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Skalla takes Svald, Lucas, and Chemames to Shaykha Naouar's in the middle of the night. The Shaykha offers to send her coach to fetch the others, and meanwhile Chemames checks in on the others. The next day, Pierre and Kaarina are able to pick up the presses they came for, and Pierre discovers that they had been used to print the same kind of thing their patron is looking to print back home. Welumque and Skalla are summoned to a surprise visit with Gada Sudais, daughter of the new Emira, and are invited to join her for a religious meal later that week. They host advises them not to attend, but Welumque suggests that they should. Despite Skalla planning for the others to leave, they all elect to stay.


Session date: following on from the previous session
In Game date: 2022-10-30

Skalla returns to Shaykha Naouar's house late to ask her to take in her people

<Narrator> Skalla, you're taking Lucas, Svald, and Chemames over to Shaykha Naouar's right after the incident?
<Narrator> (Elanya?)
* Elanya is now known as Skalla
<Skalla> (yes)
<Skalla> (sorry)
* NPC1 is now known as Shaykha_Naouar
* Skalla will ask one of the guards if we can speak with her or another family member with authority, I guess :x
* Shaykha_Naouar will come to greet you once her guard comes to get her.
<Shaykha_Naouar> Skalla, dear, is everything all right?
* Shaykha_Naouar is dressed in more comfortable evening clothes, but clearly was still awake.
<Skalla> I am so sorry to impose this late, but no - one of my party was attacked outside the inn, and another was injured in town in an accident.
<Shaykha_Naouar> Attacked?
<Skalla> I was foolish not to take you up on your offer earlier but, if it is still open, can I leave them with you, th someone to look after them?
<Shaykha_Naouar> Of course, of course. What happened?
<Skalla> Yes... just local thugs caugh up in prejudices of the old war... no doubt emboldened by current tensions...
* Skalla nodes to Lucas, where the cause should be prety evident
* Shaykha_Naouar looks over at the trio with Skalla, stopping for a long moment to look over Lucas.
<Shaykha_Naouar> Please, come in. Abdala, find rooms for everyone. Should we summon a doctor?
<Skalla> Yes please... though Lucas is in his own right an accomplised healer, I would feel better to have someone check him.
* Shaykha_Naouar nods.
<Skalla> Lucas is a friend, he and Chemames are here serving Welemque, the Lèxkweyok partner I mentioned.... Svald is a member of my household
<Shaykha_Naouar> Then you are all very welcome here.
<Lucas> Thank you
<Narrator> The servant will show Lucas, Svald, and Chemames to rooms in the expansive house.
<Shaykha_Naouar> (Once they've left) A Serpent, Skalla?
<Skalla> you are very generous, and my family will not forget it
* Shaykha_Naouar raises an eyebrow, but sounds more curious than admonishing.
* NPC27 is now known as Chemames
* Shaykha_Naouar waves her hand dismissively.
<Shaykha_Naouar> Think nothing of it. Your mother would do the same for my daughters.
<Skalla> Yes. I don't know all his story. I know that he was young during the war, like many, and that Welemque has taken him in... I don't know, perhaps you may have heard of her, she has networks everywhere it seems... BUt he is a healer, who has helped me and my family, and I trust him
<Shaykha_Naouar> I'm familiar with her reputation. The Shepherd of keep interesting company as always.
* Skalla smiles at that
<Shaykha_Naouar> So, some drunk veteran decided to settle an old score upon an easy target?
<Skalla> yes, it seems that way. they jumped him on the way to the outhouse :p
* Shaykha_Naouar suppresses a smile.
<Shaykha_Naouar> That shouldn't be funny. Is the boy all right?
<Skalla> I think so, mostly. A little battered, a little shaken up.
<Shaykha_Naouar> And his assailant?
<Skalla> we ran them off.
<Shaykha_Naouar> Good girl.
<Skalla> there were two.... BUt I thought it better than tryg to involve the guard.
* Shaykha_Naouar nods.
<Shaykha_Naouar> Best to avoid too much official scrutiny just now, I would think.
<Skalla> yes, exatly.
<Shaykha_Naouar> As I said, you and yours are of course welcome here as long as you need.
<Skalla> Thank you, that is very kind. Hildegarde managed to get us a longer stay, so we aren't as pressed to unload and depart so quickly
<Shaykha_Naouar> That's good to hear, though I'd imagine you can't stay long in any case.
<Skalla> No, but it is nice to be able to breathe a little more freely
<Shaykha_Naouar> I take it we'll have a few more guests, then?
<Skalla> yes. Welumque, my cousin Hidleguard, and two others, Pierre and Karina
<Shaykha_Naouar> The last two, more employees?
<Skalla> They are picking up some printing equiment for a venture my aunt is supporting
* Shaykha_Naouar nods.
<Shaykha_Naouar> Which aunt?
* Skalla grins
<Skalla> CHarlotta
* Shaykha_Naouar smiles.
<Shaykha_Naouar> That bodes well.
<Skalla> I think so, anyway
<Shaykha_Naouar> Well, can I offer you some soothing tea? Or can you handle coffee in the evening? I may also have some wine or something around here somewhere for heathens like yourself.
* Skalla grins.
<Skalla> I admit the coffee here is prepared a little strong for me for evening consumption, but a little wine or tea mught help.... Though I feel uneasy leaving the others at the inn still, even if Hidie is with them
<Shaykha_Naouar> I could send some people to escort them, if you like.
<Shaykha_Naouar> A coach, perhaps.
* Skalla considers
<Skalla> Perhaps that would be best, rather than waiting until morning...
<Shaykha_Naouar> Done. Come, we'll await their arrival in my study.
* Shaykha_Naouar will escort you there and stop to dispatch her people to get the others along the way.
* Skalla follows along
* Skalla can write a note for Hilde and Welumque also, in case they are paranoid or suspicious about a coach coming to get them :p
<Skalla> (and karina I guess :V)
<Narrator> (Welumque, assuming they arrive with a note, any issue going along with the Shaykha's people?)
<Welumque> (that's good with me)
<Narrator> You can all get to the Naouar compound and manage to get some sleep, at least.

Chemames checks in with Lucas and Svald

<Chemames> (once you've been shown to rooms, one for Svald, one for Lucas and Chemames, though Svald can be in the room with them for the moment) Are you all right? What can I do?
* Lucas ( has joined #thirteen02
<Chemames> (once you've been shown to rooms, one for Svald, one for Lucas and Chemames, though Svald can be in the room with them for the moment) Are you all right? What can I do?
<Lucas> I'm just bruised, I think. nothing seems to be broken.
* Chemames frowns.
<Chemames> Those fuckers...
<Chemames> Here, have a seat.
<Svald> I will be happy to leave this place
<Lucas> thanks...
<Lucas> I guess if you can put on some water, then we can have tea.
<Chemames> I'll ask, just a second.
* Lucas says as he sits down
<Lucas> how are you doing, Svald?
<Svald> I'm fine... I just wish we could have got there sooner.
* Narrator steps outside to talk to a servant.
<Lucas> I should have been faster to get away from them
* Chemames steps back inside a little bit later with a kettle.
<Chemames> They said the doctor will be along within the hour.
<Lucas> thank you
* Chemames goes to light a fire in the room's fireplace.
<Svald> I should leave you to rest.
<Chemames> You don't want any tea?
<Svald> well... I suppose :>
<Svald> That would be nice.
* Chemames smiles and nods, and continues his preparations.
* Lucas nods
<Chemames> At the very least, you should get your wish. It sounds like we won't be here too long.
<Lucas> I didn't realize it would be so much... different here
<Chemames> How do you mean?
<Lucas> well... the situation seems much more bad. people are more on edge.
* Shaykha_Naouar is now known as Kaarina
<Svald> All the... executions.
* Lucas shrugs, and then winces a little at the pain
<Lucas> yes. the authorities are taking drastic steps to try and put fear into the people.
<Chemames> (to Svald) So this *is
* unusual, though, right?
<Chemames> You were in the military, weren't you?
* Svald hesitates.
<Svald> ... Yes.
<Svald> By the time I got here, things were mostly over...
<Chemames> So you never had to deal with anything like what they've done to their people?
<Svald> No, never.
* Svald shakes their head.
<Chemames> I just can't even imagine.
<Svald> This place is... ready to explode
<Chemames> And has, some.
* Chemames glances over at Lucas.
<Lucas> maybe... I think what happened to me could have happened anywhere. but people are more tense right now, so maybe it's worse than it would be otherwise.
* Svald nods.
* Chemames sets out the cups he would have brought with the kettle and begins putting tea in them.
<Lucas> thanks
<Svald> Thank you.
<Chemames> You don't think it's going to get like this back home, do you?
<Svald> I... don't know.
<Lucas> I hope not
<Svald> People are unhappy, but. It feels more personal here.
<Svald> Now, anyway.
* Chemames nods.
<Narrator> The kettle begins steaming, and Chemames moves to take it off the fire and pour for you two.
<Chemames> At the very least, for now, hopefully you can get some rest once the healer's been.
* Lucas nods
<Chemames> (to Svald) You're next door?
* Svald nods.
<Lucas> I'm glad they put us near each other.
<Chemames> That's good. I would hate for anybody to be too far just now.
<Svald> Yes, me too.
<Lucas> not that I don't trust our hosts, but I would worry if you were far away
* Svald smiles.
<Svald> Well, I'll be right there, if you need me :>
<Lucas> and if you need anything, we'll be nearby too
* Chemames nods agreement to that.
<Narrator> The healer will be by eventually to look you over and mostly just give you some painkillers, likely in the form of more tea.

Pierre and Kaarina secure the presses they came for

<Narrator> Having secured a little more time in town, what did y'all want to do?
<Skalla> I need to deliver Thekla's letter still... and then... maybe go to the Suq Layli and ask for Elzahia. >.>
<Pierre> (Did we manage to secure the printing equipment we need?)
<Narrator> (Not yet, no :) )
<Pierre> (That seems like an obvious task to complete, then!)
* Shaykha_Naouar is now known as Kaarina
* Kaarina will be up early to go talk to her business contacts.
* Pierre will of course be happy to accompany her!
<Kaarina> Poor Lucas...
* Kaarina says as you head out.
* Pierre frowns
<Kaarina> I knew things were bad here, but I didn't realize *how
* bad.
<Pierre> Yes. It's terrible... I don't understand why anyone would do that.
<Pierre> I guess I didn't appreciate the depth of the bitterness from that war.
<Pierre> And what people were saying about the new regime here...
<Kaarina> It's disturbing. And, to think, she's our ally.
<Pierre> Well, at least Lucas is safe now. And we should be able to leave soon, after we get what we came for.
<Pierre> ...where are we going, by the way?
<Kaarina> Back to the docks, actually, so that should be easy enough. It's...
* Kaarina pulls out a piece of paper.
<Kaarina> Bousaid & Daughters, [address].
<Kaarina> They're supposed to be well-established here.
<Pierre> Good - they should be easy to find, then. Let's pay a visit to Bousaid & Daughters [address]!
<Narrator> Bousaid & Daughters proves to be a good-sized printing shop on the docks as promised.
* Ruba ( has joined #thirteen
<Pierre> Here we are.
* Ruba is a large, matronly orc woman in plain, well-made clothes.
<Ruba> Please, come in! How can I help you?
<Kaarina> Hi! My name's Kaarina Jokela, I believe we corresponded about some presses?
<Kaarina> My...associate, Pierre Bodin.
<Ruba> Ah, yes, yes, come in, come in. I'm Ruba Bousaid.
* Ruba will shake hands with both of you.
* Pierre smiles in greeting
<Pierre> How do you do|!
<Ruba> Nice to meet you both.
<Ruba> So, I suppose you'll want to take a look at the presses I have for sale, then?
<Kaarina> That would be great, yes, please.
* Pierre nods
* Ruba takes you back into the actual press area, where several other orcs bearing a family resemblance to Ruba are working on the presses. A pair of presses sits to the side. They look older and well-used, but in decent shape.
<Ruba> We've got some newer ones, and only so much room, so you'd be doing us a favor, I don't mind saying.
* Pierre surveys the activity with interest, as he'll soon be doing the same kind of thing
<Pierre> May I have a look at them?
<Ruba> By all means. I'd say you were fools if you didn't.
<Kaarina> Thanks.
* Pierre smiles and inspects the two older presses more closely.
<Kaarina> I understand your family's been in business here for some time?
* Kaarina will continue chatting with Ruba while you look over the presses.
<Narrator> (Roll me Notice)
<Pierre> !roll 4d3-7
* Lan-werk rolls for Pierre: [ 4d3-7 ] getting [ 3 3 1 1 ] for a total of [ 8 ] which, after the modifier [ -7 ] totals [ 1 ].
<Pierre> (Let me throw something in there... Hardworking Immigrant?)
<Pierre> (Hopeful and Hardworking Immigrant for a +2?)
<Narrator> (That's fair)
<Pierre> (Does Crafts fit into this in any way?)
<Pierre> (nvm)
<Kaarina> What do we think?
<Pierre> (What *do
* we think?)
<Narrator> (The presses look pretty good, despite their age and use. You get the impression they'll need a little more work and more maintenance than normal, but they seem all right.)
<Pierre> (And is there any remaining impression of what they were most recently used to print?)
* Pierre nods
<Pierre> Well, they obviously have seen a lot of use. I think there's still service to be gotten from them, though. They'll require more care than new presses, but they should still work.
<Narrator> (Sure, but, again, it's nothing you understand.)
<Pierre> I can still make out some of the last item they were used to print... was that anything important, Madame Ruba?
<Ruba> Oh, hmm, it shouldn't be, and they should have put all that away. I'll be sure they're cleared out when we load them for you.
* Pierre will try to remember the main headline for future reference - keeping in mind that it's reversed for printing
<Pierre> I don't mind doing it myself before we load it... it would be good practice for me. I'm just starting out in this profession, you know!
* Ruba smiles.
<Pierre> I'm going to be apprenticing under Kaarina, I have a lot to learn.
<Ruba> Suit yourself. Wardah, could you show M. Bodin how to move the tiles while Mlle. Jokela and I discuss details?
<Kaarina> You're all right here?
<Pierre> Sure! I'll be getting a head start on my new career. :-)
* Kaarina smiles and will go with Ruba to an office area nearby.
* Ruba is now known as Wardah
* Wardah is a younger orc, about Pierre's age, who comes over to help.
<Wardah> It's pretty simple.
<Pierre> Great! I've never actually worked one of these before.
<Pierre> Can we actually try it before we remove the tiles?
<Wardah> Hmm...yeah, we've got a misprint or something here we can use to show you on.
* Pierre pays careful attention as Wardah shows him how to set things up, and prints a copy of whatever it is on the presses.
* Wardah will go to procure that, the return to walk Pierre through the process.
<Narrator> You can see Ruba and Kaarina speaking in the office, and you see Kaarina hand over a packet of some kind to Ruba.
<Pierre> (Do the presses actually print?)
<Narrator> (Yeah, it works perfectly fine)
<Pierre> Great! I'll have to keep this... the first item I've ever printed! :-)
<Pierre> Thanks for showing me how it works.
<Pierre> Now, we take the tiles out and put them in different cases?
* Wardah laughs.
<Wardah> Maybe you can frame it.
<Wardah> Yeah, here. Do you speak our language?
<Wardah> Or read it, I guess?
<Pierre> No, I'm afraid not. I'll have to be extra careful to put the tiles in the right cases.
* Wardah nods.
* Kaarina and Ruba finish their business after a while, and you two can return back to Naouar compound at your leisure.
* Pierre will do so, trying his best not to mix things up!
* Pierre waits until they're on their way before broaching the subject with Kaarina
<Pierre> So, Wardah showed me how to work the presses!
<Pierre> I got a copy of whatever was on there before we disassembled it.
<Pierre> I don't read the language, though.
<Kaarina> I do, a little. Let me see?
* Pierre shows it to her, careful not to let anyone else around see.
* Kaarina looks it over, squinting a little as it *is
* double-printed.
* Kaarina glances at Pierre.
<Pierre> What is it?
<Kaarina> It's a political treatise.
<Pierre> Really? :-O
* Wardah is now known as Shaykha_Naouar
<Kaarina> Well, I happen to know Bousaid & Daughters to publish them...
<Pierre> Oh. So what does this one say?
* Chemames is now known as Orc_Woman
<Kaarina> It,'s maybe something we shouldn't be discussing too publically.
* Pierre 's eyes go wide for a moment.
<Pierre> Ah. Well, let's wait until we're back at the compound, then.
* Orc_Woman is now known as Ghada
* Pierre does his best to suppress his curiosity until they can discuss this safely...
* Kaarina walks back the rest of the way looking perhaps a little nervously.
<Kaarina> (When back in private) I'm sorry, I'm just not sure how openly some things can be discussed here.
<Pierre> No, better safe than sorry!
<Pierre> But what is it?
<Kaarina> It was advocating independence from Ilhatan.
<Pierre> ...really?
<Kaarina> Very interesting, actually. I didn't understand it entirely, but it was kind of...a legal argument?
<Pierre> Could you tell who might have written it? Somebody who sympathizes with the rebels, I suppose?
<Kaarina> You mean the soldiers back home?
<Pierre> The Black Guard.
* Ghada ( Quit (Quit:
<Pierre> I mean, they're the ones who are defying the new Emira, aren't they? Could that be what's behind this?
<Kaarina> This isn't specific to them, but it could be seen as supportive...
<Pierre> It does oppose the new Emira, though?
<Kaarina> Again, not specifically, but it does allude to her.
* Kaarina looks at the paper again.
<Kaarina> "...rule has become increasingly foreign and, as such, loses its claim to lead the community of the faithful in good character."
<Pierre> That does not sound like the writer is a big fan.
<Pierre> I guess they have their own Karl Kaldrgaldr.
<Kaarina> Kharl Khaldrgaldr, with h's?
<Kaarina> ...It's a better joke in print.
<Pierre> I can't imagine that the government here would turn a blind eye to this. Do you suppose that Madame Ruba knows that it was printed at her shop? Or is she a bystander, like Madame Sateri?
<Pierre> Whoever did print this seems like a potential ally.
<Kaarina> Ah, the former, I think.
<Kaarina> Mme. Bousaid is sympathetic to the cause of independence.
<Kaarina> Hjalmar has corresponded with her some.
<Pierre> Ah, of course. That's why she helped us get the presses.
<Pierre> Well, it's a good thing we didn't leave those tiles on there for the inspectors to find when we leave.
<Pierre> We should be careful to hide this away somewhere too. It is double-printed, but you were still able to make it out.
* Kaarina nods. @.@
<Pierre> It would be awkward to have to answer questions about it.
<Pierre> Maybe Madame Ruba would be willing to let us have other misprints, as camouflage?
<Pierre> That strategy seems to work.
<Kaarina> That's a good idea.
* Kaarina smiles.
<Kaarina> I knew there was a reason I wanted to hire you.
* Pierre smiles back
<Pierre> I mean, we could just destroy it, if you don't think it's worth keeping.
<Pierre> But it seems to me that our patron might be interested.
<Kaarina> Hmm.
<Kaarina> It might be worth revisiting Mme. Bousaid, at the very least.
* Pierre nods
<Pierre> If we're sure that she knows about it.
<Pierre> She didn't seem too bothered when I pointed out that the tiles were still in place...
<Pierre> Wouldn't she have wanted to remove them right away if she knew?
<Kaarina> I don't know?
<Kaarina> About her wanting them removed, I mean. She *is
* going to print some stuff for Hjalmar, though, so I think she does know.
<Kaarina> She's managed so far, so I'm assuming she knows what she's doing? I'm still...muddling through.
<Pierre> Huh. So we wouldn't be making a new ally, just learning more about who's already working together?
<Kaarina> Well, she *is
* new, but not entirely unknown.
<Pierre> Perhaps we should get to know her even better, then.
* Kaarina nods.
<Kaarina> She seemed nice enough.
<Pierre> And we do have business with her - though I gather that's settled, for now.
<Pierre> Maybe we can pay her another visit tomorrow.
* Kaarina nods.
<Kaarina> That sounds good.

Weleumque and Skalla are summoned to a meeting with Ghada Sudais

<Narrator> Welumque and Skalla, servants will come tell you that Shaykha Naouar is waiting downstairs with a visitor who would like to see you both.
* Welumque stretches, makes sure she seems presentable enough, and heads downstairs.
* Skalla can get ready and go down to see, then
* Wardah ( has joined #thirteen02
* Wardah is now known as Shaykha_Naouar
<Skalla> any idea who this could be
<Skalla> ?
* Skalla asks Welumque on the way down
<Welumque> Not at all.
* Shaykha_Naouar it waiting in her sitting room with a younger orcish woman in nice but not ostentatious clothing.
* Chemames is now known as Orc_Woman
<Skalla> Good morning
<Welumque> Good morning, Shayka Naouar. And I'm afraid I have not made your acquaintance.
* Welumque says to the other lady.
<Shaykha_Naouar> Good morning to you both. Welumque, Skalla Stormsvallvag, may I introduce Ghada Sudais.
* Orc_Woman is now known as Ghada
<Ghada> A pleasure to meet you both.
<Welumque> Likewise.
<Shaykha_Naouar> Coffee?
<Skalla> Well met, and yet please
<Welumque> Yes, that would be lovely.
<Ghada> I understand your party had a bit of trouble last night?
<Ghada> My mother is terribly sorry for any distress you've encountered.
<Welumque> Yes, although fortunately nothing too catastrophic, thankfully.
<Skalla> YOur mother?
<Welumque> The emira's grace is well-known throughout many lands.
<Shaykha_Naouar> Ghada here is our emira's eldest daughter.
* Ghada nods graciously towards the Shaykha.
<Ghada> And your mother is Berit Stormsvallvag.
<Ghada> It is good to meet you.
<Skalla> Ahh, yes, likewise
<Skalla> PLease, thank her for her concern
<Ghada> Your companion is well?
<Welumque> Well enough. Recovering.
<Skalla> Yes, our host summoned a doctor, and he seems well excep for minor injuries
<Ghada> I would be happy to send my personal physician. You are guests in our city.
<Welumque> Thank you for the offer, although I do not believe it is necessary.
* Skalla nods to Welumque
<Skalla> It is very gracious, but he was not badly hurt in the end.
<Skalla> and he is himself a highly qualified healer
<Ghada> I heard a shot was fired in the incident?
<Skalla> ahh yes. A warning. It scared off the assailants well enough.
* Ghada ( Quit (Quit:
* Ghada ( has joined #thirteen02
<Ghada> An unfortunate circumstance. I'm sure you're both aware of the recent unrest, especially on your own shores.
<Welumque> Of course.
<Ghada> I'm surprised you undertook a trade mission with so much up in the air.
<Welumque> We considered cancelling it, of course. But goods must still travel, or else things will soon be much worse, both at home and here.
* Skalla nods to what Welumque said
<Ghada> Of course. The colonies thrive only so long as trade flows securely.
<Ghada> How long were you planning to stay in town?
<Skalla> We have a permit to stay for the week, but I expect that we will be on our way once the ship can be unloaded and reloaded
* Welumque nods.
<Welumque> It had appeared, briefly, that one of the more, ahh, enthusiastic administrators here was going to restrict our visit's duration considerably. But I understand that has now been relaxed.
<Ghada> It's an unfortunate necessity of our current issues, but I'm sure we can accommodate a longer stay. My mother would love to make your acquaintance, I'm sure.
<Ghada> We need to strengthen our ties with our allies, as I'm sure you know.
<Skalla> of course
<Ghada> Perhaps you could stay to celebrate [weekend community religious meal] with us?
* Skalla looks to Welumque
* Welumque looks to Shayka Naouar
<Skalla> (how far away is that)
* Ghada ( Quit (Quit:
<Narrator> (We'll say it's like Tuesday, and she's meaning Saturday.)
<Narrator> (Saturday evening, specifically)
<Shaykha_Naouar> You are of course welcome to stay as long as you like.
* Ghada ( has joined #thirteen02
<Skalla> Then of course, we would be honoured to join you.
<Welumque> (do I get any sense that she is fearful that we will all be imprisoned / killed / otherwise interfered with if we go?)
<Narrator> (Roll Empathy)
<Welumque> !roll 4d3-6
* Lan-werk rolls for Welumque: [ 4d3-6 ] getting [ 3 1 3 2 ] for a total of [ 9 ] which, after the modifier [ -6 ] totals [ 3 ].
<Narrator> (Okay, to clarify, you're looking to see if Shaykha Naouar looks nervous about the invite? Or trying to get a read off of Ghada?)
<Welumque> (well either I guess, but specifically Naouar who is less likely to be trying to deceive us)
<Narrator> (Okie doke. Did you want to add anything to that roll?)
<Welumque> (not sure I have anything exactly relevant)
<Narrator> (Okie doke)
<Narrator> Naouar does look a little nervous, certainly, but you don't think she can say anything in front of the emira's daughter. Ghada herself looks perfectly calm and, ostensibly, affable.
<Welumque> (what would Ghada's appropriate title be? does she have one, as the emira's daughter?)
<Skalla> (or is Ghada her title)
<Narrator> (I don't *believe
* she would have a specific title herself)
<Narrator> (And Ghada is her name)
<Welumque> I can't speak for all my companions, Ghada, but I would be honored to attend. It's been too long since I've been in Talat Kabira and to share in your mother's hospitality would be an exceptional idea.
<Welumque> (I would like to use a Fate point and my Five Minute Friends on Ghada, now that we've had some time to chat)
<Narrator> (Looks like "Bey" might be an appropriate title, but neither of them used it, so y'all are fine without ;) )
<Narrator> (Steve, what does that do exactly? I'm having trouble finding it)
<Welumque> (
<Welumque> ( "For a fate point, you can make a steadfast friend in a place you’ve never been, given a chance for five minutes of conversation. This stunt makes nearly impossible opportunities to make friends merely improbable, improbable opportunities probable, and probable opportunities outright certain.")
<Narrator> (Okay, roll me Rapport. It'll work regardless, we're just gonna see *how
* friendly she is to you. :) )
<Welumque> !roll 4d3-5
* Lan-werk rolls for Welumque: [ 4d3-5 ] getting [ 2 2 2 2 ] for a total of [ 8 ] which, after the modifier [ -5 ] totals [ 3 ].
* Ghada smiles at Welumque.
<Welumque> (I guess I could add my 'Tolerates Different Strokes' aspect to that, if it matters)
<Ghada> And it can only be in our best interests to strengthen our relations with our native neighbors. I'm sure my mother will be thrilled to meet you.
<Ghada> Mamsel Stormsvallvag?
<Skalla> pardon?
<Skalla> (I already said yes)
<Narrator> (Oh, I missed it. Disregard the previous two lines, then)
<Welumque> In times of unrest, it is all the more important to continue to build trust on strong foundations.
<Ghada> Then we will look forward to seeing you, and I won't impose upon the Sheykha's hospitality any longer. Thank you.
<Skalla> YOu're very welcome, of course.
<Welumque> Many thanks, Ghada. I will convey your kindness to my injured companion, and look forward to seeing you soon.
<Ghada> Indeed.
* Ghada rises.
<Ghada> Until [religious community meal], then.
* Shaykha_Naouar rises with her and will see her out.

Skalla and Weleumque discuss the meeting with their hostess

* Skalla looks to Welumque once they are out of earshot
<Skalla> Uh. Well that was unexpected...
<Welumque> Yes. Shayka Naouar, I'm assuming this was not something you arranged?
<Skalla> (She's not here rn)
<Welumque> How could she have learned so quickly - and have been incited to care - about Lucas's attack?
<Skalla> I'm not sure. And she knew us. Me by name.
<Welumque> Unless Shayka Naouar informed someone in the emira's staff.
<Skalla> (err, by my mother, rather)
* Skalla frowns but looks uncertain
<Skalla> Maybe. or someone in her household did. Or perhaos the gunshot last night induced an investigation that led them.... I don't know. I dn't like it.
<Skalla> I'm worried about Svald.
<Welumque> But to know that we are even here? How could that have been known?
<Skalla> well. Perhaps they are tracking what ships are coming in?
<Skalla> And i don't know who Hildie talked to, or what about, to get us that pass
<Skalla> so perhaps something was passed up the chain from there
<Welumque> Not here in Talat Kabira. Here, as in this house.
<Skalla> ahh, yes.
* Shaykha_Naouar returns after a minute.
<Welumque> Shayka Naouar, we must inquire.
<Shaykha_Naouar> Well, that was...interesting.
<Welumque> How did Ghada even know we were here?
<Shaykha_Naouar> That is an excellent question.
<Shaykha_Naouar> If I had to guess, I say my carriage was recognized.
<Shaykha_Naouar> (I'd*)
* Skalla nods
<Skalla> by who?
<Skalla> I suppose they coudl have been investigatig the gunshot. In such tense times that could have attracted more attention - and she did mention it
<Welumque> Given all that is going on here in Talat Kabira, can the attack on Lucas really be so significant as to attract the attention of the emira or her close kin?
<Welumque> How much does Ghada have to do with the government?
<Shaykha_Naouar> Quite a bit.
<Shaykha_Naouar> Though in what capacity, I'm not entirely clear.
<Shaykha_Naouar> I know they're watching the docks closely.
<Ghada> I'm...troubled about what this visit means.
<Ghada> (Ack, ww)
<Welumque> Is the invitation that we were just extended also including you? What is this event we're going to anyway?
<Shaykha_Naouar> After services on [Saturday], communal meals are given by the wealthy. I often host them myself. This would, in any other circumstance, be an honor to be invited to the emira's, but, in this situation...
* Skalla nods
<Welumque> I think perhaps Lucas and Svald should stay away, at minimum.
<Shaykha_Naouar> I'm...not entirely sure any of you should attend.
<Skalla> Certainy yes. If I can Ill see if I can send them home. Maybe another ship will bea leaving for sisawinak
<Welumque> I will go.
* Skalla looks to the Shaykha
* Skalla then looks to Welumque
<Skalla> I don't want you to go alone
<Welumque> Very well, I would be glad for the company.
* Shaykha_Naouar frowns.
<Skalla> Are you sure?
<Welumque> Of course not.
<Shaykha_Naouar> You are my guest. I will do everything in my power to ensure your safety.
<Skalla> We don't have to - we could still leave
<Welumque> But my mission here is to learn what is going on in Talat Kabira. How better?
<Skalla> That is true...
* Skalla frowns
<Skalla> but
<Skalla> You also don't have to do that >.>
<Skalla> I think we have learned plenty
<Welumque> I am not so arrogant as to think I can prevent conflict. But if I can alleviate harm, save some from harm, then it is well worth the risk.
<Skalla> then we definitely need to send Svald and Lucas home.
<Skalla> Hildie will insist on stayng - and likely attending - if I'm going.
<Welumque> Yes, most likely.
<Skalla> Pierre and Kaarina aren't wrapped up in this either. Maybe they can provide an excuse for the others to go
<Skalla> we can discuss it with them once they're back from their business
<Welumque> Yes, agreed.
<Skalla> Thank you, Shaykha - I hope we don't cause you and trouble.
* Shaykha_Naouar smiles softly.
<Shaykha_Naouar> It isn't *you
* causing any trouble.
<Shaykha_Naouar> But thank you for your concern.
<Skalla> Not yet >.>

The pair explain the situation to the rest of the travellers

* Skalla will gather the others in the room she's been given
<Svald> What's going on?
* Welumque puts on her stern grandmother face.
* Skalla sighs
<Skalla> The emira's daughter came and inviedWWelumque to dine hwith her and her mother on Saturday
* Chemames ( has joined #thirteen
* Svald frowns
<Svald> What? Why?
* Svald looks puzzled.
<Skalla> I don't know
<Welumque> She had heard about the attack on Lucas.
<Skalla> I think...
* Lucas frowns
<Lucas> from who?
<Skalla> Well, hey were probably racking traffic into the city already. Then they may have investigated the gunshot, and someone reported that the Skaykha carriage came and picked us up form the inn afterwards.
<Pierre> So they're after the attackers, I hope?
<Skalla> So we have triggered some unwanted attention.
<Skalla> No, Pierre.
<Welumque> I would not assume so.
* Pierre frowns
<Skalla> Probably she wants to make sure were not... spies, or troublemakers of some kinds
<Skalla> Too bad, because we kind of are :p
<Svald> Oh.
* Pierre tries hard not to look guilty.
<Svald> Do you think they know about the... *gestures vaguely*
<Skalla> I'd like to send the rest of you back to Sisawinak
<Skalla> no.
<Kaarina> How concerned do we need to be?
<Svald> The thing that happened on the dock
<Welumque> Nothing mentioned about any of ... that.
<Chemames> The rest of who?
<Skalla> I want to keep Lucas and Svald, espcially, away form them, though
<Svald> What? Who is the rest of us?
<Welumque> Skalla and I were specifically invited, and will attend.
<Skalla> yes
<Skalla> The rest should go home.
<Skalla> Well, I know Hildie won't.
<Skalla> and probably shouldn't - she's my cousin
<Skalla> But I'd liek the rest to go home.
<Lucas> what if you get into trouble, though?
<Kaarina> I don't know what help I can offer, but I feel bad just leaving you here if we think it might be...dangerous or untoward or something.
<Skalla> We can handle it
<Welumque> It is true that there is surely some danger for anyone in attendance.
<Lucas> can't you just say Svald and I are still too unwell to go, and that way if something bad happens, at least maybe we can help you?
* Chemames nods.
<Welumque> I think we have to presume, at this point, that our movements are being observed.
<Skalla> yes
<Chemames> We would be in reserve.
<Skalla> which is unfortunate - I have another letter to deliver, and there were some thinsg I wanted to look into
<Svald> We can just stay out of the way...
<Skalla> I dn't think I can do either of those things safely now - ot for myself and whoever I might encounter
<Kaarina> Can they follow us all?
<Skalla> Probably not
<Kaarina> If you need to deliver something, I mean.
* Pierre nods
<Skalla> I think you and Pierre are probably? under the lest scrutiy. And Svald, though I would prefer to keep it that way.
<Kaarina> Well, we could help, then.
<Pierre> Yes, we would be best placed to complete a delivery for you, then.
<Skalla> thank you
<Skalla> I think it is probably not too dangerous.
* Skalla drops her voice to be even more quiet "But if you don't think you are being watched... the orcs we freed gave us a place, and a name, to find out more about the local resistance..."
* Kaarina raises her eyebrows.
<Kaarina> Sure...
<Skalla> Ask for Elzahia at Suq Layli, is what she said
* Kaarina nods, her expression serious.
<Pierre> (q) Do we know anything about this name and place? If we can use business as a cover...
<Kaarina> Maybe we can scout it beforehand?
<Kaarina> That's a thing people do, right?
* Skalla nods
<Pierre> Or ask potential friends...
* Pierre exchanges a look with Kaarina
* Kaarina nods.
<Chemames> So we *are
* staying, just in case?
* Skalla looks at Svald
* Chemames looks at Lucas, then Welumque.
<Skalla> What do you think?
<Skalla> It's you I'm most worried about. i don't want to put you in a difficult or dangerous position.
<Lucas> I think we should. If you're worried that it could be a problem, maybe we can pretend we left. Make them think we took another ship or something, so they don't come looking for us.
<Welumque> Lucas, you're easy enough to keep here. You are convalescing. We don't need to explain your absence any further than that.
<Welumque> The rest of you should assume you're being watched if you're ever out of this house. And perhaps even within it.
* Chemames frowns.
* Welumque looks around to see if we're being watched.
<Svald> I don't want to be... a liability.
* Lucas nods
<Svald> -_-
<Skalla> you're not a liability.
<Welumque> You would be an enormous assistance, Svald. But also ... the kind of assistance that draws great attention.
<Svald> THen I would rather stay.
<Chemames> Aren't you a [spellcaster]? That seems like a pretty big asset.
<Skalla> okay.
<Svald> Galdr... yes.
<Skalla> and you are also convalescing.
<Skalla> I hope you don't get too bored...
<Skalla> I hope *I
* on't get too bored, ugh
<Lucas> we'll be all right
<Skalla> We need to let the captain know, I think.
<Kaarina> We'll still need to arrange for our presses to be shipped back.
* Skalla nods
<Skalla> well then at least we still have legitimate business to take care of :p