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Diablotin 3 session logs
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Session date: August 28, 2017
Diablotin date: Ninth-month


<DiablotinNarrator> The interval when there is no Emperor is a strange time in Diablotin. It feels as though the city - maybe the whole Empire - is waiting for something, tense with anticipation and worry.

<DiablotinNarrator> While the stress is surely strongest for the candidates for the throne, and those who must choose among them, it bleeds over into the rest of the population as well.

Genevriel gathers intelligence at the farm and shares it with the crew

<DiablotinNarrator> Gen, you wanted to try and possibly identify someone who is infected with the Cyst at your workplace, the experimental farm. Could you let me know more about how you want to do that?

<Genevriel> (No idea, really, other than by observing whether they have any aversion to sun or other tells. So, I guess covert surveillance is how I'll have to do it)

<Genevriel> (I don't expect it to be quick and easy.)

<DiablotinNarrator> Okay. I was just curious how you were planning to go about it - basically observing visitors who come to the farm closely? Are you paying particular attention to the priests or just everyone in general?

<Genevriel> (Alert for everyone, but focusing more on those we already have reason to suspect, like priests and the big bosses)

<DiablotinNarrator> okay. Make a Perception check so I have an idea how well you're doing :)

<Genevriel> (sec)

<Genevriel> !roll 1d20+9

  • Denise rolls for Genevriel: [ 1d20+9 ] getting [ 20 ] which, after the modifier [ 9 ] totals [ 29 ].

<Genevriel> (sweet)

<DiablotinNarrator> that's a pretty good job! ;)

<Genevriel> (I was a scout for 3 years!)

<DiablotinNarrator> hee

<DiablotinNarrator> well it's paid off :)

<Genevriel> (Ok, I guess I have names from Chalniss, too, so focus on those people as well)

<Genevriel> (if they ever come to the farm)

<DiablotinNarrator> that makes sense

<DiablotinNarrator> With a combination of your amazing powers of observation, and having some names to go off, you are able to spot a woman named Sister Harmony who visits the farm - she is permitted to enter into various restricted areas, with Veronise accompanying her. However, when she visits the barn (the one that uses so much power) she wears a wide-brimmed hat and walks a long way around, following areas that are shady.

<Genevriel> (cool, cool)

<DiablotinNarrator> Thinking back on it, you think she comes by fairly often - maybe once every couple of weeks or so.

<DiablotinNarrator> She typically arrives in a car with a driver (you don't usually see the driver too well, they remain with the car) and comes alone.

<Genevriel> (Can I get the license plate? Not sure that it'll be all that useful but one never knows)

<DiablotinNarrator> Yes, you can get that number. You could also conceivably try to talk to the driver or observe them more closely if you wanted.

<Genevriel> (Sure, I'll try to observe them. Talking to them would be odd.)

<Genevriel> (Like, I'm supposed to be at work, not fraternizing with the help.)

<Genevriel> (;))

<DiablotinNarrator> heh

<DiablotinNarrator> okay, make one more Perception check

<Genevriel> !roll 1d20+9

  • Denise rolls for Genevriel: [ 1d20+9 ] getting [ 18 ] which, after the modifier [ 9 ] totals [ 27 ].

<Genevriel> (not bad)

<DiablotinNarrator> Gen is rocking the Perception right now :)

<Genevriel> (It's because I'm stone cold sober)

<DiablotinNarrator> hee

<Genevriel> (It would also be useful to work out whether there's a pattern to her visits, in case we want to arrange a kidnapping.)

<DiablotinNarrator> Okay, you are able to see that the driver is a woman, she's tall and quite broad-shouldered and strong-looking, but definitely female.

<Genevriel> (like is it always same day, same time every two weeks, or random?)

<Genevriel> (Ok, tall strong lady)

<Genevriel> (Any other distinguishing features? Does she avoid sun?)

<DiablotinNarrator> She has curly auburn hair, cut fairly short, looks to be maybe mid to late 20s or so. She mainly stays in or near the car, but doesn't noticably avoid sun - she gets out sometimes for a smoke break or to walk around and stretch her legs, for instance.

<Genevriel> (ok)

<DiablotinNarrator> You do notice one odd thing about her, though.

<Genevriel> (Hope it's a good one.)

<DiablotinNarrator> While she is basically dressed normally, you see that there's a collar or something at the neck of her coat that looks to be made of white feathers.

<Genevriel> (Is it a collar or hidden wings... I know Gen probably can't figure that out.)

<DiablotinNarrator> You aren't quite sure. It does seem like there's some added bulk under her clothing but that could be anything - maybe she's wearing extra layers of clothing, or is unusually muscular, or something like that. But wings are not impossible anyway :)

<Genevriel> (Well, that is peculiar indeed. In my free time if I can do some research on feathered collar magical items or significance (to like, a cult or something) or human-like creatures with feathered torsos, I'd do that.)

<Genevriel> (I can afford a Castalia library card!)

<DiablotinNarrator> heh

<DiablotinNarrator> one of the great benefits of money :)

<DiablotinNarrator> You can make a k:nature roll for creatures that might fit that description, and k:arcana on magic items

<Genevriel> K: Nature

<Genevriel> !roll 1d20+19

  • Denise rolls for Genevriel: [ 1d20+19 ] getting [ 6 ] which, after the modifier [ 19 ] totals [ 25 ].

<Genevriel> (boo, bad dice)

<Genevriel> (And I don't have any points in K: Arcana, not sure if it's trained only in which case I can't roll)

<Genevriel> (Yeah, trained only so I can't roll it)

<Genevriel> (But I can ask people like Argent and Aubrienne who might know something about shit like that.)

<DiablotinNarrator> well you can try k:religion if you have it, for any possibly religious significance

<Genevriel> K: Religion I can do

<Genevriel> !roll 1d20+19

  • Denise rolls for Genevriel: [ 1d20+19 ] getting [ 17 ] which, after the modifier [ 19 ] totals [ 36 ].

<Genevriel> (that's better)

<DiablotinNarrator> Okay, you spend a couple of evenings poring over books at the library, and so far the closest thing you've been able to find is that there is a type of fey creature called a swanmay or swan maiden - you remember them from the First World, of course - who typically wear cloaks of white feathers when in human form.

<Genevriel> (okay)

<DiablotinNarrator> As for the schedule of Sister Harmony's visits, you can determine that she typically comes on the same day every other week, so it might be possible to plan for the next time she arrives.

<Genevriel> (Ok, thanks)

  • Genevriel will report her findings to the rest of our motley crew and ask Argent and Aubrienne about white feather collar magic items, if they exist.

<DiablotinNarrator> Okay, well as neither of them is here right now, we'll wait on what that answer might be :)

  • Genevriel will tell Madds about this stuff, too.

<DiablotinNarrator> okay

<DiablotinNarrator> However Dorien is conveniently around if you want to tell him :)

<Dorien> (:V)

<Genevriel> (I'd also be trying to get a sense of the Beefcakes delivery schedule in case we want to hijack it. Mustn't forget that.)

<Genevriel> (I can but does he have a scene with you now?)

<DiablotinNarrator> well part of what I was hoping to do with him would be helped by this knowledge :)

<Genevriel> (okay)

  • Genevriel will call Dorien (do you have a phone?) some day soon after compiling her findings and invite him to tea/coffee

<Dorien> (We do)

<DiablotinNarrator> My thought on the Beefcakes delivery schedule is that they typically come in the morning, but things may have been thrown off recently with the Emperor's death. They are still making the deliveries but it might be more irregular.

<Genevriel> (Preferably at my place since who knows who might be listening in a restaurant)

<DiablotinNarrator> (oh we have an ARgent - so if Terry wants to hop in, maybe he can join too :)

<Genevriel> (Gen will invite whoever wants to come to her place to hear what she's discovered. Let's make it a party)

<DiablotinNarrator> (well then if anyone else wants to jump in, feel free I guess :)

  • Genevriel hopes Madds isn't too perturbed by his home being turned into Secret Resistance Central.
  • Genevriel has tea, coffee and treats for whoever comes again.
  • Madds seems to accept that this is his life now ;)
  • Dorien shows up with Misery.
  • Genevriel gives him extra cuddles for his patience and understanding.
  • Argent arrives on his motorcycle
  • Genevriel welcomes you all and makes sure you're comfy, then she will begin.

<Genevriel> (ie let's skip the idle chitchat - we can pretend we did it)

<Genevriel> So, one of the names of people you provided me is almost certainly a Cyst entity.

  • Genevriel nods towards Argent.

<Genevriel> Sister Harmony has access to many of the restricted areas at the farm, so long as she is accompanied by Calondres.

<Genevriel> And when she goes to that highly electrified barn I told you about, she covers herself well from the sun and takes a circuitous route that follows shade as much as possible.

<Genevriel> She comes quite regularly on [day] every two weeks. She is driven in a [description of make, model, colour] car with [license plate number] if you wish to trace it.

<Argent> how many come with her when she drives, did you see?

<Genevriel> Her driver is a very tall, unusually bulky-looking woman with curly auburn hair in a short cut, probably in her mid to late 20s.

<Genevriel> She doesn't avoid the sun like Sister Harmony does.

<Genevriel> It's just Sister Harmony and her driver.

<Dorien> Do you know what she does at the farm?

<Genevriel> And her driver seems to wear a collar of white feathers...? Or it might be that it's a swan maiden cloak she tucks into her clothes that adds to her bulky appearance.

<Genevriel> She tours the restricted areas with Calondres.

<Genevriel> That's all I can tell you since I don't have access to them myself.

<Dorien> hmm

<Genevriel> I was wondering if there might be any magic items that are white feathered collars; that might be another explanation for that peculiar idiosyncrasy of her fashion.

<Dorien> (Should we roll K:Arcana?)

<Argent> I'll try to find out what I can on the woman... magic items arn't my area of expertise, but we can consult with Aubrienne or Hugo

<DiablotinNarrator> (sure, you can roll if you have it)

<Dorien> !roll 1d20+20

  • Denise rolls for Dorien: [ 1d20+20 ] getting [ 19 ] which, after the modifier [ 20 ] totals [ 39 ].

<Dorien> Actually... I know a few things about magic items.

<Denise> well, I might see Aubrienne at ther weddin' too @_@

  • Denise looks tired and inhales snack and coffee

<DiablotinNarrator> (okay, just seeing what you might find out, Dorien - carry on with conversation while I check some things :)

<Dorien> (k)

<Genevriel> I've also been keeping track of the Beefcakes meat deliveries; they've become a bit more erratic during the current unrest as we await a new emperor, but here's the details.

  • Genevriel passes a meticulously written schedule to Argent.

<Genevriel> That's all I have to report for now.

  • Genevriel seems somewhat apologetic not to have anything more.

<Dorien> Well...

<Argent> this is all good information

  • Argent scans the document quickly

<Dorien> There are several magic items that have feathers. Rainbow Feather Cloak and Eagle Cape for example. There are some others, but they don't really sound like what you're describing.

<Dorien> Unless she's stuffing her collar with feather tokens for some reason...

<Genevriel> Is there anything else you'd like me to look into as a next step?

<Dorien> Are you absolutely sure she's one of them?

<Argent> It sounds fairly convincing and consistent with what we know

<Dorien> Then we need to get our hands on her.

<Genevriel> No, I am not absolutely sure of anything, but - yes, what Argent said.

<Argent> That's what I was going to suggest next... organize to get them

<Dorien> If I had access to one of them I could maybe engineer a detector, a weapon... possibly even a cure. Who knows.

<Genevriel> Well, supposing that we do kidnap her successfully, where do you propose we keep her, and how do we restrain her so she can't... I don't know... pass along her Cyst to Dorien or someone who is studying her?

<Dorien> Oh. Right.

<Aubrienne> We have a 'cure', don't we? A circle against evil should expel one, no?

<Argent> if the person exposed is strong willed enough

<Argent> you may be able to trap the Cyste in a inward facing circle as well

<Genevriel> Another consideration: kidnapping is, as far as I know, still illegal regardless of our good intentions.

<Dorien> So are lots of things.

<Genevriel> Is there one person whom we trust who has the authority and the will to intervene if everything goes to hell and we're all charged with conspiracy?

<Denise> well, I guess let's see how the selection goes >.>

<Argent> we need to act before things get that far.

<Denise> do we got time @_@

<Argent> I dont know... things are moving quickly

<Dorien> (When will that be?)

<DiablotinNarrator> (uhh... I think about 3 days at this point?)

<Genevriel> Well, we might not have a choice other than to wait, as Sister Harmony's next foray to the farm won't be for a week and a half.

<Denise> I gotta be at the weddin' all day tomorrow @_@

<Argent> If it was possible, I would like to act on all the names we have before then, but I just don't think there is time to be able to set up enough.

<Denise> I was hopin' you could come in case somethin; happened :/

  • Denise says to Argent

<DiablotinNarrator> (well... I should amend that. it's 3 days until the Council votes on their choices.. Then they need to put whoever is chosen through the Arch, and if that works, it's over, but if it doesn't work, they go back to the list of candidates. so it could theoretically be an extra day or two.)

<Argent> Ill touch base with my contact, see if they can find out where Sister Harmony resides, and the others, to see if we can do something before the choosing.

<Argent> That will take at least a day, so I can be free to help tomorrow

  • Denise nods

<Denise> okay

<Denise> I mean hopefully it'll just be a nice weddin' an that's all

<Argent> are we all here willing to try this

  • Dorien looks at Misery

<Argent> I understand if anyone doesnt want to be involved in this part

<Denise> I'm in

<Denise> I cn maybe talk to Hettie but she's got the baby reage pretty easy these days so its hard to say how she'll feel >.>

  • Misery nods to you, Dorien

<Genevriel> I think that I should stay out of the actual kidnapping if you want me to keep collecting information at the farm.

<Dorien> We're in.

  • Genevriel looks with concern towards Madds; she's also worried about wrecking his life.

<Aubrienne> Makes sense, Gen.

<Dorien> Yeah, Gen, I think you're our best asset inside things right now.

<Aubrienne> We can do our best to keep it compartmentalized.

  • Madds puts an arm around you, Gen. He has given up on having a normal life for right now, clearly ;)
  • Genevriel leans into him.

<Argent> Ill let everyone know what I find out

<Denise> okay

Argent builds on Gen's intel

<DiablotinNarrator> okay, so just so I'm clear - the plan is for Argent to try and find out Sister Harmony's home address or other info about her, and for you guys (apart from Gen) to attempt to kidnap her within the next 3 days?

<Dorien> (If he can find something out and there is an opportunity to do so, otherwise it will need to wait)

<Argent> (yes... and any other info on the others that we know of, if that is possible)

<DiablotinNarrator> (okay)

<DiablotinNarrator> who are you asking for info, Argent? Briony?

<Aubrienne> (Can offer to help observe while invisible or inshadow form, etc)

<Argent> (Briony yes)

<DiablotinNarrator> Okay.

<DiablotinNarrator> okay whenever Argent is back I'd like to do a little something for him to talk to Briony because I think that might be important.

  • Argent can drop Denise off and track down Briony
  • Briony can be found at her house.

<Argent> Hey need to trouble you for a bit

<Briony> what's the matter?

  • Briony invites you in, of course

<Argent> Trying to move on those that we know are infected with the Cyste. Have had secondary observation on Sister Harmony, that confirms what Chalniss told us

<Argent> I want to throw them off before the choosing so any plans they may have for the arch are messed up

<Briony> Harmony? :o I know her... at least, I did.

<Argent> so I need information on where Sister Harmony lives, and any of the others Chalniss named

<Argent> you know her?

<Briony> You're sure she's one of them? :o

<Argent> probably as certain as we can be without actually having our hands on her

  • Briony looks concerned.

<Argent> I know this is like kicking bedpans

<Briony> Well I know where she lives, but this is very disturbing.

<Argent> how well do you know her?

<Argent> is she close? The real her should still be in there.

<Briony> When I was in training to become a priest, she was one of my mentors. I know her very well, or at least I did at that time.

<Briony> We haven't spoken for a while, I thought it was just that perhaps she was so busy, and I've been preoccupied as well...

<Briony> I need to ask - do you want me to bring in people I trust in the higher ranks of the church on this?

<Briony> this is obviously a matter of grave importance

<Argent> I don't think we have a choice

<Briony> you shouldn't deal with this alone - nor should you have to.

<Argent> I feel that moving quickly on Harmony is prudent

<Briony> I could have a group of priests and spokesmen together to bring her into custody tonight if need be.

<Argent> shouldnt we have enough for the higher ups to act againt Rev Mother Nydia with what we've learned from Servan?

<Argent> regardless of the Cyste angle?

  • Briony nods

<Briony> Taking into consideration attempted murders - or actual murder - yes, we should.

<Briony> I'm going to do this. I only hope it isn't too late for whatever they're planning.

<Argent> If you can get loyal priests and spokesmen to act on all the other names Chalnise gave, Brother Cillard, themp guard Breyas, at the same time, even if its just a precaution, that would be good.

  • Briony nods

<Briony> All right.

<Argent> Thank you Briony

<Briony> I'll keep you posted.

<Argent> I promised to keep a look out at the wedding tomorrow for a friend, but if you need any help with this, just ask.

<Briony> Thank you.

<Briony> I need to find a babysitter... -_-

  • Briony will go to track down someone to watch her kid while she organizes a take-down

Dorien works on a Cyst Detecto-tron

<DiablotinNarrator> Okay, meanwhile, Dorien - are you more interested in working on something that would let you see/detect the Cyst, or something that will expel them once they're in someone? I'm just curious how you're focusing your research.

<Dorien> Well, we have at least *A* way to remove them, so I think something to detect them is the most important thing right now. If I can figure out how their physiology differs from other creatures it will help with both things.

<DiablotinNarrator> okay

<DiablotinNarrator> Make a Craft: Alchemy check just so I have an idea how your research/experiments are progressing

<DiablotinNarrator> as things are moving quickly so I want to know where you're at with things :)

<Dorien> !roll 1d20+20

  • Denise rolls for Dorien: [ 1d20+20 ] getting [ 19 ] which, after the modifier [ 20 ] totals [ 39 ].

<Dorien> (Woo!)

<DiablotinNarrator> Okay - I'll say you have a few formulas that you want to try out, so basically if/when you have a target to experiment on, you will have several options to test on them.

<Dorien> (cool)

<DiablotinNarrator> I assume with Nedezde's help :)

<Dorien> (Ideally I would want something that reacts with them but not other creatures. Maybe a topical spray or something)

<DiablotinNarrator> maybe she had some formulas that you were able to build on, that sort of thing. you and she and Misery can work together on figuring out possible solutions :)

<Dorien> (Awesome)

Ander and Janelle get married

<DiablotinNarrator> Okay - now wedding times :) or at least pre-wedding times, for the folks who are attending to let me know of any preparations or plans they want to make :)

<Argent> (find/rent a decent outfit)

<DiablotinNarrator> The wedding of Janelle Rionet and Ander Suterre is taking place at Janelle's parents' house, Guillame and Portia Rionet. Out in the garden, since the weather is good. There will be somewhere around 80-100 guests, including but not limited to: Denise and Enver, Argent, Hettie and Nycki, Aubrienne and Tits.

<DiablotinNarrator> I have more of a guest list here as well, but folks can let me know what they want to do first :)

<Aubrienne> (Go shopping with Tits to get new outfits)

<DiablotinNarrator> :3

  • Dorien drinks gin in his underwear at home as he is not invited.

<Argent> (is it bad form to show up armed?)

<DiablotinNarrator> (it would be unusual... but hey, you know the security detail, which is mostly Denise I think ;)

<Argent> (so I'm looking good, but dressed for trouble)

<DiablotinNarrator> stylin :)

  • Aubrienne will have a big enough purse for one of her traveling spellbound, just in case.

<Aubrienne> Spellbooks, rather

<DiablotinNarrator> okay

  • Denise is also dressed nice, and is always ready for trouble :V

<DiablotinNarrator> (she has enchanted fishes ;)

<Hettienne> (samesies... I'm keepin my gun in my purse so there)

  • Denise let's people she knows/trusts have weapons and not those she doesn't :V

<Denise> (though I'm probably not frisking *all* of the guests... just obvious bulges/weapons, etc

<DiablotinNarrator> (huur)

<Hettienne> (>:9)

<DiablotinNarrator> Xan: well I never

<Denise> (O:)

<Denise> <q, to Argent> Well he's packin' *somethin' >.>

<Aubrienne> (Hee)

<Argent> <q, to Denis> I'm tryin' to look respectable, bursting out laughing is not helping

<Denise> O:)

<Denise> It;s just nerves is all...

<Argent> It will be good, and if its not, well deal

<Argent> (we'll(

  • Denise nods

<DiablotinNarrator> Speaking of guests, people in attendance aside from Ander, Janelle, and Ralf, will include: Guy and Portia (well it's their house), Aden, Zivia, and their assorted kids, Silvia and Sirris and Iris, Bright and Calix, Noren and Zola, Augie and Mireva, Alma and Danyel and kids, Justen and Xan, Alea Pervenche, other house Rat nobs, all of Ander's extended family and various mobsters/mob

<DiablotinNarrator> associates.

<DiablotinNarrator> (just so you know who's available to talk to :)

<Denise> (We can assume D spends some time talkign to Zola, I'm sure :3)

<DiablotinNarrator> Probably some of the other D2 PCs who aren't excessively busy - I imagine Ilphere and Ysa might be too busy with funeral arrangements etc, but possibly some of their kids could make it.

<DiablotinNarrator> I mean Guy might be the best-liked of any of the PCs - I don't think he's pissed anyone off to the point where they wouldn't go to his kid's wedding ;)

<Denise> (But also didn't piss anyone off to the point where people would spite attend :V)

<DiablotinNarrator> (hee)

<DiablotinNarrator> Seth: can you have it near a wall so I can attend?

<Hettienne> *cough*alma*cough*

<DiablotinNarrator> Alma's there - are you coughing at her for a reason?

<Denise> (She meant in terms of peope who have pissed people off enough that people would spite attend their social functions  ;)

<DiablotinNarrator> (oh, heh)

<DiablotinNarrator> Ilphere makes a point to be at all Alma's social events? ;)

<Hettienne> (ww)

<DiablotinNarrator> the benefit of being a princes: they can't really uninvite you ;)

<DiablotinNarrator> The wedding ceremony will be performed by Patriarch Velten.

<DiablotinNarrator> The guests assemble at the designated time, gathering in the garden where chairs and benches have been placed to allow for seating.

  • Denise probably had a spot that is unobtrusively near the alter, but not seated
  • Denise will ake that place once Ander is in place :p
  • Ander takes his place, with Ralf at his side as his best man.

<Denise> :3

  • Janelle 's maid of honour is Lavinia Olivier, one of her, ah, cousins? being one of "Uncle" Aden's daughters ;)
  • Velten stands at the front of the gathered crowd, on a little raised platform so that people can see him, being as he's a short little old man :)

<Denise> (If there is a bomb in the platform, I'm firing myself)

  • Denise keeps an eye out for Trouble, which mostly means trying not to get caught up in all the wedding stuff, which is haaaard

<DiablotinNarrator> (I will assume you've checked it ahead of time. But just for my own curiosity, make a Perception check so I know how Denise is doing at keeping an eye on things.)

<Lan-cloud> !roll 1d20+12

  • Denise rolls for Lan-cloud: [ 1d20+12 ] getting [ 16 ] which, after the modifier [ 12 ] totals [ 28 ].

<Denise> (not Argent level, but not too bad >.>)

<DiablotinNarrator> okay cool

<Argent> (should I roll as well?)

<DiablotinNarrator> sure

<Argent> !roll 1d20+26

  • Denise rolls for Argent: [ 1d20+26 ] getting [ 6 ] which, after the modifier [ 26 ] totals [ 32 ].

<DiablotinNarrator> well even with only rolling a 6, that's pretty good

<Aubrienne> (Sweet Jibbers Crabst!)

<Denise> (There is a reason I asked him in :V)

<DiablotinNarrator> Okay, I'll keep those in mind for you as you keep an eye on things before/during/after the ceremony :)

<DiablotinNarrator> There is a small group of musicians to provide music for the service - the assembled guests quiet as they begin to play.

  • Janelle enters in her lovely gown (dea5420f828b4d6ef32b8f783711f8ed.jpg) and holding a pretty bouquet of ferns and mosses.

<Denise> :3

<Denise> err..

<Denise> @_@

  • Ander smiles, even though he's probably nervous
  • Janelle makes her way down the aisle, hands off her bouquet to Lavinia, and Ander offers her his arm, which she takes as she stands beside him.
  • Velten smiles at the couple and the crowd

<Velten> Thank you for coming together today to bear witness to this union.

<Velten> May it be a reminder that even in troubled times, there is hope for the future, and happiness to be found amid difficulties, if we know where to look.

<Velten> Andrezj and Janelle, as you come together today, and as you stand beside one another in the days to come, remember to treat yourselves and each other with respect, and remind yourselves often of what brought you together.

<Velten> Remember to give priority to the tenderness and kindness that your connection deserves, even when you have other worries that weigh on your minds.

<Velten> When frustration and fear assail you - as they threaten all relationships at one time or another - remember to focus on what you share, not on what divides you.

<Velten> In this way, you can weather the storms when darkness hides the face of the sun in your lives - remembering that even if you lose sight of it in that darkness, the sun is still there.

<Velten> And if each of you takes responsibility for the quality of your life together, I know it will be marked by abundance and joy :)

<Velten> Andrezj Suterre, do you vow to take this woman, in the sight of all the gods, into your life, your house and your heart? To cherish her and keep her, in sickness and in health, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, for all the days of this life?

<Ander> I do.

<Velten> Janelle Rionet, do you vow to take this man, in the sight of all the gods, into your life, your house and your heart? To cherish him and keep him, in sickness and in health, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, for all the days of this life?

<Janelle> I do.

<Velten> Then by the power vested in me by the Seven, I pronounce you to be wed. What the gods have joined together, let no one dare to sunder.

<Denise> :3

<Denise> @_@

  • Janelle and Ander exchange a kiss that (if you're paying attention) is a bit quick and not quite on the lips. No church tongue ;)
  • Janelle join hands and turn to the crowd, as folks stand and applaud and take photos :3

<Janelle> (er, Janelle and Ander)

<Hettienne> <w> so romantic :p

  • Hettienne is still miffed she didn't rate an invite to the real wedding

<DiablotinNarrator> Following the ceremony, there are refreshments, drinks, cake, and so on - not a sit down meal, but appetizers and nibbly things

  • Denise will stick close to her Boss but not *crowd* since legit people probably want to cogratulate him and Janelle

<DiablotinNarrator> Yes, there will be lots of people wanting to talk to them I'm sure

<DiablotinNarrator> And if anyone wants to talk to each other, other guests, or the happy couple, etc, now is the time :)

  • Aubrienne will congratulate the happy couple and try to stay reasonably close, but unobtrusively so.
  • Denise is allowed to be obtrusive :V

Janelle offers Hettie a job

<DiablotinNarrator> Hettie, Janelle wants to talk to you for a moment, so she'll come over :3

  • Hettienne will offer the obligatory congrats in the receiving line or w/e

<Hettienne> (oh ok)

<Janelle> I'm glad you could come :)

<Hettienne> Well uh, thanks for the invite.

<Hettienne> Your Dad's got a real nice house...

<Hettienne> (must be religious)

<Janelle> oh, thank you...

<Janelle> You look lovely, too - your dress is beautiful.

<Hettienne> Aw heh. It's more like a tent, you're too kind.

<Hettienne> Who made yours?

<Janelle> Oh - well, honestly because it was so quick, it's off the rack with a few adjustments. I bought it from Evalée's.

  • Hettienne nods.

<Hettienne> Well it's real classy...

<Janelle> Thank you :3

<Janelle> But... that was something I wanted to talk to you about, in any event. Maybe now isn't the best time, but...

<Hettienne> Oh?

<Janelle> Well... it might be premature :) but it's my understanding that at the palace, they haven't had a full time dressmaker since Empress Yanina passed away. Not much need for one I suppose.

<Hettienne> Uh...

<Hettienne> Sorry... I don't follow?

<Janelle> If I should be so fortunate, I wondered if you would be interested in such a position? Making fancy dresses, full creative control, more or less unlimited budget...

<Hettienne> ( http://gph.is/2omrNw6 )

<Hettienne> ( and then http://gph.is/2m8etxA )

<Hettienne> M.. me? Really?

<Janelle> well, I know you're very talented, and I respect your taste. And ...of course, care for your children would be provided, as well :)

<Hettienne> I.. I'd be honoured :o

  • Janelle smiles

<Hettienne> I just... I didn't know anyone'd noticed me :o

<Janelle> Even if it doesn't turn out in my favour, I'd still be pleased to engage your services - I want to support Rats whenever I can, of course, and ... well, as it happens, I'd be honoured as well :)

<Hettienne> THanks... :o

  • Hettienne doesn't really know what else to say.
  • Hettienne is kinda floored.

<Janelle> Thank you.

  • Janelle looks like she would like to give you a hug but is mildly concerned you'll hate it
  • Hettienne will let her...
  • Janelle gives a quick hug, then :3

Denise and Mireva catch up

<DiablotinNarrator> Did anyone else want to talk to anyone at the reception? I think Denise you wanted to talk to Mireva?

<Denise> (Oh yes!)

  • Mireva is wearing a pretty sparkly dress :3
  • Denise gived her a quick hug
  • Mireva hugs you tight

<Denise> YOu look real pretty, as usual :3

<Mireva> Aw, thank you! All these posh people around, though :o

<Denise> un huh @_@

<Denise> I guess I gotta get used ot that now @_@

<Denise> an' you too maybe, if you're still with Auggie? :3

<Mireva> Yeah, we're doing good :)

<Mireva> He's real sweet.

<Denise> You look real happy :3

<Denise> an oh hey, you'll never guess who I got to talk to th' other day :o

<Mireva> who?

<Denise> CHalniss

<Mireva> :o

<Mireva> Is she okay? where did you see her?

<Denise> SH'e at the arch temple... she said to sah sh'es okay yeah.

<Denise> (to say shes okay, rather)

<Mireva> oh wow... I didn't think anyone was allowed to see her :o

<Denise> well, you know

<Denise> I got ways >.>

  • Mireva nods knowingly

<Denise> Margaux's stayin' with her right now

<Mireva> is something the matter? like... why?

<Denise> just 'cause you know, her job's got more to it rght now an we figured it'd be good to have someone there to... help her. IN case. >.>

<Mireva> huh

<Mireva> well I guess I'm glad Margaux can stay with her - she seems like she knows what she's doing.

<Denise> she used to do the same thing, so she knows, I guess :3

  • Mireva nods

<Mireva> it's so weird...

<Denise> gosh, Mireva, which part @_@

<Mireva> well all of it I guess? but like, bein' a babysitter for someome who ends up bein' a babysitter for the Arch :p

<Denise> un huh

<Denise> well it ain't too far off my job so I can't say nothin' :p

<Mireva> heh

<Mireva> You babysit Ander - at least the Arch stays in one place :p

<Denise> un huh

  • Denise grins at that, thn glances around to make sure he isn't too far away and no one is trying to stab him or something
  • Janelle has Ander beside her while they chat to some guests, apparently unscathed ;)

<Denise> I'm gonna be real happy when today is over, anyway

<Mireva> Try to have a little fun at least? These chocolate pastry things are real good :)

<Denise> Oh I know, I got to try all the food already :3

<Denise> when they were pickin' it out :V

<Mireva> ooh, lucky :)

<Denise> I mean mostly they were distracted so I tied more of it than they did but it is alll good @_@

<Denise> (tried)

<Denise> anyway, I'm read glad you're here - it's nice to see more folks I know :3

<Mireva> me too! we gotta get together more often, I miss you :)

<Denise> me too :3

<Denise> there's just so much goin' on right now @_@

<Denise> Maybe things'll settle once we got a new Emperor... or empress :D

  • Mireva nods

<Mireva> I hope so...

  • Denise gives her friend another hug
  • Mireva hugs you back

An attempt is made on Patriarch Velten's life

<DiablotinNarrator> All right - Denise and co, you keep a very close eye on things as the evening proceeds, making very sure nothing goes amiss.

<Denise> I gota go catch up to the boss, but you'll be hearin from me soon ;3

<Denise> (yes @_@)

<DiablotinNarrator> It's fairly late in the evening, some guests have begun to leave, others have made their way indoors as the night gets a bit cool for their tastes, so things are more spread out.

  • Janelle and Ander are near the front doors of the house, so they can bid farewell to people who are departing
  • Denise is near-ish them, but out of the way of people trying to leave
  • Hettienne is sitting down because TIRED.
  • Velten is getting ready to go, having a few last words with the newlywed couple, his car waiting outside in the drive.
  • Denise is wathcing thoughtfully, wondering if maybw we *should* talk to him about the cyst stuff....
  • Velten has a younger priest to assist him as well - he's not as young as he once was, and he can use some help getting around at times.
  • Denise eyes said helper dubiously, thinking that those kinds of helpers are exactly the reason she is wary >.>
  • Velten shakes Ander's hand, then gives Janelle a hug

<DiablotinNarrator> Denise, as you're watching this, the priest who arrived to help Velten reaches into the sleeve of his robe.

<Denise> ... Hey!

  • Denise points at him
  • Denise hustles over quickly

<DiablotinNarrator> He draws out a gun and - I'll give you a chance to tackle him before he can fire

<DiablotinNarrator> (roll to hit - assuming that's what you're trying to do)

<Denise> (Yup, go t=for the takedown/grapple)

<DiablotinNarrator> (okay)

<Lan-cloud> !roll 1d20+17

  • Denise rolls for Lan-cloud: [ 1d20+17 ] getting [ 17 ] which, after the modifier [ 17 ] totals [ 34 ].
  • Argent looks in the direction of the disturbance, just a quick glance to see if Denise has it, but focuses more on spotting additional threats from the confusion
  • Denise is gonna compound fracture this guy's arm >:|

<DiablotinNarrator> Okay - you take him down and can snap his arm. A shot goes off wildly in the commotion, but doesn't hit you, and Ralf and Ander both dive to drag Janelle down and get themselves in front of her.

<Denise> (what about Velten? >.>)

  • Velten looks down in surprise, a red stain blossoming across the back of his white robes.


<Denise> ARGENT

  • Denise can't help an old dude who has been shot
  • Argent will move in as quickly as he can, casting Cure Light Wounds to staunch the bleeding
  • Aubrienne will make sure Tits is safe and then move to assist

<DiablotinNarrator> Denise, you can restrain the attacker, who stops struggling once you break his arm ;p

<Denise> (good. Was it his gun that went off?)

<DiablotinNarrator> Argent, make a Dex check so I can see how quickly you can get through the crowd to them.

<Argent> !roll 1d20+3

  • Denise rolls for Argent: [ 1d20+3 ] getting [ 20 ] which, after the modifier [ 3 ] totals [ 23 ].

<Denise> (noice!)

<DiablotinNarrator> Okay - Argent, you dive through the crowd as fast as possible, and make it to Velten's side. He's badly injured but you can see he's still breathing.

<Argent> (so cure to stabilize and Heal check to follow up)

<Denise> Ralf - get them out!

<Denise> an someone get a healer!

  • Ralf will get them the hell out of there as soon as it seems like the threat is under control

<Argent> <w to Veltan> I got you

  • Velten gasps, Argent, as you heal him, stabilizing him from his injury. You can make a Heal check to follow up on that.

<Argent> !roll 1d20+10

  • Denise rolls for Argent: [ 1d20+10 ] getting [ 16 ] which, after the modifier [ 10 ] totals [ 26 ].
  • Aubrienne will cast invisibility sphere, followed by communal protection from arrows (or bullets, as the case may be)

<DiablotinNarrator> Various other priests, paladins, or druids can hurry over to try and help as well. Alma, Danyel, Sirris, Silvia, etc.

<Denise> (Also my question stands re: was it his gun >.>)

<DiablotinNarrator> With their assistance, Argent, you're able to get him back on his feet.

<DiablotinNarrator> Oh, sorry, I missed that. Yes, it was his gun.

<Denise> (okay)

  • Denise is not letting this guy go unti the sitation is under control
  • Velten coughs faintly, but seems more or less okay
  • Denise will give Sylvia a somewhat knowing glare as if to see "See *this* is what I'm talkin' about"
  • Argent will follow up with Detect Poison if my heal check doesnt reveal anything else

<DiablotinNarrator> No poison, Argent

  • Argent will then let the more experienced clergy deal with him

<Denise> Argent Where are we takin' this guy? >:|

<DiablotinNarrator> The priest you've tackled seems stunned, Denise - what do you want to do with him?

  • Denise keeps hold for now
  • Denise is basically plannign to remit him to the inquisitors for questionning :V
  • Argent looks for a place to bring him, an outbuilding or something

<Denise> Who were you after >:|

  • Denise will ask, giving him a bit of a shake

<Priest> wh-what?

<Priest> what happened?

<Aubrienne> Argent, did you detect anything back there?

<Argent> I tried to sense for any poison but nothing, thats it

<Aubrienne> Did you check for evil, anything like that?

<Argent> Didnt have time.

  • Argent will detect evil now
  • Priest does not radiate evil presently

<Argent> (focus on the guy on the ground first then back to Veltan)

  • Velten also does not radiate evil

<Argent> nothing I can sense

  • Aubrienne will cast detect magic on the priest

<Priest> what did you do to my arm?!

<Denise> Who were you after! >:|

<Priest> what are you talking about? after? I was here to pick up the Patriarch and take him back to the palace.

<Denise> I broke it, an' I'll break the other one if yo don't start talkin sense real quick >:|

<Aubrienne> Denise, he might not have been in control of his faculties.

<Argent> whats the last thing you remember?

<Argent> (to the priest)

<Argent> before being tackled

  • Priest tries to think although he's a bit dazed and in agony

<Priest> I was getting into the car to come here... Someone spoke to me and ... then you were breaking my arm, void that hurts :o

<Argent> (Sense Motive and Detect Lies)

<Denise> Who spoke to you >:|

<Argent> !roll 1d20+29

  • Denise rolls for Argent: [ 1d20+29 ] getting [ 15 ] which, after the modifier [ 29 ] totals [ 44 ].

<Argent> (detect lies is a will save DC 18)

<Priest> it was a woman, ahhh, I didn't see her face...

<Priest> !roll 1d20

  • Denise rolls for Priest: [ 1d20 ] getting [ 17 ].

<Priest> (well, based on your natural abilities, you don't think he's lying, although your spell doesn't help much. he seems mostly confused and dazed.)

<Argent> Aubrienne, can you sense any lingering magical effect on him?

<Aubrienne> (I cast detect magic, but there are three of us bugging the DM ;))

  • Danyel goes into 'I'm a motherfucking paladin and chief justice of this god damn empire' mode once the guards show up

<Danyel> We'll take care of this from here.

<Denise> >:|

<Danyel> Thank you for containing the situation - it could have been much worse.

<Denise> >.> What if I don't wanna hand him over >.>

  • Argent taps Denise to hand him over

<Denise> >.>

<Aubrienne> We still don't know how bad it actually is.

  • Denise will let him go

<Denise> DOn't know who the target was >:\

  • Danyel turns to Argent and will speak quietly to him.

<Denise> if it was even just one >:|

<Danyel> Sister Briony spoke with me earlier - we'll include you in this, don't worry.

  • Argent nods

<Argent> It feels like a compulsion.

<Danyel> that may be, but we'll get to the bottom of it if that's the case. Find the parties truly responsible, if this man isn't among them.

<Danyel> And learn who their intended target was.

  • Danyel says with a nod to Denise
  • Denise nods back, still clearly on the angry adrenalin
  • Argent will go back to Denise

<DiablotinNarrator> Danyel will supervise this guy's removal

<Argent> <w> amazing work... it could have been much worse

<Velten> Thank you... you saved my life.

  • Denise thanks.... you're the one who got to the patriarch though @_@
  • Velten says to you both

<Aubrienne> Thank goodness you were able to get to him with the heal.

<Denise> yeah

<Velten> If there is ever anything I can do to help you, please let me know.

  • Argent nods
  • Denise nods

<Denise> thanks.... there might be >:|

  • Aubrienne stays behind the other two, as she really didn't do anything

<DiablotinNarrator> Once the prisoner is taken away, I imagine there will be lots of people clustering around to thank you, shake your hands, see if you're okay, ask questions about what happened, etc.

  • Denise shoos the away
  • Enver can shoo for you as well, Denise :3
  • Denise will go let her peeps know what happened, to the extent that she knows at this point

Hugo gets an alarming call from Dasra

<DiablotinNarrator> Hugo, you're home (this would be the same evening as the wedding although I'm not sure how close attention you're paying to that?)

<Hugonel> (probably somewhat, at least, since Janelle is an imperial candidate)

<DiablotinNarrator> (okay - well then you're aware that it's going on :)

<DiablotinNarrator> The club is still closed for the mourning period, so you have a few nights off

<DiablotinNarrator> So you're home taking it easy, I guess, when the phone rings.

  • Hugonel answers

<Hugonel> Hello?

<Dasra> Hugo, I... I don't know what's happening...

<Hugonel> Dasra? Dasra, what's going on?

  • Dasra sounds agitated and upset

<Dasra> Something's happening to Raimond, I don't know what to do, everyone else is out...

<Hugonel> What's happening?

<Dasra> He's barely breathing, I'm scared he might be dying

<Hugonel> All right, I'll be right over.

<Hugonel> Just ... hang in there. I'll be there as soon as I can.

<Dasra> please hurry

  • Hugonel tries to think of a healer he can call on short notice who can be trusted.
  • Hugonel heads over to Dasra's place as quickly as possible

<DiablotinNarrator> (I think she's actually at Silvia's place - they were keeping the patients there together)

<Hugonel> (ah yes, right)

  • Hugonel goes over there then
  • Dasra comes to the door to let you in

<Dasra> Everybody went out to the wedding, I don't want to bother them, but I'm really worried... thank you for coming

<Hugonel> OK, tell me what happened.

<Dasra> Well I was here to keep an eye on Raimond - and the others of course - while Silvia and everyone else was out. I mean I'm here a lot anyway, I didn't mind...

  • Dasra is still anxious and speaking quickly, nervously

<Dasra> He was sleeping - he sleeps so much - and so I had just stepped out for a moment to have a smoke, when I heard him talking.

<Hugonel> Talking in his sleep, or talking to someone?

<Dasra> I don't know. There's no one else here to talk to... he was mumbling, I couldn't understand everything he said, and so I came back in to see what was going on...

<Dasra> and when I got there he was sitting up but he wasn't looking at anything, just staring

<Hugonel> And now?

<Dasra> he wasn't talking sense, it was scary... I tried to get him to see that I was there, to talk to me, anything, but he didn't, just kept on babbling, until he finally collapsed and had a ... I guess a seizure? he was thrashing about and I couldn't hold him down.

<Dasra> It was right after that finished that I called you - his breath has been shallow and he's pale and his heart feels like it's beating wrong...

<Hugonel> All right, well ... I'm no healer and I don't want to involve those who aren't involved already in the care of the patients, but ... I can have a look at him and see what I can figure out. Can I see him?

<Dasra> Of course

  • Dasra takes you to him hastily
  • Hugonel goes over to him; is he conscious?
  • Raimond is not conscious, and is as Dasra described - breath and pulse irregular and weak
  • Raimond is pale and you think you can hear him mumbling something quietly under his breath
  • Hugonel will touch him and cast Share Memory to view the memory of what happened when he took ill

<Hugonel> (Will DC 18 if he is unwilling)

<Hugonel> (when he had his recent episode, i.e.)

<Raimond> (okay)

  • Raimond 's memory of the recent episode is ... confusing. He's walking in the woods at dusk - he seems healthy and unharmed, as you remember him from before the war. He steps out into a clearing and looks up and sees the sky, orange and purple as the sun sets. It's beautiful, but there is something disturbing about it too. Across the sky, as the stars start to emerge, he sees a tear in the
  • Raimond sky, spreading and growing larger, until it consumes everything.

<Hugonel> Hmm ... all right. No talking, then?

<Hugonel> (sorry, that was for you, not Dasra)

<Raimond> (well you only get a minute of memory. so not within that minute, no.)

<Hugonel> (can I hear what he's saying now?)

  • Raimond 's whispers are semi-audible if you listen closely, but you can make out a few words - something about the dark tapestry

<Hugonel> Fantastic. Just fantastic.

<Hugonel> Can I use your phone for a moment?

  • Dasra points it out to you
  • Hugonel will call Gen, hoping she's home.
  • Genevriel is! Though Madds probably answers and then passes it off to me.

<Genevriel> Hello?

<Hugonel> Oh, thank Void you're there. It's Hugo.

<Genevriel> Oh?... What's wrong?

<Hugonel> I'm at Silvia's. Raimond has had some sort of seizure or spell. He's breathing very shallowly.

<Hugonel> Can you come over here?

  • Genevriel recognizes the faint (?) panic in your tone.

<Genevriel> Yes, sure. I'll be right over.

  • Genevriel hangs up and tells Madds she needs to borrow his car for an emergency.

<Genevriel> (She'll hastily explain she has to do some healing if he freaks)

<DiablotinNarrator> (okay)

<Dasra> who did you call?

  • Genevriel drives to Silvia's... not sure how long it takes with Diablotin traffic etc.
  • Dasra asks you once you're off the phone, Hugo

<Hugonel> Genevriel.

<Genevriel> (Gen has been helping to look after people at Silvia's so it should be okay?)

<Hugonel> The way I see it, it's best not to involve anyone new in any of this.

<DiablotinNarrator> It's evening and it's probably fairly quiet. it might take you, hmm, 20 minutes to drive there.

  • Dasra nods, relieved

<Dasra> I should have thought to call her first, she's helped out so much with him... but I just panicked :(

<Hugonel> With the wedding tonight, I had to think of someone who might actually be able to help.

<Hugonel> Well ... I'm glad you called me.

  • Dasra will sit with you, keeping close watch on Raimond until Gen arrives
  • Genevriel arrives!

<Hugonel> Thanks for coming. Wasn't sure who else would be available tonight, of all nights.

  • Genevriel wastes no time and goes right over to Raimond to cast a pre-emptive CLW before carrying out a heal check. She asks for what happened while she checks him over.

<Genevriel> No worries.

<Genevriel> (My heal roll:

<Genevriel> !roll 1d20+19

  • Denise rolls for Genevriel: [ 1d20+19 ] getting [ 8 ] which, after the modifier [ 19 ] totals [ 27 ].

<Hugonel> He's having some sort of seizure or vision relating to the Dark Tapestry. I was able to see a little inside his mind; it was if there was a rift causing him to enter this state.

<Genevriel> (I guess I also need to roll for my CLW)

<Genevriel> Oh...

  • Genevriel sounds a little alarmed by the Dark Tapestry but maintains her professional demeanor.

<Genevriel> !roll 1d8+11

  • Denise rolls for Genevriel: [ 1d8+11 ] getting [ 2 ] which, after the modifier [ 11 ] totals [ 13 ].

<Genevriel> (crappy CLW but oh well! It's mainly to buy some time while I do a thorough heal check.  :) )

  • Raimond is breathing shallowly and his heartbeat is irregular and too quick. When you cast your CLW he seems to stabilize for a few moments but soon goes back to his previous state. With your Heal check, you think it's entirely possible he's dying. You can fend it off a little but there may not be much to be done other than wait and see if he pulls through.

<Genevriel> (Who has the Death Watch item? Are we storing it here at Silvia's? May be an opportune time to use it.)

  • Genevriel 's face looks rather sombre.

<DiablotinNarrator> yes you were storing the glasses at Silvia's - I'll assume she told you where she put them, in case you ever needed them.

<Genevriel> (I am not sure if I'm gonna word this nicely, so I'll try Diplomacy to help make up for player failings... )

<Genevriel> !roll 1d20+11

  • Denise rolls for Genevriel: [ 1d20+11 ] getting [ 19 ] which, after the modifier [ 11 ] totals [ 30 ].

<Genevriel> (Ok, I am pretty diplmatic, lol)

<Genevriel> All right... I may be able to slow things down a bit but I am sorry to tell you that he is in a bad way. The best thing we can do for him now is to support him as best we can and hope that he fights this off and makes it.

  • Dasra nods, but looks scared.

<Genevriel> I will do everything I can for him but if you believe in a greater power it may be a good time to pray.

<Dasra> I ... all right. thank you.

  • Dasra turns to Hugo

<Genevriel> (Is there any reason to think Restoration might help at all?)

  • Genevriel will get the Death Watch glasses things to help her maintain a vigil and try to battle death in every way she is able

<DiablotinNarrator> I mean you can try it but not really... you aren't convinced it would help

<Dasra> What's going to happen with the ... the tree? if he dies, will that die too? or ... what happens then?

  • Hugonel will sing softly to him in Eletheni's voice using Bardic Performance, incapable of doing anything else.

<Genevriel> (Julia, am I remembering correctly that the people with trees in their heads might give rise to new Urminsuls if they die?)

<DiablotinNarrator> yes - that is a distinct possibility, given what happened at the nursing home. it was in that case maybe not a fully-realized Irminsul - for reasons that aren't clear to you - but definitely *something* weird happened when a person with a tree in their head died.

  • Genevriel clears her throat.

<Genevriel> I am not absolutely certain, but I think there is a possibility that his death will help the Irminsul manifest outside of his mind.

<Dasra> ... is that good or bad? :o

<Genevriel> I think that depends on your perspective. Since we are trying to prevent an incursion by extra planar beings, it is probably not great for us.

  • Dasra bites her lip nervously

<Genevriel> So, if either of you know someone you can call in to help us contain or destroy an Irminsul, it might be a good time to call them.

  • Dasra looks over to Hugo

<Dasra> maybe we should call Silvia and Sirris? I don't really know who else...

<Hugonel> Yeah ... I don't know either ...

<Genevriel> I am sorry, Mme. Neherin, M. Silveira... I wish I had better tidings to give you. :/

  • Genevriel continues to monitor Raimond, while doing so perhaps she will ponder what to do if an Irminsul does pop up. K: Planes roll?

<Dasra> I... appreciate your honesty. I want Raimond to be... better, but if he can't be better, then I want him to be at peace. This must be terrible for him.

  • Dasra will reluctantly try calling Silvia, at Guy's house.
  • Dasra has some conversation with whoever answers at the other end, and then hangs up.

<Dasra> Someone tried to kill the Patriarch :o

<Hugonel> What the ... ? What a night.

<Hugonel> Who was it?

<Dasra> Or something like that? It was a bit unclear - maybe they hit him by accident. I don't know. Silvia can't come right now, she's needed elsewhere, but Sirris will come home.

  • Dasra rubs her forehead

<Dasra> I don't know - some priest, I guess.

  • Hugonel shakes his head.
  • Sirris will arrive home not long after - Guy's house is quite close by.

<Sirris> what's happening?

  • Sirris asks you, Hugo, since you seem least busy/preoccupied
  • Genevriel will let Hugo and Dasra explain, since she is focused on Raimond

<Hugonel> Sirris ... it's Raimond, he's ... failing? He had some sort of vision involving the Dark Tapestry, and has been mumbling to himself, his breathing shallow.

  • Sirris nods, looking grave
  • Sirris will come and have a look at Raimond himself, as well, but concurs with Gen's assessment of the situation

<Sirris> I will keep watch with you

<DiablotinNarrator> Gen, with the deathwatch glasses you can see that Raimond's condition is worsening.

<Genevriel> He's getting worse. I think we need to be prepared for the possibility that we will lose him. And that his death may bring an Irminsul into being here in your home.

  • Dasra holds onto Hugo's hand, trying not to cry.

<Sirris> Let us take him outside.

  • Sirris suggests.

<Hugonel> All right, that makes sense.

<Sirris> If the worst should happen, then he will die with the stars over him.

<Hugonel> (inasmuch as any of this makes sense ...)

  • Sirris and Hugo can carry him easily - he is very thin and frail these days.
  • Genevriel will offer what comfort and support she can to Dasra as we (presumably) follow the men outside.

<DiablotinNarrator> You head out into the garden, and can lay him down on a blanket there. He is barely breathing by then.

  • Genevriel will do her best to keep Raimond comfortable, tucking another blanket over and around him once he's laid out outside.
  • Dasra kneels down to hold his hand.
  • Raimond takes one short gasping breath and you can see that he's dead, Gen. (And now some things are going to happen so hold on for one sec before you guys let me know what you're doing.)

<DiablotinNarrator> As he draws his final breath, you can all see a bluish-green glow emerge from his mouth and eyes, forming rapidly into the shape of a sapling, then a small tree, growing larger with each passing moment. Sirris reaches out to touch it and begins to simultaneously ... draw that tree into himself? it's as though he's gathering it up and feeding it .. somewhere.

<DiablotinNarrator> (now you can react)

  • Hugonel steps back, alarmed, and then sees if Sirris seems to be looking for help in some way.
  • Sirris seems relatively calm, or at least as calm as can be under the circumstances. he's not freaking out, at least.
  • Dasra looks alarmed as well, but keeps holding on to Raimond's hand.
  • Genevriel watches Sirris do whatever the heck he's doing for the briefest of moments, hopes he isn't evil powering up, and is then divinely inspired to will Raimond back to life.

<Genevriel> (DC is 19)

<Genevriel> (Do I need to roll anything for you other than the healing 5d8+11?)

<DiablotinNarrator> (no - and he doesn't need to save, it's only vs undead that they would get a save)

<Genevriel> !roll 5d8+11

  • Denise rolls for Genevriel: [ 5d8+11 ] getting [ 5 3 7 6 1 ] for a total of [ 22 ] which, after the modifier [ 11 ] totals [ 33 ].

<Genevriel> (so he's healed for 33 if he didn't die of a death effect, but he'll have a temporary negative level for 24 hours)

<Genevriel> (if it was a death effect, he stays dead)

<Genevriel> (and if he was at negative HP below his consitution, he stays dead)

  • Raimond gasps as life energy flows back into him. The Irminsul (?) that is growing out of him (and into Sirris? or somewhere?) ceases to glow blue/green, fading away as Sirris gathers the last of it up. Raimond opens his eyes - his breath still weak and raspy, but he seems to see clearly.

<Dasra> oh, Raimond, I thought you were gone :o

<Raimond> <w> It's all right, Dasra... it doesn't hurt there. It's so beautiful.

  • Dasra nods, crying

<Raimond> <w> I love you, darling... I'm sorry I have to go.

<Dasra> I love you too...

  • Genevriel pumps a cure spell into him

<Genevriel> (Cure Critical Wounds)

<Genevriel> !roll 4d8+11

  • Denise rolls for Genevriel: [ 4d8+11 ] getting [ 1 1 2 7 ] for a total of [ 11 ] which, after the modifier [ 11 ] totals [ 22 ].
  • Raimond is able to hold her hand for a few more moments, then, thanks to your spell, as his breath gradually fades away. it's very peaceful, in the end.
  • Dasra holds onto his hand as long as she can, crying quietly.
  • Sirris finishes whatever he was doing and sits down (well sort of collapses) onto the ground.
  • Hugonel stays close to Dasra to provide whatever comfort he can
  • Genevriel is sort of stunned but Sirris falling energizes her long enough to stumble over to him and check him over (another Heal check, I think)

<DiablotinNarrator> (okay, you can roll)

<Genevriel> !roll 1d20+19

  • Denise rolls for Genevriel: [ 1d20+19 ] getting [ 8 ] which, after the modifier [ 19 ] totals [ 27 ].
  • Sirris is not injured or sick, but seems exhausted

<Genevriel> (I've also got the Death Watch glasses on, so can see if Sirris is in danger of dying)

  • Sirris is not in any of the dangerous categories

<Genevriel> (Nothing a little sleep won't fix, or does he need some more magical restoration?)

  • Sirris seems okay, just needs rest
  • Genevriel will help him inside, leaving Hugo to comfort Dasra
  • Dasra will accept comfort, eventually... she's pretty sad but seems calm and relieved in some ways, too
  • Genevriel helps Sirris to... his bedroom or wherever else he wants to go. About halfway there she asks.

<Genevriel> So... ah... where did the Irminsul go...?

<Sirris> I took it into myself.

<Genevriel> Yes, but... how?

<Genevriel> And what will it do to you?

<Sirris> I don't know what will happen now. I know that I'm stronger than Raimond was and I hope I'll be better able to handle it.

  • Hugonel stares at Sirris, half in wonderment, half in horror.

<Hugonel> Is that ... even remotely safe?

  • Sirris smiles wearily

<Sirris> probably not, but then, I've been through worse.

<Genevriel> And what do we do if another of our patients dies?

<Sirris> well I don't think I can do that again...

  • Genevriel nods.

<Genevriel> So we need to find some other way.

<Sirris> I'd like to rest now... and... can you make a phone call for me?

<Genevriel> Yes, of course, to whom?

<Sirris> not tonight, but maybe in the morning, can one of you contact Xandhil Orecalo and let him know I need to talk to him?

<Genevriel> Yes, I can. I know him.

<Sirris> thank you

<Genevriel> You're welcome.

  • Sirris will then go collapse in bed. or technically, in his wife's bed.
  • Genevriel goes home to Maddsy waddsy for snuggles, and will call Xan and August in the morning.