Diablotin 3 session 35

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Diablotin 3 session logs
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Session date: May 15, 2016
Diablotin date: End Fourth-month


Fighty McFightfight

The few party members who could actually do anything to the mandragora swarms called forth wind, fire, and lightning. As a result, the mandragora began to regret their life choices, and chose to leave the party alone, after all.

Everyone takes stock of injuries

<Vreel> Well, that was thrilling.

  • TinyZola continues her creepy amplified cackling and flame-staring @_@
  • Vreel clambers down out of the tree and brushes herself off.

<Danys> is everyone okay?

<Vreel> Nice tricks with wind and lightning and fire and stuff.

  • Clovani lands Drenio at a trot with a grin on his face.

<Clovani> Well, that went well

  • Vreel compliments those of you who were able to affect them in the slightest.

<Veren> I'm a bit injured

<Thea> Slightly the worse for wear, but all right.

  • Danys will come over and assess, but cast cure light on Veren
  • Hettienne comes down and dismisses wind walk.

<Danys> !roll 1d8+5

  • TinyZola rolls for Danys: [ 1d8+5 ] getting [ 6 ] which, after the modifier [ 5 ] totals [ 11 ].

<Veren> thank you


<TinyZola> :E

  • Vreel scans the rest of her charges to see if anyone else is in need of healing.

<Thea> Would you please dismiss that? (to Zola)

<Danys> uh...

  • Danys eyes Zola
  • Silver will land as well and dismiss her bisons (if they survived)
  • TinyZola has joined her two infernos together between us and the swarms :E
  • Thea thanks the mephits for their assistance.

<DiablotinNarrator> The mephits are all 'hey no problem' before they take off

<DiablotinNarrator> The cenobite... I mean, kyton, just smirks and will let you know you can always call him later ;)

<Thea> Believe me, I know. ;)

  • TinyZola seems to have internalized that the danger has passed, and is engaged making the hundred foot wall of flames dance

<TinyZola> Ba-rum-pum-paah./~

  • Lathra pokes the weird not-hot fires, and then starts running through them

<Thea> Mlle. Zola, if you would be so kind, I would greatly appreciate it if you would dismiss your illusion.


  • Thea seems to be making an effort to be polite.

<TinyZola> Eee! Nooo! The fire dragon is going to get you!

  • TinyZola projects a dragon out of the flames to chase Lathra

<Anny> Well, fun as that was, maybe we should be gettin' on

<Silver> I agree

<Vreel> Indeed.

<Danys> yes, I think so

<Lathra> Oh no!

<Vreel> There's still satyrs to entertain.

  • Lathra turns into a snake

<Lathra> Hiss!

  • TinyZola alllmost noticed Thea this time but LAthra ruined it :V

<Danys> Girls!

  • TinyZola looks terrified at Lathra hisses and makes the dragon runaway

<TinyZola> Eek!

<Danys> playtime later

  • Clovani will continue flying until the spell wears off
  • Lathra slithers after the dragon
  • TinyZola startles in mid-air and falls out of the sky
  • TinyZola swoops upward again before too long and flits over to Danys
  • Danys smiles a bit apologetic

<TinyZola> (The dragon sortof pauses where it was and flickers in the flames)

Lord Lamis makes a grand entrance and invites everyone to his tree

<DiablotinNarrator> You hear the sound of a horn blowing somewhere not too far away

<Danys> we do need to get going, I'm afraid

<TinyZola> (And then vanishes in ... 18 seconds)

<Danys> hm, ugh

<Thea> Hmm

  • Danys looks towards it

<Danys> what did we say about this satyr lord?

<TinyZola> Oops, did I cackle too loud? :/

  • Clovani will fly up to have a look

<Danys> could that be him?

  • Lathra poofs back to 'normal'

<Danys> Maybe that's what startled the mandragora

  • Vreel also looks toward the source of the noise.

<Vreel> (Can we see it?)

<DiablotinNarrator> A mixed group of armed fey is approaching you - satyrs, centaurs, and numerous other types of creatures. At the lead of the group is a large satyr with dark hair and a beard, carrying a horn and a spear.

<Hettienne> (do any of them look blighted)

<Eletheni> (are they all male or are some female?)

<Thea> (Do I recognize the satyr in the lead?)

<DiablotinNarrator> None look visibly blighted. There is a mix of male and female creatures although probably more males than females just by the number of satyrs involved.

<Hettienne> (does true seeing reveal anything wonky?)

<TinyZola> At least they're not plants.

<DiablotinNarrator> It's a group of about 25. Thea, you think the satyr at the front of the group is Lamis, who is the local lord.

<TinyZola> Do we run away?

<DiablotinNarrator> Hettie, true seeing might show some creatures enhancing their appearance with illusions or the like, but nothing that seems really worrying.

<Clovani> (Unless they're hiding blight...)

  • Thea will step forward and curtsy to the lead satyr.

<Silver> why, we wanted to go to thier court

<TinyZola> Did we?

<TinyZola> Oh.

  • Lamis holds his hand up to bring the rest of the group to a halt

<Thea> Lord Lamis, an honor.

  • Lamis smiles at that.
  • TinyZola will use Stare on him

<Lamis> Who are you, and what brings you to my land?

<TinyZola> (Sec for dc)

<TinyZola> (Keep talking. Won't matter until someone casts on him)

<Thea> Theater, seer at large, and companions, traveling on orders from the Lady Amanita as emissaries to the Lord of Frost.

<Thea> (brb, need to distract the dogs for people)

<Lamis> You don't carry the Blight?

<TinyZola> Of course not, silly :3

<Danys> Goodness no D:

<Danys> we've been working to end it

<Lamis> Amanita's lands were overrun with it, last I heard.

<Vreel> Not by Her Majesty's will.

  • Danys frowns a bit and thinks about saying that they'd heard members of his court had been spreading it

<Danys> Have you had problesm with it in your court, lord lamis?

<Lamis> Thankfully not. We've been fortunate - as well as cautious.

<Danys> hmm, I see

<Danys> (is he lying? >.>)

<Danys> !roll 1d20+10

  • TinyZola rolls for Danys: [ 1d20+10 ] getting [ 3 ] which, after the modifier [ 10 ] totals [ 13 ].
  • Vreel will scan the retinue to see if a satyr matching the description of the one given us by the Swan Maidens is present.

<Clovani> (They use protection)

<Danys> (I do not think so, anyway)

<TinyZola> What if it's just hiiiiding? @_@

<DiablotinNarrator> (No, Vreel, you don't see a satyr matching that description among this group)

<Vreel> (thanks)

<Thea> (Back)

<Lamis> Why do you need to visit Lord Icypants, then?

  • TinyZola titters in amusement

<Danys> To talk to him about the blight.

<Thea> There is a plan to combat it.

<Lamis> I hadn't heard it had spread to his lands. I think the cold keeps it away.

<Thea> And thus it is believed he could be instrumental in ending it.

<Danys> indeed

<Thea> However chilled his garments may be. :)

<Lamis> Well, I wish you good luck in your efforts, then.

<TinyZola> Thanks <3

<Lamis> But you aren't going to make it to his territory before night - you would be welcome to shelter at my Hall for the evening :D

  • Lamis says with an extra smile for the ladies

<Thea> A pleasure, I'm sure. You're hospitality is famous. ;)

  • TinyZola rubs her face on B. and wonders why we were coming here again
  • Eletheni looks warily at the other ladies.
  • Vreel scans the retinue to see if there is anyone her size, or if they're all enormous.

<DiablotinNarrator> Vreel, there are a few smaller members in the group - some atomies, brownies, that sort of thing.

<Vreel> . o O (Well, that's promising.)

  • Clovani eyes a few of the comely fairy maidens.
  • Danys manages not to roll her eyes, but her tail probably twitches some

<Danys> Well, yes, I think we are happy to accept

  • Danys remembers why we are here, but does not sound maybe all that enthusiastic ;)

<Lamis> Wonderful!

<Lamis> Now, were there some mandragora swarms around here?

<TinyZola> We scared them away :V

<Thea> We were beset, but managed to drive them off.

<Clovani> They were pansies

  • Thea gestures in the directions in which they fled.

<TinyZola> I don't think they were pansies, they were mandragora.

<Danys> they went that way. And one that way

  • Danys points

<Danys> did you rile them up?

<Lamis> Ah, they're a nuisance, but they do tend to keep unwanted guests out.

<TinyZola> What about wanted guests? @_@

<Eletheni> Do they distinguish between the two?

  • Lamis laughs at that

<Lamis> No, not particularly well, I admit.

<Lamis> I'm glad you see you were able to get by them.

  • Danys nods

<Danys> so - where is your hall?

<Danys> My lord?

<Lamis> Follow me and I'll take you there directly - avoiding any other unpleasant delays.

<Danys> thank you

<DiablotinNarrator> You can follow the hunting party, then.

  • Vreel keeps alert to her surroundings as she follows the retinue.
  • Vreel will smile at some of the cuter/handsomer small menfolk.
  • Danys also pays attention as well

<DiablotinNarrator> You travel through the woods, mostly sheltered from the storm but still somewhat damp due to dripping water from the leaves.

  • Clovani will attempt to smalltalk some of the nymphs

<Clovani> (Most likely very unsuccesfully)

Arrival at the Hollow Hall

<DiablotinNarrator> You are able to hear (and for some of you, smell) the Hollow Hall before you see it - the sounds of music and voices carry on the wind, as do the smells of delicious food, wine, smoke, and perfume.

<Danys> People must be coming and going from your court quite frequently, Lord lamis. it seems a lively place.

<Lamis> Well, it is busier than usual of late - many people taking shelter from the Blight have found refuge here.

  • TinyZola has probably been sulking a bit in the damp but will perk up at the sound of fun

<DiablotinNarrator> When you finally see it, you are struck by the sheer size of it - looming over the other trees , its trunk as wide as a tower, its roots sunk deep into the earth. Lights glint from the windows that pierce its bark, and at its base is a large door.

<Danys> you're luck none have brought it with them, then

<Danys> ohhh.... it is lovely :o

  • Danys had not been expecting somethign so enchanting :o

<Vreel> Now that's what I call a *tree*.

<TinyZola> Pfft, I'

<TinyZola> ve seen bigger :3

  • Lamis chuckles
  • Clovani whistles in admiration at the tree

<Lamis> It's said that it's not so much the size as what you do with it - but size isn't nothing ;)

<Clovani> Hah

<Clovani> I'll drink to that

  • Danys maybe smiles slightly at that, even

<Lamis> Then come inside, and I'll arrange for refreshments.

<Thea> A shame I cannot see such a sight; my senses require closer examination. :)

  • TinyZola whispers to Hettie I lied, it's the biggest.

<Thea> (hee)

  • Eletheni hopes she will even fit in this place. Maybe coiled up ...

<DiablotinNarrator> it's definitely big enough for you to fit through the door, at least - we'll see about inside ;)

  • Silver will shift back to normal form before entering

<DiablotinNarrator> The guards at the door of course will allow you in, along with the others in the hunting party.

<DiablotinNarrator> You're greeted (or well, Lamis is, mostly) by the ongoing party inside the vast tree. It's hollowed out on the inside and you can see staircases winding up the interior of the trunk, leading to platforms and balconies and probably rooms above, as well as spiralling down into the roots underneath.

<TinyZola> Fancy @_@

<Vreel> Reminds me of home... except on a much grander scale.

<DiablotinNarrator> A small creature hops up to Lamis - it looks like the top half of a small man with the legs and feet of a rabbit.

<Lamis> What's been happening since I've been away, Chamberlain Jayet?

  • Lamis says to the small man

<Jayet> Sir, everything is well, but ... are these guests to stay? will they need rooms for the night?

  • Lathra wolf whistles quietly, hiding behind Hettie's foot

<Lamis> Well, that's up to them - but we can find the space, surely!

  • Jayet looks marginally less convinced of this than Lamis, but nods, and wriggles his nose slightly.

<Vreel> Some of us don't take up much space, at any rate!

  • Vreel offers helpfully.

<Lamis> Others of you rather make up for that, though!

<Vreel> True, true.

  • Lamis says with grins for any giant ladies in the party ;)

<Jayet> Also, ah... Your consorts have been, ah... well, there has been some ... squabbling... >.>

  • Jayet seems to not really want to go into it right here, but is giving some Significant Looks

<Lamis> Oh dear. Are they still upset about Ylva? I'll have a word with them.

<Jayet> Yes sir.

<Lamis> Show our guests around, I'll go and make sure no one's scratched out anyone else's eyes yet.

  • TinyZola hums a tune

<Jayet> Of course, sir.

  • Jayet hops over to you lot, while Lamis heads off to presumably check on his lady-friends ;p
  • Vreel turns to Jayet with an expression of polite and expectant interest.

<Thea> (to Jayet after Lamis leaves) Your lord seems generous. Perhaps unadvisedly so?

  • Thea tries to give him a commiserating expression.

<Jayet> He is always hospitable... perhaps beyond the reach of what we can accomodate at times.

<Jayet> But we'll do our best.

<Danys> we appreciate that

<Jayet> I have to say, though, we may have some difficulty finding rooms that will fit the largest among you...

<Hettienne> Hold on.

  • Hettienne will alter self into a more medium size.

<Jayet> oh! oh, well, that certainly makes things a little easier, thank you.

<Danys> oh!

<TinyZola> I can shrink people too!

<TinyZola> But not all night >_>

<Jayet> We wouldn't want to put someone in a smaller room and have them pop back to full size in the middle of the night.

<TinyZola> They might break the bed :V

<Silver> think about if they have company

<Danys> or the walls...

  • Silver muses with a smile
  • Jayet still eyes Eletheni, but at least she's more long than tall, so she can get through doors and so on.

<Jayet> Follow me, then, and I'll give you a bit of a tour, and hopefully find some rooms - are you willing to share if necessary?

<Danys> yes, that shoudl be fine

  • Hettienne shrugs.

<Eletheni> I will gladly accept whatever will accommodate me.

<Vreel> Depending on the how the evening goes, we may end up sharing with *someone*, at any rate.

  • Jayet smiles at that

<Jayet> Perhaps, yes :)

<TinyZola> Well I HAVE been sleeping with Hettie a lot.

<TinyZola> Me and B.  :3

<Danys> well

<Hettienne> :p

<Danys> I know Lord Lamis said there's been more trouble with the blight here - have you had to turn anyone away?

<Jayet> If anyone infected reaches the hall, we can try to heal them, but sometimes they resist. In those cases... well... there's little else we can do for them.

  • Danys nods
  • Jayet will take you on a tour, then, showing you the dining hall where you can get food and drink, a large cavern underneath the tree that serves as a dance hall and lounge, the gardens and upper platforms outside the treetrunk itself - Eletheni might be more comfortable out there, actually ;)
  • TinyZola oohs and aahs at it all
  • Vreel will note some suitable branches for sleeping if she doesn't end up scoring.

The party meets the tree tenders

<DiablotinNarrator> In the gardens, there are two small men working - one looks like a small bark-skinned, wild-haired man, the other is tiny and humanoid, but with what looks like a bonsai growing from the top of his head.

  • TinyZola waves :3

<DiablotinNarrator> They seem to be bickering about something, but hush up when you arrive.

<Jayet> Everything well, friends?

<Jayet> Between them, Velorus and Taro keep the tree alive and growing.

  • Jayet says by way of explanation
  • Velorus is the bark-skinned man, Taro is the guy with a tree growing out of his head.

<Vreel> (K: Nature to identify their kind of fae?)

<Velorus> (sure)

<Vreel> !roll 1d20+23

  • TinyZola rolls for Vreel: [ 1d20+23 ] getting [ 17 ] which, after the modifier [ 23 ] totals [ 40 ].
  • Velorus is an Oakman - typically they are like dryads, bonded to a single tree which they can't stray too far from.

<TinyZola> (I get 17 % 35)

<TinyZola> (&)

  • Taro you believe is what is known as a fukujin. They're quite unusual in these parts, but are also linked to trees.
  • Jayet for that matter is a type of fey called a lemkin, since you asked ;)

<Danys> is everything alright?

  • Danys looks around at the tree

<Velorus> No, it ain't all right!

  • Danys blinks

<Jayet> What seems to be the problem?

<Danys> what;s wrong :o

<Velorus> She can't take much more of this strain! You keep crammin' people in, eventually somethin's gotta give.

<Danys> :/

<Danys> we're not plannign to stay more than a night, but I realize that isn't going to help the bigger problem

<Velorus> I put up with this 'cause what choice do I have, but I'm not gonna stand by and let my home be destroyed.

  • Velorus grumbles
  • Danys nods sympathetically

<Taro> I think there is still room to grow...

  • Taro interjects quietly

<Danys> we're working to help end the blight

<Danys> if we can do that, people who've come here for refuge will be free to go elsewhere, too

<Velorus> Good luck with that!

  • Velorus grumbles some more.

<Vreel> Thanks - we'll need it.

<Taro> Do you really think you can end it?

<Danys> I think it can be done, yes

  • Vreel nods.

<Danys> we're just messengers, reallym between higher powers

<Danys> but if they work togeter.... then yes.

<Taro> That would be marvellous.

  • Taro says with a smile

<Danys> yes, it would

  • TinyZola smiles back :D

<TinyZola> Amanita's all better now, after all :D

<Jayet> She is?

<Danys> yes

<Thea> Well, not controlled at any rate.

<TinyZola> Oh, yes, yes.

<Thea> She may still be recovering, and her realm is still in danger.

<Vreel> And the Swan Maidens, thanks to the healer folk in our party.

<Vreel> They cleaned the lake, too.

<Jayet> Oh, were they affected? How awful.

<Hettienne> (sure, sm)

<Hettienne> !roll 1d20+19

  • TinyZola rolls for Hettienne: [ 1d20+19 ] getting [ 9 ] which, after the modifier [ 19 ] totals [ 28 ].

<Hettienne> (on bunnyboy)

<DiablotinNarrator> !roll 1d20+24

  • TinyZola rolls for DiablotinNarrator: [ 1d20+24 ] getting [ 6 ] which, after the modifier [ 24 ] totals [ 30 ].
  • Jayet had no idea they were infected!
  • TinyZola nods :(

<Vreel> Too busy dealing with all the folk here, no doubt.

  • Vreel nods sympathetically.

<Danys> do you know if anyone from here has been down that way lately?

<Jayet> Some of the court like to visit the lake to bathe, but I'm afraid I don't know who might have been there most recently.

<Eletheni> !roll 1d20+13

  • TinyZola rolls for Eletheni: [ 1d20+13 ] getting [ 8 ] which, after the modifier [ 13 ] totals [ 21 ].

<Vreel> !roll 1d20+13

  • TinyZola rolls for Vreel: [ 1d20+13 ] getting [ 15 ] which, after the modifier [ 13 ] totals [ 28 ].

<Jayet> You could ask around, though, I'm sure someone must remember.

<Danys> we might do - just to be careful

<Danys> thanks you for the tour

<Jayet> Certainly. I'll do my best to track down some rooms for you before it gets too late.

  • Jayet hops off then.
  • Vreel makes a mental note to definitely not sleep in the room Jayet assigns her to.

<TinyZola> If we could make our feet like bats' feet then we could just hang upside down under a branch :3

Hettienne, Danys, TinyZola, Thea, and Silver investigate

<DiablotinNarrator> Well, where do you want to go? You don't all have to stick together either, if you want to split up.

  • Vreel will go find some food and company.

<Danys> well... I don't know now. it wuld be pretty easy to hide bad intentions here if you were behaing at courst and not abroad

<Hettienne> hrm.

<Danys> do we have any shot at this?

<TinyZola> At what?

<Danys> Finding out who poisined the Swan maidens

<Hettienne> YEah, maybe.

<TinyZola> Oh, yes...

  • Danys frowns, and will go back over to the tree tenders
  • Hettienne can do a divination... (Is the person who blighted the swans here)

<Hettienne> !roll 1d100

  • TinyZola rolls for Hettienne: [ 1d100 ] getting [ 10 ].

<Hettienne> (yasssss geddit)

<DiablotinNarrator> (well, you'll get it in 10 min :)

  • TinyZola goes with Denys, riding on her shoulder

<Danys> I'm sorry, i don't mean to be a bother, I know you're busy

<Velorus> Hrm? What now?

<Danys> I was just wondering how long its been that the tree has been this strained?

<Velorus> It just keeps getting worse... it's been pushing its limits for a month or so, though.

  • Danys nods

<TinyZola> It's not the blight is it? D:

<Danys> has there been anything else here that's out of the ordinary, or causing other kinds of strain?

<Velorus> No! I'd know if it was Blighted. It's just not meant to accomodate so many.

  • Danys nods

<Danys> Trees have natural limits, just like every other living thing, Zola.

<Danys> It is a beaituful tree.

<Velorus> You shoulda seen her back when she was young...

  • Velorus sighs wistfully

<TinyZola> Someone here needs to learn that tent spell... they were pretty comfy.

  • Danys smiles at that

<TinyZola> Oooh, we could... I have a spell for that ^_^

<Taro> There have been difficulties - providing food for so many, as well as shelter, is a great effort.

  • Danys nods to taro

<Danys> I'm concerned too, and not just for the tree

<Taro> But with the right nourishment and care, there is still room to grow.

  • Danys nods
  • Hettienne grumbles.

<Danys> is there time?

<Hettienne> He's here. Somewhere.

<Hettienne> He changed his skin.

  • Danys sighs

<Danys> of course

  • Danys says, lioking back at grumbling hettie

<Danys> I'm afraid that someone here wishes this place ill.

  • Lathra glares at Hettienne (SM)

<Hettienne> I should be able to see him.

<Lathra> !roll 1d20+19

  • TinyZola rolls for Lathra: [ 1d20+19 ] getting [ 10 ] which, after the modifier [ 19 ] totals [ 29 ].

<Danys> or at the least, is using it to spread evil

  • Danys tells the tree tenders

<Hettienne> We gotta start doing the rounds... Meet as many of these birds as we can

<Velorus> Hrmph.

<Danys> Someone staying here brought the blight to the Swan Maidens

<Lathra> (Hazel says Hettienne isn't hiding anything)

<Danys> they gave her a cursed gift

<Taro> How terrible. Deliberately? :o

<Danys> yes

<TinyZola> Not a very good gift :/

<Danys> it seems that way

<Thea> You can see through it if they've changed their skin, yes?

<Taro> With so many new people here, it's possible that someone with malicious intent has slipped through :/

<Hettienne> I think so.

<Danys> its possible they're working to add to the burdens here, or see that whatever resoources are needed for the tree would not be available, or wind up tainted somehow

  • Danys nods

<Hettienne> Come on, Danys...

  • TinyZola sighs

<Danys> ...do you have any ideas?

  • Danys asks the fae as she stands to go

<Danys> who might be able to influence things, or distract lamis?

<Velorus> Hah, who *can't* distract him?

<TinyZola> I bet giant boobies would.

<Danys> or anyone who hasn't been acting like themselves, I suppose, if it is some kind of skinchanger

  • TinyZola eyes Hettie

<Thea> He mentioned some problems with his consorts?

<Thea> Is there a new 'distraction'?

<Velorus> He picked up a new one, a nymph girl. The other two - well, they don't get along with each other so well, but they sorta joined forces against her :p

<TinyZola> Only three, that's hardly a harem.

<Velorus> Three he likes well enough to keep around more'n a night or two :p

<Hettienne> Let's go meet 'em

<Velorus> An' honestly, the first two were enough of a handful, I'm surprised he thought he oughta add another :p Maybe he'll whittle it back down to two at some point.

<Danys> if he's so distracted, does Jaet really run the place?

<TinyZola> I'd have a hundred

<Taro> I suppose Aniene and Roseide working together is rather out of character for them both, now that you mention.

<Velorus> Jayet likes to think he runs the place :p

<Thea> Seems like a good place to start, at least.

<TinyZola> The kitchen? :3

<Danys> thank you

<Taro> Thank you - if your efforts bear fruit it will be a great boon for all of us.

  • Danys smiles and will head off t wherever she's been beckoned

<DiablotinNarrator> Okay, where are you heading?

<Hettienne> WHere d'you think concubines might hang out?

  • Hettienne is just going to start wandering around glaring at people if no one has a suggestion

<Danys> gosh, I don't kniow

<Danys> somewhere public?

<TinyZola> The kitchen? >_>

<Danys> maybe the hall...

<Hettienne> Let's try the hall.

  • Hettienne will scope out everyone she sees on the way, too.
  • TinyZola mostly looks for food and/or wine >_>
  • Eletheni will try and probably fail to be inconspicuous
  • Vreel is looking for food and good company.

<Vreel> (Non-Blighted, preferably)

<DiablotinNarrator> You can head to the hall, where food and drink are readily available, and company is plentiful.

<Silver> needle, welcome to your haystack

  • Thea mingles
  • Hettienne will remain Medium, so as to stand out less
  • TinyZola steals grapes and bits of cheese
  • Lathra pairs foods and drinks that don't match

<DiablotinNarrator> Hettie, you can see Lamis having dinner, along with an extremely pretty nymph girl with long blonde hair.

  • Silver has no real clue how to identify the skinchanger, but hopes Scent will help.

<Hettienne> Ain't you not supposed to eat stuff in faeries' houses?

  • Danys has no idea either @_@

<Danys> ...

<Danys> we are fey

<Hettienne> Or don't that apply when you're a faerie...

<Hettienne> (anyone who's pretending to be something they're not?)

<TinyZola> I've already had dinner at a faeries house once before.

  • Vreel mingles and nurses a little bit of alcoholo for a long time... no desire to get drunk.

<TinyZola> Only Hugo got cut up

  • Eletheni twitches just slightly at hearing the name.
  • Danys misses her boy and thinks this woudl otherwise be a very fun place :3

<DiablotinNarrator> Hettie, you can see a tall, elegant fey woman who is in her true form a haggard old fey woman. Some people have lesser illusions on them to make them a bit more beautiful or tall or handsome.

<Hettienne> Hrm...

  • Hettienne scowls

<Hettienne> <q, to Danys> only one who's real different is that lady...

  • TinyZola looks around for an appropriately sized goblet.
  • Danys will maybe ask around about who'se been to see the swan maidens recently?
  • Danys looks

<Hettienne> but she could just be makin' herself pretty instead of old?

  • Danys will aslo ask after who she is

<Danys> she is very pretty!

<DiablotinNarrator> Danys, you can learn that her name is Berinthia, and she is fairly new here.

<Hettienne> (does her true form show any sign of blight?)

<Danys> I culd go talk to her?

  • Danys suggests

<Danys> or someone could

<Hettienne> Who's feelin' chatty?

<DiablotinNarrator> Hettie - her true form is gaunt and thin, with long tangled white hair. In either form she has goatlike horns and piercing green eyes.

<DiablotinNarrator> But you don't see any sign of Blight on her.

<Hettienne> (can I make a knowledge roll to know what kind of fae she is)

  • TinyZola rolls [ 1d20+15 ] getting [ 10 ] which, after the modifier [ 15 ] totals [ 25 ]

<TinyZola> (25 for k-nature)

<DiablotinNarrator> (you can try)

<Hettienne> !roll 1d20+11

  • TinyZola rolls for Hettienne: [ 1d20+11 ] getting [ 6 ] which, after the modifier [ 11 ] totals [ 17 ].

<Hettienne> (narp)

<DiablotinNarrator> You don't recognize her kind

<TinyZola> Maybe she just misses cuddly boys

<Hettienne> I dunno.

<Hettienne> SHe's the only one here who's pretendin' to be something really different.

<Hettienne> We could ask Lamis

<Danys> what does she look like?

<Hettienne> A real old, haggard woman.

<Hettienne> Little goat horns, green eyes?

<Danys> I see the horns and eyes...

<TinyZola> She's just all dolled up for the party.

<Danys> haggard old woman though, that I don't see

<Hettienne> Long, tangled white hair.

<TinyZola> What if the person we're looking for only looks like other things when they're up to no good?

<Danys> (does that ring any bells?)

<DiablotinNarrator> (do you have k: planes at all?)

<Danys> (lol no)

<Hettienne> (I do >.>

<DiablotinNarrator> (you can try rolling k:planes, Hettie)

<Danys> I can't think of anything like that....

  • TinyZola rolls [ 1d20+10 ] getting [ 17 ] which, after the modifier [ 10 ] totals [ 27 ]

<TinyZola> (planes)

<Hettienne> !roll 1d20+11

  • TinyZola rolls for Hettienne: [ 1d20+11 ] getting [ 6 ] which, after the modifier [ 11 ] totals [ 17 ].

<Hettienne> (ffs.)

<Danys> it doesn't sound like anythig to me

<DiablotinNarrator> Zola, you are reminded of a creature called a Dreamthief Hag.

<DiablotinNarrator> They go around and steal people's minds while they're dreaming, or mess with their dreams, that sort of thing.

<TinyZola> Hmmm... I think she's just hear to steal dreams.

<TinyZola> (Do I know they're shapechangers?)

<DiablotinNarrator> (yes)

<DiablotinNarrator> (your roll is good enough to know that they can change their shape/appearance)

<TinyZola> (here)

<TinyZola> But I guess they do change shape... lots of hags do, I think.

<Danys> a hag? D:

<Hettienne> Oh is that all...

<Hettienne> Maybe we should keep lookin'

<Hettienne> I dunno

<TinyZola> Don't let her in your head :3

  • Danys looks suspicious

<Danys> I don't know, we could be on the right track >.>

<Hettienne> SHe don't look *blighted*...

<Danys> she wouldn't have to be, I don't think?

<DiablotinNarrator> You guys can chat in #gnomeland if need be - let's move to some of the folks who haven't had a chance to do very much... Lathra, Eletheni, Thea, Silver, Vreel? Just so I know what you're up to :)

<DiablotinNarrator> I know Vreel was looking to eat, drink, and be merry ;)

<Hettienne> Let's ask Lamis (there I'm done)

<DiablotinNarrator> Anyone else have things they are trying to do, people they want to talk to, etc?

  • Thea is likewise looking to eat, drink, and be merry, though she'll try to get a general sense of what's been happening lately and see if there's anything suspicious.

<DiablotinNarrator> okay

<Eletheni> (nothing in particular)

Thea chats with a satyr named Eyvin and learns of Lunassa, another fairy seer

<DiablotinNarrator> Thea, we'll say you're chatting with a satyr by the name of Eyvin

  • Lathra is mostly eating, eavesdropping and looking for mischief that I can watch/get involved with while maintaining plausible deniability

<Eyvin> So, are you here to visit Lunassa?

  • Eyvin asks you after some chit-chat

<Thea> (Does that name mean anything to me?)

<DiablotinNarrator> No, you haven't heard it before

<Thea> Not so far as I know, but the Fates have led me down strange paths before. :)

<Thea> Who is Lunassa?

<Eyvin> Oh, she's our seer. So I thought you might be... you know...

<Eyvin> ... here to do seer things?

<Thea> Seers do all kinds of things. ;)

  • Eyvin guesses awkwardly

<Thea> But I wasn't aware there was another of my kind here.

<Thea> I'll have to look for her.

<Eyvin> Do seers want to come back to my room, maybe? ;)

<Thea> It's early in the evening yet, and I hate to be rude. Perhaps our paths will cross again this evening. Only Fate can say...

  • Eyvin nods

<Thea> I believe I'll go seek out my sister seer, if you don't mind. Save me a dance or two. :)

<Eyvin> Certainly!

  • Thea will wander off to go do that.

Silver, Aux, and Veren meet Mayliss, Lamis' daughter, and ask her about the satyr that tried to infect the swan maidens

<DiablotinNarrator> Silver, what are you up to?

<Silver> (did that glob of blight smell? I cant remember)

<DiablotinNarrator> It did have a certain odour, yes

  • Silver will keep her wolf aspect up for Scent and try and hunt for it in the crowd... likely a futile task, but one has to try.

<DiablotinNarrator> There are so many smells here it's quite overwhelming, but you can search around and see what you can find. Make a Perception roll I guess?

<Silver> !roll 1d20+17

  • TinyZola rolls for Silver: [ 1d20+17 ] getting [ 4 ] which, after the modifier [ 17 ] totals [ 21 ].

<DiablotinNarrator> It's too muddled and overwhelming to pick out that scent anywhere, if it is even present.

<Silver> (hopeless)

<Aux> Any luck?

  • Silver will track down Verin... he's a caster right, maybe he has an idea

<Silver> No

  • Silver frowns
  • Veren and Aux are having a drink together, we'll say :)

<Silver> I don't have the Norn's sight... how are we to find this?

<Silver> Do you have any suggestions?

  • Silver looks to Verin

<Danys> !roll 1d20+12

  • TinyZola rolls for Danys: [ 1d20+12 ] getting [ 2 ] which, after the modifier [ 12 ] totals [ 14 ].

<Silver> !roll 1d20+8

  • TinyZola rolls for Silver: [ 1d20+8 ] getting [ 10 ] which, after the modifier [ 8 ] totals [ 18 ].
  • Veren considers the matter

<Aux> Maybe there's no point in worrying about it tonight... we should enjoy ourselves while we have the chance :)

<Veren> I'm going to try to keep searching...

<Veren> If Hettie isn't able to see through their form, maybe it isn't an illusion or an alteration of that sort.

<Veren> Or, maybe they're just somewhere we haven't looked yet - this place is so large, and so crowded, that it would be easy to miss.

<Silver> magic wont see through a plain old disguise

  • Veren nods
  • Aux grabs another glass of wine and offers it to you, Silver
  • Silver will take the cup but doesnt seem that eager to delve into it

<Aux> I bet together we could pump a fair number of folks for... information ;) you know, teamwork and all.

  • Veren sighs and has some more to drink

<Silver> Fine, its not like were having much luck.

<Silver> Lets start with her...

  • Aux looks over at whoever you're talking about
  • Silver grabs the closest female fey and pulls her to the table offer her her drink
  • Mayliss is a female satyr with cute curly auburn hair ;)

<Mayliss> Oh, are you two new here? I haven't seen you before :)

<Veren> . o O (fine, there are three of us, but whatever :p)

<Silver> We're new. I'm Silver, the blind one is Verin, but I've been told he makes up for it in other senses, and thats Aux... and yes, he is as strong as he looks.

  • Mayliss grins

<Mayliss> Might have to test that out later ^-^

<Silver> You are?

<Mayliss> My name's Mayliss... I'm ... well, my dad is sort of in charge here ^-^

  • Mayliss gestures to Lamis, who is across the room on a raised balcony area.

<Silver> We met him on the way in... you weren't hunting with him then.

<Mayliss> No... he doesn't like me to go out too much these days, with everything that's going on. But sometimes I can sneak out when it's not with him ;)

<Silver> Fun times. I know I love to hunt.

  • Mayliss nods
  • Silver winks
  • Mayliss has dimples when she smiles

<Mayliss> There's a really nice lake just at the edge of the woods, too.

<Silver> We ran into some swan maidens on the way in here, nice lake and all

<Mayliss> The other way, it just gets really cold :p

<Veren> Do you know the swan maidens?

<Mayliss> Oh, well, not really well - they're a bit standoffish. When we come around, they usually just fly around and look judgy :p

<Silver> been to see em recently?

<Silver> or at least the lake?

<Mayliss> A few weeks ago.

<Mayliss> Why?

<Silver> One of your companions left a gift for one of the younger ones... her sister disapproves, but we wanted to at least bring it back.

<Mayliss> Oh! Like a love token? that's so sad.. but romantic.. but sad :(

<Silver> (did we have a description of the satyr? Or do they all look alike to the maidens?)

<DiablotinNarrator> (the description was that he had blond hair, which was a bit unusual for a satyr)

<Silver> Had blond hair... do you remember that saytr?

<Mayliss> The only satyr I know with blond hair is Ilarion... but I haven't seen him lately. I hope he's just off exploring, and nothing bad happened to him. Or maybe he's heartbroken and needed some time alone :(

<Silver> he a resident here or just visiting?

<Mayliss> Oh, no, he lives here, he's been here for a long time I think?

<Mayliss> Do you need some more wine? We should get some more wine :D

<Silver> I think company is need for him, to get his mind off his worries.

<Silver> We should grab some wine and drag him down here.

<Silver> what do you say fellas?

<Mayliss> You want to try and find him? Okay :)

<Aux> Sure!

<Veren> I think you'll manage okay without me... I'll be here if you need anything, though.

<Silver> so be it dour one

<Veren> Happy hunting.

<DiablotinNarrator> Okay, probably this is a good stopping point - people are set up for solos and further plans, which we can do over the next while :)

<DiablotinNarrator> Thea is going to talk to the seer, Aux and Silver and Mayliss are hunting for a missing satyr, Hettie (and presumably Anny) and possibly Zola are going to try to talk to Lamis, or maybe Zola and Danys are going to talk to his lady friend while Hettie and Anny corner him. I know Vreel has plans of her own, and Lathra and Eletheni are just hanging out and listening to gossip I guess?

<DiablotinNarrator> Clovani is off drinking I assume ;)

<DiablotinNarrator> and Veren is being lonely in the hall ;)

<DiablotinNarrator> oh right, and Clovani is being cockblocked by a dodo

<DiablotinNarrator> I forgot that part :p


Silver and Aux look for Ilarion with Mayliss

  • Silverwill grab a decanter of wine on thier way from the main hall
  • Mayliss will bring you down into the depths of the tree, where there are quite a lot of rooms built in between and amongst the roots

<Mayliss> Where are you from?

  • Mayliss chats as you make your way down the twisting stairs

<Silver> I'm not from anywere, I live where my feet are.

<Silver> That sounds more deep and maybe cryptic than it needs to be

  • Mayliss laughs

<Aux> Wherever the wind takes me, that's where I'm from.

<Mayliss> Wanderers, huh?

  • Silver nods

<Mayliss> That must be so exciting!

<Mayliss> Just traveling wherever you want...

<Silver> It has its perks.

<Silver> It's not always wherever you want.

<Mayliss> Well I guess right now maybe not.

<Silver> Nothing wrong with being in this place

<Silver> So I take it you've never managed to slip very far away

<Mayliss> Just to the lake, or there are some orchards to the east a little way, or places like that.

  • Silver nods

<Silver> The world is full of twists and opportunities... I'm sure you'll get yours sometime.

<Mayliss> I hope so. I don't want to stay here forever...

<Mayliss> I know it's dangerous out there, but there's so many things to see and do!

<Silver> There are things to see and do here as well

<Mayliss> Right now there are a lot of visitors, so that's interesting :)

<Mayliss> So are you two a couple? ^-^

  • Aux glances at Silver

<Silver> We've danced... I enjoyed it.

<Aux> We're friends.

<Mayliss> oh, do you like dancing? That's always fun :)

<Aux> With a good partner :)

<Silver> Do you think Mayliss would be a good partner, Aux?

<Aux> Definitely

  • Mayliss blushes, smiling

<Mayliss> Now, where was Ilarion's room... I think it was this way...

<Mayliss> If he's really left, maybe Jayet gave it away to someone else

<Silver> only one way to find out

<Silver> unless Jayet happens to walk by

<Silver> I'm sure we can smooth any misunderstanding over if its changed hands or is otherwise occupied

  • Mayliss nods

<Silver> So is this it?

  • Mayliss makes her way along the hallway until she reaches a door - it looks like most of the other doors you've seen, except that it has a little bouquet of wilted flowers stuck in the handle

<Mayliss> I think this is it...

  • Mayliss knocks on the door

<DiablotinNarrator> There is no answer.

<Mayliss> Ilarion? Are you there?

<DiablotinNarrator> Still no answer.

<Aux> Should we open it?

<Silver> of course we should... just wind in and open it from the other side, blockhead

<Aux> oh... okay, sure.

  • Aux will do that.

<Mayliss> ooh!

  • Mayliss is impressed
  • Aux opens the door from the other side

<Aux> It's empty...

<Silver> I'll be the judge of that

  • Silver will step in and look around

<Silver> (and sniff around too)

<DiablotinNarrator> The room has a bed, a wardrobe, a shelf with a few personal items on it... it doesn't look abandoned, but a little bit dusty, perhaps, as though it hasn't been used in a while.

<DiablotinNarrator> Make a Perception check.

<DiablotinNarrator> (and you can have Aux make one too)

<Silver> !roll 1d20+17

  • TinyZola rolls for Silver: [ 1d20+17 ] getting [ 4 ] which, after the modifier [ 17 ] totals [ 21 ].

<Silver> (for Aux)

<Silver> !1d20+15

<Silver> !roll 1d20+15

  • TinyZola rolls for Silver: [ 1d20+15 ] getting [ 12 ] which, after the modifier [ 15 ] totals [ 27 ].

<DiablotinNarrator> Silver, you pick up an odd smell. A faint odour of decay.

  • Silver frowns
  • Aux sniffs around too

<Aux> coming from here...

  • Aux points to the wardrobe
  • Aux steps over to open it
  • Silver will go over and open the wardrobe

<DiablotinNarrator> Inside hang some minor items of clothing, a few blankets, that sort of thing... and crumpled on the floor like a discarded suit, is the source of the decaying odour - a pile of skin and hair. Blond hair.

<Mayliss> what is it?

  • Mayliss asks, trying to come over to peek

<Aux> Stay back

  • Aux tells her, trying to keep her from seeing

<Silver> well...

  • Silver thinks

<Silver> (K-nature to see if I remember the fey that steals skins and wears them?)

<DiablotinNarrator> yes, you can make a roll

<Silver> !roll 1d20+8

  • TinyZola rolls for Silver: [ 1d20+8 ] getting [ 7 ] which, after the modifier [ 8 ] totals [ 15 ].

<DiablotinNarrator> (you can roll for Aux too if he has it)

<Silver> (he just has K-Arcane)

<DiablotinNarrator> (okay)

<DiablotinNarrator> Silver, it's pretty easy to remember the skin stealer.

<DiablotinNarrator> You don't remember a ton of details about it, but what it does, that part is right there in the name.

  • Mayliss manages to duck under his arm and see what's there, and screams

<Aux> Shh, hey, don't, you'll bring everyone running

  • Silver will turn around and wrap her arms around Mayliss

<Silver> Calm girl... there is nothing that can be done for him.

<Mayliss> is he dead? D: really for real dead?

<Silver> If it was a skin stealer, unless someone was there at that moment to help him, I'm afraid he's likely passed.

  • Mayliss starts to cry
  • Aux offers her some of that wine you guys brought along with you

<Aux> Here, have something to drink...

  • Mayliss takes it with shaky hands

<Silver> it will help

<Silver> we should have realized but, considering what the Norn had said.

  • Silver shakes her head

<Mayliss> what do we do?

<Silver> and with you blowing in and us trampsing around, any chance of a footprint of the new appearance is likely gone.

<Silver> Your father will need to be informed.

<Aux> the only people we can know for sure aren't the skin stealer are our friends. it could even be your father, although I admit that seems less likely.

<Mayliss> :o

  • Silver will try a heal check to see if I can determine how "old" the skin is

<DiablotinNarrator> (okay, you can make a roll)

<Silver> !roll 1d20+8

  • TinyZola rolls for Silver: [ 1d20+8 ] getting [ 12 ] which, after the modifier [ 8 ] totals [ 20 ].

<DiablotinNarrator> You think it was probably 'abandoned' at least a week ago, but probably not more than two weeks.

<Silver> One to two weeks, is my guess, on how old the skin is. Doesnt mean it hasn't shed another one, either.

<Mayliss> ugh :(

  • Mayliss takes another drink
  • Silver will turn on her eagle animal aspect (eyes get eagle-like) and take a good hard look at Mayliss.

<Mayliss> does that mean it would have to be someone who came here in the past two weeks? or.. no... it could have taken someone's skin who already lived here, like poor Ilarion...

<DiablotinNarrator> Okay, you can make a roll to look.

<Silver> !roll 1d20+21

  • TinyZola rolls for Silver: [ 1d20+21 ] getting [ 6 ] which, after the modifier [ 21 ] totals [ 27 ].
  • Mayliss looks like an ordinary, if upset, satyr

<Silver> It really could be anybody, as Aux said.

  • Mayliss nods

<Mayliss> Can we leave here? It's just awful :(

<Silver> If you want, I will find your father and let him know. Aux can take you somewhere... less disturbing.

<Mayliss> but you shouldn't go off on your own! what if the skin stealer finds you?

  • Mayliss holds onto your arm

<Silver> I have a faster means to get around than you, just tell me where you will be and ill fine you.

<Mayliss> weeelll... we could go to my room?

  • Mayliss says uncertainly

<Silver> We'll go there first then I'll let your father know, and be right back.

  • Mayliss nods
  • Mayliss will take you up to her room, which is much further up in the tree.
  • Aux makes sure the door to Ilarion's room is closed behind you
  • Silver will then Tree Stride back to the main hall, let Hettienne know what they found, since she was going to talk to daddy, and Tree Stride back to Mayliss' room.

<DiablotinNarrator> okay, sounds good

  • Mayliss might need some comforting ;)

Vreel scores with an atomie named Berchan

  • Vreel is mingling and having a good time, with an eye to cute and horny male atomies.
  • Vreel will also have an eye to fungus or blight marks :P
  • Vreel is in the main hall where most people are.

<Vreel> (Maybe that's the basement dancing area. Wherever the people are, anyway.)

<DiablotinNarrator> There are large groups of people in either area.

  • Atomie is cute and seems friendly at least.

<Atomie> You're new here?

<Vreel> Just arrived.

  • Vreel smiles.

<Vreel> And you?

<Atomie> I've been here a few weeks... maybe a month? time flies here.

  • Vreel glances over at where the alcohol is flowing freely.

<Vreel> No doubt.

<Vreel> So, what brought you here?

<Vreel> The Blight or something else?

  • Atomie nods
  • Vreel smiles flirtatiously.

<Vreel> Well... which one is it?

<Atomie> I used to live in the Everbright Fields, but they were overrun with the Blight...

<Vreel> Ah, that's hard. Sorry to hear it.

<Vreel> I'm Vreel, by the way. From Primrose Forest.

  • Vreel holds out her hand in greeting.

<Atomie> Berchan.

  • Atomie greets you in return
  • Vreel wonders if he has heard of her.

<Berchan> Your name seems familiar...

  • Vreel smiles.

<Vreel> Does it?

<Berchan> I think so? Aren't you an explorer?

<Berchan> I feel like I've heard stories about you...

<Vreel> Pathfinder.

<Vreel> Good ones, I hope.

  • Berchan nods

<Vreel> (JOOC is he just some Atomie or is his name familiar, too?)

  • Berchan 's name is not familiar to you

<Vreel> So... can I take your mind off things with a drink, perhaps? Or a dance?

<Berchan> I'd be delighted :)

<Vreel> Excellent.

  • Vreel grins.

<Vreel> What's your pleasure?

<Berchan> How about a drink first, then a dance, and then we can see how we feel after that?

<Vreel> Sounds like a good plan.

<Berchan> So, are you just passing through, or planning to stay long?

  • Vreel walks with him towards the drinks.
  • Berchan asks once you have some (tiny) drinks

<Vreel> Just passing through, I'm afraid.

  • Berchan nods

<Vreel> I'm hired. Leading a motley to the Ice Kingdom to try to secure aid from His Majesty himself.

<Vreel> It's been an interesting few days, let me tell you.  :P

<Berchan> Oh! Well, good luck with that. I've heard he's difficult to even so much as get an audience with.

<Vreel> Fortunately, that task goes to the silver-tongued. I just have to get them there.

  • Berchan nods
  • Vreel sips her mead.

<Berchan> And then what's next for you?

<Vreel> Hard to say. Since Primrose Forest was lost in the War of the Rosebuds, I've mostly been a wanderer.

  • Berchan nods

<Vreel> If I'm lucky, maybe the Ice King will hire me to guide his diplomatic team back to Queen Amanita.

<Berchan> I'm not sure how long I'll stay here... I suppose it depends on the Blight, as much as anything.

  • Vreel nods.

<Vreel> Well, if all goes well that may be done with sooner rather than later.

<Berchan> Oh?

  • Vreel nods.

<Vreel> The Royalty are hatching a plan. As long as they can be convinced to work together, it just might work.

<Vreel> So, keep your fingers crossed. And your toes. Maybe your wings, too. Anything you can cross, really.

<Berchan> Hm, interesting... but if it depends on them working together, I won't hold my breath.

  • Vreel laughs.

<Vreel> Isn't that the truth of it?

<Berchan> Would you care for that dance now? :)

  • Vreel smiles.

<Vreel> Absolutely.

  • Vreel follows Berchan out onto some part of the dance floor that is safe for tiny people to dance without getting stomped on by bigger people.
  • Berchan will spread his wings to whisk you to a little clear area up on a platform for dancing, out of foot range.
  • Vreel enjoys the brief flight.

<Vreel> You Atomies sure are lucky, having wings.

  • Vreel sounds a little envious, but in a good-natured way.

<Berchan> It does come in handy!

  • Vreel will enjoy a dance with Berchan.

<Vreel> (Or maybe two)

<Berchan> (okay)

  • Vreel will try to gauge whether he might be up for more, while dancing, and if so, she will drop hints accordingly.
  • Berchan seems amenable to retiring to a more private location for more fun

<Vreel> Do you have someplace particular in mind?

  • Vreel asks somewhat coyly.

<Berchan> I have a room - just a little one, but I don't need more than that :)

<Vreel> Me neither, really. So long as there is room to manoeuvre. ;)

  • Berchan nods
  • Berchan can fly you off to his room, then :)
  • Vreel will have fun times with him.

<DiablotinNarrator> (indeed!)

TinyZola and Danys talk to Lamis' new girl

  • TinyZola is off poledancing on a satyrdong

<DiablotinNarrator> classy

<TinyZola> With the whole water scene from Flashdance too maybe

<TinyZola> splish

<DiablotinNarrator> try not to drown :p

<TinyZola> he probably just spilled his wine on me

<DiablotinNarrator> suuure

  • TinyZola relives Pompei?

<DiablotinNarrator> they make a tiny plaster cast of your body?

  • TinyZola runs around flailing, covered in lava?

<TinyZola> <Satyr> This part of the game I guess I'm not familiar with >_>

  • TinyZola will eventually fly awkwardly back to Danys and flop down on her shoulder.

<Danys> ...

  • Danys looks over

<Danys> Having a good time?

  • TinyZola smiles blearily

<TinyZola> Yeah, it's pretty fun here...

<TinyZola> But they need more small cups...

<TinyZola> I couldn't find one my size that was clean...

<TinyZola> So I had to drink all the wine there

<Danys> ...I see....

<Danys> well... we were goign to try and talk to Lamis. Silver and Aux found something very worrying.

<TinyZola> Oh? Was it a mandragora nest?

<Danys> but we might want to get hij alone, or let hettie get him alone, anyway

<Danys> no

<TinyZola> Good, they scream a lot.

<Danys> you have to keep it quiet for now if I tell you - can you do that?

<TinyZola> Like a secret?

  • Danys looks at you dubiously, on account of you are literally soaked in...let's hope it is just wine >.>

<Danys> yes

<Danys> for now.

<TinyZola> Yeah, I can keep a secret :3

<Danys> it's a scary one...

  • Danys warns you

<TinyZola> Scarier than a pinkmothman coming out of Amanita's mouth?

<Danys> pretty close, actually

<TinyZola> Gross.

<Danys> un huh

<Danys> <w>there's a skin stealer D:

<TinyZola> Wait, so not a shapechanger?

<Danys> no

<TinyZola> One of those things that steals skin for real?

<TinyZola> D:

<Danys> un huh

<Danys> shhh!

<TinyZola> Grosssssss D:

<Danys> unhuh

<Danys> I told you!

  • TinyZola makes retching faces but has thankfully not bachanalled enough to vomit down one side of you

<TinyZola> I wonder how you find one of them >_>

<Danys> I don't know

<Danys> maybe you can smell them >.>

<TinyZola> I bet they smell bad

<Danys> everything here is so overpowering though, it would be hard to trace

<TinyZola> I read about them before... but I can't remember much... just the grossness.

<TinyZola> How'd they find out?

<Danys> you did?

<TinyZola> Yeah, I thought maybe Jonas was one because he's so skinny.

<Danys> !roll 1d20+11

  • TinyZola rolls for Danys: [ 1d20+11 ] getting [ 2 ] which, after the modifier [ 11 ] totals [ 13 ].

<Danys> who?

<TinyZola> Jonas, from the club.

  • Danys doens't know anything about skin stealers, apparenlty

<Danys> I don't know who that is.

<TinyZola> He's actually a fossegrim... he took me to his house :3

<Danys> anyway

<Danys> let's see if we can clear a path, maybe?

<TinyZola> To where?

  • TinyZola looks around

<Danys> I think she's new here, but she mnight know something, if things have been stirred up in the past week or two

<Danys> to Lamis

<TinyZola> Lamis isn't a lady.

  • TinyZola looks confused

<Danys> We want to talk to his lady

<Danys> the pretty blonde girl

<TinyZola> Ohhh the new one

  • Danys points her out

<Danys> yes

  • TinyZola steadies herself on Danys' shoulder

<TinyZola> Onward, noble steed :V

  • Danys will head over?

<DiablotinNarrator> Okay, you can head over - I'll assume that Hettie has already been able to separate Lamis to talk to him more privately

  • Danys has no idea what to say to this lady, but, uh will think of something?

<Danys> um, hello!

  • Ylva is extremely pretty ^-^

<Ylva> hello! are you some of the new guests?

  • Danys is also extremely pretty, we're in good company ^-^

<Danys> yes! That's us - I don't know if we're staying very long, but it is very lovely here

  • TinyZola waves to her languidly
  • Danys will subtly note whether she detects any smell of rotting skin >.>

<Danys> and lively at that

  • Danys looks out at the party

<Danys> (perception roll for scent?)

<Ylva> It is! There's always something going on here, it's very exciting...

<DiablotinNarrator> (sure)

<TinyZola> (I'll take a Nature roll for ways to spot one as well)

<Danys> !roll 1d20+16

  • TinyZola rolls for Danys: [ 1d20+16 ] getting [ 8 ] which, after the modifier [ 16 ] totals [ 24 ].
  • TinyZola rolls [ 1d20+15 ] getting [ 20 ] which, after the modifier [ 15 ] totals [ 35 ]

<TinyZola> (swank)

<DiablotinNarrator> (Zola - you seem to remember from your previous reading - whenever and wherever that was - that one way skin stealers are often detected is by the voice. While they are very good mimics, sometimes it isn't quite right, and might crack or whisper or something odd like that)

<DiablotinNarrator> (Danys, you don't detect any strange odours from her - some perfume, but nothing rotting or gross)

  • TinyZola will use her STARE (@)_(@)

<Danys> How long have you been here?

<Ylva> Well, not very long... About a month, I guess?

  • Danys smiles at that

<Danys> did you already know Lamis or did you meet here?

<Ylva> I had already ... met him once or twice... and then he asked if I wanted to come home with him, so I said yes.

<Ylva> I didn't know it would be quite like this though!

<Danys> where did you come here from?

<Ylva> I used to live to the north, in Lord Eranthis' lands, but just at the edge of them really, in a place called Frostglen.

<Danys> oh!

<Danys> That's where we're headed :)

<Ylva> oh really?

<Danys> not Frostglen specifically, but to try and see the Lord

  • Ylva nods

<Danys> I've never been up that way though

<TinyZola> It's all new to me :3

<TinyZola> Sortof...

<Danys> really I hadn't travelled very much at all before this - it's quite exciting though

<Ylva> Make sure you bundle up warm, or have some magic to keep you warm, then.

<Danys> Oh I'm not bothered by cold

<Danys> but I'll keep an eye out for my companions

  • Ylva nods

<Danys> is there anythign else up that way to be wary of?

<TinyZola> The mandragora swarms weren't any fun :/

<Ylva> Oh, well... it depends on which way you're going, I guess. There's the frost giants, and the frozen boneyard, and the ice drakes and things like that, but I always stayed away from those.

<TinyZola> Those all sound unpleasant

<Danys> Frost giants arne't necessarily all that bad...

<TinyZola> Maybe they'd like Hettie

<Danys> maybe

<Ylva> ...maybe I shouldn't tell you this, but I miss home...

  • Ylva says a bit wistfully

<Danys> we heard that Lamis's other women have been a bit jealous :/

<TinyZola> Waste of tiiiime.

<Ylva> I tried my best to make friends, but they don't even want to talk to me :/

<TinyZola> What's their problem?

<Ylva> I don't think he talked to them before he asked me to come home ...

<Danys> that's hardly your fault :/

<Danys> (sm >.>)

<Ylva> (you can roll)

<Danys> !roll 1d20+10

  • TinyZola rolls for Danys: [ 1d20+10 ] getting [ 9 ] which, after the modifier [ 10 ] totals [ 19 ].

<Danys> (pfft)

  • Ylva seems genuine and truthful, anyway

<TinyZola> Well, maybe you could visit home?

<TinyZola> You could show us the safe way there :3

<Ylva> oh I don't know if Lamis would like that. But ... it isn't really up to him, I suppose?

<Danys> no.

<Ylva> Sometimes fey lords aren't very sensible with women... Even if they're very charming at first >.>

<Ylva> But I suppose at least Lord Eranthis never bothered me.

<Danys> charms aren;t enough to make a relationsip work

  • Ylva nods as though she's well aware of that, at least...

<Danys> :/

<TinyZola> Well, unless they're magical charms... but that's just rude.

<Danys> even then! Goodness, Zola, especially then :o

<Ylva> I do like him very much! I don't want to make you think I don't.

<Ylva> I just don't know if I can keep on staying here, the way things are...

<Danys> No, I understand...

<Danys> are either of the other girls here?

  • Danys looks around
  • Ylva nods

<Ylva> Aniene is over there...

  • Danys looks
  • Ylva nods to indicate a tall, beautiful black-haired woman in a slinky silver dress.

<Ylva> I think Roseide is probably in her rooms... she doesn't like crowds so much, but Aniene loves being the center of attention.

  • Danys nods
  • Aniene does indeed seem to have her own entourage

<Danys> well I can sympathize with that some -0 I've never seen crowds like these @_@

<Danys> it loks fun but a little overwhelming

  • Ylva nods
  • TinyZola wiggles idly

<Ylva> Roseide has been with him the longest, though... so she's got seniority :p

<TinyZola> Everyone's so big... I'd need a big magnifying glass to put a show on here.

  • Ylva smiles at that

<Danys> hmm

<Danys> I know you haven't been here long, but - have you noticed anything strange in the past few weeks?

  • Ylva idly scritches a little orange snake with a fox-like head that slithers by, as she ponders whether there's anything strange ;p

<TinyZola> Oooh a snox :3

<Danys> mena, people acting unusyally, that sort of thing

  • Danys says, watching after the snake

<Ylva> I don't really know most of them well enough to say... Some of them are quite shaken up, from fleeing the Blight and things like that, but I don't know if that's the sort of thing you mean.

  • Danys shrugs

<Danys> I'm not even sure if I know what i mean, but thank you

<TinyZola> Does anyone hate anyone else sooooo much you never see them in the same room? :3

  • Ylva thinks about that for a moment

<Ylva> Velorus doesn't really like anyone, I don't think. I can't say I blame him, it's his tree after all... He only puts up with Taro, and that's about it.

<TinyZola> He did seem pretty grumpy

<Ylva> He's always like that.

<TinyZola> He probably just needs more hugs.

<Danys> I liked him

<Danys> he reminded me of... someone..

<Ylva> Lunassa, you know, the seer, she just sticks to her room and doesn't come out ever, I don't think.

  • Danys frowns

<Danys> oh, you have a seer as well?

<Danys> we have a few different kinds with us I suppose

<Ylva> well I don't know if we really 'have' her, but she stays around :)

  • Danys smiles

<Ylva> But I think anyone who really hated someone else, well, they could just leave? Nothing's keeping them here - except Velorus, of course, he has to stay. Otherwise I'm sure he'd have left by now.

<TinyZola> Poor guy

<TinyZola> Well, they might like someone ELSE enough to stay, but not be able to put up with the other person, I guess >_>

  • TinyZola yawns

<Ylva> Did they find you a room yet? You must be getting tired.

<TinyZola> I don't know... did they?

<Danys> Well, I don't know. if they have, they haven't let us know yet :/

<Ylva> oh, well, let me see if I can't track down Jayet, or someone else who might know.

<TinyZola> Maybe they told Hettie and it's just taking extra time to get to her ears

<Danys> probably they're hoping we'll all find our own bunks >.>

  • Ylva is trying her best to be a good hostess, despite not really knowing the place that well herself, you can tell

<TinyZola> Thanks! And, if you talk to Lamis and decide to go on a trip, you can come with us ^_^

<Danys> that's very kind of you, but I think we'll be okay

<Ylva> Are you sure? well, please let me know if you do need anything.

<Danys> we will, thank you - and like Zola said, we woudl be happy to have a guide

<Ylva> I'll think about it. It was very nice to meet you both!

<TinyZola> You too! ^_^

  • Danys will lok over to see how Hettie and Anny are doing

<DiablotinNarrator> (I don't know the answer to that yet ;)

<Danys> (fair)

<Danys> what do you think we shoud do now, Zola?

<TinyZola> Hmmmmm.

  • Danys asks, realizing you are maybe not the best to ask
  • TinyZola looks pensive
  • Danys will ask once we are a bit away for her

<Danys> I don't think it's Ylva

<Danys> it could be one of the others....

<TinyZola> Maybe we should convince Lamis to have a singing contest?

<Danys> If it were me, I'd go for the one who doens't like to be seen in pulic as much

<TinyZola> Or maybe... we tell him there's a skinstealer hiding in his house, and we have everyone's clothing burned

<TinyZola> That way we can make sure that we burn any spare skins he has

<TinyZola> or she

<Danys> ...I think Hettie is telling him

<TinyZola> Oh she thought of the clothing thing too?

<Danys> oh, maybe not

<TinyZola> Also everyone should be in the same room... so we can make a list of who is not dead.

<TinyZola> Minus one

<Danys> half of these people aren't even wearing clothes >.>

<TinyZola> They might be hiding the skins in their other clothes @_@

<TinyZola> (sec bio)

<Danys> maybe, but I think we'll have to keep looking the hard way

<TinyZola> It'd be a lot easier to just burn everyone's things

Thea seeks out Lunassa and they talk shop

<DiablotinNarrator> So, you are going to track down Lunassa, who is apparently their seer here.

<Thea> Yeah, I will try to track her down.

<DiablotinNarrator> Asking around you can get some directions to her quarters, which are way up in the top part of the tree.

  • Thea makes her way up there and knocks politely.

<Thea> (I should probably take a drink or something.)

<Lunassa> come in

  • Lunassa has a light, high pitched voice, from what you can hear
  • Thea enters.

<Thea> I hope I'm not bothering you.

<Thea> I heard there was a fellow seer in residence and thought I would say hello.

<Thea> I'm Theater, but most call me Thea.

  • Lunassa turns to you. She seems young, perhaps 10 or 12.

<Lunassa> I'm Lunassa. You know that already though.

<Thea> I'd be a poor seer if I didn't. ;)

<Thea> (Noting now that winking in this case is just sad)

<DiablotinNarrator> (lol)

<DiablotinNarrator> (I was writing out a physical description for her and then was like ... wait, why am I doing this :p)

<Thea> Are you hungry? I brought up some food from the festivities.

<Lunassa> Thank you, that's very kind of you.

<Thea> (Well, they have blindsight, so I think they can see shapes, at least. I'm somewhat unclear actually how blind they are.)

<Lunassa> (yeah I just meant, probably not like... hair colour and stuff ;)

<Thea> (yeah)

  • Thea will hand over a plate of food.
  • Lunassa 's room feels airy, like there is a window, and you can hear the rustling of leaves and twigs.
  • Lunassa accepts it.

<Thea> How long have you been in Lord Lamis' service?

<Lunassa> Oh, a while...

  • Lunassa says vaguely

<Thea> Not to speak out of turn, but I wouldn't think a satyr, even a lord, would place too much emphasis on the future rather than the present.

<Lunassa> heh

<Lunassa> I provide my services to the court as a whole, not merely to Lamis.

<Lunassa> But he is wiser than he seems... in some respects.

<Thea> His realm does seem to be a sanctuary in these troubling times.

<Thea> I imagine you've had more call for your gifts of late.

<Lunassa> Yes. Many come here seeking refuge, or friends they have lost, and I provide what help I can.

<Thea> That must be quite the burden.

<Lunassa> They always give something in return.

<Thea> Oh?

<Lunassa> Tokens, gifts...

<Thea> Information?

<Lunassa> Sometimes.

<Thea> You wouldn't happen to have heard anything about your neighbors the swan maidens, would you?

<Lunassa> I take it that's what you're hoping to find.

<Thea> Honestly, I'm happy for some companionable conversation with a sister. If it happens to be beneficial, so much the better.

<Lunassa> I heard that some of them had succumbed to the Blight.

<Thea> They've recovered, and their home has been cleansed.

<Lunassa> That's good to hear.

<Thea> It's amazing Lord Lamis has managed to keep his realm safe.

<Thea> He hasn't had any problems with it here?

<Lunassa> He's cautious about who he admits. Anyone showing signs of the Blight is sent away... or disposed of, if they resist the command to leave.

<Thea> Harsh, but understandable.

<Lunassa> He prefers to send them away to the North.

<Thea> I don't suppose you've had any sense of the Blight intruding regardless?

<Thea> Well, I'm given to understand the cold can help, so perhaps that is for the best.

  • Lunassa nods

<Lunassa> that is the hope

<Lunassa> So far, nothing I can detect. My fear is that the Blight will try to find a foothold in the tree itself.

<Thea> Yes, I believe I overheard its tenders discussing the strain of all these...guests.

  • Lunassa nods

<Lunassa> It is a great concern to them, that this will overstress the tree and leave it vulnerable to infection

<Thea> Have you seen anything that suggests this is an oncoming event?

<Thea> ('seen', scryed, whatevs :p)

<Lunassa> My visions suggest that it is one possibility.

<Thea> Worrisome.

<Lunassa> The tree's roots run deep and far, and its leaves spread wide, and we cannot guard against what we cannot perceive.

<Thea> Something beyond our perception is disconcerting to say the least.

<Lunassa> Yes... the Blight is not a natural disease. Its spread is too deliberate and too devious for that.

<Thea> Even the norn with which I have been travelling seems stymied, though she's still under some personal illusions that may be impeding her talents. :/

<Thea> Yes, a...reflection of myself discovered it is likely directed by an intelligence not of our world...or any of them, it would seem.

  • Lunassa doesn't seem too puzzled by the 'reflection of myself' part.

<Thea> (Of course not :p)

<Lunassa> Do you speak of the ones who were once of our world, who have ventured so far that they become something else, something alien?

<Thea> Yes. Ancient brethren turned modern enemy. You know of them?

<Lunassa> Some old tales.

<Lunassa> They sought to travel beyond the stars.

<Thea> Well, they didn't lack for ambition.

<Lunassa> No, indeed.

<Lunassa> The stories say they cannot return in their current forms... they are too altered to survive without a coating, or a shelter, of some kind.

<Lunassa> A skin, whether fashioned or stolen.

<Thea> Fashioned?

<Thea> In fairness, there are those among our kind with similar predilections.

<Lunassa> yes...

<Lunassa> Perhaps not so different.

<Thea> If I may, how did you come by your knowledge of these beings? My understanding is their existence is not widely known.

<Lunassa> A traveler who passed my way spoke of them - she sought to learn more about them and where they came from.

<Lunassa> Her interest piqued my curiosity.

<Thea> What was her interest in them?

<Lunassa> She too was not of this world, but had journeyed here from the mortal plane. She had dealt with them there, and sought to learn more about them.

<Thea> How interesting. When was this?

<Lunassa> A long time ago.

<Thea> You wouldn't happen to remember this singular traveler's name, would you?

<Lunassa> Her name was Ilphere. She was a princess in that realm, and traveled with an eldritch raven as her companion.

<Thea> I believe my reflection is familiar with her. I believe she found her amusingly eccentric, though mortals have different thresholds for that sort of thing. :)

<Lunassa> She was a scholar of great curiosity - perhaps too great.

<Thea> It is a problem endemic to the breed, certainly.

<Lunassa> Much like those she sought to understand.

<Thea> You believe their downfall was seeking knowledge too great to bear?

<Thea> (Does she seem on the level with all this? She's remarkably knowledgeable...)

<Lunassa> No... I think their downfall was believing they were strong enough to bear it.

<Thea> A mistake all too easy to make.

  • Lunassa seems to be truthful, you think, at least as far as she understands the issues at hand

<Thea> On an unrelated note, may I ask why you've abstained from the festivities?

<Lunassa> I prefer quiet when I can find it. And I find the celebrations overwhelming.

<Thea> I can appreciate that. I hope I'm not intruding.

<Lunassa> No, you are quite welcome.

<Thea> I imagine this court can be quite...boisterous. (useless wink ;))

<Lunassa> Yes... typically I find that looking like a child ensures I am not importuned, at least.

<Thea> I had wondered. You seemed more mature than many of the older-seeming courtiers. :)

  • Lunassa chuckles slightly at that

<Lunassa> That doesn't mean much, I don't think.

<Thea> I suppose you're right.

<Thea> They're entertaining to a guest, certainly, but I could see how it would grate over time.

<Lunassa> They have their distractions to keep them busy, I suppose.

<Thea> And you? What occupies your time?

<Lunassa> I find their difficulties and dilemmas and problems quite fascinating - I simply don't feel the need to sit in the middle of them :)

<Thea> I'm sure they're quite entertaining. Anything of particular interest of late?

<Thea> (Thea is happy to just sit and gossip with her for a while :))

<Lunassa> (okay, sounds good :)

Hettienne fills Lamis in on the skin stealer, and he fills her in on the state of her womb

  • Lamis is having a drink and cuddle with his new squeeze when you can come up to talk to him

<Hettienne> 'Scuse me, sir...

  • Anny perches on your shoulder

<Lamis> Ah, yes? What can I do for you?

<Hettienne> Well, I dunno what all my companions've told you about what happened with the swans?

  • Lamis looks a bit more serious

<Hettienne> About the fella who brought 'em the blight.

  • Lamis shifts his girlfriend off his lap with an affectionate pat and will stand

<Hettienne> Not sure if you wanna talk about it right here, or...?

<Lamis> You stay here, darling, it sounds like I need to have a word in private.

  • Lamis will leave the main hall, indicating that you can follow, and will lead you and Anny up the stairs to a balcony looking out over the forest. The clouds have rolled by and the sun is setting.
  • Hettienne follows along.

<Lamis> So, you think someone brought them the Blight deliberately?

<Hettienne> Oh yeah.

<Hettienne> An' he was hiding out here.

  • Lamis frowns

<Hettienne> Before we went to the party I figured that out... That he changed his skin

<Hettienne> AN' then Silver and your daughter found it

<Hettienne> well, not his, but what he stole offa your man.

<Hettienne> A blond satyr...

<Lamis> What do you mean, stole?

<Hettienne> This thing killed him an' stole his skin.

<Lamis> A skin-stealer? here?

<Hettienne> He was wearin' it. It's real hard to tell, because it's not an illusion.

<Hettienne> He just... wears it. It's real gross.

<Hettienne> Ilarion! that was the name.

<Lan-home> (Ilarion)

<Hettienne> Yeah, a skin stealer.

<Lamis> Oh, poor Ilarion...

<Hettienne> He gave one of the swans this ring, but it gave her bad dreams, so she chucked it in the lake. And that's how it started.

<Hettienne> The skin stealer might still be here... I dunno how to tell.

<Lamis> And now this creature has taken another skin, you think?

<Hettienne> I mean, I guess I could have a think,

<Hettienne> Well, it ain't Ilarion.

<Hettienne> You might have another problem too.

<Hettienne> There's a lady here, blonde, green eyes, horns?

<Hettienne> Apparently she's a hag?

<Lamis> Ah, her I know about. She feeds off dreams, but other than that, she hasn't done any harm - and she has some useful skills.

<Hettienne> Ok. Glad I didn't make a fuss about that one then...

<Hettienne> Anyway then, I'll have a think about the skin stealer if you want, see if I come up with a way to find 'im... I seem to have a good knack for that these days

<Lamis> That would be very much appreciated. I'll consult with my advisors as well, see what they make of it.

<Hettienne> Alright then.

<Lamis> If someone is preying on my subjects, I'll destroy them.

  • Hettienne smiles grimly.

<Hettienne> I'll help iffen I can

<Anny> Same

  • Anny says, sticking out her tiny chin

<Lamis> Ah, thank you. But I've no wish to put lovely ladies like yourselves in danger. Especially not ones who're in the family way, there :)

<Hettienne> Uh, say again?

  • Hettienne blinks.

<Lamis> oh! I figured you were... well... did you not know, my dear?

<Hettienne> I'm not...?

<Hettienne> What?

<Hettienne> Who is what now?

<Lamis> Both of you fair ladies are expecting. Don't worry, now, I won't give it away if you're wanting to keep it to yourselves.

<Anny> Wait, what?

<Anny> How's that now?

  • Hettienne looks at Anny, gobsmacked

<Lamis> Well, I assume the usual way, but perhaps I'm mistaken.

<Anny> Maybe you are! I mean... how do you even know? :p

<Hettienne> Ain't nothin' usual goin' on around here...

<Hettienne> But thanks for tellin' us :o

  • Lamis nods

<Lamis> I know thanks to my keen powers of observation, and my several dozen children.

<Hettienne> Heh.

  • Hettienne chuckles in spite of the weirdness
  • Anny looks puzzled, but nods

<Lamis> Let me know if there's anything I can do... anything ;)

  • Lamis says with a smile

<Hettienne> Uhhh thanks, we're good.... I'll keep you updated. About the skin stealer.

<Anny> I ain't even built for that :o

<Lamis> Yes, of course - I'll see whether I can find anything out as well.

<Anny> I think I need a drink.

  • Anny says close to your ear

<Hettienne> You're tellin' me... @_@

<Hettienne> RIght well then... see you later, sir...

<Hettienne> Maybe we should ask Den-Danys. She's got healy powers now right?

<Anny> Yeah...

  • Lamis will head off, presumably to track down whoever he's planning to consult with on this matter
  • Danys is waiting for you nearby

<Hettienne> Well, we talked to Lamis.

  • Danys stands up

<Danys> That's good

<Danys> I talked to Ylva

<Danys> I don't thiknits her, anyway

<Hettienne> He's gonna talk to his people. I'm gonna see what I can get on how to find this skin stealer.

<Hettienne> Oh, and he knew about the hag.

<Hettienne> He's got no beef with her.

  • Danys nods

<Danys> Oh, okay then...

<Hettienne> But, uh, now we got another issue

<Hettienne> One that's more personal like

  • Danys cocks her head

<Danys> oh...

  • Anny flits around anxiously

<Danys> did you want to.... step out of here?

  • Danys looks around the raging party

<Hettienne> Yeah.

<Danys> okay.

  • Danys will try and find somewhere less crazy
  • Hettienne will find some quieter alcove or balcony.
  • Anny goes with

<Hettienne> So here's the thing.

<Hettienne> Lamis thinks me an' Anny are... billetin' lodgers?

<Danys> oh?

<Anny> Babies!

  • Anny says with a squeak
  • Danys smiles

<Danys> Congratulations? I think?

<Hettienne> Well we just... You got healing stuff, can *you* tell?

  • Danys can't tell if you are both excited or not :V

<Danys> well.... not just by looking at you...

<Hettienne> Ah, damn.

  • Hettienne is disappointed.
  • Danys can ask some pointed questions though >.>

<Hettienne> What would you have t' do?

  • Danys will sniff you both too ;)

<DiablotinNarrator> (you can make a Heal check and a Perception check, based on your questions and observations)

<Danys> !roll 1d20+13

  • TinyZola rolls for Danys: [ 1d20+13 ] getting [ 10 ] which, after the modifier [ 13 ] totals [ 23 ].

<Danys> !roll 1d20+16

  • TinyZola rolls for Danys: [ 1d20+16 ] getting [ 18 ] which, after the modifier [ 16 ] totals [ 34 ].

<Danys> (heal then perception)

<DiablotinNarrator> Well, with your Heal check, you could say that it's possible to have bleeding at the start of a pregnancy that could seem like a light period. And with your Perception check, you can definitely detect a slightly distinctive 'pregnant lady' odour, now that you're looking for it.

  • Danys will explain about the bleeding

<Hettienne> Well shit :o

<Danys> He is right - I can smell it now that I'm trying

<Anny> I smell? :o

  • Anny sniffs herself

<Hettienne> Holy fuck, Anny! We're gonna be mamas! :o

<Danys> your body changes when you're pregnant...

<Danys> you just smell pregnant, that's all

  • Anny flies down to look at your belly, Hettie, putting her hands on it.
  • Danys smiles, because you *are* happy and we don't have to have the follow up conversation >.>

<Hettienne> Am I fat yet? :v

<Anny> No, you're just right :)

<Hettienne> You look gorgeous :3

<Anny> I just hope the baby's real tiny, if I gotta get it out...

<Hettienne> Well *I'm* hopin' we get back home before we gotta worry about that.

  • Anny is perhaps a bit fuzzy on timelines ;)

<Danys> (Can I make any guesses in when those babies might be coming?)

<Hettienne> And if they came with us here, it should be fine goin' the other way...

<Hettienne> . o O (It *should* be...)

<Anny> Well I didn't do anythin' here that could get a baby :o

<Hettienne> Yeah, me neither, heh.

<DiablotinNarrator> You think not very far, Danys. First trimester still for sure.

<Danys> it is still quite early, for both of you

  • Anny gets Ander-the-ratte out to give him a scritch

<Anny> You did real good, didn't you, yes you did :3

  • Ander_the_ratte chitters happily in reply

<Danys> What did you do :o

  • Danys asks him in ratte
  • Danys is fluent :V

<Ander_the_ratte> <r> I helped!

<Hettienne> Haha, yeah he did.

  • Danys will also give him a scritch

<Danys> Well good job ^-^

<Danys> lending more than just youre magic, hmm?

  • Danys doens't seem put off by how this could be... faeries man

<Ander_the_ratte> <r> Yeah! It was hard work :p

<Danys> well congratulations everyone ^-^

  • Anny giggles

<Danys> ....do you want to let the others know or shoudl I not say anything?

<Hettienne> Well... I'd rather not.

<Anny> They don't need to know.

  • Danys nods

<Danys> it does seem rather personal - I'mm just keep an eye out for anything that might be hazardous >.>

<Danys> well, more so than skin stealers :/

<Hettienne> Me too. >.>

  • Anny flutters around excitedly

<Hettienne> (that good for now?)

<Anny> We oughta get that drink!

<Danys> not too many though!

<Hettienne> Heh, alrighty then! :D

  • Anny will happily have a celebratory drink with you both :3

Veren and Danys fend off a pushy satyr, then talk about their loves again

  • Danys is still at the party, maybe keeping half an eye on Lamis's other girl to see if she notices anything odd or skin-stealer-y >.>
  • Veren is having a drink from the somewhat-dubious punchbowl

<Veren> do you want some?

<Danys> Oh - yes please

  • Veren will get you a cup too

<Veren> I'm not quite sure what's in it... but it's not poison, anyway.

<Danys> well, that's about as good as wel can expect, I suppose...

<Danys> no one seems to be falling over

  • Veren nods

<Veren> How are you doing?

  • Danys considers

<Danys> I'm okay.... it would be nice to be here just to have fun, though

<Veren> yeah...

  • Danys sips the offered punch

<Danys> <w> did you hear what Silver and Aux found out?

  • Veren nods

<Veren> Silver stopped by to give me the news before she went off to have ... fun.

  • Danys nods

<Danys> right

<Danys> we let lamis know, anyway

<Danys> now I'm not sure what we're doing

  • Danys shrugs and loks around

<Veren> is he actually concerned about it?

<Danys> yes, I think so

<Danys> I guess he said that if someone is preyong on his people, he woudl kill them.

<Danys> he is their lord, after akkl

<Danys> (all)

  • Veren nods

<Veren> well... that seems reasonable

<Danys> yes

<Danys> hopefully they can suss it out

<Danys> I know Hettie wanted to try another augury as well

<Danys> I'm afraid it might be someone close to Lamis, but it could be anyone

<Veren> if she can find enough peace and quiet to concentrate here?

<Danys> well, therr is that - but there must be somewhere quiet in this whole place!

  • Danys l;ooks up and around at the tree in general

<Veren> hopefully so...

<Veren> they must sleep sometime, surely?

<Danys> maybe they party in shifts >.>

  • Veren smiles at that

<Veren> It might help with the sleeping quarters being overcrowded

<Danys> maybe!

<Danys> I get the feeling a lot of them aren't used for sleeping anyway >.>

<Veren> that's probably true

<Danys> or not *just* anyway

<Veren> although some people don't seem to require a room >.>

<Danys> there is that...

  • Danys says, eying one enthusiasting couple
  • Danys sighs a bit and returns to keeping a partial eye on Lamis's more social mistress

<Veren> would... would you like to dance with me?

  • Veren asks a bit warily

<Danys> Oh....

  • Danys looks back over at Veren

<Danys> I don't think so, Veren, sorry.

  • Danys says, trying to be nice about it
  • Veren looks disappointed
  • Danys does not feel obliged to make you feel any better about that, and resumes watching the room.
  • Satyr approaches you, cheerful and possibly rather drunk

<Satyr> Hello, beautiful - you must be new here.

  • Danys sizes him and his level of drunkenness up

<Danys> ye..essss..... >.>

<Satyr> Well has anyone told you yet about the customs for new arrivals? ^-^

  • Danys looks suspicious

<Danys> We weren't given any directions other than to enjoy ourselves, and surely we can sort out for ourselves what that means.

  • Danys says, a bit frosty

<Satyr> Oh, I'm sure you'd enjoy it, sweetheart.

<Danys> I think you should go find someone else to talk to.

<Danys> there's only one person I'm interest in those kinds of things with, and he isn't here.

  • Danys says firmly
  • Veren frowns a little

<Satyr> What happens is, you just follow me, and I'll show you around, introduce you to my friends, you'll forget all about whoever you're interested in once you loosen up a little...

<Danys> that's not going to happen, and this is your last chance to go find someone else to bother >:|

  • Danys says, her tail all poofed up, peeking out the edge of her skirt

<Satyr> Are you sure?

<Satyr> (you can make a Will save, DC 15)

<Danys> 9if it is a charm effect I'm immune :V)

<Satyr> (or rather, maybe you don't have to, cause it's a charm(

<Satyr> (yeah)

  • Danys will
  • Danys will tail lash him >:\

<Danys> Very!

<Danys> !roll 1d20+13

  • BalthCat rolls for Danys: [ 1d20+13 ] getting [ 2 ] which, after the modifier [ 13 ] totals [ 15 ].

<Veren> !roll 1d20+4

  • BalthCat rolls for Veren: [ 1d20+4 ] getting [ 5 ] which, after the modifier [ 4 ] totals [ 9 ].

<Danys> !roll 1d6+6

  • BalthCat rolls for Danys: [ 1d6+6 ] getting [ 1 ] which, after the modifier [ 6 ] totals [ 7 ].

<Danys> !roll 1d4

  • BalthCat rolls for Danys: [ 1d4 ] getting [ 1 ].

<Danys> (7 damage and -1 charisma)

<Satyr> Ow, hey!

<Danys> (a little bit ugly and deformed ;)

<Veren> She said no, so take off before you get hurt worse than that.

<Danys> maybe I shouldn't let you just go off to harass anyone else >:|

  • Danys says, taking a step towards him

<Satyr> No, no, it's all good, calm down...

  • Satyr says, backing off

<Danys> maybe you should just slink off somewhere and *not* bother anyone else >:|

  • Satyr makes a hasty retreat
  • Danys hmps, watching him go

<Danys> Ugh, Satyrs, some of them are so disgusting!

  • Veren nods

<Veren> Are you okay?

  • Danys looks a bit caught off guard by the question
  • Danys realizes she is literaly bristling, or at least her tail is, and takes a deep breath that turns into a sigh

<Danys> I miss Draga

<Veren> Ah... that's your... your boy?

  • Danys nods

<Danys> This party *could* be a lot more fun

<Danys> if he were here :/

<Veren> maybe sometime you'll get a chance to come back with him

<Danys> that would be nice...

  • Danys says a bit wistfully

<Veren> if everything gets sorted out, anyway

<Danys> I just want to see him again at all, right now...

<Danys> he's probably worried, too

<Veren> I'm sure he misses you a lot.

<Danys> he's probably searching the whole wood...

<Veren> but he knows you can take care of yourself

  • Danys smiles

<Danys> we take care of each other...

<Danys> so we don't have to

<Danys> But, yes, he knows I can

<Danys> I just don't....know.... if he knows where I am

<Danys> that would worry him, if I just disappeared!

<Veren> I think he knows... He might worry about whether you're coming back, though.

<Danys> Well of course I am.

  • Danys says firmly

<Danys> justv as soon as we'

<Danys> re done this errand

<Veren> well then I'm sure he'll wait for you.

<Danys> oh, I'm not worried about that

  • Danys smiles

<Danys> I know he loves me too

  • Veren nods

<Danys> he;s very patient - it's hard to woo a huldra, you know!

<Veren> how did he manage to win your heart?

<Danys> oh, well, my family knew him.... my rat family I mean.

<Danys> and he took me...hunting, yes, hunting with him. In the forest.

<Danys> he's very clever, and he had veryy pretty eyes

<Danys> I don't think anyone knows the forest as well as he does

  • Danys sounds a bit dreamy and wistful
  • Veren nods

<Danys> you should tell me about your girl

  • Danys encourages

<Veren> Oh...

<Veren> well, she's very strong, and brave, and kind.

  • Danys nods encouragingly

<Veren> She's the nicest person I know - she's always doing thoughtful things for people.

<Danys> is that why you fell for her?

  • Veren nods

<Veren> All of that...

<Veren> And she's pretty - she has real pretty eyes too, and pretty hair, even if she had to cut it shorter, it's still nice to touch.

  • Danys 's hair is storybook perfect, despite her traipsing through the woods all day :V

<Danys> she sounds very special...

<Veren> I think so.

<Veren> I miss her so much...

<Danys> I know just how that feels :/

<Danys> it's hard - but worth it.

<Veren> I guess so.

<Danys> Draga is so special to me.... I wouldn't want to be with someone else, even if it is someone who is.... close.

<Danys> it wouldn't be the same.

<Veren> you must love him a lot

<Danys> I really do

<Veren> I love my girl too.

  • Danys smiles

<Danys> Then wait for her - really her.

<Veren> I will.

<Veren> And when I see her again, I'm gonna... well, make up for lost time.

  • Danys smiles

<Danys> Oh yes I'm plannig somethign liek that too ^-^

<Danys> this place is full of ideas ^-^

  • Veren smiles at that

<Danys> but I think for nowe I'm going to maybe go see if they have any accomodations sorted out for us.

<Danys> Good night, Veren.

<Veren> Good night.