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Thirteen 2 session logs
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Pierre quits his job to go into printing with Kaarina, and Charlotta offers to help them get their hands on presses. Then - everyone is off to Talat Kabira, with a little socializing of mixed results along the way. Chemames does a little courting with Lucas, and Hilde tries to make up with Svald. When the ship gets into port, they are accosted by inspectors, who go through their cargo and let them know about the raiding passes and restrictions in place. When they get on land, people disperse to various errands, including stealing a full list of people who have been recently arrested.


Session date: October 2
In Game date: following on the same day as last session, and 3 days onwards

Kaarina gives Pierre's resignation letter, and Charlotta offers to help them get the presses they will need

* Kaarina will head to Charlotta's office with Pierre and knock politely.
<Charlotta> Come in.
* Charlotta calls through the door.
* Pierre enters with Kaarina
<Pierre> Bonjour, Madame.
* Charlotta looks up from her writing and looks surprised at seeing Kaarina.
<Pierre> I hope we aren't interrupting?
<Charlotta> Rather late for a visit, Mamsel Jokela. Bonjour Pierre.
<Charlotta> Not at all, please, have a seat.
<Pierre> Thank you.
<Kaarina> Thank you, Mme. Stormsvallvag.
* Pierre pulls out a seat for Kaarina, and then sits himself
* Charlotta raises an eyebrow at Kaarina.
<Charlotta> Bit formal. Is this business, or am I about to lose an employee for personal reasons.
* Charlotta smiles to make sure you know she's not upset or anything.
* Pierre tries to suppress a blush
<Kaarina> Possibly a bit of both, actually, ma'am.
* Pierre fails to suppress a blush
<Pierre> Ah... I see that you anticipate what we wish to discuss with you, Madame.
<Kaarina> Pierre and I *were
* hoping to talk to you about his employment, yes.
<Charlotta> Well, I'd have to be blind not to have seen this coming.
<Charlotta> I'll be sorry to see you go, Pierre, but you've certainly got more to offer than serving coffee.
* Kaarina smiles.
<Kaarina> I like to think so.
<Pierre> Thank you, Madame. I will always be grateful to you for giving me my first chance here.
<Pierre> I don't want to leave you in the lurch... if you need to me stay for a while to help train a new person...
<Charlotta> I think we can muddle along, though I'm assuming you'll need some time to move your things?
<Kaarina> Thank you for being so understanding, but I was *also
* hoping to discuss some business with you as well?
* Charlotta gives Kaarina a curious look.
<Kaarina> Well, I've really enjoyed working for Mme. Sateri, but I've had some interest in operating my own press.
<Charlotta> I remember.
<Kaarina> Well, I've gotten some interest from a friend who wants to invest in just such an endeavor. We think there's a need for a...less conservative outlet in the colony.
* Charlotta nods appreciatively.
<Kaarina> I thought perhaps you might be interested in investing as well.
* Charlotta considers, then, after a moment, her eyes open wide in realization.
<Charlotta> Oh, you're wanting to take Pierre on as an *employee*!
<Pierre> Er... well... yes, Madame.
* Kaarina blushes.
<Pierre> Wait... what?
* Charlotta chuckles.
<Charlotta> I could see fit to invest, I think. My sister might not be entirely happy about it, but...
* Charlotta shrugs.
* Kaarina smiles.
<Kaarina> Oh, fantastic. My investor...
<Charlotta> You can say it's Hjalmar. I've know him since he was a baby, dear.
<Kaarina> ...right, well, he's arranged for us to get some presses, I just have to make the trip to go get them. It might be a bit of an adventure, but I think it's manageable.
<Charlotta> An adventure?
<Kaarina> They're in Talat Kabira.
* Charlotta nods slowly at that.
<Charlotta> Ah, that *is
* a bit of a problem, though I may have a way to help.
<Kaarina> Oh?
<Charlotta> My nieces are going there in the next few days. You could accompany them, if you like. They can take care of themselves, and they'll watch out for you.
<Kaarina> Oh, wow, Mme. Charlotta, that's...I don't know what to say.
* Charlotta smiles.
<Charlotta> You can say thank you, and I'll say congratulations.
* Charlotta sticks her hand out to shake Kaarina's hand, then offers hers to Pierre as well.
* Pierre takes it gratefully
<Pierre> Thank you, Madame.
* Charlotta smiles again.
<Charlotta> You're very welcome. Now leave an old woman to her work, you two.
<Kaarina> Of course. Thank you so much.
* Pierre smiles and kisses her hand before letting it go.
* Charlotta chuckles and rolls her eyes.
<Charlotta> Watch this one, Mamsel Jokela.
<Kaarina> Oh, I plan to.
* Kaarina smiles and will put her arm through Pierre's and head out.

All aboard the Jakthund!

<Narrator> You all can arrange passage on the *Jakthund*, a medium-sized trading vessel captained by a friend of Welumque's, Captain Matleena Karjalainen. Captain Karjalainen is a human woman in her 40s, not averse to risks, and has helped Welumque move some of her mem when they've been in trouble and needed to get off the island.
* Welumque will anxiously be going over everything onboard, not that she knows much about ships, really.
<Narrator> Luckily, it's only a three-day voyage to Talat Kabira, as the Jakthund makes for even closer quarters than your lengthy wilderness journey.
* Kaarina is now known as Matleena
<Narrator> You're going to drive the crew crazy, I swear.
* Narrator says cheerfully to Welumque.
<Narrator> (ack, ww)
<Matleena> You're going to drive the crew crazy, I swear.
* Matleena says cheerfully to Welumque.
* Welumque laughs nervously.
<Welumque> I'm fine.
<Matleena> You seem...less than fine.
<Matleena> We've got two days at least before we need to really worry, I think.
<Welumque> True. I do worry about what happens if the situation deteriorates further.
<Matleena> We're flying a Stordammer flag. They're not going to do anything too provocative.
<Matleena> When was the last time you were in Talat Kabira?
<Welumque> It's been a while. Couple years.
* Matleena nods.
<Matleena> Just a few weeks for me. We just came back from a run north before all the everything went down.
<Matleena> Folks were a bit on edge, but it was just the usual "new captain" jitters.
<Matleena> Now...
* Matleena looks out over the water.
<Matleena> Well, I guess we'll see.
<Welumque> Exactly.
<Welumque> I'll try to calm down, for your crew's sake.
* Matleena smiles.
<Matleena> I was mostly joking. Why don't we get you some tea or something, though, hmm?
<Welumque> Good idea.

Chemames takes Lucas up in the rigging

<Narrator> Lucas, Chemames is almost comically excited to get out of the city.
* Charlotta is now known as Chemames
* Chemames will be doing whatever he can to make himself useful.
* Lucas is a bit nervous about being on a ship, and mostly tries to keep out of the way
* Chemames comes to check on Lucas at some point.
<Chemames> (What would Lucas be up to?)
<Lucas> (probably staying on deck to see where we're going/what's happening, but maybe just keeping off to the side or whatever?)
<Lucas> (I'm small, I don't get in the way very much :)
* Chemames makes his way over after helping some of the sailors with their tasks.
<Chemames> You doing all right?
<Lucas> I guess so... it's just strange. I haven't really been on a ship like this before.
<Lucas> Just smaller boats.
<Chemames> Me neither.
* Chemames grins.
<Lucas> You seem like you're enjoying it, at least!
* Chemames shrugs.
<Chemames> I feel a little underfoot, but I'm trying to pull my weight.
<Chemames> You seem like you're just trying to stay out of the way.
<Lucas> Well... I don't know what to do and I don't want to make trouble for anyone.
<Lucas> if there's something I can help with, I'm willing to try.
<Chemames> I'm sure we can find something, if you want. You should see the view from up top.
* Chemames looks up into the rigging.
* Lucas looks up warily
<Lucas> Okay...
<Lucas> I'll try it. but if I fall and die, I hope you feel very bad for the rest of your life ;)
<Chemames> I promise.
* Chemames says solemnly, a moment before his face breaks out into a big grin again.
<Lucas> That's good then.
* Lucas smiles back
<Narrator> (Just for funsies, roll me Athletics or Physique, your choice)
<Lucas> (ah aahahaha haha)
<Lucas> (I guess Athletics is better so I'll try that)
<Lucas> !roll 4d3-6
* Lan-werk rolls for Lucas: [ 4d3-6 ] getting [ 1 1 3 1 ] for a total of [ 6 ] which, after the modifier [ -6 ] totals [ 0 ].
<Narrator> You definitely don't have the easiest time of it, but Chemames can help you up into the tops, and it does feel pretty worth it. The Jakthund is making her way along the coast, and you're getting a very pretty view as it glides by. It occurs to you this must be a bit like what Svald sees when she takes wing in bird form.
<Chemames> Eh?
* Chemames smiles over at you.
<Lucas> It's pretty...
<Lucas> Terrifying, but pretty.
<Narrator> (they*)
* Chemames laughs.
<Chemames> Sounds like a few girls I've courted.
* Lucas smiles at that
<Lucas> And how did that work out for you?
<Chemames> You may recall I'm not currently courting any girls...
<Lucas> I do recall that...
<Chemames> So I feel like that answers the question.
* Lucas nods
<Chemames> What about you?
<Lucas> me? girls?
* Lucas looks momentarily a bit puzzled at the idea
<Lucas> I've never courted anyone.
* Lucas says at last.
<Chemames> Never?
* Chemames gives Lucas an appraising look.
<Chemames> Been courted?
<Lucas> Not that I noticed...
<Lucas> I think I missed out on a lot of the usual, uh, youthful activities like that.
<Chemames> Well, you're still "youthful".
<Lucas> and now it's sort of too late to start and I don't know how :p
* Chemames places a reassuring hand on Lucas's.
<Chemames> Where would you like to start?
<Lucas> Oh, um....
<Lucas> what do you recommend?
<Chemames> Well, I think you're doing some of it right now. Let yourself have some fun, take a little risk.
* Lucas nods
<Lucas> I'm not very good at risks. I mean... what if it doesn't work :p
<Chemames> I'm not sure you're getting what risk is. ;)
<Lucas> I'm not sure you're getting what could go wrong >.>
<Chemames> Like what?
<Lucas> like... you must be able to tell, that I was involved in the war. Not on the winning side. And some people are not very... likely to forgive that.
* Lucas says quietly
<Lucas> Usually when people find out who - what - I really am, they don't like me anymore.
* Chemames is quiet for a moment, but doesn't take his hand away.
<Lucas> at worst, I could be killed, or forced to leave the city...
<Chemames> Okay, well, yeah, I guess when you put it that way...
<Chemames> Look, "what" is complicated, I get that. But who...I feel like anybody who takes the time to find out *who
* you are, well, they'd have a hard time not liking you.
* Lucas smiles a little at that
<Lucas> if you think so...
* Narrator smiles back, and will just sit and take in the view with Lucas.
* Lucas is happy to do that

Hildie tried to make up with Svald

* Hildie will approach Svald when they are on deck.
* Hildie clears her throat a bit awkwardly.
<Hildie> Ummm... hi.
* Svald eyes you somewhat warily.
<Svald> Hello.
* Svald sort of tucks their face into their scarf
* Hildie pauses for a second and then nods.
<Hildie> How... how are you doing?
<Svald> Fine, thank you.
<Hildie> Look... I know this probably doesn't mean much... but I'm sorry.
<Hildie> I messed up. I made the wrong decision and... you paid the price for it.
* Svald hesitates.
<Svald> It's fine.
<Hildie> And... I misjudged you.
<Hildie> I'm sorry.
<Svald> Well... thanks?
* Svald says uncertainly
<Hildie> Oh, uhm... ok.
<Hildie> This is... a little awkward, huh?
<Hildie> I'm sorry, I should just leave you alone.
<Svald> Alright... Have a nice day
* Hildie cocks her head slightly at that.
<Hildie> Ok, um... you too.
* Hildie will walk away, but glance back confusedly over her shoulder a few times.

Arriving at Talat Kabira, the ship is boarded for inspection

<Narrator> It's three days of mostly easy sailing east, then north, to Talat Kabira. On the morning of the third day, as you're rounding the cape and heading towards the harbor, you spot a trio of Ilhatani ships making their way to intercept you.
* Matleena stands near the helmswoman, frowning.
<Narrator> One of the ships breaks away to come alongside the Jakthund.
<Welumque> Ah ... is this something we need to worry about, Matleena?
<Matleena> I'm hoping not.
* Chemames is now known as Ilhatani_Captain
<Ilhatani_Captain> Ahoy there. Stand ready to for inspection.
* Ilhatani_Captain calls over.
* Elanya will come up on deck
<Lucas> (nick)
<Matleena> Inspection? This is a Stordammer ship. Since when do we need to be inspected?
* Elanya is now known as Skalla
* Skalla will come up on deck
<Ilhatani_Captain> Order of her excellency Emira Shahira Al-Amwad.
* Welumque stands by alertly, in case Matleena needs any input, but otherwise staying aside.
* Matleena frowns, but orders her crew to lay a plank across.
* Matleena nods to Skalla when she sees her.
* Ilhatani_Captain makes her way over with a contingent of, you notice, grey-skinned orc soldiers.
* Hildie will stand up near the helm and just keep an eye on what's happening.
* Skalla nods back
<Ilhatani_Captain> What is the purpose of your visit to Talat Kabira?
<Matleena> Trade.
<Ilhatani_Captain> What sort of trade?
<Matleena> [Whatever Welumque and Skalla gathered to trade.]
<Ilhatani_Captain> And you're coming from?
<Matleena> Fastning Irena.
* Ilhatani_Captain frowns.
<Ilhatani_Captain> Sisawinak.
<Matleena> Is that a problem?
<Ilhatani_Captain> We shall see.
* Ilhatani_Captain will head with her troops to inspect the Jakthund's cargo, with Captain Matleena accopanying to keep an eye on things.
* Welumque will follow the inspectors closely, not letting them mess with anything / plant evidence
<Narrator> (Roll Notice for me)
<Welumque> !roll 4d3-7
* Lan-werk rolls for Welumque: [ 4d3-7 ] getting [ 2 2 2 1 ] for a total of [ 7 ] which, after the modifier [ -7 ] totals [ 0 ].
<Welumque> (enh)
<Narrator> They're being very thorough, and none too delicate with your cargo.
<Welumque> Hey now, careful with that! I have to sell it!
* Skalla will keep an ee n her trade goods to discouraged manhandling
<Matleena> This hardly seems necessary, captain.
* Ilhatani_Captain looks over at Welumque's interjection, then at Matleena. After a beat, she tells her troops to be a careful in Ilhatani. The troops are marginally less rough with the good.
<Ilhatani_Captain> Seems in order.
* Ilhatani_Captain turns to an attendant, who hands her several pieces of paper.
<Ilhatani_Captain> You have three days to sell and offload your cargo, captain. Anyone engaging in trade in Talat Kabira will need one of these.
* Ilhatani_Captain she hands over the papers to Matleena, who gives them a moment's consideration before looking up.
<Skalla> Wjat is it?
<Ilhatani_Captain> Then we're done here?
<Ilhatani_Captain> (ww)
<Matleena> Then we're done here?
<Narrator> (That might not have been a question on Matleena's part.)
* Ilhatani_Captain nods and will take her leave, with her troops.
* Matleena hands Welumque and Skalla each one of the papers.
* Skalla will look it over
<Narrator> They're signed "licenses" for merchant activity in Talat Kabira, dated from today.
<Matleena> This is ridiculous.
<Skalla> very - that's hardy time to unload and load
<Skalla> let alone find a buys
<Skalla> (buyer)
<Matleena> Which means we'll get gouged.
<Skalla> mmhmm. ugh
<Welumque> Now, captain, I'm sure that there are some people receiving licenses for longer periods than three days. So someone has some discretion here, and presumably that would be you?
* Matleena sighs.
<Matleena> I'll have to ask around once we get into port.
<Matleena> But, just to be sure, I'd be quick about whatever business you have in town.
<Welumque> I guess - if there's no way around it.
<Welumque> I can do what I need to do in three days.
<Welumque> It won't be easy, but it can be done.

Into port

<Narrator> The Jakthund makes it's way into the port of Talat Kabira which, while busy, seems much more subdued at current than you remember. There are fewer merchant ships and more Ilhatani naval vessels, and uniformed troops stationed at the docks.
* Skalla nods
<Narrator> What the plan when y'all arrive?
<Skalla> its like they don't want anything coming in - empty marketplaces and nothing for their citizens to buy :p
<Pierre> (We were supposed to pick up some presses?)
<Skalla> (after any port paperwork is done, check the family contacts, then Thekla's letter, and then Djamila's contacts are my priorities)
<Skalla> (family contacts will hopfully help with finding buyers as well as anything else. HOpefully :p)
<Lucas> (just do what I'm told and can help with)
* Welumque will spend most of her time talking to traders about their lives / situations, but will be happy to offload the goods for any semi-reasonable price.
<Svald> (same as Lucas)
<Welumque> (Lucas, do you speak Ilhatani?)
<Lucas> (great question, I have no idea. probably not?)
<Narrator> As you all make your way along the pier, you see a notice board with it's usual complement of posts, but there are two obviously new, sizable papers tacked over other notices.
<Narrator> (Up to you. Most of y'all likely have a couple phrases in it, just living on Sisawinak, but there's no reason for most of you to be fluent.)
* Skalla will ask her contacts about them when she has a chance
<To Skalla> Do you want me with you? I may beable to find out something if I can find the local where the Black Guard hang out off duty.
* Welumque will ask Lucas to keep his eyes and ears open, then, but otherwise just to stay close.
* Welumque checks out the new notices.
<Skalla> I think that's worth a shot, Hildie.
<Skalla> I should be fine
<Skalla> I'll try and stay out of trouble if you will ;)
<Hildie> Ok. I'll see what I can find and meet you back at the boat, then.
<Narrator> One of them is a series of new ordinances, including the merchant licenses you currently have, and a sundown curfew. The other is a list of names. Reading the top of it, it is apparently a list of those executed recently for "inciting rebellion and willfil dereliction of duty in a time of crisis." The list is roughly 200 names long.
* Lucas will do as Welumque asks
<Welumque> (how hard would it be to pinch / to have Lucas pinch a copy of the list? are there like, multiple notices posted?)
<Narrator> (Let's say yes, there are. It would be a Stealth roll to grab one without being noticed.)
<Welumque> (Lucas? is that a thing you can do for us to help an old lady with 1 stealth?)
<Lucas> (I have a 2, so I guess I can try!)
<Lucas> (can I apply my Keeps a low profile aspect?)
<Narrator> Yeah, that wuld make sense
<Lucas> !roll 4d3-6
* Lan-werk rolls for Lucas: [ 4d3-6 ] getting [ 2 3 2 2 ] for a total of [ 9 ] which, after the modifier [ -6 ] totals [ 3 ].
<Lucas> (with a +2 for the aspect I guess that's pretty good!)
<Narrator> The guards on the pier are keeping sharp eyes out, but luckily Lucas proves literally beneath their notice and slips the list into hiding before anyone clocks what he's doing.
* Lucas will turn it over to Welumque when we are out of sight
* Welumque will check it out discreetly when we are away - any names I know, or otherwise notable?