Rosa Enterprises

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Rick Rosa: (Deceased/missing) The original sole shareholder of Rosa Enterprises. He moved from New York to LA after developing meta-human powers. It is widely believed that he originally had mob connections, but Rosa Enterprises has never had any mob affiliations so its possible he severed connections after becoming a metahuman. His second in command was Owen O’Dell. He started as his executive assistant but after Rick began a career as a vigilante Owen became the CEO of the company. The company started as a landscaping company for the rich a famous. Artistic masterpieces that could be created and re-done in an afternoon. Through wise investments it blossomed into a multi-million dollar company. Rick became quite eccentric. He forced the company to move to San Francisco, then back to LA in only a few short years. Since he was no longer working as a landscaper the company had to sell private shares and began to make money mostly as an investment firm. The gave Owen the problems of a board of director that expected a profit and was less and less willing to put up with the volatile whims of Rick Rosa. Owen remained loyal however, and kept the company afloat right up until Rick was killed. Owen fought desperately to gain control of the company, but was only able to get about a 35% share. Later Rick was found to be alive but insane and drug addicted, a lawsuit was filed by some of the other share holders claiming that this was not the real Rick Rosa and that he should not be able to reclaim any of the shares that had been bought up after his death. The lawsuit was never settled because the insane Rick disappeared from the asylum and was never heard from again.

It was during this time that the company started the Captain Rosa project. This project employed Jon Reed as “Captain Rosa” using power armor he was a hero of LA and also a reality based TV show. Captain Rosa brought in huge revenue and endorsement deals. It was a big and gaudy spectacle and the Captain endorsed everything from gasoline to toothpaste. During this time Rosa Enterprises was competing mostly with Smyth Inc. Owned by Terry Smyth it was a weapons and armor manufacturer that was also in the business of creating meta-level weaponry and power suits. Both companies poured tons of resources into a contract bid for LA’s SCU power armor. Eventually Smyth Inc. won the bid, and against Owens wishes the board of directors voted to move Rosa Ent. to New York were it would still have a large population base and would not have to compete with Smyth Inc. Then disaster struck the company. Captain Rosa was revealed to be a womanizer who had a taste for women on the “questionable” side of young. The statutory rape charges were dropped after an out of court settlement was reached but the Captain Rosa Project was over. A buy out deal was also reached with many of the board, giving Owen O’Dell 55% of the shares of the company and unquestioning control of its future.

Rosa Ent. continues to be an investment company, but also is very heavily into state of the art R&D. The Menagerie Project is its newest innovation that it hopes will allow cities affordable policing for the current meta-human problems. Some people call in genius, others an act of desperation. But if Rosa Ent. pulls this off it could change the face of every SCU in America. The power armor’s they use are good, but they are very expensive to reproduce, and in the field their power systems have proven to be almost as dangerous as the villains if they are ruptured or explode. Most people are supportive of the project. The recent deaths of some of earths greatest defenders have left them question were the next generation of Heroes will come from. The one dark cloud to the project is Dr. Ridgemont. He is thought to be a criminal genius and has been both sent to prison and to insane asylums in the past. Unfortunately he is also the most brilliant geneticist on the planet. The Menagerie team would never have been able to come up with such wonderful creatures if it wasn’t for his cooperation and help. He is currently incarcerated for his crimes and does all his work by video camera link up. His actual location is unknown in our basement.