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Sirris is the head of the Church of Serpent in Diablotin, at least as far as he is concerned. He appears to be about 30 years old, though he claims to be much older - older, in fact, than the founding of the Empire. He came to the city in 2272, accompanying Justen Olivier and Xandhil Orecalo on their return from discovering the ancient city of Am, and claims that he was preserved there so that he could bring the word of Serpent to the modern world once the god was fully restored. Sirris was the Guardian of the Arch at the time of the destruction of Am. Less well known is that he was cursed by Kavreshar and imprisoned for failing to protect the Arch from the priests who tried to invade the heavens, and that he was released from this punishment by Justen and Xan.

Sirris is involved with Silvia Rionet and they have a daughter, Iris.

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