Land Registry

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The land registry for the Kaskind Territory is an institution that administers claims to finds of fos and to rights to extract fos from particular areas within the territory’s bounds, creates maps and charts, resolves disputes between claimants, and keeps and administers records. Given that most people involved in the fos trade are not literate, that the territory is multilingual and multicultural, and that it is an extremely dangerous proposition to wander out into the swamp, this is no easy task. Originally these tasks were handled directly by the sentinels but as military rule has become more unpalatable, the land office was created a half dozen years ago to keep the peace. It is operated under the purview of General Ghurtai and its senior staff report to her, although she does not engage in direct interference with its activities except in unusual circumstances. Its staff are a mix of Choradani and Ashnabi officials with a smattering of people from other nations.


Utus Tumnu: An envoy of relatively good birth, born and raised in Omba, who for the past six years has been commissioner of lands - effectively, in charge of the operation of the registry. He is friends with Ghepen Fuzalda, the former Omban liaison who resigned last year - the two grew up together and are still close. Middle-aged, fluently bilingual, married with grown kids, generally regarded as a calm, stable, likeable guy.

Ismend Hengo: Ismend is the military attache appointed by General Ghurtai from among the ranks of the sentinels at Fort Kaskind to supervise the land registry. Although of Omban birth, not Choradani, his status as extremely senior, elderly sentinel ensured this position for him as a sort of retirement sinecure. He’s genial enough but has no interest in doing any real work - all of that is undertaken by the commissioner, Usoz, and of course by the other staff. Does not speak Aummesh.

Ifral Zamurg: Ifral is nominally the registrar, which sounds like someone who would be in charge at the registry, but all it means is that he gets a fancy seal which he applies to documents once approved. A Choradani aristocrat in his late twenties, he has few useful skills as far as anyone can tell. His older brother Olbus got the job for him last year, as well as for his sister-in-law Idasti (an agent), everyone agrees. He is a revenant who seems to be constantly anxious. Speaks Aummesh only nominally.


Daivoz Ghezifrugu: The arbitrator, responsible for resolving disputes and making adjudications when necessary. Originally from Basai, his position became a little more tenuous last year when the Basai liaison to Fort Kaskind resigned / was withdrawn, but so far that issue has not come to a head. Warm and friendly - not exactly what you think of when you think of reckoners.

Ibon Inildumi: An older Choradani herbalist of relatively good birth, had a long career back home before being hired to work here as the registry’s assayer when the registry was founded. He is responsible for collecting and analysing samples of fos for authenticity, adulteration, etc. Though not an agent, enjoys spending time out in the swamp. Ill-tempered, fond of drink, and hyper-critical. You are led to believe he has at least one ex-wife back in Choradan, possibly also some kids.


Idasti Sumnai: An agent who’s worked at the registry for a couple of years. She is a manifest born into the lesser aristocracy in Choradan, migrated here with her sister Chusi, brother-in-law Olbus, and Olbus’ brother Ifral (the registrar). Olbus is also trying to set her up with one of his other kinsmen, and there’s some family drama there whose details are unclear to you.

Mepla Meglaar: A native of this area in her mid-forties, and an expert in the swamp and its waterways hired here as an agent recently. Has some attitude about you Ombesh folk and your inability to keep yourselves from getting killed out there.

Selisaeth Nipompaar: A hithkindred agent in her late twenties, born and raised in Shuggep among both human and hith, and who seems to have spent her whole childhood in the swamps hunting, fishing, and playing. Mostly keeps to herself - seems practical and pragmatic. Speaks Ombesh with a thick accent.

Sharei Aanilaus: An agent from one of the elite folk aristocratic lineages of the Aummesh, now one of the most prominent families in the colony. Her husband Yabeg is the lineage elder of the Nugoptu, another important aristocratic families around here, and they have three kids. Very well-connected and knows just about everyone in the nearby town of Timiil.

Sulidein: A local to this area in his late twenties, one of the only corpseborn employed in the colony in a non-menial role. Hired as an agent (despite some protests from traditionalists) a couple years ago, mostly keeps a low profile.


Besh Furtasu: A young guard of Choradani origin who’s lived here for a decade, since she was a little girl. Recently hired at the registry. She seems very young, and very attractive, and there are no end of rumors flying around about how she got hired.

Duzon Murdumolt: A scribe, mostly working with Daivoz recording materials relating to disputes at the registry. Very young, maybe 17 years old, born in Basai but raised here. Has an adorable office romance with Sanautsa, the other scribe at the office.

Neshpon Atsnadu: An Aummesh-speaker who works as a messenger, who recently became an envoy, a fact of which he is immensely proud. A tiny little guy, super friendly and hyper-competent, speaks Ombesh with no hint of an accent.

Oldu Fulurgo: A tall, muscular young envoy around sixteen years old, came to Ashnabis with her family from Malfan when she was a child. Hired here a few months ago as a messenger, still landing on her feet.

Sanautsa Papreshar: A young Aummesh woman, very bright and whose parents are merchants in Charadip. She’s the first in her family to learn to read and write and immensely proud to have been hired as a scribe / translator of Aummesh documents. She’s been in a relationship with Duzon, her fellow scribe at the registry, for a few months, since shortly after she was hired.

Sudukh Gurdoni: A tall, burly guard at the registry, who apparently tried to become a sentinel but abandoned that goal last year, came here from his home in Choradan. Doesn’t speak Aummesh and seems very proud of that fact. Very, very religious and rather superstitious.