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The new arrivals are formally presented to the court in Nēšu Abamātu, with a party that evening.


Session date:
In Game date: A day after the previous game

Formal Presentations

<YOAW_Narrator> May, presumably preparations have been made to officially receive your new guests.
<May> (Yup! )
<YOAW_Narrator> You know that it is a delegation from Thantopolis, including Laris' fiance, plus the lion lady you previously met (;)), and someone from the "Houses of Elemental Order", of whom you have never heard.
<Eyllia> (is this a formal thing or just a walk up from the dock thing?)
<YOAW_Narrator> (This will be a formal thing.)
<Eyllia> (poop)
<YOAW_Narrator> (They'll escort you, and any entourage you would like to have, up to the keep.)
<Eyllia> (ill wear a dress, but I'm keeping my sword and dagger)
<Eyllia> :P
* May will have someone greet you at the entryway and usher you all inside to the reception room.
* Sahhiru ( has joined #gnomeland
* Eyllia will arrive with Lysa
<YOAW_Narrator> Presumably, your court has assembled.
<Induriel> (Yes - can I be there? :D )
<YOAW_Narrator> I'm not going to be able to have NPC things for all of them, but, yes, any PCs who want can be there, plus Kadanu, Temu, Calkas is probably there, the elves are hanging around...
* NPC1 ( has joined #gnomeland
<YOAW_Narrator> (Side note: You have a court! :))
<May> ( D: )
* NPC2 ( has joined #gnomeland
* Laris will wear his nice clothes (probably because Calkas brought them for him ;)
* NPC1 is now known as Dianthea
* May starts to fidget a bit as more and more new people crowd into the audience chamber.
* NPC2 is now known as Rufus_Metillius
* May catches sight of the the nice lion-lady she met yesterday and smiles at her, though.
<YOAW_Narrator> Dianthea and Rufus will be ushered in, with a few skeletons bearing a chest between them.
<Laris> (would it be appropriate for me to introduce them to May?)
* Dianthea would best be described as ethereal, in a way that would make her seem much older than her years to other elduar. She smiles as her and her companions stop before you, and she bows courteously.
* Eyllia is wearing green single shouldered dress with her cresting wave of house D'Azzure on the shoulder
<YOAW_Narrator> (That would make sense.)
* Rufus_Metillius has a soldier's bearing, but with an easy affect complemented by an accompanying smile. He waves the skeletons to stop just behind them as he, too, bows.
* May nods to them both and smiles, only a bit nervously.
<Laris> Domina Mamitu, permit me to introduce Fata Dianthea Lucilla Pertinax, and Magus Rufus Metilius Auspex, recently arrived from Thantopolis.
<Dianthea> An honor to meet you, Domina Lalu.
<Rufus_Metillius> Thantopolis sends its regards, and support.
<May> It's a pleasure to meet you both. I understand your trip here was somewhat... exciting.
* Dianthea gives a weary smile.
<Dianthea> Perhaps overly so, but we seem to have managed.
<Dianthea> The timely arrival of Captain Wahala was a godsend.
<May> Well, I hope you've had a chance to recover somewhat. If there's anything you need while you're here, please let me know.
* Rufus_Metillius nods, then steps aside for the skeletons to step forward.
<Rufus_Metillius> Lest you think we are here just to impose upon your hospitality...
* Rufus_Metillius will open the chest, revealing rolls of scrolls.
* May 's eyes go wide for a moment.
<Dianthea> I was told you have a fondness for literature.
<May> Oh... my...
* Dianthea smiles somewhat self-consciously.
<May> Thank you. That's very generous of you!
<Rufus_Metillius> We also brought reinforcements for Dominus Corvis, goods from the eternal city, the usual tributes.
* Rufus_Metillius gives you a genuinely friendly smile.
* May keeps glancing back at the scrolls occasionally, probably for the rest of the ceremony.
* Sahhiru can direct the skeletons on where to put those for now.
<May> Thank you again. And please, consider yourselves welcome here. Any friends of La... Dominus Corvis are friends of the Nesu Abamatu.
<YOAW_Narrator> They'll bow one more time, then step aside to stand with Laris.
<May> (-the)
<YOAW_Narrator> Servants will escort Wahala (and any entourage she wants to have) into the hall.
* Wahala enters, accompanied by several of the flashier crewmen, including an 8-foot-tall elephant man in ornate black-and-gold robes, a heron with blue designs painted all over her feathers, and some very stronk sailors lugging a series of chests
* May smiles at Wahala and tries not to stare at her companions.
* Wahala winks
* May winks back
<Sahhiru> Siru Lalu, may I present, ahem, ile Nyara Oorun, Omọbinrin Kẹta, called Wahala.
* May nods.
* Wahala bows grandly
<May> It's a pleasure to meet you, Wahala
<Wahala> It is an honor to meet you, and to visit your fair city, Dominus Lalu
<Wahala> Please, allow my house and myself to bestow upon you these gifts
* Wahala gestures for the sailors to bring the chests forward
<Wahala> We have silks from the Nimh, fine dyes from the [crane people], and obsidian and jade from the Wadjet and my own humble lands
<May> Oh... wow.
<May> I mean...
<May> Thank you!
<May> Although I understand it's us that owe you a debt for securing the safety of our other guests.
<Wahala> And from myself and my crew, a smaller token, which I hope will be received with joy, a map that we have made on our travels
* Wahala bows again
<Wahala> We were fortunate to be in a position to help, Dominus
<May> Thank you again for the gifts. I hope you'll consider yourselves welcome within the city.
<Wahala> We also wondered if, with your permission, we could be allowed to remain in your lands for a time, and perhaps purchase a small building from which to commence our trade
* Sahhiru will studiously avoid saying anything to May, to see how she handles this.
<May> I don't see any immediate issues with that, but of course we'll need to work out any details with the harbormaster. Perhaps we can meet later on with Dominus Corvis and see what we can do?
* May glances at Laris
* Wahala nods
<Wahala> Any time spent in your illustrious company is a treasure
* May blushes a bit at that.
* Laris nods
* Wahala bows again, and withdraws
<May> Well thank you. I'll look forward to it, then.
* May looks over at Sahhiru with a "Was that ok?" eyebrow raise.
* Sahhiru gives a slight nod and small smile.
<YOAW_Narrator> The servants will return a third time, ushering in Eyllia and her companion.
<YOAW_Narrator> (How would Eyllia have said she wanted to be introduced?)
* Dianthea is now known as Lysa
<Eyllia> (Eyllia D'Azzure, captain of the Emerald Drake, first daughter of the Wavemistress of the Houses of Elemental Order works... seems long but well it gests it done)
* Eyllia will glance around the room trying to feel the atmosphere
<Sahhiru> Siru Lalu, may I present Eyllia D'Azzure, captain of the Emerald Drake, first daughter of the Wavemistress of the Houses of Elemental Order.
* May will not courteously.
<May> It's a pleasure to meet you, Captain.
* Eyllia will curtsey and off a big smile
<Eyllia> Also to meet you Domina Lalu
<May> What brings you to our city?
* Lysa will echo her cousin's curtsey.
<Eyllia> The Houses have just recently arrived on this coast and me and my ship are sailing to find friends and trading partners
<Eyllia> I honestly was not expecting such a formal greeting, but I suppose its not really for me
* Eyllia looks at the previous introducees
* May laughs.
<May> We try to make all our guests feel welcome
<May> I hope we can help you with your search for trading partners. Anything that opens us up to outside trade is good for everyone involved.
<Eyllia> isnt it always
<Eyllia> as for a welcome, wine and dancing was all I really needed, but this is appreciated
<May> Well, if that's what you're looking for, I'm sure you can find it here. Especially if the Hrieffen are in town.
* May grins
* Sahhiru smiles at that despite himself.
<Eyllia> alas I have no gifts to offer you other than my company at this time
<Eyllia> which I do hope you will take so we may get to know eachother better
<Eyllia> this city of yours if full of faces I have not seen before
<May> Well, I hope to get to know you and your people as well. If there's anything you need, please, let me know.
<May> Will you be looking to purchase property in town as well?
<Eyllia> our birth at the docks is fine for now although some of my crew, including myself would appreciate a recommendation on accomidations in the city
* Eyllia shrugs
<Eyllia> I don't think we'll be purchasing anything like that right away... not that I'm sure you have fine lands for sale
<Eyllia> I just got here
<Sahhiru> Arrangements can be made, I'm sure, Captain.
* May laughs.
<May> We'll make sure you have a good place to stay.
<May> And if need be I can have one of our staff show you around town.
<Eyllia> Some of my crew would appreciate that
<Eyllia> if there is no issue, Lysa and I would like to explore on our own
<Sahhiru> Perhaps that can be arranged for your crew presently. Preparations must be made for this evening, to welcome our guests with a feast.
<Eyllia> My thanks!
<YOAW_Narrator> Folks can mill about for a bit, but court as such is largely over for the moment.

Dianthea speaks with Laris and gives him a gift

<YOAW_Narrator> Laris, Dianthea will try to talk to you semi-privately, in the hall or elsewhere.
* Lysa is now known as Dianthea
* Laris will certainly talk to her if she wants
<Laris> Is everything all right? I thought that went well.
<Dianthea> Oh, thank fate. I admit to being a bit worried.
<Dianthea> Domina Mamitu seemed to like her gift, at least.
<Laris> She is fond of reading - your gift was a good choice.
* Dianthea smiles at that.
<Dianthea> There are some good pieces in there. I hope necromancy doesn't bore her.
<Laris> I'm sure she will enjoy them.
<Dianthea> Speaking of gifts, yours was brought up from the ship. I had hoped to give it you, when you have a moment to spare.
<Laris> oh, certainly.
* Dianthea will lead you back to her chamber, feeling a little awkward about the optics.
* Laris will accompany her
<Dianthea> What do you think of the newcomers?
<Dianthea> Other than Rufus and myself, I mean.
* Laris considers that for a moment
<Laris> They bring wealthy gifts, but I am not certain what more they have to back that display of grandeur up. They are far from their homes, and may have limited resources beyond what they can carry with them.
<Laris> Their interest seems to be in trade, which is promising - it will be if they start to seek more than that, or come in greater numbers, that we may have to worry.
<Dianthea> It sounds like perhaps you are already worrying, just in case.
<Laris> It's only prudent to think ahead.
<Dianthea> And with portent and prophecy hanging over your...our heads...of course, you're right.
* Dianthea will open the door to her chambers and let you in.
<Laris> Some of them already ask for a foothold here, which is perhaps nothing to worry about, but perhaps a sign that in the future they will ask for more.
<Dianthea> I guess that's more of a concern here, on the frontier, with less of the might of Thantopolis easily available.
<Laris> Yes, although the troops who accompanied you are an asset in that regard. We have greater strength now to protect our interests here.
<Dianthea> And, in that vein, my gift to you.
* Dianthea gestures to a wooden case on her bed.
* Laris looks over at it
<Laris> (what sort of size is it?)
<YOAW_Narrator> It's rectangular, several feet long and maybe 1 1/2 to 2 feet wide, a dark stained wood with a silver latch.
* Laris approaches it and will open it carefully.
<YOAW_Narrator> Opening the case reveals a composite bow in the newest style, of pale, practically white wood, carved to look like bone, etched with faint silvery runes.
* Dianthea watches you nervously.
* Laris 's eyes widen as he takes it out, examining it more closely
<Laris> It's beautiful.
* Dianthea brightens at that.
<Laris> The craftsmanship is exquisite. Thank you, I will use it with pride.
<Dianthea> I had hoped you'd like it.
* Laris nods
<Laris> I do, very much.
* Dianthea smiles.
<Dianthea> I'm glad.
* Dianthea is awkwardly silent.
* Laris feels like he is probably expected to do something here, and will put the bow back in its case so that he can give her a hug.
<Dianthea> Oh!
* Dianthea says quietly, and returns the hug.
* Dianthea will break the hug after a moment.
<Dianthea> I, uh, don't want to keep you from your duties.
<Dianthea> I'm glad you like the bow.
<Laris> It's all right. I hope we'll have more time to talk at the feast tonight. And perhaps tomorrow, if we are not too busy, I can bring you to the temple.
<Laris> (er, I don't mean the bow is all right, heh. bad timing. I meant it's all right if I'm away from things for a bit ;)
<YOAW_Narrator> (I think she got that. :))
<Dianthea> I'd like that, yes.
<Laris> Let us rejoin the others, then.
* Laris offers her his arm.
* Dianthea will smile and take it.

Induriel introduces himself to Wahala

* Induriel approaches Wahala and her entourage once the formal court session is over, accompanied by his own entourage, and bows
<Induriel> ile Nyara Oorun, Omọbinrin Kẹta?
* Wahala smiles
<Induriel> I am Induriel of House Antalanon, of the city of Aethrennar.
<Wahala> It is a pleasure to greet you, and may your winds be always fair
<Induriel> Thank you, and welcome to Nesu Abamatu. I am pleased to see you here.
* Wahala laughs
<Wahala> It is an unexpected, but not unwelcome, outcome
<Wahala> And please, feel free to call me Wahala
<Induriel> Thank you, Wahala.
<Induriel> I'm glad it's turned out well, then!
<Induriel> I know your people have traded in Bel Turath before. Indeed, you have occasionally made it as far as Aethrennar.
<Induriel> I take it that wasn't really your intent in this journey, though?
* Eyllia ( has joined #YOAW
<Wahala> On our home island, a rival house politicked us into some disfavor, so the mothers of my house thought to spend some time in the lands of the Wadjet
<Wahala> They will work to increase our holdings there, with the rest of our family, and I am to seek out new contacts here in the north
<Induriel> Ah, I see. I'm sorry to hear of your troubles, but perhaps they can lead to new opportunities.
<Induriel> Would trade with Aethrennar interest you?
* Wahala perks up
<Wahala> Trade always interests me
<Wahala> What sorts of items might you be offering?
<@YOAW_Narrator> {various lucrative trade goods, presumably >.>]
<Induriel> (Yep - I was going to say, I need Josh to specify, so I'm going with fluff for now. :D )
<Induriel> Aethrennar has great wealth, and our merchants deal in many different products. Is there anything that interests you in particular?
<Wahala> Well, exotic raw materials are always nice, and I have heard your colder lands have more access to amber, and fine wools?
<Wahala> and of course, curiosities and magical items always sell well
* Induriel smiles
<Induriel> We do indeed have fine wools and other textiles.
<Wahala> If you are looking for a source for silk, my family has many farms
<Induriel> That sounds appealing to me!
<Induriel> I'm afraid I'm a scholar rather than a merchant, so I'll have to consult with my advisors on specifics. But I'm sure something could be arranged.
<Wahala> Oh, and while it may take some doing to ship more, we do have a large quantity of [magically infused obsidian, gotta think of a name for it] in our holds at the moment
<Induriel> As for magical items... well, as I say, I am a scholar. And I like to think that magic is something for which our city is fairly well-known.
* Induriel says with false modesty.
<Induriel> Heri Mamitu chose to study there, after all.
<Induriel> Before she attained her current position, I mean.
* Wahala nods
<Wahala> I am not as learned as some of my siblings, but knowledge is always a valuable commodity
<Induriel> I had the honour of serving as her tutor myself
* Induriel says, again with false modesty
* Wahala perks up again
<Wahala> Perhaps I could impose upon you myself, to learn some of the customs and histories of this land?
<Wahala> My grasp of the language is not as complete as it seems
* Induriel smiles and nods
<Induriel> Certainly! It wouldn't be an imposition - it would be a pleasure.
<Induriel> Perhaps we can schedule a time when you are fully settled in.
<Wahala> I would greatly appreciate that...
* Wahala laughs a bit
<Wahala> I admit, I am not sure what honorific is appropriate
<Induriel> Ah, well. Officially I suppose I'm an Ambassador.
<Wahala> Then I would greatly appreciate that, Ambassador Antalanon
<Induriel> However, if you're to study with me, the word for teacher in my language is "Istyar".
* Wahala nods
<Wahala> Thank you, Istyar
<Wahala> I will try to be a worthy pupil
<Induriel> I'm sure you will be! The desire for knowledge is the most important thing, and you obviously value it highly. :)
<Induriel> It will be good to have another pupil again, however briefly.
* Wahala nods again
<Wahala> I do look forward to studying under you, Istyar Induriel, but if you will pardon me, it seems that my shaman is going to turn blue if I do not go and see what he wants
* Wahala nods at the elephant man, who is fidgeting in the doorway
<Induriel> Certainly, Winyamo Wahala. I look forward to the next time we can speak.
<Induriel> Until then!

Laris speaks to May about politics stuff

* @Laris will return from having stepped away for a little while, and once making sure Dianthea is safely comfortable with Rufus and whoever else is there, he will take the opportunity to talk to May if possible.
* May will meet up with him while overseeing preparations for the feast.
<May> Hey! So that seemed to go well.
<Laris> Yes, I believe so.
* May smiles.
<May> She seems nice.
<Laris> There will certainly be much to consider with these new arrivals.
<Laris> oh.. yes. She is ... nice.
* @Laris is momentarily thrown off from what he wanted to talk about by these personal niceties.
<May> Yeah, three new groups of visitors at once. We're very popular all of a sudden.
* May seems not to notice.
* @Laris nods
<Laris> It would do well to be cautious in what we offer them, to begin with. But trade is valuable, and if they have more of such wealth as they've shown today, they would make good trading partners.
<May> That's what I'm thinking too. If they can bring more goods and money in, then I'm all for it.
<May> Do you think we'll be able to help Wahala find some property for sale?
<Laris> Even their ships are an asset we might consider. With recent troubles, if they are interested in providing support for ships making the journey from Thantopolis or other areas, it might be worth considering.
<May> That's not a bad idea. We can't really spare much of our forces, but having hired ships on hand for protecting trade ships wouldn't be a bad thing.
<Laris> I think we can likely reach some arrangement. If not a sale, then a rental agreement perhaps.
* May nods
<Laris> There was another issue I wanted to raise.
<May> Oh?
<May> What's up?
<Laris> I have some ... concerns regarding the agreement with the Vanilorrans and the Aethrennari.
* May freezes, sighs, and drops her shoulders.
<May> I thought we were done with that mess...
<Laris> Certainly it is your right to make treaties and agreements as you see fit. I understand it is not my problem any longer.
<Laris> I only wish to caution you about some potential problems you may face.
<May> No, go ahead, your advice is always welcome
<Laris> While the Hrieffen were ... let us say, seemingly less interested in the implications of the discussion, I believe that some of its provisions as were later settled may yet concern them once they realize the full scope of their impact.
* @Laris says, thinking of how Kraaz was basically like "this is stupid and I don't care" ;)
<May> What do you mean?
* Induriel ( has joined #changeling
<Laris> How do you propose to enforce and defend these borders?
<Laris> It will necessarily implicate the Hrieffen - whether because you want to make use of their forces, or simply because it involves lands they claim as theirs. And they may have their own thoughts about such agreements.
<May> So you're saying we need to run it past them?
<Laris> I would suggest at least that you speak with them about it, yes, but cautiously.
<Laris> Their ideas of security and borders are not ours.
* May sighs.
<Laris> And we can barely stop them stealing sheep, so...
* @Laris shrugs slightly
<May> I'll talk to Kraaz about it.
<Laris> Talk to Korivan as well - he has more of a head for such matters, and can reason with Kraaz.
<May> Would you mind coming with me on that? You have experience I don't in this stuff.
<Laris> But do not presume that they will immediately do as you ask - they are a proud people and will want to have their own say in things.
<Laris> Very well, yes, if you wish.
<Laris> You know my interests are always foremost what is best for this city. I will assist in whatever way I can.
<May> Thanks. Man this whole thing has become a huge nightmare. Why can't people just get along?
<Laris> Mm, indeed.
* @Laris will return to the feast preparations then.

Eyllia and Lysa explore the town

<Eyllia> I can't decide if it was good timing or bad timing to show up when we did
* Eyllia muses as she wanders around looking at the various building and people
<Eyllia> so many different people
<YOAW_Narrator> Nesu Abamatu is tiny compared even to the cities of Ahkas, and is a blip compared to Thantopolis, but it's still the largest bit of civilization you've seen outside the Houses' islands for a while.
<YOAW_Narrator> It's a nice town, fairly bustling, with a rougher feel than ancient Thantopolis. It reminds you a bit more of cities back home (with more obviously nomadic people passing through).
<Lysa> And all mixed together. Not like back home.
<Lysa> I think it might be nice here.
<Lysa> Why would you think it was bad timing?
<Eyllia> well all those gifts and the animal people bringing chests... I don't want them to think we're cheap.
<Lysa> Different aims, I think.
<Eyllia> I suppose... we get a feast out of the deal, so I guess I shouldn't complain
* Lysa grins.
<Lysa> A full belly is nothing to scoff at.
<Eyllia> our galley is good, but think of all the strange and different stuff we're gonna get to try
* Lysa nods.
<Lysa> I'm excited to see. I liked Thantopolis, but it was a little...something. Too...refined?
<Lysa> I'm curious what they'll have here.
<Eyllia> you think there will be good music? The Thanatopolians seem a little stiff
<Lysa> I think maybe we just didn't get invited to the right parties. ;)
<Lysa> But we'll see.
<Lysa> I saw that their keep has a training yard.
<Lysa> Maybe we'll get a chance to show off, take their measure.
<Eyllia> now that would be fun
* Eyllia smiles and spins at the thought of that
<Lysa> Well, you *did
* say you wanted a little dancing.
<Eyllia> can you imagin that elephant man dancing?
<YOAW_Narrator> Before an hour ago, I would have had trouble imagining that elephant man, period.
<YOAW_Narrator> I'm surprised the ground doesn't shake when he walks.
<YOAW_Narrator> (grr, ww)
<Lysa> Before an hour ago, I would have had trouble imagining that elephant man, period.
<Lysa> I'm surprised the ground doesn't shake when he walks.
<YOAW_Narrator> (Notwithstanding, the two of you are getting more than a few stares and a few pointed fingers.)
<Eyllia> and how do they feed him on a ship? Must have to bring a barge just for him
* Eyllia just smiles at the attention
<Lysa> Still getting used to this much attention. Not that it doesn't have its upsides.
* Lysa smiles at a pair of passing tiefling soldiers.
<Eyllia> you and your legs that never end, of course they gaze at you
<Eyllia> I have to sway and blink to draw their eyes
* Eyllia teases
<Lysa> I can't help it if I'm blessed. Blame the gods.
* Eyllia laughs
<Lysa> Besides, I don't think you've had much trouble with your sway.
* Lysa laughs with you.
<Eyllia> If the ground would move, it would be straight line
<Lysa> If the ground moved, too, I think Grahm would die.
<Eyllia> Ha!
<Lysa> We don't have to bring him tonight, do we?
<Eyllia> He'll appreciate the escort around the city and sniff out any coin to be made
* Lysa nods.
<Eyllia> we'll enjoy tonight
<Lysa> Olladra be praised. :)

At the party: Dianthea and May

<YOAW_Narrator> The feast will begin in the early evening, around sunset, largely held outside in the (is it atrium?) of the keep.
<YOAW_Narrator> It's not the huge affair the after-battle feasts were, with not as many soldiers, but the luminaries from various factions, assorted hangers-on, and other prominent citizens curious to meet the new arrivals.
<YOAW_Narrator> (Now I wish I could pull up a George R.R. Martin-esque food description, but, alas, I did not prepare one. :p)
<May> (Lot's of roast meats and root veggies, likely)
<May> (And flatbreads)
<Laris> (fish, but not baked in glass ;)
<YOAW_Narrator> (A fair amount of spices from your new elven friends :))
<Induriel> ( :( )
<May> (And of course, snake skewers)
<Induriel> (I'll skip those spiced dishes, dammit. )
<YOAW_Narrator> (Yes, go flavorless, for patriotism!)
* Laris changes topic to 'Induriel subsists solely on spite and crackers.'
* Lysa is now known as Kraaz
* Korivan and kraaz roll into town at exactly the right time? ;p
<YOAW_Narrator> That is my thought, yes.
* Laris will make sure Dianthea and Rufus are doing well, keeping close to them
<Korivan> the ancestors grant us good fortune
* Dianthea will try to chat up May a little, to get to know her host.
* May will chat with Dianthea somewhat shyly at first, but will open up over time or if the subjects of books, history, or magic come up.
<Dianthea> It's a lovely gathering, Domina Mamitu.
<May> Oh! Thank you! I hope you're getting settled in ok.
<Dianthea> Yes, it's quite nice. And a welcome respite from the dangers of the trip.
<Dianthea> I hope my gift was to your liking?
<Dianthea> Our gift, I mean.
<May> Very much so! Some of those treatises I'd never even heard of before! I'm looking forward to studying them when I get some quiet time.
* Dianthea smiles at that.
<May> That's... actually getting more and more rare nowadays.
* May smiles
<Kraaz> I can imagine. You have quite a lot to manage here.
<Kraaz> (grr, ww)
<May> (hee)
<Kraaz> (I am not managing these well today)
<May> (No worries :) )
<Dianthea> I can imagine. You have quite a lot to manage here.
<Dianthea> I imagine your collection of tomes is a welcome respite.
<Dianthea> I know I enjoy the quiet of our temple archives back home.
<May> It's my passion really! I'm glad to meet someone else who appreciates it! Most people see learning as a means to an end but.. for me it's always been a goal in itself.
* Dianthea nods.
<Dianthea> Perhaps, when things are more settled here, you could take a trip to Thantopolis. We have scholars and philosophers that are, well, as old as the city.
<May> Wow, really? That must be amazing! I'd like that.
<Dianthea> Some say older, though there are some issues at that age. Time becomes...elastic, for them.
<Dianthea> Sorry, ah, professional issue.
<Dianthea> I'm something of a caretaker.
<May> Elastic?
<Dianthea> They don't have as much anchor in our world, so they can forget when it is, or when specific events occurred.
<Dianthea> Like, how you can lose track of time in a ritual, but all the time.
<May> That must make things difficult
<Dianthea> It has its challenges, but also its rewards.
<May> I can only imagine! The stories you must hear...
<Dianthea> What about you? You traffic with the divine, more even than I, and I'm a priestess. I'm sure your gods have their tales to tell.
<May> Oh, they definitely do. Some of them are even appropriate for polite company.
* Dianthea laughs at that, touching your arm for a moment.
<Dianthea> Oh! You're warm!
* May laughs along with her.
<May> Oh! Um...
<Dianthea> Sorry, is that rude? I just didn't know that about, ah, Turathi.
* Dianthea 's hand was cold when she touched you.
<May> No! Not at all! I just never really think about it. We're a hot-blooded people.
* May smiles
<Dianthea> We're colder, and me more than most. Winter's child and all.
* Dianthea smiles back.
* May cocks and eyebrow and offers her hand. "May I?"
* Dianthea will take the offered hand.
<YOAW_Narrator> As she said, her hand is indeed cold to the touch, more noticeable in Nesu Abamatu's climate.
* May starts slightly at the chill but takes her hand and wonders at the sensation.
<May> Very interesting...
<Dianthea> Like I said. A lot of it comes from my dragonmark.
* Dianthea gestures at the snowflake-esque pattern at the corner of her eye, continuing along her temple.
* May turns over her hand to show her own dragonmark as well.
<May> I assume yours is ice based?
<Dianthea> The Mark of Winter, yes, and aptly named in my case.
<May> Would it be rude of me to ask what you can do with it?
* Dianthea will hold out her other hand, causing a small sprinkling of snowflakes to fall from it.
<Dianthea> Yours is Summoning, right?
* May audibly squees with delight
<May> Oh my gods, that's amazing!
<May> Um... yes... it's... rather boring really
<Dianthea> Oh, I doubt that.
<May> I can summon things. Small objects. If I've marked them previously.
<Dianthea> Oh, wow, that sounds really useful.
* May will concentrate and her mark will glow red as her favorite pen appears in her hand.
* Dianthea grins at that.
<Dianthea> Amazing. Translocation, that'
<May> Heh, and now I'll have to carry this thing around for the rest of the party. I haven't quite worked out dismissing yet!
* Dianthea laughs at that.
<Dianthea> I'm sure someone can take it for you. It's not like you can misplace it, right?
<May> True, although if the mark is damaged it disrupts the effect. And I like this pen.
<May> ;)
* Dianthea grins.
<May> (I shold probably say "quill" instead)
<Dianthea> I'll have to ask you more about that when we have some time. I should probably get back to Laris and let you talk to your other guests.
<YOAW_Narrator> (Eh, whichevs)
<May> Of course. It really has been nice meeting you. Perhaps we can have lunch or something soon. I'd love to show you the library.
<Dianthea> I'd like that. Both, I mean, or, uh, either. It was nice meeting you too.
* Dianthea will give a little awkward small wave and head back towards her fiance.
* May smiles and heads back to the festivities

Eyllia, Wahala, and Kraaz

<YOAW_Narrator> The feast sort of sprawls through the keep, but, for the moment, I think Kraaz has commandeered the training area for some traditional Hrieffen drinking and good-naturedly beating the crap out of each other.
<YOAW_Narrator> (That would work, too :))
<Wahala> (yay let's party)
<Eyllia> Hey there! It was Wahala wasn't it?
* Eyllia looks up at the tall lion lady
<YOAW_Narrator> (Brb, talk amongst yourselves ;))
<Wahala> I am, yes!
* Wahala is a little lost, with all the weird cutlery the barianians use
<Eyllia> I'm guessing you're far from home
* Wahala chuckles
<Wahala> That obvious, is it?
<Eyllia> I mean I've never seen anyone like you and your entourage, but I'm not that traveled, at least not yet :)
<Wahala> Nor I you! I've never seen someone your colors before, who did not have feathers
<Eyllia> feathers? wouldn't they itch?
<Wahala> Well, Fadaka says no, but she spends half her pay on oils, so I am not sure she is telling the truth
<Eyllia> haha
<Eyllia> So did you visit here previously, your people, before this trade mission, or was it just a "well were here why not" sort of thing, if you don't mind me asking
<Wahala> The Kimbari trade wherever there are seas, but my ship has never been this far north
<Eyllia> Its the first time the Drake has sailed these coasts too
<Eyllia> It's nice to find a place like this, so many different people
<Eyllia> and different foods too
* Wahala chuckles
<Wahala> To me, this is an interesting place, yes, but I admit I have some difficulty in telling the types of people apart
<Wahala> Most of the people are the same shape, some with horns or tails or brightly colored, but the faces are all very similar, like the [proto-Hanu]
<YOAW_Narrator> (Monkey people. Eyllia...probably doesn't know that)
<Wahala> (oh right, yes)
<Eyllia> The who?who?
<Wahala> Pupo, who you took on your ship, the ones who are like him, who resemble the apes
<Eyllia> ah? Are they all talkative like Pupo... I suppose thats not really a fair thing to say
<Kraaz> Ah, so he's one of your people, huh?
<Wahala> Ah, no, no, there are none quite like him. He learned to talk late, he says, and then he never really stopped
<Eyllia> So I notice?
<Eyllia> Oh hello?
<Eyllia> You weren't at the greeting
<Wahala> He is my first mate, yes
<Kraaz> No, I'm not one of the city folk.
<Kraaz> Kraaz.
<Eyllia> Eyllia D'Azzure
<Kraaz> Hraal Hrieffen Orak Kraaz, to be formal like these city types prefer.
<Kraaz> You're the two ship captains, right?
<Wahala> ile Nyara Oorun, ọmọbinrin kẹta, Wahala, and yes
<Kraaz> A pleasure, Eyllia D'Azzure.
<Eyllia> Oh a Hrieffen! I was told you like to dance
<Kraaz> A worthy name, ile Nyara Oorun, ọmọbinrin kẹta, Wahala.
<Kraaz> Yes, I suppose we do like
<Wahala> Please, just Wahala is fine when among friends
<Kraaz> Are your people dancers?
<Kraaz> Then friends we must be. :)
* Kraaz will raise his mug (or maybe just wineskin) to you.
<Eyllia> I'm one of the best dancers
* Wahala raises her glass back
<Eyllia> don't let my size fool you
* Kraaz laughs.
* Eyllia will also raise her cup
<Kraaz> I've seen fasshbarrim half your size kill ogres single-handedly. Size has it's uses, but even one blessed like me knows it's not everything.
* Wahala grins broadly
<Wahala> Ah, but in these foreign lands, perhaps the steps are different?
<Kraaz> It would be interesting to find out. Some dances are universal.
* Eyllia smiles at the comment
<Eyllia> So bold. Is that common in Hreiffen, or is it another of your blessing?
<YOAW_Narrator> Its certainly not uncommon, but I am uncommonly blessed, as well.
<YOAW_Narrator> (grr, ww)
<Kraaz> Its certainly not uncommon, but I am uncommonly blessed, as well.
<Eyllia> well the feast has become more interesting
* Eyllia places a finger on his chest
<Wahala> Is Hrieffen your people as a whole, or only the ones nearby?
<Eyllia> both Wahala and I have been on ship for weeks, be warned :)
* Kraaz will keep looking at Eyllia, but answer Wahala first.
* Wahala gives a fangbaring grin
<Kraaz> We are hralbarrim, of the gaaburrim. The Hrieffen are *my
* people, my tribe, blessed of Bane.
<Kraaz> And I imagine you must be antsy after so long at sea.
<Kraaz> They say the best cure for the aches of a long ride is another one.
* Wahala throws back her head and laughs
<Eyllia> Really? I'll let you know for sure when I find one.
* Kraaz throws back his head and laughs as well at that.
<Kraaz> I think the ancestors were good to bring you to these lands, Eyllia D'Azzure and Wahala of the noble name.
<Eyllia> maybe so, time will tell, I mean, I've only just arrived
* Eyllia muses
<Wahala> That, I will definitely drink to
* Eyllia nods
* Kraaz will raise his drink and drain it.
<Kraaz> A good drink and good company. I will look for you again, but I think I feel like hitting something again.
<Kraaz> Kadanu! Care for a rematch?
* Kraaz shouts across at a tiefling soldier nearby.
<Eyllia> and off he goes to show us his other prowess I guess
* Wahala watches him go, nodding
* Eyllia says as Kraaz heads off
<Wahala> I can already tell I'll find most of my crewmen with his group in the morning
<Eyllia> well good for them
<Wahala> Indeed.
* Wahala sighs
<Wahala> I suppose it would only be prudent to find out the local customs and politics before I join them
<Wahala> Alas, the burdens of leadership
* Eyllia giggles
<Eyllia> I think we heard all the customs of the Hrieffen you like need to know
<Eyllia> as for the politics
* Eyllia shrugs

Korivan and May meet again after many months

* Korivan has probably already lost Kraaz to the feast festivities, but figures he should go and see May, and will try and catch her
* May will see Korivan making his way towards her wave to him.
* Korivan nods
<May> (^and she will wave to him)
<Korivan> Siru...May
<May> Korivan. It's... good to see you.
* Korivan nods
<Korivan> Yes.
<Korivan> The ancestors favoured our return
<Korivan> It is good.
<May> Good. I hope things are a bit more settled with your people now.
<Korivan> Yes.... we have settled matters with the Ankai
<May> Good. Good.
* May nods a bit awkwardly.
<Korivan> And here?
* May grabs a glass of wine from a passing tray.
<Korivan> I see.... many strangers
<May> It's been hectic. Yeah, lots of new faces. And I've been kept busy settling a diplomatic dispute that keeps cropping up between the elves and the Aethrenari.
<May> Speaking of which...
<May> It may end up involving your people, at least peripherally, and I was hopping Laris and I could meet with you and Kraaz sometime soon to discuss it.
* Korivan tilts his head at that, then nods after a moment
<Korivan> Very well
<May> Good.
<May> So...
* Korivan is watchig you, waiting for you to fininish that thought, or else maybe listening to somethig else, hard to say, but definitely lookign at you
* May blushes a little and takes a sip of her wine.
<Korivan> Yes?
<May> Oh... umm... Nothing.
* Korivan 's brow furrows at that
<Korivan> Hmm.
<May> I'm sorry, I guess I'm just... It's been a hectic day.
<Korivan> If you desire distraction.....we do't have to talk.
* May turns a bright red and looks around nervously.
<May> What, right now?
<Korivan> No.... I know that is not your way.
* May laughs
<May> No, not tonight. I'm sorry.
<May> I... have obligations.
<Korivan> Mmm.
<Korivan> That is... not different.
<Korivan> are other things @_@
<May> Yeah, well... Maybe I'm different. I don't know.
<May> Maybe you should trying coming around when there's not a bunch of people watching us.
* May smirks.
* Korivan nods
<Korivan> I can do that.
* May grins.
<May> Good.
<Korivan> YOu won't be busy with your books?
* Korivan tease, maybe?
<May> Not if you bring something worth interrupting me for.
* May teases back.
<Korivan> Mmhmm
* Korivan smiles
<Korivan> Tell me then. May - who has troubled your day, and who are all these newcomers...
* May grins.
* Korivan will point out all the magic ppl and get you to tell me who they are, if you know ;)
<Korivan> (I mean plus other people you think I shoudl know I guess, if you are amenable ;p)
* May will point out all the new people and where they are from. :)
<May> And those two talking to your Hraal are Wahala and Eyllia, captains of their respective ships. I think they might give him a run for his money in the partying department.
<Korivan> I doubt this
<May> Well, we'll see in the morning.
<Korivan> perhaps together...
* Korivan says somewhat dubiously
* May laughs
<May> I don't know if they're into that.
<May> But who knows.
<Korivan> Kraaz, perhaps
* Korivan says as Wahala bares her fangs over there
<May> I'm sure it would be... interesting. If only from an anatomical perspective.
* May spots Dianthea among the crowd and gestures to her with her wine glass.
<May> And that lady is Dianthea of Thantopolis. She just arrived with some reinforcements and other stuff for her fiance, Laris.
<May> She seems really nice.
* Korivan frowns
<Korivan> What is this word?
<May> Nice?
<Korivan> Feeanceeh
<May> Oh! His betrothed.
* Korivan shakes his head
<May> Uhhh... she's going to be his wife?
<Korivan> BUt she is not?
<May> No, not yet. It's like... they're promised to each other.
<May> It's a social contract.
<May> You don't have that?
<Korivan> alliances?
<May> Umm... I guess it can be, but no. It's just... like they're going to be married, so until then they're fiances.
<Korivan> Gaaburrim do not ...marry.
<May> Oh.
<May> ...Oh.
<May> Well marriage is like... when you agree to be with only one person and unite your properties and... it's all kinda complicated, really.
<May> It's also a religious rite
<May> and a social contract...
<Korivan> so.... an alliance
<May> Ummm...
<May> Do you normally have children with the people you ally with?
<Korivan> Children belong to the tribe of their...bearers.
* Korivan frowns because the word in turathi isn't really right
<May> You guys... really do things differently, huh?
<Korivan> Yes.
<Korivan> not a kind of alliance we have. But I know...somethign of it.
* Korivan says making a vague gesture at his head
<May> I guess you can think of it as an alliance, except it's supposed to be exclusive. In theory at least.
<Korivan> There is no point, for us, to such things. There is tribe, and clan.... and all are the same
* May sighs.
<May> Must be nice.
<Korivan> Sex is for pleasure, more than anything else
<May> I've noticed.
* May smiles
* Korivan smiles/leers back
* May elbows him playfully.
<Korivan> But tonight is not for pleasure. Only obligation.
* Korivan teases again
<May> You're a terrible influence on me, you know that?
<Korivan> YOu should know ...the ways of your allies
* Korivan says with a sgtraight face
<Korivan> yes?
<Korivan> Domina?
* May laughs.
<May> I suppose so.
<May> But for tonight you should probably go find someone with fewer obligations and more time for "alliances".
<May> I'm sure we'll catch up soon.
* Korivan nods
<Korivan> Soon.
* Korivan nods to you, and will move off, then
* May laughs to herself and shakes her head.

Laris introduces Sahhiru and Rufus

* Laris will do some strategic mingling to make sure people get talked to as necessary, and keep an eye on his people ;)
* Sahhiru has been schmoozing the crowd, per his position.
* Rufus_Metillius has been talking to folks, sticking somewhat close to Dianthea and Laris, the former to make sure she's doing fine and the latter for familiarity's sake.
* Induriel has gone around introducing himself to the new arrivals, though perhaps not with any in-depth conversations.
* Laris is not sure whether to try and bring them closer together for an introduction, or whether that will be horribly awkward, but figures it's maybe best to get it over with...
* Laris will try to steer things in Sahhiru's direction.
<Sahhiru> Dominus Laris, Magus Auspex, I hope you're enjoying the feast.
* Sahhiru will smile in greeting to you both.
<Rufus_Metillius> Quite enjoyable...
* Rufus_Metillius will look at Laris for a cue as to title.
<Laris> (does Sahhiru have a proper title? I forget)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Not as such, I think. Usually we just call him generically 'Lord Sahhiru'.)
<Laris> Yes, it is all very pleasant. Rufus, this is Lord Sahhiru - Domina Mamitu's guardian and advisor.
* Laris glances back and forth between them to see how this goes.
* Rufus_Metillius gives Sahhiru a somewhat sizing glance, raises an eyebrow at Laris, and smiles.
* Rufus_Metillius offers his hand.
<Rufus_Metillius> Lord Sahhiru, a pleasure to meet you.
<Sahhiru> And you, Magus Auspex.
<Rufus_Metillius> Rufus, please.
<Sahhiru> Then Sahhiru will suffice as well.
* Sahhiru says with a smile.
<Sahhiru> Laris speaks highly of you. You served together in the north?
<Rufus_Metillius> The west for us, but yes. Nasty fighting, not unlike what I imagine you've all faced around here.
<Sahhiru> Well, it's good to have experienced hands to aid us.
* Rufus_Metillius grins despite himself.
<Rufus_Metillius> Well, we're here to help.
* Laris breathes a bit of a sigh of relief that this seems to not be going awfully so far
<Rufus_Metillius> Any idea what our people might be put to in the short term?
* Sahhiru will look to Laris at that.
<Sahhiru> Laris has been coordinating our military operations for the most part.
<Laris> Ah - perhaps some patrols in the border regions. With new arrivals and new alliances in play, there have been some disputes in those areas, and it might be prudent to make a show of strength.
* Laris says without directly saying which border regions >.>
<Rufus_Metillius> Always messy in these situations, but nothing I haven't handled before.
<Rufus_Metillius> Anyone in particular we need to show strength to?
<Sahhiru> Our main concern has been our neighbors to the north and west, now that our most immediate threat has been eliminated.
* Laris nods
<Rufus_Metillius> Ah, right, the...Maazikai, was it? Laris, you led that battle, right?
<Laris> With aid from the Hrieffen commanders.
* Laris gestures to Kraaz, assuming he's somewhere in the area.
* Rufus_Metillius nods.
<Laris> The Hrieffen are skilled fighters, if a bit undisciplined, and valuable allies.
<Sahhiru> If you do ask them themselves.
* Sahhiru smirks.
* Laris nods
* Rufus_Metillius laughs.
<Rufus_Metillius> Yes, I had a chance to talk to their...Hraal? Kraaz?
<Laris> Yes, Kraaz is not known for his understatement. But I find he and Korivan quite agreeable to deal with.
<Rufus_Metillius> Can't blame, I think. That style of leadership, he has to seem impressive to hold authority.
<Laris> Korivan is their Gaath - their, hm, spiritual leader I suppose one could say.
* Laris explains for Rufus's benefit.
<Sahhiru> And political, to some extent. They share authority.
* Laris nods
* Rufus_Metillius nods as well.
<Laris> And both of them fight as well - it is not a hard and fast division.
<Rufus_Metillius> I get the impression there aren't many of the Hrieffen who don't fight.
<Sahhiru> That's true enough.
<Sahhiru> Fantastic horse breeders as well, for their style. Useful allies, to be sure.
* Laris nods
<Rufus_Metillius> I look forward to working with them. And you, Sahhiru.
<Rufus_Metillius> It's been some time since I fought alongside Turathi troops.
<Sahhiru> I'm not much of a fighter, as Laris can attest.
<Laris> You have your own valued set of skills.
* Laris says with a slight smile.
* Rufus_Metillius smirks at that.
<Sahhiru> A sorcerer of statistics, a warlock of warehouses.
* Laris chuckles.
* Sahhiru gives a slight, joking bow.
* Rufus_Metillius laughs.
<Rufus_Metillius> Useful skills, and harder to learn that poking someone with a sharp object.
* Rufus_Metillius nods to Laris.
<Rufus_Metillius> Even from a distance.
<Laris> Mm, yes. Each has their challenges.
* Laris glances over to see how Dianthea is getting along
* Dianthea is chatting up (let's say) Temu at the moment.
<Laris> May I also introduce you to Dianthea Lucilla, my betrothed?
* Laris says to Sahhiru
* Dianthea will look up at her name.
<Sahhiru> Of course.
* Laris brings them over to her, then
<Laris> This is Lord Sahhiru, councilor and advisor to Domina Mamitu.
* Laris realizes he has not really explained things well to her yet, so hopes this won't be a total disaster
<Dianthea> Lord Sahhiru, a pleasure. Thank you for welcoming us to your beautiful city.
<Sahhiru> You're too generous, Fata Pertinax, but you are indeed welcome.
* Dianthea looks at Laris, then back at Sahhiru.
<Laris> I saw you had a chance to talk with Domina Mamitu earlier as well - she seems pleased to meet you.
<Dianthea> Fata Pertinax feels far too formal, Lord Sahhiru, but I think I must maintain some decorum for my city's honor. Certainly Fata Dianthea will do?
<Sahhiru> Of course, Fata Dianthea.
<Dianthea> Yes, she's lovely. I mean, it was lovely to speak with her. I think we might have some similar interests.
* Sahhiru casts a glance at Laris.
* Laris nods, smiling slightly
<Sahhiru> She's quite the scholar, and, for a Turathi, that means a study of the divine. I'm sure you'll have plenty to talk about.
<Laris> It will be good for her to have other young women about to talk with. I think she is sometimes lonely here.
<Dianthea> Yes, I imagine her station must be...isolating.
* Dianthea frowns.
<Dianthea> But I think your recent visitors may signal a change in that.
* Dianthea brightens at that thought.
<Laris> I hope that may be the case.
<Sahhiru> In any event, I think we are all better for your presence, Fata, Magus. Thantoplis has our gratitude.
<Laris> Can I get you anything?
* Laris offers to Dianthea
<Dianthea> Oh, yes, some more wine, I suppose?
<Laris> Certainly.
<Sahhiru> I'll leave you to it. It was lovely to meet you both.
* Laris will go off to get her a drink, maybe coincidentally walking with Sahhiru part of the way to the refreshments
* Sahhiru gives a small smile towards Laris, after the more practiced one for Rufus and Dianthea.
<Sahhiru> (ah, okay)
<Laris> (just for a sec :)
<Sahhiru> She seems sweet.
<Laris> thank you. I ... well, I wasn't sure how things would go, but ... thank you.
* Sahhiru says quietly.
<Sahhiru> I'm not sure for what, but you are of course welcome.
<Laris> For making them feel welcome. For being your charming self I suppose :)
<Sahhiru> I do try.
* Sahhiru smiles.
<Sahhiru> And they're important to you, which makes them important to me.
* Laris smiles at that.
<Laris> I'll be with them a good deal in the next while, I expect. but ... perhaps we can find time to see each other soon too.
<Sahhiru> I'd like that, of course, but take your time. I'm not planning on going anywhere.
* Laris nods
<Laris> Until then...
* Dianthea is now known as Calkas

Calkas brings disturbing news

* Calkas coughs to get your attention.
* Laris turns his attention to Calkas
<Laris> yes?
<Calkas> Dominus, Lord Sahhiru, I'm sorry to disturb you, but I have, well, disturbing news.
<Laris> what is it?
<Calkas> We received word from one of the ships we sent to search for the missing ships.
* Laris nods, listening
* Calkas 's face looks stricken as he holds up a small piece of parchment, a messenger bird writ, looking unsure if he should hand it to you or Sahhiru.
* Laris will take it
<YOAW_Narrator> The report is written in naval code, short and to the point. You have to read it a second time for it to really sink in.
<YOAW_Narrator> You ship spotted a dragon, a full adult, along the coast, a few days sail to the north.
<YOAW_Narrator> (Your, rather)
* Laris will relay that information to Sahhiru.
<Sahhiru> Lords of the Nine...
<Laris> (any further details? like is it coming our way? seems aggressive? or just that?)
<YOAW_Narrator> (The note will say that it did see the ship, didn't attack, but did a flyby. Policy for single ship would be to disengage, so they are on their way back to port.)
<Laris> (okay)
* Laris conveys those details as well
<Laris> We'll begin to prepare defenses at once.
<Sahhiru> We don't need to panic people, but we should quietly try to gather the appropriate people.
* Laris nods
<Laris> Let's meet as soon as we can in the council room to make plans.
<Sahhiru> I'll gather May and our people. Calkas, can you get Kraaz and Korivan and keep them quiet?
* Laris will go one way and Sahhiru another to start gathering people up, I guess?
* Calkas nods, and goes off to do that.
* Laris will go get his peeps - to find Varinia and co. first, probably, then get Rufus and Dianthea.


Korivan is overly curious about Eyllia

* Korivan will approach Eyllia while Lysa is distracted for a moment?
* Eyllia is sipping one of the local wines, trying to decide if she likes the taste
<Eyllia> Oh hello
<Eyllia> You're another Hrieffen, correct?
<Korivan> Yes.
<Eyllia> Since you missed the big greeting ceremon, allow me to introduce myself, Eyllia D'Azzure, Captain of the Emerald Drake.
<Korivan> I am Gaath Hrieffen Eryvet Korivan
* Korivan nods slowly
<Korivan> Are you...a spirit?
* Korivan seems distracted
<Eyllia> A spirit? Me?
* Eyllia giggles
<Eyllia> Oh no. Politely you would call me a genasi.
<Korivan> Hmmm...
<Eyllia> Don't suppose you'be heard of that before?
* Korivan cocks his head as if listening to something, then shrugs
<Korivan> What is that?
<Eyllia> Is it Eryvet or Korivan? you other fellow Kraaz never really explained
* Zari (Mibbit@ has joined #gnomeland
<Eyllia> oh a genasi are a people that are blessed or touched by the elements, I guess thats the best way to describe it
<Lan_phone> !roll 5d6
* Korivan rolls for Lan_phone: [ 5d6 ] getting [ 1 1 4 2 2 ] for a total of [ 10 ].
<Korivan> (well that's a crappy roll)
<Korivan> Hmm.
<Korivan> Eryvet is my clan name.
<Korivan> Tribe, then clan....then self, last
<Eyllia> and Gaath is a title or position?
* Korivan nods
<Eyllia> what does a Gaath do?
<Korivan> Gaath is... the heart of the tribe. We guide.
<Korivan> Hraal is...war leader.
* Korivan glances over towards whatever Kraaz is in the middle of currently
<Eyllia> Ah, I think I understand
* Korivan nods
<Eyllia> You two do carry yourselved very differently
<Eyllia> (yourselves)
<Eyllia> are either of you typical of your tribe?
* Korivan frowns, considering the question
<Korivan> Kraaz is our best. That is why he was chosen.
<Korivan> marked.
* Korivan says, touching the symbol that loks kind od laike a big scar or.. something? on his bare chest
<Korivan> That is...less typical.
<Eyllia> So that was not something you chose?
<Korivan> It is a blessing.
* Eyllia raises a hand tentatively
* Korivan nods
<Eyllia> Can I touch it? I'll show you something in return
<Korivan> yes.
* Eyllia will run her finger gently over the scar, tracing the pattern
<Eyllia> it must have a special meaning your blessing
* Korivan cloess his eyes while you trace it
<Korivan> Yes.... It is the mark of Prophecy. The ancestors... give me guidance.
<Eyllia> hence you are a Guide
* Korivan nods
<Korivan> That is why I was chosen, yes
* Korivan says, frowning slighly at the meomries of that crazy period of his life @_@
* Eyllia slowly pulls her hand away
<Eyllia> these...
* Korivan looks
* Eyllia points to the lines on her arms, turns to show her shoulder, then lifts her leg, revealing much of the lines on her thigh
<Eyllia> are marks of my birth and family
* Eyllia makes them glow with a pale blue white light
* Korivan looks interested, and raises his hand toards you
* Eyllia balances on one foot, trying to read your intentions
<Lan_phone> !roll 5d6
* Korivan rolls for Lan_phone: [ 5d6 ] getting [ 1 1 4 4 5 ] for a total of [ 15 ].
<Korivan> (13)
* Korivan looks curious
<Korivan> May I.... try something
<YOAW_Narrator> Eyllia would feel a little twinge of...fatigue, maybe?
<Eyllia> Hmm... what are you doing?
<YOAW_Narrator> Korivan, the energy is different than what you use, but, with effort, you think you (or someone else) could manipulate it.
* Eyllia spins to plant her feet
<Korivan> YOu are... like a spirit
<Korivan> YOu have power
* Korivan does not continue whatever you were doing, but seems maybe more distracted?
<Korivan> Hmm...
<Korivan> INteresting @_@
<Eyllia> I felt something so you had best explain what you were doing a little bit better than interesting
* Eyllia frown
* Korivan nods slowly, still seemign distracted
<Korivan> A spirit.... can lend its power, to those who can use it
<Korivan> Your power.... is... something like that
<Eyllia> I'm not too sure about that lending part
<Korivan> WHat did you feel?
<Eyllia> I'm not sure if I should tell you what I felt
<Korivan> Hmm.
<Eyllia> In fact I'm trying to decide if I should be angry with you, so you better smooth out those ripples you created
* Korivan frowns
<Korivan> Spirits are to be respected, Captain Eyllia D'Azzure
<Eyllia> then show some
<Korivan> Abusing thier power makes it....weak. Not strong.
<Eyllia> I can see why Kraaz leads and you "guide"
<Eyllia> and it is out of respect for his behavior to me that I don't teach you respect right here and now
<Korivan> Hmmm.
<Korivan> Your spirit is strong.
<Korivan> That also is....respectable
<Korivan> I do no wish you harm...
<Eyllia> (do I get the feeling of honesty in these statements? Is this guy just really socially awkward?)
* Eyllia sighs and crosses her arms
<Eyllia> I'll let it go... just this onceand I'll even tell you what I felt, but you will owe me.
<Korivan> Owe you?
<Korivan> Power?
<Eyllia> yeah, a favour, nothing big
<Korivan> Hmm
<Eyllia> agreed?
* Korivan considers what the ancrstors think of that
<Korivan> A favour.... within reason
<Korivan> yes.
<Eyllia> Done
<Eyllia> I felt like I had done a few rounds in the practice yard, just a twinge
<Korivan> Hmm, yes
<Eyllia> and you should understand that if you try something like that again without my permission you'll be feeling more than a twinge
* Korivan grins at that
<Korivan> Yes...
<Korivan> But With?
<Korivan> A channel can go.... both ways
* Eyllia smiles sly
<Eyllia> more than channels, but whose counting
<Korivan> hmm
<Eyllia> of course if you have other favours to offer, who knows?
* Eyllia will slip past Korivan, her fingers lightly brushing his arm
<Eyllia> until next time
* Korivan nods and watches her go

Laris introduces Dianthea to Korivan and they tell him about Harbinger

* Dianthea will follow along with Laris.
<Laris> This is Gaath Hrieffen Eryvet Korivan.
* Laris says by way of introduction.
* Korivan blinks as if just noticing you are there, still thnking about the Genasi
<Korivan> Dominus Laris....
<Dianthea> A pleasure to meet you, Gaath Korivan.
<Korivan> And...Domina? Dianthea?
<Laris> Gaath Korivan, this is Fata Dianthea Lucilla Pertinax, my betrothed.
* Laris will accept 'Domina' is acceptable for her even though we aren't married ;)
* Korivan nods, somewhat gad that May explained all that earlier
<Korivan> *glad)
<Korivan> What is Fata?
<Dianthea> It's a title for a type of priestess.
<Laris> It is a title for a priest of the Raven Queen.
<Korivan> ahh.
<Laris> Which is.. in fact, partly what I hoped to speak with you about.
* Korivan considers her
* Korivan nods
<Laris> While you were away - ah, there was an unexpected incident with one of the deceased Hrieffen.
* Korivan frowns
<Korivan> What is this?
<Laris> As the necromancer Nakhtmin was raising some of the dead as troops, one of them arose in a different fashion. As a... an emissary of the Raven Queen. A being known as a revenant.
* Korivan scowls
<Korivan> Your necromancer was raising Hrieffen dead?
<Laris> I believe of the rebels.
<Laris> As we agreed.
<Laris> This was one formerly named Hrieffen Myreth Gant, if that clarifies matters?
<Dianthea> And, I believe it was more of a facilitation of return, rather than a raising.
* Dianthea interjects.
<Korivan> feh, anir'Hrieffen
* Korivan seems mollified
<Korivan> They are cast out
* Laris is somewhat indifferent to your nuances of tribes and who's in and who's out, but nods because hey, it's up to you.
<Laris> He has been chosen as a vessel for the Raven Queen. You may see him with me or elsewhere about the city, and I didn't want you to be alarmed by the sight, if you were unaware.
* Korivan nods
<Laris> His name is Harbinger now.
<Korivan> Harbinger...of what?
<Laris> That... we do not yet know.
<Korivan> (any thoughs, ancestors, or do they not care?)
<Dianthea> That's some of what I'm here for.
<Laris> But there are portents and divinations that surround his arrival - it is a sign of something yet to come.
* Laris nods
<Laris> Dianthea is more expert in these matters than myself. I hope that she will have greater insight into the meaning of this.
<Korivan> YOur Queen chose well, if she wanted a gaaburim
* Dianthea smiles at that.
<Dianthea> It is an...unusual choice, but the Queen knows more of fate than we do.
<Laris> I would not presume to speak for what she wanted him for. But he has proven himself to be skilled in matters of stealth and combat.
<Korivan> (Do I know what he was like in life at all? other than obviously he's a decent fighter ;)
<YOAW_Narrator> (He was an older warrior, I would say a scout and raider, but that's basically all your fighters. :p)
<Korivan> (yeah...)
* Korivan just nods that
<Korivan> (then)
<YOAW_Narrator> (I don't think you would have known him well, but you would know he was a veteran.)
<Korivan> His body would know these things well
<Korivan> Is it his spirit? or ....something new?
<Laris> Only the form is his - the spirit is, I believe, something else.
* Laris looks to Dianthea for confirmation
<Dianthea> He has the memories of, ah, anir'Hrieffen Myreth Gant, but, yes, his spirit will have moved on.
<Dianthea> His soul, rather.
* Korivan considers that, then shrugs
<Dianthea> Harbinger, at worst, is using his animus and, obviously, his body.
<Laris> If you have other insights into ... perhaps what has brought him to this state, or what it portends, it would be interesting to compare with what Dianthea and Merula find through their divinations.
* Korivan frowns at the term, trying to figure out what she means by the distinction, and if it is useful or relevant
<Dianthea> Yes, I'd love to hear your insight, if you care to offer it.
* Korivan listesn to see if the ancestors have anything useful to contribute at the moment
<Laris> Merula spoke of a rider approaching, who brings opportunity and death. And that fate whirls about us like floodwaters at a dam. She said that Harbinger comes to find a home for death, and that he is more than he knows. I don't know if that means anything to you.
* Laris offers, in case that helps
* Korivan frowns then, mostly at the chaos in his head
<Korivan> A rider...
* Dianthea perks up a little, hoping that means something.
<Dianthea> (to you)
<Korivan> The ancestors... hmm.
* Korivan rubs his forehead
<Korivan> I will consider this further.
<Laris> Very well. And should you wish to confer further, I can arrange for you to meet Harbinger.
* Korivan nods
<Korivan> yes...
<Laris> I appreciate your consideration in this matter.
* Dianthea smiles awkwardly.
* Korivan nods again
* Laris offers Dianthea his arm again so we can mingle around a bit more, then.
* Korivan might need to go fond somewhere quiet and take a people break because there is a LOT happening at this party @_@

Ettelea approaches Induriel

<Ettelea> (Presumably Induriel is mingling at the party?)
<Induriel> (Sure!)
* Ettelea will approach Induriel a little ways into the party when he's not actively engaged in conversation.
* Induriel is mingling at the party
<Ettelea> Good evening, Ambassador Antalanon.
* Induriel looks at her coolly for a moment.
<Ettelea> Enjoying the festivities?
<Induriel> Ettelëa of the former House Cammellia.
<Induriel> (Camellia)
* Ettelea gives an indulgent smile at that.
<Ettelea> I assure you, we're still extant for the moment.
<Ettelea> But you didn't answer my question.
<Ettelea> Have you tried the spiced snake? It's fantastic.
<Induriel> Is it.
<Induriel> I take it you have been enjoying the festivities yourself, then.
<Ettelea> I've found them quite enjoyable. The new arrivals seems friendly enough.
<Ettelea> And I hadn't a real chance to speak with the Hrieffen. They're quite...animated. :)
<Induriel> Indeed. Is your sister Lócë here as well?
<Ettelea> She's around. I think she was sparring with Hraal Kraaz or Commander Kadanu, last I saw her.
<Ettelea> Possibly both.
* Induriel pays careful attention to Ettelea, taking advantage of the opportunity since he's not seen her up close before.
<Induriel> I am sure she is a mighty warrior.
<Induriel> As are they, of course.
<Ettelea> She certainly thinks so.
* Ettelea smiles.
<Induriel> And you?
<Ettelea> Are you inquiring as to my martial prowess? Should I be concerned? ;)
<Induriel> Your prowess, or your opinion of your sister's, or of the Hraal and Commanders. Your reply was somewhat ambiguous, so I suppose my question is as well.
* Induriel answers in a neutral tone.
<Ettelea> I'm passable. Lócë is quite good, but perhaps not as skilled as she thinks.
<Ettelea> I'm not sure I've seen enough of the Hraal and the Commander to offer an educated opinion.
<Induriel> I see.
<Induriel> Is there something in particular you wished to discuss, Ettelëa? Or did you simply wish to introduce yourself?
<Ettelea> Merely to introduce myself, perhaps pass the time in conversation.
<Ettelea> There's no reason we can't be pleasantly acquainted.
<Ettelea> I understand you were a teacher in Aethrennar?
<Induriel> (Can I make some sort of Awareness roll to sense her ulterior motives - whether she's upset I haven't blown up at her or something?)
<Ettelea> (Sure, you can make that roll)
<Induriel> (Hang on - I'll have to look at the template again, I can't understand what I have in my char sheet. :P )
<Ettelea> (Okay)
<Induriel> (OK - what does "Awareness 2, 8 Base" mean - I just roll 2d6? )
<Ettelea> (Yeah, roll 2d6. 8 Base is if its a static number. Like a passive check.)
<Induriel> !roll 2d6
* @Lan-werk rolls for Induriel: [ 2d6 ] getting [ 1 5 ] for a total of [ 6 ].
<Ettelea> (She seems to basically be doing her job, schmoozing. Nothing really ulterior, and she seems to be being perfectly friendly.)
* Induriel pauses and considers for a moment
<Induriel> (How old does she look, again?)
<Ettelea> (Mid-50s maybe?)
<Induriel> (So she presumably wasn't around for the breakaway, correct? What do we call that - the Sundering? :P )
<Ettelea> (Right. Probably just the Elven Rebellion or the like.)
<Induriel> "Pleasantly acquainted."
<Induriel> If I may ask, were you there at the time your lómelindë renounced his allegiance to our Queen?
<Ettelea> Obviously not, though 'there' is likewise a nebulous term.
<Induriel> Indeed. I imagine you have grown up hearing only one side of events.
<Ettelea> That's likely. Are you claiming to have a more balanced view?
<Induriel> Having been alive at the time, yes.
<Induriel> I appreciate that you wish to establish friendly relations.
<Ettelea> I do wish that, though I'm not sure I can grant your premise.
<Ettelea> Respectfully.
<Induriel> I understand.
<Induriel> I am afraid that our current situation makes that difficult, however. As I'm sure you realize, in Aethrennar, lómelindë's betrayal is still bitterly reviled.
<Ettelea> As is Queen Alcarinel's in Vanilorra, but those quarrels need not be ours, here, in performing our duties.
* Induriel 's lips thin in anger for a quick moment before he responds.
<Induriel> I must view any comparison of the situations as unjust.. but I expect sure that protesting will get us nowhere.
* Ettelea nods graciously.
<Induriel> Of course I bear you no personal ill will; but I am the Queen's appointee and loyal subject, and must act accordingly.
<Induriel> So what do you seek from me?
<Ettelea> Open dialogue. Perhaps a lack of open hostility, but I can wait. We're elduar; we have time. :)
<Induriel> Open hostility? I am simply stating the situation plainly.
<Ettelea> As you see it, I'm sure. I suppose I cannot hope for more.
<Ettelea> Enjoy your evening. A pleasure as always, Ambassador.
* Ettelea will smile one last time and step away.
* Induriel bites back a reply, nods, and turns to someone else.