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The exhausted party arrives in Hàkialàhkàt and are welcomed They decide to stay for a full week to allow Svald a more chance to recover, though it means a greater risk of bad weather. They make it back to Sisawinak with no further incidents, only to find the ferry guarded. They learn there has been an uprising at (fort). Back in town, Skalla and Hildie arrive at the Stormsvallvåg manor to find the family heads debating what position they should take the the next day's Thing. Welumque meets with her second in command to discuss everything that's happening, and Lucas checks in with Chemames.


Session date: 2022-06-05
In Game date: The day after next session and two weeks on from that

The exhausted party arrives in Hàkialàhkàt, and are welcomed and aided

<Narrator> Presumably, you'll begin wearily making your way towards Hàkialàhkàt?
<Skalla> (yes)
<Welumque> (yes, taking the pace only as quickly as our slower / more injured members can handle it)
<Narrator> Before midday, you'll be met by some of the Koowäho’ke, who Gillis told you were coming. What did y'all do with Maja Verasdottir?
<Lucas> (I would assume keeping her under watch?)
<Skalla> (Yeah)
<Narrator> (In one of the wagons?)
<Skalla> (that makes sense, if the horses can manage it
<Lucas> (that seems reasonable, yeah)
<Skalla> (without freaking out, I mean)
<Narrator> (They don't seem to have a problem with her when she's a dwarf.)
* Svald stays pretty quiet.
* Tiyas (webchat@ has joined #thirteen
<Narrator> In any event, it's only early afternoon when you get to Hàkialàhkàt, secluded in a defensible mountain valley.
<Narrator> A gathering of Koowäho’ke are there to greet and assist you.
<Narrator> Welumque, you spot an old friend of yours, Tiyas, a trader like you who's settled down in her older years.
* Welumque will make sure everyone does all the proper greetings and doesn't make asses of themselves
* Skalla will see if there is anyone eho can help scvald, and maybe someonr they can talk to about Maja...

Welumque catches up with Tiyas, a local contact

<Welumque> Tiyas! Well met.
<Tiyas> Welumque! Thank the gods you're all right.
<Welumque> Oh yes, these old bones still take me around. We've had our share of strangeness out here, though, that's for truth.
<Tiyas> Your companions said you ran into some sort of terrible trouble on the way here.
<Tiyas> An owlbear dragged off one of your people?
<Welumque> Well, yes. A little more complicated, though, really.
* Welumque will quickly fill Tiyas in on what's been going on, and especially with Maja.
<Narrator> Skalla, someone can definitely come to help Svald, and they'll be happily surprised you found Maja, though more concerned once it's been explained what's going on.
* Tiyas listens intently and frowns.
<Tiyas> The poor woman.
<Tiyas> We'll do what we can.
<Welumque> She's despondent. But also, very dangerous.
<Tiyas> Please, you all look exhausted. Let us get you all something to eat and drink, and a place to rest.
* Hildie looks like she is ready to fall asleep on her feet
<Welumque> Yes ... we'll talk later, as needs be.
* Lucas will make sure Svald is looked after before resting
* Tiyas nods and directs people to help you.
* Skalla will see to any more necessry civilities and that her peple are all tken care of before worryign about herself
<Narrator> You're all able to get some sleep.
<Narrator> Welumque, Tiyas will come to talk to you alone sometime...probably very early the next morning after you've gotten enough rest.
<Welumque> Tiyas, thank you for your kind hospitality.
<Tiyas> You're always welcome here. How are you feeling?
<Welumque> Well enough. Hadn't really thought I'd be out here with all these young ones. But here I am.
<Welumque> How are things here in Hàkialàhkàt?
<Tiyas> You've always kept strange company.
* Tiyas smiles.
* Welumque laughs
<Tiyas> Well enough. We're at the far edge of the Lèxkweyokhoking, so we mostly stay out of the problems in the south.
<Tiyas> Or, we did. Your companion Gillis seems to hope we'll do elsewise.
<Welumque> I think Gillis sees a lot of what is coming.
<Tiyas> So you think she's right?
<Welumque> About what part?
<Tiyas> Another war coming.
<Welumque> I don't think war is inevitable, no. But I think it is likely.
* Tiyas nods.
<Tiyas> Are you planning to stay on Sisawinak if it does?
* Welumque sighs.
<Welumque> I don't know.
<Welumque> I'm not sure what else I would do.
<Tiyas> It's likely to involve our people one way or another.
* Welumque nods.
<Welumque> I think that's the way Gillis sees it.
<Tiyas> The southern clans are fairly intertwined with Vinmark and Mariannas.
<Tiyas> We're less so, but we're not *not*, either.
<Welumque> Most of the Lèxkweyok know what it is to be intertwined with human matters.
* Tiyas nods.
<Tiyas> Gillis said your group went to the Karagwasischijro before coming here?
<Welumque> We did.
<Tiyas> How did things seem there?
<Tiyas> She said they were preparing for the conflict as well.
<Welumque> Yes. There are weapons from the last war, still cached away, and many who want them.
<Welumque> But it's not the cannon and such that bother me, as much as it is the other things left behind from the last time.
<Tiyas> There's a lot of things left over from the last war.
* Tiyas nods.
<Tiyas> I'm sympathetic to the colonials' problem; I wouldn't want some far off figurehead trying to rule me, either. We're not the Nekutyohacan.
* Tiyas sighs.
<Tiyas> I just worry, Vinmark and the others are preoccupied along the coast, that the Atenrosera will see us as vulnerable.
* Welumque nods.
<Welumque> That is so. They surely are paying attention to what is going on.
<Tiyas> Or the Monitokeh again, or the Karagwasischijro, or...
* Tiyas trails off and shakes her head.
<Tiyas> They did help us, though, so we are in their debt.
<Welumque> Well, who do you mean by "they"?
<Tiyas> Vinmark.
<Welumque> But even among Vinmark, there are factions and different interests. Ones that I don't fully understand myself.
<Tiyas> I mean, most of us east of the mountains managed to work together against the Monitokeh, but that seems to have dissolved in a depressingly short amount of time.
* Tiyas nods.
<Tiyas> What do you think of Gillis and her people, her faction?
<Welumque> I wouldn't be here if I thought badly of them. I truly wouldn't.
<Welumque> But I do worry that they don't understand all the consequences of their actions.
<Tiyas> How so?
<Welumque> I think that Gillis truly thinks there is a path forward where we all benefit. Us and the colonials. And I trust that she would work for such an end.
<Welumque> But her goodwill and desire may be undermined by others.
<Tiyas> You think she's being naive?
<Welumque> No, not exactly. Just that her desire for independence from her homeland may lead her to make mistakes. And that the costs of those mistakes will not only be borne by Vinmark.
* Tiyas nods.
<Tiyas> At the very least, anything Vinmark does will inevitably affect our people, and their neighbors in Mariannas and Khalijan.
<Welumque> Yes, exactly.
<Tiyas> Dangers on all sides, it would seem.
<Tiyas> Well, we are Lèxkweyok; we endure.
<Welumque> Always, my friend.
<Tiyas> For now, let us speak of better things. How is your family?
* Tiyas will happily trade family gossip and such with you for a while.
* Welumque will gladly change the subject.

Skalla puts her cousin to bed

<Skalla> Come on Hildie, you don't need to sleep leaning on the wagon
<Hildie> Mmm?
<Hildie> Sorry...
<Hildie> I'm ok.
* Skalla slips an arm under her cousin and will steer her towards the lodge
<Hildie> Seriously, I'm fine...
<Skalla> Girl.
* Hildie will allow herself to be led despite protestations
<Skalla> just come.
<Hildie> I should go check on Svald.
<Skalla> Lucas can tae care of Svald, and the Koowäho’ke healers. They don't need help.
<Skalla> YOu can talk to her once you're bothbetter rested.
* Hildie sighs.
<Hildie> Yeah... maybe that's for the best.
<Skalla> You know it is. Its just the exhaustion telling you otherwise.
<Skalla> you need a chance to get your head clear
<Skalla> likely so does she, after ...whatever they did last night.
<Hildie> I... didn't mean for her to get hurt.
<Skalla> No one thinks you did.
<Skalla> No one meant for that to hapen - not even Maja, and she's the one who did it.
<Hildie> I shouldn't have told her to get him. He was already gone. I just didn't want to leave him behind and now...
<Hildie> Fuck.
<Hildie> Some commander I turned out to be.
* Skalla sighs
<Skalla> Look. We all did what we though was best there. We didn't know what we were up against.
<Skalla> Svald didn't have to listen to you.
<Hildie> She did though. She didn't have to. But she did.
* Skalla shakes her head
<Skalla> What does second guessing get you?
<Skalla> when you're this tired? Nothing
<Hildie> No... that's not what I meant.
* Hildie shakes her head.
<Hildie> I mean... I didn't expect that of her. She did it without a second thought.
<Hildie> Maybe I was wrong about her.
<Skalla> >.>
<Hildie> I really am exhausted...
<Skalla> yes.
<Skalla> rest, then you can figure out what to say, okay?
<Skalla> this isn't over yet anyway
<Hildie> Yeah... wake me if anything changes.
<Hildie> And... thanks.
* Skalla pats her shoulder and make she she gets settled down
* Hildie will be out as soon as she's lying down.

Lucas checks up on Svald and talks to Alankw, a Koowäho’ke healer about their condition

<Narrator> (Lucas, you said you were going to make sure Svald was set before resting, right?)
<Lucas> (Yeah)
<Narrator> One of the Koowäho’ke healers will be getting them settled.
<Alankw> You're the one who's been looking after them?
<Lucas> That's right.
<Alankw> You've done a good job with a truly terrible injury. They are lucky to have had you along.
<Lucas> I hope so.
<Alankw> What can you tell me about Maja's...problem?
<Lucas> Well... she has managed to control it for many years with a talisman of some sort.
* Alankw nods.
<Lucas> But when it broke, she tried to go someplace where she wouldn't hurt anyone, but obviously that wasn't a success.
<Alankw> My condolences for the loss of your companion.
<Lucas> Thank you.
<Lucas> I promised her that we would either figure out a way to help her control it again, or give her a clean death. She was distraught at hurting people.
<Alankw> I know her a little; that sounds like Maja.
<Alankw> At the very least, we should be able to contain her.
<Alankw> And I believe, with time, we can find some way to help her resist or control her affliction.
<Lucas> She experiences the change every night, which is difficult.
<Lucas> I was able to keep her contained with certain binding wards...
* Lucas will describe those a bit more
* Alankw listens carefully.
<Alankw> You seem quite skilled in dealing with spirits.
<Lucas> I do what I can. But there are always unexpected issues when dealing with them.
* Alankw nods.
<Alankw> Is that how you...?
* Alankw gestures towards Lucas's eyes.
<Lucas> In that case... I made an agreement, to which I didn't fully understand the consequences.
* Lucas says a bit evasively
* Alankw makes a sympathetic face.
<Alankw> Sorry, I don't mean to pry.
<Alankw> We will take good care of your friend.
<Lucas> It's all right. I appreciate your efforts.

Heading home

<Narrator> You can all spend a few days resting in Hàkialàhkàt. Gillis will spend much of that time speaking with Tiyas and the other leaders. How long did y'all want to spend there before heading back to Sisawinak?
<Lucas> (well, I'd advocate for taking enough time for Svald to recover at least somewhat?)
<Skalla> (This is Gilis's bag, but its a balance between looking after Svald and keeping an eye on the weather, as much as we're able tpredict what it will be for the next few weeks to get home...)
<Skalla> (Skalla will also make some token efforts to advance her own family interest if she cando so without undermining Gillis)
<Narrator> (Okay. Lucas and Skalla, roll me Lore)
<Lucas> (does it relate to healing?)
<Narrator> (Yes)
<Lucas> !roll 4d3-2
* Lan-werk rolls for Lucas: [ 4d3-2 ] getting [ 3 3 2 1 ] for a total of [ 9 ] which, after the modifier [ -2 ] totals [ 7 ].
<Skalla> *(is this wilderness/survial related?)
<Skalla> (for me)
<Skalla> !roll 4d3-1
* Lan-werk rolls for Skalla: [ 4d3-1 ] getting [ 1 3 1 3 ] for a total of [ 8 ] which, after the modifier [ -1 ] totals [ 7 ].
<Narrator> (It is, Heather. Does that mak this roll higher?)
<Skalla> (err wrong math :p that shoudl be -7, so 1 , but a three if it is wilderness/survival)
<Skalla> (3 then)
<Narrator> (kk)
<Narrator> Lucas, you're pretty sure Svald can manage the trip okay after about a week. Skalla, you think that might be pushing it to get back before the first heavy snow, but it's doable.
<Skalla> (okay - wost coms to worst I can send other folkd on at about day 5 and keep a smaller group to go back with Svald)
<Skalla> (oor, unless it will cause Narrative Problems, we can call that the plan :p)
<Skalla> (I can keep the PCs and send Gillis and the rest of our crew on day 5 or so to give them a little extra time, making sure we know each other's planned routes)
<Narrator> (In fairness, at this point you can split up with Gillis, but I think she's fine to leave then. It's about a week and a half back to Sisawinak, maybe two if you're going slower for Svald.)
<Skalla> (Okay, if she's okay to wait know the weather may get dodgy, that's fine. I thought it might be good to give the bigger group a bit more time and also if we do get stuck it will be easuer to deal wth a smaller prty in term of setting up shelter, etc)

At the ferry landing

<Narrator> Y'all will get some snow on the way back, but nothing unmanageable. After a few days, you're back in a bit more settled territory, first Lèxkweyok, then mixed, then Vinmarker. The last bit, you're able to stay in inns and taverns, or the houses of family friends, as you prefer. Eventually, you find yourself at the site of the west ferry, looking across the water to Sisawinak.
* Skalla sighs heavily as we stop and wait fr the ferry
<Narrator> Unusual for the ferry, you spot what looks to be a squad of her majesty's soldiers standing guard.
<Hildie> Huh...
* Welumque goes to see what is going on.
* Skalla squares her shoulders then, and prepares to deal with whatever nonsenwse they have to toss her way
<Skalla> (standing guard on the boat?)
<Skalla> (or at te landing?)
<Narrator> (On the landing)
<Narrator> (Roll me Contacts, anyone who wants to)
<Hildie> !roll 4d3-7
* Lan-werk rolls for Hildie: [ 4d3-7 ] getting [ 1 3 1 3 ] for a total of [ 8 ] which, after the modifier [ -7 ] totals [ 1 ].
<Welumque> !roll 4d3-4
* Lan-werk rolls for Welumque: [ 4d3-4 ] getting [ 2 3 2 2 ] for a total of [ 9 ] which, after the modifier [ -4 ] totals [ 5 ].
<Skalla> (is this a place where I can use resources in place of contacts?)
<Narrator> (Yes)
<Skalla> !roll 4d3-4
* Lan-werk rolls for Skalla: [ 4d3-4 ] getting [ 1 2 2 1 ] for a total of [ 6 ] which, after the modifier [ -4 ] totals [ 2 ].
<Narrator> Skalla and Welumque, you both recognize Captain Siv Klarasdottir Gudinnashand. Skalla, you know her a little from the old family social scene; Welumque, she's dealt with you before securing supplies for the fort and such.
* Tiyas is now known as Siv
* Welumque will approach her
<Welumque> Captain, good to see you.
* Skalla will go with Welumque
<Skalla> yes, though surprised
<Siv> Mamsel Welumque, good to see you, too.
* Siv nods to Skalla.
<Siv> Skall Beritsdottir, I'd heard you were afield.
* Skalla nods
<Siv> Bit late in the season for trade, isn't it?
<Skalla> Yes - just returnng, glad to make it before the weather gets worse. What's the news?
* Siv frowns.
<Siv> Trouble at Alhusan Al'aswad.
<Siv> (The Khalijani fort on Sisawinak)
<Skalla> what kind of trouble?
* Welumque frowns
<Skalla> anything we shoudl be concerned much about?
<Siv> The new emira arrived a few weeks ago and instituted some heavy restrictions on the Guard. There was some pushback, they attempted a crackdown...the long and short of it is we're out here to watch for Khalijani movement on this side of the island.
<Siv> It's pretty bad.
<Welumque> Hmmm.
<Welumque> Has there been any movement out here, so far?
<Siv> Not that I've seen. It's unlikely I'll see any this direction anyway, it's just a precaution. I don't have any actual orders to *stop
* said movement, mind, as Khalijan are still out allies, but...not sure which ones, at the moment.
<Siv> I take it you haven't seen anything unusual?
<Welumque> Nothing to suggest Khalijani activity, no.
* Skalla nods in agreement
<Siv> Well, that's better news to me than the alternative.
<Siv> Looks like the ferry shouldn't be too long. I'd imagine you'll both have things to discuss with your families. The Thing is having an emergency session tomorrow evening.
* Skalla nods
<Skalla> much to discuss inded...
* Siv nods and will return to her soldiers.
* Welumque returns to the group to await the ferry, filling them in on Siv's news.
<Hildie> Huh... I guess everyone is feeling edgy lately.
* Skalla just looks tired
<Skalla> looks that way
<Narrator> As Siv said, it's not too long before the ferry arrives. You wait for it to unload, then make your way across. From there, it's less than an hour for any of you to get back to your respective homes.

Skalla and Hildie arrive home just in time to be part of fun family politicking

<Narrator> Skalla and Hildie, the Stormsvallvåg estate looks much as you left it, though the guards look a bit more alert than usual.
* Hildie will salute the guards as we arrive.
<Hildie> Any news?
* Siv is now known as Soldier
* Skalla will wait and see how they answer
* Soldier returns the salute.
<Soldier> Plenty, ma'am, but I think they'd prefer to tell you at the house. Most of the family's gathered.
<Skalla> ...oh.
<Skalla> thank you.
* Skalla looks at her cousin and will head inside
* Hildie gives a look to Skalla
<Hildie> Thanks.
* Hildie will follow her.
<Narrator> You can hear raised voices as soon as you enter, coming from the parlour.
* Soldier is now known as Berit
<Hildie> Welcome home...
* Skalla squares her shoulders and will head in
* Lovisa (webchat@ has joined #thirteen
<Lovisa>'s none of our concern, *Ulla*! This is an internal matter of the orcs!
<Skalla> what's none of our concern?
<Narrator> You recognize one of your more conservative aunts, Lovisa, near shouting.
<Narrator> The room is full of the women (and a few men) of your extended family, and they turn as one to you.
<Berit> Oh, thank the gods...
* Skalla probably looks especially wild, havign just got in from weeks on the road with all kinds of horrific nonsense
<Lovisa> I was just saying...
<Berit> We all heard what you were just saying, dear sister. For now, excuse me while I speak to my daughter.
* Berit extricates herself to head over to the two of you.
<Berit> You look a fright, my dears, but nothing for it. You're both well?
* Hildie nods.
<Skalla> We are.... We lost one of the guard, and Svald was quite injured.
* Skalla says quietly
<Berit> What happened?
<Skalla> nothing to related to any of this, I'm quite sure. I'll tell you later.
<Hildie> Spirits. Monsters. The usual.
* Berit gives Hildie a look, but lets it go.
<Berit> Well, we have more pressing mundane matters to deal with at the moment. You'd best go make yourselves presentable.
<Berit> I'll send servants up to help.
* Skalla glances beyond her ino the tene room
<Skalla> (tense)
<Berit> Hildegaard, be a dear and wear your uniform, if you please.
<Hildie> Yes, ma'am.
* Berit says in a manner that conveys this was not a request.
* Hildie will glance at Skalla and head upstairs to wash and change.
<Skalla> yes mother...
<Berit> (to Skalla, at her glance) Later, once you're looking more civilized.
<Skalla> just promise to save any more yelling until I get back.
* Berit manages not to smile too much at that and nods, making a shooing motion with her hands.
* Skalla will follow after her cousin and let the servants try and do they best to rush through making her 'presentable'
<Narrator> It'll still take a little bit to make you both 'presentable', but you can return downstairs within the hour.
* Skalla had been looking forward to a proper soack, oh well...
<Skalla> (soak)
* Hildie will head down in her full dress uniform.
<Skalla> So - wha's happened?
<Skalla> We heard there was trouble at Alhusan Al'aswad
<Lovisa> The damn Phoebeans are bloody revolting is what's happened.
<Hildie> I mean I wouldn't go that far.
<Hildie> Some of them are very nice.
<Berit> That's going a bit far, Lovisa. The Black Guard on Sisawinak has mutinied. It's not the same thing.
* Skalla nods
<Berit> Possibly on the mainland, as well. The news is conflicting.
<Skalla> What are we arguing about then?
<Lovisa> Your mother thinks we should help them!
* Charlotta (webchat@ has joined #thirteen
* Skalla looks to her mother
<Charlotta> Be fair, Lov. *I
* think we should help them. Berit thinks we should wait and see what happens.
<Lovisa> Mad, the both of you!
<Skalla> why?
* Skalla looks to her aunt
<Skalla> did they come to us or are you suggesting somethign more proactive?
<Hildie> And what do you mean by "Help"?
<Charlotta> It wasn't the new emira who helped us in the last war. It wasn't even really Ilhatan. It was the Black Guard.
<Berit> Charlotta wants us to help supply them, and resist any mainland attempt to reclaim the fort.
<Narrator> Right now, I would advise caution. We don't know enough about the situation.
* Skalla nods
<Skalla> Have they come to us?
<Narrator> (Ack, that was supposed to be Berit)
<Skalla> (I figured)
* Skalla asks again
<Berit> Not officially. That comes tomorrow, at the Thing.
<Lovisa> Anything other than immediate action against the Black Guard will be seen as support and sedition by the queen.
<Skalla> I meant to *us*, but I see. I thought e were talking at the house level.
<Lovisa> And, what's more, she'll be right!
* Berit and Charlotta share a significant glance.
* Berit looks at Skalla and gives a slight nod.
<Hildie> Do they really think they can hold against all of the Ilhatan forces?
<Skalla> do they have to?
<Charlotta> In the colonies, they *are
* the Ilhatan forces.
<Berit> Only if it is a general mutiny.
<Hildie> For now. But sure;y they will send more to put this down.
<Narrator> (Roll me Lore, Hildie and Skalla)
<Hildie> (Military related?)
<Narrator> (Yep)
* Skalla rolls [ 4d3-7 ] getting [ 2 2 2 1 ] for a total of [ 7 ] which, after the modifier [ -7 ] totals [ 0 ]
<Hildie> !roll 4d3-6
* Lan-werk rolls for Hildie: [ 4d3-6 ] getting [ 3 3 1 1 ] for a total of [ 8 ] which, after the modifier [ -6 ] totals [ 2 ].
<Narrator> (Hildie, you know a little about Ilhatan's military situation, as they're an ally, and you're aware they might not have too much to spare to put down a rebellion in their colony. There are internal conflicts in the home country that are likely to utilize most of their forces.)
<Hildie> Hmmm...
<Hildie> Although... if Ilhatan is still busy with its own internal issues they may not have many forces to spare.
* Charlotta nods.
<Hildie> It's conceivable they could hold out, but to what end?
<Lovisa> All the more reason to come to the aid of an ally.
<Hildie> Are they just trying to force reforms?
<Skalla> same as things here, I expect
<Berit> They haven't made a public declaration of intent just yet. They're still securing their section of the island, though it doesn't sound like it's been as violent as we'd feared.
<Skalla> outsiders coming in who don't knwo how anythign works trying to mess with a system they don't understand, so they can profit at our expense
<Lovisa> As violent as we...they *imprisoned
* their officers!
<Charlotta> Better than shooting or hanging them, Lov.
* Lovisa huffs.
* Skalla nods to her aunt
<Hildie> (About how large is the Black Guard, Josh?)
<Narrator> (On Sisawinak, about 1000. Grand total in the colony, about 4500, including that thousand)
<Skalla> I think we can fairly say that we don't have the resources to get ivolved either way, officially, at thie point. So I agree with mother, at least in terms of what we can say tomorrow....
* Charlotta gives Skalla a somewhat disappointed look.
* Berit nods and gives Skalla a small smile.
<Skalla> if Stormsvallvåg allies have come to us for help though - that's another matter.
<Berit> It would be, but let's leave that discussion for if and when it is necessary. Perhaps we should go through to dinner, hmm?
<Skalla> I could use a civilized meal
* Skalla says, with a glance at her aunt
* Hildie looks a bit hesitant but nods.
<Skalla> anything tha's better than trail food
<Hildie> (Before dinner, Hildie will try to take Skalla aside for a second.)
<Hildie> Skalla... you can't really mean to go against the queen if it comes to that, can you?
* Skalla looks at her liek she has two heads
<Skalla> I'll do what right for my people here Hildie.
<Hildie> They'll hang us all as traitors.
<Skalla> there's too many of us - and whose going to do the hanging?
* Hildie doesn't answer that.
<Hildie> I hope you know what you're doing.
<Hildie> But I trust you.
* Skalla smiles grimly
<Skalla> don't we all

Welumque is welcomed back home by Wangowa

<Narrator> Welumque, your home is busy as ever, and your family is happy to see you return.
<Narrator> (It just occurred to me: have we named any of your other family members besides husband and eldest child?)
<Welumque> yes
<Welumque> (my dead son: Pallinaque; my two daughters: Tipatit and Woatanne; my deadbeat husband: Nulumbeso)
<Welumque> (but none of them actually live here on Sisawinak)
<Narrator> (Your dead(beat) husband? ;) )
<Welumque> (well right, whatever is up with him)
<Narrator> (Yeah, we don't actually know. Anyway...)
* Welumque makes sure things are in good order and that the mems have taken good care of things in my absence.
<Narrator> (Who would you say is your second-in-command on Sisawinak?)
<Welumque> (we never really worked any of that out)
<Narrator> (Right. So, more extended family member, one of your older mem, perhaps?)
<Welumque> (yeah, whether an actual relation or not)
* Berit is now known as Wangowa
* Wangowa is an old friend, an Inyan woman you met years ago, who reconnected with you after the war and is an important member of your household on Sisawinak.
<Wangowa> (If that works for you :) )
<Welumque> (sure of course!)
* Wangowa smiles brightly to see you.
<Welumque> Wangowa!
<Welumque> It is so good to be back.
<Wangowa> Welcome home, Welumque.
<Wangowa> You're well?
<Welumque> Well enough. Every year I travel, I remember that my bones are failing me. But that's why I need to keep getting out.
* Wangowa chuckles.
<Wangowa> Let me get you something to eat and drink, and you can tell me about your trip.
<Wangowa> Did things go well?
<Welumque> Ahh, it was a very mixed trip. We did succeed, I suppose, in the goals we had set for ourselves. But it was an uneasy trip - the spirits were pursuing us throughout.
<Welumque> I would not say it was successful, in that sense.
* Wangowa frowns.
<Wangowa> Pursuing you?
<Welumque> Yes, it seemed that every time we managed one peril, another sought us out. Perhaps one of our group is cursed.
<Wangowa> Is that a joke, or something we should be concerned about?
<Welumque> It's not a joke.
* Wangowa , like many of her people, has one foot in the spirit world much of the time.
<Welumque> But I don't know what to make of it all.
* Wangowa nods.
<Wangowa> Do you think it's Lucas?
<Welumque> I honestly don't know. I hope not.
<Wangowa> Spirits have an unfortunate taste for the child.
<Welumque> That's true.
<Wangowa> I'll be sure to put up more wards, and ask about it.
<Welumque> Wise, thank you.
* Wangowa brings you a plate of corn cakes, beans, and squash, with a mug of cider.
<Wangowa> Was anyone injured?
<Welumque> I'm afraid so. The youth Svald, quite badly.
<Welumque> And there was death among others in the group. Not ones I knew, but still.
<Wangowa> May they find peace, and swift recovery for Svald.
<Wangowa> This have been turbulent here, as well.
<Welumque> I have heard only a little, just whispers. Tell me.
* Welumque drinks her cider and picks at her plate of food.
<Wangowa> When Emira Naciri arrived, she came with orders significantly curtailing the freedoms the Black Guard had previously enjoyed.
* Welumque nods.
<Welumque> Is there any agreement on whether she understood the impact that that would have? It seems so foolhardy.
* Wangowa shakes her head.
<Wangowa> A captain at the fort here spoke out about the new orders, and she was taken into custody. She was scheduled to be executed, but the soldiers rose up instead.
<Wangowa> From what I've heard, no one has been killed, yet, but there were injuries in the...riot? Uprising? No one is quite sure what to call it.
<Wangowa> I think...I believe the poor woman is completely over her head.
<Wangowa> The emira, not the captain, though she may be, too.
<Wangowa> She seems to have somehow stumbled into a leadership position beyond her rank.
<Welumque> Hmmm. Who is advising the emira who knows this country?
<Wangowa> I'm not sure. News out of Talat Kabira is scarcer than I'd like.
<Welumque> Hmmm.
<Narrator> (Talat Kabira is the Ilhatan colonial capital, essentially fake fantasy Boston)
<Welumque> Well, from one excitement to another, then. Do you have any thoughts as to anything I can do for my people?
<Wangowa> Well, we could move people off Sisawinak, or at least to the southern and western ends.
<Welumque> If we need to. If it comes to that.
<Wangowa> We've had overtures from some of the Guard to keep up our trade relationship, to make sure they stay supplied. So far, I've stalled until you'd returned.
<Welumque> I wonder what the other colonial nations will do about this.
* Wangowa shakes her head.
<Wangowa> I don't know. Vinmark's Thing meets tomorrow evening, and the seigneurial council is currently in session.
<Welumque> Well, then all we can do for the moment is to wait watchfully, and prepare.
* Wangowa nods.
<Wangowa> I'm glad you're home.

Lucas catches up with Chemames

<Narrator> Lucas, when you return to your boarding house, your room is waiting, as is word Chemames had been in a few times looking to see if you'd returned.
<Lucas> (what time of day is it when I get there?)
<Narrator> (It's early afternoon.)
<Lucas> (ok, once I have a chance to get cleaned up and put things away and so on, I'll go try to track him down)
* Chemames (webchat@ has joined #thirteen02
* Chemames is probably at work on the docks at this time of day.
* Lucas will wait until he sees me since I don't want to interrupt
* Chemames spots you eventually and smiles broadly. He says something to a nearby coworker and makes his way over.
<Chemames> Hey! When did you get back?
<Lucas> Hi...
<Lucas> I got in today. I heard you had been looking for me, is everything okay?
<Chemames> Oh, yeah, I was just worried, what with everything that's been going on.
<Chemames> You seem to be doing all right, though.
<Chemames> Maybe a little haggard.
* Chemames smiles.
<Lucas> I'm fine, yeah. The trip was a bit rougher than expected.
<Chemames> Oh? Everything okay?
<Chemames> Buy you a coffee, something to eat?
<Lucas> Sure, that would be nice :)
<Lucas> How have you been, since we saw each other last?
* Chemames will start walking towards Charlotta's which is only a few blocks from the docks.
* Lucas will accompany him
<Chemames> Well enough. Everyone's on edge this last week, with the orc revolt.
<Lucas> oh yeah, I heard a little about that.
<Lucas> It sounds complicated.
* Chemames nods.
<Chemames> I don't really follow all the colonial goings on, but there's some pretty crazy rumors going around.
<Chemames> My family is worried we'll need to move again.
<Lucas> I hope it doesn't come to that.
<Chemames> Me too. I like it here.
<Chemames> Tell me about your trip.
* Chemames says lightly, clearly trying to change the subject.
<Lucas> Well... we managed to get most of what my friends wanted accomplished, I think, but we had some difficulties along the way. One of my friends was badly injured, but they'll recover.
<Chemames> An accident of some kind? Or were you attacked?
<Lucas> We were attacked, by a .... a beast, I suppose is the best way to say it.
<Chemames> What sort of beast?
<Lucas> well, twice we faced a person possessed by a wild spirit, although they were both different in their own ways.
<Chemames> So you encountered two different people possessed by spirits?
<Lucas> Yes. first the spirit of a mammoth who was killed wrongly - wastefully - and then an owlbear spirit.
* Chemames looks both impressed and a little scared.
<Chemames> You live an interesting life, Lucas.
<Chemames> That sounds terrifying.
<Lucas> it was more interesting - and more terrifying - than was anticipated.
<Chemames> Yeah, I thought it was just a trade mission, right?
<Lucas> It was supposed to be to, uh, retrieve some items left behind at one of the old forts. Which we did, but there were other people also trying to get them, and so that was complicated too. Plus, uh, there were some spirits there as well >.>
<Lucas> You probably think I'm making this all up to sound more impressive, I know it sounds unbelievable >.>
* Chemames looks like he's genuinely considering that.
<Chemames> You know, after you helped me, it wouldn't have occurred to me you'd need to lie about stuff like this, but, yeah, it does sound kind of unbelievable.
* Chemames laughs.
* Lucas smiles shyly
<Chemames> But I choose to believe you until something makes me believe otherwise.
<Lucas> Thanks. You could always come with me next time if you wanted to see for yourself. Or maybe with you there it would be a nice, peaceful trip :)
<Chemames> Like a good luck charm?
<Chemames> Or a boring luck charm?
* Lucas laughs
<Lucas> Maybe :)
<Chemames> Well, I'll try to be available to come help keep things uninteresting next time.
* Chemames smiles and will open the door to the coffee shop for Lucas.
* Lucas heads inside