Yusri Williams

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Seeming: Grump

Kith: Eshu

House: N/A

Age: 36

Born and raised in Atlanta, Eshu wanderlust with a dollop of irresistible adventure brought Yusri to the Northwest, where he became a favoured member of Countess Luighseach Ahearne of House Fiona’s court of Endline (roughly analogous to Tacoma, WA) for nearly ten years. That ended early in 2019 when his Bard’s Tongue revealed an unfortunate truth about Luighseach that immediately threw him out of the Countess’s favour. As she tried to make Yusri’s life a living hell after that, he moved to Whidbey in voluntary exile. He has been there since March 2019, having established himself as a businessman and small-scale philanthropist. It is close enough to Tacoma that some of his more well-to-do clients may travel out to continue their sessions with him, but his livelihood now is mainly derived from the café and his not-inconsiderable investments.

Yusri is 5'7" with a slim build. He has medium brown skin with warm orange undertones and dark violet eyes (dark brown in mortal seeming). He prefers to wear his hair cropped close to his scalp and styled to a line up fade with very short twists. He has a very short beard; hair & beard are both very well maintained. He tends to wear stylish business attire in a variety of colours. "Dressing up" for him in his mortal seeming means adding a fedora. For special fae occasions, his toile incorporates traditional textiles from many different African cultures, since he doesn't know what regions in Africa his mortal ancestors were kidnapped from, but of course it's mixed with starlight and gossamer because why not?

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