Legacy of the Ancients session 10

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Edris uses her magic to interrogate Went, the captured bandit leader, and learns a bit about Kres, the bandit king, and his plans. Her ploy fails with the half-blood Free Mage Pauleran, but he negotiates an exchange of information for his release. He reveals that Kres has captured Randal the Black, brother of the lord of Limberly, and is using him as a hostage to keep the lord from sending aid to Roan or the general bandit-plagued area. He also reveals that Dalla, the innkeeper, has been spying on the town, and that there is a major attack planned in the next few days. The party resolves to rescue Randal the Black to try and induce his brother to send aid before Roan is destroyed. Dorel stays behind to lead raids against the bandits to try and delay their attack.