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This section is for anyone to leave comments about what I've posted so far. I'm open to sugestions, critisisms, ideas, anything at all.

From Mr. Cat...


  • Define 'prime-material'.
    • From Rob: the prime-material plane is a concept AD&D writters came up with you explain how there are different campaign worlds. Think of them as alternate dimentions. In standard AD&D cannon I don't find it particularly well thought out, but its a nice way of having different worlds that all have the same rules for the etherial plane, astral plane, limbe ect...
    • In my game world you can think of prime-material planes as a group of planes that have smilar physics to the worlds we are used to. There are lots of different prime-material planes. When I go deeper into how magic works in my game world I'll explain it more but it isn't really that necessary for my players to know. Suffice it to say that there are other "worlds" that you can get to, but its difficult to do. Unlike standard AD&D the Gods are universal throughout all prime-material planes.
  • Elaborate, some day, on how the Elves defeated the Dwarves underground :P
    • This isn't really important to the game in any way, but the dwarves were expanding into existing cave systems, they weren't dug in and didn't necessarily know how the cave systems worked. They elves had better magic, especially druidic magic, that let them learn the terrain faster giving them a distinct advantage.
      • I figured it was magic. That's enough of an answer for me.


  • Does 'Detect Magic' etc. detect psionic power?
    • It will, but to a lesser extent. I have it all in my head, but haven't typed up how the different types of magic will work against eachother. Its a long answer, and its on my list of things to type up.
  • Why did only divine items come through 1000 years ago, when the racial class is Warlock?
    • Hmmm....I was going to answer this question, then decided it would be much more interesting to not tell my players and have characters wonder about that in game.
      • That's fine :P

Character creation

  • Does Warlock alignment guide "any evil or any chaotic" still apply?
    • Yes.
      • So humans would be stereotypically evil and chaotic?
        • No, not as a society. Keep in mind that Racial classes are not necessarily common to the race. They all tend to be rare, even for that race. Also, I've changed one of the Human feats to allow them to be Warlocks without the alignment restriction. I'll be doing the human racial write up soon, it will have more in that one.
  • It might be better to have a list of classes "available to all" at the beginning of the race info on Interesting Times: Character Creation and then a list of Not Available and Also Available under each race? In particular I'm asking because of the Sorceror / Wilder lines.
    • I'm planning on doing something like that soon.
    • Here is a quick reference though for Sorcerer and Wilders
    • Sorcerers: Humans, Elf, Gnome, Proudfoot, Goblin, Lizardfolk, Kobold, Kenku
    • Wilders: Humans, Dwarf, Ghostwise, Orc, 1/2 Orc, Xeph, Dromites

From Longpig...

Character Creation & Start Date

  • What level are we starting at and do you have any idea when that will be?
    • We will be starting at low level. Probably either 1 or 2. I'm not sure exactly when we will start, but I'm hoping to have players making characters either late May or early June. Either way we won't be starting until after May.