.
<Veznara> Well, that stoneguard may have been dead for a century; but the Stoneguards themselves do still exist.
<Veznara> The local people may hold them in particular regard.
<Veznara> But that is speculation; the Lieutenant is quite right to warn against trying to make too many connections where there may be none.
<Tiz> I don't know of any reason to think that stoneguards are held differently here than anywhere else.
<Tiz> Please understand.
<Tiz> I'm sympathetic to your plight. I understand you want justice for your friend. And I do think the Sashnirs are doing something out there that they probably shouldn't be.
* Veznara nods
<Tiz> My interest in them was sparked by my colleague Voice Gili's interest in what you found in the swamp, the first time. And I haven't become less interested.
<Tiz> But he has been instructed by his superior, Voice Tegus, not to investigate further, and it's been made clear to me that good relations with the Aummesh are the Fort's first priority as well.
<Tiz> So unless there's something more specific - I'm really not sure what you think I can do.
<Katenzhi> If I come back with something more... concrete.... will you help us?
<Tiz> It depends what it is, of course.
<Tiz> But I don't want to have to investigate your murder as well.
<Tiz> You're not investigators. Not for things like this.
<Veznara> No. But we discovered the first temple - we've become involved, whether we like it or not.
<Veznara> There is one other point of concern...
<Tiz> Oh?
<Veznara> Well, the Ancestors were good enough to let Bivizimi return. But if her murder was *not
* a mistake, there remains the possibility that the killers will try again.
<Veznara> I am sure that is a matter of deepest concern to Katenzhi, and all of us.
<Tiz> I agree.
<Veznara> Is there anything we can do? Other than keep a watch on her...
<Tiz> I would recommend that she not return to the claim, of course.
* Veznara nods
<Tiz> Perhaps stick to her work as an alchemist and herbalist.
<Katenzhi> -_-
<Veznara> The incident is still being investigated?
<Tiz> I assume so.
* Veznara nods
<Veznara> Very well.
<Tiz> As I say, it's not the sort of work I do.
<Veznara> Thank you, Lieutenant.
<Veznara> This whole business is... extremely fraught. In so many ways.
<Veznara> But I am glad we came to talk to you.
<Tiz> Thank you for coming by.
* Veznara nods, and rises to leave
* Katenzhi will get up and go to leave before she says something even worse.
* Longpig is now known as Llillilli
* Katenzhi will wait until we're outside the fort to punch a tree.
* Veznara sighs
<Katenzhi> That was a fucking mistake.
<Veznara> Katenzhi, I'm sorry. I hoped for so much more...
* Tiz is now known as Kiklatsa
<Katenzhi> Me too. It looks like I'm on my own again.
<Veznara> No worse off, I hope.
<Veznara> At least we got some indication of what it *will
* take to get official action..
<Katenzhi> Zevnara, you don't need to do this. I don't expect you to. You could get in seriously trouble if you're seen helping me investigate.
<Veznara> No, I want to get to the bottom of this if we can. Without getting killed, or provoking an Aummesh rebellion. :/
* Katenzhi sighs.
<Katenzhi> Thanks you.
<Veznara> I just hope that I didn't lead you astray by suggesting we talk with the Lieutenant.
<Veznara> I think she actually is sympathetic, as she said. But I was hoping she's be able and willing to tell us much more, not shut us down.
<Katenzhi> She was certainly making it hard to trust her.
<Veznara> I'm afraid I've found that everywhere. Nobody wants to discuss this or get to the bottom of it, or admit what they know...
<Veznara> Including us. :/
<Veznara> Does she know about the Pale Oracle, do you think? She certainly realized that there's *something
* there.
<Veznara> But I'm not sure she already knows exactly what.
<Katenzhi> I don't know. But I can't tell her about it if she doesn't.
<Katenzhi> At least we're not totally alone. Jimba's on board. I'm hoping to talk to the rest of the group too.
* Veznara nods
<Veznara> The Lieutenant may be right - maybe it is less about the temples, and more about the Pale Oracle.
<Katenzhi> Maybe.
<Veznara> But what do the Sashnir do with it? Is there something more here that we're missing?
<Katenzhi> There has to be. Would they really be willing to kill just to stop people finding out they have a special type of fos?
<Katenzhi> There's something we can't see yet.
<Veznara> Maybe Bivizimi has an idea?
<Veznara> I would still like to meet her anyway!
<Katenzhi> If she did I think she would have told me. But yeah, She needs to be in on what's going on so I'd like to get her together with everyone.
<Katenzhi> Anyway... thanks for trying at least.
<Katenzhi> I appreciate it.
* Veznara smiles
<Veznara> You're very welcome. Again, I'm just sorry that it didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped.
<Katenzhi> It's ok. I should have known. Llillilli is right. You can't trust the powers-that-be for shit like this. When it comes down to it all we have is our family and our friends.
<Katenzhi> Thanks for being a friend.
<Veznara> Right back at you! :)
* Katenzhi smiles.