Thirteen session Joanna, Kahon, and Achan scenes

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<Kennesaw> I'm not sure if we established this or not. I'm assuming Joanna has a house in Victoria?
<Joanna> yes
<Joanna> I figured she has a housekeeper who does regular housekeeping things for her when she's home, and keeps the place maintained when she's away for extended travel.
<Kennesaw> And presumably has an office in a building owned by her aunt for their law practice?
<Joanna> sure, that would make sense
<Kennesaw> Cool cools.
<Kennesaw> Let me pull up my calendar and see if I can pin this down.
<Kennesaw> Okay
<Kennesaw> So, this'll be on the 14th of the eleventh month (mental note, name those). It's early winter, so Joanna is mostly taking care of legal work atm.
<Joanna> heh
<Joanna> okay
<Kennesaw> I'd been figuring she does more long-term things, wills, real estate, that sort of thing. She can't really rush back to try a criminal case or anything. ;)
<Joanna> yeah, that would make sense
<Kennesaw> Rhetta, your (and your aunt's) clerk gives a knock on the door frame to your office.
* Rhetta (Mibbit@ has joined #thirteen
* Joanna looks up
<Joanna> Yes?
<Rhetta> Ms. Farwell, you have an appointment?
<Rhetta> A visitor, er, visitors, and they claim they have an appointment.
* Joanna tries to recall who she's supposed to have an appointment with
<Joanna> Ah, well, show them in, please.
<Rhetta> Though I don't remember one, and I could swear there wasn't one...
<Rhetta> Yes ma'am.
* Rhetta exits.
<Kennesaw> (It occurs to me I should change :p)
* Kennesaw is now known as Narrator
<Narrator> A few moments later, a man walks into your office. He's tall, Kahon's height or better, and though he's dressed in civilian clothes, he carries himself like a soldier. Silently, he passes a glance over your office, then turns and nods to someone outside.
<Narrator> A woman walks in, vaguely familiar, well-dressed and clearly well-to-do. She offers an obviously practiced smile.
* Joanna frowns, assuming she's being scoped for anything suspicious/dangerous, and that therefore this is probably someone important.
* Rhetta is now known as Guest
<Joanna> Good day, how can I help you?
<Narrator> (Do you have K: Nobility?)
<Joanna> (nope)
<Narrator> (kk)
<Guest> Assemblywoman Farwell, lovely to see you. Thank you for meeting me.
* Guest offers her hand.
* Joanna will shake her hand
<Joanna> Forgive me, I must have overlooked this on my schedule.
* Guest speaks with a distinct Gallic accent.
<Guest> No need to apologize. The appointment was made, ah, surreptitiously, as necessary.
* Joanna says, being too polite to say "we didn't have an appointment" ;p
<Joanna> May I ask what this is about?
<Guest> I was hoping to speak to you about your militia, actually.
<Joanna> My militia?
<Guest> Well, not yours, certainly, but you've been a powerful advocate for it.
* Guest smiles indulgently.
<Joanna> Well... I have tried to be.
<Guest> I'm given to understand it's been quite effective at maintaining peace and territorial integrity, not to mention curtailing smuggling on your southern border.
<Guest> You must know it's a subject of discussion across the colonies.
<Joanna> We have had a number of successes in that area, yes.
<Guest> I am here to inquire, albeit informally as needs must for the moment, as to whether the treaty might be expanded to include other signatories.
<Guest> My lands abutting Victoria as they do, I'm sure you see my particular interest.
<Joanna> (legally and/or diplomatically, do I think that would be a problem?)
<Narrator> When she mentions that, you can finally place her. Your 'guest' is Idelle Tigurine, the Vicomte Nentego, who owns the Mariannas lands directly north across the bay from Victoria. You've met her in a few formal occasions, and she's had diplomatic interactions with the Colonial Assembly.
<Narrator> ('s not how the treaty is structured, but it's possible additions could be ratified with the support of the current signatories. Politically, it might be a bit dicey, but you need to do some more groundwork to really figure it out.)
<Joanna> I see.
<Joanna> I'm sure you understand the potential complexities of changing the current status quo. It's not to say it couldn't be done, but it would require certain legal changes to the treaty, which would require the consent of the current signatories.
<Guest> I'm aware it might not be easy, but I believe it would be in the best interests of all involved.
<Joanna> (is that a threat? ;p)
* Guest puts a slight emphasis on the last two words.
<Narrator> (heh)
* Guest is now known as Vicomte
* Vicomte is now known as Vicomte_Nentego
<Vicomte_Nentego> It was my understanding you have been a great advocate of cooperation between the powers.
<Joanna> I have been, yes. And I appreciate your putting your confidence in my ability to facilitate such negotiations.
<Vicomte_Nentego> You do have quite the reputation.
<Joanna> It would be expected, of course, that Mariannas would also contribute troops and funds to the militia in the event that it was to join.
<Vicomte_Nentego> I suspected such would be the case.
* Vicomte_Nentego smiles.
* Joanna smiles back
<Vicomte_Nentego> I believe a new militia term will begin with the new year, yes?
<Joanna> Yes, that's correct.
<Joanna> ... are you hoping to have this ratified by then?
<Vicomte_Nentego> Oh, dear me, no.
<Vicomte_Nentego> I know these things take time.
* Joanna breathes a sigh of relief, internally
<Vicomte_Nentego> However, Alaire here and several others are more than willing to demonstrate Mariannas' willingness to cooperate by signing on with the militia for a term. As I understand it, there's no stipulation members must themselves represent any individual charter state.
* Vicomte_Nentego gestures to her surly-looking companion, who nods.
<Joanna> That's correct.
<Vicomte_Nentego> Excellent.
<Joanna> I think that as a first step towards building greater trust and partnership, that sounds like a fine idea.
<Vicomte_Nentego> Well then, I'll let our volunteers make their arrangements for the coming term, and I look forward to working with you in the future.
<Joanna> Very well, thank you for your visit, Vicomte.
* Vicomte_Nentego will rise and offer her hand again, sporting a great politician's smile.
* Joanna shakes her hand
<Vicomte_Nentego> Thank you, Assemblywoman Farwell.
* Joanna is suspicious, but smiles politely anyway
<Narrator> (I think that's good for me. :))
<Joanna> (cool)
<Narrator> Okay, so, that has some time to stew ;)

* Joanna will come home after finishing up whatever she was working on prior to that unexpected meeting.
* Kahonstionekha is probably outside when you get back, finishing cleaning some small game
<Narrator> (I'mma wait and have Achan walk into the middle of this ;))
* Joanna looks around for Kahon, then, until she tracks him down.
* Kahonstionekha looks up
<Joanna> More quail, hm? Looks good.
<Kahonstionekha> Lidia says your larders are almost full
* Kahonstionekha grins'
<Kahonstionekha> This was just to giev the dogs something to do
* Joanna smiles at that
<Joanna> It should keep us well through the winter, thank you.
<Kahonstionekha> mmhmmm... that depends how many you are feeding
<Joanna> Mm. I suppose so.
* Joanna says noncommitally.
* Kahonstionekha smiles a little, so you know he is teasing
<Joanna> Do you have a moment to talk? I had an unexpected meeting today and it's left me feeling rather uncertain.
* Joanna just wasn't sure if that was a boyfriend joke or a pregnancy joke ;)
<Kahonstionekha> (either way ;p)
* Kahonstionekha nods, standing up and cleaning his hands on a cloth
<Kahonstionekha> What is it?
<Joanna> The Vicomte Nentego of Mariannas showed up in my office today.
* Kahonstionekha can go from surprised to suspicious pretty fast
<Kahonstionekha> Here? What did she want.
* Kahonstionekha asks, frowning.
<Joanna> To join the treaty and the militia, or at least to sound me out on the subject.
* Kahonstionekha frowns a little more
<Kahonstionekha> Which treaty.
<Joanna> (does the treaty have an official name, Josh?)
<Narrator> (I was working on that. I think it's just the Treaty of Port Bishop, or possibly named after some of the signers?)
<Joanna> (okay)
* Joanna tells him
<Kahonstionekha> YOu can't trust them.
* Joanna sighs a little because she knew Kahon would say that... even though she kind of agrees ;p
<Joanna> It isn't solely up to me, you know.
<Joanna> For the time being, she wants to send a few troops to join the patrols in the new year. I don't think there's anything I can reasonably do to prevent that without causing greater trouble.
<Kahonstionekha> Troops?
<Kahonstionekha> YOu can tell them no.
<Joanna> Well, people. I don't know their backgrounds. She mentioned one in particular, but I assume it wouldn't be only him.
* Joanna sort of assumes surly mcdudeface there was a soldier though >.>
<Kahonstionekha> who?
<Narrator> (Fair bet ;))
* Kahonstionekha wonders if it is someone he will have heard of by reputation >.>
<Joanna> Alaire.
<Kahonstionekha> (is it?)
* Joanna describes him
<Narrator> (Off a first name, not offhand. Joanna would have judged him to be in his late thirties, early forties, so if he is a soldier, he would have fought the Atenrosera, or at least their allies.)
<Kahonstionekha> Bah, what do any of their soldiers know of peace.
<Kahonstionekha> if you make a treaty with them, they will turn you against us
<Joanna> I don't know what their reasons are for wanting to join this treaty, or serve with the militia. And I think it's right to be cautious. But they're not going to turn me against you ;p
<Kahonstionekha> YOu? Maybe not. But the rest of your council?
<Joanna> The rest of the council also remember the events of the past. It won't be as simple as that.
<Joanna> And what do you mean "maybe not?" ;p
* Joanna gives him a Look
* Kahonstionekha shakes his head
<Kahonstionekha> If there is trouble here, they would rather side with their own then take that trouble home.
<Kahonstionekha> If they thinkk they can, mariannas will make trouble here
<Joanna> If they do eventually sign the treaty, they would also be bound by its terms. It could be a step towards a more lasting peace.
<Kahonstionekha> maybe
* Kahonstionekha says, unconvinced
<Kahonstionekha> meanwhile their spies range freely.
<Joanna> Technically their 'spies' will range with other trusted members of the militia, who can keep an eye on them.
<Joanna> I'll ensure that they aren't placed with any new or unseasoned groups at least.
<Achan> Whose spies are ranging with the militia?
<Joanna> oh...
<Kahonstionekha> Mariannas.
* Kahonstionekha says flatly.
* Achan comes from around the corner of the house.
<Joanna> Yes, what he said.
<Achan> What?
<Joanna> The Vicomte Nentego paid me a visit today.
<Achan> Uh, sorry to push in, I just heard voices around the back, but, uh, Mariannas spies?
* Achan raises an eyebrow.
* Kahonstionekha crosses his arms and lets Joanna explain
<Achan> I knew she was in town, but...
<Joanna> Maybe we should continue this conversation indoors. if it's so easily overheard.
* Achan will follow, speaking as he does so.
<Achan> Nentego came here?
<Joanna> To my office, yes.
* Kahonstionekha will follow as well, looking generally grumpy
<Achan> What did she want?
<Joanna> To find out what I thought about Mariannas possibly becoming a signatory of the treaty of Port Bishop, and joining the militia.
<Achan> What?!
<Kahonstionekha> mm.
<Joanna> Mm.
<Joanna> (lol)
<Achan> (family resemblence ;))
<Achan> Joanna, they can't...I mean, she's just...we were at arms with them less than a decade ago.
<Joanna> And in the meantime - because obviously if that was even feasible, it would take months or years to achieve - proposing to send some of their people to serve a term with the militia in the coming season.
<Joanna> I know that. I don't think it will be an easy process by any means.
<Achan> So she's going to send her hand-picked people to infiltrate your organization?
<Joanna> Why does everyone keep calling it my organization?
* Joanna sighs
<Joanna> I don't think having them visibly participating, where we can see them and know who they are, is worse than what they'd do if we didn't allow them to serve.
<Kahonstionekha> People will think they can be trusted
<Kahonstionekha> Every town,m every fort we pass through, they will learn the weakneses, the people in power.
<Joanna> They can do that anyway!
<Kahonstionekha> Not so easily, not and to be seen in a position of trust
<Achan> They've got plenty of experience working native groups against one another for their own benefit, and to put them between the Anadalv and the Nekutyohacan...
<Achan> We already have trouble with the Mamanatowick. (Head of the Nekutyohacan)
<Joanna> As I said before, they would not be assigned to any untested groups. I don't want to put them in a position where they can manipulate things too easily.
<Kahonstionekha> You would have them come with us?
<Joanna> I don't know.
<Joanna> I would want to know more before I made a decision like that.
<Joanna> Would that make you feel better about the situation, or worse? ;p
<Kahonstionekha> They do not need to be exposed to the sorts of things we deal with.
* Joanna asks Kahon
<Joanna> Nobody needs to be exposed to those things >.>
* Achan oh so bravely avoids weighing in on that.
<Kahonstionekha> They cannot be trusted.
<Achan> Kahonstionekha is right.
<Joanna> All of them? Every person in Mariannas is untrustworthy?
<Achan> Of course not everyone, but Nentego's got a pretty good reputation as a schemer. If she's the one coming to you about this, that doesn't speak well of it.
<Kahonstionekha> or anyone one she chooses for this.
* Achan nods
<Achan> (Hee)
* Joanna sighs, throwing up her hands in frustration.
<Joanna> Working to bring peace and cooperation to the nations is my goal. I can't very well achieve that if I tell one group preemptively that I won't deal with them.
<Achan> You can't do it with the Gauls looking to stab you in the back, either.
<Joanna> I need to at least discuss the matter with the rest of the Assembly, and think about how best to handle it. I would hope you can trust me not to be foolish about this, but to deal fairly with all parties.
<Kahonstionekha> mm....
<Kahonstionekha> If they want peace wth you, it is only to steal it from someone else.
<Achan> Of course I trust you, I just don't trust them.
* Joanna closes her eyes for a moment to avoid strangling her brother or her boyfriend
<Joanna> I understand your worries.
* Kahonstionekha shakes his head.
<Kahonstionekha> Then let them bring their schmes to some other councillor
<Joanna> For all I know they may well do so.
<Joanna> But I trust myself more than I trust some of my colleagues.
<Kahonstionekha> yes.
<Kahonstionekha> And if you bring this notion forward, who with any sense will be left to argue against it.
<Kahonstionekha> They do not see far enough.
<Joanna> It's sweet that you think I have that much sway in the Assembly.
<Joanna> But you assume too much if you think I'm going to bring this forward and unequivocally endorse it.
<Achan> What is your plan?
<Joanna> First, to talk informally to some of the members I trust the most, to get their insight into the matter. If they think it worth bringing before the entire Assembly, then proceed to that step and debate it there.
<Joanna> To find out who specifically they want to have join the militia and look into their backgrounds before deciding whether to accept them, and if so, where they should be assigned.
* Achan sighs
<Achan> I'm sure their volunteers will have have glowing reputations.
* Kahonstionekha looks at Joanna
<Kahonstionekha> I will have to tell our chiefs about this.
<Joanna> I'm glad everyone thinks I'm so ready to be duped by them >:(
<Achan> I don't think...*sigh*
<Achan> I'm just concerned.
<Joanna> I would rather have them operating in a way that I can see and work to understand their motives and aims directly than have them sneaking around behind my back and have no channels to deal with them directly.
<Joanna> Talking to them and being willing to listen to them doesn't mean I'll agree with everything they say, or allow them to sway me away from other allies.
* Achan has a look of grudging acceptance.
* Joanna says, more to Kahon in that respect
<Achan> Right.
<Achan> It's early yet.
* Achan looks to Kahon.
<Achan> Big guy, you want to get a drink before dinner?
<Achan> (Of course, Achan, drinking is the solution)
* Kahonstionekha turns his annoyed look on Achan
* Achan puts up his hands in a mollifying gesture.
<Kahonstionekha> No.
* Achan sighs.
<Achan> Suit yourself.
<Joanna> I'm going to finish some correspondence before dinner. I'll see you later.
* Joanna will take herself off to her study to not deal with men for a little while.
* Achan nods to Joanna and turns to go.
<Joanna> (will he come back later or did she annoy him enough to deter him for the night? ;)
<Achan> (Oh, no, I figure he'll go drink and grouse a bit, without saying any specifics to anyone, then return later with the equivalent of chocolates)
<Joanna> (heh)
<Achan> (Colonial booty call ;))
<Achan> (He's a classy guy.)
* Kahonstionekha will probably go for a long walk
<Joanna> (Joanna would let him back in if he seems semi-contrite at least ;)
<Joanna> (Achan, not Kahon. he can come back in either way.)
<Narrator> (Oh, he'll be 'contrite')
<Narrator> (Heh)
<Joanna> (heh)

<Narrator> So, Kahon can meet Joanna on the docks in [New York] (Which I suppose is more like New Stockholm?) and schlep on over to Agnetta's manor.
<Kahonstionekha> (works for me)
<Narrator> It's (almost literally) the middle of winter, and, much like home, snow is thick on the ground.
<Narrator> Achan, not precisely used to this weather, I'm pretty sure is bundled up.
<Achan> (check)
<Achan> (cool)
<Achan> So, uh, it's colder than this where your family lives?
<Joanna> Yes... but inside the longhouse it's nice and warm. If you like lots of company :)
<Achan> I think the question is more if the company likes me. :)
<Joanna> well... I hope they will >.>
<Joanna> Don't worry - I'll stick up for you if anyone is mean ;)
<Kahonstionekha> (I am going to assume I didn't know he was coming, but that's okay)
<Narrator> You make your way to Agnetta's manor, a sizeable stone building in front of which several children are having a snowball fight, being watched by their mother and father.
* Agnetta waves.
* Kahonstionekha waves back
<Joanna> (yeah... Joanna wouldn't have known he was coming at the time Kahon left, so she couldn't have warned him)
<Narrator> Seeing Kahon, the children break off their play to rush their "Unca' Kahon"
<Joanna> (she hadn't decided if she was willing to bring him yet ;)
<Narrator> Agnetta and her husband, Noak, head your way laughing as their children hang off their friend.
* Kahonstionekha can pick them up and give them a twirl around
* Joanna smiles at that
<Agnetta> Joanna, good to see you.
* Agnetta will give Joanna a hug.
* Joanna hugs her back
<Joanna> It's good to see you too. Everyone is well?
* Joanna says, looking around the family.
* Noak will shake Kahon's hand as his children harass the ranger.
<Agnetta> Well enough. Winter here is the closest the children get to experiencing home.
* Agnetta smiles.
<Joanna> Oh, I should introduce my companion, Major Harden.
<Kahonstionekha> heh
* Joanna says, taking Achan's hand to properly introduce him.
* Agnetta will shake Achan's hand.
<Agnetta> Major Harden, I've heard all...well, you know Kahonstionekha. I've heard about you.
* Achan laughs.
* Joanna smiles
* Kahonstionekha gives her a 'what is that supposed to mean' look >.>
<Achan> A pleasure to meet you, Fralse Thott.
<Dwarf_Woman> So, this is your Sategat friend I've heard so much about?
<Narrator> In the rush of introductions, you missed another adult dwarf, who had previously been buried under children much like Kahon is now.
<Agnetta> Sorry, my manners. Kahonstionekha, Joanna, Major Harden, this is my friend Soldis. She's passing through like you are.
* Dwarf_Woman is now known as Soldis
<Soldis> Charmed.
* Soldis smiles and shakes hands.
* Kahonstionekha nods to her
<Joanna> Good day :)
<Kahonstionekha> A friend of the captain's is a friend of mine.
<Narrator> Soldis is tall, for a dwarf, and broadly built, likely a soldier like Agnetta. It takes you a moment to realize what feels out of place with her; she's barefoot and in short sleeves.
<Agnetta> Shall we? Major Harden looks like he's going to be a garden statue if we don't get him inside.
<Achan> Oh, yes please.
<Joanna> Well, he is very decorative, but I'd rather take him with me than leave him in your yard, so yes :)
* Noak will show you guys in, though I'm sure you're at least passingly familiar.
* Kahonstionekha shakes his head, but smiles, and follows
* Joanna will get snowy things off when we get inside.
<Narrator> The Thotts can get you guys settled, and you can eventually reconvene in their sitting room for refreshments.
<Joanna> (do they put me and Achan in the same room or are they more proper than that? ;)
<Narrator> (Presumably different rooms. I'm sure they have enough of them.)
<Joanna> (kk)
* Joanna makes a mental note of where his room is in case she decides to sneak over there in the middle of the night for a visit ;p
<Narrator> Agnetta and Noak will steer the conversation for a while, asking Kahon how things are back home and Joanna how things are with the Assembly, and at least a little bit interrogating Achan to determine his suitability as a partner. ;)
<Joanna> (thanks aunty Agnetta :)
<Agnetta> You know, I'd been mentioning you two to Soldis, actually.
<Joanna> oh?
* Agnetta gesturing to Kahon and Joanna.
* Kahonstionekha looks up
<Agnetta> She just got back from Temnoreka, helping them out with some trouble with the Saqama. (The [Not-Abenaki], and one of the two principle rival native powers to the Atenrosera)
* Kahonstionekha looks to Soldis then
<Soldis> Aggie...
* Soldis sighs.
<Kahonstionekha> (Anything I'd have heard about?)
<Soldis> She was telling me about the treaty militia down south.
<Soldis> Aggie thinks I need to find a new job immediately.
<Joanna> Ah, well - we are certainly interested in volunteers.
<Kahonstionekha> . o O (As long as they are't Mariann >.>)
<Narrator> (Yeah, a bit, Heather. The Saqama have a bit of a detente with the Atenrosera right now, and don't have a stable relationship with their neighboring colonies like the Atenrosera have with Stordam.)
<Joanna> Is the need for a new job related to the aforementioned trouble? If it's not too bold to ask, that is.
<Narrator> (It's possible some of your old war buddies are off joining in repelling those raids, just to keep them in check)
<Kahonstionekha> (Ugh don't they know it's winter this is not the time for fighting :p)
<Soldis> Oh, no, the trouble was some raiding. The northern colonies aren't quite as established as down here, and that leaves them vulnerable.
<Soldis> The Saqama thought they'd take advantage, and, well, I'm not too bothered by the weather.
* Soldis shrugs and smiles.
* Joanna nods
<Atenrosera> Enemy of my enemy is my friend,
<Albionne> and all that.
* Kahonstionekha nods
<Soldis> It's good enough work, and less regimented than here.
* Soldis casts a friendly pointed look at Agnetta
<Agnetta> Barbarian.
<Joanna> Well, we would welcome you if you wished to join. Experienced travelers and those who have some prior combat experience are particularly needed.
<Soldis> It's border patrol work, eh?
<Joanna> Yes - there can be skirmishes with smugglers and pirates and the like, although it is as much about mediating disputes as settling them with arms.
* Kahonstionekha leans over to his sister
<Kahonstionekha> This is why people say it is 'your' militia
<Joanna> >.>
<Joanna> Just because I take an active interest...
<Noak> Uncomfortable with the credit, Joanna?
<Kahonstionekha> mmhmm
<Joanna> I like to think, anyway, that it doesn't all rest solely on me.
<Agnetta> And yet I'm sure it feels that way sometimes.
* Agnetta gives a commiserating look.
<Joanna> Mm.
* Joanna sips her warm beverage of choice and is noncommittal ;)
<Agnetta> Though, since it's been brought up, I heard there might be some shakeup with the treaty. Hmm?
<Joanna> Oh, what have you heard?
* Achan sips his warm beverage and is nocommittal at that. :p
* Kahonstionekha makes a face but doubts Joanna will go into details here
<Agnetta> That some other parties have expressed interest.
<Agnetta> In joining, I mean.
* Joanna gives a nod, but says "I couldn't possibly comment yet. It's all very preliminary."
* Agnetta nods.
* Kahonstionekha gives Agnetta an 'I told you so' look
<Kahonstionekha> 9I'm sure he did when he was here before ;)
<Agnetta> I can tell you, though, there's some here in Stordam who would be very interested in the outcome of those deliberations.
<Agnetta> What Senocomaca and the rest have done, it's unprecedented.
<Joanna> Interested in the sense of considering a similar course for their own colony?
<Agnetta> That's the rumor.
* Agnetta winks.
<Agnetta> (And somewhere, so does Lathra)
<Kahonstionekha> (Always. And pours some gin ;)
<Joanna> Well, that would certainly be of interest to others as well, I suspect. If there's anyone who would like the opportunity to speak with me on the subject, I will be passing back through here in a few weeks' time...
<Agnetta> If your amenable, I could get a few people together.
<Agnetta> As always, you're welcome here anytime.
* Achan has learned to stay out of these discussions for now.
<Joanna> I can't make promises of course, but I would be interested to meet with any who share a common interest in such matters.
<Joanna> At the least I could take their words back to the rest of the Assembly.
<Agnetta> Great. :)
<Agnetta> I'm sure the Thing would be glad for a chance to strengthen ties, regardless.
* Joanna nods
* Agnetta will wend her way back to more mundane topics.
<Joanna> (let's not bore these men with politics ;)
* Noak will probably invite Kahon and Achan to go shooting at some point.
* Kahonstionekha would certainly be up for that!
* Kahonstionekha will make sure that everyone gets to meet his dogs, also
<Kahonstionekha> (I;m sure they are popular with the kids ;)
<Narrator> I'm sure they're popular with everyone.
<Joanna> (aw :3)
<Narrator> Maybe not with the Thott's household servants.
<Kahonstionekha> (hee. K can probably mostly keep them from too much table surfing >..)
* Joanna can hang with the ladies and try to get to know Soldis better, if she's thinking of joining up ;)