Stiin mas Hraeden

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Stiin came to Diablotin about eight of their years ago. He had heard that it was a land of opportunity where one could easily make one’s fortune. This, as it turned out, was mostly a lie - shadar-kai are still comparatively rare in the human Empire, and their opportunities are largely dependant on their willingness to prostitute themselves, sometimes literally, sometimes in more subtle fashions. Still, it’s not that different than home, in that respect, and the food is better. Stiin started out working as a guard for a wealthy shadar-kai merchant, but gradually drifted into his own business dealings with the humans, particularly the Corriveau family. He has worked for them for some time now, performing tasks as bidden. He is aware that these tasks often involve breaking the human’s laws, but since he doesn’t share their odd moral code, this is of little concern to him. Ideally, when he has become wealthy, he imagines he would like to return home to the Shadow Plane, but he’s in no particular rush to do that.

Stiin is not especially tall, but stocky and broad-shouldered. His skin is a medium grey and his hair is black. He has some body modifications (you can decide what specifically - tattoos, piercings, scars, etc.) Although nowadays he dresses in more conventional human styles, he does so mainly out of obligation. He takes some enjoyment in shocking humans with his views and behavior, though he tries not to take it to the point where they’re going to be genuinely pissed off (he may not always gauge that appropriately, though…)