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Pavo was born into House Cat by Celesse Arsenios, priestess of House Cat, her second child with Guion Arsenios, a craftsman in stained glass. Luckily for him, his practical father had what any man would want in a child... in his older brother, Parus. In his teens, Pavo apprenticed in the shop of a leatherworker, learning a good solid trade. It wasn't that long, though, before his mind wandered elsewhere. Spending a lot of time around his aunt Deleanthe (his father's sister) exposed him to art for its own sake, not just to earn a living or to decorate a home. His goal turned to studying art at the Castalia. He was accepted and began classes just after his eighteenth birthday.

This wasn't the first choice Pavo made that his father couldn't understand. Pavo had realised not too long before that girls just didn't pack the same punch boys did. The Castalia was quite the spot to cruise, and he made good use of his good looks and charm. It was shortly after he began his studies that he met his first serious lover, Artaban Orona, a good looking sorceror from House Ox. Art said all the right things, all things Pavo loved to hear. So sweet and charming until he realised Pavo meant it when he said he wasn't settling down to a nice quiet monogamous relationship. It made him jealous and possessive, despite the warning, and that made him angry. Not sure what was happening as Artaban got surlier and meaner, Pavo stuck around a bit longer before breaking it off. He needed space, and Artaban's 'love' was stifling him.

Pavo's life returned to the way it was, spending his days floating around the Castalia district instead of attending classes. Now spending a bit more time around the theatres, watching the actors perform, and even performing in a small play or two when not eyeing the more desirable male leads. At the end of the term, Pavo realised that the Castalia was not the place for him just then... his evaluations helping that quite a bit. Pavo withdrew from the program and went back to work. A few months later, during the summer before his nineteenth birthday, he realised his next path... the Guard.

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After Diablotin...

Married Antenia Valenze and fathered Phorien Arsenios and Phedre Lozada-Boyne.

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