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Sumayel Ranger, female, age 25

Background: You are one of the Sumayel, a semi-aquatic race of humanoids who live on and around a small island called Kirinyaga far to the west. When you were young, you were caught up in a powerful storm and blown far from home. You managed to survive and washed up on the shores of these islands inhabited by humans, who look somewhat like your people but are sadly unable to breathe underwater since they lack gills. The first ones you approached took you for a dangerous sea maiden, a kelpie or a nereid perhaps, due to your green hair - they attacked you and you fled. For the past decade you have lived near but not quite among them, never entirely able to trust them after that first encounter. You feel more comfortable with the animals and beasts of this land, and look on yourself as their guardian. Occasionally you come into the city to trade for necessary goods, or run into a group of humans out fishing or hunting, but you try to keep to yourself and avoid unwanted attention by wearing a hooded cloak and keeping your hair and gills concealed. You are often lonely, though, and are curious about them.

Recently you have noticed some odd activity in the swampy areas of the coast. Animal activity has been low there, as birds that would normally be nesting have largely gone elsewhere. Perhaps it's related to the dragons' breeding season, but you don't recall it happening seven years ago. On your most recent trip into town to trade, you heard tell of the reward offered by the duchess for the recovery of a dragon's skull, and you wondered if you might be able to aid with this - even though you are wary of dealing too much with the humans, perhaps this will allow them to accept you.