Siranah Thalinehe

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Player: Ladyiolanthe

Classes: Druid

Race: Frey-ohani

Alignment: Neutral Good

Appears in: Legacy of the Ancients


Siranah is the daughter of Kylan Thalinehe, a very successful Frey-ohani merchant of noble lineage who lives in the Oak Tree Enclave of Menthras. Kylan has always been an overly protective - some might even say domineering - father, whose plans for his daughter don't always take into account her feelings or opinions. She has been raised for the most part by a succession of governesses. Siranah's mother died when Siranah was very young, taking her unborn son with her. Among the household servants, opinion on the matter of her mother's death is about evenly divided between natural complications of pregnancy, and suicide. For her part, Siranah was too young to remember.

Siranah has spent nearly her entire life in the Oak Tree Enclave, although she has accompanied her father to Caer Blackwood a handful of times.

Siranah has recently managed to move out from under the thumb of her father, with help from Rillia Neanna, Forestcaller of the Oak Tree Enclave, who also happens to be Siranah's mentor and her friend. Someone important to Siranah, named Kel, is missing, and Siranah means to find out what happened.


Siranah is a waifish young Frey-ohani woman. She has violet eyes framed with long, dark lashes and fine features but is quite pale and at times, drawn-looking. Her hair and eyebrows are a bright red which one might suspect is not quite natural. It is an unfortunate colour on her, making her look even more washed out than she is, and clashing disturbingly with her eyes. She wears simple, loose clothing for the most part.

Siranah has been trained in the use of a number of weapons, but her weapons of choice are the quarterstaff and the sling, traditional Druidic arms. When prepared for a fight, she also wears supple leather armour.

Siranah has an animal companion, a beautiful female golden eagle named Volant. Volant is fairly high-strung so she spends much of her time outside of the city limits, and is currently engaged in searching visually for any sign of Kel when she is not hunting or loafing about. Siranah journeys out of the city often to spend some time with her, and to offer her some special little treats, usually gobbets of organ meat.

Vital Statistics:

Age: 108

Height: 4'9"

Weight: 90 lbs

Eyes: Violet

Hair: Lurid red

Skin: Creamy white

Siranah doll