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Session date: March 25, 2017

5:58 PM <Malqatar> Raaar

5:58 PM <Kennesaw> Hellur

5:59 PM <Malqatar> Yo yo

5:59 PM <Malqatar> So what did we want to do?

5:59 PM Kennesaw → Paixao

5:59 PM <Malqatar> What is there to do around town for two fine, upstanding young men?

5:59 PM Malqatar → Bakar

6:02 PM <Paixao> Hmm, good question.

6:02 PM <Paixao> They could meet at church. ;)

6:02 PM <Bakar> heh

6:04 PM <Paixao> Or, relatedly, maybe doing some voluntold work at the hospital.

6:04 PM <Paixao> Something like that?

6:04 PM <Bakar> Oh, yeah, Bakar was going to be doing a lot of volunteer work

6:04 PM <Bakar> That would be good :)

6:04 PM <Paixao> Works for me.

6:05 PM <Paixao> They can empty bedpans together. :p

6:05 PM <Paixao> I mean, probably more like sweeping and stuff, but still.

6:05 PM <Bakar> hee

6:06 PM <Paixao> Just going to check a thing real quick.

6:10 PM <Paixao> Let me grab another window real quick

6:10 PM — Bakar will arrive at the hospital for the day and wave at Paixao as he dons his work apronk k.

6:10 PM <Bakar> gah

6:10 PM <Paixao> (S'all good)

6:10 PM <Bakar> Had that all typed out to start and forgot :P

6:11 PM <Bakar> Hate when I do that >.>

6:11 PM — Paixao waves back and makes his way over.

6:11 PM <Paixao> Good morning, Bakar. Working off another late night? ;)

6:12 PM <Bakar> Hey there stranger! I guess I'm used to late nights. Have you been here long?

6:14 PM <Paixao> Just got here.

6:14 PM <Paixao> Do you know what they were going to have you doing?

6:14 PM <Bakar> Oh, good :)

6:15 PM <Paixao> Brother Abaddon said the new building needs painting, which seemed a good way to spend a morning. :)

6:15 PM <Bakar> No, not really. Probably the usual.

6:15 PM <Bakar> Oh, that's not bad. Better than emptying bed pans.

6:16 PM — Paixao chuckles.

6:16 PM <Paixao> But it's good for humility, or so I'm told.

6:17 PM <Bakar> I think I'm pretty well stocked on that for now.

6:18 PM <Paixao> Shall we?

6:18 PM <Bakar> Lead the way!

6:19 PM <Bakar> So what have you been up to lately? Anything interesting?

6:19 PM — Paixao will head around the hospital to the new storage building, currently complete but bare wood for the moment.

6:19 PM <Paixao> Militia business, for the most part, which is nice.

6:19 PM <Paixao> Not that it's nice that it's necessary, I mean.

6:20 PM — Paixao adds quickly.

6:20 PM <Bakar> There are worse things to be doing, certainly.

6:20 PM <Paixao> Ideally, we'd be superfluous, I guess, but it's nice to be out of the house and, often, out of the city.

6:21 PM <Bakar> I understand. I like the traveling too. I get anxious staying in any one place for too long.

6:22 PM <Paixao> Oh? Prefer to avoid being tied down? ;)

6:23 PM <Bakar> Well, I guess that depends on the situation.

6:23 PM — Paixao raises an eyebrow.

6:23 PM <Bakar> #thirteen_ooc

6:23 PM <Bakar> gah

6:23 PM <Paixao> (heh

6:23 PM <Bakar> (sorry)

6:24 PM <Paixao> (Heh, s'all good)

6:24 PM <Paixao> (You want to scratch that remark, or I can roll with it :))

6:25 PM — Bakar suddenly realizes what he said and turns a shade redder.

6:25 PM <Bakar> I mean...

6:25 PM <Bakar> Ummm...

6:25 PM <Paixao> Just looking for the right person, huh?

6:26 PM <Bakar> Yes. Sure.

6:26 PM <Bakar> >.>

6:26 PM <Paixao> And here I assumed you were fond of our noble bachelor lifestyle. :)

6:27 PM <Paixao> With the militia and all.

6:27 PM — Bakar smiles. "I am. But I mean some day it would be nice to settle down. I'm still young."

6:28 PM <Bakar> What about you?

6:28 PM — Paixao sighs.

6:28 PM <Paixao> I'm sure I'll settle down someday. Soon, if my family has any say.

6:30 PM <Bakar> Oh...

6:30 PM — Bakar frowns

6:30 PM <Bakar> I'm sorry.

6:31 PM — Paixao shrugs.

6:31 PM <Bakar> What are they planning?

6:31 PM <Paixao> They have a few partners lined up for me, and I'll get to 'choose.'

6:32 PM <Paixao> I try not to think about it, really.

6:32 PM <Paixao> It must be nice not to have to deal with all that.

6:33 PM <Paixao> Assuming you don't. Do you have family in the colonies?

6:33 PM <Bakar> Ummm... no. No family. Not anywhere, actually.

6:34 PM <Paixao> Oh, I'm sorry!

6:34 PM <Bakar> No, it's ok.

6:34 PM <Paixao> I hope that wasn't rude.

6:34 PM <Paixao> I didn't mean to offend.

6:35 PM <Bakar> No, not at all. I don't even remember them, to be honest. I was raised by the church in Asturia.

6:35 PM <Bakar> It's ok, really.

6:36 PM — Paixao is quiet for a little bit.

6:37 PM <Bakar> I'm sorry about your family. You shouldn't have to just do what they want you to.

6:37 PM — Bakar puts a hand on your shoulder.

6:37 PM — Paixao starts a bit when you do so, but turns to smile at you.

6:38 PM <Paixao> Thanks. That's nice of you to say, but we all have our burdens.

6:38 PM <Paixao> There are worse things.

6:38 PM <Bakar> I guess we do.

6:38 PM ⇐ Lan-cloud quit (uid135102@2604:8300:100:200b:6667:1:2:fbe) Quit: Connection closed for inactivity

6:39 PM <Bakar> But you deserve to be happy.

6:39 PM <Paixao> I am, for the time being. We'll see how things go.

6:40 PM — Paixao looks away for a moment before meeting your eyes again.

6:41 PM <Paixao> Uh, anyway, uh, how was growing up in the church? I thought most people who did that became priests or paladins.

6:41 PM — Paixao says rather quickly.

6:41 PM — Bakar clears his throat.

6:41 PM <Bakar> Umm... it was ok. I didn't really think much about it at the time. Lots of lessons. Very strict.

6:42 PM <Bakar> Some become prists or paladins, yeah. Others are... given other jobs. It depends.

6:43 PM <Paixao> Is that how you came to the colonies? With the church?

6:43 PM <Bakar> Yes.

6:43 PM <Bakar> They sent me here

6:43 PM <Paixao> That must have been difficult.

6:44 PM <Paixao> I understand the voyage can be arduous.

6:44 PM <Bakar> It wasn't easy. I didn't know anyone or anything about the area. I'd barely ever been out of the monastery before.

6:45 PM <Paixao> Well, you know people now.

6:45 PM — Paixao smiles.

6:45 PM <Bakar> :)

6:46 PM <Bakar> What about you? Are you from here originally?

6:46 PM <Paixao> Born and raised.

6:46 PM <Paixao> I've barely been out of Promessa, really.

6:47 PM <Paixao> Supposedly I'm going to be sent to the home island sometime soon, but it keeps getting delayed.

6:47 PM <Paixao> Not really sure how I feel about it anyway.

6:47 PM <Bakar> Really? Why are they sending you there?

6:48 PM — Paixao rolls his eyes.

6:48 PM <Paixao> To be paraded in front of a bunch of ladies' daughters like a prize goat.

6:48 PM <Bakar> Oh. I'm sorry.

6:49 PM <Paixao> I'm sure it's not as bad as I think it will be.

6:49 PM <Paixao> Just, you know, no one wants to be a, a, a commodity. You know?

6:49 PM <Bakar> Yeah. I do.

6:49 PM <Bakar> I know exactly what you mean.

6:50 PM <Bakar> :/

6:50 PM — Paixao gives you a concerned look.

6:50 PM <Paixao> I'm sorry. Did I say something wrong?

6:50 PM <Bakar> No, it's ok. Just... I know how it feels.

6:51 PM — Paixao gives you a commiserating look and a (manly ;)) clasp on the arm.

6:52 PM <Bakar> When I was at the monastery... they used to bring all the boys out once in a while when important women came around. Women looking for trophy husbands.

6:52 PM — Bakar shrugs.

6:52 PM <Paixao> Oh, chalice and blade, that's rough.

6:52 PM <Bakar> It's life.

6:52 PM — Paixao sighs and nods.

6:53 PM — Paixao paints in silence for a little while, happy with a nice, repetitive mundane task.

6:53 PM <Paixao> So, the monastery... is that where you learned to fence?

6:53 PM — Bakar brightens.

6:54 PM <Bakar> Yes. And ride, and manners, and other things.

6:54 PM <Bakar> But fencing was my favorite

6:54 PM <Paixao> Small wonder. I've seen you practice. You're quite good.

6:54 PM <Bakar> Thanks! You're not bad yourself :)

6:55 PM <Paixao> Thanks! We should spar some time.

6:55 PM <Bakar> We definitely should!

6:55 PM <Paixao> You do pretty classical destreza, right? Straight out of Pacheco?

6:56 PM <Paixao> (just throwing out fencing stuff here :p)

6:56 PM <Bakar> (Heh)

6:57 PM <Paixao> (destreza is the Iberian (and for us [Iberian] style, and Pacheco is one of the people who taught/wrote about it)

6:58 PM <Bakar> Mostly. One of the monks had traveled and studied Liechtenauer. He taught me some grappling techniques.

6:59 PM <Paixao> Nice!

6:59 PM <Bakar> Where did you learn?

7:02 PM <Paixao> Maybe you can show me some things. Destreza was my base, but my old instructor had studied in Vitulum, so I got a fair bit of Agrippa and his contemporaries.

7:03 PM <Bakar> Maybe we can show each other a few thigns :)

7:03 PM <Paixao> I learned here. My father and, uh, grandfather taught me a lot, and then I had an instructor.

7:03 PM <Bakar> (things. Not thighs. Though maybe that too.)

7:04 PM <Paixao> (heh)

7:04 PM <Bakar> Wow, so your whole family knows how to fight? That's really neat.

7:05 PM <Paixao> *shrugs*

7:06 PM <Paixao> Kind of comes with the territory.

7:06 PM <Paixao> "Spathí tis vasílissas" and all.

7:07 PM <Paixao> (I think Bakar has enough church Mitran to translate that as "sword of the queen")

7:07 PM <Bakar> (k)

7:07 PM — Bakar nods

7:07 PM <Paixao> Family motto is kind of aspirational.

7:08 PM <Bakar> I guess... family means a lot to you, huh?

7:08 PM — Paixao looks uncomfortable.

7:09 PM <Paixao> Yeah, just... it's complicated.

7:09 PM — Bakar nods.

7:09 PM <Paixao> I don't mean to offend.

7:09 PM <Bakar> Sorry

7:09 PM <Paixao> I worry now I'm giving you a bad impression of them, especially after your previous dealings with my family.

7:10 PM <Paixao> They're mostly wonderful, I swear.

7:10 PM <Bakar> No, it's fine. I'd say I know how it is, but... I guess I kind of don't.

7:10 PM <Bakar> And trust me, you're not going to offend me.

7:10 PM <Bakar> I promise.

7:11 PM — Paixao smiles at that.

7:12 PM <Paixao> Say, would you like to come to dinner?

7:12 PM <Paixao> I know we'll have been working most of the day here, but we could get a little sparring in, if you like.

7:13 PM — Bakar starts a bit at that. "Oh, ummm... yes. Yes, please. That sounds wonderful."

7:13 PM <Paixao> Great!

7:14 PM — Bakar grins.

7:14 PM — Bakar looks down at his paint covered hands and clothes.

7:14 PM <Bakar> I'm afraid I'm not very presentable right now, though.

7:15 PM — Paixao gives you an appraising look. You can borrow some of my clothes, if you like. We're about the same size.

7:15 PM <Paixao> (Oops, should have been in quotes)

7:16 PM <Bakar> Oh, uum... I suppose that would work.

7:17 PM <Paixao> Sorry, I hope that didn't sound too, uh, something.

7:17 PM <Paixao> Pushy? Arrogant? I swear, I'm not one of those nobles who assumes they'll always get their way.

7:18 PM <Paixao> Oh, that probably sounded worse.

7:18 PM — Bakar laughs.

7:19 PM <Bakar> It's fine. I would love to have dinner with you, and I would be very appreciative of your lending me some clothes.

7:19 PM — Paixao smiles.

7:19 PM <Bakar> Did anyone ever tell you you're adorable when you're flustered?

7:19 PM <Paixao> Oh, uh, no...

7:19 PM — Paixao looks more flustered and shy

7:19 PM — Bakar grins.

7:21 PM <Paixao> That's...very nice of you to say.

7:22 PM <Bakar> Well, lying is a sin, you know.

7:24 PM <Paixao> And we are here to absolve ourselves. It'd be a shame to add more work to our tally...

7:25 PM <Bakar> Indeed. :)