Lealia Mayeux

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The youngest daughter of a hard-working Lizard family, Lealia spent her early life in a small town outside of Diablotin. At a young age, she began teaching herself to play her father’s piano, and from there went on to play the cello, with which she fell in love.

Her parents recognized her musical talent and saved up money to send her to Diablotin to study music, which she did for three years before her funding ran out and she was forced to find a job as an orchestra musician at the Hesperange Theatre to pay the bills. After less than a year at the theatre, however, war broke out in Psyra and she was persuaded to join the Diablotin USO show as a backing musician to help entertain servicemen on the front lines.

During her tour, she met a young lizard serviceman named Remmi Chevalier. After a short whirlwind romance they married and when his tour was over they returned to Diablotin. However after the war things quickly began to sour. Remmi proved to be lazy, shifty, and generally a less than ideal husband. He has yet to find any meaningful employment since returning from the war, and he seems perfectly willing to coast along on Lealia's salary and hard work. Lealia, meanwhile is having to cope with the failure of her romantic notions and the loss of her naivete as she struggles to keep alive her dream of becoming a famous musician.