Diablotin 3 session 38

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Diablotin 3 session logs
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Session date: July 10, 2016
Diablotin date: Mid Fifth-month


The fey gain access to Eranthis' spire

<DiablotinNarrator> You are standing outside a towering spire of ice, at the edge of a bridge of ice that leads up to its door. You can see that there are guards at the door, watching you, but they aren't moving to attack or anything - yet.

<TinyZola> It's pretty :3

<Danys> Should I go up and talk to them?

  • Clovani waves.

<DiablotinNarrator> Thea, as you're standing there, you hear a voice in your head.

<DiablotinNarrator> "Describe your current location in detail. Are the others with you? Stay where you are and we'll arrive soon to help. Titania sends her love."

<Clovani> I spose we came all this way. Might as well go say hello.

<Thea> (Oy, sendings :p)

<DiablotinNarrator> (indeed)

<Thea> May we pause just a moment. There may be a...Complicaton.

<Eletheni> What do you mean?

<Hettienne> what's goin' on?

  • Eletheni eyes the guards carefully in case they advance.
  • Danys looks at thea

<Thea> I've had a sending and need to reply. I believe we may receive some assistance.

<Clovani> A sendin'? From who? Our lady?

<Danys> oh huh

<DiablotinNarrator> Thea, the voice is male, and sounds somewhat familiar to you...

<DiablotinNarrator> (How much does Thea remember about Diablotin? just trying to decide if I should just tell you who it is, or make you make a roll or something to remember)

<Thea> (She remembers most of it, she just has a weird filter through which she sees it. I'm thinking that hearing mention of Titania helps reassert Aubrienne rather than Thea, though.)

<DiablotinNarrator> (okay, makes sense. You realize the voice is Xan, then.)

<Thea> No, from Mr. Orecalo.

<Thea> He says help is on the way.

<TinyZola> Ohhhh he's nice :3

<TinyZola> Say hi from meeeee!

<Clovani> Who's Mr. Lemoncello?

<Vreel> Who is "Mister Oraycallo?"

<Hettienne> From our home, dummies.

<Hettienne> They're sending to Aubrienne.

  • Thea sounds a bit different somehow, more like her old self.

<Eletheni> He is an ally?

<Vreel> Your home. Mine's here.

<Clovani> Likewise.

  • Danys shakers her head
  • TinyZola rides B. over to scamper around Theaubrienne's ankles

<Thea> Return sendings are spoken, right?

<DiablotinNarrator> well, it says "It can answer in like manner" so I assume it's mind-to-mind communication

<Theaubrienne> Okay

<Theaubrienne> (Is it crazy to assume that being asked to describe our surroundings in detail is to help with a teleport?)

<DiablotinNarrator> (no, that seems like a reasonable assumption)

<Theaubrienne> (kk)

<Theaubrienne> Assuming nothing goes wrong, assistance may be arriving presently.

<Silver> as long as its assistance and not a hinderence...

<Vreel> Won't the Ice King just love that?

<Theaubrienne> I have concerns, yes.

<Vreel> Can you tell your extraplanar friends to hold off for a bit?

<Theaubrienne> Perhaps we should inform the guards our party is incomplete?

<Danys> they're already looking at us suspiciously....

  • TinyZola smiles at the guards :D

<DiablotinNarrator> A few moments later, two figures appear - those of you who a) have some memories of Diablotin and b) know who they are, can recognize Xan and Justen. Otherwise, it's a slim blond somewhat elfy-looking man, and a more muscular red-haired man.

<TinyZola> YAY! :D

  • TinyZola flies up to them
  • Theaubrienne hugs them both.
  • TinyZola gives them cheek kisses :3
  • Xan looks extremely relieved but also a bit confused @_@
  • Clovani pokes Xan in the leg
  • Lathra sniffs their shoes

<Theaubrienne> Thank goodness.

<TinyZola> Hiiiii!

<Hettienne> Which one of you is ORecalo?

  • TinyZola points at Xan
  • Xan raises his hand

<TinyZola> This is Justen :3

  • TinyZola points at him

<Justen> Hey.

  • Justen says, waving

<Hettienne> Alright. See we gotta get this Ice guy to help with the Blight.

  • TinyZola lands on his shoulder
  • Clovani looks up at them dissaprovingly

<Danys> huh

<Hettienne> Then you're gonna take us home, right?

<Drenio the Dodo> Squaaaaak!

<Xan> That's the hope... although I admit I wasn't expecting you to be whatever you are.

<Hettienne> I'm Hettie.

<Theaubrienne> Amanita's bringing us to this place has had some...interesting effects.

<Theaubrienne> It's still a little fuzzy.

<TinyZola> She ./~ RENT THE DARK TAPESTRY ./~ @_@

<Vreel> I'm Vreel, and this IS my home, so please refrain from sucking me into your dreadfully dull plane, thank you very much.

<Clovani> I'm... confused.

  • Xan frowns, looking puzzled

<Hettienne> SHe's a *delight*

  • Hettienne rolls her eyes

<Vreel> Moreso than you, anyway.

  • Drenio the Dodo hops up and down flapping his wings and squaaaaking

<Danys> Lots of people are a little confused

  • Justen pets the dodo
  • Danys says, saounding a bit uncertain herself

<Eletheni> Indeed.

<Xan> All right - we're not going to take anyone anywhere against their will, we just want to help sort this out.

<Theaubrienne> Do you think returning to the Second...to Diablotin would reverse the changes?

<Xan> I suspect it's more complicated than that, if it's something Amanita did, or a side-effect of her... rending of dark tapestries.

  • Drenio the Dodo nuzzles Justen's hand

<Justen> aww

  • TinyZola wiggles

<Danys> ...okay

<Theaubrienne> Hmm.

  • TinyZola sprays sparkles and stars!

<Danys> are we... shoudl I still go up to them then?

<Theaubrienne> Regardless, we have a job to do.

<Xan> But we'll figure it out. For now, you're going to talk to Eranthis, and I don't want to interrupt your mission.

  • Danys smiles tenuosly at the suspicious looking guards

<Theaubrienne> Yes, Deni...Danys.

<Danys> okay

  • Danys loks at hettie

<Danys> Do you still have Amanita's token?

<Hettienne> Yup.

<Xan> We'll stick close and not interfere unless it's necessary. I need some time to think about what's best to do here anyway @_@

<Danys> that might help

<Vreel> Thank you for being a gentleman with sense.

<Xan> You're... welcome?

  • Hettienne hands it over.
  • TinyZola rubs her face against Justen's cheek
  • Danys will go up to the guards

<TinyZola> so warm

  • Silver will pad up with Danys
  • Justen just gets swarmed by dodos and fey I guess

<Danys> Hello. We have been sent as Emissaries from Queen Amanita, to entreat on her behalf with King Eranthis

  • Justen *is* very warm - like a portable heater ;)
  • Guards look at you sternly - they are wearing full armor so you can only just glimpse their eyes through their helmets
  • TinyZola looks to see if one has fancier gear, and will STARE at that one @_@
  • Danys will show them the token
  • Guard holds out a hand to take it

<Danys> You may see it, but I will relinquish it only to his majesty

  • Danys holds it out for them to examine, but isn't letting them take it
  • Guard examines it, then nods, and the great ice door opens - by melting in a flood of freezing water that spills down the sides of the tower into the chasm below

<Danys> Thank you.

  • TinyZola looks down

<Hettienne> swanky.

<Vreel> Good job. Knew you had it in you.

<TinyZola> Ooh, ooh!

  • Danys will wait for the others and then pass through

<TinyZola> Carry B.

  • Vreel pats Danys' knee approvingly.
  • TinyZola says to Justen, then points at the dwoemercat cub

<Justen> sure :)

  • Danys looks confused at Vreel
  • Justen scoops up B and will carry him
  • Danys shrugs
  • TinyZola fires some sparkles at B :D

<DiablotinNarrator> The giants look a bit uncertain as to whether to cross this somewhat fragile-looking bridge

<Silver> they can wait outside

  • Silver gestures to the giants

<TinyZola> Yes, we'll send out the friendworm if he needs someone to take him home :3

<DiablotinNarrator> The giants will wait outside, if no one objects, then

  • Eletheni will instruct the remorhaz to stick with the giants and wait for us to return

<DiablotinNarrator> okay

<DiablotinNarrator> Bringing the heat-generating giant centipede across the bridge is probably a bad idea. Even Justen makes some wet footprints in it I imagine ;)

<DiablotinNarrator> You cross the bridge and walk into the spire. The huge waterfall-door promptly re-freezes behind you.

<Danys> (can't he turn that off? is it Xan just not letting him. "No I'm cold, fuck the ice castle ;p)

<TinyZola> (hee)

<Theaubrienne> That feels a bit final.

<DiablotinNarrator> (he can turn off the ability to damage things with his heat, but I think he's still perpetually on the warm side - just not actively damaging ;)

<DiablotinNarrator> (Xan doesn't have to take 5 points a round of fire damage just for snuggling him, after all ^-^)

  • TinyZola hums

The fey get the bureaucratic runaround

  • Danys looks around, and if there is no one to greet or direct them will try and figure out the best way to go

<DiablotinNarrator> Inside the palace, everything is made of a pale blue ice, translucent in some areas, frosted in others.

<Silver> (is there someone to meet us or is one of guards directing us?)

  • Clovani lights up his pipe to help keep warm.

<DiablotinNarrator> There is a tall man standing there to meet you. He wears a black robe, and has curling ram's horns. Mist roils perpetually about his feet.

  • Danys still has the token
  • Danys will repeat what she told the guards aobout being a party from Amanita

<Horned Man> What does she want?

<TinyZola> (What is this fellow?)

  • TinyZola rolls [ 1d20+15 ] getting [ 8 ] which, after the modifier [ 15 ] totals [ 23 ]

<TinyZola> (Nature)

<Danys> she would like to speak about cooperation to end the Blight, now that she is freede of external control...

<DiablotinNarrator> Zola, you think he's a (the? there might not be more than one) Black Rider

<DiablotinNarrator> http://www.d20pfsrd.com/bestiary/monster-listings/fey/baba-yaga-s-riders/the-black-rider

  • TinyZola STARES at him :3
  • Danys should also try and figure out who this guy is >.>

<DiablotinNarrator> (anyone who wants to can roll)

<Vreel> !roll 1d20+23

  • TinyZola rolls for Vreel: [ 1d20+23 ] getting [ 20 ] which, after the modifier [ 23 ] totals [ 43 ].

<Hettienne> !roll 1d20+11

  • TinyZola rolls for Hettienne: [ 1d20+11 ] getting [ 4 ] which, after the modifier [ 11 ] totals [ 15 ].

<Danys> !roll 1d20+11

<Hettienne> (lol)

  • TinyZola rolls for Danys: [ 1d20+11 ] getting [ 8 ] which, after the modifier [ 11 ] totals [ 19 ].

<Vreel> (Vreel knows EXACTLY what he is.)

<Theaubrienne> !roll 1d20+21

  • TinyZola rolls for Theaubrienne: [ 1d20+21 ] getting [ 14 ] which, after the modifier [ 21 ] totals [ 35 ].

<DiablotinNarrator> (if you get 23 or above, you know what he is)

  • TinyZola whispers in Justen's ear He's the Black Rider D:

<Justen> <w> thanks for the heads up

  • Danys doesn't but is goign to be on the safe/respectful side anyway

<Horned Man> Freed of what external control?

<Danys> There were some kind of creatures directing her actions.... one of them had possessed her.

  • Danys looks to tiny Zola for help

<TinyZola> THE CYST @_@

<TinyZola> I can show you? @_@

<TinyZola> It's gross.

<Horned Man> That won't be necessary.

  • Danys nods

<Horned Man> I will bring your message to Lord Eranthis.

<Danys> thank you.

  • Danys gives this person a repectful curtsey
  • Horned Man inclines his head politely

<Horned Man> In the meantime, follow me - I'll bring you to the Great Hall.

<TinyZola> :3

  • Danys nods and will follow along
  • Hettienne goes with
  • Vreel also follows, warily.
  • Clovani trails behind with Drenio
  • TinyZola keeps an eye out for ultrarealistic statuary

<DiablotinNarrator> You follow the horned man through passages of ice. It is unsettlingly quiet here, although you occasionally see other figures - ice fey of various types moving about - so you know it's not deserted. But there is no music or conversation that you can hear.

<TinyZola> (Except Zola's humming)

<DiablotinNarrator> (heh)

<Clovani> (whispering to Vreel) Not exactly the friendliest place...

  • Vreel shrugs.

<Vreel> <whisper> He's being true to his self, which is all any of us can be.

<Clovani> (w) I spose. But would a few curtains and some music kill him?

<DiablotinNarrator> You emerge from the corridor into a huge room with jagged ice spikes descending from the ceiling far above you. The floor is made of ice so clear that it's almost as though you're staring into the chasm below.

<TinyZola> @_@

  • Danys remembers the melting doors and gives a little shiver despite not being cold

<Vreel> <w> Maybe it would.

<Danys> (anything/one else in here?)

  • TinyZola wonders if Justen can fly

<DiablotinNarrator> There are some other ice fey moving about here and there. At the center of the huge chamber is a raised platform, where a woman in black armor stands, watching you. Up in the crevices of the ceiling, black shadowy figures lurk, waiting.

  • Horned Man goes to speak to the woman in armor
  • Danys will wait, looking up at the dais
  • TinyZola wonders why anyone would want to hang out in the ceiling
  • Horned Man explains briefly that you bring a message from Amanita, etc.
  • Horned Man then departs, leaving you there
  • TinyZola switches her stare to the scary armour lady

<TinyZola> @_@

  • Raven_Knight 's armor is made of feathers, you can see as you examine her more closely. Her helmet is off and her face is pale and beautiful, but also sort of terrifying.
  • TinyZola waves at her tentatively
  • Danys is a teensy bit envious
  • Clovani puffs his pipe.

<Raven_Knight> Greetings, strangers. I am Vaelkess, the Raven Knight. For the time being, you are under my protection.

  • Vreel is unmoved by her beauty, but is probably somewhat moved by her terrific-ness.
  • Raven_Knight says in a way that makes it very clear she could remove that protection anytime

<Danys> Thank you, lady Knight

  • TinyZola smiles broadly :D
  • Danys goes with because she doens't knwo what her title shoudl be
  • Danys sounds appropriately awed, at least
  • Vreel keeps her thoughts about bureaucratic runarounds to herself.

<TinyZola> I'm Zola :3

<Danys> oh! yes, I'm sorry @_@

<TinyZola> And this is Justen... and B. ... and that's Hettie...

<Danys> I'm Danys Marrow, and these are my other companions...

  • TinyZola proceeds to introduce everyone to Vaelkess

<Danys> (Or I can let Zola do it, yes)

  • Vreel executes a trim little bow when she is introduced.

<TinyZola> There might be others here but we're not sure about that yet.

  • TinyZola eyes Eletheni for a second
  • TinyZola turns back to smile at the Raven Knight :)

<Raven_Knight> You have travelled far, I see.

  • Danys nods

<TinyZola> A bit going forward, but it's the sideways that's the real whopper @_@

<Hettienne> heh.

<Raven_Knight> Have you had any word of the human warriors?

  • Lathra is awestruck by the Raven Knight

<Lathra> OvO

<TinyZola> They're not here yet?

<Danys> we heard of them form the Frost Giants, but haven't seen them

<Raven_Knight> They have made incursions - venturing far too close for my preference.

<Danys> do you know what they are after?

<Raven_Knight> I have my suspicions.

  • Danys nods

<Danys> Um, the frost Giants think they are trying to find their Queen @_@

  • Danys tries to find a neutral verb >.>

<Raven_Knight> Frost giants are not known for their thinking skills.

<TinyZola> This is true... they thought some frost giants sent us to kill them

  • TinyZola laughs

<Raven_Knight> How foolish.

<Hettienne> I also saw this.

<Hettienne> A fallen king and those loyal to him, come to free his queen.

  • Raven_Knight hesitates for a moment at that, her face impassive.

<Raven_Knight> They don't know what they're doing.

<Raven_Knight> Typical humans.

<TinyZola> Hmph.

  • Vreel couldn't agree with Vaelkess more. ;)

<Silver> Your concern for the encroachment on your land is understandable, and we have provided what little we know about it.

  • Danys feels a bit of empathy - she doesn't really know what she is doing either but hey >.>

<Silver> as we personally have not encountered them

<Silver> but their presence has naught to do with our reason for being here

  • Raven_Knight gives a slight nod to that

<TinyZola> Yes, we must cast out THE CYST @_@

<Vreel> . o O (Indeed, we incyst.)

<Raven_Knight> What do you hope my lord can do for you?

<Vreel> . o O (How about you bring your lord out and we can talk to him, Ms. Gatekeeper?)

<TinyZola> Linthira says the four seasons can fix it :3

<Eletheni> We seek an audience with him so that we may share our information and seek his counsel for further action.

<Danys> We are to deliver a message, and speak to him on behalf of Amanita, about ending the blight. I know some of us had hoped he would be able to.... send us home. To where we belong, wherever that may be

  • Danys says a little uncertainly

<Hettienne> We ain't strictly supposed to be here?

<Danys> Some may have other boons to ask

<TinyZola> I thought Amanita was doing the booning <_<

<Raven_Knight> No, indeed... I should say you are quite out of place. But to end the Blight, that would be a matter worth considering.

  • Danys nods

<Raven_Knight> It has so far not spread far into these lands, but nevertheless it is a concern.

<TinyZola> Yes, the cold... we thought the Cold Rider was a mean thing, but Linthira said it was keeping it in check... so I guess that's not mean.

<TinyZola> The summoning wasn't very classy though >_>

  • Horned Man returns just as you're saying that, and pauses for a moment

<Silver> We have seen agents of the Blight in our journey, using unwitting operatives to aid its spread.

<Horned Man> ...

  • TinyZola looks at him :3

<Horned Man> Lord Eranthis will speak with you. Follow me.

  • Danys nods and will follow
  • TinyZola just goes where Justen does
  • Theaubrienne follows along.
  • Silver will follow as well
  • Horned Man will try to draw near to you, TinyZola, as if perhaps trying to have a quiet word
  • TinyZola @_@ him
  • Eletheni follows but will stay toward the back and keep an eye out for anyone who may be following

<Horned Man> You have seen the Cold Rider?

<TinyZola> Oh, yes, on the day he arrived

<TinyZola> Do you want to see?

<Horned Man> ... yes.

  • TinyZola will lean in and cast Share Memory and, with a boop of his nose, show him the summoning ritual's completion
  • Horned Man blinks, surprised

<TinyZola> (1 minute worth at least)

<TinyZola> Hmm, didn't you send him?

<Horned Man> My lord sent him. I... did not know if he yet lived...

<TinyZola> Justen should know if he's still around?

  • TinyZola pokes at Justen

<TinyZola> Is it still winter?

  • Xan will take that one :p

<Xan> It's still winter in parts of the city, and we haven't heard anything about him being caught or defeated.

<TinyZola> I like to think they stopped trying to murder him when we told them what Linthira said :3

  • Horned Man nods, looking relieved and grateful

<TinyZola> Awww, Rider pals :3

<TinyZola> .oO( Is that a species, rider? )

<Horned Man> ... I appreciate your sharing this news with me.

<TinyZola> You're welcome :3

They finally are let in to see Eranthis

  • Horned Man will lead you the rest of the way, into a smaller room decorated with frost patterns on the otherwise-translucent walls. Within the walls, behind the traceries of frost, you can see two figures. Standing in the middle of the room is, you presume, Eranthis.

<TinyZola> Very pretty:3

<Vreel> . o O (I'm sure Eranthis is glad you think he is pretty.)

  • Eranthis is tall and regal, with icily pale skin, pale blue eyes, and black hair. He has a stag's antlers and a pair of wings of delicate layers of frost and ice.

<Vreel> (What is Eranthis? K:N)

  • TinyZola squints at the people in the wall

<DiablotinNarrator> (you can roll)

<Vreel> !roll 1d20+23

  • TinyZola rolls for Vreel: [ 1d20+23 ] getting [ 11 ] which, after the modifier [ 23 ] totals [ 34 ].
  • TinyZola rolls [ 1d20+15 ] getting [ 6 ] which, after the modifier [ 15 ] totals [ 21 ]
  • Hettienne is trying to get a look at the wall people too.

<Theaubrienne> !roll 1d20+21

  • TinyZola rolls for Theaubrienne: [ 1d20+21 ] getting [ 10 ] which, after the modifier [ 21 ] totals [ 31 ].

<DiablotinNarrator> He's an erlking.

<Vreel> . o O (If only he were a bit smaller. Okay a lot smaller.)

  • Danys is also curious about the wall people, and wonders at there being two :o
  • TinyZola totally stares at him once she's done peeping at the walls

<TinyZola> (@)_(@)

  • Vreel executes another trim little bow in the presence of royalty.

<DiablotinNarrator> The people embedded in the wall are a bit harder to make out - one is a woman with dark hair and tan skin. In her hands she's holding something sort of reddish-purple, about the size of an orange or so. The other looks like a shadar-kai man with white hair.

  • Clovani raises his pipe and bows.
  • Danys gives her attention to Eranthis though
  • Danys curtseys

<Eranthis> Greetings. I understand you have a message for me from Amanita.

<Danys> yes, your majesty @_@

  • Horned Man lingers near the door, keeping an eye on things
  • Danys will offer him thre token
  • Eranthis accepts it

<Danys> She wishes your aid in ending the Blight

<Eranthis> Does she?

  • Hettienne wonders who the Shadar-Kai dude is...

<TinyZola> Yes, and Linthira too :3

<Eranthis> It was my impression she felt quite differently not long ago.

<Danys> She was controlled by the...Cyst

<Danys> but has been freed from their influence now

<Eranthis> I see...

<TinyZola> One was inside her, it was gross D:

<Danys> Zola can show you, if you wish

<TinyZola> Yes, I can!

<Eranthis> Very well, you may show me.

  • TinyZola will flutter up off Justen's shoulder and hover before the erlking, casting Share Memory, and touching his cheek to impart the vision of the creepy thing crawling out of Amanita
  • Eranthis 's cheek is cold to the touch, but he nods once he has seen the vision

<TinyZola> Gross, isn't it?

  • TinyZola returns to Justen's luxuriously warm shoulder

<Eranthis> It is certainly ... as you say, unpleasant.

<Eranthis> I am pleased that my sister has been freed from its control. But the Blight cannot spread in my lands. So why should I be concerned about it?

<Vreel> . o

  • Danys thinks

<Vreel> . o O (Haven't you heard of snow mold?)

<Hettienne> You'd be surrounded.

<Danys> Your majesty, the blight has other agents who, if everytwhere else falls, will turn their strength to undermining your control of your lands alone

<Silver> Dont be so certain of your safety... the Cyste is using agents to spread the Blight in concentrated forms. We have encountered their efforts and these blighted stones.

<Hettienne> And it's only a matter of time until the Cyst finds a... non-mushroom way to spread

<TinyZola> Also it's the Right Thing to Do :3

<Eranthis> What would be required of me? That I travel to the Second World, as the others have?

<Danys> I do not know.

  • TinyZola shrugs?

<TinyZola> They didn't say.

<Danys> The Queen did not provide us with details iof her plan

<Silver> The Lady Amanita is here in the first world now. She would know best.

<Clovani> At least consent to talk to her, M'lord.

  • Eranthis tilts his head slightly, considering

<Eranthis> I will consider the matter.

<Eranthis> In the meanwhile, you may remain as my guests.

<Danys> thanks you, your Majesty

<Hettienne> Great.

<Hettienne> You got a real swell pad. :3

<Eranthis> I... thank you?

<Eranthis> Takqut, show them to a guest chamber where they may rest.

Takqut shows them to a guest suite

  • Horned Man whos name is apparently Takqut, will bow and gesture for you to follow him
  • Danys follows
  • Hettienne goes along

<Danys> um.... may I ask you about something?

  • Danys asks tentatively

<Takqut> Yes, what is it?

<Danys> ...who were the people in the wall?

  • Takqut sort of sighs a little, in an 'oh them' kind of way.

<TinyZola> One of them was a shadar-kai, I wasn't expecting that :o

<Takqut> Not a shadar-kai... their progenitor.

<Hettienne> Damn :o

<TinyZola> o_o So he's been there a while, then.

<Danys> huh

<Takqut> Yes... a very long while.

<Danys> did they both offend the King?

<Takqut> So long that I do not know his name.

<Takqut> His crime was a betrayal, not simply of Eranthis, but of this world.

  • Danys listens

<Takqut> He is the death-bringer.

<Clovani> And the lady?

<Danys> what does that mean?

  • Danys asks, frowning

<Takqut> Through him, death came into this world...

<Clovani> I kin see how that might be frowned on.

<TinyZola> Maybe it was an accident?

  • Takqut shrugs

<Takqut> Does it matter?

<TinyZola> Yeah? I wouldn't want to spend forever in a wall if I tripped and knocked something over.

<Clovani> Sometimes accidents happen...

<Takqut> It is not my place to say.

<Danys> :|

<Danys> why is he *here*?

  • TinyZola blinks
  • Danys waits for Takqut to answer

<Takqut> Because Lord Eranthis put him here.

<Danys> okay....

<Danys> and the woman?

<Danys> Was her crime so terrible? @_@

  • Takqut looks a little troubled

<Vreel> Did you see what she was holding? "A heart as cold as ice can still be moved by love."

<Takqut> The woman I did know. She is from the Second World, a human named Thyatera Arakhthos.

<Takqut> She committed no crime.

<TinyZola> (K-hi...ok I do have that as tinyzola)

  • TinyZola rolls [ 1d20+8 ] getting [ 7 ] which, after the modifier [ 8 ] totals [ 15 ]

<Danys> then why is she there?

<Danys> Is it really because she ...broke his heart?

<Takqut> It's not that simple >.>

  • Takqut looks like he is uncomfortable talking about this
  • Danys nods

<Clovani> Never is.

<Danys> I'm sorry - I'm sure it is complicated.... but it might be important

<Danys> Hettie amd Thea both saw somethign related to her in their visions, when we were trying to understand how to proceed here

<Danys> (I think)

<Vreel> Is she holding her own heart or someone else's?

<Takqut> She loved him, and he her. Together they had a son. But, being human, she could not stay here forever...and he could not bear for her to go.

<TinyZola> Awww ;_;

<Takqut> So that he would never love again, he gave her his heart to keep safe.

<Danys> Oh that's terrible :(

<TinyZola> So romantic ;_;

<Vreel> Well, as long as the castle stays frozen, I guess that'll work.

<Clovani> And their son...?

<Danys> She couldn't have wanted that :(

<Takqut> You have already met him - you spoke of the Cold Rider.

<Danys> oh :o

<Clovani> This is why I'm a bachelor...

<Drenio the Dodo> Squaaaak

<TinyZola> Oh dear, we ought not tell anyone he's Psyrene to boot :3

<Clovani> ...that too.

<Vreel> Does he love his son very much?

<Takqut> He cannot love.

<Vreel> Right.

<Clovani> How could he? His heart's with her.

  • TinyZola looks conflicted

<Vreel> Does he have any sort of sentiment towards his son, then?

<Hettienne> Harsh.

<Vreel> Like, if we brought his son back would that have any positive effect on him?

<Danys> You don't think this is right either, do you

<Takqut> He sent him to the Second World, perhaps to be killed there...

  • TinyZola wonders if he ever thaws her out for talks

<Takqut> It's not my place to say >.>

  • Danys shakes her head

<TinyZola> Pttthbhbbht

<Danys> *Your* heart isn't frozen

<Takqut> ... no.

<Danys> perhaps it is her we need to speak to, somehow

  • Danys considers
  • Takqut says, either in answer to your question about whether it's right, or whether his heart his frozen >.>
  • Danys just assumes its both

<Danys> :V

  • Danys has lots of SM, its fine ;)

<Danys> (well, some >.>)

<Takqut> Here, these are your chambers.

<TinyZola> Maybe if I sang him a lovesong he'd miss it?

<Danys> thank you

  • Takqut shows you into the rooms - which are still icy, but have actual furniture and blankets and so on, at least.

<Danys> (one big room for everyone?)

<Clovani> (fireplaces?)

<DiablotinNarrator> There are some braziers, not fireplaces, but enough to warm the place somewhat. There are about half a dozen bedrooms off a central common area.

Theaubrienne speaks to Thyatera

  • Theaubrienne will walk over to where she is in the wall

<Theaubrienne> I don't suppose you can hear me?

<Theaubrienne> I wouldn't think you could, but if you can, that might be a big help.

<DiablotinNarrator> (are you talking to her out loud?)

<Theaubrienne> (Yeah)

<DiablotinNarrator> There's no answer

<Theaubrienne> I don't know a lot about you, but you seem like someone who knows about suffering for love.

<Theaubrienne> Not that I'm suffering, exactly, just separated.

<Theaubrienne> And worried.

<Theaubrienne> And wishing Lord Frostypants would get off his high frozen horse and come help.

  • Theaubrienne is fiddling with the ring Titania gave her.

<Theaubrienne> But it doesn't look like he's likely to get involved.

<Theaubrienne> My...I don't know what to call her. The woman I love, she's in danger. All of us are, really.

<Theaubrienne> Your son is helping, by the way, though we didn't know that at first.

<Theaubrienne> It seems like he may know a bit of what I'm going through as well, if the other rider is any indication.

<Theaubrienne> I'm babbling.

<Theaubrienne> But you probably can't hear me, so it's a wash, I'm sure.

<Theaubrienne> It's just...it sounds like you're the only thing Eranthis ever cared about.

<Theaubrienne> And, well, we really need him to care right now.

<DiablotinNarrator> You still don't hear any response, but when you look up, you can see the heart in her hands moving feebly - beating?

<Theaubrienne> Is that...? Can you hear me?

<Theaubrienne> Of course you can't answer.

<Theaubrienne> Maybe...

<Theaubrienne> I'll go get help.

<Theaubrienne> I'll be right back.

  • Theaubrienne will put her hand to the wall for a moment before going to get the others.

The fey hatch a plan to move Eranthis' heart

<Vreel> So... help me out here.

  • Vreel says once Takqut is gone.

<Vreel> We have that vision of the pseudo-Norn's "A heart as cold as ice can still be moved by love."

<Vreel> We have a heart frozen in ice.

<Hettienne> I'm as much a norn as you are... whatever the hell you are

<TinyZola> Maybe we could... love AT the heart and it will melt her free?

<Vreel> We have a kid of the guy whose heart is frozen in the ice. Oh, and he's also the kid of the heartless guy's one and only love.

<TinyZola> Like a big love prayer

<Clovani> Tricky things, visions. Never know what theyre really meant to mean.

<Vreel> With all that, is there a way to get him to witness a love so strong that it might jog his memory and make him remember that having a heart isn't actually such a bad thing?

<TinyZola> Like a puppet show?

<Silver> Why are we assuming we haven't been successful already. He didn't say no.

<Danys> maybe

<Vreel> He didn't say yes, either.

  • Danys nods to Vreel

<Vreel> He's 'thinking about it'.

<TinyZola> Well, Hettie said it's about love, and we haven't seen a lot of love yet...

<Clovani> Yeah, but he don't share our timefrme. He might think on it fer a hundred years.

<Danys> :|

<Vreel> Have we seen *any* love?

<Vreel> Any at all?

<Danys> here?

  • Vreel frowns, annoyed.

<Danys> Oh maybe >.>

<Veren> Even if he decided to help, is it really okay to just leave things like this?

  • Danys nods to Veren

<TinyZola> What if she chose to be frozen?

<Hettienne> Uh. I dunno if you were payin' attention but it seemed to me like there was somethin' goin' on twixt the horned guy and the Cold Rider.

  • Vreel turns to Danys.

<Vreel> Hmmm....

<TinyZola> If she did, and he gave his heart up willingly... it's sad, but it's not our place to meddle is it?

<Danys> yeah

<TinyZola> >_> At least not if we don't know we'll get away with it

<TinyZola> Yes, they are rider pals.

<Danys> I can't imagine she meant to deny her son his father's love

<Hettienne> "Pals.

<Hettienne> Sure.

  • Hettienne snorts.

<TinyZola> You think they're sweet on each other? :3

<Vreel> So, we get the Horned Rider and the Cold Rider reunited in front of the Erlking and BAM! He sees how much they love each other. It reminds him that having a heart isn't so bad. He decides to thaw his out.

<Hettienne> Uh, yeah?

<TinyZola> Aww so cute :3

<Vreel> Seems a little too pat, but I'm not sure what else to suggest.

<Clovani> That... is the dumbest plan I've ever heard.

<Vreel> Yup, I know.

<Clovani> But I don't have a better one.

<Hettienne> How would we get the Frozen Chosen back here anyway

  • Vreel turns to Justen and Xan.

<Xan> Ah... excellent question, I don't know.

<Vreel> Any chance you can wiggle your fingers back to your plane and track him down?

<Danys> also I'm not sure that's fair to them

<Hettienne> It actually ain't the worst idea I've ever heard, if we could do it.

<Danys> we don't know what Eranthis already knows

<Hettienne> I think Takqut would like it

<Danys> he might just not care

<Danys> I'm sure he'd like to see his friend recovered

<Danys> I mean Eranthis might not care

<TinyZola> And if it fails, the blight will spread faster while he's gone.

<Hettienne> "s true. If he didn't care about sendin' his kid to die, he might not care that someone else loves 'im/

<Eletheni> Perhaps the vision refers not to Eranthis' heart, but to the Cold Rider's.

<TinyZola> We could take Takqut to see him :3

<Danys> can we?

<TinyZola> But then how do we cure the blight?

<Danys> I'm sorry - I don't know what you're doing here, or what you can do....

<Vreel> See, that's why I kind of think we need to thaw the Ice King's heart out.

  • Danys says to Xan and Justen

<TinyZola> They're friends :3

<Hettienne> Yeah. The other ways are too complicated

<Eletheni> I cannot imagine that Eranthis will be moved to assist us if we melt his castle to free his internal organs.

<Danys> like, physically thaw it out?

<Hettienne> Not the whole castle

<Danys> hmm

<Danys> that seems more plausible to me

<Danys> is there someway we coudl speak to her?

<Clovani> I stand corrected. This is the stupidest plan I ever heard.

<Xan> We're here to try to help. But honestly I'm still trying to wrap my mind around what's going on here, and what's going on at home.

<Danys> If she's alive....

<Hettienne> What about that spell you used to talk to Aubrienne

  • Hettienne says to Xan & Justen.

<TinyZola> What IS going on at home? :3

<Hettienne> Would that work?

<Hettienne> Uh yeah... and how long have we been gone? >.>

<Xan> About three weeks. At least, that's how long you'd been gone when we got here - but time passes differently on this plane.

<TinyZola> Wow :o

<TinyZola> Is everyone OK?

<TinyZola> I hope they didn't hurt the Irminsul :/

<Drenio the Dodo> Squaaaak!?

<Clovani> What's that supposed to mean, birdbrain?

<Drenio the Dodo> Squaaaaak

<TinyZola> You know, I could understand you if you spoke proper dodo.

<TinyZola> :/

<Clovani> Who names their kid Misery?

<Hettienne> Shadar-Kai

<Silver> Unhappy parents

<Hettienne> They got an odd sense of humor

<Drenio the Dodo> squaaaak!

<Xan> Things have been... chaotic. After you freed Amanita, the fey incursion fell into disarray. The soldiers have been mopping up in the Shade.

  • TinyZola claps :D

<Xan> The Irminsul is the bigger problem, though.

<TinyZola> We'll get it fixed :3

<Xan> If you need us to go back, we have the ability to do so - but technically, I was hired to get you home >.>

<Hettienne> I think we best go for the heart.

<Hettienne> So what about that spell

<Danys> ...could you talk to Thyatera though?

<Hettienne> Yeah

  • Danys nods to Hettie, not really understanding the rest in detail

<TinyZola> We're all mixed up right now anyhow... though it'd be fun to show Noren my wings :D

<Xan> I could try. I don't know if it would work - if she has any thoughts to speak of. But I can give it a shot.

<Danys> I'm not sure that 'home;' is very clear right now

<Danys> please

<Danys> we might need more siorted out before we're ready - or able.

<Eletheni> Some of us don't have a home.

<Xan> It'll take a little while

  • Danys nods

<Danys> well I think we have it

  • TinyZola wonders if she can share memories through ice >_>

<Xan> What do you want to say to her, if I can get through? In 25 words or less.

<TinyZola> Hmmm

<Vreel> How about "Your man sent your son to die and is letting everything go to Hell in a handbasket. Can you give him his heart back?"

<Vreel> Add "please", then you've got 25.

  • Vreel adds as an afterthought.

<Danys> Do you wish to be free? Can you help us get Eranthis to help rid... the first and second worlds of an evil blight?

<Silver> the son thing is a good lever

<TinyZola> Maybe say that his heart is closed to mercy?

<Danys> but it is the most important?

  • Danys thinks again

<Hettienne> I dunno, it's certainly motivatin'

<Danys> ....Eranthis can't love your son. Can we free you both and help save the first and second worlds form an evil blight?

  • Danys does some mental arithmatic

<Danys> there is some wiggle room there

<Silver> maybe add sent him to die... only 4 words

  • Theaubrienne sneaks back in

<Theaubrienne> Um, the heart is beating.

<Danys> maybe we can message the heart >.>

<Silver> excuse me?

<Clovani> Sorry, what?

<Vreel> Well, yeah. The Ice King can't love, but he's still alive.

  • Vreel says as if that is perfectly obvious.

<Theaubrienne> The heart, Eranthis's heart, it's beating.

  • Danys nods

<TinyZola> Well he didn't send him to die exactly >_> You don't want her to thaw out and be super mad at him

<Danys> it does make sense

<Danys> She might already be quite angry!

<Danys> I would be

<Theaubrienne> I went back to the throne room and, I guess, I talked to lady Thyatera, and the heart started beating.

<Clovani> You... talked to her?

<Danys> ....did she talk back?

<Danys> I didn't even see you go :o

<Theaubrienne> Well, I talked at her.

<TinyZola> o_O

  • Danys nods

<Theaubrienne> People were pretty occupied. :/

<Danys> we were going to try his magic

  • Danys nods to Xan

<Danys> to do the same

<Danys> but that's good....

<Danys> it means the heart isn't frozen

<Danys> was it beating when you got there?

<Theaubrienne> I think that would be a good idea. She can't talk back, but I believe she can understand us, and a sending might let her speak back.

<Theaubrienne> (I assume it wasn't?)

<Danys> okay....

<DiablotinNarrator> (no, it wasn't, as far as you could tell)

  • Danys will tell you what we were thinking of sending

<Danys> well, its a work in progress

<Theaubrienne> No, it started beating after I spoke to her.

<TinyZola> You mean you woke up his heart?

<Danys> :o

<Danys> that's a very good sign

<TinyZola> Huh

<Vreel> Or it's like bears. Bears and bats.

<Vreel> Everything slows down so much in the winter that you might not notice they're still breathing.

<Vreel> But come spring, it all starts back to normal again.

<Vreel> Anyway, that isn't important.

<Vreel> Carry on with your wordsmithing.

<Xan> So... do we have agreement on the message?

<Theaubrienne> I don't suppose you have anything that would allow you to carry on a conversation?

<Theaubrienne> Telepathy or the like?

<Danys> wel if she can understand us anyway.... we could go and say more and then just let her talk back

<Danys> with the spell

<Theaubrienne> But how many castings do we have?

<Silver> Could you call something that had telepathic abilities to act as a conduit?

  • Silver asks Thea

<Theaubrienne> (I was just reviewing my list for that:))

<Theaubrienne> Yes, I believe I can.

<Xan> I can try it, if I'm able to make contact with her using the Sending.

<Theaubrienne> (Jerry the Cenobite has telepathy :))

<Xan> I could then try to use a Telepathic Bond to communicate with her

<Denise> okay

<Denise> lets try it

<Denise> the room was empty?

  • Denise asks Aubrienne?

<Theaubrienne> Yes, Lord Eranthis was elsewhere.

<Xan> It would work with a small number of people - I think we'll also stand less chance of being detected, if not all of us return there.

<TinyZola> I'm small :3

<Theaubrienne> A small number of people, not a number of small people. :)

<Hettienne> Heh.

<TinyZola> I'm sneaky!

<Clovani> I'm not much use in social situations.

<Clovani> But if you need any melting done, I'm yer man.

<Justen> If you do decide to melt her out, I can help with that too.

<Silver> so who is going?

<Vreel> If you need stealth, I'm your Forgotten One.

<Theaubrienne> I'm going.

<Danys> well... I'm willing, at least

<Hettienne> I'm pretty conspicuous I guess.

<Hettienne> I Can be smaller... but I also can't talk in heads so. *shrug*

<Danys> well I can't either

<Vreel> I can make people forget, too, if necessary. Forgotten Ones and forgetting sort of go hand in hand.

<Vreel> Only I can't make them forget the rest of you, so maybe it's not that useful.

<Eletheni> I suspect I am far too large to be stealthy in this situation. Is there some other way I can be of use?

<Theaubrienne> I can manage stealth as necessary.

<Danys> how many peple?

  • Danys asks Xan

<Clovani> Maybe the rest of us kin take lookout. Or keep His Chilliness distracted.

<Danys> okay

<DiablotinNarrator> Okay so it sounds like Xan, Theaubrienne, Danys, Zola and Vreel will go back to the throne room to try and contact Thyatera.

<DiablotinNarrator> (or to keep lookout)

<DiablotinNarrator> I'll deal with that first, then with the rest of you folks :)

<Clovani> (When you say it like that it sounds sinister... >.> )

<Theaubrienne> (Indeed)

Theaubrienne, Danys, Zola and Vreel head to the throne room with Xan to try to speak to Thyatera

<DiablotinNarrator> You make your way back to the room, which is still currently empty, apart from the people frozen into the wall of course.

  • Vreel stays on the alert the whole way and will take up a good position to keep an eye and feel out for things once we're there.
  • Xan will cast his sending first. Can I get a final draft of the message? knowing that the exact wording is slightly less important if it works, because then he can telepathically contact her and talk more.

<Danys> okay

<Danys> ....Eranthis can't love your son. We want to speak about freeing you both and helping save the first and second worlds form an evil blight.

<Danys> (Good?)

<Vreel> (We had suggested adding the four words sent son to die or something like that)

<Danys> (yeah but I dont' think it is essential or true)

<Vreel> (Several others thought it was a good motivation)

<Silver> (please accept telepathic contact)

<DiablotinNarrator> (you can always explain more about it in the further conversation - people thought it was necessary when sending was all you were going to get)

<DiablotinNarrator> (adding 'please accept telepathic contact' would work)

  • Xan will cast the spell, which takes 10 minutes.
  • Vreel sentries.

<Theaubrienne> (Is the heart still beating?)

<DiablotinNarrator> Yes, slowly

  • TinyZola presses against the wall and tries to love it away

<Danys> (We want to speak about freeing you both and helping save the first and second worlds from an evil blight. Please accept telepathic contact?)

<Xan> ... she just says 'Yes.' But that's enough to talk more, I guess.

<TinyZola> .oO( so cold... i dont like the cold... wait, no! i love the cold >_> )

  • Xan will then cast the Telepathic Bond, which is much faster.

<DiablotinNarrator> (you all share the telepathic bond, so you don't need to relay messages through Xan or anything, you can just talk - well, Aubrienne and Danys can)

<Danys> hello...

<Danys> I'm Danys. We've heard other people tell your story...

<Thyatera> How long has it been?

<Danys> I'm not sure - a long time.

<Theaubrienne> (Do we know for sure? We can do some historical math, right?)

<TinyZola> (Could just tell her the date in the Empire)

<Danys> (I don't know it ;)

<TinyZola> (Thea does!)

<Danys> (Xan can probably tell her >..)

<Danys> (yeah)

  • Theaubrienne will do so

<Vreel> (Roughly 450 years)

<DiablotinNarrator> (she was alive in the early 1800s of the Empire, it's now 2280, so yeah, around 450+ years)

<Theaubrienne> (Thanks)

<DiablotinNarrator> (or something like that ;)

<Thyatera> so long...

<Thyatera> why do you need to disturb my peace?

<Danys> Is it peace?

<Thyatera> it is ... rest.

  • Danys nods
  • Danys realizes you can't see that

<Thyatera> you said there is a blight?

<Danys> there is - spreading all through both worlds, brought by evil outsiders

<Thyatera> are my people in danger?

<Danys> we need Eranthis's help... but its hard to move someone whose heart is frozen

<Theaubrienne> Everyone is in danger.

<Xan> Your people... meaning the people of Psyra?

  • Xan checks

<Thyatera> Yes... I worry for them.

<Danys> Thea's right, I think

<Danys> and... I think some of them are looking for you?

<Theaubrienne> Possibly for some time.

<Thyatera> They are? After so long?

<Danys> yes

<Theaubrienne> We don't know much about it, but we believe so.

<Thyatera> They have not forgotten me?

<Danys> I don't know who they are.... only that they are looking for their queen

<Danys> no.

<Danys> and.... Your son is in danger as well

<Thyatera> He is?

<Danys> Eranthis sent him into danger

<Danys> Because - he can't love him, either, while you hold his heart

<Theaubrienne> He is in our world, fighting the blight.

<Thyatera> Then I must give back his heart?

<Theaubrienne> We have reason to believe that is the best path.

<Thyatera> To save my son, I will give it back. I release his heart.

  • Thyatera 's hands very slowly open enough that you can see the heart clearly, beating

<Danys> oh! :o

  • Danys will take it if no one else makes a move to
  • TinyZola is still broadcasting love through the wall

<DiablotinNarrator> The wall melts away enough that you can reach it.

  • Danys has heard grosser things, certainly
  • Theaubrienne will take it if that's okay with Danys

<Danys> (yes)

<Danys> (held, even, but have at)

<Theaubrienne> And you?

<Theaubrienne> Will stay here to...rest?

<Theaubrienne> (Will you, rather)

<Thyatera> If I leave, it means my death.

<Theaubrienne> I'm sorry.

<Danys> ....is there anything you want your people to know?

<Thyatera> And... I do not wish to leave him behind. But perhaps I must go... if my people need me still.

<Eranthis> What have you done.

  • Danys nods
  • Eranthis says from behind you.
  • Danys jumps

<TinyZola> EEK! D:

  • Vreel didn't feel him?

<Danys> We talked to her.

  • TinyZola casts invisibility >_>

<TinyZola> *blink*

<Vreel> (Maybe he teleported. Curse him!)

  • Danys says looking terrified
  • Eranthis appeared out of nowhere, as far as you can tell, Vreel.

<Theaubrienne> I believe this is yours.

  • Eranthis eyes it

<Vreel> Sorry, he just kind of appeared and yelled at you.

<Vreel> Us. Whatever.

<Theaubrienne> It's all right, Vreel. We needed to speak to him regardless.

  • TinyZola stare @_@

<Eranthis> I don't want it. It brings nothing but pain.

<Danys> um... I'm sorry, Your majestsy. But pain and loss are part of love.

<Theaubrienne> And life.

<Danys> but to think there's nothing good - or that it isn't worth it is just.... wrong

<Vreel> Yeah, that is a little shortsighted and kind of... not-wise.

<TinyZola> So wrong!

  • TinyZola drops her invisibility.
  • Vreel isn't going to call him a fool.

<TinyZola> You have a whole world to love in other ways... and you'll always have your love for her.

  • Danys nods to Zola
  • Eranthis steps past you and puts his hand on the wall where Thyatera is frozen.

<TinyZola> You have a realm, and a son, and a lovely tower

<Vreel> I lost my whole village but I still find reasons to be happy. The pain fades after a while.

<Danys> the people around you suffer and you can't even care about that

<Eranthis> ...

<Vreel> It's hard, certainly.

<Vreel> But you move on. That's what living is about.

<Danys> And.... she wants you to have it. For your son

<Eranthis> ... you're right.

  • Danys is wary still because this feels too easy
  • Danys is hopeful though :3

<TinyZola> It'll be OK.

  • Theaubrienne offers him the heart.
  • Eranthis turns to Thea and pushes aside his shirt, exposing a hole in his chest.
  • TinyZola ;_;

<Eranthis> Do it before I change my mind.

  • Theaubrienne carefully places the heart in his chest
  • Eranthis says grimly.

<Vreel> . o O (I hope her hands are clean. Septicemia would not be great.)

<Theaubrienne> (My guess would be he's too cold for a normal infection)

  • Eranthis 's heart fits back into place and you're able to see it beating for a moment before the hole closes up and his skin seals it over

<Vreel> Looks much prettier now, too.

  • Eranthis gasps and falls to his knees, leaning against the wall
  • Theaubrienne is tearing up a bit.
  • Theaubrienne will move to support him
  • Danys also

<Eranthis> Jochi... my son. I ... I need to bring him back.

<TinyZola> Xan says he's OK.

<Xan> Last we knew, anyway.

<Theaubrienne> We can find him, I'm sure.

<Vreel> Or Xan and Justen can.

<Danys> and the Blight....

<Vreel> Whoever, just leave me out of it, please.

<Vreel> Yeah, sounds like the mortals and all you royals need to work together to stop the spread of the Blight. Cyst. Whatever thing.

  • Eranthis manages to stand up.
  • TinyZola steps away a little >_>
  • Danys will give him support if he stil needs it and space if he doens't

<Theaubrienne> Yes. Will you help us, Lord Eranthis?

  • Eranthis seems ... well, not okay exactly, but able to stand anyway.

<Eranthis> I will help.

<TinyZola> Yay <3

<Danys> thank you, your majesty

<Theaubrienne> Thank you.

<Vreel> Terrific.

Back in the guest suite...

<DiablotinNarrator> (going to skip back to the people waiting back in the rooms for a moment)

<DiablotinNarrator> People waiting - make a Perception check.

<Silver> !roll 1d20+17

  • TinyZola rolls for Silver: [ 1d20+17 ] getting [ 2 ] which, after the modifier [ 17 ] totals [ 19 ].

<Clovani> (28)

<Hettienne> (37)

<Silver> (for Aux)

<Silver> !roll 1d20+15

  • TinyZola rolls for Silver: [ 1d20+15 ] getting [ 8 ] which, after the modifier [ 15 ] totals [ 23 ].

<Clovani> This is going to end with us stuck up in the wall with her, isn't it?

<Eletheni> !roll 1d20+13

  • TinyZola rolls for Eletheni: [ 1d20+13 ] getting [ 8 ] which, after the modifier [ 13 ] totals [ 21 ].

<Lathra> !1d20+12

<Lathra> !roll 1d20+12

  • TinyZola rolls for Lathra: [ 1d20+12 ] getting [ 8 ] which, after the modifier [ 12 ] totals [ 20 ].

<DiablotinNarrator> (can someone roll for Anny and Veren also?)

<Hettienne> (15 for anny)

<Danys> !roll 1d20+13

  • TinyZola rolls for Danys: [ 1d20+13 ] getting [ 5 ] which, after the modifier [ 13 ] totals [ 18 ].

<Danys> (18 for Veren)

<DiablotinNarrator> Okay - Silver, you notice first - there is some commotion going on outside. You think it's the giants yelling.

<DiablotinNarrator> (oh Hettie and Clovani notice first, sorry - missed their rolls - but you will all notice pretty soon anyway)

<Hettienne> Shit. Somethin

<Clovani> Oh fuckberries.

<Hettienne> 's up outside.

  • Hettienne heads that way.
  • Silver heads that way as well
  • Clovani hops on Drenio and kicks him into a gallup

<DiablotinNarrator> It takes a few minutes to find a location where you the ice is clear enough that you can see out in the right direction, but you manage.

  • Eletheni flies as quickly as possible.

<DiablotinNarrator> You see the giants are throwing rocks at something/someone, as if they are under attack

<Hettienne> What's going on?!

  • Hettienne bellows
  • Justen will melt a hole through the ice wall big enough for you to yell to them
  • Justen just puts his hands up to it and starts melting away
  • Clovani casts fly on Drenio and hops through the hole, heading towards the ruckus

<DiablotinNarrator> Once there's a hole, you can hear a bit better what they're yelling about - the distinctive sound of guns firing

<Hettienne> It's the slicks.

<DiablotinNarrator> Clovani, you can see a large raven flying off in that direction as well

<DiablotinNarrator> (it can fly better than Drenio I'm pretty sure ;)

<Clovani> (heh)

  • Eletheni flies up as soon as possible to try to see what's going on.
  • Clovani will follow after it

<Silver> I suppose we might earn favour defending our host

  • Justen stops melting things once the hole is big enough, because he doesn't want to bring down the whole castle >.>

<DiablotinNarrator> Clovani, the raven looks over its shoulder at you and gives you a 'seriously?' look

  • Clovani shrugs

<DiablotinNarrator> Eletheni, you and Clovani can get a look at what's going on - there is a group of soldiers, although I don't think either of you would recognize them as that per se, firing at the giants, while the remorhazes are fighting and burrowing through the ice

  • Raven_Knight circles around above them, maybe getting a count or an estimate of their strength, and then will head back in the direction of the tower

<Eletheni> (how many soldiers in total?)

<DiablotinNarrator> (about 25-30 you'd say)

<Raven_Knight> Get back inside, idiots.

  • Raven_Knight says to you two as she flies by.
  • Eletheni flies back, then.
  • Clovani looks indignant.
  • Clovani will not, however, try to stop them alone.
  • Raven_Knight will pick you up if she needs to, tiny man :p

<Raven_Knight> They have cold iron, I can smell it.

  • Hettienne is going to go find the others.
  • Clovani will head back inside
  • Silver goes with Hettie

Everyone arrives in the Throne Room

  • Eranthis and the others in the Throne room are interrupted when the Raven Knight strides in, shifting to her humanoid form. And apparently also by Hettie and Silver and probably some other people as well.

<TinyZola> @_@

<Hettienne> The sl... Psyrenes are here.

<TinyZola> .oO( I think he needs time alone, not this D: )

  • Hettienne glances over at the frozen lady.
  • Clovani trots in a bit behind

<Danys> I think she might be comimg out?

<Eranthis> Vaelkess, can you lead the defence against them?

<Danys> :YOur people are here...

  • Danys isn't sure if the link is still up

<Thyatera> (it is, it lasts for like... 100 minutes or something?)

<Raven_Knight> If you need me to. But... they're after her.

  • Raven_Knight says, pointing to Thyatera

<Danys> She knows.

<Theaubrienne> Perhaps she can speak to them?

<Eranthis> ...

<TinyZola> If she's from so many centuries ago, how'd they find out she was here... and why do they care?  :|

<Hettienne> Those are questions for later

<Raven_Knight> They have a remorhaz, and cold iron, and if you don't do this, they're going to try and destroy this place to get her.

<Hettienne> WHen folk ain't bein' shot at

<Eranthis> ....all right.

<Eranthis> I'll let her go.

  • Eranthis reaches into the wall, takes Thyatera's hands, and gently pulls her out of the ice.

<Eranthis> Can you give us a moment?

  • Eranthis says to the giant crowd of people :p
  • Danys will withdraw
  • TinyZola will perch on Danys
  • Hettienne too.
  • Raven_Knight turns around and leaves
  • Vreel lets them be for their potentially final farewell.
  • Silver leaves
  • Clovani will trot away as discreetly as possible on the back of a dodo

<DiablotinNarrator> All right - you give them a little while. After a few minutes longer, you hear the guns outside stop firing.

<TinyZola> >_>

<Clovani> You think he'll make us replace the wall?

<Hettienne> I hope that's a good sign

<DiablotinNarrator> It is uneasily quiet as you wait.

<Hettienne> Pretty sure he'd do a better job

<TinyZola> Can't she just tell them to buzz off?

  • Lathra hides under a chair
  • Eranthis emerges from the room, alone.

<Hettienne> Maybe she is

<Eranthis> Come with me.

  • Eranthis says to all of you.
  • Clovani will follow

<TinyZola> >_>

<Vreel> Why...?

  • Vreel asks warily.

<Eranthis> Because I'm doing what you asked for.

  • TinyZola will get Justen to carry B.
  • TinyZola goes with
  • Hettienne follows.
  • Theaubrienne follows
  • Silver follows as well
  • Vreel has a Bad Feeling about this.
  • Danys goes

<Vreel> I'll be on my way then. Thank you!

<Eranthis> No one is leaving here.

<Theaubrienne> My lord?

<Eranthis> Not that way, at any rate.

  • Vreel puts up her Blur spell-like ability and will take off at a run, because she is not from the mortal plane.
  • Lathra turns into a snake and nervously slithers over to Hettie

<Hettienne> Hey Lathra.

<Hettienne> We're goin' home :3

  • Silver will shift back to her human form
  • TinyZola eyes Vreel >_>

<TinyZola> Are we going back to Amanita?

<Lathra> Does that mean I have to turn into that other girl or something?

<Hettienne> You'll be fine.

<Danys> I don't know what it means, exactly. Bur I hope we'll all get sorted out

<Lathra> ... I'll be bored and worried all the time >_>

<Hettienne> Things will be the way they're supposed to.

Everyone goes home

  • Eranthis is not going to chase some ridiculous fool, so he'll lead you to a room you haven't been in before, at the top of the tower - it has a large swirling portal in the floor.
  • TinyZola will leave B. with Justen and go perch on Eletheni
  • TinyZola gives the side of her head a hug

<Danys> do e just.... go through?

<TinyZola> Will it fix things?

<Theaubrienne> Is this...always open?

  • TinyZola hopes he didn't have to have 8 shadar-kai shivved to open it >_>

<Eranthis> No, not always.

<Eranthis> When you go through, it will bring you back to where you're meant to be. You and your other selves will separate again.

<Hettienne> Awright.

<TinyZola> So there are others then?

<Hettienne> Den-Danys?

<Theaubrienne> Oh.

  • Danys nods

<Danys> okay

<TinyZola> I'm two?

<Silver> Just walk through?

  • Lathra turns into a raven, and flits over to Danys' shoulder.
  • Hettienne checks to make sure Anny is still on her shoulder, then holds out her hand to the huldra.

<Lathra> Tweet tweet

<Danys> huh

  • Danys will take Hettie's hand and hold her other one out to Veren
  • Silver shrugs and walks in
  • Drenio the Dodo wi/me approaches the portal and looks back at Clovani.
  • Hettienne steps through with her Rattes, plus Lathra

<Drenio the Dodo> Squaaak?

<Eletheni> Well ... I guess there's only one way to find out if I'm real.

<TinyZola> Oh, I need B... he's from here, I think.

  • Clovani puts his hand on Drenio's head.
  • TinyZola makes grabby hands at Justen

<Theaubrienne> How long will this portal be open, my lord?

<Clovani> No birdbrain... not this time.

<Drenio the Dodo> Squaaaaack? squaaaack.

<Eletheni> I agree with the dodo.

<Clovani> This is my home. This is where I belong. But you... you're different. You go on. You don't need me anymore.

<Drenio the Dodo> Squ... ak?

<Clovani> It's ok. I'll be here.

<Eletheni> If I should not be wherever we are going, tell the Voice ... tell Hugo that he is remembered.

<TinyZola> You'll visit us, yes?

<TinyZola> I'll sing you a song<3

<Clovani> Heh... I might do at that.

  • Eletheni turns to Zola.

<Eranthis> I can only hold it open for a little while at a time.

  • Drenio the Dodo will nuzzle up against Clovani one last time.
  • Eranthis says to Theaubrienne

<Eletheni> Here goes everything, then.

  • Eletheni negotiates her way through to the portal and then slithers through.
  • Drenio the Dodo will turn and walk slowly into the portal.
  • Clovani will wipe away a tear.
  • TinyZola is taken with Eletheni since she was on her shoulder, leaving B. behind? Which is probably OK.

<Theaubrienne> Our other companion...she doesn't remember her life there. I don't like the thought of leaving her behind.

  • Xan and Justen ... have their own transportation home, but hey, portal.

<Clovani> If I can find her, I will. I'll try to talk some sense into her.

<Theaubrienne> We don't exactly have an easy way back here.

  • Vreel comes wandering back, in tears.

<Theaubrienne> Ge...uh, Vreel!

<Vreel> I don't want to go there. I'm happy *here*.

<Clovani> Ya don't belong here, lass.

<Theaubrienne> Vreel, I would be happy to owe you a boon if you would accompany me through the portal. If you want to return afterwards, I'm sure we can arrange it.

<Clovani> Go on. It'll be ok.

  • Theaubrienne holds out her hand.
  • Vreel takes it, shaking with terror and unhappiness.

<Theaubrienne> Thank you.

  • Theaubrienne walks through the portal with Vreel.
  • Clovani will nod to Eranthis.
  • Eranthis nods, and will step through the portal as well, which closes behind him.

<Theaubrienne> (Leaving Clovani awkwardly standing in the portal room. :p)

<DiablotinNarrator> As you each step through the portal, you catch a glimpse of yourselves - your other selves - drawing nearer and nearer to you, until finally they pass through you and you are left watching your fey selves recede into the distance.

  • Danys gives her otherself a big hug as we pass through :3

<Theaubrienne> (Likewise :))

  • TinyZola hopes TinyNotZola didn't mind the ride.
  • Drenio the Dodo squacks happily at Dorien.

<DiablotinNarrator> You emerge into a wooded grove, with the smell of salt in the air. Linthira and Eirlys and Amanita are waiting there, as though they expected your arrival.

<Eranthis> Sisters...

  • Hettienne looks around to make sure all her folk are here.
  • TinyZola stumbles, disoriented

<Dorien> That... was weird.

  • Danys gives Enver a big hug too D:

<Zola> Hugo!

  • Zola hugs him tight

<Linthira> There isn't much time - come with us.

<Hugo> ... Zola?

<Zola> You're alright!

<Aubrienne> (to Gen) Are you all right?

  • Argent smiles

<Argent> <w> we did it

  • Genevriel feels the crushing weight of her life here return, and hunkers down, brokenhearted.

<Hugo> I ... guess so?

  • Hettienne hugs Annyck tightly!
  • Zola is shaken up and emotional, and tearing up a bit

<Zola> Everyone's OK?

  • Aubrienne does her best to support Gen
  • Genevriel shakes her head, but stands up slowly.

<Hettienne> Feelin' a bit... small, but otherwise I'm good.

<Linthira> I'm sorry for leaving you here like this - but we need to go if we're going to be able to cleanse the Irminsul.

<Hettienne> Where *is* 'here'?

<Zola> The saltgrove?

<Argent> Its fine. This is why we did it. Go.

<DiablotinNarrator> Yeah, some of you have been there before - it's the Saltgrove, just outside the city.

<Linthira> Thank you for all you've done...

  • Lathra looks blank, disappointed
  • Danys hasn't been here but has heard stories >.>
  • Lathra lost in thought

<Aubrienne> You're welcome, of course, but I believe you have some pressing matter to attend to, my lady.

<Dorien> No problem.

<Zola> (Do we still have the banner?)

<Linthira> We owe you a great debt, and assuming we survive this, we will do our best to repay you.

<Dorien> It was... certainly an adventure

<DiablotinNarrator> Yes, you still have it

<Zola> We can set up the banner and wait?

<Denise> un, thanks @_@

<Aubrienne> Good luck.

<Zola> (It's probably on Hettie's back :P)

<Denise> yes

  • Linthira and her siblings will join hands and Linthira draws them into a large tree nearby and they disappear.
  • Aubrienne goes to hug Dorien

<Denise> I... kinda wanna go home @_@

<Zola> ... Gods.

<Dorien> So. Did anyone think to bring anything to eat?

<Aubrienne> You're not a bird any more. :)

<Xan> There are some people who are very anxious to see you.

  • Denise says but still is keepign hold of Enver
  • Xan says to the group at large
  • Argent laughs

<Zola> Oh, yes... yes! Noren!

<Denise> oh, huh

<Aubrienne> I should think so.

<Dorien> Ok. No one mentions the word dodo. Ever.

<Dorien> Seriously

<Hettienne> *snort*

<Hettienne> I liked you better as a bird

<Xan> We can teleport you - well, Justen can, really - back to the city.

<Aubrienne> Dodorien?

<Dorien> I will not hesitate to kill anyone you, Bri.

<Aubrienne> Technically not the word.

<Zola> Yeah, that's probably better...

<Genevriel> I'd rather walk, thank you.

  • Genevriel says quietly to Xan.

<Dorien> Gen...

  • Zola looks Gen over, trying to see if she really needs the walk, or if she's avoiding.
  • Justen will teleport anyone who wants teleporting, anyway
  • Justen might have to do it in a couple trips, there are a lot of you...

<Hettienne> Your Da' is gonna be worried sick about you, Den...

<Argent> I know when I asked for all your help, this wasnt what we signed up for exactly, but we should all be happy about what we've managed to accomplish.

  • Dorien will try to convince Gen to come with them.

<Denise> yeah....

<Hettienne> Let's go home.

  • Denise nods

<Denise> We did good, Argent

  • Genevriel shakes her head gently at Dorien.
  • Denise gives him a big smile and a little salute
  • Zola puts an arm around Hugo and gets ready for their turn.

<Genevriel> I'll be fine. I just need to think.

<Dorien> I'll... I'll let mother know you're ok then.

  • Genevriel nods.
  • Denise is totally ready to team ratte it out of here though

<Zola> Have a good walk, Gen.

  • Enver is very glad to be able to hold your hand again, Denise :3

<Genevriel> See you back in town.

  • Margaux goes over to Argent to give him a (maybe slightly awkward) hug
  • Genevriel bids everyone a subdued adieu and starts walking towards Diablotin.
  • Nycki looks pretty stunned, but maybe more by the pregnancy thing than by the adventure

<Aubrienne> (To Dorien) Is it wise to let her go by herself?

<Genevriel> (if any of you who are concerned about Gen have SM, she is very sad but not suicidal)

  • Lathra shakes her head, and grins

<Zola> (Yeah, that's what I meant earlier about whether Gen needed the walk or was avoiding ... this Zola has SM :P)


Zola and Hugo try to sort things out in the aftermath

<Zola> Soooo maybe we were dropped off at the Cabaret to catch a cab?

<DiablotinNarrator> (that works)

  • Zola will give Justen a less tarty kiss on the cheek than normal, as she's still a little rattled.

<Zola> Thanks hun.

  • Hugo hasn't said much since returning.

<Zola> You OK, hun?

<Hugo> Hmm? Oh, yeah, sure.

<Hugo> You?

<Zola> D'you want to rush off to let anyone you're home or... do you want to come home withme for a bit?

<Zola> I'm good... I think... I think everything's pretty OK.

<Hugo> Ahhh ... I guess, I'm not fit for answering people's stupid questions right now. Tomorrow I can talk to them.

<Hugo> I'm not even sure what I'd say.

  • Zola gives Hugo a hug and a kiss on the forehead

<Zola> How about you come home with me, and we'll have some drinks, and we can talk it out.

<Zola> Noren can wait a bit. He hasn't had the week we have.

<Hugo> Yeah. Sure.

  • Zola will flag down a cab.
  • Zola will hum softly on the ride, but save the chatter.
  • Zola lets us both in and looks around at her apartment.

<Zola> Bastien? Honey?

<Hugo> What's a good rhyme for 'dodo'?

<Zola> ... what? o_O

<Hugo> For the new song that I won't be allowed to perform.

<Zola> I think we can take Dorien in a fight if we have to, dear.

<Zola> ... I think Bastien must be at Noren's... or maybe Valeen has him...

  • Zola sounds disappointed.

<Zola> You know, I'm not sure...

<Hugo> About what?

<Zola> About 'dodo'... is there anything that rhymes properly?

<Hugo> Nothing obvious. Lots of good half-rhymes.

  • Zola leaves him to get himself seated and roots around in her kitchen for liquor.
  • Zola pours us some and leaves the bottle handy.

<Hugo> Do you think they're real?

<Zola> ... I don't know... what Eranthis said, made it sound like they are.

<Zola> I ... I hope they were. If that makes sense...

  • Hugo nods.

<Hugo> Of course.

<Zola> What was it like for you? Do you remember it all?

<Hugo> I think so. It was all so strange. But yes, I remember what happened to us.

<Zola> So you were there all along... and she couldn't tell.

<Hugo> It wasn't like I was trapped inside her, screaming to get out.

<Hugo> It's more like ... I took a vacation as her for a few weeks, and now I have those memories?

  • Zola nods

<Zola> I wonder if that's what it was like for... the other me?

<Zola> Is there a little atomie somewhere in the First World confused and cuddling her dweomercat cub?

<Hugo> Yeah, I don't know. But the thing was that Eletheni ... she had memories of me, knew of me. Was that ... was that just an effect of me being there, or did she ... *does* she, really have a connection to me that precedes our arrival?

  • Zola nods...

<Zola> That would be a little off the rocker...

<Hugo> Yeah ... but still ...

<Hugo> You know?

<Zola> But maybe that part was from having to share, and now she's back to normal?

<Zola> We could try to find her, maybe?

<Hugo> How? I mean ... I guess, Sending would work.

<Zola> Yeah, we could give it a try. Maybe just ask if she's doing OK, and say the invite's still good?

<Zola> If we help wipe out the blight, we probably won't even have to pay for it :)

  • Hugo laughs.

<Hugo> If she is there ... *where* would she be? She was the one who went through the portal, and I ... she ... I think the only reason Eletheni went through was to find out if she was real.

<Zola> I don't know... Eranthis wasn't really specific about that...

  • Zola takes a drink

<Zola> I guess we won't really know until we do some digging? Maybe she went back to where she was before...

<Hugo> If so, she may not even remember all of this.

<Zola> Or maybe they were never really WITH us... maybe it was just a mirror of their forms holding us together...

  • Zola nods

<Zola> I ... I want to tell her about it.

<Zola> Maybe it's a stupid idea, she might not have any clue what we're talking about...

<Hugo> It's just so ... lillends live long lives, they're ... majestic, powerful. It's so strange.

<Zola> Did you enjoy being so gorgeous? :)

<Hugo> Well, that feeling was familiar enough.

<Zola> I kinda feel like... the Eletheni who was with us deserves... to be passed on, if she was just an echo...

  • Hugo nods.

<Hugo> I know exactly what you mean.

<Zola> Well, that's settled then :)

<Hugo> I guess it is.

  • Hugo sips his drink thoughtfully.
  • Zola sits around with Hugo for a bit, before sending him home in a cab

<Zola> (Drop off on the way to Noren's maybe :3)

Gen goes to Madds, directly to Madds

  • Genevriel makes a beeline for Madds' apartment once she gets back to the city.

<Genevriel> (what time of day would it be by then, do you think?)

<DiablotinNarrator> By the time you've walked back from the Saltgrove, it's probably later in the evening - 8 or 9 at night, say.

<Genevriel> (Excellent.)

<DiablotinNarrator> I think it was about 5-6pm when you got back, and it would be at least a couple of hours of walking to get to his place.

  • Genevriel rings his bell or knocks on his door, stomach roiling.
  • Madds answers the door

<Madds> Oh gods, Gen, you're alive @_@

<Genevriel> Madds! I know it's awkward, too forward, and terribly insensitive. Also ill-considered, unwanted and quite likely unhealthy, but may I please stay with you tonight?

  • Genevriel looks somewhat the worse for wear.
  • Madds pulls you into a hug
  • Genevriel hugs him back, hard.

<Madds> It's none of those things. I'm just so glad to see you.

  • Genevriel nods, not letting go of him.

<Madds> where have you been?

  • Genevriel explains tearfully.

<Genevriel> Living as someone else.

<Genevriel> A little fairy. A Forgotten One.

<Madds> a what?

<Genevriel> A... fairy.

<Madds> come inside... we don't need to talk about this in the doorway.

  • Genevriel nods and follows him inside.
  • Madds draws you into the house, not letting go of you, apart from loosening one arm to close the door.

<Madds> okay... start from the start?

  • Madds says once you're seated on his couch
  • Genevriel explains, brokenly, about going to try to do something about the weird shit that has been going on in Diablotin lately.
  • Madds listens

<Genevriel> (She'll bring him up to speed on Argent's proposal to rescue Amanita in order to stop the fungus and the Cyst and the Blight and everything.)

<Genevriel> So then there was nowhere to go but with her.

<Genevriel> And then I... guess I became Vreel for a while.

<Madds> Vreel is the fairy?

  • Genevriel nods.

<Madds> what was that like?

<Genevriel> I... don't know? I really was her, while I was... in her.

  • Genevriel has trouble coming up with the words to explain.

<Genevriel> So it wasn't 'like' anything.

<Genevriel> I wasn't me. I was her.

  • Madds nods

<Madds> you didn't remember anything about your life here?

  • Genevriel shakes her head.

<Genevriel> I had been a Forgotten One all my life, there.

<Genevriel> I was pretty rude to the others, who did remember something of this plane.

  • Genevriel admits, somewhat ashamed.

<Genevriel> But to me they were just... mortals playing dress-up in fairy bodies.

  • Madds nods

<Genevriel> Hettie was the worst.

<Genevriel> She was a Norn and figured that gave her the divine right to order the rest of us around and make all the decisions for us.

  • Genevriel laughs a little through her confused tears, remembering.

<Genevriel> Vreel poisoned her at the Satyr's tree. It was supposed to be a powerful laxative, but maybe Norn-Hettie was allergic or something? I think she puked it all up instead.

<Genevriel> I shouldn't laugh, but...

<Genevriel> Vreel was a foot tall and she was brave enough to take on a Norn.

  • Madds smiles even though he really doesn't know what you're talking about, but is happy to see you laugh at least

<Madds> well no matter who you are, you are definitely brave

  • Genevriel looks at Madds.

<Genevriel> Not really. I didn't want to come back.

<Genevriel> I wish I could have stayed being Vreel.

<Madds> Well why would you? if you didn't remember anything about here, there would be no reason to want to come back...

<Madds> I would have missed you, though.

<Genevriel> I know.

<Genevriel> That's why I came here.

  • Madds nods

<Madds> With everything that's been going on, and not being able to get in touch with you, I was worried about what might have happened.

<Genevriel> Xandhìl Órecalo... or was it his friend? Said we'd been gone three weeks.

<Genevriel> I'm so sorry. I didn't know we might be gone so long.

  • Madds nods

<Madds> I know, I'm not upset with you, I'm just glad you're back safely.

<Genevriel> I'm glad you were home.

<Madds> Me too

<Madds> ...What made you come back? if it wasn't something you wanted.

<Genevriel> I think it was the One. I just had this feeling that it was wrong for me to stay there as Vreel.

  • Madds nods

<Genevriel> And then I remembered who I was long enough to go through the portal.

<Madds> I guess the One still has plans for you here, huh?

  • Genevriel shrugs.

<Genevriel> I guess so, if it's not all some delusion I created to give myself a reason to go on when there didn't seem to be one.

<Genevriel> Coming back here...

<Genevriel> It was... awful. Like a mountain falling on me. But I walked so I could think and clear my head and I realized I do have something to look forward to, after all.

<Madds> oh?

<Genevriel> The mountain doesn't feel so heavy when I'm around you. That must sound terribly cliché, but it's a truth I needed.

  • Madds smiles at that

<Madds> Stay with me, Genny. We'll figure things out together.

  • Genevriel nods.
  • Genevriel is a little scared but bravery is doing something even if you feel scared, after all.

<Madds> have you had anything to eat or drink? I have some leftovers from dinner if you're hungry.

<Genevriel> I had a handful of berries along the way. That's all.

<Genevriel> Leftovers sound wonderful.

  • Genevriel smiles, really meaning it.
  • Madds will fix you up a plate of leftovers, and bring you a glass of water as well.
  • Genevriel eats up.

<Genevriel> Thank you.

  • Madds also finds you a towel and washcloth and such so you can get washed up if you want.
  • Genevriel will gladly wash up.
  • Genevriel seems to have a difficult subject to bring up still.
  • Genevriel is trying to figure out how to broach it.

<Genevriel> Madds... there's something I think you ought to know about me.

<Madds> hm? what's that?

<Genevriel> When you told me about your injuries at the gallery, and I said what I said, I didn't say it to be hurtful. I'm not like everyone else. I really don't need... physical intimacy to find satisfaction in a relationship.

<Genevriel> I know this is awkward and possibly hurtful for you, but I think you need to know it.

  • Madds listens, keeping his expression calm

<Madds> Was it that bad?

  • Madds asks with a bit of a worried smile
  • Genevriel shakes her head.

<Genevriel> It isn't you. Not at all.

<Genevriel> I... I've been with a few other men, since. It was the same with them.

  • Madds nods

<Genevriel> And it's not that I prefer women, because I don't.

<Genevriel> I just am... wrong? Broken, maybe?

<Madds> well... do you mean you don't need sex, or you don't want to be physically close at all?

<Genevriel> I like kissing, and being close.

<Genevriel> I liked being able to do something nice for you when we had sex.

  • Madds nods

<Madds> then that'll be all right. I would have a pretty hard time loving you and not being able to hold you or kiss you. But the rest of it... well, I can't do that anyway.

<Genevriel> All right.

  • Genevriel looks relieved.

<Madds> speaking of which...

  • Madds steps closer to you to hug you, and gives you a kiss.
  • Genevriel kisses him back, shyly because it's been a while.
  • Madds doesn't press things too much, just a short kiss
  • Genevriel pauses long enough to collect herself, and then initiates a somewhat longer kiss.
  • Madds seems happy with that

<Madds> come to bed?

  • Genevriel nods and begins to follow him to his room.

<Genevriel> ...

<Genevriel> Could I borrow your phone, just for a moment?

<Madds> of course

<Genevriel> Dorien said he'd let my uncle and aunt know I was okay, but if I don't show up at all tonight, they'll all worry.

  • Madds nods
  • Genevriel calls the Voclains to let them know she is safe and staying with a friend.

<DiablotinNarrator> (heh, they probably have lots of questions, but the nice thing about the phone is you can hang up on them ;)

  • Genevriel smiles courageously after hanging up on Sylvise, and follows Madds into his room.

Argent and Margaux try to sort out their feelings in the aftermath

  • Margaux is pretty quiet in the aftermath of everything that's going on
  • Argent will go over to her

<Argent> How are you handling all this? You're very quiet.

  • Argent has concern in his voice

<Margaux> it's a lot to take in

<Margaux> how about you, how are you doing?

<Argent> Right now I'm feeling more focused on what we were able to accomplish. I imagine I'll have to sit and process everything afterward.

  • Margaux nods

<Margaux> it did all work out... I hope.

<Margaux> I'm just worried about ... well, a lot of things, I guess.

<Argent> Like what?

<Margaux> About what will happen to them... the fey lords and ladies, their courts, the people in their world.

<Argent> a blow against the blight and the Cyst helps everyone, even them

<Margaux> The First World is cut off from the others, cut off from the gods... I can't even guess what will happen there.

  • Margaux nods

<Margaux> You're right, I know... I know that was important, and if they succeed at whatever they're trying to do, it will help.

<Margaux> What about Thyatera and the people who were looking for her? Where will they go? Did she even want to go with them? I know she wanted to return to her people, somehow, but we don't even know if they *can* go back to where they came from.

<Argent> I dont doubt there will be consequences from that situation.

<Argent> and i can understand why you would be worried.

  • Argent rubs his temples
  • Margaux takes your hands

<Argent> Its hard for me to bring that into perspective... I mean I sort of lived it, but the person I was didn't really care.

  • Margaux nods

<Margaux> Neither did I, or at least not like now.

<Argent> Now I'm starting to worry... what price did we unknowingly pay.

<Margaux> we did the best we could

<Argent> How about this... we know there are some unanswered questions that need to be resolved...

<Argent> were not going to get answers right this minute

<Margaux> like whether the agents spreading the Blight there are also operating here?

<Argent> The Cyst does have agents here

  • Margaux nods

<Argent> and they likely wont take our success lying down

<Argent> They have been active for decades

<Argent> and we'll deal with the next battle when it comes up

<Argent> It's just not happening right this minute

<Margaux> well... not in any way we can help with, at least. The fey seemed to have some idea what they were doing, so hopefully they're right.

<Argent> Their answer was better than firebombing the Shade

<Margaux> yes

<Argent> so we put our trust in them, and have faith we made the right choice

<Margaux> I guess for now there's nothing else we can do.

  • Margaux squeezes your hand

<Argent> There is always something we can do, we can pray for them.

<Margaux> that's true

<Margaux> and ... I guess there are a few other things we could do.

<Argent> like go and see if we still have places to live?

<Margaux> that would be a start

<Margaux> and then, assuming we do, maybe some other ideas might come to mind.

<Argent> Oh really? I know I could use a bath... same clothes for three weeks.

<Argent> even if they were in some weird planar, I don't really understand, place.

  • Margaux smiles a little at that

<Argent> . o O (although I'm pretty sure she's talking about sex)

<Margaux> a bath would be good

  • Margaux agrees

<Argent> well then, lets be off :)

  • Margaux will go with you

<Margaux> Some parts of it were pretty fun...

<Argent> I'll see if I can remember some of the fun parts you might enjoy

<Margaux> all right :)

Denise and Hettie return home, with Enver and Nycki in tow

  • Denise with trepidation opens the door to the huse, knd of afraid of the kitchen....
  • Denise wonders if Mikel has been here, or anyone else

<Denise> 9I did tell Mikel where we were going, anyway - he has our doge)

<DiablotinNarrator> The kitchen is not too bad - relatively tidy. Maybe someone did come by?

<Hettienne> How's it look?

<Denise> not so bad

<Denise> maybe someone was here :3

<Hettienne> Thierry maybe...

  • Nycki goes in and flops down on the couch
  • Denise looks for clues that her brother might have been here, as she knows his kitchen tidying habits pretty well

<Denise> or Mik...

<Nycki> I'm bushed

<Denise> I bet tey're all real worried

<Denise> I bet

<Denise> Ohmigosh

<Denise> is it *TRUE* tho :o

  • Denise looks from Hettie to Nycki

<Hettienne> Ohhh shit.

<Hettienne> Man, I dunno. :o

  • Hettienne sits down too.

<Denise> but, like... with ANDER? @_@

<Nycki> I dunno.. I feel like secondhand crap, but I'm not sure if that's why.

  • Enver will make himself useful and go get drinks of water for people, at least.
  • Denise reluctantly lets him go to do that

<Hettienne> Oh right, the Ander thing. >.>

<Hettienne> Don't tell NOBODY about that.

<Denise> :o

<Denise> so it *is* :o

<Denise> I won't just like....

<Denise> :o

<Nycki> heh

<Denise> :3

<Denise> like there's so much else an I'm just so excited for you guys :3

<Denise> but man... there really is so much else @_@

  • Denise reclaims Enver's hand once he's finished distributing drinks

<Hettienne> We gotta get hold of your folks.

<Denise> un huh

<Denise> we could go

  • Enver brings in some water for everyone and then will go back to being aggressively snuggled ;)

<Denise> they'll be real worried

<Denise> I feel bad, makin' everyone worried

<Denise> but prolly pa will yell 'cause that's his way

<Denise> >.>

<Denise> but that's okay

<Denise> (I forget what time it is)

<DiablotinNarrator> (you guys teleported back, so probably more like 6 or 7 or so)

  • Denise looks at hettie

<Denise> Do you wanna come...?

<Hettienne> Aw, he ain't gonna care 'bout me neither way.

<Denise> welll...

<Denise> maybe? :/

<Denise> I dunno

  • Denise is sad she isn't sure

<Denise> mam will care

<Hettienne> I can soak up some of the yellin' for ya if you want

<Denise> I dn't want that :/

<Denise> I bet you an Nycki got lots to talk abot anyway

  • Denise says

<Nycki> honestly I could go for a nap, if you wanna take a walk over that way

<Hettienne> Awright...

  • Hettienne will tuck Nycki in and give her a kiss goodnight before we go ;)

<Nycki> wake me up when you get back, though, none of that 'I wanted to let you sleep' crap

<Hettienne> You got it babe :3

<Nycki> Got time to make up for, now that you ain't big enough for me to fit all of me inside ;)

<Hettienne> heh, definitely ;)

<Enver> uh... should I go too, or ...?

  • Enver asks Denise

<Denise> yes.

<Enver> okay

  • Denise squeezes your hand

<Denise> I'm really glad we're us again...

<Enver> me too

  • Enver gives you a hug
  • Denise sniffs

<Denise> I missed you an you were right there :(

  • Enver nods

<Enver> same

  • Denise takes a deep breath and looks over Enver's shoulder at Hettie

<Denise> Okay... let's go 'cause otherwise I ain't leavin' here for like... a whole other three weeks @_@

<Enver> but uh... if we do too much more like this I ain't gonna wanna stop, so we should prolly go to your folks an' do that stuff before we get, you know... wrapped up in things

<Enver> yeah :)

  • Denise still keeps hold of his hand but will let go the hug

<Denise> :3

  • Denise will head off with fiancee and aunt towards her parents' place

<Hettienne> This'll be a gas... >.>

<Denise> it'll be okay

  • Denise says, stubbornly
  • Denise lets go of Enver long enough to give you a hug too
  • Hettienne gets her game face on

<Denise> Thanks for lookin' out for me, hettie

<Hettienne> Hey, you're family :3

  • Denise nods, and then will go up and do her usual knock then-enter-routine

<Denise> Mam? pa?

  • Patric steps out to see who it is, and stops, stunned

<Patric> Denise!

  • Hettienne hangs back with Enver
  • Patric goes over and gives you a big hug (because he can't give any other kind)
  • Denise hugs him right back

<Denise> I'm real sorry if you were worried, but we're all okay

<Patric> we didn't know what happened

<Denise> I know :(

<Denise> it was... it was real weird

<Denise> but we did a lot of good things, an we're okay

  • Patric lets go, nodding

<Patric> ...Hettie... good to see you're okay too.

  • Patric says, a bit more reserved, but not grudging at least

<Hettienne> THanks.

<Denise> :3

<Denise> . o O (YAY PROGRESS)

  • Hettienne says warily.

<Patric> come in, your mam'll wanna see you

<Denise> is she awake?

  • Patric nods

<Patric> ... it's been rough the past while. she ain't been sleepin' so good.

<Denise> :(

  • Denise will come in and go to her mother (it's a small house I'm sure I can find her pretty fast)
  • Hettienne is honestly surprised she's not getting blamed for carting Denise off and getting her into trouble

<Denise> Mam?

  • Hettienne stands around awkwardly with Enver
  • Elcina is in bed, but not sleeping, and smiles wide when she sees you

<Denise> (Oh no I'm taking him with me... so come along or stand there awkwardkly with patric ;)

<Elcina> Denise, sweetheart, you're all right :D

<Denise> I'm home an I'm okay

  • Denise will bend down to give her a big but careful hug

<Elcina> we were so worried... where were you?

  • Hettienne just stands around awkwardly then
  • Elcina hugs back as best as she can

<Denise> It's a real weird story

<Patric> d'you wanna drink or somethin'?

  • Patric asks Hettie awkwardly

<Patric> got some tea made

<Hettienne> Uh, sure.

<Denise> we went to the place all the fey come from to fix stuff there, so they can fix stuff here

<Denise> we weren't meanin' to but that's how it went

  • Patric will occupy himself getting tea, then

<Elcina> oh my :o

<Elcina> that sounds incredible @_@

<Denise> so....things shoudl get fixed here, soon, with the fey, and the cold

<Denise> it was @_@

<Denise> like livin' in a dream

<Denise> it didn't seem like so long though, just a few days for us :|

  • Elcina nods
  • Patric brings you a cup of tea, Hettie, and will sit down at the kitchen table with his own cup

<Denise> Plus Hettie was there, an Enver.... and a bunch of other folks

<Elcina> I'm glad you weren't all on your own, then :o

<Hettienne> Thanks...

  • Hettienne sits down.

<Hettienne> Long day.

  • Patric nods

<Patric> ... you all right? you look a bit peaky.

<Hettienne> Just real tired like.

<Denise> We didn't all really knew who we were right though - I thought I was raised by like, actual rats, but they all were named for real folk. I had a little Mikel rat with me, an I could do magic, like a channel @_@

<Patric> your place all right for stayin' in? if you need a place, there's room here.

<Hettienne> IT's fine... we checked it out. I think maybe Thierry was by? I dunno.

<Hettienne> It looked cleaner 'n' I left it. >.>

<Hettienne> But thanks.. fer offerin'

<Patric> Maybe Thierry, yeah, or Mikel. I know folks went by to see if you'd turned up, a few times.

<Hettienne> Yeah... we didn't think we'd be gone so long. It were .... an unexpected trip

<Patric> ... I walked by now an' then, see if any lights were on or whatever.

<Hettienne> Huh.

<Patric> Keepin' an eye on the place, like... with everythin' that's goin' on. Wouldn't want your place to get wrecked up, it's a good little house.

  • Patric says with a shrug

<Hettienne> Heh.

<Hettienne> You misssssed meeeeee :3

<Hettienne> You were worrrieeeed

<Patric> Yeah, I guess so. You an' Denise both.

<Hettienne> :3

<Hettienne> You know I'd take care of 'er.

  • Denise pauses her story telling and cocks an ear to the kitchen

<Patric> Well, I know that.

<Patric> An' she'd look out for you too.

<Denise> <w> mam.. they're talkin'... an like... not yellin :3

  • Elcina smiles at that

<Hettienne> Yeah :)

<Patric> But that don't mean you both can't get into some stupid messes now an' then.

<Hettienne> Hah.

<Hettienne> I ain't been in a *really* stupid mess in ages.

<Patric> No, well, makin' up for lost time I guess?

  • Patric says, but with a bit of a smile

<Hettienne> :p

  • Hettienne sticks out her tongue

<Hettienne> (but also with a bit of a smile)

  • Patric sticks his out back :p

<Hettienne> It's good to be home

  • Patric looks like he's 12 again when he does that :p

<Patric> I'm real glad you're home safe.

  • Denise will stay hidden with her mom to not jeopardize them being civil.... but also doens't want to leave them tooooo long >.>
  • Elcina takes your hand, Denise, and will gladly chat with you a bit longer

<Denise> da said you ain't been sleepin real well?

<Elcina> No... I guess just restless, with everything that's been going on.

<Hettienne> Thanks Pat... means a lot.

<Elcina> But he comes in and sits with me when it's bad.

<Denise> I'm real sorry i worried you so bad :(

<Elcina> it's all right. I'm just glad you're home.

<Elcina> and it sounds like everything that happened was quite a story

<Denise> it was

<Denise> I'll tell the whole thing sometime when you ain't so tired

  • Denise promises
  • Elcina nods

<Denise> is Yvie out with her friends?

<Elcina> She was staying over with some of the girls from her class... the sisters, now, what are their names...

<Denise> Janne and Myra?

<Elcina> Yes that's it :) I should be able to remember that, she talks about them all the time.

  • Denise smiles

<Denise> they're nice

<Denise> You tell her I'm gonna come look in on her real soon, okay, and that I'm okay an I love her lots an lots

<Elcina> I will, dear

  • Denise gives her another hug

<Denise> I'm gonna go now while they're still bein' nice but I'll come home again real soon I promise

  • Elcina hugs you back

<Elcina> All right - I'll see you soon. I love you.

<Denise> I love you too mam :3

  • Denise will slip back out to the kitchen, trailing an Enver

<Enver> It's good to see you again, mam.

  • Enver bids a goodbye to her and will follow you.

<Denise> :3

<Patric> You rest up, all right? You look worn out.

  • Patric says to Hettie

<Denise> I'll make sure she do

<Hettienne> Thanks, Pat... I'm goin' straight to bed ;)

  • Patric nods approvingly
  • Denise gives a little smile at that

<Denise> me too O:)

<Patric> Bedtime all around, huh?

<Denise> it's been a real long day @_@

  • Patric nods
  • Denise gives her father another big hug though

<Patric> well, take care. An' come back soon, so your sister gets to see you too.

<Denise> I love you, pa

  • Patric hugs you

<Denise> I will

<Denise> an I'm gonna call micky too, an go see 'im.... tomorrow

<Patric> ...I love you too, Little Bit.

  • Patric has probably not called you that since you were about 6 ;p

<Denise> :3 :3 :3

  • Denise will extricate though, and rescue Hettie and Enver from further awkwardness

<Denise> That went real well :o

  • Denise says on the walk home

<Hettienne> Gettin' soft in his old age.

  • Hettienne says almost fondly

<Enver> Maybe all it takes is him worryin' you're dead for a while. Next time things go bad, keep it in mind ;p

<Denise> yeah, maybe....

<Denise> I do oughtta call Mik... an the boss...

<Enver> you wanna go by someplace with a phone, then?

  • Denise makes a guilty frustrated face

<Denise> I guess

<Denise> Alain can tell Thierry I guess

<Denise> prolly little Avionne sleepin' now :3

<Enver> how 'bout we stop in at the corner store, they got one, an' we can get some food that ain't been sittin' for three weeks too.

<Denise> Avionne's

<Denise> see, you're so smart :D

<Hettienne> Good idea.

  • Denise will make the required phonecalls
  • Enver smiles at that
  • Denise wonders who is more excited to hear form her ;p

<DiablotinNarrator> (Ander was probably more worried ;)

<DiablotinNarrator> (Mikel more like "oh hey, you're home, cool, so can I bring your dog back now?")

<Denise> (hee. "Tomorrow.")

<Denise> (but did they both have weird dreams of being rats ;)

<Denise> (I guess Mikel might have those nornally, who knows :p)

<DiablotinNarrator> (are you asking them? ;)

<Denise> (If Mikel seems that chill, then she might say something to him, yes)

<DiablotinNarrator> (he would say that yeah, he did have weird dreams, now that you mention it)

<Denise> Did you know we were okay 'cause a channel things? Like, there was a little rat Mikel with me the whole time :3

<Mikel on the phone> I guess I just had a feeling you were all right.

<Denise> I'm glad you were right

<Denise> ;P

<Denise> but really I'm glad you didn't have to worry so much

<Denise> I'll see you tomorrow, okay?

<Mikel on the phone> sure, see you then - you can tell me all about it

<Denise> for sure!

  • Denise will then have to ask Ander if he had weird rat dreams :V

<Ander on the phone> Dee, you ain't even gonna believe it.

<Denise> Oh I bet I will :V

<Denise> I'm gonna go sleep an.. stuff, but I'll be around maybe like, tomorrow okay?

<Ander on the phone> Yeah? We'll see...

<Ander on the phone> Yeah, that'll be good - see you tomorrow. Got a lot to catch up on.

<Denise> un huh

<Denise> I'll see you then, boss :3

  • Denise feels relieved that so much of her life is still just... here

Dorien seeks out Misery

<Dorien> What time did we get back to the real world?

<Misery> it was about 5 or 6 pm I think. and Justen was offering teleports into the city, and I think only Gen didn't want to take that offer, so you could have been back in some central location almost at once.

  • Dorien will make his way, probably wearily and still somewhat confused, to Misery's house in the Shade
  • Misery 's house in the Shade is closed up and empty, like most of the houses there.

<Dorien> Fuck...

<DiablotinNarrator> You can make a Perception roll though

<Dorien> !roll 1d20+14

  • BalthCat rolls for Dorien: [ 1d20+14 ] getting [ 18 ] which, after the modifier [ 14 ] totals [ 32 ].

<DiablotinNarrator> You spot a little piece of paper sticking out from underneath the door

  • Dorien wil examine it

<DiablotinNarrator> "If you're looking for us, we're at the shelter on Peltree Road"

  • Dorien will start walking that direction.

<DiablotinNarrator> You can head there - it's in Rhenea, so not too far. Someone (the government?) has apparently converted an empty warehouse into temporary housing for displaced residents of the Shade. The place is crowded, mostly with SK, who range from disgruntled to resigned at their current living conditions.

  • Dorien will start asking around for a surly curly haired girl named Misery.

<DiablotinNarrator> You're asking around for her when you hear a scream and then she is hugging you

<Misery> Dorien!

<Dorien> Oh gods! Misery!

  • Dorien will grab her tightly

<Misery> You idiot!

<Misery> I thought you were dead!

<Dorien> Uhhh...

  • Misery is still hugging you, mind you

<Dorien> No... not dead. I just got... delayed.

<Dorien> I'm so sorry...

  • Misery pulls back long enough to slap you, then kiss you

<Dorien> Ow. Ok. I guess I demmmurmrrrmr

<Misery> yes you do

  • Misery agrees firmly

<Dorien> Are you ok?

<Dorien> Were's you mom?

<Misery> she's here, we're okay

<Misery> I mean, okay for not having a real shower in three weeks :p

<Dorien> How long before they move people back?

<Misery> Who knows?

<Dorien> Look... you two are welcome at my place. It's not much, but it's got hot water. Most of the time.

<Dorien> I'll talk to Argent. He'll understand

<Dorien> You and your mom can take my room. I'll sleep on the couch.

  • Misery considers that

<Misery> but what if I want to fuck like crazed weasels?

<Dorien> Then we'll make your mom go shopping or something.

  • Misery smiles at that
  • Dorien grins
  • Dorien hugs Misery again
  • Misery hugs you back

<Misery> what happened to you?

<Dorien> Gods... It's so good to see you...

<Dorien> It's... a long story. And my memory is a little fuzzy. I... wasn't really myself for the last few weeks.

<Dorien> Actually, I was... kind of... a bird.

<Misery> uhh.. okay?

<Dorien> We did what we needed to at least. It's not over, but we might have turned back the tide.

<Misery> and you did that as a bird

<Dorien> Partly. I was also a fairy.

  • Misery headtilts at you

<Dorien> It's.. kind of complicated. I'll tell you everything, I promise.

<Dorien> But right now I need a bath, tea, sex, and sleep. Preferably in that order.

<Misery> okay

<Misery> look, I'll go tell my mother where we can go, but it'll take her a bit to pack our things up

<Misery> so we can go back to your place ahead of her...

  • Dorien grins.

<Dorien> Oh shit...

<Misery> what?

<Dorien> My parents. I'll need to let them know I'm back.

<Misery> ohhh

<Dorien> I didn't even think about it. I just kind of came straight to your house...

<Dorien> It's ok. That can wait until tomorrow.

  • Misery smiles a little at that

<Dorien> In fact... you can go with me if you want to.

<Misery> .. you wanted to see me first?

<Dorien> More than anything.

<Misery> well good!

  • Dorien laughs and puts a hand on her cheek.

<Dorien> Misery... I love you. The whole time I was over there... you were what kept me going.

<Misery> I was?

<Dorien> Yes.

  • Misery sniffles a little

<Misery> I love you too... when I thought you might be dead, I didn't know what to do.

<Dorien> I'm so sorry.

<Misery> You can make it up to me :p

<Dorien> Yes, Ma'am.

  • Misery gives you another kiss
  • Dorien holds her tightly, not wanting to let go

<Misery> <sk> ... what are you looking at, fuck off

  • Misery says to the bunch of SK kids who have gathered around to stare at you

<Dorien> (lol)

  • Misery will tell her mother about the new plans, and then can head off with you - although she can't promise not to get some sex in your bath :p

<Dorien> (heeee)

  • Dorien is ok with that

<Dorien> (We can go back and help her mom move things after I get a nap :) )

<DiablotinNarrator> (heh)

Zola and Noren enjoy Zola's recent modifications

  • Zola drops Hugo off on her way.
  • Zola has a night bag with her, but she started to get antsy to see Noren and Bastien before too long :3
  • Zola knocketyknock

<Noren> (about what time is this? as in, how long do you think you spent chatting with Hugo?)

<Zola> (Hmm, just a couple hours?)

<Zola> (Mostly just our chat time and then maybe some liquored co-introspection)

<Noren> (okay, so it's probably like... 8 or 9pm)

  • Noren opens the door, wearing a bathrobe over his pyjamas.

<Noren> Zola!

  • Zola throws her arms wide!

<Zola> Noren!

  • Noren gives you a hug
  • Zola hugs back tightly, wiggling

<Zola> I missed you!

<Zola> Is Bastien here?

<Noren> Yes, he insisted.

<Zola> Bastien!

<Noren> By which I mean, he complained quite loudly until I took him with me.

  • Bastien runs over when he hears your voice and rubs up against your leg, purring
  • Zola will step in so he can close the door agains the cold assuming he's not hiding a lady from me >_

<Zola> >

  • Zola reaches down and scoops him up

<Zola> Ohhh now I have both my favourite gentlemen

  • Zola smooshes him in between her and Noren for more hugs
  • Noren hugs some more

<Zola> I hope you two weren't too worried?

<Noren> I was a little, but I had a secret informant...

<Zola> Justen?

<Noren> All right, not a very good secret.

  • Zola smiles and gives him a kiss
  • Noren kisses you back

<Zola> I'm glad.

<Noren> Did you just get back? Are you starving?

<Zola> We arrived a little while ago, but Hugo seemed a little troubled from it all so I took some time to talk to him about it ...

  • Noren nods

<Zola> And ... I could eat... all I've really had since we popped back is some gin >_>

  • Noren smiles at that

<Noren> I can make you a sandwich, if that would do?

<Zola> It will :)

  • Zola holds Bastien and strokes his head and follows Noren to his kitchen

<Zola> I can't believe it's been three weeks here ... @_@

<Zola> When did they figure out where we were? Do you know?

  • Noren gets out some meat and cheese and bread and will start assembling things.

<Noren> Well, I don't know all the details - I know it was difficult to track you down. They tried several Sendings to various people that didn't get responses, which was concerning.

<Zola> I wonder who...

<Noren> Well, Aubrienne I gather, and Hugo... I'm not sure who else they tried.

<Zola> Hugo was... sortof not Hugo...

<Noren> Eventually they decided, I'm not sure how exactly, that it was most likely you were in the fey world? So they decided to go there directly and try tracking you from there.

<Zola> They got Aubrienne eventually @_@

  • Zola rubs her face all over Bastien

<Zola> So soft <3

<Noren> Well, you'll need to ask them how they got through, I guess.

<Noren> I'm just glad you're back safely.

  • Zola will lean over and give him another kiss as he's finishing up the sandwich

<Zola> I'm glad to be back too...

<Zola> .oO( I didn't even realize how much I'd be glad to be back @_@ )

  • Noren smiles

<Zola> Can we be terrible and snack in bed?

<Noren> definitely

  • Zola scurries ahead with Bastien and her bag

<Zola> I'll get ready for story time!

  • Zola tosses Bastien on the bed and strips off a layer or two before crawling in :3
  • Noren adds some side snacks of pickles and an apple and will come into the bedroom, setting it down on the side table so he can get his robe off and get into bed with you
  • Zola scoots in close and begins telling Noren about it all between SNAKS...
  • Noren listens with interest

<Zola> ...mushrooms everywhere... creepy moth man... bam, we're all fairies! well, Hugo was a snakelady with wings named Eletheni ... Hettie was ENORMOUS @_@ ... I was so teenytiny!

  • Zola gestures an approximation of her height! @_@

<Zola> And I was a little dumb... it was really hard to focus

<Noren> well.. with such a tiny brain, it's understandable... ;)

  • Zola pinches playfully :3

<Zola> ...then there were the swans... then the screaming rootbabies... and he faun-y guy's tree house...

  • Zola laughs and describes poledancing :D

<Noren> oh my!

<Zola> Maybe sometime we'll figure out a way to give that a try :3

  • Zola continues through giants and icetowers and frozen hearts

<Noren> it's almost like a ... I was going to say fairy tale.

<Noren> apart from the pole-dancing.

<Zola> Maybe more fairy tales should have that :3

<Noren> maybe so :)

  • Zola will skip the pickles and eat the apple since that's better for making out in the near term :3

<Zola> Three weeks @_@

  • Noren nods

<Zola> *nom nom*

<Noren> How long did it seem like to you?

<Zola> A few days... it all flew by so quickly...

  • Noren nods

<Zola> I don't think the significance of it all really settled in for me until I was back... then it was like it all caught up to me and was washed away by the relief...

  • Zola offers Noren some apple :3
  • Noren takes a bite
  • Zola grins

<Noren> what will happen next, do you think?

<Zola> I was thinking we'd catch up on some playtime :3

<Zola> In a way, I haven't had any in three weeks!

<Zola> Three! Weeks!

  • Zola takes another bite of apple

<Zola> I just didn't stay put long enough as a fairy, I guess... always here and there...

  • Noren nods

<Noren> I meant with the fey stuff, but ... I could help with that ;)

<Zola> I'm not sure... I know the King & Queens went to cure the blight...hopefully that'll work...

<Zola> And I know we're gonna try to see if Hugo's snakelady was real...

  • Zola sets the applecore aside and presses in close to drape a leg over Noren.

<Zola> I think it'll all be OK now...

  • Zola says with a bit of TinyZola's optimism :3
  • Noren pulls you closer for another kiss
  • Noren may notice that something is not quite the same...?
  • Zola makes out a little loudly so Bastien has fair warning :3
  • Bastien can vacate over to the living room or something ;p
  • Zola IS missing her habitual boner... that might register before long

<Noren> Zola, ah...

<Zola> Yes? Do that again...

  • Noren does that again, but also looks a bit puzzled
  • Zola sighs ...
  • Zola puts his other hand on her bra

<Zola> Miss these? :3

<Noren> Yes, of course

  • Zola looks at Noren a little oddly

<Zola> Is something ... wrong?

<Noren> well, not unless you think it is? It's just different.

<Zola> What is?

  • Zola looks down

<Zola> ... that's not right is it?

<Zola> o_O

<Zola> Is... am I seeing that right?

  • Zola gets up on her knees in the bed and looks in her pants @_@
  • Noren sits up, bemused
  • Zola crawls out of bed and runs into the bathroom

<Zola> (Or whereever his mirror is :V)

  • Noren gets up and follows.

<Zola> ... how...

<Zola> I've had one for days but...

<Zola> We were supposed to come back ... like before

  • Zola looks at Noren @_@
  • Noren looks just as confused as you

<Zola> Maybe there's a... mixup?

  • Zola pictures TinyZola somewhere with a penis

<Zola> It feels OK?

<Zola> I feel OK.

  • Noren nods, moving closer to hug you
  • Zola hugs back tightly

<Zola> They said we'd get a boon for our help... maybe that's it?

<Noren> I'm not sure that's usually how it goes in fairy tales.

  • Zola laughs
  • Zola kisses him

<Zola> Well... I guess I'll have to ask.

<Zola> I wonder if it's mine.

  • Zola looks down again

<Noren> as opposed to... someone else's?

<Zola> Yeah...

  • Zola says, curiously, like that's not remotely odd.

<Noren> well... as long as they don't come asking for it back?

<Zola> I guess we'll see...

<Zola> Finders keepers? :D

  • Noren chuckles

<Noren> I might have to inspect it more closely... just to be sure everything's working correctly.

<Zola> That's a good idea... maybe if it's no good, I can get a refund :)

  • Noren smiles

<Noren> come back to bed?

<Zola> Yeah...

  • Zola takes another puzzled look in the mirror

<Zola> Well it's not green...

<Zola> Hers was green.

  • Zola will go with him and let him test drive :3

<Noren> Green would be a little odd...

<Noren> but I'd get used to it ^-^

<Zola> Yeah, you'd have to :3

  • Noren smiles
  • Noren will gladly put your new equipment through its paces ^-^

Aubrienne goes to see Titania

<Titania> (I'm assuming she would be the first person you'd see, for reasons - namely if Justen is teleporting you back into the city, he'd tell you that she's waiting to hear that you're back ;)

<Aubrienne> (Yeah, I debated this, and I'm pretty sure Aubrienne would head to her first. :))

<Aubrienne> (What time did we get back?)

<Titania> (it was around 5-6pm and since you teleported into the city, you'd be there almost instantly)

<Titania> (so you could find her at home, most likely, pre-club-opening)

<Aubrienne> (Sounds good.)

  • Aubrienne will knock/ring the doorbell.
  • Titania opens the door, and gives a little scream when she sees you there

<Titania> Oh my gods, you're back!

  • Titania hugs you
  • Aubrienne returns the hug and follows up with a long kiss.

<Aubrienne> Thanks to you, I hear. :)

  • Titania smiles, and brings you inside before any lurking photographers can get a shot (hopefully ;)
  • Aubrienne follows along happily.

<Titania> I told them to let me know as soon as they found you :p

<Aubrienne> We just got back.

<Aubrienne> I came pretty much straight here. :)

  • Titania smiles at that

<Titania> do you want a drink or something? I think there's some snacks around too if you're starving.

<Aubrienne> I've got a lot of people to check up on, but I had to see you.

  • Titania nods

<Titania> what happened?

<Aubrienne> Hmm. A drink would be nice.

<Aubrienne> We went to see Amanita, to try to get her un-Cystified, which worked, but she ended up taking us to the First World with her.

  • Titania will get you a drink while you talk

<Aubrienne> Which I guess you could surmise most of, what with sending M. Orecalo after us.

<Aubrienne> But we weren't us, or not completely us, or maybe more than us...It's somewhat confusing.

<Titania> Well, it took some time to track you down. I asked him to look into it after you'd been gone a week. I just... didn't believe that you were dead.

  • Aubrienne smiles at that.
  • Titania brings you a gin and tonic
  • Aubrienne accepts it and gives Titania a kiss in thanks.

<Aubrienne> Ever the gracious host. :)

<Titania> It seemed like there had been a .. planar rift of some kind. I borrowed an amulet of the planes for them to check out possible destinations.

<Titania> But they'd go there, try Sending to you, and not get anything. The First World was the first place they tried, with no results.

  • Aubrienne frowns.

<Aubrienne> Hmm.

<Titania> But if you weren't really... yourself, I guess that might explain that?

<Aubrienne> Like I said, I'm not sure we were completely us.

<Aubrienne> Yeah.

<Aubrienne> Like, Hettie was giant.

<Aubrienne> And Zola was sooooo tiny and adorable.

<Titania> that sounds... terrifying.

<Aubrienne> Well, Theater, uh, the other me, that is, didn't seem too worried about it.

<Aubrienne> But I think she wasn't fazed by much.

  • Titania nods

<Titania> Finally, Xan decided to try the First World again, and track you the old-fashioned way - by asking around.

<Titania> I guess that finally worked?

<Aubrienne> More or less.

<Aubrienne> I was really relieved to see them.

<Aubrienne> It helped me remember.

<Aubrienne> To really remember, anyway.

  • Titania nods
  • Aubrienne reaches for your hand.
  • Titania takes your hand

<Aubrienne> Theater, she remembered you, but it didn't mean anything. She saw the worlds differently, and this one was just a...reflection, or a refraction...not real to her.

  • Titania nods

<Aubrienne> But when Xan and Justen told us you sent them, *I* remembered.

<Aubrienne> And it was scary to think that I could forget.

  • Titania smiles softly at that

<Titania> I didn't forget you. And that was enough.

  • Aubrienne pulls you in for a kiss.

<Aubrienne> Is it possible to miss someone retroactively? ;)

<Titania> hmmm

<Titania> do we have time to make up for lost time? ^-^

<Aubrienne> I think I can spare a bit.

  • Aubrienne grins mischievously.
  • Titania drags you into the bedroom, then

<Aubrienne> At some point I need to get around to telling you about swan maidens and satyr parties, but it can wait. I have other plans just now.

  • Aubrienne is happy to be dragged.

<Titania> that sounds like an excellent story... :)

  • Titania will eventually have to reluctantly drag herself out of bed to get ready for work

<Titania> ... My father is going to want to hear more about all this. I had to get the amulet from the treasury, so he knows about that already...

<Aubrienne> I had a feeling there would be some debriefing in my future.

<Aubrienne> Uh, so to speak. ;)

<Titania> heh

<Titania> It can wait until tomorrow.

<Aubrienne> All right.

<Aubrienne> I still need to check on my parents. And Jed. And Jean-Faust.

  • Titania nods

<Titania> Take as much time as you need. The show will go on ;)

<Aubrienne> Speaking of, do you happen to know where Jed is staying? I hear the Shade is evacuated, so our apartment must be shuttered for now.

<Titania> He was sharing Jaspart's place.

<Aubrienne> That's good.

<Aubrienne> Huh, I just realized, I guess I'm homeless right now.

<Aubrienne> Not really, of course, but sort of. :p

<Titania> ... do you want to stay here?

<Aubrienne> ...I don't want to impose. >.>

<Aubrienne> I swear, I wasn't hinting.

<Titania> Gabby won't mind. *I* wouldn't mind.

<Aubrienne> Despite my profession, you know I'm more straightforward than that. ;)

  • Titania nods

<Aubrienne> Though, on that note...

<Titania> hm?

<Aubrienne> I'd love to stay with you, but I was wondering if we could talk about...things. Us. Ugh, I'm terrible at this.

  • Titania sits back down on the bed, having wrestled her underwear on at least.

<Titania> we can talk about whatever things you want. I'm pretty terrible at it too, though.

<Aubrienne> I love you. And I'm happy with how things are, my recent misadventure notwithstanding. You know I don't want anything more than you want to give. I just...I wouldn't mind being able to tell people how crazy I am about you.

  • Titania nods

<Titania> I think we're on the same page. It was really awful not being able to tell people why I was upset, beyond losing some of my star performers.

<Aubrienne> I know that can be difficult for you, with work and press and all, and the last thing I want is to be more of a hassle.

<Titania> I don't want to make it a hassle for *you*.

  • Aubrienne moves over on the bed to hold your hand.

<Titania> With people pestering you for interviews or anything like that...

<Aubrienne> Hey, between the two of us, I *asked* for fame. ;)

<Titania> I suppose that's true.

  • Titania leans against your arm

<Aubrienne> I hope you know I don't want to take advantage of you. Not like that, at least. ;)

<Titania> With you staying here, we can always go back to how it was before if it turns out to be no good. But once this is out, it wouldn't be something we could put back in the bag.

<Titania> I know that, silly :)

<Aubrienne> I guess that is a pretty big step. If you want to give it a try with me staying here before we make anything public, I'd be all right with that.

  • Titania considers

<Titania> I think we can start small... talking to people at the club about it, friends, family... we don't need to make a big announcement. The press will find out eventually either way, especially if you're staying here.

  • Aubrienne hugs you.

<Aubrienne> I love you. :)

<Titania> I love you too. I'm sorry I'm so much trouble :/

<Aubrienne> You just sent two people into another plane for me. I think you get a pass. :p

<Titania> Oh they wanted to go - I'm going to have a hard time getting that amulet back from them :p

  • Aubrienne laughs.

<Aubrienne> Well, hopefully it'll be a little more friendly to some of us. We did a few good deeds while we were there.

<Titania> I'm looking forward to hearing the whole story :)

<Aubrienne> And I'm looking forward to the club gossip I've missed. :)

  • Titania chuckles

<Aubrienne> Speaking of which, while I'm a fan of this outfit, it is a bit scandalous for work. ;)

  • Titania smiles

<Titania> I suppose I could put on a dress.

<Titania> Here... let me get you the extra key, so you can let yourself in if you get back earlier than me.

  • Titania will get both the key and some clothes to wear

<Aubrienne> *sigh* I suppose I will also need to get dressed, then.

<Titania> Your parents might look at you a bit funny if you show up like this ;)

<Aubrienne> I think I might lose some important parts if I leave the house like this. It's still pretty cold out there. :)

  • Titania chuckles

<Titania> that too

<Aubrienne> I'm not sure when I'll be back.

  • Titania nods

<Aubrienne> I might stop by the club if it's early, but otherwise I guess I'll see you here. :)

<Titania> Okay, sounds good.

  • Titania gives you another kiss.
  • Aubrienne beams.

<Aubrienne> Oh, crap! Where is my car?!

<Titania> oh :o I didn't even think of that. Where did you leave it?

<Aubrienne> (I honestly don't remember. In the Shade, I think?)

<Titania> (probably - I also have no idea, lol. If you left it parked at wherever you usually park it by your apartment, it's probably still there?)

<Aubrienne> (Yeah, I think that's where it is. I couldn't remember if we needed it to gather folks for our sewer foray.)

<Titania> (*nod*)

<Titania> If it got towed, we'll figure out where.

<Aubrienne> I *think* it's at home. I can call a cab. :)

<Aubrienne> Just realized transportation doesn't involve endless walking anymore.

  • Titania smiles

<Titania> welcome back to civilization ;)

<Aubrienne> Not too civilized, I hope. ;)

<Titania> just enough modern conveniences to make it comfortable ;)

<Titania> Shit, I should run, I'm already going to be late.

<Aubrienne> Well, I don't want to be too bad an influence.

<Titania> I'm glad you're back - we can catch up more later :)

<Aubrienne> Count on it. ;)

  • Aubrienne gives you a quick goodbye kiss.
  • Titania hugs you tightly before she heads off

Aubrienne visits her parents

  • Aubrienne debates calling first, but settles on just showing up.
  • Aubrienne knocks and lets herself in, assuming it's open.
  • Ethaine steps out from the living room to see who it is, and gasps when she sees you there

<Ethaine> Oh sweetheart, you're safe!

  • Ethaine comes over to give you a hug

<Aubrienne> Mama!

  • Albaric emerges as well, and will follow that up with another hug.

<Ethaine> We were so worried about you.

  • Aubrienne returns the hugs.

<Aubrienne> I'm so sorry.

<Aubrienne> I know it must have been horrible.

<Albaric> With everything that's been going on, we wondered...

<Ethaine> Never mind what we wondered - the important thing is that you're all right.

<Aubrienne> I am, and I think we did some good. Hopefully, things will start to return to normal. Or at least get better.

  • Ethaine nods

<Aubrienne> Apparently we missed a lot.

<Aubrienne> How are you? How's Jean-Faust? I haven't been to see him yet.

<Aubrienne> I came straight from...from Titania's. >.>

<Ethaine> We're all right. Jean-Faust is... about the same.

<Aubrienne> Well, that's not bad, at least.

<Aubrienne> And I'm glad you're all right.

  • Albaric nods

<Albaric> Did you eat anything, though? There's some leftover potroast from dinner.

  • Aubrienne laughs.

<Aubrienne> Sure, I could eat.

  • Albaric will dish you up some leftovers, then :)
  • Aubrienne will give them the rundown of what happened to her, sanitizing it somewhat for a parental audience.
  • Ethaine listens avidly, asking questions now and then.

<Aubrienne> ...So hopefully the faerie monarchs can do something about the Cyst.

<Aubrienne> I guess we'll have to wait and see.

<Ethaine> As long as this weather goes away! it should be spring - almost summer, by now.

<Aubrienne> Well, the cold is apparently somewhat of a defense, but that doesn't make it any more tolerable.

  • Ethaine nods

<Ethaine> We're so glad you're back, darling.

<Aubrienne> I'm glad to be back. It was...disconcerting, at least looking at the experience now.

<Aubrienne> I didn't really know any better at the time.

<Ethaine> It sounds like what happened to your brother... that place must affect humans' minds.

<Aubrienne> Definitely, though our manner of travelling there may have contributed.

<Aubrienne> Maybe I can help Jean-Faust better having been there for a while.

  • Aubrienne will pester them for family news, making sure all the aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. are doing all right.
  • Ethaine and your father will happily get you up to date.

<Aubrienne> Do you know if they're letting anyone into the Shade at all? All of my things are still in the apartment, as far as I know.

<Albaric> It's all blocked off :/ It's been a right pain for everyone.

  • Aubrienne sighs.

<Aubrienne> Well, as I said, hopefully we can start to put things to right.

<Albaric> I hope so.

<Albaric> I'm proud of you, Aubrienne.

  • Aubrienne looks embarrassed.

<Aubrienne> I'm just doing what I can.

<Albaric> You did a great thing - one that people will tell stories about someday :)

<Albaric> So we'd better get started telling the story, to make sure the right version gets around ;)

  • Albaric says, elbowing your mother

<Aubrienne> Maybe I should talk to Kori about a new movie. ;)

<Ethaine> Oh, that would be a wonderful movie, I'm sure :)

<Aubrienne> That was a joke, mama. Maybe I need to take some time before I go back to work if they're falling that flat. :)

<Ethaine> No, but I think it really would!

  • Aubrienne laughs.

<Aubrienne> We'll see.

Gen and Madds decide to move in together

<Madds> (when did you want this to be? the following morning?)

<Genevriel> (Yes, I think that makes sense.)

<Madds> (ok)

<Genevriel> (Maybe we can be preparing breakfast or something, I dunno. I don't think she'd get into serious discussions right after waking up. Even though she is socially awkward.)

<Madds> (okay)

  • Madds is making some coffee
  • Genevriel woke up feeling... happy? A feeling unfamiliar to her. It probably showed and hasn't quite worn off.
  • Genevriel comes out of the bathroom from washing up.

<Genevriel> Smells so good... Can I help with anything?

<Madds> I was going to make some toast - you could slice the bread?

  • Genevriel nods, and looks for bread and a knife.
  • Madds points them out

<Madds> Did you sleep all right?

<Genevriel> I did, yes, thank you. And you?

  • Genevriel hovers over a cutting board, knife in hand, waging an internal debate.

<Madds> I woke up for a little while in the night. But I just lay there next to you, and that was nice :) I did get back to sleep eventually.

<Genevriel> Oh - was it something I did?

  • Genevriel asks, a little concerned.

<Genevriel> Maybe I tossed and turned...

  • Genevriel hopes not. She doesn't remember any bad dreams, since she had cast Pleasant Dreams on both of us.

<Madds> No, nothing like that. I'm just not used to having someone in bed with me...

<Genevriel> Me neither.

<Genevriel> I know it was kind of sudden. I'm sorry. I just felt like I needed to be with you.

<Madds> I was glad you came.

<Madds> You don't need to apologize.

  • Genevriel smiles a little.

<Genevriel> I... this might sound weird, and I hope you don't take it the wrong way but you feel... a little bit like I'm home, I guess.

<Genevriel> Maybe because you're the strongest link I have to home.

  • Madds smiles at that

<Madds> What would be the wrong way to take that? It sounds wonderful.

<Genevriel> Well, it sounds like something a desperate girl would say. Maybe. I guess. I don't know.

<Madds> I'm happy that I make you feel that way.

  • Genevriel blushes a little and looks back down at the as-yet unsliced loaf of bread.

<Genevriel> I don't usually prepare food for myself with my gloves on. I mean, I tried washing my glove-bearing hands when I first started wearing them, but... they're leather, and they just get soaked, and then they're uncomfortable for the rest of the day.

  • Madds nods

<Madds> Would you rather that I slice it?

<Genevriel> No, I can do it... I just want you to brace yourself for when I take the gloves off.

<Genevriel> If they were just normal burn scars, I wouldn't care. Normal burn scars are recognizable. People can make sense out of them.

<Genevriel> My arms are just... wrong.

<Madds> I'll try not to look too aghast then ;)

  • Madds says lightly, not wanting to make a big deal out of it.

<Genevriel> I'm kind of afraid of showing them to anyone.

  • Genevriel admits.
  • Madds nods

<Genevriel> They're all black, and...

<Madds> I don't think your arms are going to make me change how I feel about you, Gen.

  • Genevriel looks rather distressed but nods.
  • Genevriel peels her gloves off carefully so as not to hurt herself.

<Madds> Are they sore?

<Genevriel> (As the curse describes, they're all black and papery-burnt looking. But at least there isn't raw flesh showing through crackled skin, that would be really gross.)

<Genevriel> (She did tell him her hands hurt in the story I posted to AO3 late last week, but he could have forgotten since that took place on the farm visit which was a while ago in game, I think. Dudes are bad at remembering things after all.  ;) )

  • Genevriel nods.

<Madds> (heh, I forgot that bit)

<Genevriel> They feel like they're freshly scalded all the time.

<Madds> I'm sorry that you have to deal with that :/

  • Genevriel goes over to his sink and washes up with soap and water before handling food.
  • Genevriel flashes him a somewhat sad but brave smile.

<Genevriel> It's not your fault. No need to apologize.

  • Madds smiles back

<Madds> I know, but I can still feel that it's awful that you're in pain all the time.

  • Genevriel nods, accepting that.

<Genevriel> Likewise.

  • Genevriel half-smiles.

<Genevriel> Thanks for not freaking out.

  • Genevriel slices some bread finally.

<Madds> In the war, there were all sorts of terrible injuries... If we can both live and get by with ours, then it could be worse.

  • Genevriel nods.

<Genevriel> You're right, of course.

<Genevriel> I worry that the... Evictors? might assume I'm something that isn't supposed to be here.

<Genevriel> I often feel that I'm something that isn't supposed to be here, actually. So maybe they're right.

<Genevriel> Anyway. Thank you.

<Genevriel> How were you going to toast it?

  • Genevriel holds up the bread slices.

<Genevriel> I'm old school... open fires and such. But my aunt and uncle have some electrical gadget.

<Madds> Electrical gadget for me too - it's right over here. You just put the slices in each side, and close it up.

  • Genevriel snickers a bit.

<Genevriel> I know how to use it. I am House Wolf. I just don't remember what they call it.

  • Madds smiles

<Madds> A toaster, I guess :)

  • Genevriel nods.

<Genevriel> That's logical.

  • Genevriel plunks two slices in and depresses the lever.
  • Madds pours us two cups of coffee
  • Genevriel will chat with Madds as they eat their breakfast - maybe tell him about the stuff Vreel did in the First World, since she didn't actually get to most of that narrative the night before.

<Genevriel> (I still need to sort out what he meant by "stay" though. So not quite done. ^-^ )

<Madds> (okay)

  • Genevriel will help him with the dishes and such, and build her courage up while doing so. She prefers to dry; the hot water hurts her hands.

<Genevriel> Madds? Last night you said "stay with me," and the way you said it... what did you mean by it?

  • Madds glances over at you
  • Genevriel asks cautiously as they finish the cleaning up.

<Madds> I was hoping that you'd stay with me. What that means exactly... is up to us to decide, I guess.

<Madds> I'd like it if you wanted to move in with me.

  • Genevriel glances over at him.

<Madds> or... do you feel like marriage is important before moving in?

  • Madds asks uncertainly
  • Genevriel looks surprised by that, and maybe a little horrified. ;)

<Genevriel> Marriage? Um, no.

<Madds> Okay.

<Genevriel> I am pretty sure I'd be the worst wife ever.

  • Madds smiles at that

<Madds> I have my doubts, but I wanted to make sure I wasn't offending your sense of decency.

<Genevriel> Part of me... my heart... really likes the idea of staying together, too. But would it really be wise?

<Madds> I don't know... I mean, I suppose no one knows for sure when they're taking a step like this, whether it's the right thing to do.

<Madds> It feels right to me to wake up with you.

<Madds> I'd like to keep doing that.

  • Genevriel smiles and blushes and looks a little confused, maybe.
  • Genevriel nods.

<Genevriel> I would, too. Like to keep waking up next to you, I mean.

<Genevriel> But I am an alcoholic...

<Genevriel> I'm trying to change that, but... it can make me hard to live with.

<Genevriel> I wouldn't want you to start hating me.

<Madds> :/

  • Genevriel isn't turning him down, just trying to work through all the ramifications.

<Madds> I can help you better if I'm around.

  • Genevriel nods.

<Genevriel> In some respects I think living with you would help me stop, because I *am* happy when I'm with you, and I'm not generally happy, which contributed to it.

  • Genevriel frowns a little, wondering if that actually makes sense when said out loud.
  • Madds nods

<Madds> I know things might be difficult.

<Madds> I'm willing to take that chance.

  • Genevriel nods, thinking.

<Genevriel> I don't earn much. Probably not enough to help with... paying for this place.

  • Genevriel realizes she doesn't know if he pays rent or owns the place.

<Genevriel> I'd do whatever I could... housework, whatever, to contribute to its upkeep. I wouldn't feel right, otherwise.

<Genevriel> But... would that be enough?

<Madds> I don't have any problems paying my rent at the moment. Of course if you want to help out, I'd be happy with that.

<Genevriel> I mean, would it be enough for your friends and family to... not think I'm a loser freeloader who is taking advantage of you.

<Madds> I don't care what they think.

<Genevriel> I do, though.

<Madds> ... like you said, I haven't been happy very much lately. I feel happier when I'm with you. I think if my family care about me, they'll see that, and understand why.

  • Genevriel nods, smiles a little.

<Genevriel> Okay... but there's also work. My schedule is so different from yours. I'd be coming home when you are fast asleep. Would that disturb you too much?

<Madds> We'll figure out a way to make it work. And... well, you won't necessarily be working there forever. I know it works for you right now. But maybe eventually you'll find something else.

<Madds> Honestly... I make enough that I could support both of us. If you want to keep working because it keeps you busy or because you want to, then that's fine - but you don't need to feel like you need to do it to survive.

<Genevriel> I need to work to feel like a productive human being.

<Genevriel> I really miss growing things, though.

<Madds> I don't have room here for a garden... we could put some pots on the balcony once it warms up, though.

  • Genevriel smiles.

<Genevriel> I was thinking more along the lines of a new line of work that might fit better with your schedule, so we could spend more time together.

<Madds> oh?

<Genevriel> There's that experimental farm outside of town, but the strange plants they have there really trouble me. I don't think I'd like to work there; they just seem unnatural.

  • Genevriel sighs.

<Genevriel> I wish the winter would end. Then maybe I could find work as someone's gardener.

<Madds> Hopefully it will.

  • Genevriel nods.

<Genevriel> Well, I can look, I suppose. There's greenhouses at The Menagerie, I hear.

<Madds> That's a thought. You would be good at that, I'm sure :)

<Genevriel> And if the things Vreel and the others did *do* help end the Blight so the Cold Rider can go home, then some of the residents of the Grand might need a new gardener.

  • Madds nods

<Genevriel> If you hear of anyone, you'll let me know?

<Madds> Of course.

<Genevriel> I expect you have rather more contacts there than I do.

  • Genevriel smiles self-deprecatingly.

<Genevriel> All right.

  • Genevriel takes a deep breath.

<Genevriel> You're sure?

<Genevriel> That you want to try this?

  • Genevriel clarifies.

<Madds> Yes.

<Genevriel> Tante Sylvise's reaction ought to be... interesting.

  • Madds chuckles at that

<Madds> Interesting good or interesting bad?

<Genevriel> Could go either way, honestly... I mean, I nearly set their house on fire, and I got Oncle Jerard infected with fungus. She might be glad to see me go.

<Genevriel> :P

<Genevriel> I promise not to try experimenting with extra-dimensional fungi here, though.

<Madds> All right, that sounds like a good plan.

<Genevriel> ...

<Madds> or at least, out on the balcony ;)

  • Genevriel smiles.

<Genevriel> (What direction does his balcony face, out of curiosity?)

<Madds> (uh... let's say west. nice sunset view ;)

  • Genevriel looks over towards his balcony and tries to figure out what might grow well there.

<Genevriel> I don't think they'd like the afternoon sun. Tomatoes, though. They might.

<Genevriel> I hope you like tomatoes.

<Madds> Love them :)

<Genevriel> Good.  :)

  • Genevriel will give you a hug and somewhat tentative kiss.
  • Madds embraces you back

<Genevriel> So... do you want to be present when I broach the matter with the relatives...?

  • Genevriel asks, still holding Madds close.

<Madds> If you want me to.

<Madds> I have today off, so if you want me to come with you, I certainly could.

  • Genevriel 's eyes widen, having just remembered!

<Genevriel> Right - what day *is* it, actually?

<Genevriel> I came here straight away and didn't even stop to check a newspaper.

  • Madds gives you the date, which I have forgotten ;)

<Genevriel> (the 20th.  ;) )

<Genevriel> Yes, come. If her reaction is not amusing, then I will probably require moral support.

<Madds> Okay.

Denise learns about the weird stuff Ander has been doing

<Ander> (I guess this is probably the next day after you get back?)

<Denise> (yeah - where would we meet up? his place maybe?)

<Ander> (yeah, that would work)

<Denise> (just me no Enver? he probably has his own boss to deal with?)

<Ander> (yes, plus I think Ander would ask to talk to you alone in this case)

<Denise> (okay - no Ralf even? :o)

<Ander> (no Ralf, just you and Ander)

<Denise> ('kk)

  • Denise will show up at the given time then :3
  • Ander will, first of all, give you a big hug when he sees you

<Denise> Boss :D

  • Denise hugs him back

<Denise> I'm sorry we was gone so long - it weren't really what we figured on

<Ander> It's real good to see you again

<Denise> you too... real you, anyway :3

<Ander> Real me?

<Denise> it's likw - a real long story @_@

<Ander> well, c'mon in... you wanna drink while we trade stories?

<Denise> that'd be swell!

  • Ander will get you a beer, then, and also one for himself. He has some good beer :)

<Denise> this is real nice beer, thanks boss :3

  • Denise will sit on the living room
  • Ander comes to sit down as well.

<Ander> Hey, no problem.

<Denise> Is everythin' okay here?

<Denise> no big rrouble while I was gone or nothin'?

<Ander> Well, it's been an interestin' few weeks.

<Denise> I bet...

<Denise> man though you ain't gonna believe all the stuff we did :o

<Ander> Well, how 'bout you give me the run-down?

<Denise> welll, okay!

  • Denise will start with recapping Argent's plan, then going through what happened in the sewers with Amanita

<Denise> an then we were all in the First World - the Fey world - but we wern't ourselves no more :o

<Ander> Yeah?

<Ander> Who were you?

<Denise> I was this other girl, kinda, named Danys marrow

  • Denise will tell him about how Danys was raised by rats in the woods and such, and also tell him a bit about Giant Hettie and tiny Nycki

<Ander> huh

<Denise> an she had a rat too - a Ander rat!

<Denise> who was, like, Dany's Ander rat, and like, you-rat

<Denise> you, well, he, said you were lendin' her yer magic :3

<Denise> an... stuff >.>

<Denise> Uh  :3 :3 :3

<Ander> .. stuff?

<Denise> prooooolly you ougtta talk to them :3

<Ander> yeah, I figured now they were back that we oughtta have a word

<Denise> 'cause a stuff :3

  • Denise bounces excitedly
  • Ander gives you a slightly puzzled look, but nods

<Denise> annnyway >.>

  • Denise will tell him about the rest of the adventures, including the stuff with the skin stersaler (real creepy), the ice giants, and Eranthis and the Psyrene queen (so cool! Telepathic talking!) and the people who were looking for her

<Denise> an' after he got his heart back he agreed to help fix things on account of his son an stuff

<Denise> an he made a portal to send us all back here

<Denise> and we got all sorted out form the fey folks on the way

<Ander> well, that's good?

<Denise> yeah...

<Denise> and then we got back an it had been, ike forever @_@

<Denise> (She probably mentioned Emver was a rat dude in there... probably even said he was sad 'cause she didn't know who he was)

<Ander> (aww)

<Ander> so, did that all work? like, they're gonna fix up things with the Cyst or whatever all that's about?

<Denise> i dn't know

<Denise> I think they're gonna fix the blight an... I think that meqns fixin' the tree they were gonna use to come here? Or somethin'?

<Denise> but I ain't real clear o that - just is should stop bein' winter for ever an there won't be gross mushrooms tryin to take folks over

<Ander> well, that'd be a good start

<Denise> unhuh

  • Ander sips his beer
  • Denise also

<Denise> It was real neat, but I'm glad I'm home

  • Ander nods

<Ander> Same.

<Denise> I hope folks weren't too worried.. or upset... >.> we were gone so long

<Ander> There was a lotta other shit goin' on at the same time.

<Denise> yeah?

  • Ander nods

<Denise> like what?

<Denise> I'm glad the Shade's okay.... The Shade *is* okay, right?

<Ander> Yeah, well, more or less. They didn't try an' burn it down or nothin' like that.

<Ander> But it's gonna be a mess to clean up.

<Ander> Business was all thrown out of whack, too, so gettin' things back in line there...

<Ander> But... there's somethin' else I gotta tell you about, Dee.

<Denise> oh yeah?

<Denise> ...Ralf's okay, right? o

<Denise> :o

  • Denise figures you might eb more upset if he wasn't, but he iesn't here and three weeks is some time to pull oneself together if required

<Ander> Oh, yeah, he's okay.

  • Ander reassures you

<Denise> okay

  • Denise sips her beer and waits for your news then

<Ander> But I gotta ask that ... what I'm gonna tell you about, you don't tell no one else. Even Enver, or Hettie, or your folks.

<Denise> okay.

<Ander> At least for now - it's somethin' I'm still workin' out who I can talk to about.

  • Denise curiouses, but can tell you're serious

<Denise> you can trust me, boss

  • Ander nods

<Ander> I guess there ain't no better way to say it, but to just say it.

<Ander> ...I can turn folks into rats.

<Denise> uh

<Denise> whut?

<Denise> like, rats forever? @_@

<Ander> No, like rats the old way. I can give folks the gift to change.

<Denise> ...

<Denise> really?

<Denise> :o

<Denise> how :o

<Ander> Yeah, really.

<Ander> That's the part I said was kinda a long story. But I'll try an' explain.

<Denise> okay....

<Ander> So, okay... you know there's a few folks who've got the gift. Like Nycki, an' there's some others who just... I dunno, figured it out on their own?

<Denise> unhuh

<Ander> well, there's this old lady named Fern, she's like... a scholar or some such. She thought she'd figured out a way to maybe help other folks do that too.

<Ander> So I figured, sure, I'd give it a try.

<Denise> okay...

<Ander> She ain't never tested it before, but she was born in the Undercity an' she knew the way they used to do it there, an' had some ideas of her own too I guess.

<Ander> But none of us really knew what was gonna happen...

<Denise> I thought folks were just born with it before :o

<Ander> I dunno... they had to learn it, I guess, or at least go through some sorta ritual before they did it.

<Denise> huh

<Ander> Usually when they were kids, but not real little kids, like maybe ten or so?

<Ander> Which I guess makes sense, 'cause babies are hard enough to deal with without them changin' into rats an' runnin' off.

<Denise> heh, yeah i guess :3

<Denise> :3 :3 :3

<Denise> theyd be real cute though

<Ander> heh

  • Denise is thining about BABIESSSSSS for some reason :3

<Ander> So, Fern did the thing. An'... it weren't quite what I expected @_@

  • Ander is distracted enough by his story not to notice your excitement ;)

<Denise> what did she do?

<Denise> an, like, what happened? :o

<Ander> Well, the main thing I guess was I had to drink some real nasty poison stuff. Her idea was that it might trigger the shifting to start workin'.

<Denise> D:

<Denise> Boss!

<Denise> drinkin' poison???

<Ander> She worked it out so it weren't enough to kill me... plus, there was help nearby if I took a turn for the worse.

<Denise> well... I Guess it worked out okay.....

  • Denise still sounds concerned at the idea

<Ander> It made me pass out, an' I had this... dream, or vision... 'cept it weren't, it felt real.

<Denise> well that sounds familiar >.>

  • Ander nods

<Ander> In the vision, I was this guy named Drej - he was Empress Dorea's mate.

<Ander> It was way back, before there was even an Empire, though.

  • Denise frowns

<Denise> (I am not sure Denise has any idea who that is.... lemme look and see if she has any history >.>)

<Denise> lol no)

<Denise> ummm...

<Denise> >.>

<Denise> who's...that?

  • Denise asks becuase they way you are talking she feels lie she shoudl know D:

<Ander> oh, yeah... the first Empress.

<Denise> like, of Rats?

<Ander> or... well, it's complicated, I guess, but that's what folks call her now.

<Denise> did they have an empress?

<Ander> She was a Rat, but things got all messed up back then, an' they sorta forgot at some point.

<Denise> wait, the first of the whole empire? :o

<Ander> yeah... whatever there was of an empire way back then, anyway.

<Denise> huh

<Ander> The Houses, like... they were separate tribes, who came from way far away.

<Denise> well then they really outta let us be imperials an stuff again :p

  • Ander smiles a little at that
  • Denise nods, listening

<Ander> Dorea was the leader of the Rat tribe, but then she went into the Arch, an' when she came out, stuff was ... changed.

  • Ander sort of sketches in the early history of the founding of the Empire

<Denise> I'm sprry, boss, its realy neat but I ai't never nbeen good at learnin' that kinda thing :/

<Ander> no, it's okay, you don't gotta remember all this

  • Denise nods, feeling a bit relieves

<Denise> but you were her man?

<Ander> Yeah.

<Ander> We had kids an' all that.

<Ander> But the important bit is, Rat was ... I guess stuck in the Arch, an' she'd lost her connection with him, but like a sorta trade, Drej got to give folks the ability to change shape. To keep us safe.

<Ander> He went into the Arch too, an' when he was in there.. it was like we were both there.

<Ander> An' Rat came an' talked to us.

<Denise> to you and Drej?

<Ander> yeah

<Ander> I could see him, I wasn't inside his head anymore

<Denise> it was like that when we were comin' outta the portal, with us

<Ander> it sounds similar, yeah.

<Denise> we could see the fey folks

  • Ander nods

<Ander> Rat told us to show folks the way

<Denise> the way to tunr into rats? :o

<Ander> well he didn't say that exactly

<Ander> he called us, uh, lords of the waste an' the unwanted an' the lost.

<Denise> welll... that's us I guess :3

<Ander> Which, I guess, the Wastelord is a thing... I ain't real fond of the title, to be honest, but I guess I see where it's comin' from.

<Denise> huh

<Ander> Anyway... so, I came out of it, an' I could change.

<Ander> just myself, I thought. but that was all I'd been hopin' for.

<Denise> okay....

<Ander> But then... I gave it to Ralf too.

<Ander> Kinda by accident.

<Denise> huh :o

<Ander> An' then, more on purpose, I gave it to someone else too. So I know it weren't just a fluke.

<Denise> huh

<Denise> who?

  • Ander considers for a second whether he ought to tell you, but then sort of shrugs.

<Ander> Janelle Rionet. She was there when it all was happenin', so she knew about what happened to me.

<Denise> the channel?

<Ander> Yeah.

<Ander> for healin', in case I needed it.

<Denise> well, that;s good, then

<Ander> yeah... >.>

<Ander> So.. yeah. that's what's been happenin' with me. Oh, an' I talked with the Patriarch a few days back about it @_@

<Denise> uh okay @_@

<Denise> ...what are you gonna do with it :o

<Denise> like

<Denise> are you gonna turn me into a rat :3?

<Ander> I been thinkin' on that. Like, a lot.

<Ander> I don't wanna rush you into anythin'.

  • Denise looks super excited at the thought for a moment, but then a bit thoughtful

<Denise> well like - nwho wouldn't wanna do that :po

<Denise> :o

<Denise> I know Aunt Hettie would wanna do it, she's wanted to for, like ever @_@

<Denise> especially since Nycki can

<Denise> I mean... I won't say nothin'

<Ander> Well... one thing the Patriarch said, an' he did a spell to talk to Rat about it too, was that it could be dangerous for folks who can do it. Or even if not dangerous, them Colour Guard types an' that sort might think it's bad.

<Ander> It makes us different.

<Denise> we're already differnt

<Ander> Yeah... but some folks wanna blend in, an' this ain't gonna help.

<Denise> so why not be able to do stuff like our folks used to?

<Denise> I guess....

<Denise> ou mean like - eve for foks who can't turn?

<Denise> we can just keep it real secret like though... like we did before :3

<Ander> I dunno. Maybe. If enough Rats get it, then other folks are gonna start to notice.

<Ander> An'... like, I ain't even sure I should only give it to Rats. I mean... Rat didn't say 'show the people from your House the way' or somethin', he just said folks what are lost an' unwanted.

<Denise> huh

<Denise> like the shadar kai?

<Ander> Maybe, yeah.

<Ander> It's a lot to figure out.

<Denise> but it's like... our thing

<Denise> I guess...

  • Ander nods

<Ander> I get that. There's gonna be folks who think one way an' another, I'm sure...

<Ander> I ain't told hardly anyone yet. Fern knows, an' Ralf an' Janelle, an' the Patriarch. That's it.

<Denise> an me :3

<Denise> Youll sort t out boss

<Ander> yeah :)

<Denise> you're real clever

<Ander> oh an' Channel Silvia - I talked with her too.

<Denise> wel she's real clever too - that's what Mik says

  • Ander nods

<Denise> I won't tell no one, I promise....

  • Denise says, though that's going to be HARD

<Denise> an I really wanna do it @_@

<Denise> but like...

<Denise> I dunno. it hard to not say about somethin' you know

<Denise> somethin' you can do that special like that, an not share it with folks...

<Denise> that might be too hard

<Ander> Dee... I don't wanna stop you from talkin' to folks you trust about makin' that decision. If you need to talk to Enver, or Hettie, or Mik, then you do that. Just... maybe don't tell 'em all the details yet.

<Denise> well they're gonna ask stuff, an they're all smarter than me >.>

<Denise> they're gonna wanna know, and aunt hettie... and prolly Enver, are gonna wanna do it if they can

<Ander> I don't got any reason right now to think I wouldn't give any of 'em the power if they wanted it. An' I don't figure they're gonna go spill the beans.

<Denise> okay

<Ander> Once I give it, I don't think I can take it back. So you gotta feel real sure.

  • Denise nods

<Denise> well, I ain't afraid, I knwo that

<Ander> I been thinkin' some on how I can do this without it gettin' out that it's *me* doin' it.

<Ander> that's good

<Denise> oh yeah?

<Denise> You couod wear a mask, like in the serials ^-^

<Ander> heh

<Denise> only rat's might know you anyway >.>

<Denise> (Rats)

<Ander> that ain't a bad idea, maybe.

<Denise> maybe if you get sowmthin' so you don't smell like you

  • Ander nods thoughtfully

<Ander> cologne or somethin'

<Denise> maybe :3

<Denise> myabe the channels got some kinda spells to hide how you smell

  • Ander nods

<Denise> I bet they do

  • Denise says, confident

<Denise> Danys was a channel

<Ander> oh yeah?

<Denise> she knew all kindsa atuff about that sorta thing :3

<Denise> unhuh

<Ander> the fey folk got channels too, huh?

<Denise> she just called it a Druid but it wwere the same sorta stuff

<Denise> yeah

<Denise> she coudl change into animals an talk to them and stuff

  • Ander nods

<Denise> an they all liked her a while lot

<Denise> she was real pretty, and strong like me too

<Denise> an she knew all sorts of things

<Ander> sounds swell :)

<Denise> she was real swell - I'm glad to be me again though :3

  • Ander nods

<Denise> she weren't so good at fightin', even if she could hit folksd with her tail >.>

<Ander> tail?

<Denise> yeah

<Denise> she had a fox tail

<Ander> huh

<Denise> mostly she hid it under her skirt

<Denise> an she could move through woods an even magic woods liek it was nothin'

  • Ander nods

<Denise> anyway

<Denise> she'da had ideas, I bet

<Denise> but i'm just me :3

<Ander> hey, you had a couple of ideas :)

<Denise> well, I guess, sorta..

  • Ander smiles

<Ander> Anyway... I know it's all a lot to think about. You feelin' up for work tonight?

<Denise> I can work an think at the same time :3

<Ander> Good - I missed havin' you around.

<Denise> I missed you - real you too :3

  • Denise will get up to give him another hug
  • Denise has maybe grown more in those three weeks ;p
  • Ander hugs you back

<Ander> C'mon, let's get some dinner.

<Denise> okay, that'd be great

  • Denise will go to work and think a lot about being a ratte :3

Argent reports to Briony, and learns that Servan Aigel has escaped prison

<Argent> so where best to track my handler down?

<DiablotinNarrator> hmm, well, you can always find her at her house? or contact her to arrange a meeting at your usual cafe.

<Argent> since im missing, ill try her house

<DiablotinNarrator> okay, sounds good

<DiablotinNarrator> what time of day?

<Argent> lets try evening

<DiablotinNarrator> okay

<Argent> does that work... that way, she's home, done work, and may not be entangled with child.

<Argent> may...

<DiablotinNarrator> sure :)

<Argent> is next day after we get back work, or is that too soon in timelines

<DiablotinNarrator> also for the record, if you haven't seen logs, Dorien found Misery and her mother staying in a shelter for people evacuated from the Shade, and invited them to come stay at your place ;)

<DiablotinNarrator> so there's some shadar-kai lady in your living room, and Dorien and Misery presumably having lots of sex in his room ;p

<Argent> sigh

<Argent> well its for the best

<DiablotinNarrator> Next day works fine. Dorien in fact will be out for part of that, as he takes Misery to meet his parents (also in the logs).

<DiablotinNarrator> so maybe after you take advantage of not having people in the room next door, you can go out after ;)

<Argent> makes me remember I should see how Mireva is doing

<DiablotinNarrator> awww :)

<DiablotinNarrator> Okay, you can head to Briony's place in the evening.

<Argent> unfortunately the silence spell has such a short duration

<DiablotinNarrator> lol

<DiablotinNarrator> well probably so does Argent, so :p

<DiablotinNarrator> teenagers, man

<Argent> few teenagers have Argents force of will

<DiablotinNarrator> that's true

<Argent> so to Briony's place

<DiablotinNarrator> divine powers etc.

<DiablotinNarrator> yup

  • Argent will listen at the door before knocking
  • Briony 's house is pretty quiet - you can faintly hear some music playing.
  • Argent will then knock
  • Briony comes to the door, and brightens when she sees you there

<Briony> Thank the gods, you're all right.

  • Argent smiles back
  • Briony gives you a hug, which is unusual for her

<Argent> Its good to be home. Hope this isn't too forward coming here.

<Briony> No, it's all right - come in, please.

  • Argent will step in

<Briony> Do you want a cup of tea or anything?

<Argent> tea sounds good

  • Briony will head into the kitchen to make some
  • Argent follows

<Briony> I was worried when you didn't turn up. I actually reported it up the chain, in case... well, in case the worst had happened.

<Argent> It's been a few weeks, its the least that could be expected

<Argent> good news is my plan worked.

  • Briony nods

<Briony> That's good - what happened?

<Argent> we were able to free Amanita from the Cyst control using the magic circle, and once free, she threw the thing out of her.

<Argent> thats when things went a little side-ways

<Briony> oh?

<Argent> Amanita gated us to the First World and tasked us to gain the support of her brother Eirlys in dealing with the blight.

<Argent> the traveling to the First World was also a little complicated.

<Briony> that's.. unexpected.

<Argent> its hard for me to describe or explain... we became residence of the First World... shared bodies, I guess.

<Briony> interesting... did you retain your own memories and skills and so on?

<Argent> I was there, but just along for the ride mostly... I lived as this other person.

<Argent> It was different with others, some retained all memory of who they were, others, didn't have even a shred of their own selves

  • Briony nods

<Briony> I've heard a little of things like that happening before.

<Argent> for me, I was like a dream or a shadow in her mind.

<Argent> oh neat

<Briony> Around events of great significance - people being taken into other planes, into ... some kind of parallels of themselves, I suppose.

<Argent> that makes some sense, this girl, she called herself Silver and was a hunter of sorts as well

  • Briony nods

<Argent> so we were tasked with getting Eranthis help with the blight

<Argent> and we succeeded

<Briony> So... he's going to stop it, somehow?

<Argent> the three of them are, Eranthis, Linthira and Amanita

<Argent> I'm not too clear on the details

<Argent> but they are the fey kings and queens, so they have some umph backing them up

<Argent> and Eirlys

  • Briony nods

<Briony> That might explain a few things, then.

  • Briony says, pouring the tea

<Argent> oh

<Briony> There has been some action at the tree site today

<Argent> have any details?

<Briony> A few - they're keeping it pretty tightly locked down, but word gets around anyway.

<Briony> The gate, or whatever you want to call it, opened, so they were braced for some kind of outer planar monstrosities to come through.

  • Argent sips his tea listening intently

<Briony> But instead, this fey lord - maybe this Eranthis? I don't know - came through.

<Argent> sounds likely it was him

<Briony> He demanded to talk to the Emperor. So... you can imagine how well that went over.

  • Argent chuckles

<Briony> But I guess he got his audience. The Emperor actually seemed like he was expecting this, I heard. He and the Warlord and the Chief Sorcerer had some words with the fellow.

<Argent> that makes some sense to me

<Argent> let me explain

<Briony> please do!

<Argent> Xendehil Orecalo came looking for Aubrienne, he actually plane shifted, I figure, to the First World, with a fellow named Justen. He probably reported back when we came back yesterday.

  • Briony nods

<Briony> That would make sense, if so.

<Argent> they would have known about our success and uniting the fey lords.

  • Argent nods thinking

<Argent> for the best really, that could have been a disasterous situation otherwise

  • Briony nods

<Argent> so like I said, overall, quite a successful mission.

<Briony> I don't know the details of the meeting, except that it didn't wind up with anyone dead.

<Argent> better than firebombing

<Briony> Definitely.

<Briony> You did a good job. Or maybe I should say Silver did :)

  • Argent shrugs

<Argent> have to admit, it was very weird being someone else

<Briony> Do you feel completely back to yourself?

<Argent> I think so... I have the memories of course.

  • Briony nods

<Argent> and I think I can manage a few of Silver's magical tricks... she used magic similar to the channels.

<Briony> Interesting...

<Briony> Is it something you'd be willing to talk further about, maybe with some higher-up people in the church?

<Argent> It's not something I'm too interested in... I like to keep my profile low key, even if its possible after everything that's happened.

<Briony> I understand.

<Argent> Its not helpful for me to do my work if everyone knows who I am.

  • Briony nods

<Briony> If this matter has already been reported to the Emperor and others, though, people may find out about your involvement anyway.

<Argent> I realize that

<Briony> I won't pass it on if you don't want me to, but you should be prepared that the word may get out anyway.

<Argent> I can hope that it just goes around that a former street thug, working at Tit's as a waiter, was involved.

  • Briony nods

<Argent> If that doesnt work out, I'll deal with it then.

<Briony> Let me know if you feel like you need a new cover story, if things are getting too visible.

<Argent> I may have to talk to Titania... I don't really think the 'just a waiter' thing is going to fly much longer.

  • Briony nods

<Argent> its a good venue to keep an ear out, so I don't really want to leave the place unless it becomes unworkable.

<Briony> Maybe you could consider moving into security, or something like that?

  • Briony says, considering

<Argent> kind of what I was thinking... same place, different job.

  • Briony nods

<Argent> so anything important or news worthy I may have missed the past few weeks?

  • Briony sips her tea

<Briony> There was a break-in - or break-out, depending on how you look at it - at one of the secure holding facilities.

<Briony> Not the sort of thing that makes the news, but important anyway.

<Argent> a holding facility... the one with our silver armed friend?

<Briony> Guessed it.

<Argent> was it a snatch or just a hit?

<Briony> It was a mess, was what it was. Two guards killed, three prisoners escaped. Including him.

<Briony> It worries me, especially given what we talked about in relation to him. It could have been an inside job, but I think it would have taken associates on the outside helping.

  • Argent sighs

<Argent> yeah... that is a big mess

<Briony> That's putting it mildly.

<Briony> It's getting so that I don't know who I can trust anymore. Other than you, that is. I'm pretty sure about that :)

<Argent> I re-itterate my desire to keep a low profile for now.

<Argent> Apparently I'm not being charming enough to make it a definitely sure.

  • Briony laughs

<Briony> well I let you into my house.

<Briony> so that's a pretty good sign.

<Argent> but with this smile, who wouldn't let me in

<Argent> but on a more serious note... who were the other two that escaped?

<Briony> A fellow named Dalwin Brune, and a shadar-kai woman named Nalyrr Kah'lien.

<Argent> were they targeted to be free or just taking advantage of the situation? do you know?

<Briony> I suspect the latter, but I'm not positive. I've been looking into their backgrounds to see if there's any connection. They're both war vets but that's not that uncommon. I'm trying to find out more about where and who they served with, but Kah'lien would have been with the Blackbloods.

<Argent> Blackbloods? A unit of shadar-kai?

  • Briony nods

<Briony> They were granted full citizenship for serving - but still, separate unit.

<Argent> I'll see what I can dig up on her, and I may know a few people who would not be pleased with Servan's escape, who also may be able to find some leads, assuming you don't mind being a little free with the information.

  • Argent looks for confirmation

<Briony> No one wants it to become too public, but if you need to ask some informants who might have information, that would be appreciated.

<Argent> I can convey that sentiment.

<Briony> all right.

<Argent> mind you if the Church is hidding him... it may prove fruitless.

  • Briony nods grimly

<Briony> She needed to be kept in a secure facility because of shadar-kai's ability to planeshift - Brune, I'm still figuring out why he was there.

<Briony> From anything I can tell, he came back from the war, seemed to be doing okay, and then up and killed his entire family one night. Didn't run when they caught him.

<Argent> possessed maybe?

<Argent> or maybe he was hit by the blight?

<Briony> Maybe.

<Argent> what unit was he in? I know some veterans as well, may be able to find something on him.

  • Briony can give you his unit number.

<Argent> right... gives me a few things to dig into while the whole fey thing sorts itself out.

<Briony> Let me know if you find anything out - I'll keep looking for information from my contacts as well.

<Argent> anything else I can do fer ya.

<Argent> ?

<Briony> It sounds like you've got a lot on your plate right now. I'll keep you posted, though. Regular meeting next week?

  • Argent nods

<Argent> stay safe

  • Argent finished his tea

<Briony> You too.

<Argent> always

  • Argent smiles
  • Briony smiles back.

<Briony> Take care.

Gen, Madds, Dorien, and Misery share their news with Sylvise and Jerard

  • Genevriel and Madds drive over to the Voclains' home in the Pav. Gen is maybe a little nervous.
  • Dorien and Misery will arrive on foot as Gen and Madds are pulling up.
  • Genevriel smiles and waves a greeting to Dorien and Misery as she clambers out of the car.
  • Dorien will smile and wave back.

<Dorien> Well hello there.

  • Genevriel sort of instinctively goes over to the driver's side to help Madds if he needs it (he probably doesn't, though?)
  • Madds can manage, but doesn't object to taking your arm

<Genevriel> Hi Dod- Dorien, and Misery. How are you, Misery?

  • Genevriel hasn't seen Misery in a while.
  • Dorien stiffens slightly at the mention of dodos but then relaxes

<Dorien> Better. Sleep cures a lot.

<Misery> I'm good, now that he's back.

<Dorien> How are you doing? You didn't seem so great when you left yesterday

<Genevriel> The walk helped me clear my head.

<Dorien> Good. I'm glad.

<Genevriel> Have you met Madds...?

  • Genevriel tries to remember.

<Dorien> I don't believe so.

<Dorien> Nice to meet you.

<Madds> Nice to meet you too.

  • Madds shakes hands
  • Dorien ditto

<Dorien> Are you just here to check in with mom and dad too?

  • Genevriel nods.

<Genevriel> I called them last night because I knew they'd worry if I didn't show up.

  • Dorien nods.

<Genevriel> But I sort of... hung up on your mother. She had too many questions.

<Dorien> I wanted to wait until I could see them in person. I figured she'd get that way.

<Genevriel> Now she can ask them in person? I suppose that might be better.

<Dorien> You can take the mother out of academia....

  • Genevriel doesn't sound super-enthusiastic about the imminent interrogation.

<Dorien> It'll be fine. Besides, there's four of us. We outnumber them now.

  • Genevriel snickers.
  • Misery looks a bit nervous, but puts on a brave face

<Genevriel> Right then... I guess it's now or never.

  • Dorien squeazes her hand.
  • Misery squeezes back
  • Genevriel glances at Madds and flashes him a smile.

<Dorien> <w to Misery> Just be yourself.

  • Madds seems rather calmer, having encountered your family before

<Misery> <w> you sure about that?

<Dorien> <w> Positive.

  • Dorien kisses her.
  • Genevriel looks away a little awkwardly from the pda.
  • Dorien will knock or ring.
  • Genevriel escorts Madds up to the entry and waits behind the other couple.
  • Sylvise has heard the car arrive and comes out to the door to meet you all.

<Sylvise> Oh gods, it's so good to see you!

<Dorien> Hi Mom

  • Sylvise gives Dorien a hug

<Dorien> It's good to see you too

  • Dorien hugs back
  • Sylvise looks tired and a bit thinner, like maybe she's been stressed for some reason

<Genevriel> Hi, Tante Sylvise.

<Dorien> Are you ok?

  • Genevriel smiles but looks concerned.

<Genevriel> Is Oncle Jerard all right...?

  • Sylvise gives Gen a hug as well

<Sylvise> He's fine, it's just been a difficult few weeks.

<Sylvise> come in, did you eat already? there's plenty of breakfast...

<Dorien> I can always eat.

  • Genevriel glances at Madds.

<Genevriel> Do you want a second breakfast?

<Madds> I could have a coffee, at least.

  • Genevriel nods.
  • Sylvise peers around Dorien to see Misery there

<Sylvise> oh, you brought a friend!

<Dorien> Mom... This is Miz'ehrhy Vshal.

<Misery> Hello.

<Sylvise> Oh :o

<Dorien> She's my... lady friend.

<Sylvise> Well, that's just... how interesting, of course, please come in.

  • Sylvise is a bit flustered, but trying to be welcoming
  • Genevriel finds it interesting that she's prepared to back Misery, since not so long ago she was wary of Shadar-kai.
  • Dorien will follow her in
  • Genevriel follows Dorien and Misery in.
  • Madds follows as well
  • Sylvise will lead the way into the dining room, and Jerard meets you there

<Jerard> Dorien.

<Dorien> Father. It's good to see you.

  • Dorien says warmly
  • Jerard gives you a fatherly clap on the shoulder, not quite a hug in front of all these people ;p
  • Dorien hugs him anyway
  • Jerard grudgingly accepts your affection
  • Genevriel will also give Jerard a hug, once Dorien has moved out of the way.

<Sylvise> oh this is so lovely :3

<Dorien> How have you been feeling?

<Jerard> Oh, fine, well enough.

  • Jerard says gruffly
  • Genevriel pulls out a chair for Madds and one for herself next to it.
  • Dorien will do likewise for Misery and himself.

<Sylvise> Dear, this young lady is Dorien's friend... Mizhery.

  • Sylvise makes a good effort at pronouncing it, anyway

<Jerard> ... I see.

  • Dorien squeezes Misery's hand.

<Misery> Lady friend.

  • Misery clarifies helpfully
  • Dorien smirks

<Jerard> Hmm.

<Sylvise> You speak Aveyronnais very well.

  • Sylvise leaves the 'for a Shadar-kai' unsaid :p

<Genevriel> ...

<Misery> Well I'd hope so. I've lived here most of my life.

<Dorien> Better than any of us speak Shadar Kai

  • Genevriel wonders if there are any ways to make things less awkward and decides probably not.
  • Sylvise nods

<Dorien> Father. I'm not here for your blessing. I just thought it was time you all met.

<Jerard> Time? How long has this been going on?

<Dorien> That's a rather personal question. A while.

<Jerard> Hm.

<Sylvise> Help yourselves to food, please - there is more than enough to go around!

  • Sylvise says to smooth things over a little

<Genevriel> How is work going, Misery?

  • Genevriel tries to move onto a less awkward topic, she hopes.
  • Genevriel vaguely remembers that Misery was going to work for a film company or something.

<Misery> Well, things were really thrown off schedule on the movie... half the cast either disappeared, or couldn't make it to work, or who knows what.

<Genevriel> :/

<Genevriel> That sounds awful. What's been happening the past weeks while Dorien and I were away?

<Misery> Mme. Severin was very upset - she didn't want to have to re-cast people's parts.

<Dorien> Misery is a production assistant for Korisse Severin.

  • Dorien is not above name dropping for a good impression

<Sylvise> Oh, that's very interesting :)

<Sylvise> Her films are so artistic.

<Genevriel> You do special effects, right?

  • Genevriel asks Misery.

<Misery> Well, mostly I help her with whatever needs doing. She does like to include special effects, though.

  • Genevriel nods.

<Genevriel> How does she do them? Or is that a trade secret?  ;)

<Misery> I can at least say that she uses a mix of alchemical and magical effects. It's interesting because certain magical effects depend on the viewer, and so aren't really usable in films, where the viewer isn't actually there at the time.

<Genevriel> Hmmm... Is it possible to catch a magical illusion on film?

<Genevriel> Or does it just not... show up?

  • Genevriel asks curiously.

<Misery> Illusions are a whole complicated category of spells - because they can affect people so differently, it's hard to make a blanket statement, but in general visual illusions won't show up on film.

<Genevriel> That makes sense. Auditory illusions also would likely not be useful, then.

<Sylvise> That's very interesting - I'm sure there's a lot of research to be done in that area.

<Genevriel> But I suppose things like fireballs would show up on film.

<Genevriel> Although that might be a bit extreme.

  • Genevriel looks thoughtful.

<Misery> Oh yes. Fortunately not something that's needed in this particular film, though.

  • Genevriel nods.
  • Dorien grins. "From what I understand, film is pretty flammable stuff."

<Genevriel> Sets too, I should think.

  • Genevriel smiles.

<Dorien> And actors

  • Madds chuckles

<Genevriel> Yes, but you could use a resist elements type of spell to offer them protection for some of the more hazardous scenes.

<Genevriel> Although I'm not sure if any of those would protect against a fireball.

<Genevriel> I'll have to look into it.

<Madds> I know there was some film footage taken during the war. There would have been all kinds of magic operating then. It might be an interesting comparison.

<Genevriel> Is that stuff classified still, though?

<Madds> I don't know. Possibly some of it?

  • Genevriel nods.

<Genevriel> Madds is an officer. That's how we met - he was stationed in Arguvan just before the war.

  • Genevriel says by way of explanation for Misery and Dorien.

<Genevriel> I might have... written about him to you, Dorien.

<Sylvise> Oh! That reminds me, the monument is going to be ready soon.

<Dorien> I think I remember you mentioning the name.

<Sylvise> Will you be able to take a trip out there for the unveiling?

<Genevriel> Oh - um.

<Genevriel> I would like to, but I guess it depends on work. If I still have a job.

  • Dorien will very studiously not catch anyone's eye at that remark.

<Genevriel> When were you thinking of going...?

<Sylvise> Well, once the school term is over - in about a month?

<Genevriel> In time for the... anniversary of the attacks?

  • Genevriel 's voice falters a bit

<Sylvise> Would that be quite ... difficult for you? We don't need to do it then if it's too much.

<Genevriel> It will be hard. But I think it's important.

<Dorien> I can go with you if you want. For support.

<Madds> So could I.

  • Madds says, putting a hand on Gen's arm
  • Genevriel nods.

<Genevriel> I can do it if I'm not alone.

<Sylvise> Of course you won't be alone.

  • Genevriel nods, swallowing back some tears.
  • Genevriel smiles bravely and nods again, slipping her hand over Madds' on her arm.

<Genevriel> It feels right that it should be unveiled on that day.

<Genevriel> I will probably be a mess, though.

<Sylvise> That's all right.

<Dorien> We'll be there for you.

  • Genevriel nods.

<Genevriel> Thank you.

  • Madds squeezes your hand
  • Genevriel smiles again, just for him.
  • Genevriel sort of gives him an inquiring look, as if to ask "Is this a good time?"
  • Madds nods slightly

<Genevriel> Madds and I have a bit of news.

  • Sylvise looks over at you both, pre-emptively excited

<Genevriel> He asked if I would like to move in with him. And I would like to. I suppose it might be seen as somewhat unorthodox, but... we both went through a lot in the war. And it's hard to find good and hopeful things to keep us going. But I do feel happy and hopeful when I'm with Madds.

<Sylvise> oh :o

<Sylvise> Well, that sounds like a very good thing, then.

<Genevriel> So, I think it would be good for us.

  • Sylvise nods
  • Genevriel glances at Madds... did she do all right? ;)

<Madds> Gen helps me to feel happy as well, and I want to take this step in order to be closer to her.

<Sylvise> I'm happy for you both, then. Even if it's a bit unconventional, well... perhaps in time it will lead to something more permanent :)

<Jerard> You couldn't ask her to marry you, hm?

<Madds> Well actually sir, I did mention that as an option, but it doesn't suit us for the time being.

  • Madds says politely
  • Genevriel nods firmly.

<Sylvise> You know that young people today do things differently, Jerard - they can make their own decisions.

<Jerard> I know it, but it doesn't mean I have to approve of it.

<Madds> Respectfully, sir, we don't need your approval.

  • Dorien tries to hide a smirk
  • Jerard draws himself up a little at that, but Sylvise puts her hand over his.

<Genevriel> Oncle Jerard, I am not a healthy person. You know yourself that I'm not. I really hope this works out but I'm not sure that it will. And I care about Madds enough that I'm not willing to tie him down to me if it doesn't.

<Madds> It's something we need to work out together.

<Sylvise> Are you going to move into a house together? Do you already have a place picked out?

  • Sylvise can at least occupy herself with possible house-hunting and decorating plans

<Madds> I have a flat, and for the moment that will be good enough for the two of us.

<Genevriel> It's perfectly lovely.

  • Genevriel agrees.

<Genevriel> Just needs a few houseplants. ;)

<Sylvise> Well, that would be just the thing for a housewarming gift :)

<Dorien> Just... no mushrooms this time.

  • Dorien grins

<Genevriel> I already promised.

  • Genevriel reassures Dorien.
  • Misery is relieved that the drama this morning hasn't really centered on her

<Sylvise> So... we're terribly curious - what happened while you were gone for so long? Where were you?

  • Sylvise has been waiting to ask that for hours, probably
  • Genevriel will help Dorien fill Sylvise and Jerard in.
  • Genevriel skirts around Berchan, though. ;)
  • Dorien will try to tell them as best he can. His memory of it is fuzzy, like a dream

<Dorien> ... and then we ended up back here in a field outside of town. That was last night.

<Genevriel> It was the Saltgrove, actually.

<Dorien> Was it? I barely even remember that part.

<Genevriel> It was.

  • Genevriel seems to have a clear memory of Vreel.

<Sylvise> how amazing!

<Jerard> It's quite the story.

<Genevriel> Well, hopefully it worked and the Cold Rider can go home and the seasons return to normal here.

<Genevriel> I really want to grow tomatoes.

<Sylvise> That would be marvellous

<Genevriel> And maybe some marigolds.

<Madds> We'll set up a garden on the balcony.

  • Genevriel nods.

<Genevriel> It faces the west, so it will be great for plants that like a lot of afternoon sun and heat.

  • Genevriel gushes to Sylvise and Jerard and Dorien and Misery.
  • Genevriel will tell you all enthusiastically about Madds' apartment and how she is going to see if the Menagerie might have any gardener positions advertised.
  • Sylvise is happy to see you so enthused about... well, anything
  • Jerard stews quietly

<Jerard> Dorien, a word?

  • Jerard says eventually, as things are wrapping up
  • Dorien will nod to Misery, "Will you be ok out here for a moment?"
  • Genevriel closes ranks with Dorien and Misery in case it's needed...

<Misery> I'll be okay.

<Misery> Your mother and I can have a nice chat :)

  • Dorien will go with his father, I assume into the study or somewhere.
  • Genevriel will linger to keep Misery company, too. So I guess Madds gets sucked in as well.
  • Jerard goes into his study with you and shuts the door

<Jerard> I don't suppose you've checked whether you still have a job or not?

<Dorien> I haven't had the chance. I was planning to today. I thought it was more important to see you and mother.

<Jerard> Hmm.

<Jerard> Mme. Capdeville contacted me when you hadn't shown up for work for several days.

<Dorien> I'm sorry for that. I really am.

<Dorien> But I did what I had to do.

  • Jerard nods

<Jerard> I told her that it was very likely you had been held up by the disruptions in the city of late.

<Jerard> I suppose it was not too far from the truth.

<Dorien> I suppose not.

<Jerard> As a favour to me, she agreed to give you another chance, if you want it.

<Dorien> I'll appreciate that. Misery and I still need money for the time being. But you should know it's likely to be temporary.

<Jerard> Oh?

<Jerard> You have some plans for the future, then?

<Dorien> I do. A lot happened to me in the first world. I'm not the same person that left. Not all of him, anyway. I want to go into business for myself. I just need the capital, but that's just a matter of time and saving.

<Jerard> hm.

<Jerard> Into business doing what?

<Dorien> Research. I want to open my own laboratory. Pharmaceuticals. Materials and polymers. I've been working on some ideas that if I can patent might be very successful.

  • Jerard looks mildly surprised, and strokes his beard, considering the matter.

<Jerard> Well, when you're ready to do that, I'll be interested to see how it goes.

  • Dorien smiles.

<Jerard> Is this young lady going to assist in your plans?

<Dorien> That's up to her.

<Dorien> But she's the best thing that's happened to me in a long time.

<Dorien> So I hope so.

<Jerard> Hm.

<Jerard> She's very young still - and her type aren't usually inclined to settle down with just one person.

<Dorien> I'll let her make that decision when the time comes. For now I'm just happy she puts up with me.

<Jerard> I suppose that's all any of us can hope for with women.

<Dorien> You know better than anyone what a job that can be.

  • Dorien laughs

<Dorien> That's true.

<Jerard> I'm glad you're home, son.

  • Dorien smiles.

<Dorien> Thanks, dad.

  • Jerard gives you another hug
  • Dorien will return the hug sincerely

<Dorien> But in a manly fashion.

<DiablotinNarrator> (heh)

Aubrienne is taken to see Jean-Faust, helps deliver Eirlys' baby, then returns to Jean-Faust

<DiablotinNarrator> remind me - Jean-Faust was back staying with the Orecalos, right? or had he been moved somewhere else?)

<Aubrienne> (I *think* he was still staying there.)

<Aubrienne> (Unless they've moved him in the interim.)

<DiablotinNarrator> hmm good question

<DiablotinNarrator> with everything that's been going on they might have moved him to the palace for safe(er)keeping.

<DiablotinNarrator> and so that San doesn't murder everyone in their sleep because his house is full of random people ;)

<DiablotinNarrator> anyway if she goes there, I'm sure they can get her to the right place to talk to him.

<Aubrienne> (Okie doke)

<Dozilva> Oh yes, he is staying at the palace now. They have a very nice room for him there.

<Dozilva> And Eirlys left yesterday, which I thought was a very poor idea, but she was quite insistent.

<Aubrienne> Well, she had some business to attend to.

  • Dozilva catches you up on events you already know about ;)

<Aubrienne> (:))

<Dozilva> Let me take you to your brother - I'm going to work myself anyway.

  • Dozilva offers

<Aubrienne> Thank you so much. I don't mean to be a bother.

<Dozilva> It's no trouble at all.

  • Dozilva will teleport us both to the edge of the island, since teleportation into the palace directly is blocked.

<Dozilva> Here we go - it's this way, one of the old tower rooms. An excellent view of the city :)

  • Aubrienne smiles at that.

<Aubrienne> Do you happen to know anything about how he's been? My parents said he's largely unchanged...

<Dozilva> I know that Sanadhil has been working with him, trying to uncover any blocks or triggers in his mind. He thinks that your brother is improving.

<Aubrienne> That's good to know.

  • Dozilva seems to be known to the guards, who let you pass.
  • Aubrienne is, as ever, somewhat intimidated by the palace complex.
  • Dozilva guides you through the maze of buildings and to the correct room

<Dozilva> (there's another guard posted outside it, and Dozilva lets her know that you're Jean-Faust's sister, and you're allowed in)

  • Jean-Faust looks a little paler and thinner, but smiles when he sees you

<Jean-Faust> you came to see me :)

<Aubrienne> <r> Indeed I did, little brother. :)

  • Aubrienne moves to give you a hug.
  • Jean-Faust hugs you back

<Jean-Faust> <r> I wondered what had happened... Mother and Father visited, but they didn't want to talk about you. I think they thought it would upset me.

<Aubrienne> <r> I'm sorry, though I can understand their reasoning. My friends and I made a...unexpected trip to the First World.

  • Dozilva gives you your privacy to talk with your brother, and steps outside.

<Jean-Faust> <r> You went there? Why?

<Aubrienne> <r> Well, we hadn't planned on it. We went to see Lady Amanita, to free her from the Cyst. Which we did, but to escape them, she took us with her to the First World.

  • Jean-Faust nods

<Aubrienne> <r> It's complicated, as everything to do with that plane seems to be, but we're back, and we think we've gotten help which can cleanse the Irminsul and help against the Cyst.

  • Jean-Faust nods, listening, but a bit distractedly

<Jean-Faust> <r> Will it help with the baby?

<Aubrienne> <r> I truly hope so.

<Aubrienne> <r> How is Eirlys?

<Jean-Faust> <r> I don't know... they don't let me see her :/

<Aubrienne> <r> Oh. I'm sorry.

  • Aubrienne will reach out to squeeze your hand.

<Aubrienne> (She was with the others when we saw them right after we came back, right?)

<Jean-Faust> (yes)

<Jean-Faust> (hugely pregnant, but there ;)

<Aubrienne> <r> I saw her...yesterday, I suppose, though it feels ages ago already. She seemed well.

<Aubrienne> <r> Though about ready to pop. :)

<Jean-Faust> <r> you did? where was she?

<Aubrienne> <r> At the Saltgrove. We brought her brother and sister back from the First World with us, to help with, well, everything.

  • Jean-Faust nods

<Jean-Faust> <r> They'll fix things, I'm sure.

<Aubrienne> <r> I certainly hope so.

<Aubrienne> <r> How are you?

<Jean-Faust> <r> I'm all right... I have a lot of time to rest here. Dozilva brings me books from the library, which is nice.

<Aubrienne> <r> That's good.

  • Jean-Faust 's room is quite comfortable, if pretty definitely 'secure' (barred windows, etc.)

<Aubrienne> <r> I'm told the elder M. Orecalo has been working with you?

<Jean-Faust> <r> Yes... he's trying to help me get better.

<Aubrienne> <r> I'm glad. I imagine it's still difficult. I'm just now getting a chance to see my time in the First World clearly. While I was there, it was...different.

<Jean-Faust> <r> It's so beautiful there...

  • Jean-Faust says a bit wistfully

<Aubrienne> <r> It certainly had it's charms.

<Aubrienne> <r> Though I gather I saw different parts of it than you did.

  • Jean-Faust nods

<Jean-Faust> <r> Sometimes I wish I could go back there...

<Jean-Faust> <r> I know that I can't - but I miss it

<Aubrienne> <r> I know. I'm just not sure its entirely healthy for us.

  • Jean-Faust nods sadly, but then looks up abruptly

<Jean-Faust> ... she's back.

<Aubrienne> I'm sorry?

  • Jean-Faust goes over to the window, pressing his hands up against the glass.

<Jean-Faust> She called out to me. She said she needed help.

<Aubrienne> Uh, are you sure?

<Jean-Faust> I'm sure

<Jean-Faust> She said she's at the Saltgrove.

<Aubrienne> Okay, uh, give me a moment.

  • Aubrienne will go to the door and try to get the guard's attention.
  • Dozilva is still there as well, and will come over, along with the guard

<Dozilva> Is something wrong?

<Aubrienne> Jean-Faust says that Eirlys is calling to him for help. She's at the Saltgrove.

  • Dozilva frowns, looking concerned

<Aubrienne> At the very least, it should be looked into.

  • Dozilva nods

<Dozilva> Yes.. but he can't go. The last time someone or something called to him...

  • Dozilva says under her breath

<Aubrienne> I know.

<Aubrienne> I'd like to go, but give me a moment.

  • Dozilva nods
  • Aubrienne will head back over to her brother.

<Aubrienne> Jean-Faust?

  • Jean-Faust paces, agitated, but turns to look at you

<Aubrienne> I'm going to go see what's wrong and get her help if necessary, but I need you to stay here for the time being. Can you promise you won't do anything rash?

<Jean-Faust> ... I'll try. Help her, please.

<Aubrienne> <r> I will, little brother.

  • Aubrienne hugs him quickly before returning to the door.

<Aubrienne> I'm ready.

<Dozilva> All right. First we'll let people know where we're going, so we aren't cut off. Then we'll head there.

<Aubrienne> All right. Thank you.

  • Dozilva will have a passing guard (not Jean-Faust's) deliver a message to Loick to let him know what's happening.
  • Dozilva will then get you to a place where we can teleport to the Saltgrove.
  • Aubrienne will accompany you nervously.
  • Dozilva looks around once we arrive - it's quiet and peaceful, except for a sound of heavy breathing.
  • Eirlys is leaning against a tree, bracing herself with her hands against the bark.

<Aubrienne> Eirlys!

<Dozilva> Aha.

  • Aubrienne moves to support her.

<Eirlys> you came @_@

<Aubrienne> Of course.

<Dozilva> We can get you back to the city, where people can help...

<Aubrienne> You're basically family. :)

<Eirlys> No, need to stay here.

<Aubrienne> This doesn't exactly seem like quite the right place.

<Dozilva> Well... at least it's not too cold, I suppose.

<Dozilva> Don't worry - I've done this plenty of times.

<Dozilva> Not in a swamp, admittedly.

  • Dozilva will examine Eirlys to try and get a sense of how soon this might be happening.

<Dozilva> Not too much longer now.

<Eirlys> it... should be all right... here.

<Aubrienne> Are you sure?

<Eirlys> Clean. Not Blighted. Can't go back to the First World yet.

<Aubrienne> Okay...

  • Dozilva gives you some instructions, maybe more to help keep you busy than anything else ;)
  • Aubrienne will dutifully follow them.
  • Loick teleports in with some other people a short while later

<Loick> All right, what seems to be the probwoah!

<Aubrienne> Oh thank goodness.

<Dozilva> You're not moving her now.

  • Dozilva tells her boss

<Loick> No, I see that.

<Loick> Looks like you've got it well in hand. I'll just... supervise. From over here.

  • Aubrienne smirks.

<Dozilva> You have how many children? :p

<Loick> I didn't have to deliver them personally :p

<Dozilva> Men :p

  • Dozilva returns her attention to the issue at hand, then
  • Eirlys seems to be doing fairly well, all things considered. Although you do notice that from where she's crouching, green grass and flowers are gradually spreading out in an increasing circle.

<Aubrienne> Here's hoping that's a good sign.

  • Eirlys concentrates on pushing, and before too much longer, the baby arrives. The tree above you bursts into full leaf as she takes her first breaths.

<Aubrienne> "[Rat equivalent of mazel tov]!"

  • Eirlys smiles

<Eirlys> I need to get back now.

<Aubrienne> What?

<Eirlys> To help my brother and sisters.

<Aubrienne> Uh, all right.

<Aubrienne> I can, uh, take care of the baby for now, I suppose.

  • Eirlys nods
  • Eirlys gives the baby a little kiss and hands her over to you
  • Aubrienne will take her carefully.

<Aubrienne> Did you have a name picked out?

<Eirlys> Hyacinth

  • Eirlys says after a moment's thought

<Aubrienne> That's pretty.

  • Aubrienne smiles.

<Eirlys> I'll come back as soon as I can.

<Aubrienne> Good luck.

<Aubrienne> I guess saying 'be safe' is pointless, but, still, you know...be as safe as possible.

  • Eirlys nods
  • Eirlys will then depart the scene

<Loick> Well.

<Aubrienne> Hey there, little Hyacinth.

<Aubrienne> We should probably take you to see your papa.

  • Hyacinth blinks at you with oddly purple eyes.
  • Aubrienne will make happy goofy faces at her.

<Loick> Time to go, then?

<Aubrienne> If you would be so kind. :)

  • Loick has definitely not been checking his watch this whole time >.>
  • Loick will bring all of us back to the designated teleportation location just outside the palace, then

<Aubrienne> Thank you all for your help.

  • Aubrienne will head towards Jean-Faust's room.

<Loick> I'm debating whether this baby is a matter of national security...

<Dozilva> Let the boy see his child. We'll be there, that much at least can't hurt.

<Aubrienne> I doubt she can do much to affect national security right this moment.

  • Hyacinth gurgles

<Aubrienne> And it might be in the national interest to have a citizen who is also a faerie princess. :)

<Loick> All right.

<Aubrienne> That's right, tiny Princess Hyacinth.

<Loick> What do fairy princesses eat? Do we need to get a wetnurse for her, or just feed her on dew and starlight or something?

<Aubrienne> It might take some experimentation, but I'm sure we'll sort it out.

  • Aubrienne will enter Jean-Faust's room.

<Aubrienne> So, everything is fine, little brother, though I do have a little something here for you.

  • Jean-Faust turns when you come in

<Jean-Faust> What...?

<Aubrienne> I thought you might like to meet your daughter, Hyacinth. :)

  • Jean-Faust blinks, looking down at the baby

<Jean-Faust> My daughter?

<Jean-Faust> Is Eirlys all right? Where is she?

<Aubrienne> This is your papa, sweetie.

<Aubrienne> Sje

<Aubrienne> (ack)

<Aubrienne> She's all right. She gave Hyacinth over to me while she went to help her siblings with the Blight.

<Jean-Faust> oh...

  • Jean-Faust holds his arms out for the baby, a bit nervously.

<Aubrienne> It's all right; she's a sweetie.

  • Aubrienne hands her over gently.

<Jean-Faust> She's beautiful...

  • Aubrienne smiles.

<Aubrienne> (Well, more than she already was)

<Aubrienne> Isn't she just? :)

  • Jean-Faust nods

<Jean-Faust> Who's going to take care of her until Eirlys comes back?

<Aubrienne> Well, there's apparently some discussion to be had about that, but I'm happy to do so. Assuming I can work that out. >.>

  • Jean-Faust nods

<Aubrienne> (I totally just looked up the history of baby formula to make sure Aubrienne could manage.)

<Jean-Faust> I want her to stay with you... I don't trust what other people might do with her >.>

<Aubrienne> All right. I'll make sure she's well cared for.

<Jean-Faust> Thank you

<Jean-Faust> can she stay a little while longer?

<Aubrienne> Sure.

<Aubrienne> As long as you like.

  • Jean-Faust smiles
  • Jean-Faust is happy to hold his daughter for as long as he's allowed (and for as long as she'll put up with it before she gets hungry or cranky ;)
  • Aubrienne will keep them company.

<Dozilva> (probably a good stopping point, as I need to go to bed soon - we can figure out the living arrangements/plans another time :)

<Aubrienne> (Sounds good)

Denise tells Enver about the things Ander has been up to

<Enver> (probably the next day after your talk with Ander? or at least, early in the morning when you get home?)

  • Denise will get home early in the morning form work and feel almost - almost - like everything is back how it was for a bit
  • Enver 's work things are in the designated 'gross things' bag so they won't mess up the room, and he is curled up in bed
  • Enver rolls over when you come in, though, and gives you a sleepy smile
  • Denise will crawl in and snuggle up

<Denise> hey draga, you awake?

  • Denise asks quietly

<Enver> uh huh... what's up?

<Denise> just gettin' home is all

  • Denise gives him a kiss
  • Enver kisses back

<Enver> how was work? everythin' back to normal?

<Denise> work was good yeah. neva gave me a free drink :3

<Denise> I dunno 'bout normal...

<Denise> how was georn?

<Enver> ah, kinda pissy, but I think he was mostly glad I was back

<Enver> he said he didn't fancy trainin' some new little shit

<Denise> yeah...

<Enver> how about Ander?

<Denise> he was just real glad I was okay

  • Enver nods
  • Denise looks thoughtful though
  • Enver gets his arm around your waist for improved snuggling
  • Denise adjusts to assist with this improvement

<Enver> still feels real good to be back :3

<Denise> yeah, for sure :3

<Denise> the boss was tellin me some stuff though

<Enver> oh?

<Denise> it sounds liek there's some things happenin' here too

<Enver> what sorta things?

<Denise> well, there real secret things so don't go sayin' nothin' about it to anyone, okay?

<Enver> sure...

  • Enver looks more serious

<Denise> I got allowed to talk to you about it, an aunt hettie, an that's all

<Enver> okay

<Denise> So you know what Nycki can do, right?

<Enver> yeah

<Denise> what if there were a way we coudl do that too?

<Enver> ...

<Enver> like one time, with a spell, for a little while? or like... all the time?

<Denise> like whenever we wanted. I thikn

<Enver> how?

<Denise> I ain't sure - some kinda magic I guess

<Denise> maybe like, from Rat

<Enver> well that'd be swell... but is it really somethin' that would work, or just wishful thinkin?

<Denise> I think its for real

<Enver> just you an' me? or like... 'us' meanin' all us Rats?

<Denise> well, right now, you an me

<Denise> but like.... I think maybe lots of folks

<Enver> what's the catch?

<Enver> seems like for somethin' like that, there's gotta be a catch somewhere

<Denise> well like

<Denise> if word gets out, there's lots of folks ain't gonna like it

<Denise> Like colour guard types an all

  • Enver nods slowly

<Denise> there's be folks who would make trouble

<Denise> even for folks who ain't got it

<Denise> plus like, folks not agreein what to do an sho should have in an all

<Enver> who would decide who has it?

<Enver> like, if it's up to Rat, it ain't like they can complain to him

<Denise> I guess... whoever is doin' the magic

<Denise> >.>

<Enver> priests or channels or somethin'?

<Denise> sure

  • Enver looks a bit puzzled

<Enver> are you askin' if you should do this whatever it is?

<Denise> wait, which part?

<Denise> I just wanna do the part where I can turn into a rat when I want :3

<Enver> get turned into.... yeah

<Denise> I dunno

<Denise> I mean'I want to for me but hearin about it made me think 'bout all the other stuff that goes with it

<Enver> hearin' about it from who? Ander?

<Denise> yeah

<Enver> can he do it?

<Denise> turn into a rat?

<Denise> well he didn't show me but I think so >.>

<Denise> I shoulda asked :3

<Enver> huh

<Enver> it'd come in real handy sometimes for work stuff

<Denise> but liek if he can then I kinda figure I gotta right?

<Denise> yeah

<Enver> well I don't think you gotta if you didn't want? but it sounds like you do want to, even with work aside

<Denise> well like who wouldn't @_@

<Enver> yeah...

<Enver> so how does it happen?

<Denise> I dunno yet

  • Enver nods

<Enver> can we do it together?

<Denise> I... dunno. Prolly?

<Enver> okay

  • Enver snuggles you

<Enver> as long as we both do it, then it sounds good

<Enver> then I can show you so much cool stuff in the sewers :)

<Denise> I bet we'd find even cooler stuff :e3

<Enver> yeah :D

<Denise> that'd be good to know too if more folks are gonna do it :3

<Denise> we coudl show them around too

  • Enver nods

<Enver> maybe we could make some extra money as tour guides ;)

  • Denise smiles and snuggles up

<Denise> maybe

<Enver> for our place

<Enver> :)

<Denise> :)

  • Enver gives you another kiss

<Enver> you feelin' sleepy?

  • Enver asks maybe not-so-subtly

<Denise> mmm

<Denise> a little, but just a little ^-^

<Enver> do I gotta tire you out more? ^-^

<Denise> okay ^_^

Denise tells Hettienne about Ander's newfound ability to restore were-rat abilities

  • Denise will seek out her aunt the day after her first night back at work
  • Denise can have coffee and toast at hand :3

<Hettienne> Oh hey Den...

<Denise> hey hettie... is Nycki still here?

<Hettienne> (I have no idea :v)

<DiablotinNarrator> (she will have to go to work at some point @_@ so if you want her to be out, that is probably where she is ;)

<Hettienne> Naw... she had to head into the office

<Hettienne> Somethin' about splainin' where she's been at the past 3 weeks :p

<Denise> yeah.... I did that lat night, but it weren't so bad

<Denise> but I figure Tits'd gotta know where you all were by now, so prolly you don't gotta >.>

<Hettienne> Yeah, I think she's got the skinny

  • Hettienne plops into a chair.

<Hettienne> Man, my dogs are barkin'

  • Denise passes you a coffee

<Hettienne> THanks hon, you're a peach ;)

<Denise> :)

<Denise> theyre prilly all cramped up on accounta not bein' so huge anymore ;p

<Hettienne> Heh

<Hettienne> I do miss it :v

<Denise> it seemed like you had fun with it, anyway :3

<Denise> Sorry I were a bit confused about things.... you didn't seem so bothered though I guess

<Hettienne> Nah... I figured you'd get sorted out when we came back

<Denise> yeah

<Denise> That's sorta what I - or Danys, or us both together, I guess figured. That it would get all sorted ou once we did what we needed, and afpre we did there weren't no sense thinkin things were just so one way or another

<Denise> I think that was prolly a good way to think on it, now

<Hettienne> EVen as a fairy you had good sense ;)

<Denise> Like maybe *I* woulda been happy if I'd just gone one believin' that Veren was really who he said an' all, but I thik she'd not be eally happy about it

<Hettienne> It were only for a little while

<Denise> welll danys was like, basically a channel - real wise about stuff

<Hettienne> HE's fine now ain't he?

<Denise> oh he's real fine ^-^

<Hettienne> Heh.

<Denise> anyway

<Denise> I, um, I heard 'bout some other stuff goin' on from when we were gone

<Hettienne> Oh? What kinda stuff?

<Denise> like.... folks doin' more realy type stuff to like, bring back our old ways.... kinda, anyway

  • Denise looks thoughtful, like she is still trying to understand things herself

<Hettienne> LIke what? Livin' in the undercity? TUrnin' into rats?

  • Hettienne looks at you quizzically.

<Denise> Like turnin' into rats

<Hettienne> ...

<Hettienne> You're pullin' my leg.

<Denise> nuhun

<Hettienne> What folks?

<Hettienne> Who told you 'bout this?

<Denise> well... folks >.>

<Hettienne> Folks?

  • Hettienne arches an eyebrow

<Denise> you can prolly guess where I *heard* it >.>

<Hettienne> Ander.

<Hettienne> Now that there's a pie I didn't expect him to have a finger in

<Denise> really?

<Hettienne> He didn't seem... magic-y?

<Denise> he's a sorcerer!

<Hettienne> I dunno I always thought of him as a soldier

<Denise> well he's that too ;3

<Hettienne> How would I know that, then? :p

<Denise> I dunno...

<Hettienne> Ain't like he's slingin' spells all over the Cabaret

<Denise> he were all trained by our folks, not the castalia though

<Denise> yeah

<Denise> but he's always been real big on like... rat history an folks knowin' more 'bout where we came from an the old ways an stuff

<Hettienne> So he wants to turn into a rat

<Denise> well

<Denise> like

<Denise> It ain't just for him

<Denise> but like

<Denise> he says there's a way

<Denise> to do it for eal

<Denise> real

<Hettienne> What d'you mean for real?

<Denise> like for real turnin' folks into rats

<Hettienne> Have they done it?

<Denise> unhuh

<Denise> like

<Denise> i dond't make

<Denise> 'im *show* me, but it's the Boss :3

<Hettienne> ... Ander?

<Denise> what?

  • Denise asks concerned and uncertain abotu what she may have led you to believe

<Hettienne> Ander's turning into a rat?

<Hettienne> O_O

<Denise> oh, yeah

  • Denise says, sounding a bit relieved?

<Hettienne> An' this happened... since we left?

<Denise> yeah

<Denise> I guess?

<Hettienne> Well... damn

  • Hettienne is at a loss for words

<Denise> like

<Denise> really though

<Denise> its supposed to be for all kinds of folks though

<Denise> but I guess it could change lotsa things

<Denise> folks aready don't liek us so much, an if we got this back then that might go worse for folks

<Denise> or if not everyone wants it and.... its a whole lot to think about I guess

  • Denise is clearly having trouble wrapping her head around all of it

<Hettienne> They ain't gonna like us no matter what

<Denise> that's what I said

<Denise> an like - I ain't afraid for me

<Hettienne> They want us to just crawl back into the sewers if we ain't workin' ourselves to death in their factories

<Denise> yeah :|

<Hettienne> We *should* do it. It's our birthright, like.

<Denise> yeah :3

<Denise> I wanna do it

<Denise> Boss said I shoudl just maybe think' about it to be real sure

<Hettienne> He wants *you* to do it?

<Denise> Well it wern're like that

<Denise> He were tellin' me 'bout it

<Denise> but like you said - it feels like somethin' that if we can, we oughtta....

  • Denise looks thoughtful

<Hettienne> I been wishin' I could since... years

<Hettienne> Since I met Nycki, really

<Denise> yeah, I know

<Denise> I bet you could do it too

<Hettienne> I would jump on that in a hot minute, lemme tell ya.

<Denise> but liek = it ain't spread real far yet, so it ain't somethin' to go talkin' about or nothin'

<Hettienne> Mum's the word...

  • Denise nods

<Denise> he said some other stuff

<Hettienne> Oh?

<Denise> like... stuff 'bout how it maybe just aint for our house

<Hettienne> What. >:|

<Hettienne> Now that ain't right.

<Denise> but other folks who are all down an out, sorta thing

<Denise> yeah, I dunno what I think about that

<Denise> but that were what he said

<Hettienne> THem Lizards ain't about teachin' us their secret shit

<Denise> that he heard

<Denise> pfft, Lizards, whatever :p

<Hettienne> They ain't even gonna let us a turn at the throne, they can't have our House

  • Denise makes some common rude hand gestures

<Hettienne> Our house's gift

<Hettienne> Are the Bears gonna make us strong?

<Denise> I dunno

<Denise> but like.... once they can change like us, maybe they're stuck with all our problems too :p

<Denise> I mean

<Hettienne> More like they're just gonna use it to screw us worse

<Denise> you don't gotta be a bear to be strong, neither

<Hettienne> How would it possibly give them our problems?!

<Hettienne> It just gives them our powers *without* none of the bad!

<Hettienne> WIthout havin' to grow up in the Shambles! WIthout everyone lookin' down their nose at you your whole life!

<Denise> well but - like, that's more what I was thinkin'not like just some lizard or whoever

<Denise> but like

<Denise> other shambles folks

<Hettienne> I dunno. I don't like it.

<Denise> I ain't done thinkin' on it I guess

<Denise> I dunno what I think, but maybe it don't matter

<Denise> Like I said it ain't gone real far , uh, so far as I know

<Denise> Would you still want it if if did have to get shared?

<Hettienne> Oh if every other random asshole in the SHambles gets it you mean?

<Hettienne> >:(

<Hettienne> If every other random asshole in the Shambles get is an' I *don't*, your boss better watch out for his balls >:(

<Denise> Um... okay @_@

<Denise> :/

<Denise> I don't think there's any question you could

<Denise> maybe I shouldn'ta said anythin' bout that stuff, I don't understand it anyway :/

<Hettienne> Maybe I'll talk to 'im my own self

<Denise> ....were you gonna tell 'im about the babies?

<Hettienne> I guess I oughta

  • Denise nods

<Denise> he'll know better how to say things I bet :|

<Denise> I bet them babies area gonna be real cute though :3

<Hettienne> Well they better be or we're throwin' 'em back.

  • Hettienne cackles.

Zola gets a professional opinion from Valeen

  • Zola will call Valeen and arrange to meet for take-out (take-out? yes, we need privacy...)

<Zola> (I suppose maybe she's thinking I might be dead so that might not be a simple phonecall :P)

  • Valeen is very glad to hear from you and will of course arrange to meet you
  • Zola will call ahead and see if she's in to bring food over for lunch!
  • Zola also slings Bastien over her shoulder for the trip
  • Valeen welcomes you with a big hug
  • Zola squishes against Valeen with warm food and a cat under her jacket
  • Zola gives her a big smooch on the cheek too

<Zola> It's so good to see you!

<Valeen> You too! Where in the world have you been all this time?

<Zola> We got sucked into the First World @_@

<Zola> It's a long story...

<Valeen> oh my :o I guess so!

  • Zola will shed all the things she's brought and begin to tell the story while they sort out the food.
  • Zola totally offers to share creepy mothman visions :3

<Valeen> (sure)

  • Zola will, half surprised she accepted
  • Zola will share satyrdong poledancing later to make up for it

<DiablotinNarrator> (hee)

  • Zola probably goes through it all a little quickly since she's told it a couple times by now.
  • Valeen asks questions along the way, presumably, but we don't need to go through all that ;)

<Zola> And then pop, we're back in the city @_@

<Zola> And so now we're all catching up after being missing for three weeks when it only seemed like a few days.

  • Valeen nods

<Valeen> It sounds like quite an adventure!

<Zola> Now, the really crazy thing?

  • Zola says a bit excited...

<Zola> I'm not exactly how I was when I left...

<Valeen> how do you mean?

<Zola> I've got lady parts!

<Zola> Like, the whole deal, I think?

<Valeen> you do? :o

<Zola> Yes! And not like, a tiny green ones either.

  • Valeen laughs at that

<Zola> My tits are different too... Noren spotted that...

<Valeen> well that's good! ... I hope?

<Zola> They're not mine... I mean, maybe they ARE mine?

<Zola> Like really mine?

  • Zola cups them both affectionately

<Zola> I ... well, I mean, it's fun, but I don't know what it means...?

<Valeen> I don't know either. I mean, I've heard of people changing their appearance with magic, of course, but this wasn't something you did?

<Valeen> or that someone else did to you?

<Zola> I don't think so? I'm going to have to ask one of the Queens...

<Valeen> Maybe going through this somehow let you... become your true self?

  • Zola nods, a little misty eyed

<Zola> Maybe it was a gift? I don't know...

<Zola> It reminds me of how much I WANTED this once upon a time...

<Zola> And Noren and I had half-seriously joked about having kids and how expensive that'd be...

  • Valeen nods, smiling

<Valeen> I'm so happy for you :)

<Zola> Thanks <3

  • Zola will scoot over for a side-hug

<Zola> My heart's a little topsy-turvy about it though. I decided to keep things as they were, and here they go just changing anyway.

  • Valeen nods

<Zola> A tiny part of me is annoyed

  • Zola laughs

<Zola> What if I miss them? :P

<Valeen> You go back to the Fey Queen and say "hey, about that change... switch me back"? :)

  • Zola laughs

<Zola> If they can!

<Zola> Maybe they won't know either @_@

  • Valeen chuckles

<Valeen> is Noren all right with it? I mean... he seems like a good man - I can't imagine this is the most important thing to him.

  • Zola smiles

<Valeen> But I imagine, like you, he was used to how things were, so it's a change.

<Zola> Yeah, he just laughed, like it was a trick I was playing.

  • Valeen nods

<Valeen> So, do I need to start knitting some baby socks soon? ;)

<Zola> I don't think it matters to him... we could always use magic to go back for short term fun, I guess? :)

<Zola> I don't know... I don't know if it's everything?

<Valeen> I mean, it might take me a while, because I'd have to learn to knit first.

<Zola> I mean...

  • Zola laughs

<Zola> Why would it not be everything, right?

<Zola> Is there any way you can... tell?

  • Zola looks down at her stomach

<Valeen> I could check you out and see if it feels like everything's in the right places, I suppose - but I couldn't guarantee whether they, ah, work correctly just from that.

<Zola> Maybe I have to wait until high tide?

<Valeen> oh, you'll have that to look forward to now... Do you need some supplies? or... birth control?

<Zola> ... I don't have anything.

<Valeen> okay, we'll get you all set!\

<Zola> I suppose I'll need to carry napkins around just in case...

<Valeen> and you thought purses were just a fashion statement :)

  • Zola laughs

<Zola> I guess it can't be all good >_>

<Zola> You should check things out though... just in case...

<Valeen> Well, it's not necessarily that bad. Maybe you'll get lucky and have a nice easy time of things.

<Valeen> But of course, if you want, I'll check things out.

<Valeen> You don't mind hiking up your skirts I hope?

<Zola> Oh, right...

  • Zola will get positioned and do whatever Valeen needs

<Zola> ... it looked right to me? And Noren... though I guess maybe we haven't seen THAT many?

  • Valeen will give you an in-depth examination, as well as feeling around your stomach.
  • Zola is a bit nervous that maybe they're just not great judges >_>

<Valeen> Let me know if this hurts at all...

<Zola> Oof, maybe food wasn't a smart idea >_>

  • Valeen chuckles

<Valeen> just relax, it'll be okay

  • Zola nods

<Zola> Nothing feels... bad?

  • Valeen nods

<Valeen> It feels to me like everything's where it should be.

<Zola> :D

<Valeen> You've got all the parts - no reason to think they wouldn't work as expected :)

  • Zola leans back up and hugs her

<Zola> Thank you!

  • Valeen smiles and hugs back without actually using her hands, because.
  • Zola wiggles a bit in the hug before remembering this is perhaps not the best time for hugs
  • Zola wipes at a tear with the back of her hand
  • Valeen slips off to the bathroom to wash her hands and let you get straightened out

<Valeen> Now... if you and Noren gave it a workout last night, there's still time to get a potion into you if you feel like that's a good idea.

  • Zola laughs

<Zola> I was just thinking this might be where I get The Talk

  • Valeen nods

<Zola> I... well, maybe I'll buy one and call Noren. It was one night, right? Maybe if it happens on the first try that's just the luck we should have...

<Zola> Oh Gods, it's going to matter EVERY TIME now isn't it?

<Valeen> pretty much...

<Valeen> I mean, there are times it's more likely, and times it's less likely, but people wind up with babies a year apart and so on because they thought it was safe ;)

  • Zola sighs ... "Well, I guess it still won't matter the old way >_>"

<Valeen> That's true enough! There are definitely ways around it. But look - I'll give you a few potions from my stash and you can talk to Noren about how you want to use them.

<Zola> Thanks!

  • Valeen will get you a few to get started, as well as a pile of mysterious-looking pads and straps and things, which she can also explain :p
  • Zola will also get a rundown on Aunt Fleaux, as it's probably been a long time since she's read about that stuff.

<Zola> .oO( Yay )

<Valeen> And if you feel cranky and miserable a day or two before, that's pretty normal. Hot water bottles help.

  • Zola takes mental notes

<Valeen> on the plus side, at least you haven't been doing this all for ten years already! You saved a whole decade ;)

<Zola> Yeah... I guess that's a silver lining... over a hundred skipped...

  • Valeen nods
  • Zola puts the supplies in her purse.

<Valeen> If you have any questions or you aren't sure about things, you can always ask me.

<Zola> There's no way to know when to expect it is there, since I haven't had one yet?

<Zola> I should just carry some with me?

<Valeen> No, not really :/ Everyone is different - and it changes over time, too, as I suppose your body changes.

<Valeen> And yes - definitely carry things with you until you have a better idea when to expect things.

<Valeen> Although really, most ladies would probably help you out in a pinch, if you got caught unawares. They know what it's like :p

<Zola> Though they might think I've lost it, if they know me :P

  • Valeen chuckles

<Valeen> Well, in a moment of desperation, you won't worry about that too much, I imagine.

  • Zola hugs Valeen again

<Zola> Thanks for everything

<Valeen> Anyway, you wear a lot of red ;)

  • Zola laughs
  • Valeen hugs you back tightly

<Zola> Now you've got another run of this under your belt for your OWN daughter :3

<Valeen> Hahah! Someday, maybe :)

  • Zola will stick around and chat s'more
  • Valeen is happy to have girl talks with you :)
  • Zola waits until she gets home to strap a napkin to Bastien's head

<Zola> (j/k... I think)

Genevriel meets with August to tell him her news

  • Genevriel has arranged to meet August somewhere they can chat privately.
  • Genevriel arrives early and waits for him to show up.
  • August will meet you at the appointed time.
  • Genevriel stands up and smiles.

<Genevriel> Good afternoon, M. Merrion.

<August> Good afternoon - you're looking well :)

  • Genevriel pulls out a seat for him before returning to her seat.

<Genevriel> Thank you. You as well.

<Genevriel> (I assume.  ;) )

  • August looks the same as ever ;)

<Genevriel> I hope my prolonged absence didn't trouble you.

<Genevriel> Tante Sylvise had a rough time, since both Dorien and I were missing.

<August> I had a feeling that you were all right.

<August> I'm glad to see that I wasn't mistaken.

  • Genevriel looks curious.
  • Genevriel smiles.

<Genevriel> Is the feeling something you get from the Seven...?

<Genevriel> Or just your own instincts?

<Genevriel> Or the Six.

  • Genevriel amends.

<August> It isn't really a gift from the gods, but I felt like you were still alive, wherever you might be.

  • Genevriel still finds the Six vs Seven a bit confusing - since if there are Seven, then August and his friends must be Eighth.
  • Genevriel nods.

<Genevriel> Do they ever nudge you a little? Or give you more outright guidance?

<August> The former moreso than the latter.

  • Genevriel nods.

<Genevriel> I think the One might have nudged me a little.

<Genevriel> Otherwise, I wouldn't have left the First World.

<August> oh?

<Genevriel> But I'm not really sure if it *was* the One or my own deep conscience.

  • Genevriel nods.

<August> Well I'm glad that, whatever the cause, you did decide to return.

<Genevriel> Most of us seemed to remember something of our lives here, but I didn't.

<Genevriel> I totally was a Forgotten One named Vreel. She was a scout.

<Genevriel> I guess we had a little in common, because she lost her home in a war as well.

  • August nods, listening

<Genevriel> But she was much better adjusted than I am.

<Genevriel> Well, I also was a scout in the war here, so we had that in common, too.

<Genevriel> Other than that, though, I don't think we were anything alike.

<August> It sounds like a very interesting experience... if perhaps alarming, to lose your own identity for a time.

  • Genevriel shrugs.

<Genevriel> I don't know. I didn't find it alarming.

<August> that's good

<Genevriel> In some way, she's part of me, and I'm part of her. We're linked through the One, maybe?

  • August nods

<Genevriel> But how does everything being One fit in with all the other religions that exist?

<Genevriel> I find that awkward.

  • August considers that for a moment

<August> Religions are humans' way - and I suppose other mortal beings as well - of understanding something that is fundamentally beyond our comprehension.

  • Genevriel nods.

<August> It's very possible that our understanding is incomplete.

<August> And that what you are striving to understand is another aspect of that greater truth.

  • Genevriel frowns slightly.

<Genevriel> Isn't that troubling, though?

<August> Do you find it troubling?

<Genevriel> I mean, if the One gains traction, then what's to prevent its followers from saying they know better than those who follow Serpent, or the Seven?

<Genevriel> I would be unhappy if people used it to make themselves seem better, or more important.

<Genevriel> That's what people tend to do, though.

<August> I'm afraid that changing human nature is probably beyond your powers, yes. All you can do is try to set a good example.

<Genevriel> :/

<Genevriel> There's apparently another person like me in the city.

<Genevriel> I've been meaning to go speak with him or her. Maybe they know something more than I do so far.

  • August nods

<August> Hopefully you can learn things from one another.

<Genevriel> Hopefully.

<Genevriel> But I'm also kind of worried in case I don't like what they have to say.

<Genevriel> There's something reassuring in just sticking to one's own gut feelings rather than to what someone else believes or says.

<Genevriel> But if the One does encompass everything somehow, then that means it encompasses evil as well as good.

<August> Well, you can't know until you meet them. But if you don't find that you agree with them, there's nothing that says you need to take their views to heart.

  • Genevriel nods.
  • Genevriel falls silent for a bit, then changes the topic.

<Genevriel> Did anything interesting happen while I was missing?

<August> The club was slow. People mostly stayed in, I guess.

<Genevriel> Well, several of the top acts were missing.

  • Genevriel smiles.

<Genevriel> They must have had you do extra gigs.

<August> We had a lot of time to fill...

<Genevriel> I hope you didn't go through too many strings.  ;)

<August> I managed all right :)

<Genevriel> That's good.

<Genevriel> I have a little news.

<August> oh?

  • Genevriel nods.

<Genevriel> I guess one thing I took away from Vreel was to take what happiness you can find.

<August> that seems like a good takeaway

  • Genevriel smiles.

<Genevriel> She was pretty wise, I think. Being her was like taking a vacation from myself. I was devastated when I had to come back.

  • August nods

<Genevriel> Anyway... it took a few hours of trying to piece my life together before I realized that the person I needed to see most of all was Madds.

<Genevriel> So I went to his place. I suppose he must have missed me, too.

  • August nods, smiling

<Genevriel> He invited me to stay with him.

<Genevriel> Which, considering our history, is very confusing. We had decided that neither of us was capable of being more than friends.

<August> And what did you say?

  • Genevriel smiles.

<Genevriel> We're good for each other, so I agreed.

<August> Wonderful! :)

  • Genevriel will recount with amusement the meeting with Sylvise and Jerard, and Madds' dismissal of Jerard's concerns about unwedded couples.
  • August chuckles at your story

<Genevriel> It's not really proper, I know, but it's what's right for us.

<August> I wish you both the best.

<Genevriel> Thank you.

<Genevriel> I hope everything works out.

<August> So do I.

<Genevriel> One last bit of news...

<Genevriel> Tante Sylvise commissioned a monument in honour of those who died in the war and are buried at the Arguvan military cemetary.

  • August nods

<Genevriel> That includes my parents and brother. Madds had them interred there, which was kind of him.

<Genevriel> Anyway, it is set to be unveiled in a few weeks.

<August> Are you planning to attend?

  • Genevriel nods.

<Genevriel> It's going to be difficult, but it's something I need to do.

  • August nods

<Genevriel> Madds and Dorien are coming, and also my uncle and aunt, of course.

<August> I hope that you'll find comfort in it, even if it's also difficult.

  • Genevriel nods.

<Genevriel> I was wondering if you might like to come, too?

<Genevriel> I don't want you to feel obliged, but I thought I'd offer.

<August> I'd be glad to.

<August> Just let me know a few days ahead of time so that I can take the nights off work, and I'll be there.

  • Genevriel smiles a little wanly.

<Genevriel> Thank you.

<Genevriel> It's set for the 18th of Sixth-month because that's the day everything happened.

  • August nods

<August> How are you planning to travel there?

<Genevriel> (How long do trains take?)

<Genevriel> (Or does Sylvise have Teleport in her repertoire?)

<August> (to get there, probably a week. Probably your aunt is planning on some other means?)

<Genevriel> Do you know, I'm not certain. Tante Sylvise was taking care of the arrangements. She is a sorceress, but I'm not sure if she has the ability to Teleport us...

<Genevriel> I don't think she is planning to take the train, though.

  • August nods

<Genevriel> She didn't seem to be factoring in two weeks' travel time.

<August> Well, let me know what's decided, and I can plan accordingly.

  • Genevriel nods.

<August> Of course I don't expect you or your aunt to pay for my travel expenses.

<Genevriel> She probably would.

<Genevriel> And I owe you anyway.

  • August shakes his head

<August> Don't worry about it at all.

<August> I'll find a way.

<Genevriel> We'll figure it out together.

  • Genevriel will write down her new address and phone number at Madds' apartment for August.
  • August takes it with a smile.

<Genevriel> (SM: Did he work on Madds while I was missing?  ;D )

<August> (you can roll)

<Genevriel> !roll 1d20+9

  • BalthCat rolls for Genevriel: [ 1d20+9 ] getting [ 20 ] which, after the modifier [ 9 ] totals [ 29 ].

<August> (no, you don't think so - he's just happy for you)

<Genevriel> (OK...)

  • Genevriel has no further news, so she will maybe practice her Celestial with August for a bit before treating him to some coffee and sweets.
  • August will gladly chat with you

<Genevriel> (She can try to tell him, haltingly, about her adventures in the First World.)

<Genevriel> (In Celestial.)

<August> (sounds good)

<Genevriel> (It's rough. But she's getting better. Lots of "Comment dit-on" moments, though.)

<August> (heh)

Hettienne and Denise seek out Ander and become were-rats

  • Ander is findable at work, of course
  • Hettienne will go find him...

<Ander> Hey Hettie - how's things goin'?

<Hettienne> Well, now that's a complicated question

  • Denise is just grabbing some beers at the bar and will be back shortly ;)

<Hettienne> I got some stuff to talk to you about, maybe you don't wanna talk about in a bar full o folk.

<Ander> Fair - you wanna take a drive? I dunno how long a break you can take off here.

<Hettienne> I can make it work,

<Hettienne> .

<Ander> a'right. Lemme let Dee know what's up, so she don't come back with beers an' wonder where I got to.

<Hettienne> I don' mind if she's there.

<Ander> Okay.

  • Denise is in fact approaching the table now, looking form the one of you to the otherand hoping for a signin as to whether she shoudl back off ot not
  • Ander beckons you over

<Denise> hey Aunt Hettie :3

  • Denise says, depositing said beers

<Hettienne> Hey Den.

<Hettienne> We're just gonna go for a little drive

<Denise> we are?

<Ander> Have a word in private, like.

<Hettienne> Mm-hm

<Ander> You wanna drive us around, like a swanky chauffeur? :)

<Denise> oh, sure!

<Ander> Swell.

  • Denise looks at the beers

<Denise> leave 'em or....???

<Ander> They'll be okay - I think we're comin' back, right?

  • Ander says with a glance to Hettie

<Denise> okay

<Hettienne> Yeah... Ain't no-one gonna steal drinks from *that* table ;)

  • Denise_ will take just a little sip before we slip off then :3
  • Ander holds the door for Hettie to get into his car

<Hettienne> Real nice ride you got :3

<Denise> its real swell :D

<Ander> Thanks.

  • Denise says, holdimg the door for Ander in turn and then getting in the driver's seat

<Ander> So, what's the situation?

  • Ander asks once we're safely ensconced

<Hettienne> Awright.

<Hettienne> So, Den told me what you've all been up to.

<Hettienne> Figurin' out the old ways.

<Ander> Ah, yeah. That's one way of puttin' it.

<Hettienne> An' that's real excitin'... But *how* can you be talkin' about lettin' just everyone have it? Folk what ain't even our House? How?!

  • Denise isn't sure if she should say anything so just kind of winces a bit an tries to concentrate on drivin'

<Ander> Well... it's kinda a long story, but I'll try an' give the gist of it.

<Ander> It ain't really so much that I figured anythin' out - there's an old lady who's researched all this for ages, an' she thought she had a way of makin' it work - so I said sure, I'd try it.

<Ander> 'Cept what happened when I went under weren't just that I got the power myself. I went ... into some other fella's head, this Rat leader from way back before the Empire.

  • Denise quietly huhs becuase she wans't really expecting him to tell her all this

<Ander> An' that fella - his name was Drej - went into the Arch. An' so did I, with him.

  • Hettienne looks vaguely horrified

<Hettienne> Ain't that... a real bad idea?

<Ander> I dunno that it's what I'da done, under regular circumstances, but it was different then.

<Ander> .... I... or we... met Rat in there.

  • Ander says quietly.

<Hettienne> Uh....huh.

  • Hettienne would be more incredulous if she hadn't just been turned into a fairy

<Ander> When I got back in my own head, I could do the change myself. But ... ah... I could give it to other folks too.

<Hettienne> You *can*? :o

<Ander> I know it sounds crazy, but I done it to a couple folks now.

<Hettienne> Like who?

<Ander> Ralf...

<Hettienne> An' how do you get from that to 'I should give it to every bird in the Shambles?!

<Ander> 'Cause of what Rat said.

<Denise> <m> he never said that.... :| :/ -_-

<Hettienne> WHat was that?

<Ander> He ain't sayin' I should give it to everyone.

  • Ander tries to clarify

<Hettienne> So what *did* he say

<Ander> He said that ... we... were lords of the waste, an' the unwanted, an' the lost. And that we were sposed to show them the way.

  • Ander spreads his hands in an 'I don't even know' kind of way

<Ander> I ain't a lord of nothin'.

<Hettienne> So... if we're the lords of the waste... does that mean we take them in to *our* House?

<Hettienne> Oh like hell you ain't

  • Ander shrugs

<Ander> I talked to some folks about it - Channels, an', ah, the Patriarch popped in for tea.

<Ander> so it's been a weird few weeks.

<Hettienne> But you ain't no lord. :p

<Ander> ... my family didn't get them titles when they were goin' around. Whatever they were before, I dunno if that even has anything to do with this all.

<Hettienne> Well I know ain't nobody askin' me but that ain't never stopped me afore.

<Hettienne> Seems to me like a body wants Rat's gifts, they oughta be a Rat.

<Ander> That was some of what I talked with the Patriarch 'bout.

<Ander> He's got some spell to talk to Rat, so we asked some more questions.

<Hettienne> If they want it enough to leave their own House... that's be a thing

<Hettienne> (that'd)

<Ander> I asked if it could be given to anyone. An'... usually this Commune spell, it just gives you a yes or no. But that one, the answer he got back was that they had to 'truly embrace it'. Maybe that means comin' into our ways, or that they gotta understand what it's all about or somethin'.

<Denise> huh

<Hettienne> Huh.

  • Hettienne echoes.

<Ander> Another question was, would it be dangerous for folks to get this? an' it said 'some'.

<Ander> An' would it be dangerous for me. That was a straigh-up yes.

<Hettienne> Probly some folks wouldn't take too kind to those wanting to join Rat.

  • Ander nods

<Hettienne> But if there are more of us... like a *lot* more...

<Denise> no one wants us to have anythin', let alione anythin' special, so of course they're gonna come after you

<Hettienne> Yeah.

<Ander> I figure I'm gonna get it from all sides whenever this gets out... I'm tryin' to keep it quiet for however long I can.

<Hettienne> Well I ain't gonna go flappin' my gums, don't worry on that account

<Ander> I know you ain't.

<Ander> You got interests you wanna keep safe, for one.

<Hettienne> Heh, interests.

<Hettienne> So about them interests.

  • Denise grins

<Denise> :3 :3 :3

<Ander> what about 'em?

<Hettienne> Looks like the uh, investment might be payin' double :p

<Ander> ...

<Ander> ... you both? or, like, twins?

<Hettienne> Just the first one... far as we know >.>

<Ander> I guess how would you even know that yet @_@

<Ander> well damn.

  • Ander says, kind of stunned

<Hettienne> That's what I said :p

<Denise> :3

<Denise> they're gonna be so cute!

<Ander> Congrats I guess!

<Hettienne> Thanks. Thought you'd wanna know.

<Ander> Yeah, for sure. Good to know I'm off the hook ;)

<Hettienne> Heh.

<Ander> Wow.

<Ander> Two, huh...

  • Ander shakes his head a bit, still amazed

<Denise> so, um, boss...

<Ander> Yeah?

<Denise> if we do wanna do this.....

<Denise> what do we gotta do? :3

<Hettienne> Yeah, I want in :3

<Ander> It's pretty easy... least so far, it's gone smooth.

<Denise> okay

<Ander> I ask if you want it - you say yes, assumin' that's what you want anyway. An' then I just gotta touch you - just on your hand or whatever - an' ... I dunno how to describe it. Just focus on givin' the power.

<Ander> Then it just... works @_@

<Ander> You... you wanna do that now? Or you need more time to think on it first?

<Denise> yeah!

<Denise> Well I guess like, not while I'm drivin >.>

<Ander> heh

<Hettienne> Do it make you turn right away, or can you decide when?

<Ander> Well... I only done it twice, so I ain't positive it always works the same. But both times, they changed right away.

<Ander> Scared the shit outta Ralf... we weren't expectin' it.

<Ander> But then they could change right back, 'course.

<Hettienne> It ain't gonna hurt the babe is it?

<Hettienne> :/

<Denise> you were a giant an that didn't hurt the baby

<Ander> That weren't somethin' I thought to ask Rat... But ... like, Nycki can already do it, right? she changed since she got knocked up?

<Hettienne> (has she?)

<Ander> (not that you've seen)

<Ander> It's the same thing as what she's got, an' other folks like her. I did ask that.

<Hettienne> I dunno. Not that I saw.

<Ander> So if it's okay for her, I figure it'd be okay for you too?

<Ander> Our folks back in the day, they musta changed when they were pregnant - they can't just've stopped for 9 months, right?

<Hettienne> I s'pose, yeah

<Ander> It's your call. We can always do it another time if you wanna think on it more.

<Hettienne> ... Let's do it.

<Ander> A'right.

  • Ander will wait until Denise has parked the car.
  • Denise will find somewhere out of the way, out of sight to do that thing

<Ander> Who wants to go first?

<Denise> :3

  • Hettienne raises her hand

<Hettienne> :3

  • Denise gives an excited little hop

<Denise> 'kay :3

  • Ander nods

<Ander> <r> Hettienne - d'you want the gift of goin' on four feet?

<Hettienne> <r> Hells yeah I do!

  • Ander smiles at that, and puts his hand on yours. There's a little zing that passes between you, and Hettie shifts into ratte form.
  • Hettienne squeaks
  • Hettienne is now known as Rattienne

<Rattienne> :3

<Ander> Shit, I ain't never gettin' used to that @_@

<Denise> ohmigosh :3 :o

  • Rattienne hops around in a circle and twitches her whiskers
  • Rattienne sits up and grabs her tail with her front paws :3

<Denise> you're so cute!

  • Denise will crcouch down to pick you up if you let her
  • Rattienne hops into your hand
  • Denise marvels and will pet you
  • Rattienne ducks away :p

<Rattienne> *squeak*

<Denise> (I am assuming a little dark ratte)

<Denise> no pettin?

<Denise> aww :(

<Denise> okay

<Denise> my turn? :3 :3 :3

  • Denise will put her aunt down

<Ander> Sure.

<Ander> <r> Denise, do you want the gift of goin' on four feet?

<Denise> <r> I sure really do!

  • Ander puts his hand on your arm, and you feel that little shock, before you find yourself turning into a ratte :o
  • Denise is now known as Rat-niece

<Rat-niece> (:V)

  • Rat-niece also squeas and scampers adn checks herself out
  • Rat-niece is a bigger ratte prolly

<Rat-niece> <ratte>Can anyone understand me?

  • Rat-niece tries 'talking'
  • Rat-niece looks from Ander to hettie

<Ander> (rattes can understand each other in ratte form :)

<Rattienne> <r> This is amazin'!

<Rat-niece> <r>ohmigosh!

  • Rat-niece comes over and sniffs at you
  • Rat-niece squeaks at Ander, who can't understand her, scampering around in a little circle

<Rat-niece> <r>Boss come ratt with us :3

<Rattienne> <r> Aw shit I gotta go back to work

  • Ander shrugs and shifts into his rat form

<Rattienne> <r> I forgot!!

  • Ander is a golden-blond ratte :3

<Rat-niece> <r> pffft work!

<Rat-niece> <r> yay!

<Ander> <r> how's it feel?

<Rat-niece> <r> It's so cool!

<Rattienne> Easy for you to say when your boss is him here :p

<Rat-niece> <r>just like for a little bit though

<Rat-niece> <r> Gosh everythin's so big :o

<Rat-niece> <r> an smelly

<Ander> <r> it takes some gettin' used to

<Rat-niece> <r> not like all bad smelly

<Rattienne> <r> Interestin' smelly

<Rat-niece> <r> yeah!

<Rat-niece> <r> gosh

  • Rat-niece scampers around both of you

<Rat-niece> <r> I wanna go see so many things :o

<Ander> <r> be careful, okay?

<Rattienne> <r> I really do gotta get back though :/

<Rat-niece> <r>I willl...

<Ander> <r> if you're goin' pokin' around, go together, or with your boy.

<Rat-niece> <r>Prolly, yeah, Enver'll want it too

<Rat-niece> <r>I guess you an nycki can go already :3

<Rat-niece> <r> she's gonns be real surprised /i bet @_@

<Rattienne> <r> Hehehe... yup

<Rat-niece> <r> Ooooh Boss!

<Ander> <r> yeah?

<Rat-niece> <r> If you *do* go wearin' a costume disguise like in the serials, then Aunt Hettie can make you the best one ^-^

<Rat-niece> <r> She worked for a real theater an all n :3

<Ander> <r> .... I mean, that ain't a bad idea.

<Rattienne> <r> Sure thing! Just tell me what kinda thing you want

  • Ander changes topic to 'nananananananana RATMAN�'

<Ander> <r> I'll think on it some.

<Ander> <r> I guess somethin' that'd hide my face?

<Rattienne> <r> Aright... I'll bounce someideas around and show you some stuff soon

<Ander> <r> thanks

  • Rat-niece tugs her whiskers excitedly

<Ander> <r> I'm gonna just... go over here to change back, so no one gets squished.

  • Rat-niece squeaks an excited squeak
  • Ander gets to the other side of the seat before shifting back
  • Rat-niece can reluctantly shift back too and drive us back to the club

Argent asks Titania about swiching to security

  • Argent will stop by Titania's office, knocking on the door if its closed, or just frame knocking if its open.

<Titania> come in!

<Argent> Hi, do you have a minute to talk?

  • Argent will step in

<Titania> Sure, what's up?

<Argent> I wanted to talk about my job.

<Argent> First making sure I still work here.

  • Argent smiles

<Titania> You're not fired. I know what you guys were doing, and it seems like it was pretty important. And also hard to phone in from.

<Argent> I don't even have a phone in my place, so it would be hard regardless.

<Argent> and thank you for understanding.

<Titania> Hey, don't worry about it. If I'm not firing Aubrienne and Hugo and Zola, I'd be a hypocrite if I fired you or Gen or Hettie for the same thing.

<Argent> I was the one that talked everyone into all of it, mostly, so I would be upset if anyone lost there job, when the blame should be on me.

<Titania> you were?

<Argent> I guess, but they were all willing to help

<Argent> which I appreciated

<Argent> but thats not why I came to talk to you.

<Titania> All right...

<Argent> I like working here, and I do want to keep working here, but I'm feeling that being a waiter may not be the best fit for me.

<Titania> Feeling the call of the stage?

  • Titania guesses

<Argent> not exactly... I'm not one for a spot light... leave that to Zola and Hugo.

<Argent> and Aubrienne

<Titania> Too bad - you'd be a nice draw, I bet.

<Titania> But what did you have in mind, then?

<Argent> I was thinking maybe I could help Geff out?

<Titania> Security?

<Titania> No offense, but do you have the skills for that?

<Argent> I have a good eye for troublemakers, I'm sure if you asked around you'd find out.

<Argent> and I grew up on the streets so I know how to handle myself

  • Titania considers
  • Argent tries to guage her
  • Titania seems to be thinking about it seriously

<Titania> I don't have a problem with it, but I'll leave the final call up to Geff. He'll have a better idea what his team needs and what you have to offer.

<Argent> thats really all I can ask for

<Titania> Let's go have a word with him, then.

  • Argent nods
  • Titania will walk with you to the security office and track down Geff there

<Titania> Geff, a minute?

<Geff> Sure, boss.

<Titania> Argent here is interested in transferring into security. Do you think you could use him?

  • Geff looks you up and down

<Geff> You ever been in a fight before?

<Argent> yes

<Geff> Who won?

<Argent> when I was younger, I tended to be on the losing end... now a days, its me that wins.

<Geff> Can you handle weapons?

<Argent> I know how to shoot a gun, and handle a rapier... learned from my times on the streets and such.

  • Geff nods, considering

<Argent> You've never seen a sharper pair of eyes, and I can spot trouble, read people.

<Geff> If someone gets in your face, swearing at you and calling you names, can you handle that without losing your cool?

<Argent> I know the job is to keep the peace, settle things down, and let the show go on, were not here to knock heads, unless we have to.

  • Geff nods

<Geff> All right. We can give this a try, see how it goes.

<Argent> you'll see I'll be a good addition, and thank you for giving me the opportunity.

<Geff> Welcome.

<Titania> How about you start tomorrow - give me a day at least to find a replacement waiter.

<Argent> thats fine

<Argent> with me at least

<Geff> Fine by me too.

  • Titania nods

<Titania> Anything else I can do for you tonight?

<Argent> I mean to ask how Aubrienne is doing... I haven't had a chance to talk with her since we got back.

  • Titania smiles

<Titania> She's all right. She's got a couple days off for a birth in the family.

<Argent> Is it THAT birth? I didn't realize it was so soon.

<Titania> Yes, that one. I don't know how the timing works out, but I heard they're doing fine.

<Argent> thats good news

  • Titania nods

<Titania> Very good news.

<Argent> I just hope there are not too many fingers trying to prod things... we just making out of one crisis, don't need to start another one.

<Titania> Yes... I hope so too.

<Argent> (she sincere... or trying to hide some worries?)

  • Titania seems more concerned for Aubrienne than for any broader issues

<Argent> I think for now we should just be happy.

<Titania> That sounds like a good plan.

Denise shows Enver her rat form

  • Denise will be up waiting for you whenever you get home from work
  • Enver will arrive home, with a very filthy Lady in tow, a bit before dawn

<Denise> uhhhh....

<Denise> we gotta do somethin' 'bout Lady or Aunt Hettie will kill us >.>

<Enver> yeah...

<Denise> what happened to her or do I wanna know :o

<Enver> She likes chasin' stuff a bit too much.

<Enver> we could walk down to the fountain with her, try an' get her cleaned up a bit.

<Denise> okay

  • Denise will find something to put on her feet and head that way with you
  • Enver will head down the street to the public water trough/pump/fountain thingy

<Enver> It ain't even frozen up now :)

<Denise> yeah, its startin' to warm up

  • Enver nods

<Enver> so how was your night?

<Denise> oh man @_@

<Denise> I did the thing!

<Enver> the thing?

<Denise> the rat thing :3

<Enver> oh, the thing!

<Enver> oh man! what's it like?

<Denise> it's great @_@

<Denise> you gotta so it too :3

<Denise> me an aunt hettie did it

  • Enver nods

<Denise> just for a little bit though

  • Denise looks around to see if there are any people

<Enver> (it's pretty quiet at 5am or whatever time it is :)

  • Denise looks at the dog in the fountain

<Denise> I could show you but will Lady chase me? :o

<Enver> uh... good question. I think she'll listen to me if I tell her to stay....

<Enver> The mess was my own fault really... I tossed some junk into the sewer an' she thought I was still playin' fetch with her >.>

<Denise> oh, heh...

<Denise> well okay then :3

<Denise> you keep an eye on 'er

<Enver> okay

  • Denise will go on the other swkide of Enver from the dog then, and turn into a ratte!
  • Enver stays close to Lady, ready to grab her if she tries anything.

<Enver> :o

<Enver> whoa, you really can do it! :o

  • Enver pets Lady, who whines a little but doesn't try anything

<Enver> Good girl, that's good, she's still the same person, just a bit smaller...

  • Denise squeaks and comes over a little closer, and will make a break for it and scamper up to his shoulder

<Enver> hey, hee, that tickles :D

  • Enver reaches up to pet you
  • Denise stands up on his shoulder with her littlew rat paws against the side of his face, sniffing him
  • Enver grins
  • Enver squinches up his face a bit as you put your paws on his cheek
  • Denise leans into the pets

<Enver> that's amazin'

<Enver> can you just do that whenever?

  • Enver scritches your ears

<Enver> I guess you prolly can't answer right now...

  • Denise squeaks, but nods
  • Denise tickles his hear with her wet little rat nose and whiskers
  • Enver laughs

<Enver> okay, okay, change back, I got questions :)

  • Denise considers burrowing into his shirt instead, but will scamper down and change back as requested ^-^

<Enver> that's so cool

<Denise> ain't it swell? :D

  • Enver nods

<Enver> I dunno even what to say :o

<Enver> It's like in the old stories

<Denise> un huh - it's so col!

<Denise> you gotta do in an then we can go look 'round all the coolest places :D

  • Enver nods

<Enver> I wanna - d'you think I can do it tonight?

<Denise> maybe tomorrow

<Denise> its pretty late

<Enver> okay

  • Denise assumes Ander is probably in bed >.>

<Denise> you can come round with me before you go meet Georn

  • Enver nods

<Enver> sounds good

  • Enver gives you a hug
  • Denise snuggles in

<Enver> you're a real cute rat ;)

<Denise> I bet you will be too :3

<Enver> heh

  • Denise gives you a kiss
  • Enver kisses back :3

<Enver> d'you think Lady's cleaned up enough to go in the house...?

  • Denise gives her a look over

<Denise> well... if we can get her dried off more she looks okay ;3

  • Enver nods
  • Enver calls for Lady to hop out of the fountain, and she shakes herself off vigorously

<Enver> well that's a start anyway...

  • Denise squeqaks in human form as she gets spattered with wet dog spray

<Denise> (squeaks)

  • Enver chuckles

<Enver> sorry

<Denise> I ain't gonna melt - I'll just have to take off my pants when we get home ^-^

<Denise> an I figure that was the plan anyway ;)

<Enver> gee, that's too bad... ;)

  • Enver will gladly go home with you to get out of those wet clothes... ;)

<Denise> ^-^

Argent finds out from Margaux that there may still be a rift to the First World

  • Argent will have just come in [to Margaux's place]

<Margaux> (after work? so it's early morning, like 3-4 am or so?)

<Argent> (ok)

  • Margaux is awake, sitting and looking out the window.

<Argent> Oh, I wasn't expecting you to be awake.

<Margaux> I couldn't sleep.

<Argent> Dreams or is it something else?

  • Argent walks over and stands beside her

<Margaux> Dreams...

  • Margaux takes your hand.

<Argent> same or different?

<Margaux> Different. Things are changing...

  • Argent will drops to one knee, turning to face her

<Argent> tell me

<Margaux> I feel like a door is open to the First World.

<Margaux> Strange energy flowing through from one world to another.

<Argent> not the Irminsul?

<Margaux> Maybe. In the dream, it looked like a door, but ... symbols.

  • Margaux says with a shrug.

<Argent> I wanted to think that having worked to get they Irminsul cleansed, that we would get a reprive against the Cyste or anything else. Hopeful thinking.

<Margaux> I hope so too.

  • Margaux strokes your hair.

<Argent> the door with symbols, Amanita used that book to open the portal we went through. There could be something left behind.

<Margaux> But I know that what we did changed things. Maybe for the better... we can hope, anyway.

<Margaux> Something about a dark tapestry...

  • Argent tries to remember her words...

<Argent> rend and stars

<Argent> thats all I remember

  • Margaux nods

<Argent> Just to make sure, we'll check it out.

<Margaux> There's no point in worrying about it tonight, though.

<Margaux> How was work?

<Argent> Did my last shift as a waiter, ill be starting with security. I needed a change.

  • Margaux smiles

<Margaux> you'll be good at that :)

<Argent> I have to be careful not to be too good.

<Margaux> heh

<Argent> Tits wanted me for the stage, but I really don't want any more spotlight right now.

  • Margaux chuckles at that

<Margaux> What does she want you to do? Stand there and look pretty?

<Argent> sometimes thats enough

  • Argent shrugs

<Margaux> I think you'll have more fun with security.

<Argent> so do I

  • Margaux gives you a kiss.
  • Argent kisses her back

<Margaux> It's definitely getting warmer. I was watching the ice melt.

<Argent> That is good news indeed

<Argent> maybe I can finally get around to getting that motorcycle that I've wanted for MONTHS

<Margaux> That would be fun :)

<Argent> wont it

<Margaux> We could take a ride somewhere out in the country, and go for a picnic...

<Argent> wind in our hair, the road flying by

  • Argent will turn and put her arms around him
  • Margaux rests her head against your shoulder.

<Argent> you know I can still do some of Silver's magic.

<Margaux> you can?

<Argent> yeah

<Argent> and I can probably figure out how to do some more... it just takes work and time... cause I'm not the brightest

<Margaux> I can still do some of Aux's tricks too.

<Argent> Is that how you keep this place so clean... turning into a tornado?

  • Margaux laughs
  • Argent turns back around and wraps his arms around her

<Margaux> I wonder if they kept things from us too.

<Argent> I dont think Silver liked me too much... I'm too reservered for her... but it would be great if they did.

<Margaux> I know that the planes are more complicated than we can really imagine... but it's comforting to think that they're still going about their lives somewhere.

<Argent> (sigh reserved)

<Argent> they did a good deed and I hope they get their rewards.

  • Margaux nods

<Argent> I'm thinking that maybe I should help you relax and get some sleep.

<Margaux> That would be a very good reward :)

  • Argent will stand and scoop Margaux up in his arms

<Margaux> (aww :D)

<Argent> when we wake, ill tell you all about the rest of the news I heard today... but now I'm gonna make you forget about everything but us.

  • Margaux smiles

Argent tells Denise that Servan has escaped

  • Argent will show up in the wee hours of the morning, knocking gently to anounce his presence, but not to disturb anyone else.
  • Denise is expecting you and will let you in

<Argent> Hi there

  • Argent says quietly

<Argent> anyone else around?

<Denise> nah, hettie's out with Nycki an enver's sill at work :3

<Denise> how's Margaux?

<Argent> well then, I don't have to whisper then do I

<Argent> She's ok... her dreams have her worried.

<Denise> oh yeah?

<Argent> yeah... we need to check out the area where we crossed to the First World... make sure nothing was left open.

  • Denise nods

<Argent> Think you and Enver would be up for that?

<Denise> I'm down for that

<Denise> I bet he will be too

<Argent> good, and thanks. Need to grab someone with some magical know how too to help, just in case... maybe Hugo or Aubrienne, if she's free.

<Denise> yeah....

  • Denise says, but looks a little dubious

<Argent> I can deal with stuff once I know what it is... but I'm not that great at figuring it out.

<Argent> what you thinkin?

<Denise> I guess I shouldn't maybe after now but I still have a hard time thinkin' of Hugo as someone to go to for stufff :p

  • Denise shrugs

<Denise> like, least Aubrienne is a Rat >.>

<Denise> Zola's got that memory sharin spell though

<Argent> I really only mentioned Hugo since I dont know how available Aubrienne is... her brother's baby came.

<Denise> oh! Oh yeahhhhhhh.... the Feyby :3

  • Argent nods

<Argent> that one

<Denise> I hope everythin' goin' okay with it

<Denise> but like - havin' been to the fist world now it all seems less weird

<Argent> as far as I know its ok.

<Argent> just going with what Tit's mentioned

  • Denise nodsa

<Denise> well if I see her I'll ask

<Argent> great

<Denise> I mean its still a rat too, prolly oughtta bring over a pie or somethin' - those folks she were stayin' with don't seems like mayeb they now how to do things righht :3

<Argent> I can't even imagine the number of people who've probably visited that baby by now

<Argent> not really what I wanted to chat about anyway.

  • Denise nods

<Argent> I'm gonna need Ander's and Nicki's help with something... its on the down low, but I think they will be motivated to help.

<Denise> ooooh?

  • Denise perks up, looking excited

<Argent> Servan Aigel was broken free from custody

<Denise> ugh >:|

<Argent> I've been tasked with trying to find leads on his location, discretely

<Denise> Well the boss oughtta know 'bout that for sure

  • Denise nods

<Denise> that's how we got in trouble with him the first time..... but still I figure we can do that prolly

<Denise> and yeah, Nycki

<Denise> 'll wanna know too

<Denise> how d'you mean he was broken free though?

<Denise> like, Legs came for 'im?

<Argent> people broke into the prison, killed some guards and left with him

<Argent> he must be lying low now, so I figured there may be leads

  • Denise nods

<Denise> you know anythin' anut them/

<Denise> ?

  • Denise tries to think like Ander

<Argent> if there are no leads, then its likely the Church is hiding him, which is good to know as well.

<Denise> just like - the more we got to work wth, the mpre chance we got of trackin' anythin' down

<Argent> wish I did, not much details.

<Denise> huh

<Denise> 'kay

<Argent> I'm just thinking if there are hiddie holes, then people may know of them, and if they may be suddenly used... its something

<Argent> it was a messy escape, two other prisoners bolted at the same time.

<Denise> oh yeah

<Denise> ?

<Argent> Nalyrr Kah'lien a Blackblood, shadar-kai, and Dalwin Brune

<Denise> whosat?

<Argent> If I hear anything on them too, I need to feed it back, but they're not exactly the priority

  • Denise nods

<Denise> 'kay

<Denise> they might know somethin' though, if we can find 'em

<Argent> yeah, Kah'lein could be on a different plane by now, but I was gonna check with Mireva to see if she had family here

<Denise> yeah, she'd know I bet..... I still gotta track her down - I ain't had time yet :/

<Argent> Dalwin Brune apparently murdered his own family, so I'm not sure who he'd turn to for help

<Argent> or who would help him

<Argent> maybe we should do that, track down Mireva, see how she's doing. After Dorien showed up with Mercy and her mother, I got kinda worried she could be stuck squatting at a shealter

<Denise> last I herad she was staying with an, um, friend >.>

<Denise> but that was afore we left

  • Argent chuckles

<Argent> I'm gonna see if she's ok, regardless, so any leads would be helpful.

  • Denise can tell you where she was staying

<Denise> I can go too - I do need to see her

<Argent> sounds like a plan

<Denise> maybe before work tomorrow?

  • Argent nods

<Argent> so any news with you... everything good with your family?

<Denise> yeah, I think so

<Denise> Like, pa was realy nice to aunt hettie when we got back

<Denise> usually the don't get on, so that were nice

<Denise> Mik said he knew we were all okay even thiugh we were gone so long

<Argent> I'm glad they had that.

<Denise> yeah :3

  • Denise looks like she is thinking

<Argent> I never expected things to turn out that we would be gone so long.

<Denise> yeah @_@

<Denise> The boss was real glad for me to get back

<Argent> I do regret that it ended up with everyone's loved being left in the dark and so worried

<Denise> Well, we're back now

<Denise> Was your priest friend worried 'bout you?

<Argent> yeah... but that's different. She knew what we were trying to do and understood that it may not work out. Briony was happy to see me back, yes, but at least she knew why we were gone.

<Denise> un huh

<Denise> :/

<Denise> anyway

<Denise> we are back an thing'll be okay

<Argent> yeah

  • Denise fidgets

<Argent> what's up?

<Denise> Well....

<Denise> I heard some other stuff 'bout some things that happened while we were gone, but I ain't got everything all straight yet

<Denise> but like....

<Denise> you know, with you not knowin' who your folks are an all that

<Argent> my folks? What are you talking about?

<Denise> I mean your people

<Denise> well your other people

<Argent> I'm still a little confused.

<Denise> yeah, me too

  • Denise tries to think of a different way to say what she is trying to say

<Denise> I mean - do you feel like you belong somewhere?

<Denise> I know that's a weird question

<Argent> I'm not sure what you're trying to get at? Do I belong somewhere? Don't I belong here, doing what I'm doing, with the people I care about?

<Denise> I guess so.

<Denise> I mean - yes, you do.

<Denise> I weren't sure, I guess, if that was enough for you, on account of not knowing where you come from

<Argent> there is something on your mind, I can tell, and you're not sure about telling me. I trust you completely. If its something you want to tell me, I'll listen.

<Argent> If not, thats ok, I also trust your judgement.

  • Denise looks kind of conflicted, and kind of annoyed

<Denise> there is, but I dunno if it is my place to say, is the thing

<Denise> man I'm not good at secrets :|

  • Argent smiles

<Denise> like - I trust you, but it ain't my thing, and maybe it aint' the thing that folks it al comes from would want gettin' to other folks that *you* trust, ya know?

<Argent> like the Deck of Many Things, which I haven't mentioned to anyone?

<Denise> oh man I forgot all aboutb that @_@

<Denise> see now I feel like a heel :(

<Argent> you're not making me upset or offending me, so don't feel bad

<Argent> I know your heart is in the right place

<Denise> I just don't wanna put you in the same kinda place I'm in now

  • Argent will take Denise's hand

<Argent> So dont

<Denise> :/

<Argent> If I need to know, you'll let me know. Until then...

  • Argent shrugs

<Denise> okay

<Denise> but I don't like it, not when you say you trust me completely even when you ain't even you :|

  • Argent laughs

<Argent> Well its true, even if it came from Silver's mouth instead of mine

<Denise> well you said it again just liek five minutes ago :p

<Argent> True. now were going in circles. It Ok... you may not like it, but its nothing between us.

<Argent> time to change subjects...

<Denise> okay

<Argent> how are things with you and Enver?

<Denise> oh :3

<Argent> everyone happy to be back?

<Denise> They're real great ^-^

<Denise> unhuh ^-^

<Argent> glad things didnt get messed up

<Denise> Prolly we're gonna have to start lookin' harder for a place to move to when we get married though

<Argent> oh, I cant wait to see you in a wedding dress

<Denise> ugh, stupid dress, I guess so :(

<Denise> well I guess if anyone can Aunt hettie will make it look okay

<Denise> else I'll just wear a suit anyway :p

<Argent> I hear lace is popular... I'm sure Hettie can make something really lacey for you.

<Denise> -_-

<Denise> well it doens't matter, enver 'll say I look pretty anyway :3

<Argent> of course he will

<Argent> maybe you should start wearing dresses to get used to it... like practice.

<Denise> ugh

<Denise> I don't think so, I just look like a potato :p

<Argent> no, you just need those wire hoops to spread it out

  • Argent smiles

<Denise> what, from like a million years ago? :p

<Argent> haha

<Argent> It was just a suggestion

  • Denise makes a face

<Argent> just get hettie to make sure you can kick someone in the face if they mess with ya

  • Denise chuckles

<Denise> well now if I have to kick someone in the face I think you're supposed to stop me not encourage ^-^

<Argent> what kind of friend would I be if I didn't encourage a face kicking for someone who deserved it?

  • Denise grins at that

<Denise> I'll try an not get you fired ;)

<Denise> though, like, no one really is gona start trouble at the club

<Argent> no just angry fey... there the only ones

<Denise> them we can face kick together ^-^

Denise tells Ander about Servan's escape

  • Denise can just chat at work as long as no one is paying us much mind
  • Ander can talk with you when he has a moment between work meetings

<Denise> so, you know how Servan Aigel got caught an all?

<Ander> Yeah, good riddance.

<Denise> yeah not so mcuh

<Denise> he got broken out

<Ander> Got broken out, like someone helped him?

<Denise> that's what it looked like I guess.... someone broke in, killed some of the guards, an took 'im

  • Ander frowns

<Denise> they let out some other folks too

<Ander> It weren't at the Creux, or I'd've heard about that

<Denise> no they weren't

<Denise> they were at some kinda special prison for folks the Creux couldln't keep in

<Ander> well, shit.

<Denise> Nycki took Hettie to go see him, see if they could get some answers about vairon, a while back

<Denise> yeah

<Denise> I thought you oughtta know about that

<Ander> thanks for lettin' me know. I guess I'll keep my ear to the ground, see if anything turns up on him.

<Denise> I guess he's got friends in the CVhurch or somethin' and maybe he's lyin' low with them

<Denise> thanks - coudol you let me know if you do?:

<Ander> Sure

<Denise> thanks boss

<Denise> the other folks who got out too maybe they might know somethin' about it too..

<Ander> I wonder if he'll lay low or if he's too stupid or too angry for that.

  • Denise will give him their names
  • Ander makes a note of them

<Denise> I guess, like, it depends on if whoever got 'im out is someone who can keep him in hand, you know?

  • Ander nods

<Ander> an' why they busted him out

<Ander> if it was even him for sure they were after, an' not one of the others

<Denise> yeah

<Denise> it sounded like it was from what i heard, but I dunno

<Ander> well, if it was his little spring-heeled girlfriend, she mighta just wanted him out cause of his winning personal charms... but if it was some other folks, maybe they were worried what he'd talk about, or wanted him to off someone for 'em or somethin'.

  • Denise nods

<Denise> yeah

<Denise> could be lots of things, with everythin' that's goin' on now

<Ander> that's for sure

  • Ander takes a sip of his drink

<Denise> :/

<Denise> speakin' of, I'm gonna go with some othe folks an just make sure everythin' got all closed up right after we did all that stuff down in the sewers

<Ander> You ain't gonna disappear for a month again, are you? ;)

<Denise> I really hope not!

<Denise> we;re just gonna go look

<Ander> well okay

<Ander> who's 'we'?

<Denise> one of the other folks says she thought there's still some kinda way in or somethin'

<Denise> some of the same folks who went the first time, I guess

  • Ander nods

<Denise> me an Enver an Argen and Margaux an after that I ain't sure

<Denise> someone who knows more about magic I guess

<Ander> all right, well, lemme know when you're gonna go, so I can send out a search party if I gotta :)

<Denise> heh, will do :)

<Denise> There's one other thing.... but I dunno. Maybe it ain't anythin' at all, it's just buggin' me

<Ander> what's that?

<Denise> Well, it's to do with all the... new stuff you got goin' on

  • Ander nods

<Denise> an ike.... how to talk to folks at all about it, or to not, an who, an all that...

<Ander> is there someone particular you're wonderin' about whether you should say somethin'?

<Denise> everyone I know is so smart that I can't say nothin' or they'll figure it all out >.>

<Denise> but I was tryin' to talk to this one friend about it.... just to sort of feel things out, ya know?

<Ander> sure...

<Denise> but I don't wanna mess things up for you either

  • Ander thinks about it for a moment

<Ander> I do think that idea 'bout gettin' a costume ain't bad. If I can do it without folks knowin' who I am right off the bat anyway, maybe it keeps things safe for a while longer.

<Ander> Would that help with your worries some?

<Denise> yeah... an if you can fool this person prolly you could fool anyone ;p

  • Ander chuckles a little at that

<Ander> I dunno... I'll have to practice. Maybe try a deeper voice or somethin'.

<Denise> heh

<Denise> maybe...

<Denise> but, like.... even tryin to figure out if its somethin' they would want - like what you said to Hettie, 'bout them having to accept all it comes with

<Denise> how do you figure *that* out?

<Ander> I dunno that you can. Might be somethin' folks can only figure out on their own.

<Denise> I guess but like - is there a point in bringing them up to you if it aint?

<Denise> I mean, not if they ain't *sure*, but if they are sure and it ain't for them

<Ander> If you ain't real sure that they'd take it, with all that goes along with it, I'd leave it for now. Before long word's gonna start to get around anyway. They'll hear about it an' they can think on it then.

<Denise> okay

<Ander> does that help any? :/

<Denise> yeah, i think so

<Denise> I guess I'll leave it.

<Denise> maybe when its gone around more I can bring it back up more direct like

  • Ander nods

<Denise> but it did make me think some too - should we be keepin what we can do on the down low too?

<Ander> That prolly won't take too long, I imagine.

<Denise> 'cause you ain't busy enough, right? ^-^

<Ander> heh

<Ander> well... I guess prolly that's up to you. One of those 'take the bad with the good' things. If you feel like you can deal with any bad that comes your way on account of it, you ain't gotta keep it a secret for me.

<Ander> It could be same as like Nycki, for all anyone knows.

<Denise> okay

<Ander> It's a lot to figure out, though, ain't it.

<Denise> yeah, no kiddin', an that's just for me @_@

<Denise> .... how are you doin' with all of it?

  • Denise- asks as though it has really just voccured to her how big a deal it all is and that even though Ander Can Do Anything maybe it is tricky for him too ;p

<Ander> takin' it one day at a time.

  • Ander says with a shrug

<Denise> okay

<Denise> well if there's anythin' I can do, an prolly there ain't, but if there is, you lemme know :3

<Ander> 'Course I will :)

<Denise> okay :)

<Denise> an just one last thing - you still got that thing I gave you to hold on to, right?

<Ander> Hm? Oh, yeah. I ain't even had much time to think about it, let alone look at it, but it should still be right where it was left.

<Denise> okay, thanks :3

<Denise> that's all I got, then :)

<Ander> All right, well, you wanna get another round of drinks?

<Denise> sure thing boss :)