Legacy of the Ancients session 03

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A Summary of the Various Scenes

Songs and Ashes

Ro met with his half sister Fayne Tuline at The Open Breeze, a new tavern in the Sally. They discussed news of their family, with the highlight being the planned arrival of thier uncle in the city in six weeks. Fayne also warned Ro about the Ash Men and their leader Waldren Enge. She worries that Waldren may try to use Ro against their family.

Return of a Close Friend

Shul Grol had a surprise meeting with his adopted sister Cecania Risare, who had returned early from a gathering of the followers of the Warrior in Nagumend. She had returned early carrying a summons for leader of the church in Menthras, Erik Krikor to return to Nagumend. No explanation for the recall was given. Also, the High Chancellor of Nagumend has invited the Church of the Warrior take control of the armies of the country, in direct violation of The Treaty of Falstran. The political talk worries Ceciana, but with the help of Shul, she is able to forget them in talking of The Grand Arena and with weapon practice.

Unlucky Encounters

Siranah Thaliehe was wandering through one of the many gardens in The Oaken Conclave when she was discretely pulled away by Rainchaser, the wolf companion of a fellow druid, Jaimen Thal. Jaimen brought a news from Rillia to stay clear of the conclave, as Gyllion Renalis had heard of the exploits of a young Frey-ohani against undead and was looking to meet them. Jaimen was also bothered by a recent incident, where a Halfblood was arrested in a confrontation with his Frey-ohani grandfather. It has caused tension between the two communities.

The Meaning of Death

Elorim Amanodel met with Armo Whitelock to discuss the nature of necromantic magic. Armo was preparing for a trip to Nagumend to learn more about Jacobe. Armo's point of view on necromancy was simply that it was no different than any other Arcane magic and it was the intent of the use that was good or evil, not the magic itself. Elorim did not seem satisfied by Armo' explanation, but did not press the issue.

Delving into History

Edris Poldark and Anyaveh Jarl met with Patrice Olvier, a member of the Order of Caprium. Their discussion is detailed in the logs.

A Gathering for a Plan Forward

The party met at Carlin Havelock's home to discuss their plan forward. The discussion is detailed in the logs.

Conferrings with the Heads

The party meets with the heads of their respective organizations for advice on what to do with the Spire. All are given the general advice that it is worth investigating, but leave the decision of opening the Spire to their discression.

  • Edris Poldark is given a scroll of Protection from Evil to assist her in the task.
  • Anyaveh Jarl is given a potion of cure light wounds and a flask of Magic Weapon oil by the head of the church of the Maker.
  • Ro recieves a potion of cure light wounds to help him on his journey.