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Zola is a Castalia-educated bard, currently a regular performer at Titania's Cabaret.


Player: BalthCat
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Birthday: 2256-03-16
Class: Bard
Alignment: Chaotic Good


Zola grew up Micholas Torvalle, in Ariège, child of Allaude and Mylène Torvalle. Allaude's clever ideas and social charm helped reimagine and popularize the family chain of retail stores (A. Torvalle & Family), and Mylène's fierce management skills brought them to profitability. They saw opportunity in Diablotin and moved to the city in In 2271, opening an upscale retail store in the Place d'Iena (Torvalle's). Zola has an older sister, Éliane who remains in Ariege.

Zola's parents are good people, but they were both busy and not particularly attentive. Much of the mundane business of child rearing was delegated to nannies, and no small amount to Allaude's sister Estrelle. Through misadventures in the ladies' wear department and some polymorphing experimentation with her aunt, Zola came to view her birth gender as at odds with her identity. During the holidays from her school in Ariege, she would visit with her aunt, a sorcerer. Here she learned a more relaxed outlook on life, learned of arcana, played with her familiar Bastien, and likely first experienced what it is like to be a female, with the assistance of her aunt's magic.

She came with her parents to Diablotin to attend the more prestigious Castalia. Here she came in contact with more affirmed alternative thinkers, and embraced her womanhood. She took to jazz and the flamboyant style of cabarets as she pursued her training as a performer, and met and became friends with Tits. Before she opened her own venue.

For the better part of 2275, she and a young man of House Rat named Noren Errazuris spent their days smitten with each other, culminating in a somewhat awkward situation in 2276 when Noren's loving birthday gift of permanent cleavage was paid for with funds pilfered from his parents. After this was discovered, his furious parents shipped him out of the city and away from bad influences.

During the war, Zola, performing as Micholas "Mico" Torvalle emerged as a popular, but reclusive, new radio crooner. In early 2279, Estrelle was killed. She had left Bastien behind in the city for his safety, and he survived the mystic trauma of her death. After Estrelle's death, "Mico" frequently performed special broadcasts for the troops in the Psyrene War. Zola, with the support of her agent (and the insistence of her mother) keeps herself separate from the Mico persona, and the connection is known to few at Tits'. Her fame as Mico, and the tantalizing nature of his reclusiveness, may make that hard to maintain.


Zola's Hits

  • Love is a Madness
  • Under Your Spell
  • Diamond in the Rough

Mico's Hits

  • Luck's On My Side (2277)
  • No Magic Like Love (2277)
  • At the Mouth of the River (2278)
  • Lover in the City (2278)
  • With Love From Dee (2279)
  • Ring Ring Ring (It's Love Calling) (2280)


Love to Lust