Meditations of Matriarch Ersenne

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Rare religious text, available at the Athenaeum, researched by Ilphere

The great Patriarch Thaleus said, "Oh Seven, (by which he meant the six gods and the Centre) I beseech you to grant me the vision of your glory." And all the rays of the wheel streamed out at him, and he was blinded with the light. And when he was able once more to speak, he said, "No one of us has, in a single lifetime, all the knowledge and all the tools needed to accomplish all the tasks the gods require for the fulfillment of their purpose. The wisdom of the gods is to give all things their chance to be, through each turn of the wheel. Each of us is given two hands to accomplish the tasks the gods have ordained for us, so that we may use one of them to reach for aid from our brethren when we can go on no longer. Only the wheel of stars, fixed at the pole, continues forever without tiring. Meditate long and deep upon this Wheel, revolving it in your mind. There is nothing but the wheel, and the hand that whirls it. We are one with the wheel, caught up in the wheel. Thus, we approach the mystery together."