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Askuo Skald, female, age 23

Background: You are the skald of the Askuo, the bearer of your people's history and legends going back many generations. Unfortunately for you, your master Embai died of a sudden fever before he finished your training. There are elements of your people's past that you never learned, and now may never know, unless you can learn them from some other source. However, you're not above making up some plausible-sounding tales when the need arises, because who else will know the difference? The ancestors probably don't mind - after all, who made up the stories in the first place? Skalds, that's who.

You know as well as anyone in your tribe that the spirits are being disturbed by something. You can remember Embai rambling on about some tale that told of how when a dragon's spirit is unable to find rest, it is powerful enough to cause the dead to rise and seek revenge - or something like that, you don't recall all the details precisely. It sounded bad, anyway. Most of the omens for your people lately have been bad, so this is nothing new - but perhaps still worth investigating, in case the tales prove to be true.