Lukas Gambrell

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Falke Sathin's best friend from childhood, Lukas grew up across the street from the Sathins, where his family ran a bakery. Lukas is nineteen, tall and thin with black hair, and from the House of the Wolf, same as Falke. He was never very good at the games that involved running or jumping (or really any other physical coordination), but he is quick-witted and has a wicked sense of humour, so Falke always found him entertaining to be around. Since his father died, he has taken over the family business and has been much busier, meaning he has little time to spend with his old friends. He is now seeing Ofelia.

He fathered a child on Jessamine Olivier. Their son eventually married Falke and Ilse's second daughter, and is the father of Aden Olivier.

Lukas as a boy, playing in the mud - he and Falke have been sparring with staves, as boys are wont to do.